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Skye Achlys

Skye Achlys

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#1753037 A Foolish Escape

Posted by Skye Achlys on Today, 12:52 PM

Skye dropped her hands again while she turned to have a look at the woman who dared to intervene in their situation.
Her expression changed into a questioning one when she laid her eyes upon the interrupter.
"Take your misplaced humour elsewhere", she retorted.
Even though she had no intention of getting to know this woman, it was clear she was either military trained, a criminal or very sure of herself, interrupting such a violent and big conflict. The fact that the woman dared made Skye slightly interested in who she was, but no more than slightly.
"You'd do yourself a favour by leaving. Right now"
That was all she'd say to the woman before she threw Oregano another look to make sure he was still at a reasonable distance away from her.

So much had happened in the last few hours that she started to actually regret her actions, slowly but surely.

Slowly but surely.

Oregano Zyrias Pax

#1752513 It's in the eyes

Posted by Skye Achlys on Yesterday, 02:56 PM

In the beginning Skye couldn't believe the story she was told. Did Marina really do this to her? The same woman for who she had done all this work? Skye had tried her best for Marina- she had been stabbed for her- and this was how the blonde repaid her?
These thoughts combined with the pain she was still feeling and now knew to be caused by Marina filled her with such anger that it took mere seconds before her glass and other movable things started violently shaking again. However, when Skye saw the hurt in Marina's eyes all of that anger suddenly rushed away as if someone pushed an emergency flush button- and while she stopped being angry, the objects stopped moving.

"It's fine", Skye shortly replied. A sense of pain could too be heard in her voice- not because she was still in physical pain, but because she felt betrayed by whom she thought to be a lovely new person. Her actiond and emotions towards the woman were bitter. She remained silent for a bit, staring out in front of her.
Eventually she spoke again, "Don't worry about being in First Order space. I'll handle that", she abruptly replied. She didn't give a reason for this as she wasn't ready yet to tell Marina who she truly was, but because of her bitter emotion she told Marina what she planned to do. She was going to handle it: by contacting her superiors and asking for the next steps, considering Marina had complicated things significantly. But if Marina failed to drive the bitterness, she had driven into Skye heart, back out again, the dark haired woman might be willing to follow up on the 'kill' order- to simplify and end both this hellish mission- and the woman.

She didn't say anything to the blonde, she merely stared at the wall with an expression which couldn't be fully understood as it consisted of many emotions. Pain and bitterness being the main ones.

#1752418 Enemy Mine

Posted by Skye Achlys on Yesterday, 12:50 PM

That woman must've known what Skye was hinting at.
How dared she play dumb.

Skye's eyes kept burning into Ayda's, if she had heard the woman's name correctly, while she leaned forwards so that her face was just in front of the other woman's. Her eyes twitched slightly as she felt Ayda's presence even better, stronger. "We will find your ship", she snarled. "And who will be accompanying us on it when we do, is entirely up to you- and your actions." She pat the words out with a certain disgust before she leaned back again.
The recent events and the exhaustion could clearly be seen in Skye's actions and in the way she spat the words at Ayda. Maybe it also had something to do with the realization they wouldn't survive this place for longer than a week if they didn't find a ship. They simply had to find one.
When she received no immediate answer she scoffed at the woman. "You're a perfect example of your kind", she snarled. "Stupid terrorists whose sole purpose is to hurt us. You're all the same, egotistical, useless," she paused for a second while she stared into Ayda's eyes with anger, " and about to die."
Having said that she quickly stood up and marched away from Ayda towards where Skye had previously seated herself. She let herself fall onto the ground with a harsh smack.
If Ayda had paid attention she could see the fierceness and hostility immediately disappear off of Skye's face the moment the woman thought Ayda didn't care about her anymore. Skye sat on the ground with her face in her own hands. So much had happened. This was just supposed to be a medium sized mission to hone her real field experience, but instead it had turned into a chit show where death seemed to loom closer and closer by the minute.
She sighed slowly as her head felt like its weight had started to increase significantly. She hadn't really noticed, but now she sat down it really hit her. She was exhausted.
At one moment she could've been seen wiping her eye, but that could just have been a result of her exhaustion.


"Come out now, little one. I saw your little tail"
Bones slowly stepped through a small body of water, no more than 30 centimeters deep, constantly turning around with his blaster raised, its flashlight shining up on the trees. "Where did you go, little man?"
He set another step when he suddenly heard something rushing through the water behind him and in a reflex he turned back around. His flashlight caught a glimpse of a tail disappearing behind a tree.
"Damn it!",the doc exclaimed with frustration as he looked at the tree. Even though he couldn't see anything, he heard the quick rattling of the creatures footsteps.
He trained his gun at a big branch. He didn't have to wait long before the creature suddenly popped onto it, showing itself to Bones for the first time. Just before Bones wanted pulled his trigger, the creature opened it mouth, showing it had no teeth, and proceeded to suck on one of the leafs near him.
After having seen this, Bones lowered his gun with a chuckle. "Your shyness had almost killed you now, little one."
While he was still finishing his sentence he heard a small number of the same rattling noises rush through the water. When he turned around he found out that the rushing noises were coming from the same type of animals, only these ones were rushing away from Bones, they were fleeing.
Bones turned back around with another chuckle. "Clever, brave and serving your own. Ever heard of the First Order? They pay pretty well", he told the little creature before the man let out a loud laugh.
The creature flinced at the lound noise that was Bones' laugh and suddenly opened its mouth unbelievably wide before letting out a low hum. Bones flinced slightly when he heard the hum, it made him feel uncomfortable and weird to the point it made him grunt in discomfort. He almost yelled out of the feeling which he couldn't describe, but then the creature stopped and dissapeared just as suddenly as it had appeared on the branch earlier. Bones looked at the empty branch with confusion.
Then he suddenly started walking back towards their resting place, even though he hadn't finished his scouting yet. He had to go back.
Maybe something happened to Skye? Maybe something happened to that woman? Maybe something happened? He had to go back. Maybe something happened? Maybe something happened? Maybe something happened?
Maybe something happened to Skye? Maybe something happened to that woman? Maybe something happened? He had to go back. Maybe something happened? He had to go back.Maybe something happened to Skye? He had to go back. Maybe something happened? Maybe something happened? Maybe something happened?

