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Vihar Hux

Vihar Hux

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Vihar Hux

14 August 2018 - 01:40 PM




Birth Name: Vihar Revaesu-Pike Hux

Preferred Name: Hux






Affiliation: The First Order
First Order Branch: FOSB
Military Branch: Classified


Years in the First Order:

Entire Life; indoctrinated at Young Age

Years of Military Service:

Eight Total Years

Six Years - Stormtrooper; Sergeant

Half Year - Combat Engineer

A year and a Half - FOSB Operative

Stormtrooper ID Number:


Current Status:




Galactic Standard - Broken, Semi-fluent, Fluent, Native

High Galactic Standard - Broken, Semi-fluent, Fluent, Native

Huttese - Broken, Semi-fluent, Fluent, Native

Mando'ade - Broken, Semi-fluent, Fluent, Native


Marital Status: None



Force Sensitivity: No, as of documented

Stance on Force Sensitives:

FN-2826 had shown no ability to use the force as of this recording. Though what he has shown is a distaste for force users, specifically Knights of Ren. FN-2826's physiological therapist suggests this could be a result of his first encounter with a force user during the invasion of [declassified]. Ever since his platoon had been destroyed and him injured in the ensuing battle with the unnamed force user, FN-2826 has had a certain distaste for most force users. The therapist also suggested it could be that FN was jealous of the force users and Knights of Ren due to them having the force. Though all cards are on the table at the moment as to why FN-2826 doesn't like force users. Further testing will ensue as to determine why FN-2826 has a distaste for Force Users and further testing will ensue to determine if FN-2826 had a connection to the force. If he does, his classification may change from a stormtrooper to something else depending on what the Supreme Leader deems absolutely necessary.

Force Alignment: N/A
Face-claim: Domahel Gleason

[X] (Normal)

[X] (Battle)




Species: Human
Sex: Male
Skin Pigmentation: Caucasian
Skin Type: Smooth
Eye Color: Steel Grey
Hair Color: Red-blonde
Hair Type: Thick & Soft
Height: 5'10
Weight: 156 lbs.
Build: Lean & Muscular
Muscle Type: Lean
Age: 28

Medical Record:

(Lightsaber) - Diagonal scar on face, caused by unknown Force-user; Barely Noticeable, Noticeable, Very Noticeable, Distinguishing

​-Fixed via synthetic flesh graft

(Fire) - Burns scars across lower back; Barely Noticeable, Noticeable, Very Noticeable, Distinguishing


None as of Yet


Strengths & Weaknesses:

[+]Marksman - Vihar has been noted as having a good eye for accuracy in tense firefights. Often times being noted to take out a dangerous target with no civilian causalities in which a civilian casualty would've happened otherwise. Vihar also knows his way around a gun, being rather well versed in them due to being trained from birth from when he could take his first steps. With his FOSB training and experience, Vihar grew to be an very capable marksman, especially when using a sniper

[+]Charismatic - As his time in the FOSB increased, so did Vihar's reliance on manipulation as well. This thus resulted in his pattern of speech becoming more...charismatic and manipulative in time as well.

[-]Fear of FireVihar has shown in multiple physiological evaluations of housing a fear of fire within his mind. This development must've happened from multiple deployments to the field in which his life was in mortal peril. The most noteworthy time being when he had gotten stuck under a tank that he was in command of after it had exploded from a stray enemy missile. His back had burned as he cried helplessly for someone to help him on that wretched field of death and decay. Ever since then, fire had become something Vihar absolutely fears, though he is able to cope with it in barrack life relatively easy knowing that he isn't in harm's way.

[-]Prone to Anger - Vihar had been identified as getting angry easily and quite often. Multiple therapy sessions haven't been able to quell this problem with an otherwise exemplary soldier. When Vihar does have outbursts of anger they can often be violent and uncontrollable, making him lash out at friend and enemy alike. Though, this trait does make him especially deadly in combat scenarios. However, it also makes him sloppy at times in combat and prone to leaving open spots to get injured through his aggression.


20 July 2018 - 12:17 AM



Persecuted and Hunted by the Goliath's, Shaper's of the Elements




  • Intent: To create a new and unique race of creatures that specifically are element shapers and possess the ability to telepathically communicate with each other
  • ​Image Credit
    • [X](Marvel Comics; Deadpool Comic)
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links
    • Justification for Element Shapers - [X]
    • Justification for thickness and hardness of skin - [X]


  • Name: Skarr's
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld
  • Language
    • Skantu - Common language, written and spoken language
    • Soquy - Uncommon Language, written runic language
    • Swuxio - Rare Language, spoken ceremonial language
  • Average Lifespan: Unknown
  • Estimated PopulationRare
  • Description: [ Provide a short paragraph that describes this species at a glance. More in-depth descriptions can be added in distinctions below. ]


  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average height of adults: 7Ft to 8Ft
  • Average length of adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Green
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: [ Describe the unique physical traits that define what they are and set them apart from more common species like humans. Be sure to include any differences between male and female, as well variations between differing regional groups if any, and characteristics that denote a matured or aging specimen. ]
  • Races: [ Not subspecies, distinct cultural or physical races (aka, just like human races). ]
  • Strengths:
    • [+]Elemental Shapers
    • [+]Semi-thick Skin
    • [+]Fast & Agile - 
    • [+]Intelligent
  • Neutral Attributes:
    • [+/-]Two Hearts - The Skarr's have a remarkable genetic trait, within their chests, are two hearts. This allows them to operate under far more physical strength than most if not all other human-like species. These two hearts allow the Skarr's to work longer, and much harder than most other species and allows them to sustain themselves in combat for much longer than most others. The two hearts also help to allow their intake of breath and breathable air to be doubled the normal amount, greatly improving their performance. If one heart is damaged or destroyed, the Skarr can still survive even with only one heart. Although, it's going to be difficult for the Skarr. With now only one heart working, their lifespan will be shortened. When only a single heart is present, however, the Skarr's will experience shortness of breath more often and they will not be able to do as much work or work for as long as they used to be able to do or be able to easily sustain themselves for long periods of time during combat. Also with this, the Skarr's won't be able to use their elemental shaper abilities for as long or as frequently during combat.
  • Weaknesses:
    • [-]Sensitive Hearing - Skarr's have large sized, goblin-elf like ears on either side of their head. These ears can help them hear things from up to six-hundred feet away. They had developed this evolutionary trait due to them constantly being pursued and in some cases, killed by their larger and stronger genetic-relative, the Goliath's. However, their large hears are highly sensitive to loud sounds. Such as sonic weapons for example. When a sonic weapon is used against a Skarr, they will in most cases be temporarily deafened and if they are using any shaper abilities, than these abilities will automatically stop working as their concentration will fracture which will leave them temporarily vulnerable to damage.
    • [-]Sensitive Vision - Skarr's have large eyes that can take in many details from their environment. The exact reason they evolved to have this evolutionary trait is unknown, though most suspect it was to help them survive against the Goliath's who hunted them down. With their eyes taking in many details, this can leave them actually quite open to attack. They don't have much of a peripheral vision, basically blinding them in some areas of their vision. The Skarr's eyes are also highly sensitive to large, blinding lights which can temporarily blind them and can make them lose their concentration easily.
    • [-]Energy Requirement - The Skarr's can accomplish many things, and with these many things, they use up a large amount of energy. The Skarr's can get tired more quickly than most other species in prolonged combat, even with their two hearts. They need more subsistence than most other species due to the heavy toll their shaper abilities take on their bodies physically, draining their energy at a steady rate.
    • [-]God Complex - The Skarr's view themselves as superior to many other species, save for the Goliath's They view themselves as being faster than most other species along with viewing themselves as stronger than most other species through their natural shaper abilities. This makes the Skarr's act extremely overconfident in their abilities and makes them extremely arrogant when fighting against species that they view as 'lesser' than themselves. This makes them unintentionally open up themselves to attack and makes them leave themselves up for enemies to exploit their weaknesses.
    • [-]Shapers are not Forever


