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Skye Achlys

Skye Achlys

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An Unworthy Target

26 January 2018 - 02:20 PM


It was already night when the young and new Disciple of Ren, Skye, wandered through the streets of Avalonia. She arrived here with a commercial vessel, lifting with them for free. Her services or whatever weren't required back in the Order, so she found this to be the perfect time to go sightseeing.
Except she wasn't here to go sightseeing.


Skye sat silently in some public garden, pondering about the last few weeks, or more specially, about the choices she'd made in those weeks. She only snapped out of her thoughts when she noticed a small band of though-looking guys carefully observing her. In a response, Skye returned their gazes with a harsh one of her own, but to her surprise, the men didn't stop looking in her direction. Instead, one of them started to walk her way.
Slightly uncomfortable, Skye slowly stood up with the intention of casually leaving before the man could reach her. When she looked over her shoulder to see how far away he still was, she slightly jumped. He stood right in front of her, smiling.
How was that possible? How could he have closed in so fast? Well, that didn't matter now.
The man firmly grabbed her arm to prevent her from leaving. "You. You're that new Ren chick, aren't you?", he said with a thick accent, yet Skye couldn't figure out what accent it was.
"I'm the new what?", Skye whispered back, confused by how this man knew about the Ren, and more importantly, how he knew about her.
"Shhh", he continued, "don't you worry. We're friends of the First Order"

"Good for you", the dark haired woman dryly replied.

"Here", the man said while he pressed a small device into the woman's hand. "Follow this, and you'll get what every true Ren deserves. See it as a little gift", the man grinned. When he saw that Skye was still holding back, he added something to convince her. "It could also greatly improve your status within the Order"

Boom. A critical hit, so to speak. He didn't need to say that twice. Skye'd been searching for a way to improve her status a lot. She'd do just about anything to stop receiving those untrusting and cold looks from other members of Ren in the hallways. She did kill two stormtroopers and had tried to escape after all.
When the man saw that he had achieved his goal, he grinned and immediately walked back towards his companions.

Still confused, she activated the device. It displayed a small message.






All of this definitely sounded suspicious as heck, but Skye was already set on her promised 'increase of status'. She wasn't sure whether or not she was supposed to be reporting this to someone, but because she hadn't been assigned to a master yet, Skye freely interpreted that so she didn't need to report anything to anyone.
And off she went.


Skye was still wandering through the streets. They were like nothing she had ever seen before and she found herself staring at almost everything. How could such a gigantic place have been built in the first place?
Didn't matter, she was closing in on her target now.
Yes, there it was. Her heart started to beat faster while she approached a bar, to which the entrance was located in a complex of shady alleyways.
Was this it?
It had to be, because the small device was literally making Skye go deaf with short and fast beaps.
"Alright, alright! You have served your purpose. Shush up already", she said aloud while she turned the device off.

She took a deep breath before she entered the bar. She was fully aware that she wasn't really armed, apart from a small pocket knife and a stun baton. Considering she still barely had any training in the Force at all, that wasn't going to help her either.

The bar was fairly empty, only a handful of people were sitting at some tables. The barman didn't even pay attention to Skye entering the bar, but someone else did. A masked man walked towards the exit, but when he passed Skye, he told her "I believe you've left your bag on that table, miss." Without waiting for a response, he left the bar for good. Skye didn't notice that the other people at the bar also started to leave, and the barman too had disappeared. Unknown to her, she now, was alone.

A small black container with a purple light. That had to be the object the man was referring to. Skye slowly stepped towards the object.
The small device she had been given earlier, suddenly started to light up purple in her hand.
It started to emit its deafening beeping again for a while, until it suddenly stopped when something inside the black container made a 'click'.
Now her fear and suspicion had definitely outmatched her curiosity, so she started to slowly back away from the container.
Just before she had reached the exit, the container made a loud noise.
And then there was only an immense light followed by a deafening noise.
An explosion.
She got flung against, or through, the door, and landed half on the streets and half in the bar, when the walls started to come down at her.

The last thing she saw before the walls buried her were multiple men standing around at the edges of the alleys, preventing anyone to come to her aid.
"And another one down for us to play with", one of them laughed. "Death to her and her Order! Let's see what this one has to offer, eh?"
This wasn't good.
Extremely desperate, she tried to call out for help using the Force, but was simply too unskilled to send a message. With luck, however , she could at least make herself known somehow. Who knew. She'd always found the Force a mysterious thing.

Hello there

21 January 2018 - 12:09 PM

Hello everyone!
Skye is ready to join the Order!

After having killed a few stormtroopers, she ran away from the Order, only to be tracked down and captured.
She claimed her actions were out of pure fear and uncontrolled emotions and then quickly swore her life to the Ren and the First Order, whether she did this to serve the Sieger Ren, or simply to prevent her own execution, is unknown. She was allowed to rejoin, but is supposed to be supervised at all times.

You might see her sometime, but don't expect her to openly socialize a lot. She's a bit shy, for obvious reasons.

Also hi :D

A Foolish Escape

29 December 2017 - 12:47 PM

(-Continuation from the end of Skye’s backstory
-First Order
-Guess that's about it)

Keep running
Don’t look back, just keep running.

