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#1804422 "Icarus" Personal Plasma Shield

Posted by FN-2826 on 08 June 2018 - 09:18 PM

"Icarus" Personal Plasma Shield

'Concept Art' for the Icarus Shield


Icarus Shield in Action




  • Intent: To create a personal plasma shield for use by the members of the First Order 
  • Image Source: 
    • Image 1
    • Image 2 - Deadpool 2 Trailer/Google Images
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: 


  • Manufacturer: First Order Corps of Engineers
  • Affiliation: First Order
  • Model: PES/EU Model I
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Production: Minor

  • Material: 
    • Durasteel, Polyester, and Nylon Arm Strap
    • Electronic Components
    • Durasteel-Plastoid Central Component
    • Durasteel Magnetic Extenders/Stabilizers
  • Defensive Rating
    • Kinetic/Slugs/Blunt - Very High
    • Blasters - Average
    • Lightsabers - Very Low
    • Sonic - Low
    • EMP - Low-Average
    • Ion - High
    • Shrapnel - Average
    • Explosives - Very Low
  • Size
    • Typical Size (Half a Meter) - The normal or just factory setting for the Icarus is very similar to the portable shields used by members of the Deathwatch in the Clone Wars. This size is half a meter in diameter, which covers the user's entire forearm in a holographic style of display. The shield doesn't cover the arm, merely reflects a holographic-appearing plasma shield outwards in a circle similar to medieval shields of old. This size is best suited for close-range combat
    • Doubled Size (Meter) - The larger the plasma shield, the more unstable the molecules of plasma become. That's not to say the shield will break easily, although the bigger the size the shield becomes, the less damage that it can absorb. As it stands when the size is doubled, the molecules to become more unstable, however, they are still firmly connected together and can still take a good amount of punishment. The diameter of the shield is now a meter, and the shield now is displayed over the entire arm it is equipped with, shielding the arm from most sources of damage. This size is best suited for most battlefield encounters. This size can take about 20% less damage than the previous version.
    • Tripled Size (Meter and a Half) - At triple the size, the molecules which make up the shield are now more unstable along with their magnetic extenders which help the shield to keep its circular shape. The shield now covers a good amount if not most of the user's upper body, protecting most of their body from harm on the battlefield. The molecules, at this size, can take less damage than the previous two sizes though the exact amount if unknown, however, a rough percent would be that it could take about 25% less the damage than the shield at double the size. This size is best suited for battlefield encounters where explosives are involved or where cover is being utilized to form up a defensive position. This size also can help to rescue allies on the field of battle.
    • Quadrupled Size (Two Meters) - At quadrupled the size, the molecules that make up the plasma of the shield are now very stretched and more unstable than all of the previous versions. The magnetic extenders are more prone to collapsing inwards and closing the shield now if too much damage is taken, usually unexpectedly and at inopportune times. This size takes 35% less damage than the previous size, making it much more susceptible to damage than the three previous sizes.


  • Bashing People for Days. You can bash people with the plasma shield, which can leave a nasty though non-fatal burn if it hits skin.
  • Interchangeable Size.


  • Magnetic Instability. The Icarus Shield has magnetic extenders which help the plasma to keep it's circular size and to help contain the plasma within the limits of the magnetic extenders. However, these magnetic extenders can be and are prone to malfunctioning easily. If an EMP hits the shield or if the shield receives too much damage in one area, the magnetic extenders will have a high probability of closing in on themselves, which renders the plasma shield temporarily useless until the shield's electrical systems do a full reboot which takes roughly five to ten seconds. When the magnetic extenders close in on themselves, this renders the plasma shield temporarily useless and makes the user vulnerable to damage.
  • EMP's are the Devil.
  • Laserwords and Metal Swords, Hand in Hand. The shield can take only a few blows from a metal sword and only one from a lightsaber before breaking.
  • Ion's are the Devil
  • Lithium-based, Plasma-coiled Battery. If the battery is overheated, it can explode, severely burning and damaging the user's arm.


