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Cassandra Paige

Cassandra Paige

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06 August 2018 - 04:13 PM

Cassandra was not surprised by Cerbera's request for Larry. Doctor Fischer had gotten along exceedingly well with the green skinned woman. It had been a little nauseating to watch in truth. 


"Of course," she answered with a smile, instead of making childish gagging noises. "I had already been considering him."


Which was the truth, she just didn't like it. 


Out of the way, out of the eye. Cassandra didn't particularly trust Cerbera- she'd be a fool to- but she did believe the other woman would not ruin GenPals reputation. At this time. Without a reason. She was already considering how to wrap this in a neat little bow, in case it came out in a fashion that could damage. A shell corporation with Dr. Fischer as the head would do just fine, she decided. Larry wouldn't care if it was wrapped up as part of the project package. He'd happily go along with anything as long as he got to do his weird experiments. The man wasn't dangerous or violent, and neither were his creations for the most part. He and they were simply more often unsettling. Yes, that would do nicely. 


"You have my support then," Cassandra said, nodding. "It will be a pleasure working with you again."


It really, really wouldn't be. 


But Cass put up with a lot for business.


In Topic: It is unaVOIDable, it is your destiny. [TSE Dom of Nathema Hex - AN,21]

06 August 2018 - 01:10 PM

If Cerbera was expecting a particular reaction, she might have been disappointed. 


After all, Cass's sensibilities ended in the same place the public eye did. 


"Well, so long as you have considered that already," she made a small, dismissive gesture with her hand. 


It wasn't that this information made Cassandra more interested in the project. Nor did it make her hesitate. It was simply that it didn't impact it at all. She didn't care what a customer did with her products once they exchanged hands. What they did with them was their business. A fully grown Griffin or a Vornskrill could tear a man's throat out with ease. Did that make Cassandra the murderer? Not even remotely. This functioned on an entirely different scale, yes. She was not blind or naive in that regard. It simply didn't register as something she cared about. 


She didn't particularly understand the point still. It seemed an awful lot of effort to go through for something like this. Cassandra wasn't driven by the same things Cerbera was, and in truth, was largely unable to see the appeal in anything that didn't already interest her. Empathy, seeing things from a different point of view, those were things too far out of Cassandra's grasp. With effort yes, or when it suited her she could coldly work through a reaction someone else would have. But she had to have a reason to care enough to sink that effort in. 


This simply did not qualify.


If Cerbera wanted a giant, planet eating crab, so long as it didn't eat anything that mattered to Cassandra, what did she care?


"I am not particularly concerned about 'sensibilities' outside of the public facade of the company. That you understand I must protect. I have several scientists who would suit for this job. My best, as a matter of fact."


Cassandra appreciated the people who worked for her that not only didn't push back but were happiest while exploring the depths of their work without concern for silly little things like ethics


"I believe we can be of help to you in this, yes."

In Topic: It is unaVOIDable, it is your destiny. [TSE Dom of Nathema Hex - AN,21]

06 August 2018 - 09:56 AM

Honestly, the view from the doorway could have been almost any GenPals lab. Right down to unauthorized creatures scurrying about (though she supposed these were technically not only authorized but desired. She would never understand it). Not quite what she had been expecting. It was a pleasant surprise in a day she had prepared herself to be full of, if not unpleasant, at least only moderately unappealing things. 


She trailed behind Cerbera, increasingly.... was there a word that conveyed a perfect cross between curious and concerned? Cass didn't know. There should be one that covered the equal measures of both feelings. 


Cassandra blinked as the holo came up. It was.... frankly it was hideous. Why would anyone want to create.... a ship!?.... like that when the sleek modern lines of so many of the current offerings coming off of the Sith Empire construction yards were an option? Not to mention the realities of a living being of that size. The mess, the limitations..... the mess. 


The redhead was rarely at a loss for words, but she did not reply for a moment, trying to come up with something, anything beyond her initial reaction of 'but why though?'


Ultimately, it was the business aspect of the proposition that let her step beyond that. 


"It is.... far larger in scope, both literally and figuratively, than anything GenPals has worked with in the past," Cassandra said slowly. "I do not believe, however, that it is outside of the scope of capacity, though unless you have a facility in mind it will take something far larger than anything GenPals currently owns. You have considered the..... limitations of course? Of a living ship."


This was her way of delicately reminding her that it would require things like food, rest.... a place to..... defecate. 


Why on earth anyone would want this was beyond her.

In Topic: It is unaVOIDable, it is your destiny. [TSE Dom of Nathema Hex - AN,21]

05 August 2018 - 10:39 AM

'Proper motivation' in the case of Cerbera's pets had meant the green skinned woman practically looming over the shoulders of GenPal's scientists. Not something Cassandra planned to subject them to again if at all possible. Larry in particular, she thought, would never be the same. She also suspected he was utterly smitten and had to resist wrinkling her nose. But then, Larry's favorite projects had been entirely suspect so it shouldn't surprise her. 


"Mmm, a bit," Cass murmured as they stepped out of the lift and into the hallway. Her heels takked neatly on the tile floor as they walked. While the woman was not a biologist or geneticist herself, it would have been impossible to run a company focused on bio-engineering without becoming at least passingly familiar with the Vong and their work. 


"Truly amazing what they accomplish. We have had successes replicating certain projects in the lab. Nothing fit for sale, but the base processes are very useful in expanding the effects we can produce. One of the labs is dedicated to that- reduced risk of cross contamination unintentionally."


She paused as Cerbera opened a door, ushering the redhead inside. 


Cassandra paused just inside the door, grey eyes sweeping the room. 



In Topic: It is unaVOIDable, it is your destiny. [TSE Dom of Nathema Hex - AN,21]

03 August 2018 - 03:35 PM

Cassandra caught the intended barb. But how could an attack like that strike true when there was no target to hit?


One of the very first things Itash Mecetti had taught her was how to hide her signature within the Force. Better and yet again all to gain by keeping that as an ace up ones sleeve, yes? The fact that Cassandra was rather smug about it was the flash that Cerbera caught- Cassandra had not been born with the sensitivity required to manipulate the Force, but through a continued ritual with Tash they had kept it as part of her. It was not permanent and that rankled. But someday. Yes. There was nothing that Cassandra Paige wanted that she did not, in time, come to possess. 


Instead of a smirk the expression turned into a sunny smile. 

"Mmm I am sure that the things us poor mundanes miss would be simply hair curling."


A small barb of her own. 


She did not miss the way the 'offer' was presented. Like scraps from a table to the dogs. Good dogs, loyal dogs, but still. 


For now, for all of the smuggness at her burgeoning abilities, Cassandra knew the line she walked here was a fine one. So she let it lie because there was no gain in making a fuss. She had learned a long time ago that there were people you could push and people you ought not. Cerbera certain fell into the later category. 


For now. 


"Our scope is usually not so much the 'grand', but you know that already," Cassandra said as they stepped into the facility and started heading down. The cool air, the cleanliness of it- this was much preferable to the outside verdancy and mess. As much as Cassandra could find it interesting from a business perspective, in truth she hated all of that. 


"However I have no doubt that this invitation considers our capacities, rather than our deficits, so I am very interested to hear what you have up your sleeve."


Working with the green skinned woman had, after all, always been profitable.