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Cassandra Paige

Cassandra Paige

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#1731306 High Cost of Living

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 12 February 2018 - 03:10 PM

Her eyes cast down, stomach roiled, and cast immediately back up. 


"You're crazy," she muttered, still feeling woozy and distance from the blow to the head, truth be told. "If you think I'm eating that."


The whole body of a small amphibian floated in a.... soup? She didn't inspect it too closely to be honest. 


"That seems like a particularly odd question, considering," she added a moment later. 


It couldn't be said that Cass was in charge of this situation. No one, anywhere, would say that. But her voice beneath the distance of shock and injury had a hard edge to it. There had been begging before, but that was gone now. Would it return? Possible. Very possible. But for the moment at least she just stared at him, wary and pained but not cowed or quaking. 


She was going to die, probably. In truth, she was a little surprised she'd woken up again at all. It was.... oddly freeing. 


At least for the moment. 


Kalak the Raykkan

#1731196 Coruscant First Charity Auction

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 12 February 2018 - 12:05 PM

She inclined her head politely when they were approached, and the pair swept off to follow. 


Cassandra was in her element. In truth, she didn't think an evening could get much better than this. There was the event itself of course, going off beautifully. To the benefit of Coruscant itself and to her personally, of course. She looked stunning and she knew it, catching glances beyond Tash's, even from those already engaged with a partner (Liber Cluvius). It wasn't just the dress, it was in part the confidence that held her head high, drawing smiles in return for smiles. Just earlier that evening, in a slightly nervous comm call from GenPals PR department, she'd been informed of a potential rival- a sad, sad little copy cat of a company. Imitation they say, is the highest form of flattery. She had laughed, bright and bold, at the confusion on the other end of the line. Angry? Upset? Worried? How could she be any of those things? Being copied meant that they had made it- not merely in the business but in the social zeitgeist of the galaxy. And to have it be done so poorly? Well, that was merely icing on the cake. It told her that these would be competitors didn't even understand just what exactly GenPals did. What the appeal actually was. They saw the flesh and mistook it for the skeletal frame work, carefully built, and wondered why their meat statues fell down in heaps.


She couldn't have possibly been more delighted


Her smile was genuine as she and Itash Mecetti were shown to Zeradias Mant. They had spoken briefly, but most of the details involving organizing this event had of course been done through people farther down in both offices. 


"Mister Mayor, it is a delight to finally meet you in person. Lord Itash Mecetti, Mayor Zeradias Mant." Her smile was warm and cat like. 


Eat your heart out mother.

#1729963 High Cost of Living

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 10 February 2018 - 04:14 PM

Conscious crept in slowly, like a migraine. Inexorable and inevitable, the nausea the precursor to the pain


She didn't open her eyes right away. She was sitting upright in a high backed chair. Straps kept her upright (likely the only thing doing so), across the top of her shoulders, around her waist, around her knees. Oddly her arms were not strapped down. Something felt wrong with her hand- not that it could get much wronger she'd thought. Too light, that entire arm. She couldn't feel anything in her hand- not the pain from the missing fingers, not the burn from the acidic nature of his saliva. There was still pain but it was wrong


Cassandra Paige opened her eyes and immediately wished that she had not. 


She was seated at a table across from Kalak- the alien watching her. Her left hand-


Cassandra whimpered, a choked sob in her throat when she realized it was gone


The skin sutured over her wrist, not particularly neat but certainly professional enough to keep her from bleeding to death. 


Of course, the hand wasn't truly gone. 


Across the table it floated in a jar of brine at Kalak's 'elbow'. 


Her eyes closed, a moment allowed at least for now and she thought for a moment she was going to pass out again. 


Kalak the Raykkan

#1729190 Company & Workshop Modifications

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 09 February 2018 - 03:01 PM

Company / Workshop: GenPals
Modification Made:

Tier Up

Operation and Location expansion for Tier Up (Entertainment and Amuud Labs)

Operation and Location Expansion from thread work (Personal Security and Junction 01)
Sign a contract with three player-run organizations, one of which must be a major faction

MF Contract- http://starwarsrp.ne...ion-of-navrozh/




Display growth through two passive expansions of your company.

