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Cassandra Paige

Cassandra Paige

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In Topic: Operation Rebirth | The Rebellion's Rebellion of Jaminere (Hex AK-24)

15 May 2018 - 09:27 AM

Location: Antigone Communications (formerly Jaminere Communications Consolidated), Palace District

Allies: TSE, Itash Mecetti Jacen Vadith Tsisaar Taral Sebastian Thel Llkt'tudrin'wyshd

Enemies: Rebels, Cedric Grayson Cenric Marus Lyra Sarn Ari Vox Jax Vandal

Current Objective: Deal with the Home Invaders

Current Mood: "HA GOT HIM!- oh chit"

Gear: Stylish suit. Killer heels. Paddle Beamer.


There were moments when everything seemed to go right. As soon as she pulled the trigger the second time, she knew that her shot was a good one. There was a satisfaction in that moment that she hadn't been expecting. Straight and true and dead center of his che-


"I thought you said this thing bypassed shields Tash!"


It wasn't merely annoyance in her tone, she was down right insulted by the turn of the situation it seemed. To be fair, she was exactly that, but that's what happens when narcissistic psychopaths think they are getting what they want and then suddenly do not. 


"Little busy!"


He really, really was. 


The hum of the lightsabers, the crackle of lightening, weapons firing- the room had gone from a tense standstill to pure, unadulterated kinetic energy. With the easing of the Malacia, several of the employees started to shift and stir, though most were still and silent. She couldn't get a clear shot at the people behind him, and his head was ensconced in a helmet- Itash had trained her specifically to not take a headshot with the paddle beamer because of how deadly it was (and this was for defense, dear Cass, no reason to have that on your hands, not at least, until he was ready for it to be, not that she knew). If his face had been in view however? She would have zapped him right in it, lethality be damned. 


"CASS! Shoot him!"


She made an annoyed sound in her throat. 


"With what? The toy you gave me?"






Reaching down, Cass pulled off her heels. And threw them, one after another, straight at Cedric's head. 


It was surprisingly satisfying but the satisfaction was short lived. It wasn't a particular natural action in combat, and the large motions combined with the focus on Cedric left her open for one of Ari's shots. 


It hit her just as she let the second shoe fly, and the momentum from that combined with the stun bolt spun her around. She collapsed bonelessly to the floor. Stun bolts were funny things- different people had slightly different reactions to them. For some it knocked them utterly unconscious, which was, Cass realized, a blessing. Because some people remained completely aware, simply unable to move, unable to act. Up until now, it had never occurred to her to wonder which one she would be. 


Entirely paralyzed and yet aware of everything going on around her.It was like Raykka all over again. Literal nightmare fuel. Her heart hammered too fast in her chest, remembering, the sensation too similar- he had used the force to keep her still as he had literally cooked and eaten parts of her as she watched. This was not the same situation, but the similarity of feeling was too great. Fear was an unfamiliar sensation for one Cassandra Paige, but this level of helplessness was too close to that one before. Tainted by that experience, she could do nothing but watch- could not move to draw calming breaths, could not act to calm herself. But neither could the tremors from those memories make their way to her hands. There was no outlet for reliving Raykka. 


So the only place it had to stay was seated right behind those grey eyes. The terror there was out of place, even in the chaos of the communications hub. But there was no where else for it to go.


Summary/TL:DR- After being annoyed her paddle beamer wasn't working, Cass threw her heels at Cedric's head, then went down to a shot from Ari and has flash backs to Raykka.

In Topic: Operation Rebirth | Rebellion of Jaminere (AK-24)

15 May 2018 - 08:13 AM

Ari Vox


Thanks for the clarification! Post incoming!

In Topic: Operation Rebirth | Rebellion of Jaminere (AK-24)

14 May 2018 - 02:22 PM

Ari Vox


first off, great post. 


Before I do mine I want to make sure I get the detail here right!


You mention first setting is stun, but then later high energy bolts- is she firing stun or regular setting? Thank you!

In Topic: Operation Rebirth | Rebellion of Jaminere (AK-24)

14 May 2018 - 01:58 PM

Cedric Grayson


Absolutely sorry to hear that! Send him our best and thank you for the heads up.

In Topic: Operation Rebirth | Rebellion of Jaminere (AK-24)

13 May 2018 - 01:44 PM

Cedric Grayson


Yup absolutely! 


From Cass's point of view though, she actually couldn't read his mind- she had no idea that's what that pause was for, and they had gotten very mixed messages from the lot of you (flash bang entrance, someone threatening to 'gut you chitheads', guns drawn, etc). From her perspective there was absolutely no clear moment- him simply pausing with that intention did not translate to any sort of ease in tension that actually made it clear that people would be safe to move without potentially getting shot :)