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Cassandra Paige

Cassandra Paige

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Business as Usual [TSE Dominion of Etti IV Hex AN-17]

01 July 2018 - 09:37 AM






The destruction of Ession had not gone unnoticed by the Corporate Sector Authority and the Corporate Sector at large. Not unnoticed… but ignored. When the emergency calls came, they went unheeded. When the refugees (some managed to escape the onslaught) appeared?


They were imprisoned.


Awaiting to be given away to the coming Sith Empire.


Because nobody in the Authority had any doubt that Ession would not be the last that they had heard of the Sith. With their aid in securing Black Star Station not long ago, and Ession on the near horizon, the entities within the Corporate Sector decided that it was far more profitable to welcome the Sith…. The alternatives simply did not suit.


In the end, they invited them. Opened the doors. There was the potential for profit for all parties that way, as opposed to leaving them closed. Offers were made, trades were set up. The prisoners from Ession and access to the Corporate Sector in return for safety. As business deals went it was a simple one. The agreements made from a distance even before the Sith set foot on Etti. No risks taken.


None that would not absolutely be worth the rewards, at least.




  1. Process the Prisoners - Relieve local law enforcement of those put on hold for the Sith. Arrange transport to appropriate locations within the Empire, or divert some, under the table, for your own use (don’t get caught).

  2. Riot! - At one of the holding locations, a prisoner transfer has gone wrong. Angry and desperate, the prisoners have overcome the local guards and have taken over the complex. Put them down, hard.

  3. Secure the Hyperlanes - More than one Hyperlane, some large and some small, intersect at Etti IV. Clear the system as safe for the Empire and reset hyperspace relays to account for all Sith Imperial Vessels.

  4. Let’s Get Down to Business - Etti IV is the heart of the corporate sector. Make business contacts or contracts, establish a toe hold for your company, or supply something for the Sith Empire to claim a MF contract!

  5. BYOO - As always, if you have something else you’d like to do, have fun! The thread is your oyster.


31 May 2018 - 12:45 AM






  • Intent: To create a new GenPal for the ‘Personal Security' Line

  • ​Image Credit: Typette| Nebu Kuro | GenPals Logos created by me.

  • Canon: N/A

  • Links: Created by GenPals



  • Name: Velox media, Floofasaur ™

  • Designation: Non Sentient

  • Homeworld: Morellia, GenPals Labs, Engineered Species

  • Language: N/A

  • Average Lifespan: 15-18 years

  • Estimated Population: Scattered (Manufactured)

  • Description: Hip high repto-avians in a wide variety of plumage colours. Engineered through dormant gene work, Floofasaurs ™  are companion guards- affectionate, easy to train, and happy to rip out the throat of anyone not their owner.




  • Breathes: Type 1

  • Average height of adults: 1m

  • Average length of adults: 1.5m

  • Skin color: Pink, Tan, White

  • Feather color: Wildly varied. Available in both subdued hues such as white, black, dun, brown, and sandy, but also in an array of pastel and jewel tones in every colour of the rainbow.

  • Distinctions: With long necks and tails, these creatures come in either ‘sleek’ or ‘fluffed’ feather varieties, with the later looking decidedly plump and non-threatening  despite being no heavier than their visually ‘sleek’ counterparts. With needle sharp teeth and wicked talons, Floofasaurs ™ have an oddly pleasant aroma, reminiscent of popcorn.

  • Races: N/A

  • Strengths:

(+) Adorable: Come on, look at them. They are cute af.

(+) Trainable: Floofasaurs ™ are clever and can learn a variety of commands and even tricks.

(+) Fast: They are light on their feet, agile, and quick. They are difficult to catch and difficult to hit.

(+) Strong: Surprisingly strong for their size and appearance, Floofasaurs ™ have a powerful jump and kick that can do significant damage to an unarmored opponent, as well as a strong jaw and needle sharp teeth.


  • Weaknesses:

(-) Fragile Bones: While these are meant to defend and deter potential assailants, Floofasaurs ™ have fragile bones that can be easily broken, especially in the wings.

(-) No true flight: Despite having wings, this animal cannot fly. It can’t even properly glide. Its wings can be used to aid in jumps, but that is all.
(-)Feathers  not Armor: While they are strong for their size, they are still just feather and muscle. They cannot tank multiple blaster hits and certainly not a lightsaber.

(-)Teeth not blades: While teeth and claws can easily cut through flesh, they are useless against an armored opponent.

(-) Sterile: Like all GenPals animals, these are sterile to discourage irresponsible breeding.

(-) Proprietary: Like all GenPals animals, these animals require GenPals brand food to remain healthy.




  • Diet: Require GenPals brand Reptile food.

  • Communication: Squawks, warbles, chirps, hisses, and screeches. Body language.

  • Technology level: N/A

  • Religion/Beliefs: N/A

  • General behavior: Floofasaurs ™ are affectionate, friendly and cuddly- with one person. Not recommended for families or children, these animals form a strong bond with one person and do not socialize well with others. While they are not aggressive to other animals (provided they do not pose a threat or act too much like prey), people beside their bonded owner are at best suspect.

    Floofasaurs ™ are happiest when they are with their bonded owner. They will cavort and scamper, making content cooing or trilling sounds. They enjoy treats (GenPals brand carnivore treats are available in stores now for your new friend!), scritches at the base of their wings and will happily curl up with a head on a knee. If they have a choice, they will choose nearness to their bonded owner. They enjoy playing games, including fetch and hide and seek, and will occasionally engage in social grooming if someone sits still for long enough, gently rearranging hair or fur as they see fit. An annoyed or disappointed Floofasaur ™ will chastise their owner first with an irritated chitter, and if whatever is distressing them continues, a sharp nip. They will not, however, attack someone they have bonded to.

