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Zef Halo

Zef Halo

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Looking for Factory Judges

25 May 2018 - 10:39 AM

The Factory is looking to recruit new judges!


If you are interested in joining the Factory team as a Judge, please feel free to read below and apply.

To be a successful applicant you must:

  • Be prepared to work with members to get their submissions approved.
  • Be able to work in a team and take instructions.
  • Be polite and balanced in your rulings.
  • Have experience with the Factory before hand with submissions.
  • Discord Chat accessibility. This is mandatory for all Factory Judges.


Please read everything before submitting your application in a single pm to Factory staff Jamie Pyne, Lily Kuhn, and Zef Halo.

In the PM state:

  • The profile you would want to judge in.
  • Examples of your best Factory submissions / Previous experience.
  • Why you want to become a factory judge?
  • How you would help make the factory better? Ideas?
  • Your discord name.

If you do not follow these instructions, your application will be ignored.


09 April 2018 - 02:12 PM








  • Availability: Rare 
  • Deployment:  Minor 
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: 
    • ​[STR] Zealous: They will die for their cause without second thoughts. 
    • [STR] Guerrilla & Urban: Born and bred on the metropolis that is Vorzyd V and mainly active there, Wraithguard are specialists in urban warfare. They excel in such areas and that can be clear seen when deployed in such zones.
    • [WKN] Specialists: As they are powerful in urban zones and in guerrilla warfare, Wraithguard are not strong in conventional warfare and are much more vulnerable.
    • [WKN] Undisciplined action: Most recruits are either criminals or come from the lower ends of society. Do not get captured by them, unless their chief of staff is around.
  • Description: When Vitor Avendahl shifted his operations to the rich world of Vorzyd V, he knew he had to create a nation within the nation. An institution parallel to the government of the planet. That's where the idea of Wraithguard came from. After a long, methodical approach to consolidating the power of Vorzyd V to himself, Vitor's creation of the Wraithguard came into fruition naturally. Funding the dregs of society, opening up schools and sponsoring education, Vitor was able to create a system of 'brainwashing'. Edited educational tools were introduced in school that subtly voice the propaganda of Avendahl and subsequently Wraithguard.

    It became the beacon of the poor and the wretched as it became the symbol of the helping hand that Vitor offered them.

    Clearly, the Sith Lord remained an enigma and an unknown entity to Vorzydi natives as he utilized puppets to capture the power but all were under his control from the shadows. Millions were invested in the propaganda and recruitment of Wraithguard. Millions from the booming sales of weapons that Corondex did across the galaxy. Wraithguard became Vitor's own military wing, similar to that of the Helix Syndicate, during the golden days of the secret society that was the GenoHaradan.

    At the beginning it began operating only in the lower levels of Vorzyd V as a law enforcement force but their ranks were quickly boosted as they cleared the streets of all the scum that roamed it. Wraithguard was the messiah. The hand that gave the cash, the homes, the schools, the safe environment and upbringing of children in the lowest levels of Vorzyd V where already the division between rich and poor had produced hatred. The poverty stricken, the desperate - they saw it as a way to avenge their poor fate against the rich of the planet. They found Wraithguard a place where they belonged, where they were someone, where they had an identity

    After Vitor Avendahl's mysterious departure to the Unknown Regions, Corondex was given to Itash Mecetti under the careful ever watching eyes of Darth Saarai, Vitor's former Master and his spymaster - Akash Guul. The change of power at the top remained, as before, a mystery to those of Wraithguard. 

    The helm of the paramilitary was in the hands of Mecetti, the direction he stirs it is up to him.

    The consequences of the direction taken remain in the hands of the feathered Sith Lord.