He had to go back.

#1750576 Enemy Mine

Posted by Skye Achlys on 14 March 2018 - 03:55 PM

Bones slowly walked back towards Skye, mentally cursing himself for basically forgetting how to do his job. What was happening to him? Why.. why had he forgotten?
He wasn't sharp. Too clumsy. Too tired.
Yet he had been these things before. He had needed to take care of way more life threatening wounds under stress factors whuch greatly exceeded being tired and on edge. No, there was something else.
And he didn't need long to acknowledge what it was.
His family. Not his biological family of course, they had all...disappeared long ago, but his friends, his squad: that family.
Of course, death was always right around the corner with this job, and Bones had witnessed far too many of his allies and friends die. He had seen many of his friends perish, but never like this. Never his own squad- or at least not all at once. A good few hours ago, he was sitting amongst what had been his family for more than ten years. Now, he was alone, apart from the two women. He had lost everyone in no more than three hours.


So, he guessed it wasn't that odd he wasn't very focused after all.

Once he reached Skye he crouched down besides her without saying a thing. The man took a good few seconds to force himself to think purely about helping the woman and to banish any other thoughts.
They didn't talk much while Bones addressed Skye's small cut. In fact, they didn't even exchange a single word or look. Not because of some unspoken tension between the two, but simply because Skye was tired and Bones still annoyed with both his own stupidity and with the other woman telling him how to do his job.
It wasn't until Bones had finished his work and patched Skye back up that he spoke to her again. "It's possible that she's not alone"

Skye's eyes immediately opened and gave Bones a sharp look. "What do you mean? Is someone here?"

"No, but one of her squad mates is still alive, she says he swam back."

"You trust her?"

"She's Alliance sided. She'll lie her way through this any way she can- of course I don't trust her!"

"But do you think the guy left?"

"Don't know, if the guy was still here, he would've taken us by surprise when I was dressing your wound"

"Good point"

The man seemed to be debating something before he continued with his main concern. "Something else. I'm positive they have a ship, but-"

"Obviously", Skye commented

"But," Bones insisted, "she refuses to talk about it. If they have one or not, where it is, the model and type... Nothing"

Skye remained silent for a bit before she slowly stood up. "Let me talk to this woman", she mumbled as she slowly made her way towards the other woman. Before they reached her however, Skye held her hand out in front of Bones and whispered: "Set out a perimeter. If that friend of hers is still near us I'd like to know."
Bones gave her a doubtful look, but it quickly dissapeared and was then followed by a nod. Before the man could do what was asked however, Skye added one more thing. "Don't wander too far, if you ever see something or need help, I still want to be close. And if I need help...well....there's still something off about her," she jerked her head into the other girl's direction, "so stay close."
Bones nodded again. "Don't worry, I'll just secure a small perimeter. Big enough for safety, small enough so that we can still hear each other if we yell." He stepped back, but before he turned around he asked, "Do you have any mines, perhaps."
"Just one", Skye replied.
"Ah, then keep it, I have a few spares which can help us." And with that he walked away to do his new task.
Skye however, now walked towards the woman and sat down in front of her.

Ugh, there was definitely something off about this woman. Whatever it was that Skye felt, it had grown significantly stronger the closer she had gotten to Ayda. It had grown significantly stranger. Something wasn't right.

She lightly shook her head, telling herself to focus. She was too tired and too suspicious for small talk, and instead cut straight to her goal.

"So," she started, "according to my friend, you want to die. That correct?", she asked the woman. She did so with an oddly cheery tone and with a smile.
Obviously she wanted to know the location of the transport or whatever the woman had used to get here. Her question however, could be taken different ways, because it was multi-layered. By saying that the woman wanted to die, Skye could either mean that if the Alliance soldier would refuse to cooperate and tell them what they wanted to know, they'd kill her, or she could hint towards the fact that if the soldier didn't tell them the location, they'd simply all starve to death in the swamp. Or she meant both.

So yeah, by not speaking about her transport, the woman was saying she wanted to die- from a certain point of view.
Skye's point of view.

#1747923 It's in the eyes

Posted by Skye Achlys on 10 March 2018 - 11:56 AM

(Not long. Just need to get her fully awake and functional again :) )

Softly spoken words slowly made their way into her head and through her brain. The voice.... she recognized it. Did she?
Yes, she did. It was... the woman. The ta- no, it was Marina. Marina.


The blonde's name echoed through Skye's head as she slowly opened her eyes even though it took her quite some effort to do so. As her blurry vision slowly started to become slightly clearer, she made out what appeared to be the woman standing next to her. She did nothing but stare at the blurry image of Marina for a good few seconds before she opened her mouth to speak, but only whimpers could be heard.
She tried again, but to no avail. As she closed her mouth again she refocused on her vision, trying to get a somewhat clear sight.
Once she saw Marina more clearly, she gave the woman a questioning look.
She opened her mouth once more with the intention to speak.
"Wh- what h-?"
She closed her eyes again, only to reopen them seconds later with a deep exhale.
"What happened?"
She tried to get up, but when she did she suddenly got quite dizzy so she quickly lied down again. "Uhhhh", she moaned out of discomfort.
Then it snapped back to her. "Soldiers!", she yelled as she quickly tried to get up, only to clumsily fall back on the bed again. "Wha-? Where?"

