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Skye Achlys

Skye Achlys

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01 July 2018 - 03:30 PM

Skye wanted to turn around and continue going forward, but Ayda's light blue eyes had caught her own. She couldn't exactly explain it, but there was something to the young woman. As a result of this, even though Skye had planned to not do it, she eventually took the bar into her hands to break and share it. There was something about Ayda's eyes. They had a certain effect on Skye. They were so young, just like hers, but they were also so innocent and pure.

Skye looked at the bar in her hands, and even though her stomach was screaming for everything, she broke it into two, with a bigger and a smaller piece. She handed the bigger piece over to Ayda without looking at her before Skye turned around and continued walking forward.
"Just keep up", she softly ordered as she marched towards the rocks. During their little walk Skye swiftly ate her part of the energy bar, slightly silencing her stomach for a while.

Skye's heart started pounding faster and faster as they reached the formation she thought she recognized. She stood still just before she had rounded the corner. Her hands were softly shaking. Not only because of the obvious conditions, but also because she knew that if this wouldn't provide an exit, they'd be done for. They'd have nowhere left to go and nowhere left to stay.

She took a deep breath.
And then she walked around the boulders that had been obstructing their view.

Skye's eyes lit up as a massive gate built into the cave wall emerged in front of her eyes. It was gigantic and completely decorated with pieces reminiscent to the pool. "Oh my...", Skye mumbled as she observed the enormous gate. Behind her Ayda had now too caught up and was probably wondering about the stone door as well.

Skye walked a few steps backwards so that she stood next to Ayda. Without averting her eyes from the structure, Skye mumbled: "We'll get out of this. Just do as I say, when I say it." Her tone was something she herself wasn't even sure of. It was both meant to command Ayda to follow her yet also meant to comfort the woman, two things which didn't exactly go together.

Attached to the door were a bunch of clogs and levers, which together added up into a whole complicated mechanism. Parts of it were damaged, parts of it were missing and parts of it were still operational- or they at least looked operational.

"Come on", Skye said as she started walking again. She briefly took a hold of Ayda's arm, gently pulling her along, before she let go again, which resulted in her hand sliding along Ayda's arm and eventually her hand before they'd lose contact. As Skye walked towards the structure, she could see some form of text engraved into the gate.

"An ancient language", she slowly spoke. "Fascinating, but not very helpful"

Luckily the pieces and paintings on the wall were more visual clues than verbal ones, so they were better fit for the two women.

When Skye had observed a few of the drawings which had been next to eachother, she understood its purpose.
"This was a test. It links up with what I've seen", she mumbled as she walked along the stone door. "It looks like this was their punishment. People convicted of horrible crimes where thrown into this cave. Their only exit seemed to have been this very gate...". "It's some sort of puzzle, I believe. Yes, yes it is! Look there, that mural", she said as she pointed towards a specific drawing, depicting a man tangling with a set of clogs and levers while little creatures, probably the ones Ayda and Skye faced before, crept up behind him. "If they completed the puzzle, the door would open and their crimes would be forgiven. But the tricky part was completing the puzzle with a crafty and primitive type of timers... The hungry bastards we met a few minutes ago."

Skye turned around to look at Ayda, who was looking at the mural. "We don't have to worry about the creatures, all we need to do is finish this puzzle. Or what's left of it", she sighed as she saw a few broken levers. Hopefully the main mechanisms were still intact. If they were, there was probably a way to bypass broken sections.

It was only when Skye was staring at Ayda that she noticed a small drop of blood slide down her own cheek. As she brought her hand up to it, she felt a small cut somewhere, undoubtedly made by one of the Zerneks. It wasn't anything spectacular, but just another annoying potentially dangerous cut. Starting to know how Ayda thought about wounds, Skye kept her hand against her left cheek, hoping to keep the cut hidden from Ayda. They didn't have the time to worry about superficial wounds.

In Topic: Enemy Mine

28 June 2018 - 04:01 PM

Skye just stood there staring at Ayda as the girl wondered about the Zernek. Skye was still a bit reluctant to admit she just hugged the girl twice, reluctant to admit she was kind and happy to see the girl who was the enemy.
But maybe, maybe she could let it go this one time. She'd made mistakes before, trusting the enemy, but she'd do it once more. In the name of survival. Yeah. Just survival.

After Skye made up her mind Ayda was already leaning forward towards the Zernek. It was then that Skye quickly lunged forward and grabbed Ayda's arm.
"Don't", she said. It was a command, just like all the other things she'd said before, but it sounded a lot kinder. A lot softer. "We can't risk it."