  • Diet: [ Note down common fods, what is poisonous]
  • Communication:
    • Telepathy, the Skarr's 
  • Technology level: [ Describe their societal technology level ]
  • Religion/Beliefs: [ If this species has a prominent religion or set of beliefs, describe them here. ]
  • General behavior: [ Describe general behaviors such as: family life, values, how they raise their young, how they find mates, how they interact with the world and other species around them. Do they hunt? Do they build? Are they inventors? Are they explorers? Are they nocturnal or diurnal? Do they attend schools? Etc, etc. ]

[ Describe an abridged history.  If your species is genetically engineered or Sithspawn please describe the process through which they were created, by who, and why in at least three paragraphs. Explain the various challenges encountered during their creation. Most galactic species will be quite old - major events relevant to the species in how they evolved and developed into what they are today where appropriate. ]


18 July 2018 - 10:57 PM


The Goliath's

Superior to Humanity in Every Way




  • Intent: To create a new, unique species to inhabit the planet of Cyclops and to create a species that is superior to baseline humans and most baseline human-like races
  • ​Image Credit:
    • [X](Avengers: Infinity War, promotional Art/Posters)
    • [X](Captain Marvel; Concept Artist's Instagram)
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links
    • ​Justification for resistance to Mind-altering abilities - [X]
    • Justification for thickness and hardness of Skin - [X]


  • Name: Goliath
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld
  • Language
    • Bakc'tu - Written & Spoken Language
    • Tuo'fout - Ceremonial & Religious Spoken Language
    • ​Tufo'kanto - Ceremonial & Religious Written Language
    • Galactic Standard Basic
  • Average Lifespan: Unknown Lifespan, estimated to be five hundred years
  • Estimated PopulationPlanetary
  • Description:
    • "These 'Goliath's,' as I've come to call them...are wonders of nature. They seem to have adapted in such a way to the environment of Cyclops that they are always, at least from what I've observed, in peak physical performance. They sand much taller than a normal man, and they are much stronger than a normal man as I've...as I've seen. Hunter Zoloman, my companion, compatriot, and security on this venture...who came with me to hunt down a Goliath, was killed by one of these things. It was all so quick, it was hard to tell what happened save for the final moments. The Goliath's large hand clasped around Zoloman's head...and then I hear a disgusting crack of bone, though I never looked back," excerpt audio-log one from explorer Samson Woodruck.
    • "The Goliath's themselves have very unique skin tones which I've never seen before, some are purple, some are grey, some are blue...all of these skin tones are exceptionally stunning and unique, it's nothing that I've ever seen before. They themselves seem to be monsters on the field of battle, their skin is thick enough that even Zoloman's hunting slug didn't pierce through it's body. It might've done skin damage, though the Goliath it's self didn't seem to be harmed," excerpt audio-log two from explorer Samson Woodruck.


  • Breathes: Type I 
  • Average height of adults: 7 Ft - 9 Ft
  • Average length of adults: N/A
  • Skin color
    • Common Skin Colors:
      • Shades of purple
      • Shades of blue
      • Shades of black
      • Shades of grey
      • Shades of white
    • Uncommon Skin Colors:
      • Shades of green
      • Shades of red
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions
    • Only difference between females and males is genitalia.
  • Races:
    • Cursed Ones/Skarr's
      • 0c6339c0dec8b91d7d267c6adf4979ad.jpg
        • The Cursed Ones, or Skarr's, are seen as a genetic abomination among most of the Goliath's. Only the followers of 'The True Path' religion view these Skarr's as pure and being 'normal,' not being an abomination. Skarr's themselves are believed to be a sub-species of the Goliath's, if not a distantly related species through some evolutionary ancestor. Skarr's themselves have far less physical strength than the normal Goliath's and Skarr's don't have as thick of skin as the Goliath's only coming in at 1.5 centimeters and not 3.5 centimeters like the Goliath's. Although physically weaker than the Goliath's, the Skarr's do still posses a relatively large amount of strength, still exceeding that of an adult human male. Another distinguishing feature between the Skarr's and the Goliath's are their ears, and remarkable ability to hear things. All Skarr's are built leaner than the Goliath's, and thus much faster. In documented studies, the Skarr's were shown to be far more intelligent by miles than your typical Goliath and even being able to communicate through telepathy in a few case.
  • Strengths:
    • [+]Powerful Physical StrengthThe Goliath's are physically very powerful in terms of strength alone. This is due to their upbringing in a dangerous arid environment, their thick skin, and just their overall peak physical performance and muscle mass. Hunting and fighting has always been apart of the Goliath's history, so much in fact, that they began to develop new muscle groups and their bodies were able to develop room for more muscles on their hulking frames. The exact strength of a Goliath is unknown, though it is widely believed that most if not all Goliath's can easily crush a human skull with one hand.
    • [+]Thick Skin - The Goliath's skin is a thick 3.5 centimeters, making it very difficult for most slugthrowers and even blasters to penetrate through their thick skin. The Goliath's don't just have thick skin, they also have layers of collagen arranged in a lattice pattern which is heavily prominent through their skin. This first developed as a case to help keep water in their body, though overtime become more of combat-oriented evolutionary trait. Their skin is nigh impervious to most blunt blows from melee weapons and slicing weapons. For lightsabers, it'll take more than a simple chop from that super-heated plasma blade to break fully through their skin and bone. Also, due to the frequent lightning storms on Cyclops, the Goliath's skin has somewhat of a resistance to lightning. This thus makes the use of force lightning not as effective against a Goliath, although prolonged exposure to force lightning can prove the same affects as if it had been done to a regular human.
    • [+]Closed Minds - Goliath's are not force dead, though the ability of a Goliath to have the ability to use the force is quite rare. However, all members of the Goliath's had their minds closed to the force, making such force techniques such as mind tricks, and other forms of mind manipulation techniques worthless and useless against the 'closed off' minds of the Goliath's.
    • [+]Longevity - The Goliath's are most always in peak physical performance for a member of their species, their diet almost always consisting of a healthy and organic diet from their home-grown farms. This makes practically all members of their species live incredibly long, however exact numbers are unknown. The oldest documented living Goliath was Rasp'kutan, who had lived up to at least five-hundred years, however his exact fate is unknown. For older members of the race of Goliath's, they still remain in peak physical condition, although a bit weaker than their younger counterparts, though still strong enough to overpower a few humans in most cases.
  • ​Neutral Attributes:
    • ​[+/-]Two HeartsThe Goliath's have a remarkable genetic trait, within their chests, are two hearts. This allows them to operate under far more physical strength than most if not all other human-like species. These two hearts allow the Goliath's to work longer, and much harder than most other species and allows them to sustain themselves in combat for much longer than most others. The two hearts also help to allow their intake of breath and breathable air to be doubled the normal amount, greatly improving their performance. If one heart is damaged or destroyed, the Goliath can still survive even with only one heart. Although, it's going to be difficult for the Goliath. With now only one heart working, their lifespan will be shortened, although even then they'll still live longer than the normal Goliath. When only a single heart is present, however, the Goliath's will experience shortness of breath more often and they will not be able to do as much work or work for as long as they used to be able to do or be able to easily sustain themselves for long periods of time during combat.
  • Weaknesses:
    • [-]Slow - The Goliath's are large and imposing masses of flesh and muscle, standing much taller than your typical human and than most other near-human races. However, their heavy weight which comes from their large and hulking masses of muscle, make them slow.
    • [-]Heavy - The Goliath's are, of course, large and have imposing masses of muscles on their large and bulky frames. This makes them quite heavy and their movements, at least walking and running wise, much slower. But, would make each punch and kick and attack of theirs have more power and weight behind it. With their heavy weight, the Goliath's also basically just sink in water. Their heavy weight prevents swimming from being an effective avenue from getting out of water.
    • [-]God Complex - The Goliath's view themselves as 'superior' in every way to most if not all other human-like races, including humans. They view themselves as better than most other races in every way, save for a select few. Due to this type of mental complex they have, Goliath's oftentimes act overconfident and arrogant when fighting against smaller, and lesser races which they view as inferior. This makes them underestimate their enemies and thus, can make Goliath's open to attacks they otherwise wouldn't open themselves up to be exploited.
    • [-]Large Target - The Goliath's themselves are large, stand in at an average of eight feet, if not sometimes much taller than that average. This, however, makes them quite easy targets on the field of battle due to their large size and stature alone.
    • [-]Poor Night Vision - The Goliath's have spent all of their evolutionary life on the surface of Cyclops, in the desert. They always hunt by day, and rarely ever by night as to not become an unlucky victim to those animals who prowl the deserts at night. This had lead them to have, almost no night vision capability. They can still somewhat see at night, though not by much. This makes them almost completely blind in a pitch black environment, forcing them to rely on their other senses.