Provide philanthropic donations, fundraising, or contributions- http://starwarsrp.ne...-a-charity-gala

Three Codex Submissions -





Display growth through two active expansions of your company.

Train another company or faction's personnel- http://starwarsrp.ne...ion-of-vero-hex

Recruit personnel into your company- http://starwarsrp.ne...-wheres-my-caf/



Successfully complete a project of sizable proportions.

Main Thread- http://starwarsrp.ne...y-kiss-the-sky/

Supporting Subs-






New Submission

#1729168 Coruscant First Charity Auction

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 09 February 2018 - 01:56 PM

"Mmmm we should greet more important guests without drinks in hand," she murmured easily as they two swept through the hallway toward the lift. 


Cassandra had grown up to this, and the etiquette, at least in upped levels of Coruscanti society was clear. Not that this was a high society event- oh she'd tried, but sadly, no. While part of her considered it likely that no one would even notice the breech, that wasn't the point


The main lift was glittering, multifaceted transparisteel, and the rode down as though inside an enormous gem. It cut the light into tiny fragments of multicoloured confetti, but the facets were large enough that it was possible for them to see out of the lift as they descended. 


"Mayor Zeradias Mant," she pointed him out to Itash where he and his security staff were arranged at the door. "Coming from inside the event we should wait until his receiving line slot is over. There, heading toward the casino? Arcann Law, Deputy Party Leader of Coruscant First. He is particularly interested to speak with you, I have been told."


Settling closer to him, her arm snug in his elbow, she leaned over slightly, nodding once. 


"Lady Asteria deWinter. Moves more in your circles than mine," she confided, "But everyone in both our circles is familiar with her company." Double meaning in this case. The Red Lady. An escort service. Cass's smile was slightly smug in the way only the assumed morally superior ever really managed to pull off.


"Eddak Manod. 'King of Probz,'" A slight snort. "As if that is something to be proud of. Jumped up nobility. He donated items to the auction tonight however, so be nice. Liber Cluvius, yes those Cluvius's. I'm not sure who that is on his arm."


All humans. Oh, she recognized a single one of the alien attendees. She knew that pink skinned, cheese eating, zeltron at the bar. Ish. But the rest all were basically the same to her. One twi'lek was much like another, and forget about the Duros, who could waste their time trying to keep them straight?


Itash Mecetti

#1727695 Vornskrill

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 07 February 2018 - 09:40 AM

Jairus Starvald


Added in the homeworld cause I was there anyway. I'll include that from now on. 


updated the stun effect as requested. 

#1725610 Coruscant First Charity Auction

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 04 February 2018 - 07:42 PM

“We’re not late,” she murmured with a small smile. Looking at him through the reflection in the mirror, grey eyes cast up and down appreciatively in return.


“The doors only opened five minutes ago. That is hardly late by Coruscanti standards. No one expects the benefactors of an event like this to be standing at the door. Perhaps if this were a bingo night for the elderly or a pancake breakfast for stray animals, but not something like this.”


She tilted her head slightly, fingers resting for a moment on the necklacehe’d given her. It wasn’t the first piece of jewelry he had gifted her, perfectly casually, but it was certainly the most impressive. She wondered how he’d known- or if he had at all and it was merely luck- that it was a perfect match to the dressshe’d been planning to wear. Another gift, this time from Damian Starchaser, who had declined an invitation for…. Political reasons.


“You look rather dashing yourself,” she said, turning around and offering him a kiss.


“Now, if we don’t head down, we will be late,” Cass chuckled, slipping her arm into his. “Shall we?”


Itash Mecetti


#1725603 Coruscant First Charity Auction

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 04 February 2018 - 07:38 PM




The Twin Stars Hotel


Cassandra Paige considered herself a daughter of Coruscant. The Paige family had lived and worked there for generations, and while she had taken her own business off world due to regulatory challenges, her heart (what little there was of one) considered Coruscant home.