    A bored or lonely Floofasaur ™ can be destructive. GenPals recommends only dedicated owners choose this particular line for their companion. For the rare occasions they must be left parted for long periods, be sure to supply toys and a safe environment where your new friend cannot damage the couch or kitchen floor with their talons. Consider providing a blanket or old shirt that smells like you to help them remain calm and content until you can return.

    Floofasaurs ™ can be easily trained as guard animals. In fact, training one to not act in a  protection role would be more difficult, nearly impossible. For those times when out in public with your new friend, most local ordinances require a leash or harness for the protection of your pet…. And the people around you.





While the initial plans to make a specific order for a certain Sith fell through, GenPals was left with genetic samples of Tiss’shar. Months passed with no real plans or intents….. Until one Doctor Larry Fisher needed a project to keep him out of everyone else’s work.


Rather than splice avian genetics into the samples, he decided to unlock certain dormant genes and traits, returning the specimens to something more akin to ancient ancestors, long before sentience was gained on Tiss’sharl.


The result? Floofasaurs ™.


Cass hated the name. But it was better than the ‘Cassowarie’ one employee (ex employee) had suggested. Well, not everything could be as clever as Salafranders ™ , could they?





Give MF a recall grace period when changing FOs

15 April 2018 - 08:54 AM

We all know how activity can decline when a faction FO (for whatever reason) can't put a lot of energy into a faction. Real life, other responsibilities, burned out- whatever it is, when an FO steps down there is almost always a lead up of lower activity which often translates into lower activity for a faction as a whole when there isn't as much to do. 


Since faction ownership transfer requests get posted to a thread for Chaos staff and completely by chaos staff, it's easy to see when a faction is undergoing a change in leadership. 


We all also know that it can take 2-3 months for a new FO to get the ball rolling once they take over. It's not a matter of someone taking over and boom, suddenly the faction is active again. It takes acclimation and a slow build or a new FO ends up in serious burn out, or potentially alienating existing membership, which also isn't good for anyone. 


Since it's come up twice very recently, I'd like to propose that factions having a change in owner get a 2-3 month grace period from recall notices. This gives the new FO and potential new staff a chance to make a plan and get their feet under them, without having to scramble with the pending recall notice over their shoulder. 


It doesn't hurt anyone to offer this, and allows MFs that may have floundered due to tired/busy/overextended previous leadership a chance to rebound without additional pressure. If after that grace period nothing has changed then it will be obvious that the faction itself is ready to step back based on total activity,rather than because of the inevitable low that comes before a changing of the guard.

Damned and Demand

10 April 2018 - 02:13 PM

Itash thought of Maena as a planet of the Damned


Cass saw it as a planet of Demand


The truth of course, was that it was both


Cassandra Paige gazed out the transport window as they came in, following the prescribed flight path above the city. She.... wasn't really sure how she felt about it, to be honest. There was wealth here, but also filth. Soaring spires but also yellow smog and poverty. Of course, how did that make it much different from Coruscant? If anything it was much like a far (far) more extreme version, with all of the middle ground being shunted into one direction or the other. 


She tilted her head, looking out but leaning toward Itash slightly. They were seated next to each other, a case, large enough to hold a medium sized dog, at their feet. Her hand rested lightly in his, her thumb absently toying with the ring he'd set on her finger after that night. Even if his true face was hidden behind a literal mask now, offering only the younger appearance he'd been gifted with previously, the ring combined with his true face when they were in private reminded her daily of that night. 


Not that her hunger since then could let her forget. 


"It's..... not a particularly attractive city, is it?" She commented, just before the transport made it's finally approach toward the landing pad. 


"But it has a certain.... individuality to it." 


Before, she might simply have sneered. But that night had opened up things, experiences and views, that had been closed off to Cass before. Now?


She wasn't certain if she saw the appeal, but her mind was open to the possibility Maena presented. 



Itash Mecetti Six-O Matsu Xiangu

Alarm Clock's Warning

02 April 2018 - 04:35 PM

GenPals Conference Station




GenPals was doing remarkably well. 


At least, for what they were. 


A company that sold designer pets to people with more money than sense. Shackling them to proprietary foods and veterinary care that continued to turn profits even after the initial sale. Somehow over the last year, GenPals and its CEO had managed to convince the galaxy that they wanted- nay, needed- cute cuddly creatures and the cross merchandise that went with them. From t-shirts and toys to children's cartoons and vacation packages. 


Of course, they had no true power, beyond that of the credit and the loyalty people had to the silly little animals they pack bonded with beyond the realm of species and sapience. 


Humans, Cassandra had found, would pack bond with anything


Not only humans, but to be fair, that was the only species that Cassandra put active thought into if she could get away with it. She'd be perfectly happy to never again see a single wookiee, twi'lek, bothan or zeltron again. Of course, that wasn't how the galaxy worked and it was simpler to accept that than attempt any fool hardy rage against it. 


It was with appreciation, then, that Cass's next meeting was with the sort of person she could approve of. 


Oh she didn't care about his philanthropy, with the exception of her ability to invest and settle herself a hefty tax break. 


No, simply that it was to be a human sitting across from her at the table, the backdrop of the enormous aquarium wall shedding a gentle aquamarine light on secluded corner of the largest restaurant on the station, Oculus.


Cass perused the specials, waiting for Idris Voahan to arrive and be shown to the table.