  • Diet
    • Common Foods - Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts
  • Communication
    • Vocal
    • Written
  • Technology level
    • Mix of Bronze-age Technology with salvaged and repaired galactic standard technology and weapons.
  • Religion/Beliefs
    • Monyu'yui
      • Monyu'yui is a religion of plotheisitcisim, the belief and worship of multiple gods. Of these gods, eight exist. Though, the only names that are known of said God's are that of Nyimp and and Rakou. Nyimp is the Heavenly Watcher from above, the eternal guardian for the Goliath's. While Rakou is seen as the eternal one, the god of all, the creator and destroyer of all beings. Rakou is said to have gave a single breath out onto the Galaxy, bringing life to all planet's which he deemed so.
    • The True Path
      • The True Path is a monotheistic religion, a religion which only worships and believes in a single God. The god that the followers of the True Path is Rasputin, the 'true' creator of the Universe. It hearkens eerie similarities with the Galactic Standard Bible, with likenesses of Rasputin representing 'God' and Rakou, of the Monyu'yui religion, representing 'Satan.' These similarities between these two religions are incredibly obvious and yet so very different from one another, though it remains unknown as how to how the True Path religions hearkens back to the Galactic Standard Bible despite the two never making contact with each other for over two millennia.
  • General behavior
    • People will typically go hunting and gathering some time during the day, while others attend gladiatorial battles, chariot races, or just go exploring through the nearby landscape. Life on Cyclops is, well...it's quite simple in all honestly. Not much happens on Cyclops, at least, for most people. The people who follow 'The True Path' however, are usually in a constant struggle for survival. Some followers of this religion are located in regions where Monyu'yui practitioners, and they either face constant harassment or are exiled...and then attacked in most cases by those who practice Monyu'yui.
    • On a religious basis, those who practice Monyu'yui pray five times a day, twice in the morning, once in midday, and twice in the evening. Along with this, they offer sacrifices to their numerous God's above. Twice a week, they hold eight hour ceremonies to their god's above in worship of each them, an hour for each. For the followers of the True Path, they offer up sacrifices to Rasputin through animal and incense offerings along with the shedding of enemy blood of the field of battle. Rasputin, although a 'fair' God, is one of battle. It is said he blesses all who fight under his banner. and from this, the followers of Rasputin gain their strength. They offer monthly offerings to Rasputin. The followers of Rasputin also sacrifice at least one follower of the Monyu'yui religion per year, offering up his blood as sacrifice and his body to be a gift for Rasputin. For this ceremony, they capture a healthy and strong Goliath and then sacrifice said healthy Goliath, after all, Rasputin deserves the best his followers have to offer.
    • Building and Architecture typically consists of either sandstone or adobe style buildings with fine, geometric edges. A few small groups of the Goliath's practice a much more urbanized and refined style of architecture, consisting of rounded edges and smooth surfaces.


  • Not much is known about the Goliath's, save that they themselves were only recently discovered...by a few hundred years that is. However, nobody has gone back to their homeworld of Cyclops due to fears of being attacked by the colossal and often unpredictable Goliaths...that and the lightning storms make any type of modern habitation effort by a foreign people difficult and often times useless and futile.
  •  Then their was the gulag plague which killed off a large number of inhabitants on Cyclops, and then their was the Netherworld event. The Gulag Plague event was seen as punishment for the people's of Cyclops, which resulted in the increased hunting against those practitioners of the True Path. The Netherworld event was seen as a 'sign' by the Goliath's deities that change was coming. Which did come, as explorers came in more frequency to Cyclops along with slavers and corporations, looking to try and wrest control of the world of Cyclops. Though, they hadn't been planning for the electrical storms that happened for six months. During this short, six month time frame, the Goliaths and native humans, who had been at odd with each other for centuries, attacked their enemies in earnest and with speed. From this, they wretched thousands upon thousands of pieces of technology from their enemies, most of which had left.
  • However, the little contact that the Goliath's do have with the greater Galaxy is primarily through trade for cheap weapons, solar panels, and rudimentary water vaporators.


17 July 2018 - 06:19 PM



Birthplace and Home of the Goliath's




  • Intent: To use a blend of different African environments along with an interesting cultural and religious background for the inhabitants of this plant. To offer a new and unique world for various rp's.
  • ​Image Credit:


  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: 


  • Planet Name: Cyclops
  • Demonym: Cyclopsies
  • Region: Unknown
  • System Name: Myttian Void
  • System Features:
    • Rotational Period: Thirty-six Standard Hours
    • ​Orbital Period: Five-hundred and Sixty-three days; 20,268 Standard Hours
    • Length of Galactic Standard Month: Roughly Thirty-one days, roughly 1,116 Standard Hours
    • Length of a Standard Seasonal Period: Roughly One-hundred and Forty days, roughly 5,040 Standard Hours
    • Size of Planet: Twice the size of Earth
    • Amount of Suns: Three Suns, one large sun, and two smaller
    • Type of Suns: Two smaller suns are M-class(red), large sun is G-class(yellow)
      • Nyimp - [X] & [X]
          • Nyimp, the red planet, or 'Nyimp, the Heavenly Watcher,' as it is called in the Goliath's polytheistic religion of Monyu'yui. Nyimp is a lifeless, void less world. It once did harbor an atmosphere of some sort, one where plant life once thrived and where small mammalian animals scurried across it's iron-rich, red soil. At one time, it's clouds were rich and full of oxygen and nitrogen, with swirling purple clouds from which flight-capable reptiles dove from above onto the mammals, most of which were small, some of which were big, of below. Solar radiation and intense solar winds eventually, however, stripped Nyimp of all life over the course of a few centuries. Thus, it was left to be a barren, lifeless world with only iron-rich soil now. Fossils litter the surface of Nyimp, where once creatures of grandeur walked among it's beautiful red plains, and through the once breathtaking and gargantuan trees filled with leave of a deep, hypnotizing red. Abandoned lunar bases now are scattered across the surface of Nyimp, all that remain of someone's attempts at reaching the mineral rich soils and the priceless treasures which were the fossils of Nyimp.​​​​​
          • ​​​​​​​​Nyimp has an elliptical orbit, similar to that of the planet of Cyclops. During a six month out of eighteen month stretch of time, both Nyimp and Cyclops would pass by close to each other due to their overlapping elliptical orbits. This would, in turn, cause electronic and magnetic disturbance on both worlds. The electrical and magnetic disturbance caused by the closeness of these two worlds would cause any electrical equipment on either planet to shut down for six months at a time, along with throwing compasses out of wack for six months, until the storms let up. Thus, this was probably the reason the numerous lunar bases and colonies on Nyimp, from various now age-dead factions, were abandoned in the first place. From these disturbances, large electrical storms would ignite like fire on gasoline across both worlds. These storms, would wage for roughly six months, as this was the time period from which both worlds would pass by each other and be very close to each other as well. Occasionally, these storms would of course stop, allowing sunlight in, though this only happened twice during the six month period. This happened mid-way through the first month and mid-way through the last month, as these were the times the planet's began to either drift further apart or further together, both near the end and beginning of this monuments and terrifying cycle.