#1746819 Enemy Mine

Posted by Skye Achlys on 08 March 2018 - 04:32 PM

Bones gave the woman a neutral nod. "So am I. I'll take care of her", he simply responded. He doubted a few seconds before he added, "Thanks for offering." He didn't really trust the woman, she was Alliance sided after all. As far as Bones knew the woman was merely waiting for the right moment to stab them in the back or run off. Bones didn't dare to let the woman take a look at Skye, what if she'd hurt her? He would rather check on Skye himself, the Alliance girl hadn't proven anything yet on the subject of being friend or foe.Yet that concern wasn't of major importance right now, he had to take a look at Skye first. He had done nothing but turned his head in her direction when Skye already responded, even though she was still lying down with her eyes closed. "Don't bother, I'm fine. Just need some rest."
The doc shook his head. "You're bleeding, and I'd like for that to be put to a stop. If you hadn't noticed yet; we're in a swamp, you're extremely lucky that small wound of yours hasn't been infected yet. So I'm going to take a look at it ánd I'm going to patch you up."
Skye just waved with her hand in response, Bones made some valid points and she was truly too tired to argue with him about it anyway. "Fine"

Bones slowly stood up and walked over to her before kneeling down beside her. He took his backpack off and placed it beside him before he opened it so that it revealed the small medical station and supplies inside. "Alright, lets see what this mess is all about, eh?", the doc said as he took some sterile tissues to wipe away the blood without actually infecting Skye. It wasn't anything special, she just got hit a bit too roughly and it had made a small cut. With some medical attention it would be gone in no time. As Bones disposed of the tissues with which he cleaned the woman's head, Skye suddenly yet gentle grabbed him by his outfit, pulling him slightly closer.
"Who is she?", Skye whispered, still keeping her eyes closed.
"How the hell am I supposed to know?"
"Something's off about her. Do not trust her"
"Why? What's up?"
"Her...presence, I can feel it, but it's...odd"
"Is she...," he paused for a bit, "do you think she's like you?"
"I don't know what to think. It feels strange. Not like anything I've ever felt before. Just be wary- and extremely cautious"
"She looks harmless"
"Fools thought the same of me"
And with that reply their conversation had come to an end again. Bones threw the other girl a quick look; she was still there. Skye's words made him uneasy; the young woman definitely seemed harmless, yet what if she was wasn't? Skye had felt something, and if someone from the Order says to be careful, you really have to be careful.
Bones quickly proceeded with his examination of Skye's wound so that they could quickly find themselves time to rest. Once he was almost done, he looked into his bag to retrieve the last thing he needed.
"Alright, seems good to me. Just have to get you a small patch to put on it. That thing will both protect you from infections and fasten and facilitate the healing process." His small smile dropped however when he couldn't find it. He seemed to be missing an entire section of his medical supplies. "Son of a... Where'd they go?", the doc asked annoyed. He remained silent for a bit, trying to remember where he could have lost his stuff, but when he came up with nothing, he sighed deeply. "Right, be right back, miss"
"Miss? Where's that coming from?"
"Well, I didn't really know that you were with the... you know"
"I hadn't told you because you didn't need to know. And it changes nothing. I'm still Skye, thanks"
"Right, be right back, Skye"

Bones stood up and slowly made his way over to the other girl. He sat down opposite to her.
He tried to think of something to say before he figured that he could at least start by apologizing.
"I'm sorry about your friend. It.... appeared to me that you two were quite close. I'm sorry"
Even though the apology was genuine, it wasn't why he was here. Besides, under different circumstances, would he have doubted a single second whether to shoot the man or not?
No, Bones would've easily shot the Alliance soldier. He was the enemy, it was as simple as that. Yet that didn't mean Bones didn't understand that the enemy too had friends, families and loved ones. People they cared about and thus people they could lose. The girl sitting in front of him lost someone just now as a result of his and Skye's actions, so even though in a different scenario Bones would have killed the man himself, he still apologized to the woman, he still felt bad for her.

But of course, he wasn't here to chitchat or to condole the woman, after all, he too had lost comrades not so long ago. No, he was here to ask her for a favour, he needed the woman's help patching Skye up. He needed her help and he hated it.
Yet he asked and he did so nicely, asking for a favour.

If the woman declined however, he would probably force her to comply anyway. That chance the woman would actually refuse to help however, seemed almost nonexistent, for not only had she already offered her help, she also had no friends or allies nearby- and no matter how dangerous Skye feared the woman to be, being on your own in the swamp is dangerous to everyone.

#1746270 It's in the eyes

Posted by Skye Achlys on 07 March 2018 - 04:05 PM

The galaxy.
It was so beautiful, filled with both light and darkness. Skye could see thousands and thousands of stars and planet as she floated between them. They were beautiful.
Yet there was one which stood out; it seemed to be brighter than the rest, but it also had a strange aura around it. Skye's attention shifted towards this strange star and as her gaze fixated on the star, its brightness grew and grew until she saw nothing else but the light. The light was surrounding her entirely. And then it flashed away.

When she reopened her eyes she found herself on a beach- or actually, floating above one. The gentle waves softly splashing on the sand and against the rocks were extremely soothing, so calm and peaceful from her perspective. The way the waves slowly gained more territory from the sand, this place is general, was so serene, it was perfect. The beautiful sounds of the sea, the air, the smell and the looks, it was all there and it was all perfect.
As peaceful as it could get.

And what was that? Her attention shifted towards a small object which appeared to be lying on the beach, in the sand. Skye drifted closer through the air, so she could have a proper look at this strange object. As she came closer and closer the beautiful bright blue skye appeared to become slightly darker, yet Skye didn't notice.
Ah, so that was the object. It was a mask.

Her mask.