These thoughts echoed in Skye’s head while she ran through the streets of Myaak, a vast city full with building which had been built high into the clouds. Skye had been running for 10 minutes without knowing where to go or where she was. Only when she entered a small and lonely alley she allowed herself to stop and catch her breath, she had been running for the past 15 minutes now. Heavily panting, she let herself slowly drop down on the ground to rest. While she scanned the alley, images of her own actions flashed in front of her eyes. It had only been about 20 minutes since Skye murdered those two guards from the First Order, twenty minutes since she escaped her ‘new mentor’.

Skye forced herself to calm down, which wasn't easy because she knew that the First Order would not take her escape lightly. If only this ‘mentor’ wouldn't pay too much attention to her escape. Maybe this person had other people who could become their apprentice, or slave.
No, that was foolish. Laying in that alley, Skye could clearly remember that heavy and deep voice from all those years ago in that cell.
Was that the-?

Skye’s thoughts stopped there as the sound of vehicles roaring through the sky could be heard in the distance. She quickly got back on her feet and slowly made her way to the end of the alley, which granted access to an open marketplace. All of a sudden the far end of the area got lit up by a light coming from the skies.
“Searchlights”, Skye whispered to herself. Did the FO really put in all of this effort for her? She didn't want to know. If she really was such a big deal to them, then there was no way she’d escape this city, let alone this planet.

She quickly turned around as she darted back into the alley before a deafening noise could be heard. When Skye looked up, she saw another ship pass. It wasn't an ordinary First Order ship, yet the surroundings ships which were FO didn't engage at all. Was this the transport of what was supposed to be her new mentor?
A shiver ran down the girl’s spine when she heard multiple footsteps coming from who knew where, and the amount of searchlights shining down on the city grew quickly.

Skye Achlys

28 December 2017 - 01:56 PM


NAME: Skye Achlys

ALIAS: The Mask

RANK: Disciple of Ren || (Former: fugitive)


AGE: 19

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 1.83 m

WEIGHT: 63 kg

EYES: Light blue

HAIR: Naturally red, but she painted it black to prevent being recognized.

SKIN: Pale

SEXUALITY: She never had time to even think about tha-..ooh look at that girl.




Skye wore all kind of clothes shortly after her escape at the FO. When she became more and more experienced, she started to wear a black outfit with a belt. She also painted her hair black to prevent anyone from recognizing her.
Over time, as she started to become more powerful, she acquired her iconic mask.

-Va'aak Mk II Stun baton
-Black pocket knife
-Mask (WIP)


STEALTH Over the years, Skye became exceptionally skilled at staying hidden. She has lived in the shadows for a long time, especially when a bounty was placed on her head, and often has no trouble blending in with her surroundings.

CQC/MELEE Skye is extremely capable in melee combat. She has been practicing since she was 6, starting out with nothing more than her fists and a stick, but she became properly skilled when she was trained by the FO. Later on she obtained her stun baton and pocket knife, with which she is truly dangerous.


TRUST Thanks to her past, Skye finds it very difficult to trust others. She's always extremely suspicious about others and their reasons, and it takes quite a long time to earn her trust. Because she is so skeptic about others, she often feels safest behind her mask.

GOOD OR WRONG Skye used to have a strong moral compass, but after she was with the First Order for so many years, it has become more and more troubled, often resulting in her struggling to decide whether something should or should not be done.

FIREARMS So far, Skye has barely ever held a firearm, and therefore has absolutely no experience or skill with them yet.

THE FORCE So far, even though Skye has a pretty powerful potential, she has never learned how to use the force. With no training or knowledge whatsoever, she cannot use the force unless she finds a mentor later on. Sometimes she thinks she feels something, but she doesn't know she is force sensitive herself.


Skye doesn't remember much of her childhood. In fact, she doesn't remember anything at all. All she knows is that her village was ransacked by the First Order. The FO, busy looking to greatly imrpove their numbers, took all children hostage and back with them to their current base of operations. There the children would begin their training to become the First Order's stormtroopers, whether they wanted or not.
Only three days after her arrival on the ship, which served as a training facility for the captives, she was taken away and placed in a special interrogation cell. She got blindfolded before someone else entered the room. She didn't know how, but she could feel his or her presence. The person stayed with Skye for a while before he spoke to one of their commanders and told them that she had 'it' and that she would become one of his close servants in due time. This person also told them that he would train her, but only after 'the troubles they were facing now' had been resolved.

And so began a series of hard and long years, filled with training of all kinds. She was never allowed to use blasters, but was instructed to train with melee weapons only. Sticks, staffs, knifes, swords, axes; she trained with almost every kind of weapon thinkable.

Over the years, Skye accepted this new life, even though she was almost never allowed to socialize with others. Her days mainly consisted of training and meditating. One day, however, Skye was handcuffed, blindfolded and brought to a troop transport, which brought her from the main ship to a planet nearby where she was led into a city and then into a building. After being placed on the ground and freed from both her cuffs and blindfold, she was told that 'her new mentor' would be here soon.
Scared by the thought of who this person could be, she was forced to rethink whether this was truly a path she wanted to walk. Where she previously was certain that she belonged in the FO, she was now unsure. When one of the guards noticed Skye's unusual behaviour, he decided to stun her with his baton so that she would have calmed down by the time her new mentor would arrived.
At the sight of the man with his stun baton, Skye made her choice, led by fear, and attacked, and killed, both the guards stationed in her room.
This Foolish attempt at an escape however, brought her nothing else than punishment and hardship- not the freedom she once desired.

After being brought back, she finally accepted who she was and what was expected of her and then joined the Order of Ren.




I. A Foolish Escape: http://starwarsrp.ne...foolish-escape/

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