  • Coordinates: F-33
  • Major Imports: 
    • Cheap Technology of all Kinds
    • Solar Panels
  • Major Exports: 
    • Quadanium
    • Artifacts


  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate:
    • The climate of Cyclops is arid and hot. At least, this is the case for most of the planet. A large amount of the viable, livable surface area of the planet is covered in an unending, forever stretching, desert of sand. In this area of Cyclops, temperatures can reach up to two-hundred degrees Fahrenheit, however that is the highest estimated amount. On average, the desert areas of the planet range between one-hundred to one-hundred and eighty degrees Fahrenheit, making the deserts practically unlivable...at least for humans that is. Their is little cloud cover over the deserts of Cyclops, making the striking three suns of Cyclops bring down 'death' and intense heat from high above. However, the atmosphere is thick enough and dense enough to where the 'safe' amount of solar radiation can get through, though balanced between three stars instead of just a singular star.
    • Not all of the planet is just desert however, rollings plains runs across the planet's livable ground along with forests of large trees and endlessly deep, blue oceans filled with all sorts of wonder and danger beneath their welcoming blue waves. These areas of the planet are typically just cloudy enough to protect them from the full brunt of the three suns beaming down from above. These areas also received much more rain than the typical desert, thus resulting in more well-watered plants and more plants in general. Over time, the plants in these areas have adapted to the three suns, having large water reservoirs within them and having thick plant fibers used as structuring to protect themselves from the intense heat. With this, the plants also are coated in a soft, almost liquid-like substance which helped to both absorb the heat and to convert into 'batteries' to store excess energy given off by the three suns.
  • Primary Terrain: 
    • 35% of Land is covered in Desert & Canyons
    • 35% of Land is covered in Ocean
    • 30% of Land is covered in Plains, Forests, and more 'life-sustaining' places; located along coastlines & islands
  • Atmosphere: Type I
  • Major Locations: 
    • Zygio, the Coastal Tooth - [X]
        • Zygio, the city of millennia. The city itself was built well over a thousand years ago, marking it as one of the first cities built by the Goliath's. It stands as a testament to their craftsmanship and their ingenuity in somehow surviving on a world where surviving should be nigh impossible, what with the intense heat given off by the three sun's and the dangerous wildlife. The city took well over ten years to construct and survived numerous battles and wars and even a tsunami back in it's day. Millions of people live within Zygio and it remains to be the capital of Clan Zygion ever since it was first constructed.
        • It was first constructed after the survivors of Clan Zygion began their long march towards the coast. They had barely made it out of the gut-wrenching and death-filled Battle of the Autualk. The Battle of the Autualk had begun on the sandy wastes of Autualk, between the Goliath's, Clan Zygion and the human tribe of Mand. Needless to say, thousands died in the coming battle. Despite the Goliath's being, in all cases, superior physically and mentally to the humans. Although, the humans had something those of Clan Zygion didn't, numbers and technology. The Rakatans has left behind advanced ranged weapons, which the humans of Tribe Mand made use of, slaughtering a good number of the Goliath's before Clan Zygion retreated. The remaining members of Clan Zygion retreated eastwards towards the coast. It was a long, tiring journey...leaving some of the Goliath's dead, though eventually they made it...and thrived on the lush coastline...resulting in the city of Zygio.
    • Rakou's Orb/Rasputin's Gift - [X](View of Walkway into Orb) & [X](Full View)
        • 'Rakou, the God of the Three Setting Suns' in the religion of Monyu'yui as the orb is named after Rakou. In the religion of Monyu, the shortened name for Monyu'yui, Rakou is the God of the Three Suns, the lord and creator and destroyer of all life. The Goliath's see Rakou as some, 'supreme' being, they see him as the 'creator' of all the other heavenly entities, in a sense, they believe him to be the creator, and destroyer of all that has and all that will ever exist. That was when the Goliath's of Clan Thyanos found'Rakou's Orb,' as they named it, they worshiped it. They viewed it, not as if it were their God, but as if it were some physical and eternal heavenly object created by Rakou, something that he had left behind before he had left the mortal plane of existence and traveled to the Netherworld. In short, they viewed the Orb as the last of Rakou's creations, the last remnant of his power...and thus, they worshiped it as if he was still there, in the 'flesh.'
        • Rakou's Orb was discovered in the 'Glass Waste,' a desert that had been scarred by the lighting storms in the area. The sands of the Desert of Light had been struck so much by the lightning, that the sand it's self had become super-heated in such a way as it turned to glass. It...was like an unfinished part of Cyclops that Rakou himself hadn't finished before he had left. Thus, leading to the belief that Rakou's Orb was a tool used by Rakou for the construction and destruction of heavenly things. Rakou's Orb eventually became a Holy Place, where all Goliath's would travel to at least once in their lives. Outside of Cyclops, the Orb is believed to have been of Rakatan in origin, though it's exact purpose and power remains unknown.
        • However, not all things were meant to be. A splinter group of Clan Thyanos had been gathered together under the banner of Rasp'kutan, who was either a genetically-abnormal Goliath or subspecies of Goliath who had been exiled from his clan. The exact reasons for him being exiled weren't important, what was important was what he was planning to do. Rasp'kutan and his followers, which numbered in the hundreds, marched to Rakou's Orb. In the dead of night, as Rasp'kutan approached close to the orb and placed his green hand on the exterior if the Orb, a rectangular doorway opened in the orb which was followed by a walkway which fell to Rasp'kutan's feet. Then, he walked inside of the structure. He was greeted to a sterile white and gold environment, no dust covered the ground despite never being walked in for centuries. As Rasp'kutan walked through the interior of the Orb, visions and images came to his mind, visions of the future, of a Great Galactic War. And visions of the past, visions of an...Infinite Empire and of a War between people called the Jedi and people called the Sith. Then, he saw an image of a triangular hallway, the image became burned into his mind and his feet somehow, carried him automatically and without reason to the doorway. Rasp'kutan was hesitant at first...but then he walked through the hallway, and then through the circular doorway.
        • Whatever else happened in the Orb was lost to history and the ramblings of what most viewed as a 'radical,' an 'extremist' and a 'cultist.' Three days later, he emerged from the Orb...his eye color was now a deep red with black highlights marked within it and Rasp'kutan had this look about him, a strange, far off look...like he were awaiting something. Rasp'kutan, along with his followers, would shortly thereafter, form 'The True Path' This was a new, monotheistic religion formed from Rasp'kutan's experience in the Orb. All followers of Monyu, from thenceforth, viewed this new 'religion', as a cult and would exile any who would follow it. Rasputin was a voice that Rasp'kutan had heard countlessly throughout the Orb.
        • "...I heard these voices, voices chanting the name of 'Rasputin, whoever that might've been...I soon found out who it was. This, Rasputin was a figure of black ash and bloody red. He had no face, yet he spoke as though he were a chorus of voices all round me. He called me by name, and spoke to me of his great work which I shall not utter here to not incur his great and glorious wrath. He held a weapon aloft in his arms, from which the blade was stuck into the shiny ground below me. He lifted the weapon from the ground and held it out aloft to me as a gift to me. I took it generously, and he told me that from this weapon, the one I hold now in my hands, would be a tool from which he would speak to me...and that all of my descendants would bear his presence with them, always and forever. I declare to you, this day, that Rakou was killed by this Rasputin...Rasputin is the true God of all of us. Rakou was a false god, from which Rasputin gratefully silenced for his misdoings and misdeeds that have led us astray. Today, I call all of you unto the service of Rasputin...the one true ruler of us all..." This is an excerpt from Rasp'kutan's speech to his followers, right after he had left the Orb. Days later, Rasp'kutan would crown himself as, 'The Speaker of Rasputin,' he would adorn the armor that had been gifted to him by this, 'Rasputin.' His followers would then take weapons from aboard the Orb and leave with them. Afterwords, him and his followers would then retreat into the desert, some of his followers spread about the land...filling the ears of those who would listen of Rasputin. Years later, The 'Speaker' as he now called himself, Rasp'kutan would conquer many lands of the native humans and of the native Golaitha's...naming his empire, 'Rasputin.'
    • Glass Waste's - [X]
        • ​The Glass Wastes is what happened to a small stretch(8%) of the global encompassing desert. After centuries and centuries of the constant lightning storms, this part of the desert became most affected by the six-month stretch of constant lightning storms. The sand became super-heated after being struck by sand, resulting in large and abnormal glass spirals and crystals to jut upwards from the ground in an extremely abnormal and almost supernatural way. With this, parts of sand dunes became transformed into large and strange 'monuments' of glass. This area is referenced as a 'Holy Region,' by the practitioners of Monyu'yui. It is seen as the place where Rakou had never finished creation before he left the mortal realm and joined the Nether Realm. However, to those practitioners of 'The True Path,' this place is seen as the battlefield from which Rasputin and Rakou fought one another, from which Rasputin had killed the 'false god' which was Rakou in a glorious battle before he was forced to leave the mortal wound due to grievous wounds he had received in doing battle with Rakou.
    • The Red City - [X]
        • The Red City became the home and dwelling place of the followers of the 'True Path' religion after they fled from Rakou's Orb or Rasputin's Gift. The city was discovered by Rasp'kutan, who claimed to have been guided by Rasputin himself through visions to find this ancient city. The city it's self is of unknown origin, though it is assumed that the Rakatan created this city, though with rudimentary materials from the native environment. Despite the city looking of native origin, the inside is far from it. The interior is filled with numerous amounts of advanced technology and equipment, all of which the Goliath's had never seen before. With this, their was also an object of unknown origin and use. Whatever use the cube provides, none know if it...or those who did, are no longer alive.