Skye reached out to take it, but for some reason couldn't get close enough to do so. She could not float close enough, the mask remaining out of reach.
Not being able to take it, she just floated there, watching it sit as the waves she had previously labeled 'peaceful' slowly gained more territory and slowly made its way to the mask- and Skye curiously kept watching, she wasn't able to leave or look away, neither did she try to do so.
It didn't take long for the water to rise towards the mask, so Skye hadn't been watching very long when the first drop of water made its way onto the bottom of the mask
and onto Skye's chin?

The woman was surprised to feel a drop of water touch her chin while she was floating above the water. How had it reached her? She sort of got her answer as she next wave came and washed over the mouth of the mask.
Skye gagged in response, water falling out of her own mouth and into the sea below her. As the waves started to go faster and faster the mask started to become more and more submerged. Skye's lungs started to become filled with water as she gagged and gasped for air, only letting more water in in the process. The water then started to get into her eyes, slightly burning and keeping her from seeing something. Any attempt that she made of moving was denied by who knew what as she was solidly kept in place, floating and drowning. The same sea which had looked so peaceful a while ago had now almost completely submerged the mask, and Skye panicked eyes saw it happen. Her heart beat faster and faster- and then it happened, her vision became dark as the last piece of the mask became submerged.

The dark haired woman came to with panicked and extremely quick breaths as if she almost died. She was completely unaware to her surrounding for a while yet slowly opened her eyes anyway. The woman, still not understanding a thing and still stressed and fearful from what she had just experienced, was slightly shaking as well, on top of her panicked breaths. Her now opened eyes were flickering between everything she could she without her actually seeing a thing. The young woman was untrained, dangerous and most importantly in a situation she believed to be life or death. Because of her own strength over which she had no control but mostly because of her fear of dying, she started to shake slightly more. Yet that wasn't the only thing, everything which wasn't nailed to the ground or walls started to shake as well, unconsciously controlled by the panicked woman. The sound of ringing and shaking glass and such filled the room together with the sound of Skye's breathing.
She didn't understand what she saw, yet she started to slowly recognize Marina leaning over her. Skye was still in too much of a...shock - or whatever it was - to get out of it and calm down on her own. She needed someone else for that.
She needed Marina.

#1744848 Enemy Mine

Posted by Skye Achlys on 05 March 2018 - 03:53 PM

"Did you hear them?", Bones asked, looking at Skye.
"I don't know what it was", the woman simply replied.
"Fair enough. It just really sounded like voices, but it could've just been the wind. I guess", he whispered back, not fully convinced it actually was the wind. "Lets move- and lets be on our guard. We'll talk and collect our thoughts later- there's no time for that now", he ordered, showing he too could be a more than capable leader.
"Alright", Skye replied while she slowly stood up before Bones did the same.

They continued their trek in their original direction, not taking the higher ground Bones had noticed earlier, but choosing to take the route Captain had suggested. The swamp was slightly easier to traverse here, which might've been why this was the first place they had seen a creature walk around.
As they continued onwards Skye tried to force herself to stop thinking about the man she'd just killed, about his sudden hostility and his eyes. That weird glint.
But as a result of her blocking out the thoughts of what had happened, thoughts of what could happened started to arise. Unfortunately, most scenarios eventually played out in her own death. There were so many ways known to die here, and so many more unkown ways. The chance that they'd survive, that they'd find a ship, was minimal, or probably nonexistent.

Yet they hadn't walked much longer than ten to fifteen minutes when Bones dropped to the ground again, making Skye follow to do the same. "I heard them", Skye whispered before she received a nod as a response. Voices. This time they were sure of it.
The doc raised his weapon and crouch-walked forwards, very slowly, trying to watch every angle. He pointed in the direction of the noise with two fingers, indicating for Skye to follow him. Skye however had been one step ahead and was closely following Bones, covering his back and pointing her blaster at everything which could prove dangerous. There was an extremely small hill, no more than 2 meters high, on which they lied down besides each other, trying to get a fix on the voices.
"There", Bones whispered while he nodded towards something.
Sure enough, two people stood not too far from them. Bones lowered his head behind the small hill and asked, "What do we do?"
Skye peeked over the edge herself for a moment before she too backed down. "Engaging would probably end in a negative result for both parties. We could theoretically put both of them down in sync, but I'm not putting much trust in this weapon- or my aim. Besides, even if we magically killed them without getting hit ourselves, we'll still have the entire swamp's attention by the time those guys are dead. We already risked firing noises once, don't want to do that again."
"Fair enough", the man responded, clearly deep in thought.
"So we'll what, just what here until these Alliance folks pass by?", the dark-haired woman asked.
Bones remained silent for a bit longer. "That would sort of be treason, considering we were ordered to neutralize all Tangos."
"Yeah," Skye interrupted, "but the situation has kind of ta-"
"Don't worry. My idea was much more traitorous than yours. Lets face facts: we're fecked. No ship. No squad. No direction, we've just been walking aimlessly to be honest. We have nothing to go on", he sighed. "I say, I say we go to them, we surrender- no, we negotiate. Perhaps we could use them, you know? Use them to find more of our own and then we'll be saved. Think about it, if we spare these two Alliance lives, we might survive ourselves and then we'll be able to take dozens of lives corrupted by their Alliance."
He looked into Skye's eyes before he finished his rant. "Look, I'm not asking you to kiss them, hell, I'd rather shoot them myself, but we don't have a choice. We need to do this."
Skye remained silent for a bit, knowing that agreeing to this plan could possibly be seen as treason like Bones had said. But the man was right, this was their only option in this optionless hellhole of a swamp. "Alright, lets do this", she slowly said as she stood up, still holding her weapon tightly. Bones did the same.
"Now, we must first make sure they don't do anything stupid by trying to shoot us. We'll catch them off guard, blasters aimed at them, but we'll let them live in exchange for whatever they have. An exit. A way of this damned place. Okay?"