Force Users can be dangerous, sometimes outright unstoppable. Troopers would get killed nonchalantly and the First Order would suffer needless casualties in war when fighting enemies that held force users amongst their ranks. An effort was made by Doctor Hozlen, head of the "Bloodstone" project, to counteract the deaths of many troopers and to try and bring the NFU's of the First Order on par with hostile FU's. The First Order had plenty of weapons and technology, that was true, although there weren't enough anti-force weapons or technological achievements to help counteract the utterly devastating effects of a Force User. The First Order had a few of these, though some were limited to the Order of Ren, others to the Deathtroopers, others to High-command... there wasn't much in the way for regular soldiers to help defend themselves in a one-on-one engagement with a force user.


Doctor Hozlen saw this and sought to correct this unforeseen error of the First Order. Hozeln and his colleagues looked through over a dozen historical documents on countering force users along with past battles involving force users. There was a multitude of information they gained from these documents, sonic weapons, sonic grenades, toxic gas, and explosives. However, Haozlen didn't seek to go the conventional route as most Jedi would know this route of trying to defeat them and be prepared nonetheless. Hozlen sought for unorthodox weaponry and for unorthodox and unconventional technology to outwit and defeat force users. Thus began the development of the Icarus shield, a plasma-based shield to absorb blaster-fire and physical attacks, a defensive weapon mainly to help in close-quarters combat. The shield could even withstand physical blows from a vibrosword, though prolonged attack would short out the component which generated the shield, making it close unexpectedly and temporarily. The same was true even for a lightsaber, though the shield could withstand only one or two hits from a lightsaber before collapsing and recharging again in its lithium-based plasma-coiled battery. There were needless problems with this LB-PC Battery, just as unexpected and often devastating explosive lithium batteries if they overheated in the recharging process. Though, this mistake couldn't be fixed due to the small and compact size of the battery as to house it in a small, wrist-mounted component piece.

#1803761 "Shrapnel" MAP I

Posted by FN-2826 on 07 June 2018 - 10:27 PM


"Shrapnel" MAP I

Mobile Artillery Platform Mark I




  • Intent: To create a mobile, albeit slow artillery platform to rain down fire upon the enemies of the First Order
  • Image Source: [X]
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



Manufacturer: First Order Bureau of Engineers

  • Affiliation: First Order
  • Model: MAP Mark I
  • Modularity: Artillery Shells
  • Napalm Shells
    • EMP Shells
    • Shrapnel Shells
    • Smoke Shells
    • Cluster Shells
    • High Explosive Shells
  • ProductionLimited
  • Material: Durasteel


  • Classification: Artillery
  • Role: Heavy Artillery
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Minimum Crew: 11
    • Gunner - 1x
    • Spotter - 1x
    • Shell Loader's - 8x
    • Commander - 1x
  • Optimal Crew: 16
    • Gunner - 1x
    • Spotter - 2x
    • Shell Loader's 12x
    • Commander - 1x
  • Propulsion: Quadrupedal
  • Speed: Very Slow
  • Maneuverability: Very Low
  • Armament: High
  • Defenses: None
  • Squadron Count: Low
  • Passenger Capacity: 0
  • Cargo Capacity: None


  • N/A


  • Firepower Supreme - The five-ton shells that are loaded into the MAP can be absolutely devastating and are highly capable of destroying many unshielded and shielded targets at ease. The shells can, in most cases, decimate a good number of infantry brigades at times along with destroying lightly armored vehicles. Anything besides a lightly armored vehicle, however, will be far more difficult to destroy though the MAP still makes short work of them if it gets a direct hit on them. Heavy armor is hardest for the MAP to destroy, though it is possible though on rare occasions. Even if they don't get a direct hit, no matter the shell, shrapnel will be shot out in every direction, eviscerating enemy soldiers in most cases. The MAP specializes in destroying infantry and lighlty armored to medium armored vehicles, anything above this it has a hard time with.