  • Native Species:
    • Sentient Species:
      • Possibly Rakatan (Infinite Empire Era, various artifacts and structures, possibly confirmed)
      • Goliath's
      • Humans
    • Fauna: (* means rare)
      • Elephants
      • Rhinos
      • Gazelle
      • Lions
      • Zebras
      • *Bull Rancor
      • *Krayt Dragon
      • Giraffes
      • Jackals
      • Camel
      • *Sand Dragon
      • Sand Bat
      • Sand Flea
      • Sand Fly
      • Tripion
      • Scorpion Rat
      • Crocodiles
      • *Sand Burrower
      • Tasmanian Devil
      • Venomous Snakes
      • Giant Centipede
  • Immigrated Species:
    • Sentient Species:
      • Hutts
      • Zabraks​
      • Tortugans
      • Twi'leks
      • Other Alien Species
    • Fauna:
      • Dewback
  • Population: Moderately Populated, Five Billion
  • Demographics: 
    • Goliath's and Native Humans - 95%
    • Immigrated Aliens - 5%
  • Primary Languages: 
    • Bakc'tu - Written and Spoken (Most of the Native Sentient's
    • Galactic Standard Basic (Immigrated Sentient's and a few Native Sentient's)
  • Culture:
    • The daily life of Cyclops is similar to that of a more bronze age society, at least for most people. People will typically go hunting and gathering some time during the day, while others attend gladiatorial battles, chariot races, or just go exploring through the nearby landscape. Life on Cyclops is, well...it's quite simple in all honestly. Not much happens on Cyclops, at least, for most people. The people who follow 'The True Path' however, are usually in a constant struggle for survival. Some followers of this religion are located in regions where Monyu'yui practitioners, and they either face constant harassment or are exiled...and then attacked in most cases by those who practice Monyu'yui.
    • On a religious basis, those who practice Monyu'yui pray five times a day, twice in the morning, once in midday, and twice in the evening. Along with this, they offer sacrifices to their numerous God's above. Twice a week, they hold eight hour ceremonies to their god's above in worship of each them, an hour for each. For the followers of the True Path, they offer up sacrifices to Rasputin through animal and incense offerings along with the shedding of enemy blood of the field of battle. Rasputin, although a 'fair' God, is one of battle. It is said he blesses all who fight under his banner. and from this, the followers of Rasputin gain their strength. They offer monthly offerings to Rasputin. The followers of Rasputin also sacrifice at least one follower of the Monyu'yui religion per year, offering up his blood as sacrifice and his body to be a gift for Rasputin. For this ceremony, they capture a healthy and strong Goliath and then sacrifice said healthy Goliath, after all, Rasputin deserves the best his followers have to offer.
  • Major Religions:
    • Monyu'yui, polytheistic religion
      • 85% of Goliath's practice this religion
      • 10% of Human's practice this religion
    • The True Path, monotheistic religion
      • 15% of Goliath's practice this religion
      • 25% of Human's practice this religion
    • ​The Sun is Key, monotheistic religion
      • ​65% of Human's practice this religion


  • Government: 
    • Tribal Republic - Most of the Planet
    • Theocratic Monarchy - Empire of Rasputin
  • Affiliation: Unaffiliated
  • Wealth: 
    • The relative wealth of Cyclops, is low...at least on a galactic level. To the inhabitants of Cyclops, specifically the natives, they don't see themselves as poor. They see themselves as having everything from which they need to survive, they don't have an excess of credits nor need them. They rely entirely on their surroundings, at least the natives do that is. They get everything they need from their surroundings, and don't see the need to rely on outsider help...well, except for technology. As for how they get this technology...well, they steal it in some cases and in other cases do a mutual trade. Such as eighteen laser guns for five chunks of medium-sized unrefined quadanium. AS for the immigrated sentient's, they are poor by galactic based standards due to the low amount of resourced that they can export from Cyclops.
  • Stability: High
  • Freedom & Oppression: Relaxed and open


  • Military: 
    • The world of Cyclops is still...basically in the bronze age, with a few technological improvements but not by much. The majority of the military force of Cyclops is scattered about the planet, embroiled in their own issues and skirmishes. The military force is laughable compared to any other planet's military, specifically because they still use metal swords and shields, with a few laser guns mixed in but not much. Though, people, specifically the Goliath's, use elephants and bears
  • Technology: 
    • The technology level of Cyclops is, basically the bronze age. It's far from comparable with the rest of the galaxy. Wherease the rest of the galaxy had hundreds of laser guns and tanks, Cyclops basically had elephant riders, bear riders, and swords and shields and the occasional laser gun.


  • Cyclops was discovered long ago, though was deemed an unfit world to colonize due to it's natural hostile fauna and it's dangerous, albeit useful native sentient species, the Goliath's. Much of the Goliath's history is shrouded in mystery, while other pieces have been lost to history. The language of the Goliath's, Bakc'tu, was hard for many to decipher, thus resulting in little known about them. What is known about them, however, is that they're big, strong, and far superior to most regular bipedal, human-like species due to their shear size alone. As time progressed, the planet of Cyclops became embroiled in the Clone Wars...at least temporarily. It was just for a few months that the Republic and CIS fought over Cyclops, both sides supported by different clans of the Goliath's. The Republic prevailed in the end, they offered support to the inhabitants of Cyclops and offered technology and medicine to them from which they had never seen before.
  • The Galactic Civil War passed by without much issue. Then their was the gulag plague which killed off a large number of inhabitants on Cyclops, and then their was the Netherworld event. The Netherworld event was seen as a 'sign' by the Goliath's deities that change was coming. Which did come, as explorers came in more frequency to Cyclops along with slavers and corporations, looking to try and wrest control of the world of Cyclops. Though, they hadn't been planning for the electrical storms that happened for six months. During this short, six month time frame, the Goliaths and native humans, who had been at odd with each other for centuries, attacked their enemies in earnest and with speed. From this, they wretched thousands upon thousands of pieces of technology from their enemies, most of which had left.


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  • Intent: To add a new Cyberpunk-esque planet to the Starwars Universe for new and interesting rp’s and to try and ass a breath of fresh-air to otherwise bland and regular planets.
  • ​Image Credit:
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  • Planet Name: Nyeon
  • Demonym: Nyeonian
  • Region: Mid
  • System Name: Nyon Pass
  • System Features:
  • Celestial Bodies:
    • Nyeon - Inhabited, (Mostly)City World
    • Maqu - Inhabited, Arid World
    • Royu and Uio - Uninhabited Desolate Worlds, Twin Moons of Nyeon
    • Nytui - Uninhabited, Lava World
    • Hoquin Prime - Inhabited, Frozen World

    • Asteroid 404; The Chalice- [X]

    • ​Asteroid 404, known as The Chalice, is a super-max prison created out of a hollowed out asteroid. The Asteroid was first utilized as a large mining station by the super-corporation, Totasku Industries. The asteroid was at one time, home to hundreds of mining drones and dozens upon dozens of mineral outcroppings. The mine ran dry after twenty years of operation, gifting Totasku Industries a twenty billion credits more than they had originally invested into the asteroid-complex mining operation. After it had gone dry, Totasku corporate figures were at a loss at what to do with the hollowed out asteroid. That was, until Kushkia Tutusika came in, the new and young CEO of Totasku Industries. He proposed the idea of an Asteroid prison complex, from which they could siphon work off of the prisoners. In a few years time, the prison was up and running, few years later, it's prisoners were being put...to good use. Totasku Industries would attach a cybernetic GPS node and a security collar to each and every prisoner, with or without their consent. This allows Totasku Industries to known the location of each and every prisoner every hour of every day. The security collar is bolted in surgically, making removal impossible without a professional or harm to one's self, the collar also has a built in electrocution switch to electrocute and temporarily knockout any prisoners who either try to escape or remove their collars. Asteroid 404 is home to over five-million prisoners. Totasku Industries is a company that can produce but is not limited to producing new medical procedures and drugs. The prisoners who make their home the Chalice, are victim to these new drugs and experimental medical procedures. Totasku Industries experiment on these prisoners, testing out new, and often-times, harmful drugs along with new breakthroughs in surgical procedures and medical procedures.