It was not the first time a member of the wealthy Paige family had hosted a charity event. While it was a first for Cass herself she had grown up watching her parents make the same preparations, the same plans, for all the same reasons. One part good press, one part tax write off, they always chose causes that in one way or another spoke to them.


Or benefited them as well.


Coruscant First- Coruscant for the Coruscanti- was a perfect example of everything Cass could get behind. It hadn’t been difficult to sell Itash Mecetti on the idea, and together they had made the offer to host a charity gala in their name. Paid for by GenPals and Didact Defense Solutions, all of the proceeds from the sale of tickets for the event and silent auction would go directly to Coruscant First. The owners of the newly built Twin Stars hotel had surprised her by offering the venue at no cost, but additionally a donation of ten percent of the total revenue from the Blue Feather Casino for that evening as well. She hadn’t spoken to them directly, only through intermediaries, and their identity eluded her for the moment- but the benefits outweighed the mystery and plans had been made.


While perhaps Cass would have preferred a tighter control over who was welcome tonight and who was not, who could find the event accessible, it was ultimately the decision of those they were benefiting, and Coruscant First had been clear that the event ought to be accessible to a wide swath of individuals. Ticketshad been reasonably priced- one did not have to be wealthy to attend this evening, merely of moderate means and willing to enjoy a night out at a luxurious locale.


The Twin Star hotel was the pinnacle of luxury. All whites and golds, gorgeously lit and appointed, it was a beacon in an up and coming district that had previously been languishing.  Built on the very edge of one of Coruscant’s poorer districts, it was lauded for bringing in jobs and businesses into the surrounding area. The Teerena District would be reborn, and already new life was being breathed into it. What better location then, for such an event?


The Silent Auction


The Blue Feather


The Ballroom


Zeradias Mant Arcann Law Apolline Wynver

#1725338 Sentinels

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 04 February 2018 - 01:28 PM





  • Intent: To fulfill a special request by Itash Mecetti for Didact, and sub a part of the T4 project for the company.

  • ​Image Credit: Created by Beastofoblivion, GenPals Logos created by me.

  • Canon: N/A

  • Links: Created by GenPals


  • Name: Sentinels ™

  • Designation: Non-Sentient

  • Homeworld: N/A, Engineered Species

  • Language: N/A

  • Average Lifespan: 16-20 years

  • Estimated Population: Rare (Not for public sale)

  • Description: Engineered from a wide variety of samples, a true chimera. Sentinels ™ are beasts built to track in a variety of ways, allowing for redundancies to ensure that they find their target.



  • Breathes: Type 1

  • Average height of adults: 1.7m

  • Average length of adults: 4m (including tail)

  • Skin color: Pale greyish pink

  • Fur color: Black and shades of grey

  • Distinctions: Slender and lithe, Sentinels are graceful creatures to watch in motion. A long tail helps balance their incredibly long gait. Long ears are sensitive not only to sound but vibration. They stand on four legs, but a small pair of arms with short claws for gripping and opposable thumbs stay tucked up beneath the front legs, enabling them to carry things while walking or to grab hold of something.

  • Races: N/A


  • Strengths:

(+)Trainable: Sentinels ™  are clever and can learn a variety of commands and even tricks.

(+)Force Tracking: Sentinels ™ are keyed into the Force. They can track a known individual (see weakness Bio Sample) through the Force for weeks or even years if need be. Once a Sentinel ™ is given a sample, it is never forgotten.

(+)Swift and Dextrous: Sentinels ™ are very fast, agile creatures, able to keep up easily with mechanical speeders, and making them difficult targets to hit while moving. Their long tail helps them balance in even the most precarious of situations.

(+)Keen Senses: Scent, hearing and touch are incredibly sensitive in Sentinels ™ . They can track something easily if given something with the person’s scent on it, and that scent will never be forgotten.