  • Absolutely Defenseless - The MAP had no defenses, all it is is a giant gun, put on legs, with minimal armoring to protect it from arms fire. The MAP has to rely on heavy support from nearby allies and defensive units to be used to full effect. Without any support, the MAP is a sitting duck for airstrikes or even just rushes of infantry because of how slow it is to move and fire.
  • Slow as a Snail - The MAP is...it's slow, simple as that. It moves at a whopping...5 miles an hour. Which is typically why these artillery units are dropped in from air transports. Though, if the MAP had to be on the move to readjust position, it is rather slow and incredibly vulnerable. All it takes is one anti-armor mine to a single leg and poof...there goes your expensive artillery unit.
  • Slow to Reload - At least eight people are required to load the five-ton shells into the loading chamber for the MAP. Twelve people are optimal however even with this many people and even with a highly specialized and experienced group, reload time will at the least take ten minutes. That's not even including the time to spot for a location, aim, and fire the weapon. It takes the MAP five seconds to ready the shell before it is shot out of it's loading chamber and onto the battlefield.


Artillery isn't a must on the field of battle...though the support it brings it an absolute life-savior. Artillery can pummel the enemy into submission, decimate enemy columns of armor, eviscerate dozens upon dozens of infantry units, and stop any type of push from enemy opposition to overrun your current position. That's exactly the idea of thought the First Order Military Command has in mind when they assigned the Bureau of Engineers to begin work on a monstrous Artillery piece to decimate any enemy. The result of a year of work and delays? The MAP, Mobile Artillery Platform. It's codename when it was being worked on was, "MAAD," Mobile Artillery Assured Destruction. The MAP was designed with the sole purpose of destroying entire enemy lines and causing as much destruction and mayhem as possible against any enemy. Which is what happened.


The MAP uses a spotter from a higher up position, or from a person in the field, to be used to spot enemy positions where there is a heavy concentration of the opposition. The spotter then calls in the artillery strike on the enemy position. Other times, the MAP will fire randomly into the field of battle with the use of a spotter close to the MAP as to avoid needless spotter deaths which can hamper artillery efforts. The spotter will then communicate with both the commander and the gunner through comns and from there, the loading crew begins to load up a single artillery shell. If more than one shell is loaded at a time, the result will typically be disastrous and will result in a rather large explosion and casualties. After the shell is loaded, the gunner swivels the artillery gun around without the movement on the legs, rotating the gun into the right position before then issuing the priming sequence with the pull of a switch in the form of a silver key to initiate arming sequence. The shell will then be armed instantaneously gunner has somewhere from five to ten seconds to fire the gun. If they don't, well...the result isn't pretty.

#1785951 Survival on Endor

Posted by FN-2826 on 14 May 2018 - 09:47 PM

You know what? Why not, I'll join in, sign me up! It'll help me get back into the swing of things on the board and it'll be fun.

#1749956 No Stone Unturned | First Order Dominion of Codian Moon Hex

Posted by FN-2826 on 13 March 2018 - 03:38 PM

Location: SS-13 | Unknown Space Station

Allies: Glorious First Order

Nearest Allies: Kyli DT-6767  | Luther Ando |  Rexus Wenck

Enemies: Any Resistant or Dangerous Individuals

Objective: #2

Post Count: One


The battlefield of the endless field of space was one fraught with danger and the unknown. The environment of space was highly unpredictable and oftentimes nauseating at best when you were getting blasted at by large turbolaser batteries. It was by no means, a pleasant experience. People were more times than not, trapped in a tomb of metal that had been outfitted with all sorts of gadgets and weapons to help them 'survive' any encounter. Though, these weapons were not of much help when the vessel or tomb was going down in a ball of fire and debris and everyone was still left aboard with no way out.