A confident and stern look appeared on the doc's face when he suddenly stepped over the small hill and out from behind the trees, blaster aimed at their two enemies. As per usual Skye did the same. "Don't move!", the man shouted. "Drop your weapons!"
Skye slowly closed in on the two. "Move and die!", she yelled, supporting Bones' words.

#1744735 It's in the eyes

Posted by Skye Achlys on 05 March 2018 - 12:58 PM

It really didn't make any sense.
Like not at all.

The moment Marina actually caught up to reality and accepted the fact that there indeed were shady and dangerous people out there, Skye sunk back into her thoughts. She knew they were coming and had already played out just about a few hundred scenarios in her head, but this wasn't one of them. It just didn't match with her own experience.

Her thoughts trailed back all the way to when she was somewhere in her teens. Back then she had a monthly training day, each day with a different mercenary- or bounty hunter. A frown appeared on her face as a result of these memories, because they weren't very lovely ones. Sure, those day had probably been the most helpful ones and the ones she had learned the most from, but her level of skill and learning required extreme devotion, whether she wanted or not.
Those damned days, they had always been so rough. The only way to learn how to fight is through practice, that was obvious. And practice is what she had done against these bounty hunters, and oh boy had they left their marks on her. Sure, the weapons they used were set to 'none lethal', but they still stung like hell. After every day with one of these experienced opponents she usually needed a good week or two before she was completely recovered and well. Of course, she still had to keep training during those weeks so that couldn't have helped either.

Still, it was only now that she realized why she had such a bad feeling about those noises on the roof.
Maybe it was just her imagination, but she seemed to clearly remember that all the bounty hunters she had trained against, she had fought against, were always in one of two groups she had made up. The first group she remembered were the 'silent ones', or at least that's how she called them. The 'silents ones' were the kind that were smart, agile and always unnoticeable and not able to be heard until it already was too late.
She had called the second group the 'fatties' or 'heavies' when she was young, but after a few years she changed that name to the 'tanks'. Tanks were the kind that always wore way too much armor, making them look like a...well...tank. What she also remembered was that these tanks were always carrying blasters with way too much firepower. She had always found it to be really unsettling when she faced either of these types

Ugh. She really hated both groups for different reasons.

But still, this didn't make any sense.
Whoever was up on the ship was definitely one of the 'silent ones' class, because a 'tank' would've probably tried to rip the ship apart by blasting it to bits by now.
But these bounty hunters she named 'silent ones' were the best at stealth. They hardly were so idiotic to just stomp around on top of the ship, calling nothing but attention to themselves. Not if they hadn't suddenly become gigantically cocky.

Unless they didn't need stealth any longer. As far as Skye could remember, they usually revealed themselves when their prey was stuck, not able to escape. Once their prey was cornered, they'd usually make themselves known to strike fear into their prey's hearts, weakening them significantly.

Skye eyes almost lit up when she suddenly called to Marina. "I don't think we can leave."
She just looked with a fixed expression towards the woman for a good couple of seconds before she explained.
"That bonking? That's extremely sloppy. Unprofessional. Not something to expect from these guys. After all, if we knew they were here we could just fly away.
Unless we couldn't."
Without looking whether or not the droid was still in the room, she yelled, hoping that if the droid wasn't here maybe Marina could answer her, "Droid, has their been any alterations or damage to any of the systems? Components? Inside or outside? Maybe something has been attached to the ship? Anything will do."

That had to be it. There was no other explanation for the fact that a hunter had left noises to be heard by its prey.

#1743897 Enemy Mine

Posted by Skye Achlys on 04 March 2018 - 01:04 PM

It had become a silent and morbid trek. Captain led the way, followed by Bones who then was followed by Skye. No-one spoke, all of them deep in their own thoughts. Where Skye'd thoughts were trying to make sense of the situation she was in, to make sense of the early and perhaps unnecessary losses, it seemed Captain's thoughts were solely mission related.
"Up ahead", Captain finally whispered, barely breaking the silence. He held his fist up, commanding the rest to stop beside him. Not too far up ahead sat an unknown creature. Four legs, long tail and what seemed to be rather big teeth. The creature itself was no more than half a meter high and just about 2 meters long.
"Lets go around, over there. Seems like the best way to go anyway", Bones said while pointing in the direction of his preferred way. Skye gaze flickered over to the suggested path. It seemed to be the high ground (har-har :D ). That path definitely seemed inviting; it looked dry, easily traversable and just good in general. Besides, that way they could avoid that thing, whatever it was. That way they would avoid it- and whatever more creatures were close to it.
Captain briefly looked in the direction Bones was pointing and shook his head. "We keep going in a straight line. Don't want to lose our heading, because if we do we're screwed."
With that he suddenly raised his weapon, aiming it at the creature.
"Don't- ", Bones managed to blurt out before Captain released a valley of shots towards the creature. It let out a high pitched scream when it got hit and quickly darted away to safety.