  • Weaknesses:

(-)Delicate: Sentinels are made for a specific purpose, tracking. While they can dodge and weave if needed, they are fairly delicate creatures and should not be placed in harms way. They have no ability to withstand a physical assault, and will do their best to avoid closing with their target, simply following at a distance until back up can arrive. They have no resistance to slug, blasters, or melee weapons of any sort.

(-)Non Combat: While they have teeth and claws, they can’t do much more damage than any other non-predatory animal with them. While they could give someone a wicked scratch or a painful bite, they aren’t killing anything here.

(-)Bio Sample: In order to track through the Force, Sentinels ™ require a bio sample. A bit of blood, a piece of flesh, hair or even a nail clipping. Once ingested the target’s unique force signature can be followed.

(-)Poor Eyesight: Small, weak eyes are the one sensory achilles heel of a Sentinel. In enclosed spaces that are tight enough they cannot take full advantage of the sensitive tips of their ears, they can be down right clumsy, walking into walls or missing corners.

(-)Sterile: Like all GenPals animals, Sentinels ™ are sterile to discourage irresponsible breeding.

(-)Proprietary: Like all GenPals animals, Sentinels ™ require GenPal supplements to remain healthy.



  • Diet: Omnivore, will eat a variety of plant matter, grain and meat. GenPals proprietary supplements.

  • Communication: Extensive body language, trills, peeps, keening and purrs.

  • Technology level: N/A

  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A

  • General behavior: While a Sentinel ™ can make a good companion for someone with the right temperament, that is not their primary function. They are curious creatures, often sticking their noses where it doesn’t belong if they scent a treat (or something that could be a treat) in a pocket or on a shelf. Sentinels are disinclined to desire serious physical contact as it can distract from the sensory information always flowing through them. While not affectionate in a traditional sense, they do show their devotion and preference for particular handlers by touch with the tips of their long ears- feather light and just barely brushing the surface of the skin for only a moment. Those they trust may find those feelers resting lightly on their shoulders when they stand close. The need to run is ingrained in the Sentinels, and they require daily exercise or they grow bored and restless- when kept in the kennels this can often lead to pacing which may lead to them hurting themselves as their increasingly fast motion in such a small space leads to bruises and scrapes.







A special order placed by Itash Mecetti, the Sentinels ™ were a unique challenge to the GenPals scientists. Created as the ideal tracker for a wide variety of needs, they pulled from a huge variety of genetic components to complete the task as requested. Leaning heavily on the Vornskr’s ability to hunt within the Force and the keen senses from Simoomian Sensory Hounds, speed and dexterity required going farther afield and ultimately led to some fancy genetic work by none other than the strange Dr. Larry Fisher. Grown in very small batches, only three were created for the initial tests at Didact’s secret Junction 01 facility.





#1725295 Vornskrill

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 04 February 2018 - 11:50 AM





  • Intent: To create a new GenPal for the ‘Personal Security' Line, and sub a part of the T4 project for the company.

  • ​Image Credit: Created by Remarin, GenPals Logos created by me.

  • Canon:  Vornskr Strill

  • Links: Created by GenPals


  • Name: Vornskrill maximus, Vornskrill ™

  • Designation: Non-Sentient

  • Homeworld: GenPals Lab, Morellia, Engineered Species

  • Language: N/A

  • Average Lifespan: 14-17 years

  • Estimated Population: Scattered (Manufactured)

  • Description: A hybrid creature, taking the preferred traits of their parent species. These larger canines are a more domesticated form of their wild cousins, meant as personal security animals and companions.



  • Breathes: Type 1

  • Average height of adults: 1.4m

  • Average length of adults: 1.8m (including tail)

  • Skin color: Pink

  • Fur color: Brown, tan, black, white, grey, brindled

  • Distinctions: Sleek and well muscled, these short furred canines have long pointed ears, six legs and a long tail sporting the Vornskr's characteristic 'sting', but with a more amenable temperament. Lacking the disagreeable odor of the Strill, they are well suited as companions for any family.