At least, that was the outlook of Tempest on his experience fighting on naval vessels and space stations. He hated, he dreaded the thought and idea of going into space and fighting. Tempest absolutely despise actually being on a Star-destroyer at all, especially if it were in the atmosphere of a planet. He had lived to tell the tale of surviving the crash of a Destroyer into a planet’s surface...though he didn’t want to live through the tale ever again. He tried to do his best to make do with being aboard Star-destroyers, though it had been difficult for him ever since then. To Tempest, it was a nightmare experience to actually be within a boarding party or even fight anyone who was boarding a ship he was on.


Yet, here he now stood, with Eights and Horizon. Eight’s he was happy to be with. Horizon on the other hand...that was a different story. Just a few weeks prior to actually meeting Kyli, Rexus, and Luther, Temp had caught a trooper who he thought was his friend snogging Horizon. Needless to say, it didn’t end well for the other trooper and soon afterward Horizon and Temp had split. But...whatever...that was in the past, Temp shouldn’t focus on past failures yet, he did. He hated himself for that.




The gloved, waxy fingers of Tempest’s left hand fiddled with the barrel of his rifle as he waited for the turbolift to bring them to the next level. His other hand clenched tightly around the handle of his rifle, his thumb resting against the safety ready to flick it at a moment’s notice if trouble arose. Which, he felt could happen at any moment given the nature of the station. Even though the light’s and power were out, he could’ve sworn he had heard creaking metal ceiling plates from above when he first stepped aboard. Tempest took this as a sign that whoever was the First Order’s enemy in this mission, was close by and could at a moment’s notice, snuff them out if they caught them off guard. Something of which Tempest wasn’t looking forward to.


“Ugh, this lift is taking forever,” the voice of Eight’s muttered in the comn piece of Temp’s helmet. “Ha, you're telling me. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say they didn’t want us here at all. I mean, they could’ve just compiled but no...they have to make this difficult,” Tempest voiced back through his comn towards Eight’s. "Oh, are you talking about yourself? You just always like to make things difficult don’t you? I mean...come on, you didn’t have to beat the guy to a…” the voice of Horizon spoke up suddenly. “Oh, well I’m sorry. But, who was cheating here? Yeah, that’s what I thought.” Jeez, this was going to be a long mission. The sooner that Horizon got reassigned, the happier Temp would be. "Tsk, at least I don't cry every time somebody gets's hurt! At least I don't get pissed off at every single thing!" Eight's gave off an annoyed sigh at the verbal fight between the two going on. It had been like this for weeks so far, and it was just getting worse. Sometimes the two seemed to reconcile, other times the two were at each other's throats. Which was what was happening right now. "Hey, calm down you two. Horizon, stop being antagonistic. And Temp, stop being overly hostile, it was both of your faults." At last, the turbolift finally came up with the deathtroopers disembarking off of the lift followed by the troopers. Tempest activated his rifle-mounted flashlight, illuminating the dark metal hallway in front of the three. It cast eerie shadows as the light splashed across overturned chairs and crates, some of which were empty whereas others had weapons within. As Tempest walked down the hallway, Eight's and Horizon followed suit after him, keeping their weapon's trained forwards. The grey eyes of Tempest pierced through the black lens' of his helmet, the HUD giving him plenty of information even though it was sparse for the moment. Something was amiss...nobody else save for the Stormtroopers and Deathtroopers were about and active, making him feel unease in the pit of his stomach.