Yes, the Zernek looked good. But that was only because Skye and Ayda were starving. Yes, Skye too was extremely hungry. And the thought that they were fish and mushrooms up there made it even worse.

But she had something. Something she had kept for herself. In reserve. It was one of the things Ayda had found. A bar. Food.

Skye reached for the backpack in her outfit without saying a word. Out of it she took a bar of military food. She couldn't imagine it being tasty, but it would definitely grant the consumer some strength and nutrition. She held it in her hand, looked at it for a moment and sighed silently.
Then she handed it over to Ayda.
"Eat it," she said, "it'll help against the hunger."

As the confused Ayda held the bar of food, Skye made her way towards their 'exit', the hole in the wall through which they entered.
"Eat that for a bit, gather your strength and then come and help me when you're done", Skye spoke loudly, her voice was now more confident again.

She looked up with her hands on her hips. How where they getting out of here? She ran her hand along the walls. Apart from the rocks at the bottom the wall were smooth. Too smooth. Unclimbable.

Maybe she could find something to throw? Nope, they had no rope and there was no viable anchor point or anything.

Maybe she could build her way out of there? Skye started to grab the stones which had originally made up the broken wall and she started to build a small set of steps with them. She came quite high, but not even remotely far enough.

"Chit!", Skye yelled. She was frustrated, tired, saddened, starving- and probably about to die. She desperately looked around the cave- there had to be a way. There just had to be.

But there wasn't. Skye's hopes had slowly but surely been destroyed. Eventually she slowly stepped back towards Ayda. She was defeated. Skye stopped a meter away from Ayda and looked her in the eyes. Skye's expression was sad and full of regrets. Her hands slowly reached out to grab Ayda's and her lips slowly moved to say something.

But then her solemn expression changed. A determined look arose on her face as she stared into the distance.
She was looking at a certain rock formation.... She had seen it before, but where?

Of course! The murals! The art on the walls near the pool! One set had depicted some kind of cavern. It showed a bound man being brought down here by guards armed with spears, probably as punishment or as a death penalty. But that meant there was a natural entrance from the cave into the ruins.

"We..we can still escape! That thing- the rocks, I saw them on the walls. There's an exit somewhere behind there. I just know there is. There has to be", she spoke fast and full of energy, which was odd because energy was the one thing Skye didn't really have anymore. It wouldn't be much longer until the woman would just collapse without food and rest, but she wasn't going to show that to Ayda.
"Come on! Quickly!", she said as she grabbed Ayda's arm before they hastily started making their way towards the rocks.

In Topic: Enemy Mine

27 June 2018 - 03:25 PM

Skye briefly looked over her shoulder after having heard something- or actually someone- fall down. As she returned her gaze towards the creatures to continue to fight them off, she spoke to the fallen woman she recognized to be Ayda.
"Great fething idea. You've come back just in time to die", she snarled as she grabbed one of the Zerneks who jumped at her face. It slightly scratched Skye's cheeck with it paws which resulted in Skye letting go of the creature, which then fell against Ayda. Skye was slightly startled when the Zernek suddenly started screaming like it was dying before it ran away in fear.

While Skye was following the fleeing Zernek with her eyes in confusion she was suddenly grabbed from behind. Sort off. Ayda was... rubbing her arms? With some kind of mushroom? "What in the... What are you doing? Stop!", she commanded as she pulled one arm out of Ayda's hands with the intent to reopen fire. But it would've been too late already, the little devils should have already swarmed her by now.

But they hadn't. When Skye wanted to reopen fire, she found the little creatures just staring at them, hopping around and hissing, but not attacking. Grasped by this strange event, she didn't resist anymore when Ayda took her arm again. "I don't know what it is that you're doing, but fine", she said as she eyed down every single Zernek that moved. As she did that, Ayda seemed to ramble about the creatures having a weak spot for the mushrooms or something like that. Skye wouldn't have believed it, but hey, it really did look like it.

So they were safe. Sort of. For now.
Sure, the little things wouldn't attack them for a while, but it didn't look like they were leaving either. There had to be a way to show these little chits that it was time to leave them alone.

"I'm done with this", Skye then mumbled as she took her blaster and aimed it towards one of the nearest Zerneks. Skye pullled the trigger once, hitting the creature perfectly so that it was still alive. It grunted in pain as the others moved away from it and looked at it. Skye then moved towards the grunting Zernek. The others kept their distance from Skye, but the wounded one couldn't. This would be their exit.