  • Races: N/A

  • Strengths:

(+)Trainable: Vornskrill ™  are clever and can learn a variety of commands and even tricks.

(+)Force Sensing: Vornskrill ™ are keyed into the Force. They can be easily trained to react in certain fashions when they sense it, effectively alerting their owner to Force Users/Use in the area.

(+)Sturdy: Tough customers. They can take a beating and keep on getting up until they have simply sustained too much damage. They are strong, dependable animals that don’t go down without a fight.

(+)Six Legged: Six legs makes them fast and stable, able to retain their balance even in unstable situations.

(+)Poison Sting: Vornskrill ™ have a poison barb on their tail that can stun a roughly human sized sentient. This has lesser effects as a target gets larger or has a resistance to poisons. The stunning effects are relatively brief, lasting 5-10 minutes- long enough to get away from a threat or neutralize it through other means. 


  • Weaknesses:

(-)Hide not Armor: While they are tough and can take a beating, they are still just fur and muscle. They cannot tank multiple blaster hits and certainly not a lightsaber.

(-)Teeth not blades: While teeth, claws and sting can easily cut through flesh, they are useless against an armored opponent.

(-)Metabolism: These are hungry bois. Expensive to feed and requiring massive calorie inputs, an underfed Vornskrill will be weak but also dangerous even to its handlers.

(-)Yslamiri Incompatible: Just like GenPal’s Pocket Vornskr ™, Vornskrill ™ are incompatible with Ysalamiri and their relatives (including Salafranders™ ) and cannot be raised together- they cannot be trained to not eat them.

(-)Sterile: Like all GenPals animals, Vornskrill ™ are sterile to discourage irresponsible breeding.

(-)Proprietary: Like all GenPals animals, Vornskrill ™ require GenPal brand food to remain healthy and within warranty. GenPals animals fed non-branded food will eventually weaken and possibly die, as they are engineered with certain nutrition needs only their proprietary blend contains in the right ratios.



  • Diet: GenPals Brand Vornskr Chow. Can be supplemented with GenPals Brand Canine treats and small amounts of meat to treat your new best friend! Vornskrill™ should not be fed off brand food or it will void their warranty.

  • Communication: Extensive body language, barks, growls, yips, whines and whimpers.

  • Technology level: N/A

  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A

  • General behavior: Vornskrill ™  are canine to the core. Deeply loyal and affectionate, they are more family bent than the Pocket Vornskrs ™ and can easily accept a larger ‘pack’ without specific training. They are particularly good with children and no child ever found a greater friend or fiercer protector than a happy Vornskrill ™. Playful and active, they require regular exercise or they can become destructive, chewing on various household objects (GenPals is not responsible for items destroyed by your Vornskrill ™ ). Easily trained to do their business outside, walk on a leash, do tricks and other basic commands, Vornskrill ™ make excellent companion animals. Less aggressive with random strangers than their smaller cousins, Vornskrill ™ are however highly sensitive to signs of aggression in others, and will respond with a warning growl and raised hackles. How they react from there will depend on their training- they can be trained to a wide variety of commands and responses, from subdual of a threat without serious harm all the way up to going straight for the throat.



Created along side the Griffins as part of the beginning offerings of GenPals newest line of personal security animals, Vornskrill ™ were an easy choice to balance out the more feline Griffins. Not everyone likes cats, after all, and there is something to be said about the appeal of a large canine stretched out at ones feet. Their particular marketing as good companion animals for children was deliberate, and the inclusion of the Strill biology allowed the hard coding necessary to follow through on that promise.




#1724741 You Are Invited to a Charity Auction

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 03 February 2018 - 05:45 PM



The thread will go up in the next day or two. 


If you are a IC supporter of CF and would like to make a donation to the Silent Auction, please PM me!



#1724048 High Cost of Living

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 02 February 2018 - 05:02 PM

His words bled into the pain. They moved together, merging at the edges and making them difficult to fully separate. She didn't scream when he took the third one, but she sobbed, each injury starting to build on the others- a stage he knew all too well. 