"One less problem to deal with", Captain replied without showing any emotion.
Bones wasn't done with it however and he roughly grabbed Captain by his arm, pulling him back slightly. "Are you out of your mind?", he asked before the Captain pushed his hand and arm off of him. "We could've avoided that thing! Maybe you have forgotten, but there's not only the chance that a chit ton of other creatures are nearby, we're also still in a WARzone! A war is going on with soldiers who can hear you shoot. How big of a problem do you think that thing was going to be compared to a platoon of Alliance sided soldiers storming our position? Huh?", Bones asked with a tone which clearly indicated disapproval, annoyance and quite possibly anger.
Captain turned around with an odd fiery look in his eyes; what was happening to him? "I am the leader of this group. I make the decisions and I know what is best. YOU do nothing more than obey my command", he spat the words out at the doc. "For example," he said as he stood up, "hand me your weapon, Bones- and your backpack too."
A distrusting expression appeared on the doc's face when he too stood up. "Why would you need them?", he asked firmly.
"Do as I tell you", Captain retorted. Skye just stood there, confusedly watching the two men.
"Your eyes?", Bones suddenly spoke. "Enough quarreling, let me have a look at you, Cap", the doc told him, putting aside his emotion of distrust towards the other man.
"No!", the man almost screamed, violently pushing Bones away resulting in him almost tripping.
"Wow, hey. Calm down!", Skye interfered.
"Stay out of this!", Captain snarled.
Only now did Skye get a good look at the man's eyes. They had an odd yellow glint to them. They definitely weren't that way back in the transport.
"Captain, we're on the same side. Just let me have a look at you, okay?", Bones told the man with a reassuring tone while he held his hands in the air. Captain was not impressed, not at all.
Some sort of madness must've gripped him because the moment Bones slowly approached him he suddenly raised his weapon, pointing it right at the doc's head. This sudden action made Skye do exactly the same in a reflex, but instead of pointing her AR at Bones, she aimed it at Captain. "Drop it!", she firmly yelled, or commanded firmly.
"Skye, it's okay", Bones said calmly. "Captain, Derek, calm down", he then said putting emphasis on 'Derek'. So that was his real name, Derek. But the man's eyes were filled with anger and madness.
"Traitors!", he yelled with spite as he nudged his weapon forward and aimed his crosshairs between the Doc's eyes. Bones closed his eyes in a reflex and that was the last thing he did before the loud sound of a shot could be heard.
However, he didn't feel a thing. When he reopened his eyes, the reason for him not feeling anything made itself clear to the doc. Captain stood in front of him with a vile yet scared expression, covering a shot mark on his neck with his hand. The man let out a low grunt while he stumbled and then fell to the ground and into the undeep waters, dead.
When the doc looked to his right, he saw Skye standing next to him with a shocked expression, simply staring at the man, or his corpse at least. Smoke was still coming out of the barrel.
Bones said nothing, his appreciation was obvious but he also just lost a good friend to whatever the Force that was, and returned his gaze to his friend.

Both of them stood there for a good couple of minutes, trying to take in and make sense of what just happened. It took the doc another five minutes before he finally turned towards Skye. "T...thanks. You had no choice", the man told her slowly. "Know that I-", the man continued but stopped mid-sentence, quickly crouching and motioning for Skye to do the same. "Did you hear that?", he whispered. He peered through the swamp, trying to find anything out of the ordinary or unusual. Skye did the same.
The doc kept surveying the swamp for a while when he heard it again. Whatever it was, it was very faint. "Voices?", the man asked.

#1741949 Enemy Mine

Posted by Skye Achlys on 01 March 2018 - 04:35 PM

The crackling of fires here and there plus the already clouded air mixed with the heavy smoke were the factors that eventually woke Skye up, coughing. She slowly came back to her senses when everything started to hurt. Luckily, she was lying on somewhat solid ground- even though the top layer was muck nonetheless. Still coughing, she turned around so she lied on her other side. Yet when she had turned around her heart froze; one of the two pilot lied beside her with his eyes wide open.

And it looked like they had been open like that for a while.

In panic Skye quickly and clumsily crawled away from the body through the mud, which only made the excruciating headache she had so much worse.
Her thoughts became clouded with the worst of fears and ideas. She was almost hyperventilating when she was slightly relieved by the sound of someone coughing.
It was Bones.
"Oh my Force", she half spoke half exhaled. "Bones!"
She hurried towards the medic, tripping twice in the process. "Bones! Are you okay?", she asked, speaking ridiculously fast.
"Yes..yes, I'm fine", he replied slowly while he sat up straight, grunting while doing so. He proceed to do what seemed like a self examination or something, Skye didn't really know what it was.
"We really need to look for the others", Skye pressured. The doc took a moment to finish what he was doing before he looked up at her, "Here, come a bit closer so I can have a look at you", he said calmly.
"No, we need to find the others fi-"
"You're no use to them dead", he spoke with a strict and commanding tone, indicating this wasn't up for discussion. Skye sighed as she complied with the doc and let him do his examinations.
After a short period of looking and checking the doc broke the silence, for as far as you could call it that; the noises in the background consisted of fires rattling, the ordinary sounds of the swamp and the occasional screeching of metal from the wreck. "You're as lucky as I am. Seem to have broken nothing. I'm not saying you should feel good, or even decent, but you'll live. For now"
"Thanks," Skye replied impatiently, "now lets check on the others."
The doc nodded as they both stood up and slowly examined their surroundings. They were standing in an somewhat open area with a radius of approximately 50 meters. The ground seemed to be mainly mud.
Not too far from where Skye had awakened laid the crew compartment, now nothing more than a metal rectangular construction without a roof. They must've all somehow been slung out of the compartment before they landed here.. maybe they'd hit the trees first?

But that wasn't all. In the middle of the open space stood a large chuck of the ship with which they had crash-landed. On closer inspection, it wasn't such a big part of the ship which appeared to be in the middle of the area after all. How was that possible? Such a massive ship and only a tiny bit of it plus one crew hold landed at the same spot she and Bones had? Impossible.
Skye slowly stepped towards the part of the ship when Bones yelled her name.
"Skye. Stop moving." He hurried towards her and then pulled her back, away from the ship. "You see the muck over there?" He threw a stone at it. "It is thinner, much more water. Now do you see the edges of the top of the ship? Bend, broken and destroyed. Now see the metal where the ship goes underwater? No signs of bending, major damage or tearing at all. I don't think this is just a small piece..."
"Then how deep...?"
"Too deep for us to go near it"

The two scouted the area as best as they could, yet it still took them 20 minutes before Bones finally yelled to Skye. "I've got two over here! It's..it's the Captain and Spark! They're...they are alive. Oh thank the..", he was interrupted by Spark suddenly coughing in the doc's face.
When Skye had made her way to the three men Bones had already awakened both of them and given them the same inspection Skye had had. Unfortunately Spark seemed to have broken his left leg.
"Good to see you're still with us", Captain told Skye when she sat down with them. "Glad to see you're all safe too"

After a little chat to overcome what had happened and get their heads together, they picked up their search again, only this time they were four man strong, or more accurately, two men, one woman, and one man laying on the ground with a broken leg. They still missed the older grumpy man, Wave.
They searched another half hour, finding nothing else than some weapons, and it wasn't until they had all searched every part thrice that the captain stood at the edge of part where the muck started to turn into water. "Think about it", he started to get everyone's attention. When everyone had gathered behind him he continued. "He's clearly not here. So either that son of a b has left already without checking on us, or...,"he paused for a bit", or he's down there."

