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Araceli Rimb

Araceli Rimb

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In Topic: This is The End

23 July 2015 - 05:18 AM

What is RP? Stories. What's one of the best elements of a story? Death.

I have no problem killing my characters, provided their death is meaningful and relevant to their arc.

I haven't killed any of my characters since I joined this board, but before that, when I was just writing fanfiction, I did it quite a bit.

For me, the best stories are the ones without happy endings, bittersweet to downright bad-guys-win. And that usually ends with the main character face down in the dirt.


So one day, when I have decided Nyx's story has reached it's end, she will die. She will die spectacularly, and everyone will love it.

As long as my writing partners are cool with it.


What interests me are sundry types of characters. There is the desire to right all my characters going down or out in a blaze of glory, but I am equally interested, probably more interested if I search within myself, about tracing the path of an honourable person through their slow gradual decline into dishonour before meeting their end alone, in an alley ODed on something cheap and nasty...


...or perhaps a vicious evil warrior with dreams of galactic supremacy who dies as their Empire burns, or falls on their own sword while pursued relentlessly after one glorious failure...


I am done with heroes and villains. Bring on the nuance.

In Topic: This is The End

23 July 2015 - 02:12 AM

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I would be honoured to kill any of you.




Kezeroth the Beholder

Enough talking, more meeting Araceli in the sewers of Nar Shadda I say!

In Topic: This is The End

23 July 2015 - 02:01 AM

Kezeroth the Beholder


Pretty sure we would get along famously.

In Topic: Cataclysmic Requiem

21 July 2015 - 06:20 PM

Araceli sat back on her haunches, sniffing the air. The smell of blood was clearly obvious. She was aware of the demon's presence, but it had now departed. All that remained were the echoes of the dead, her next meal. She grinned, thankful for the gift and for the demon's departure.


She was not alone when she approached a large building with a space ship within. Hissing at the figure approaching her meal, she circled, preparing for an attack, or a quick departure. The one spoke. Loudly.


"The one seen talk louder than Araceli does hiss."


His words though indicated that he too was drawn by the demon to a place. He was more closer to friend than foe, but Araceli did not consider friend much more than a meal for later. Baring her teeth, she bounded on all fours past the horny one and into the building.


Her teeth were revealed in a delighted smile, as she jumped onto a carcass and began feasting. She ate, forgetting that the other one was near, but only for a short time. Realizing her mistake, leaving herself so open to attack, she glanced up...




The word meant nothing. If not spoken, words meant nothing to her. Her eyes saw only the blood, a signal to her that the demon had claimed the vessel before her. It was clear to her that it was a message, despite not knowing what it meant.


It was not time to eat.


It was time to follow.


Without hesitation, with fear of the demon's return driving her actions, Araceli jumped towards the ship and ran up the boarding ramp.


Xavka Duquo

In Topic: Cataclysmic Requiem

20 July 2015 - 02:54 AM

Circling about a small marsupial, Araceli looked on it with disgust. She would have normally pounced, but she was not hungry. She was not hungry? He new master had been exceedingly generous, protecting her, but allowing her to sup on those of weak dispositions. Sentients were not forbidden, in fact they seemed to be encouraged as a source of sustenance. The meals alone were enough for Araceli to persevere through the torture and the beatings of her master. She had suffered far more over time, but she had never had her appetite so sated.


The marsupial flinched, Araceli was aware that it was scared of something, but it had not seen her nor looked in her direction. There was something else. She spun on her haunches, teeth bared towards the sky. The event that took place above was clearly the doing of a being with great power. Her very soul quacked in the truth of the event. The demon. He had done this. He was calling.


Jumping from the roof, Araceli bounded off towards the place where the demon would meet her. He was calling, but he was not just calling her. He already had her attention. Who else was coming? Were the foe? Were the feast?


The demon would tell her.


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