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Cassandra Paige

Cassandra Paige

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In Topic: High Cost of Living

12 February 2018 - 03:10 PM

Her eyes cast down, stomach roiled, and cast immediately back up. 


"You're crazy," she muttered, still feeling woozy and distance from the blow to the head, truth be told. "If you think I'm eating that."


The whole body of a small amphibian floated in a.... soup? She didn't inspect it too closely to be honest. 


"That seems like a particularly odd question, considering," she added a moment later. 


It couldn't be said that Cass was in charge of this situation. No one, anywhere, would say that. But her voice beneath the distance of shock and injury had a hard edge to it. There had been begging before, but that was gone now. Would it return? Possible. Very possible. But for the moment at least she just stared at him, wary and pained but not cowed or quaking. 


She was going to die, probably. In truth, she was a little surprised she'd woken up again at all. It was.... oddly freeing. 


At least for the moment. 


Kalak the Raykkan

In Topic: Coruscant First Charity Auction

12 February 2018 - 12:05 PM

She inclined her head politely when they were approached, and the pair swept off to follow. 


Cassandra was in her element. In truth, she didn't think an evening could get much better than this. There was the event itself of course, going off beautifully. To the benefit of Coruscant itself and to her personally, of course. She looked stunning and she knew it, catching glances beyond Tash's, even from those already engaged with a partner (Liber Cluvius). It wasn't just the dress, it was in part the confidence that held her head high, drawing smiles in return for smiles. Just earlier that evening, in a slightly nervous comm call from GenPals PR department, she'd been informed of a potential rival- a sad, sad little copy cat of a company. Imitation they say, is the highest form of flattery. She had laughed, bright and bold, at the confusion on the other end of the line. Angry? Upset? Worried? How could she be any of those things? Being copied meant that they had made it- not merely in the business but in the social zeitgeist of the galaxy. And to have it be done so poorly? Well, that was merely icing on the cake. It told her that these would be competitors didn't even understand just what exactly GenPals did. What the appeal actually was. They saw the flesh and mistook it for the skeletal frame work, carefully built, and wondered why their meat statues fell down in heaps.


She couldn't have possibly been more delighted


Her smile was genuine as she and Itash Mecetti were shown to Zeradias Mant. They had spoken briefly, but most of the details involving organizing this event had of course been done through people farther down in both offices. 


"Mister Mayor, it is a delight to finally meet you in person. Lord Itash Mecetti, Mayor Zeradias Mant." Her smile was warm and cat like. 


Eat your heart out mother.

In Topic: High Cost of Living

10 February 2018 - 04:14 PM

Conscious crept in slowly, like a migraine. Inexorable and inevitable, the nausea the precursor to the pain


She didn't open her eyes right away. She was sitting upright in a high backed chair. Straps kept her upright (likely the only thing doing so), across the top of her shoulders, around her waist, around her knees. Oddly her arms were not strapped down. Something felt wrong with her hand- not that it could get much wronger she'd thought. Too light, that entire arm. She couldn't feel anything in her hand- not the pain from the missing fingers, not the burn from the acidic nature of his saliva. There was still pain but it was wrong


Cassandra Paige opened her eyes and immediately wished that she had not. 


She was seated at a table across from Kalak- the alien watching her. Her left hand-


Cassandra whimpered, a choked sob in her throat when she realized it was gone


The skin sutured over her wrist, not particularly neat but certainly professional enough to keep her from bleeding to death. 


Of course, the hand wasn't truly gone. 


Across the table it floated in a jar of brine at Kalak's 'elbow'. 


Her eyes closed, a moment allowed at least for now and she thought for a moment she was going to pass out again. 


Kalak the Raykkan

In Topic: Company & Workshop Modifications

09 February 2018 - 03:01 PM

Company / Workshop: GenPals
Modification Made:

Tier Up

Operation and Location expansion for Tier Up (Entertainment and Amuud Labs)

Operation and Location Expansion from thread work (Personal Security and Junction 01)
Sign a contract with three player-run organizations, one of which must be a major faction

MF Contract- http://starwarsrp.ne...ion-of-navrozh/




Display growth through two passive expansions of your company.

Provide philanthropic donations, fundraising, or contributions- http://starwarsrp.ne...-a-charity-gala

Three Codex Submissions -





Display growth through two active expansions of your company.

Train another company or faction's personnel- http://starwarsrp.ne...ion-of-vero-hex

Recruit personnel into your company- http://starwarsrp.ne...-wheres-my-caf/



Successfully complete a project of sizable proportions.

Main Thread- http://starwarsrp.ne...y-kiss-the-sky/

Supporting Subs-






New Submission

In Topic: Coruscant First Charity Auction

09 February 2018 - 01:56 PM

"Mmmm we should greet more important guests without drinks in hand," she murmured easily as they two swept through the hallway toward the lift. 


Cassandra had grown up to this, and the etiquette, at least in upped levels of Coruscanti society was clear. Not that this was a high society event- oh she'd tried, but sadly, no. While part of her considered it likely that no one would even notice the breech, that wasn't the point


The main lift was glittering, multifaceted transparisteel, and the rode down as though inside an enormous gem. It cut the light into tiny fragments of multicoloured confetti, but the facets were large enough that it was possible for them to see out of the lift as they descended. 


"Mayor Zeradias Mant," she pointed him out to Itash where he and his security staff were arranged at the door. "Coming from inside the event we should wait until his receiving line slot is over. There, heading toward the casino? Arcann Law, Deputy Party Leader of Coruscant First. He is particularly interested to speak with you, I have been told."


Settling closer to him, her arm snug in his elbow, she leaned over slightly, nodding once. 


"Lady Asteria deWinter. Moves more in your circles than mine," she confided, "But everyone in both our circles is familiar with her company." Double meaning in this case. The Red Lady. An escort service. Cass's smile was slightly smug in the way only the assumed morally superior ever really managed to pull off.


"Eddak Manod. 'King of Probz,'" A slight snort. "As if that is something to be proud of. Jumped up nobility. He donated items to the auction tonight however, so be nice. Liber Cluvius, yes those Cluvius's. I'm not sure who that is on his arm."


All humans. Oh, she recognized a single one of the alien attendees. She knew that pink skinned, cheese eating, zeltron at the bar. Ish. But the rest all were basically the same to her. One twi'lek was much like another, and forget about the Duros, who could waste their time trying to keep them straight?


Itash Mecetti