Part of her swam back out of it there, at the end, however. Those words, asking her if she deserved it, bringing out a part of her more familiar. Each breath shuddered even if her body could not, and the direction of her eyes flicked from her ruined hand to him. There was a part of Cass that she buried deep. A part of her that she had learned to keep contained. The part that she had taught to show mercy when the belly was revealed. Something flashed in those grey eyes. 


"No," she said, voice shaking but hard. 


It took everything that she had, but she pursed her lips and spit on him. 


"I don't deserve this," she breathed in deeply, but it was hard. She wanted to break down into nothing more than sobbing, whimpering, mewling, begging him to stop. But her teeth set. 


He was going to kill her. 


In a way, that knowledge was freeing


"You are a vile, wretched little creature," she hissed, the pain making her voice catch but she pushed through it. "You deserve far worse than I."


Kalak the Raykkan

#1724026 Subject 3-7B

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 02 February 2018 - 04:37 PM







  • Name: Subject 3-7B

  • Designation: Sentient

  • Homeworld: GenPals Labs, Morellia- Engineered Species

  • Language: Basic

  • Average Lifespan:  2 weeks/ 2 years

  • Estimated Population: Rare (not for public sale)

  • Description: Tiny creatures created for a special project. Intended as short lived infiltrators to be paired with a handler, Subject 3-7B was left without a more familiar name to resist the urge to bond with the ephemeral creatures, since their entire purpose was one that meant they were disposable.



  • Breathes: Type 1

  • Average height of adults: 5cm

  • Fur color: Purple

  • Skin color: Pale pink

  • Distinctions: Smol hummingshrews, Subject 3-7B has a long, sensitive nose and large ears. Small paws with opposable thumbs. A long prehensile tail for additional grasping. Bright, fluttery wings and swiftness make it appear more like a wild bird of some sort in flight, and by the time it has been noticed, usually it is gone again.

  • Races: Alpha- meant for very short term needs, has a lifespan of only 1-2 weeks. This limits its ability to be trained in complicated tasks and requires constant attention from it’s handler.
    Beta- meant for longer term projects. Can be trained in tasks that require multiple steps. Handlers are more likely to bond, however, making the use of these animals strictly limited, as the connection can be painful at the time of their inevitable demise.

  • Strengths:

(+)Natural Infiltrators: 3-7Bs are fast, agile, and naturally inclined to be sneaky. They move quickly and randomly, more like a wild animal than a sentient creature. They are easy to overlook or dismiss.

(+)Keen Senses: With sensitive nose and large ears, 3-7Bs have keen senses, allowing them to pick up minute sounds and scents with ease.

(+)Telepathy: These creatures communicate via telepathy at a distance (up to 100 kilometers away). Even a handler without the Force can coordinate their efforts from a distance, but that coordination may be limited, requiring the creature to reach out to them first- a handler with the Force and familiarity with mentalist abilities can ‘see’ what the unit sees, feel what it feels, and coordination efforts are improved drastically, allowing better and more proactive communication that can be initiated by the handler as well.

  • Weaknesses:

(-)Non-Combat: These are tiny and meant to watch and sneak. Swat one into a wall and it will be grievously damaged.

(-)Weak: These creatures can do small manipulations- pushing buttons, operating computer systems, activating a touch pad, picking up items not much larger than a small hand tool. They cannot accomplish tasks that require more than a single hand’s casual strength for an average sentient.

(-)Immature: Especially the Alpha line, but the Beta line as well to an extent. These creatures will never have the capacity for complex emotional anything, and need the attention of a handler to function properly. While Beta’s can do some complex tasks, if trained, without constant attention, they cannot be sent off unattended, mentally, and be expected to perform well.

(-)Sterile: Like all GenPals animals, Subject 3-7B are sterile to discourage irresponsible breeding.

(-)Proprietary: Like all GenPals animals, Subject 3-7B require GenPal supplements to remain healthy.