The Corellian Bolt

07 April 2018 - 07:37 AM







  • Classification: Unique Medium Freighter
  • Length: 41 meters
  • Width: 10 meters
  • Height: 10 meters
  • ArmamentLow
    • SW-8 Ion Cannons (2) on both sides
    • Laser Cannon (1) on top as a manned turret.
  • Defenses Extreme
  • Squadron Count: None: 1
  • Maneuverability Rating: Moderate
  • Speed RatingHigh
  • Hyperdrive Class: Very Fast: 0.3
  • Crew: 2
  • Minimum crew: 1
  • Passengers: 6 if used normally, 24-42 if used as a dropship (no personal quarters)
  • Cargo capacity: 110 metric tons
  • Consumables: 2 months
  • Other systems: escape pods


  • Standard Communications Array  
  • Standard Ion Engines
  • Standard Life Support Systems  
  • Standard Repulsorlift Engines
  • Standard Sensor Array 




  • Smuggling compartments: The Corellian Bolt has its perks of being owned by a smuggler twice. It almost literally has a maze of hidden compartments underneath all hooked up with the Tranquility System I against sensors and scanners.
  • Blockade Runner: The stock model of the Barloz is generally made to withstand punishment. Additional material upgrades to its hull and shields has made it a great freighter that could be used to bypass blockades.
  • EMP/Ion Resistance: One of the Corellian Bolt's modifications that make it different from the stock model of the Barloz is its polarizing field insulation which makes it highly capable of withstanding EMP and Ion attacks. Not immunized but highly resistant compared to other ships. This upgrade has been mainly done to evade pirate attacks. On top of that the Corellian Bolt possess a set great electric generators that are able to restore power rather quicker than the usual.
  • Escape Equipment: The Shroud, the CRY-10V5 and the EXO-P1 are all tools to escape capture - a smuggler's worst fear.



  • Lack of Armaments: It has sacrificed gunpower for the sake of speed and has placed ion cannons as its two main weapons thus making the Corellian Bolt not as lethal as other similar types of ships.
  • Shorter Sensor Range: Below average range of sensors.




The Corellian Bolt is a Barloz-class medium freighter - an ancient freighter, produced eight centuries ago by the infamous Corellian Engineering Corporation. Despite it being old it is certainly a reliable freighter if modified right which Zef Halo has done over the years he has used the ship for his long smuggling career.


Originally, the Corellian Bolt had no name and was given to Zef Halo by the Ticon family of Corellia in return he would smuggle goods for them across the galaxy. The freighter was given to the Ticon family as a form of payment for overdue debts another family had.


It is with this ship that Zef began his notorious career as a smuggler and over the years he has modified it from the bottom up. All modifications done after various experiences such as being disabled by ion cannons in the middle of nowhere, being knocked out from orbit to crash land on Klatooine, running through blockades with the Mandalorians.


Twenty years ago, the Corellian Bolt was impounded along with Zef Halo by the conquering Mandalorians. Given the choice to join their ranks or perish, the smuggler obviously accepted which made the freighter 'legally' a Mandalorian-owned ship. They named the Corellian Bolt to Jai'galaar - shriek-hawk - a Mandalore native hawk that also stood as the sigil of Clan Vizsla. The Mandalorians focused on making the ship more durable rather than more maneuvrable resulting in additional hull plating, incorporation of quadlaser cannons in the places where Zef had placed flaps for more maneuvrability.


It is under the Mandalorians that the Corellian Bolt that Zef knew changed the most - becoming more of a blockade runner rather than an 'interceptor freighter' that it initially was. Serving as a drop and evac ship in hot zones, the Jai'galaar under masterful piloting saw surviving numerous situations where the odds were against it. It served a great purpose for the Mandalorians of twenty years back in making impossible missions become possible.


After Zef's escape from the Mandalorians towards Wild Space and the furthest reaches of the Outer Rim, he retained the durability that the Mandalorains had forged into the ship but had dropped the quad laser cannons that they had put increasing the ship's speed and maneuverability a lot. Not as much as it used to be in the beginning but certainly more than it was under Mandalorian rule.