The group stood there for a few minutes, each person deep in their own thoughts who were undoubtedly with Wave and paying respect in their own way, before Captain broke the semi-silence again, "Unless we want to end up like him, we need to go. We still have a mission to complete."
Spark looked towards the Captain. "Mission to complete? And how do you reckon we do that then eh? We have no clue where the hell we are! No communication no nothing! We're...," he only realized it now," we're as good as dead! We don't stand a chance! I don't stand a chance!", his voice became higher and higher as Spark become more stressed and scared.

Captain turned around. "I recall another squad being assigned to beacons one and two. They are....far away. Very far away, but they are our only option."
"Which way?", Bones asked.
"West", Captain replied.
"Now hold on, how am I supposed to walk so far? My bloody leg is broken! Can...can you guys carry me?"
He knew that wasn't going to be an option, not through a swamp like Dagobah. Captain slowly walked towards Spark, sitting down besides him. "Hey", he gently spoke. "It's okay, we're not leaving anyone behind alive", he said as he gave the man a reassuring smile.

And then he shot him.
It was a quick death, Spark couldn't have felt anything and he couldn't have seen it coming either.

Skye jumped because of the sudden single shot that could be heard and could barely believe what just happened. She wanted to immediately ask the Captain for an explanation, but Bones gave her a stern look and shook his head 'no'.
Luckily for her, Skye managed to say nothing while Captain marched past both her and Bones, saying nothing except, "West. Follow me."

Still shocked, Skye mindlessly followed Bones and Captain through the swamp. What fresh hell had she got into?

#1741863 It's in the eyes

Posted by Skye Achlys on 01 March 2018 - 02:29 PM

Skye dreaded the moment the droid would come back from its search, obviously Marina didn't think much of it, but Skye...she knew. She knew who were out there. And she dreaded them- and what they'd do to Marina.

It shouldn't have, but it warmed her heart, hearing Marina work out a plan and getting through trouble with the idea of helping Skye, helping her get a life.
It was slightly tempting, she had to admit, but she could never do such a things for so many reasons. First of all, she was loyal to the First Order, she had been raised by them. They had taught her everything. It was her life.
Secondly, Skye kept telling herself that the offer Marina had made wasn't an offer to her, but to some made up person who didn't exist. Marina's Skye and the actual Skye were two very different people.
Skye felt gross for still being near the woman. She felt gross for enjoying her kindness and company. She knew Marina's kindess was aimed for someone else.
Skye was First Order.
And she feared the moment of telling Marina, if that moment were ever to come.

The droid.
There it was.
And it went just like Skye had imagined.
Adrenaline rushed through her body but she managed to stay relatively calm for a while as she sat on the bed, turning to Marina and carefully taking a hold of both her hands. She stared into the blonde's eyes when she spoke softly, "That offer is very kind, Marina, but we have no time. What I said was no part of my imagination nor was it hysteria. It was truth. I know more than you think." She sighed deeply. "And now they're here. Even sooner than I thought."

Then the expression on her face changed. She owed this woman something. Marina had not only saved her life she had also cared for her, offered her refuse and so much more. She even offered her a new life.
And what had Skye done? Lied to her. Betrayed her. Skye was the reason why Marina was at danger at this very moment. She owed it to Marina. She owed her life and because of this, her worried and vulnerable expression turned into one of certainty and determination. She would help this woman. She had to.

She let go of Marina and stood up. "Droid, tell me everything. How many did you see? Where were they located? Were they armed? Anything of interest?", she asked with a firm voice. She almost commanded it. Guess the trooper in her started to show itself.

Even before the droid had answered Skye realised she wouldn't understand a single beep, so she quickly turned to Marina with a smile. "If you could tell me what he beeps that'd be great."

#1741268 It's in the eyes

Posted by Skye Achlys on 28 February 2018 - 03:20 PM

Even though Skye complied to going with Marina to the suite opposite to the blonde's, she really started to get annoyed, or more accurately, anxious. The more time they wasted on things like this conversation the closer the danger came. Why did Marina find it so hard to believe Skye? Did she not trust her?

Family. Family.
Asking about Skye's family was just about the stupidest thing one could do, but to realize it was, you needed to know her better. Skye had never really been able to recall her family very well, because she'd been taken by the First Order when she was still very young. And where most children eventually found their brothers and sister in the Order to be their new family as they grew up, that never happened to Skye as a result of her secluded training. Because she had no contacts with other people her age within the Order she never started to see it as family and desperately held on to the faint memory of her true family at home, the one that had been taken from her.
Because of all this the subject was a sensitive one for Skye, and asking for it can result in her scowling at you- or worse.

Surprisingly however, Skye found her fear for and.. connection, for as far as you could call it that, with the woman to greatly outmatch any anger that might have come as a result of Marina's question.

"No", she replied as calmly as she could, even though she was still quite desperate and stressed because they needed to act now. "I don't have any family." She paused for a bit before taking a deep breath and asking, "Why?".