#1745656 Chance meeting aboard the FIV Ravager

Posted by FN-2826 on 06 March 2018 - 07:00 PM

The eyes of Tempest found the source of noise directed at him, coming from the direction of the female Deathtrooper. The man's voice was coming from that general location, must've been another Deathtrooper. Though, that wasn't right. Couldn't be. Temp didn't know any Deathtroopers, or at least he didn't think so. As his grey eyes pierced those of the male Deathtrooper, he couldn't help but feel as if he knew the man. The voice was certainly familiar, though the physical appearance wasn't. "Temp, you know that guy?" Eight's whispered into the ear of Tempest as he gave a slight side-eye to the Deathtrooper who had called out Tempest, watching the man carefully. Tempest stood in silence for a few beats, before finally responding with uncertainty in his voice. "I might...follow my lead, or don't...this might not go well," Tempest whispered back to Eight's. "Just 'member, I got your back, so I'm staying." Tempest practically rolled his eyes at Eight's. They had been and still were the best of friends, ever since their first few days in the Academy. Though, Tempest was annoyed at times by how loyal Eight's was to him, kinda like a dog in a way. Which...well it was weird, to say the least.


Tempest inhaled a breath slowly, waiting a few seconds, before exhaling it and beginning a slightly nervous walk though he still tried to walk with confidence. At the very least, if he made himself for a fool, he didn't want to make himself a coward in front of all of the other troopers. A few of which, well the ones Tempest knew at least, casually watched him as he made his way tentatively over to the Deathtrooper table. As he got closer, he got more and more nervous at the second. It was easy to be wooed by an attractive Deathtrooper one second, before being absolutely frightened of them the next. Though, it didn't help much that as he made his way over, two other Deathtroopers joined the two currently on the bench, making a total of four Deathtroopers to Tempest and Eight's. He finally stopped at the table, his mouth refusing to open for a few moments. Tempest had to fight back the urge to just run away, which was foreign to him on the battlefield yet here in the now, with the Deathtroopers right in front of him, it seemed like a constant in life. "Luther? Is that...you? Uh...if not, well sorry for disturbing you," Temp said in as casual of a tone that he could make at the moment. And that...was a poor way to introduce himself, in front of all of the Deathtroopers along with the female trooper. Though Temp knew better than to say anything about her being attractive...she might punch him, which to Tempest was a very real fear at the moment. "Wow, smooth...great job Tempest. You may outrank me, but next time you should leave the talking to me," Eight's said with a smirk etched on his face. All Tempest said in response was a subtle nod of his head to his compatriot.


Kyli DT-6767 Rexus Wenck Luther Ando

#1744233 Aren't You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?

Posted by FN-2826 on 04 March 2018 - 08:31 PM

"Sounds like a plan. Just show me the papers when we get to your father's farm and we will be fine. Though, I'll also need the registration of citizenship papers for both you and your foster dad when we get to your home to make sure everything checks out," Tempest said calmly as he spoke. He would need to see the citizenship papers anyways so it would be better to ask now anyway, or at least that's what Tempest felt was right to do. As more time went on, Tempest began to relax somewhat as he didn't feel the woman would try anything. Though, he kept his guard up just in case anything did happen. It was nice, however, to just talk with a non-stormtrooper in a casual way for once rather than his normal stoic personality which he kept up most of the time...though he still had to remain vigilant to keep the First Order which he represented afloat in his image. He gave a sideways glance in the direction of the woman as he followed her, keeping his flashlight mounted rifle pointed forwards as to both offer them some visibility in the dead of night. Though truth be told, these flashlights were not that good and at times, they were quite unreliable and often more trouble than they were worth. "Citizen, what do you go by? I mean, what's your name?" Tempest tried asking as casually as possible with still a sense of authority in his voice as the voice modulator crackled out his voice mechanically.


Asha Hex

#1744215 Chance meeting aboard the FIV Ravager

Posted by FN-2826 on 04 March 2018 - 08:07 PM

The steel eyes of Tempest stared blankly at the bronze ceramic plate in hand. He was bored, and he didn't much care to listen to another of Eight's rants about whatever he was ranting about this time. The words of Eight's pounded against his ears, though Tempest had heard none of it. He had in a sense, tuned all of the nearby commotion and activity around him out as he tried to think of...something. Anything, though it just seemed to be a slow day. For some reason, nothing would come to mind ever since the Invasion of Dagobah. Not like anything major happened that is, just for some reason ever since then he hadn't felt quite the same as he had before the invasion, oddly enough.