  • Maqu - [X]
    • Surface of Maqu - [X] - [X]
      • Maqu is one of the various unique planets harbored within the Nyon system. The planet it's self is quite hospitable. Sections of the planet are covered in long stretches of sulfur fields, spread about with extremely acidic and dangerous sulfuric ponds. Large sandstorms roll across the surface of the planet, along with monstrous and torturous clouds of acidic rain. Anything that isn't part of a sulfuric field or massive sulfuric ocean, is just an empty desert, filled with large rock outcroppings. The surface of Maqu is dotted in various once-inhabited structures. These structures can range from an age-old castle to a military outpost or mining outpost with now outdated technology from Nyeon.
      • Maqu's landscape alone is quite inhospitable and dangerous. Though, that's just the least of people's worries when they come to Maqu. The Maqunease (X) people haunt the land by day and by night. They are a nomadic and incredibly aggressive race of people, rumor has it that they can hide themselves among the sand and the sulfuric ponds to ambush any who would dare intrude on their land. Though, this claim hasn't been investigated much, though their are plenty of sightings and first-hand witnesses telling of these things. Not much is known about these people. What is known however, is their technology is primitive, or at least somewhat. They use home-made technology and re-purposed technology, the highest of their technological feats being large sail barges they use to quickly move across the sand. Though, they are not the only threat on Maqu. Large sandworms swim under the creeping, desolate sands and sulfuric fields of Maqu. These are massive, lumbering beasts that prowl under the sand, which can gobble up over two dozen humans in one gulp quite easily. Not much is known about them, save for their thick hide, hungry appetites, massive sites, and their terrifying presence in sandstorms. And that's not even including the sand-sharks. The sand sharks feed on the sand-striders, voracious carnivores which can quickly run across the land at high-speeds of fifty-miles an hour. Even with their voracious nature and aggresivness, some Magunease have been able to tame a few sand-striders, using them as efficient mounts.
      • Numerous corporations from Nyeon, both large and small in size and financial situation, have sent out expeditions to Maqu due to source's of Coaxium on Maqu. The number that have been successful, however, is marginal. Within the last one-hundred years, over five-hundred expeditions have been sent to Maqu to find the Coaxium sources and to try and cull the native population. Out of those five-hundred expeditions, only a mere ten have been able to survive and sustain themselves on Maqu. Mimbasa Incorporated, is the only corporation to have succesfully established a base of operations of Maqu within the last one-hundred and fifty years. Totasku Industries was able to do this before Mimbasa, though their base of operations of Maqu was destroyed after an explosion of coaxium destroyed their facility. Any survivors were lost in the subsequent sandstorm, presumed to have been eaten by a swarm of sand-sharks.
      • Mimbasa Incorporated established the 'city,' if you could call it that, of Rust-Devil. Rust-Devil is very much, a military stronghold and exporting hub used by Mimbasa. About 50% of Mimbasa's Incorporated private army is stationed on Maqu, meaning 5,000 soldiers are stationed to safeguard Rust-Devil and any Coaxium mining stations. That's not including the the robots who operate any military aircraft to try and safeguard the perimeter of any Mimbasa Incorporated facilities on Maqu. One could say the mines on Maqu were quite safe, though if anyone told you that, don't listen to them, they're an idiot. The sandworms are not the only things that lurk under the sand. Under the sands, their are also vicious and rather large quadruped creatures that can walk bipedal. These creatures are simply called, Daimonas. On their two back legs, they can stand at a whopping nine-feet, or taller. These creatures, although blind, have well-attuned senses. The Daimonas can sense vibrations through the sand, and along the ground as they walk, in a sense, knowing if someone is walking in front of them just by the mere vibrations their feet give off. These creatures are slightly slow, though they're deadly nonetheless. On all floors, they can reach twenty-miles an hour, with thick hide to make up for it along with numerous smaller arms to grab prey and gnaw on them with their hooked and serrated teeth.
  • ​​​​Asteroid 47; Nitro Dome - [X]