Roll to contemporary times, The Corellian Bolt has undergone another few changes as Zef returned to the Mandalorian fold after two decades of smuggling. Its purpose still the same - the Corellian Bolt  underwent changes only in armament where ion cannons had been put and a laser canon. Other changes were the addition of the innovative Thermal Tekonite Alloy making it more durable and a Quadranium mesh thus making it less maneuverable but by far more resilient. 


Moreover the additions of the Super Targeting Computer has made the ship more in control of its surroundings and easier for crew members to man the turrets and be more accurate. The Olie AGS navicomputer is also a very recent addition thus upgrading the Givin-produced navicomputer that Zef utilized for so many years.


Returning back to smuggling, which is his life, Zef modified the good ol' Corellian Bolt with three new great additions - The CRY-10v5, the EXO-P1 and a Shroud device which all give him trump cards against potential capture. Last time he got captured he went to a rotten jail in the middle of nowhere in Mandalore space, the time before that - he got inducted in the Mandalorian war machine and Zef ain't gonna risk ending up wearing a bucket head any more.

How 2 Spacer Trash

28 March 2018 - 03:38 AM

Don't literally take this as a 'how to' because I hate 'how to'-s from my days a Mandalorian writer.

So, this 'guide' will take the form of bulletpoints. Add legit points in the replies and I will add them in this compilation.

1. Practical > Pretty
2. If it's working, ignore the weird noises. Don't fix it.
3. If it ain't running, tape and oil works on anything.
4. EVA Suit always near by.
5. Hydrospanner always at hand's reach.
6. Smacking things usually helps stuff run smoother if oil doesn't.
7. State-of-the-art tech means low fuel consumption. Nothing more.
8. Gun always at hand's reach.
10. Smuggled fuel is best fuel. Plenty 'round ORC space. Ignore the stutter of the engines, it's nothing.
11. Long distress beacon is a must.
12. Mainstream hyperlanes are for the weak.
13. Star Wars WD-40 is a magical spray. Spray it on anything other than your food.
14. Shrouds are better than Fake IDs.
15. But always have a stash of Fake IDs.
16. Be proficient in Huttese. Gotta know when the lever's pulled before the translator.
17. Be proficient in snark.
18. Pay your debts with service. You need cash for that WD-40.
19. Have a desk job friend in all the bureaucratic places you need.
20. You can't fight a Star Destroyer with your freighter.
21. Live to fly another day > Ram your ship.
22. Never pay for booze.
23. Leave all your valuables on your ship when on Zeltros.
24. Trust no one but your guts.
25. Hutts are high pay, high risk. It's never a milk run, no matter what they say. Law.
26. Ask for more than you need, so you can get what you need. Negotiating 101.
27. If you can't fix it by yourself, places like The Wretched Hive are your go-to. Flashy service shops ain't your thing.
28. Practical > Pretty. Again.
29. Probably not a good idea to smuggle Jedi in Sith Space but you need cash for that WD-40.
30. Your Ship > Your Significant Other? Wrong. Your Ship = Your Significant Other.
31. Your Ship, Your Rules. Unless it's the customs.
32. Always store fake cargo containers with metal junk in them. Most pirates don't chase the mule when the loot's been spaced.
33. Leave the big spooky ship alone. Seriously.

Men of Constant Sorrow

21 March 2018 - 12:03 PM


You would think how the feth does one of the best slicers get his arse in jail on a planet that smelled like bantha poodoo anywhere you went. Feth, you would think how the feth does such a planet of muddy grazing fields and no hills, and farmers even have a jail.


And feth, you would think how the feth did this fethin' jail had a brigade of the toughest fethin' farmers armed to the teeth guarding it as if their life depended on it.


The last question ultimately led to the pressing matters of repeating blasters tearing holes next to Zef's position. His only cover - the corpse of one of the guardsmen and these karkin' farmers had no remorse for the body of their colleague. Hell, it even drove them madder. 


Sweat breaking on his forehead, free falling down his brow and teeth grinding to dust from the physical strain of holding the cover.


"Would ya fethin' unlock it already?" He meant the key he'd tossed in his old friend's cell.



Daro Tarsi