Also, calm down? How? How could she? And how in the world was Marina still so calm? Did she not understand that she was being hunted by ruthless bounty hunters?
"We're not safe! We-we need to do something. Please! Marina!", Skye desperately tried to get her point across, but she could see in the blonde's eyes that it wasn't working.
She let herself fall on her back on the bed and sighed deeply. "Please", she softly whispered to herself as she stared up.

#1740551 Enemy Mine

Posted by Skye Achlys on 27 February 2018 - 12:45 PM

Aboard Hawk, a modified First Order troop transport, transporting two reconnaissance teams labeled Valkyrie and Hurricane. Both teams are sitting in different sections of the transport.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Alright men, how about you all stop fantasizing about women; we're approaching our target", Valkyrie's squad leader said when he walked into their crew area of the ship. He was half laughing and half serious when he shot Skye a look. "Or men, don't know what you like?" He gave her an exaggerated wink.
"kark off", the dark-haired woman replied with a chuckle. "First do your job, then see if you have time left to joke around."
"Fair enough", the man replied while he strapped himself in his seat. "Alright gentlemen- and lady- we are called here today to fulfill our duty. We are here to do right by our cause-"
"Skip the nonsense", one of the three men sitting with Skye replied. Ah, this was the reason why Skye was so relieved she was assigned to this particular squad, the men here appeared to know each other pretty well so that they could and dared to just speak out loud and joke around. If there was one thing Skye knew it was that if you told a random First Order officer to 'skip the nonsense' during a briefing you would be assigned to janitorial duties for the next few months. 
"Alright long story short, oh by the way we all already know about our invasion that's going on at Dagobah, so I'm skipping that part, but yeah long story short; One of our cruisers has picked up multiple distress calls from the planet. There's no message attached, no comm links or anything, it just repeats 'F.O.S.O.S.'."
"Fosos?", one of the three troops, nicknamed Spark, asked.
The squad leader gave him an unbelieving look. "Really? Fosos? How about 'First Order-S.O.S.'?"
"Oh, right. But how do we know whe-"
"That brings me to the catch to all of this," the squad leader interrupted, "we've been dispatched as a reconnaissance team to the third signal our cruiser picked up on this side. Other vessel and teams, just like us, are already on their way to their assigned signals. Our friends in Hurricane, who are sitting in the 2nd crew area, will be dispatched to look into the 4th signal, not too far from ours."
"With the catch being...?"
"Oh, right. The catch is that we cannot be certain about the origin of the message. What does it mean? Is it a S.O.S. directed to the First Order? Or is it a S.O.S. to the Alliance, warning them about First Order troops? We don't know."
The third trooper, who had been silent up until know, scoffed. "Great, so we've got no clue then do we? Might as well be walking into a gorramn trap."
"True. But that's why we're here as a reconnaissance team. We scout around the area. That'll be objective one. Once we have located the origin of the signal we'll come to objective two. Now objective two has two different scenarios. How fitting. Scenario A: we find men of our own, we'll provide them with aid and transport them back to safety. 
Then there's scenario B: we don't find our own troops, but opposing forces. If that's the case we are to eliminate all Tangos."
Then the ship's comms made a loud beep. "Alright, Valkyrie, Hurricane, we will be exiting hyperspace within approximately 60 seconds. Please prepare yourselves properly. We will be going through space which is mostly under First Order control by now and should therefore not experience any interference until we are in the planet's atmosphere. We cannot say much about how it will be inside the planet's atmosphere because the clouds and the fog screw around with our scanners. So be ready for anything, just in case."
Skye felt a slight force as the vessel exited hyperspace, but nothing major. 
The squad leader shook his head and cleared his throat before speaking again. "Alright. Obviously, I will be leading our little band today. None of our roles have changed but I will state them nonetheless, so that our newcomer, Ms Air over there, can get familiar with her newfound superiors. 'Bones', you're the medic. Try to keep us alive, huh? 'Spark', demolition, might we ever find a monstrosity out there, keep us safe. By blowing it to bits. 'Wave', radio and communication, we know interference down there is bad, but we still need you to try to contact anyone that might be near us or that signal."
The ship started to slightly shake the moment they entered the atmosphere of Dagobah, but it all went surprisingly well. The squad leader, simply nicknamed 'captain', seemed to be done with his presentation, but he quickly noticed that all the men were geared up- so was Skye, but where the men were also equipped with firearms, Skye was not. Captain took a rifle out of the locker next to him and handed it over to Skye. "Careful, it's a full auto. Just in case we aren't going to find what we hope out there."
Skye nodded as a response and then tried to mentally prepare herself for what might come. 
Then the beep sounded again. "This is your pilot speaking once more, we think we have found a suitable spot to land in the distance, my guess is it would be no less than three kilometers away from your objective. ETA for the LZ is 20 minutes. So far all is looking cle-"
The pilot was interrupted by a loud bang which made the ship shake horribly followed by what sounded like the screeching of metal. If it wasn't for the fact that Skye was strapped in she'd have been launched against the roof.
"Wh-what?", the pilot's voice could still be heard over the comms. "We've been... hit...we've...we've lost the B section."
"What? What do you mean?", the voice of the other pilot was barely audible over the comms. 
"I mean that we've lost our right part of the ship- Hurricane is gone! I...I can't fix this!", the pilot exclaimed while it started to feel like the ship was spinning around- and falling, fast. "Mayday, mayday, mayday. Hawk's been hit, losing altitude. Sending coordinates n-"
That, mixed with the cursing of her crew was the last thing Skye heard before the smack rendered her unconscious. They had crash-landed on Dagobah.
In the swamp.

#1738333 What is the most Jedi way to kill somebody IC?

Posted by Skye Achlys on 23 February 2018 - 01:21 PM

Pretend you've fallen down a hole, then magically jump back up over your opponent while igniting your lightsaber before chopping your opponent in half.

Trust me :)