    • Asteroid 47, or the Nitro Dome, is a large race track that goes across a massive asteroid. The asteroid itself is held in place above Maqu through the use of large gravity well generators, helping the asteroid to remain in upper orbit of the Nitro Dome without burning up. To help with this, the asteroid also has metal plates grafted onto it's rocky hull to help act as a thermal shield along with a deflector shield to keep fresh air inside. The race track is a 5.2 oval with 28 degrees of banking, making for a large race track that can hold numerous contestants. Typically races will have up to fifty racers in them, though that number can rise to fifty-six contestants.
    • The Nitro Dome can hold over 500,000 thousand occupants and admission is quite high, though the spectacle is worth it. Fifty racers, all vying for first across a massive race-track. Then their's the catch, obstacles can instantly be put up or operated through mechanized means to add more danger and thrill to each and every race. The VIP's are the ones who bid money on the obstacles, the obstacle that gets the most money is the one put up. Though, that's not to say all races will have obstacles. For yearly events, such as the Nyitro Tournament, no obstacles are used to deter or mess up drivers and their vehicles from a fair chance at winning. Betting takes place pre-match, where both VIP's and regular occupants can bet on who they think will win.
    • Ninety-two ago, Mimbasa Incorporated was looking for new avenues of revenue to boost financial growth. Dozens of ideas were thrown about and debated about amongst corporate officials and a few prominent shareholders. Eventually, former CEO, Killian Arc, decided to take a gamble by investing fifteen billion credits into creating a large race-track on a large asteroid which was close to Maqu. It took twelve years of construction and financial investment and delays, though eventually the whole process came through. Killian Arc, however, never got to see this risk of his work out, as he was assassinated by a rival corporation, Totasku Industries. Though, construction continued, and today the Nitro Dome remains a large financial contributor to Mimbasa's continued financial success. The money they gained helped contribute to further ventures and expeditions for financial gain in their system, it also helped in large part, funding the financial indevore to send an expedition to Maqu.
  • Asteroid 77; The Golden City  - [X]
    • Asteroid 77, or The Golden City, is a massive asteroid colony consisting of a billion people. The Golden City uses two rather large asteroids, two medium-large sized asteroids, and about five or six medium to small sized asteroids. All of these asteroids are conjoined together through the use of titanium reinforced, quadanium beams which are bolted into the asteroids. Over a dozen beams connect all of the asteroids together with one another, keeping them locked in place. To help the asteroids remain in place, two gravity well generators were put in place to act as an artificial gravity system to help keep them together and to try and mimic a planet's gravity. A deflector shield is used to help keep in an oxygen reach, type I 'atmosphere' to make sure all inhabitants can breath the air cleanly and without much trouble. However, each inhabitant is required to have an emergency breathing mask on them at all times encase of an accident.
    • The first idea for this was conceived by Vanguard Industries as they began to buy up market shares. Though, they were soon stopped in their 'good intentioned' tracks by Nyon Solutions. Nyon Solutions bought half of Vanguard Industries in a stunning display, taking over Vanguard Industries once well-thought out idea. From this, Nyon Solutions set up a large city-like asteroid colony amongst numerous asteroids that were brought together, to one another. Nyon Solutions quickly advertised Asteroid 77 as a vibrant and exciting colony for many to see, and thus, many people flocked to it, for all of the 'opportunity' that it represented. Though, once they got there, their was in short, basically no way back. Once people reached the Golden City, they were signed into a contract where they would pay an 75% tax to Nyon Solutions in exchange for free housing and food. Various small subsidiaries of smaller companies flocked here, only to be tricked to, in essence, give most of their earnings to Nyon Solutions​
  • Coordinates: 27-N (Near First Order Space)
  • Major Imports:
    • ​Food Products
    • Hydrogen
    • Nitrogen
    • Oxygen
  • Major Exports:
    • Advanced Cybernetics (Limited Amounts & Very Expensive)
    • Advanced Robotics (Limited Amounts & Very Expensive)
    • Various Jewels, Gems, and Crystals (Sapphires, Ruby's, Emeralds, Diamonds, etc)
    • Precious Metals (Gold, Silver, etc)
    • Ionite
    • Durasteel
    • Quadanium
    • Coaxium
    • Gravity: Standard
    • Climate: Temperate, Frozen Tundra, Acid Rain
    • Primary Terrain: Frozen Tundra, Mountains, Pine Forests, Urban, Tropical Oasis (Government Owned Area)
    • Atmosphere: 
      • Nyeon experiences a polluted, although breathable Type I atmosphere. Large industrial centers and manufacturing planets pump many hazardous vapors and gases into the atmosphere each and every day. To counteract this, the Super-corporation, Vanguard Industries, instated massive air purifying systems. These systems would take in polluted air, which was filled with various harmful and toxic elements, and then transform it into clean air through recycling it. However, getting rid of the noxious fumes and vapors in the air isn't quite as simple as that. To counteract this issue, Vanguard Industries opted to transport many of the noxious fumes to the lower, underground levels of the city, most notably level's one-hundred to ninety. These fumes are quite toxic to most species, and to help keep these fumes down below, Vanguard Industries implemented large, double airlocks to prevent most of the fumes from leaving the lowest levels.
    • ​Major Corporations:
      • ​Super-Corporation: Totasku Industries; owned by Kushkia Tutusika - financially, medium
      • Super-Corporation: Mimbasa Incorporated; owned by Vorac Fett - financially, high
      • Super-Corporation: Vanguard Industries; owned by Sasan - financially, low-medium
      • Super-Corporation; Nyon Solutions, owned by Conner Richards - financially, high
      • Super-Corporation; ValTech Solutions, owned by Audrey Ricker - financially, medium-high
    • Major Criminal Corporations:
      • Cartel; Blue-Cross Cartel; illegal weapons and drug trafficking, Valkyrie Hudan is the leader
      • Cartel; Saligan Cross Cartel; illegal weapons, drug, and organ trafficking, Kau-oil is the leader
      • Major Revolutionary; Winter Revolutionaries; terrorist bombings and attacks, political assassinations, raids on government owned property, Hul'ko, Tracko Lu, Ryley Audren, and Hector Vondoon are the revolutionary leaders
      • Revolutionary; Badger Insurrection; terrorist bombings and attacks, Hoozan Kaling is the revolutionary leader
    • Major Locations: 
      • Geno Archive - [X]

          • The Geno Archive is a massive genetic archive of most, if not all documented citizens of Nyeon. The Geno Archive is located in a thin although, geographically large stretch of land on the equator. All of the tropical land here, and anywhere on the planet, is government property. Entering onto this land is strictly prohibited, and the penalty is prison for an undisclosed amount of time. When a citizen is born, in a government owned hospital, a blood sample is taken of them when first born. This blood sample houses their DNA, which is then stored alphabetically in a massive Genetic Storage at the Geno Archive facility. The reason for these being stored here is simple, or at least it's simple on the surface level, the thinnest level. The over-reaching government of Nyeon uses this facility to keep a record of each and every citizen on Nyeon, it helps to track their location and can help in tracking down criminals. Or at least, documented criminals that is. That is why, whenever an enforcer pulls a citizen over or arrests a citizen for criminal or fraudulent activity, they take a routine blood test. The DNA sample is then electronically tested amongst a database of all documented people's, if they are found to not be documented, they will be arrested for an undisclosed amount of time. The government of Nyeon does this to make sure nobody leave Nyeon without them knowing, and so that they can keep informative and well-developed tabs on each and every citizen encase any one of them needs to be investigated.
          • Though, that's just the surface reason. The real reason, isn't quite sinister, or at least doesn't appear to be. Many people on Nyeon, if not most, engage in the use of birth control medicine, pills, and surgical procedures. This has steamed into a low birth rate for the planet Nyeon, and, before the government started this classified process, even led to a rather steep decline in population number. It got so bad eventually, that the government began to institute a new practice. Genetic tampering of the DNA genome, and thus began the cloning of modified DNA genomes. These clones have never, and will never be exact copies of their original DNA strand. Doing so, could lead to numerous problems, as was cited in the first few clones the government of Nyeon created. These clones were created for the sole purpose of keeping the population number at a steady and nearly consistent pace. Which, of course, it did. This process helped the population of Nyeon bounce back greatly, and even made it a bit higher than it has been previously. Whenever a clone is created, a microscopic, self-sufficient nanite(nano bot) is implemented into the clones body. This nano bot acts as a tracker to help keep track of all clones, and also offers consistent and up to date life signs on a daily basis. As for offspring of the clone, well, that's when the nanite's efficiency is used up, as it cannot be passed down to a clone's possible offspring.
          • The government however, learned that their cloning technology could be used for a...far better use. The government sent cloning experts and genetic engineers to work, with as many enforcers as they would need. They would, in a sense, abduct certain individuals from the population. The enforcers would go in, and capture only very specific people. These people would be, the most handsome, the strongest, the ones with the best genes. Yes, they did have the genomes of these people. Though, they didn't want any problems to happen encase they lost the genomes of these people, so they kidnapped them. These scientists and experts in their field, experimented on these kidnapped and abducted people, trying to create the most perfect human specimen, without cybernetics that is. Then, that's when things would get...bloody. These experts would...well, pit these specimens against one another. Though, this only happened with a very select, and very small, and very hush-hush control group. Most of the other experts and scientist just ran experiments. The government set in this motion of events and processes to...create, what they would say, is "the most perfect blend of gene editing and cybernetic implementation." They would then clone these more 'perfected' individuals, and use them as enforcers. Yes, they could've used machines. Though, the robotics technology that the government had, wasn't as perfected or human-like as some others on the planet. Sure, corporations could outpace them somewhat on a technology basis, though on a pure financial basis and just pure resources basis, the government would always win. The government also believed, that an actual human, although a 'false' one, would be better in the long run. An actual human would be more convincing and appealing to people, than some cold, dead machine ever would be. Eventually, this process was also used in the soldiers the government employed as well. {Cloning Tube} {Cloning Tube 2}
          • This process is also used for NEO operatives and for the Secret Police. Normal, non-clone individuals were dangerous for use in NEO. They could very easily leak classified information, not followed through on orders, or even disobey very specified and oftentimes immoral orders given by superiors all in the name of, 'It's Wrong.' Clones on the other hand, followed orders unwavering. From birth they were taught one simple thing, 'Good soldiers, follow orders.' With that mentality in mind, NEO operatives would follow through on all orders, no matter the moral doubts that they would've had, had they been human. To help reinforce this, an organic chip was installed each NEO operatives brain right out of the cloning pod. This organic chip could override all free will of a clone and make them mindless machines that were hellbent on their orders alone. Such a maneuver was demonstrated in Winter Revolution.
      • The Works - [X]