Tempest was pulled from his thoughts and drawn back into reality from the touch of somebody's hand on his shoulder. He turned slightly, seeing that it was Eight's, who he gave a perplexed and confused look too. "Temp, look ahead...see that woman, she's a Deathtrooper," the voice of Eight's came out quickly and slightly in awe as he spoke. Tempest turned in the direction that Eight's had pointed before his grey eyes finally fell upon Kyli DT-6767. The symbol on her shoulder was enough of a giveaway which was only heightened by her height and her posture. She was...a Deathtrooper, there was no doubt about that. So that's what a Deathtrooper looked like under all of that armor. Either way, Tempest was still intimidated by the sight. He bet that she could knock him to the ground with a single punch to the jaw, though he didn't really want to test the woman's patience. Though, he couldn't help but stare out her. There was something about how intimidating she was that was...intoxicating and kind of, hot. Luckily Deathtroopers couldn't read minds or Tempest...well he would be kinda screwed right now. Tempest jumped when Eight's spoke up again, which prompted a chuckle from Eight's as well. "Oh, seem's someone is enjoying that there is a Deathtrooper around..." Eight's said with an amused smile etched on his face. "What...me, no no. I was just..." Tempest began. "You were just staring into her eyes weren't you." "N-no...I mean she's intimidating a-and..." "Hey, your secret is safe with me." Tempest sighed with an annoyed tone before getting his food followed by Eight's. Then there was the problem of where to sit. Sure they could sit anywhere...but Tempest was itching to talk to the Deathtrooper so that he could learn more about her. Only problem...where to start?


Kyli DT-6767

#1743585 Aren't You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?

Posted by FN-2826 on 04 March 2018 - 01:09 AM

"Oh please, anything's better than doing nighttime patrols, especially with a few 'specific' troopers...but uh, nevermind, also...execuse my curiosity, but how long have you lived here?" Tempest spoke casually, a bit too casually. He hadn't meant to go rambling on about a specific trooper he didn't have a fondness for, yet he had nonetheless accidentally, though nevermind that. The gaze of Tempest drifted to the red-haired woman as she spoke up about what she had been doing to make her so late. Apparently, she had gone to some town for supplies...though Tempest didn't really know of where she spoke. He knew there were towns in the area...though he primarily knew the names of military outposts and the major cities, not really any frontier towns or villages. Those names alluded his grasp as he saw them as less important in his endeavor as a First Order Stormtrooper. "I'm uh, not overly familiar with the towns or names of towns around here...more of a city type of person personally. But...back to the point, could you please enlighten me as to where you went for your supplies? Also, why not just try making herbal medicine? It's the only cost is manual labor. Speaking of the farm, does it go under any legal title or name? If not, I'll have to fine you, sorry...but it's standard procedure for any property to be given a name by its property-owner. We can't, after all, have rampant, unknown and unlicensed houses out on the fringes and among the frontier.

#1743545 Aren't You A Little Short For A Stormtrooper?

Posted by FN-2826 on 04 March 2018 - 12:08 AM

Asha Hex


Tempest's eyes of steel watched the woman carefully as she spoke, and as her mind possibly ran about with what to say and do...hidden behind Tempest's helmet which acted as a shield for his emotions. Tempest couldn't help but smile from under his helmet at what she had first said, 'I don't fear nature.' So, it seemed that she was either the arrogant type or she was hiding some sort of weapon of her, that would be wise to keep note off. He nodded silently to the woman's request to lower her guard as she didn't seem a threat. Well, for the moment at least. One could never be too safe around a suspicious citizen, he didn't have firsthand experience per say though he had heard stories of letting your guard down around a citizen...most of which ended in pain and sometimes death. Especially if this woman did have a weapon like he was suspecting at the moment though he didn't have anything to back up his claim. The waxy, gloved finger of Tempest slid back onto the trigger of his rifle whilst the safety was still on, ready to flick the safety off at a moment's notice if the woman tried to make a break for it or if she just tried to do anything rash. The rifle raised upwards in the air at a rough seventy-five-degree angle. "Well, lead the way then," the voice of Tempest echoed emotionlessly through the voice modulator of his helmet, breaking the sound of the night-time wildlife. Tempest contemplated asking the woman for her name, though decided to wait till she had led him to her house. He had a plan in mind which was currently forming to find out if she was an actual citizen of the First Order. "So, citizen, where is it that you live exactly? Not many citizens and land-owners live out this far..."