"If you don't leave," Skye spoke loudly, not expecting the creatures to understand her but to recognize the harsh tone, "this happens." She kneeled down as she grabbed the Zernek by it's neck. The little creature screeched like it had never screeched before. So much so that it was hurting Skye's ears. It kept screeching and suffering. It was almost kind of sad.

The creatures responded like Skye had expected. It was done. Where the creatures had been wary of the two girls before because they had been smeared with the mushroom thingies, they were now deathly afraid of the two. Every single creature ran away as fast as they could as the one Skye was holding let out its final screech. It was dead. And the job was done.

It was likely neither of the two girls would see the creatures again. Good.

After taking a few deep breaths and staring into the now empty cave, Skye turned around. She was a small distance away from Ayda. There was an awkward silence. Ayda remained silent as the masked woman stared her down.

Then Skye took off the mask to reveal a face which expressed pain, betrayal and anger.
She slowly stepped towards Ayda with her fists clenched.
"You left. You abandoned me. You ran away again!", she spoke harshly and loudly as she walked towards Ayda faster and faster. Ayda took a few steps back, perhaps in fear, as Skye come closer and closer. Just a few more steps, and she had reached her. The woman with the hate filled expression rushed towards Ayda and then she..

..suddenly pulled her into a tight hug.

The hateful expression immediately faded away from Skye's face as she hugged the girl. Her face now showed tiredness and fear. Skye had secretly been relieved to see Ayda again, for she feared to have been left alone in this place. "You came back", she whispered, sounding a bit softer than she had hoped.

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18 June 2018 - 03:26 PM

Skye nodded quickly.

"Yeah, yeah that sounds okay", she said as she stood up again. "That could work. We drop a pod down there, and then you fly me towards the pod... it does have to look damaged though, so we'll have to launch it from high up."

She ran the plan through in her head once more before she realised she didn't know how to modify the transponder.
"You will have to give me a quick transponder course as I have no idea how to modify it", she admitted. "Sure you could do it, but should some disrespectful annoying bloke see the need to question me... Better be safe than sorry, right?"

She sighed. "I think we can make this happen. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also dreading it. It'll be nice to be back among my ranks again without the whole being hunted part, but I'll probably start to miss you too", she silently admitted. She then walked over to Marina and she threw her arms around the woman who was still sitting, hugging her. "I can't leave my Order, but why don't you come with me?", she asked jokingly, even though she secretly had small hopes, while she rested her chin on Marina's head. "I'll show you we're not as horrible as you probably think we are", she chuckled.
The silence she recieved when Marina didn't immediately have an answer ready was more than enough to confirm what Skye already thought. "Yeah. We should probably let eachother go our own ways", she then said, a slight sense of disappointment in her voice, as she let go of the blonde again. "We should set this thing into motion", she said as she stepped away from the blonde, who appeared to still be in her thoughts.

In Topic: Enemy Mine

09 June 2018 - 04:11 PM

"Get off of me you bastards!", Skye yelled as she gave a Zernek a fist to its odd and misshapen face as it tried to jump on top of her. "Back off", she yelled before she managed to shoot upwards twice, slightly scaring the beasts. They stood a few meters away from her. They were looking at her, slightly startled by the gunfire.
Skye turned in a small circle, eyeing every single Zernek down.

She was surrounded.


Skye sighed relieved after she had both fully washed and dressed herself again. "Hgnn", she grunted as she attached the final cord, securing her outfit. She took her mask in her hand, but just before she put it on, she reconsidered. Maybe she should keep it off for a bit longer. Yeah.

She ran her hand through her long hair one last time before she walked into the room she had left Ayda in with her mask in her hand. "Ayda?", the woman whispered with confusion as she couldn't spot the woman. Her eyes ran along the walls for a few more second before she slowly started to realise the woman had left. "No no no no no!", she spoke, each 'no' louder than the last. "That bitsh!", she yelled. "Alright, alright, think", she then murmured as she looked around the room. "She couldn't have gone past me. No, no that's not possible, so..so there has to be another way. Something I've missed…", she mumbled a she started to go around the room, investigating every crack and hole in the wall, feeling every stone. She checked the ceiling, the walls, the floor- everything. After a good amount of minutes trying to find a the way Ayda had went, she gave the wall a kick with frustration while she yelled in anger. The echo of her yell hadn't even disappeared yet when she suddenly heard another yell. Skye couldn't immediately find the source, but after a few seconds the figured the sound was coming from... behind the furthest wall.
"What the…", Skye mumbled as the yell slowly faded away. She walked towards the wall before checking it again, every crack, every stone.