  • Diet : Sugar water, fruit, and a GenPals proprietary amino acid supplement.

  • Communication: Telepathic

  • Technology level: N/A

  • Religion/Beliefs: They view their creators as benevolent parental figures, knowing in their heart of hearts that it is joy to bring them happiness.

  • General behavior: The behavior of the 3-7B line can be summed up in a single word- Childlike. They are joyful, bright and cheerful creatures who take great pleasure in the things they enjoy. Chief amoung that being completing their designated tasks. They respond well to praise and positive reinforcement in the form of treats and very careful, single finger scritches beneath their chin or between their ears, making them very easy to train. They take great joy in flight, in executing complicated maneuvers, in a task well done. If there is an overwhelming emotion in them it is joy unbounded. Clever, creative creatures, they are simple and easily pleased, while quite eager to please in return.



A most peculiar request from one Itash Mecetti spurred the creation of Subject 3-7B. The need for a tiny, short lived infiltrator that could be easily overlooked if it was even seen at all. The Alpha series came first- specifically created with such a short lifespan that it could be timed precisely to pass once it’s mission was over. After the success of the first in securing the facility he desired, the request for a longer lived version was made. In truth, that was even easier- making a creature that would expire in a two week frame, on a specific schedule had been a challenge. This offered more leeway. All in all, a success, but one that GenPals would never be making available to the general public.


#1724018 High Cost of Living

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 02 February 2018 - 04:25 PM

She sobbed, relief a small welling. If he believed her (and she did mean it, more than she had ever meant any apology in her life- perhaps for the first time in her life) then that meant it could be over. Anything beyond getting away from this, out of here was drown out by the pain, by the fear. There were no thoughts of revenge, or payback. Not now, not yet. They weren't possible over the agony. 


Of course, the relief was short lived. 


Again, Cassandra screamed, trailing off into helpless sobbing. 


Her stomach roiled. There was no denying now that he had indeed eaten her fingers. Sitting perfectly straight and prim she couldn't even collapse, whimpering and shuddering. Tears streamed down her face and she tried to shake her head, but she couldn't even to that. 


"Gods," she whimpered, "Please, p-please stop."


She would have closed her eyes and moaned when he continued- the comment about her tongue- there was no doubt in her mind now that he meant it. Every word. She had been called that before.... a tasty dish.


But never in a thousand years had she ever thought someone would mean it literally. 


Kalak the Raykkan

#1723993 High Cost of Living

Posted by Cassandra Paige on 02 February 2018 - 03:52 PM

When he licked her, she would have recoiled if she could. Disgust would have shuddered through her. Her eyes would have closed and her fingers would have curled into the protective command of her fist. But instead all that happened was her fingers twitched. Not much, barely a milimeter. Her eyes remained open, the rest of her body perfectly still- perched there with straight back, perfect posture on the very edge of that chair. 


"P-please, you've made your point."


Her tone was severe, but there was an edge to it. That small failure at the start. That cold bubbling up. The voice shouted louder as the cold waters of panic rose, denying, no this is all a show. 


A tiny voice, well beneath the rising waters, whispered Did Ana feel this as you held her eyelids open and shined the light, so bright, into her blue blue eyes? Did she not believe you meant it? That you wouldn't blind her? 


Would you have, if your parents hadn't stopped you?




Clarity of moment met with teeth and Cass screamed. 


That much he allowed her. 


She watched it all. She had to. She couldn't move, couldn't close her eyes. Couldn't look away. The scream turned into a moan, then a whimper. The pain lanced all the way up her arm (or was that an illusion? She didn't know), and she could feel the burning on the very edge of it. He swallowed but her mind recoiled, rebelled, not entirely believe that he had just swallowed-




"N-no," her voice shuddered, even if her body could not. "P-please st-stop. I'll do anything, p-please."


Cass was a fighter, but not like this. She had no experience to fall back on, no familiar pain to learn how to grin and bear it. 


"I'm s-sorry."


This time, she meant it.


Kalak the Raykkan