#1743524 Stormtrooper for Business

Posted by FN-2826 on 03 March 2018 - 11:28 PM

Asha Hex

Yeah definitely. Wait, did you reply to it? I didn't get any sort of notification or anything

#1743507 Stormtrooper for Business

Posted by FN-2826 on 03 March 2018 - 11:12 PM

So, I'll be honest. I'm not good at committing to threads, I'd just like to put that out right now at the beginning if anyone is interested in rping with me. Now down to business. I'd like to try and get back into rping as Temp again after coming back from being sick for roughly three weeks. Temp is an FO stormtrooper and a rather loyal one at that, typically being stationed to FO-occupied worlds unless specifically told otherwise.


If anyone would care to rp well...hope we have fun


#1726673 Invasion Criteria Rework

Posted by FN-2826 on 05 February 2018 - 09:51 PM

As Robogeber pointed out, not all events will involve 'Rallying.' Not all invasions will have some heroic moment amongst the darkest of times for a faction which suffered a major loss...as that is war, at least in my viewpoint. War isn't pretty, it isn't full of rallying cries and heroics. It's full of people fighting for survival and to win, to win for the chance of survival. Not all invasions will allow for or will involve a rallying point or motive in their plotlines, it can be any number of things. That and not all people will be present at the time of rallying. Typically, well in the one invasion I've been in, people are often split up. They are not typically together, more of joined together in groups of two or three to write their own story.


That's where I get into the problem with the 'Story' aspect. As with what I said above, not everyone is going to be grouped up or willing to expand on lore or write consistent victories and defeats. I feel it should be more tied to character-driven and more personal stories rather than just as a whole for lore expansion and the likewise. Such as me, I don't and won't write lore a lot, I will typically focus on my character and his experiences with those around him...the little adventures if you will. So, in short, I feel the story aspect should remain purely character-driven rather than as a quest for lore-expansion. As for collaborating with the faction opposition, what do you mean by that?


Then their Presence, which I feel would be hard to be measured with all of the simultaneous invasions of factions. Some people will be wrapped up in a number of invasions, leading to them having a large invasion participation but maybe not an overly large participation grade in a singular invasion thread. I feel either this should be taken in account for, or drop down the invasions per month to either or two as to give writers some breathing room instead of feeling a bit 'forced,' I guess is the word, due to a large number of invasion threads going on.


Anyways, that's just my 2 cents.

#1725699 Hello there

Posted by FN-2826 on 04 February 2018 - 10:33 PM

Maxir Syko

Hope you enjoy your stay, my fellow stormtrooper!:P

I hope that you'll enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions or would just like to chat with the rest of the FO you can join our discord, I don't know where the link is exactly but you can ask Robogeber for it.


Anyways, here's a little gift for you since I had some free time. I can make adjustments to it if you so desire.


#1724734 Hellhound-class Battle Droid

Posted by FN-2826 on 03 February 2018 - 05:38 PM

The Major

Don't worry, I won't do any EMP free modifications...to this droid.

I changed the last sentence for the "Skilled in All Weapons" strength.

#1724100 "Omega Centauri" Processor

Posted by FN-2826 on 02 February 2018 - 06:27 PM

Arken Lussk

I added it as a weakness