She couldn't find anything and she hadn't heard a single yell again. Maybe she had imagined it? Maybe she had. Some kind of combat stress or whatnot. She stood up again to make her way towards the pool room again. However, just before she left the small side-room, she turned around and stared at the wall once again. She wasn't giving up yet.

She stepped a bit closer towards the wall again, before she slowly raised her mask in front of her face. It took a few second before the vision kicked in, but once it did, Skye's eyes lit up. Through a few cracks in a certain set of stones, she saw a bright red object. After she gasped in surprise, she quickly crawled towards the wall, but as she did, the red thing quickly disappeared, almost like it 'ran' away.
But Skye wasn't giving up, she placed both her hand firmly against the wall, and pushed with all her strength. "Hnggggggh!", her groans filled up the room as she pushed against the wall. To her surprise, the wall slowly started to make noises itself as well; the stones were slowly falling on the other side of the wall, which was slowly giving in.
"Come ooonn", Skye groaned as she gave the wall one last extra push. Most of the stones had now fallen down which enabled Skye to see into the cavernous place behind it. Unfortunately, the a few stones locked in place, resting on the already fallen stones, and no matter how hard she pushed, Skye couldn't get the wall moving anymore by pushing.
"Alright", she whispered, while she quickly did her hair into a ponytail. She then walked to the other side of the room before turning back around, staring at the weakened wall.

"It's just a few stones. Nothing special", she told herself as she stood there. She took a few deep breaths before she suddenly dashed towards the wall with her shoulder forwards.

It did the trick: Skye bursted through the wall, only to find that behind it was a twenty meter drop. Luckily for her she landed on a steep and smooth piece of rock on which she 'sled' down.
Her landing was rough and she had a few scratches here and there, but luckily she hadn't broken anything.
"Oh Force", she mumbled as she pushed herself back on her feet. It was dark in the cave, not pitch-black, but the kind of darkness that limited your vision to a good few meters without an external light source. Luckily for Skye, she had a small flashlight in her backpack, which she immediately took. Once she turned it on, she shone it around the cave, revealing all sorts of rock formations. "Wooow....", Skye whispered. By now her discovery had momentarily made her forget about Ayda. After all, there was no way the woman could've ended up here.

After looking back up from the way she came, Skye concluded there was no chance of her getting back up there. "Only chance is through here, then", she mumbled as she shone her light ahead of her. Skye carefully ventured through the cave, but she had barely been on the move for a minute when she thought she saw a glimpse of red eyes behind a rock. She immediately averted her flashlight beam towards it, while raising her blaster with her other hand. She slowly stepped forward in the intent to circle around the stone. But she hadn't even set five steps before she saw another pair of eyes out of the corner of her own eyes.
She immediately turned to face the red eyes, which was a mistake, because the eyes had already disappeared. But now, the moment she turned around she heard fast tiny footsteps coming from behind her.
In a reflex, she turned around once again, but this time she blindly pulled the trigger on her blaster, firing a volley of shots. She heard a painful cry, and once she had completely turned and shone her flashlight around, she saw a four legged creature lying on the ground.

Then the screams started.
Deafening screams, coming from everywhere suddenly filled the cave. It must've been tens, hundreds of creatures. Skye wasn't interested in meeting more of these so she started sprinting back from where she came. In a clumsy moment, she tripped over a loose pair of rocks. The landing wasn't rough, and she quickly rose to her feet again. But thanks to her fall she did get a glimpse of what was happening behind her- and because of that she was now running even faster. The entire cave behind her was moving. The creatures (Zebreks), had completely swarmed the entire cave- the floor, the walls and even the roof. They were everywhere.

Skye managed to evade a few of the Zebreks that had caught up with her before she eventually reached her place of entry again. The gaping hole in the wall up above was surely not going to do her any good that high up.
"Oh frack!", she yelled as she turned around the face the horde coming after her. With the flashlight in one hand and the gun in the other, she prepared to face the first few Zebreks, the ones that had proved to be faster than the rest of the swarm.

"Get off of me you bastards!", Skye yelled as she gave a Zernek a fist to its odd and misshapen face as it tried to jump on top of her. "Back off", she yelled before she managed to shoot upwards twice, slightly scaring the beasts. They stood a few meters away from her. They were looking at her, slightly startled by the gunfire.
Skye turned in a small circle, eyeing every single Zernek down.

She was surrounded.