          • The Works is a large stretch of land surrounding the cities of Nykio and Saligan. This area, is where the majority of factories, refining stations, manufacturing plants, power plants, and mines are located on Nyeon. Ninety percent of the planet's atmospheric pollution and environmental pollution comes from this area alone. The Works isn't strictly government owned, however. Even though it is located on the outskirts of major cities, cities which are operated and controlled by the government, The Works are more than government owned. The government does own a few pieces of land amongst The Works, however, the rest of the area is divided up among the various super-corporations on Nyeon. Though, all of this is government land, so it isn't cheap. The super-corporations had to pay a steep fee for use of this area, and that was just the initial cost. Corporations would have to give forty-five percent of the goods they produced in this area, and would have to pay a five percent tax to the government for operating on government owned, and sanctioned land.
          • These areas are the most heavily polluted sections of the planet. The skies ware blacked with chemical soot from churning factories which never stop for a single, insignificant second. The factories work day and night, working off of automation and drug-induced, low-salary workers. Automation and machines do most of the work in The Works, though their are still the people. At first, all production was controlled through automation and mindless, cold machines. That was before the Thirty-Five Percent Act, which was enacted by President Elise Reyd. This act become a new government regulation for all companies henceforth after it's passing, encouraging and requiring all factories and work-places to have at least, thirty-five percent of their workforce being human. Now, this doesn't apply to meaning that a highly automated company has to have thirty-five percent of non-machines. No, The Thirty-Five Percent Act requires that each building owned by a company or organization, has a least thirty-five percent of the workforce within the building, being an actual, breathing person rather than some soulless machine.
          • The Works also acts as a ghetto, underneath all of the 'high and mighty' factories and production facilities. While all the rich people live in the city, along with all of if not most of the middle class citizens. Leaving most of the poor to live in The Works. Most of the poor live in this area, not all of them, some of the others fled to the cities and inner cities, though either way, they're struggling to live their life. The poor are, in a sense, trapped in these areas with no way out of The Works or Ghettos. Constant nightly patrols go on in this area, along with occasional raids by N.E.O operatives, or Nyeon Executional Oversight Operatives.
          • N.E.O is a covert and classified section of the government of Nyeon. This classified section of the government is under control by Director Kaliban Keys, who is both cybernetically and genetically enhanced on behalf of the Government. N.E.O is both a covert intelligence organization, along with an organization that employs the use of Secret Police. These 'Secret Police' monitor the people of Nyeon constantly, or at least do their best to do so. Their are always those few people who some how are able to circumvent the SP, though they always get caught in the end. The SP can hide in plain sight with no effort at all, as they pretend to be day-to-day citizens on a daily basis. This allows them to infiltrate politically hostile organizations or resistance cells, and bring them down from the inside. The Secret Police helped in stopping the Winter Revolution, the Clockwork Propagation, and the Key-day Revolt. Though, they failed in the Funga-gulag Outbreak, proving ineffective and obsolete in this scenario.
          • The N.E.O sends out occasional raid in The Works, to cut the growth of revolutionaries before they can start something...dangerous. The Works is a key place for the growth of revolutions, its where the Winter Revolution first began, where the Key-day Revolt first began, and where the Shroud Insurrection began. Throughout the whole time The Works had been around, revolts and minor insurrections have always happend in this area. The government has always refused to acknowledge the true reason, along with the corporations, for why these always happened. Thus began the raids, patrols, and curfews that were set about in The Works. Raids in this area can come suddenly and without warning. That, and gang wars can happen without warning in this area as well. This place is incredibly poor, and thus, many turned to crime in this area. This resulted in a spike in crime in this area, increasing law enforcement presence, increased SP presence, along with just more issues for the government and corporations in the area. Occasionally, fights would break out between law enforcement and gangs, resulting in very frequent raids from SP personnel. After more and more incidents broke out, the SP would go...to more extreme measures, some of which involved torture, others of which involved flamethrowers, and others of which involved executing of suspected individuals.
          • Some days, The Works is peaceful, almost tranquil, other days, it's hostile, and an open warzone.
      • Testing Facility 012/ Secondary N.E.O Headquarters - [X]

          • Testing Facility 012 is a secret government facility that is located in the tropical stretch of land on the equator of Nyeon. The land being strictly government owned, means that this is a government sanctioned, and government personnel only facility. There is no record on Testing Facility 012 in the government archive, it's not even on official, licensed data records for building locations or any facility of upmost importance. Testing Facility 012 is both a facility which is used for...testing of certain diabolical arts along with the Infamous headquarters of N.E.O. No record of this facility even exists on any satellite records or flight recording records due to the tropical, government owned area being a no-fly zone. If any commercial or military ship flies over this area, they will first be warned when they are within a 1,500 meters of this place. If the flight ignores these warnings, it will be shot down, no exceptions.
          • Testing Facility 012 is very much, a facility that is shrouded in utmost secret and is never talked about. Horrendous experiments happen within the thick quadanium-plasteel walls of this facility. The government uses this building for...genetic experimentation and certain other...ungodly acts. One of these ungodly acts is where a healthy prisoner is taken from one of the many asteroid prisons. N.E.O sends out the SP to quickly and quietly extract these healthy prisoners with no witnesses at all, not even prison personnel are alerted as they could prove a liability if they get too scared...the government doesn't want anyone spreading rumors around, no matter how far-fetched and possibly true they may sound to be. Once the prisoner is extracted to Testing Facility 012, they are medically scanned to determine the healthiness of their organs. If the organs are damaged, the prisoner is...dispatched of, quickly and without commotion. However, if a prisoner had healthy organs without any faults, the scientists and surgeons get to work. They clone the prisoner before extracting their organs, and so on and so forth. In a sense, this was organ farming. And this was just one of the dark and twisted things the Government did without any prying eyes from the public.
          • Testing Facility 012 is also the HQ of N.E.O, or at least one of them. There is a total of two Headquarters for N.E.O. one of which is this one.NEO forces operate from this location, monitoring countless communications along with the holonet. The planet was connected to to the main holonet, though NEO holonet technicians censored certain areas of the holonet to not make an unhappy populace. After all, they didn't want a repeat of the Winter Revolution any time soon, that was certain. From Facility 012, NEO operatives would also send out raids from this location and they wound send back in any political prisoners, rebel insurgents, and subjects needed for testing and people suspected of terrorist doings. What happened to these people, was behind closed doors however. NEO conducts hundreds of operations a day from this location.


  • Native Species: Native Fauna & Flora, though no Native Sentient Life
  • Immigrated Species: Human & Some Alien Species
  • Population: Heavily populated,hundreds of billions
  • Demographics: 
    • Humans & Human Cyborgs - 80%
    • Alien Races - 12%
    • Robots/Androids - 8%
  • Primary Languages: Galactic Standard Basic
  • Culture: 
    • Daily life on Nyeon is very similar to that of everyone else in the galaxy. Though, culture primarily depends on area. People are allowed into the planet through the shield gate and, in most cases, they decide to settle down and thus, add to the widely inclusive and very diverse culture of Nyeon. Other than that, Nyeon daily life typically includes going to work, working, and then going home. Although, their is the need to buy 'happy' drugs as life on Nyeon can get pretty unpleasant at times, what with the rampant corporate greed and government greed, which isn't as bad as it once used to be. These 'happy' drugs alter people's moods and dopamine outputs from their brains, making them feel euphoria and joy whereas they might be struggling through depression or any number of emotional distress.


  • Government: Oligarchy
  • Government Personnel(In Order of Importance)​​
  • Affiliation: Unaligned; Isolationist
  • Wealth: Very High
  • Stability: Low-medium
  • Freedom & Oppression: 
    • ​Nyeon is in a sense, ruled over by a 'dictator.' Though, the leader of the people is one elected by the people, for the people...for life. Senators are 'elected' among the people and sent to a Senate buildings where various laws, ordinances, and constitutional issues are decided upon. Some of these senator's, are however, representatives of super corporations. Both N.E.O. and N.E.M.O 'send' people from their organizations to play politics and to decide upon and vote on laws. These 'senators' from both N.E.O. and N.E.M.O are however passed off as senators who were elected from the people. Both of these organizations do this to not draw any suspicion from the government or the people, and nobody has been any the wiser as to who these senators truly are. Both N.E.O. and N.E.M.O, although government sanctioned and funded organizations, are separate from the government, they act outside of government jurisdiction and control. This thus enables them to influence governmental policies for their own benefits.
    • Both NEO and NEMO act as sources of oppression, along with various other organizations. However, NEO and NEMO are the ones which act most outside of the law and the organizations which are most capable and willing to invade the people's privacy for "The Greater Good," as said by Osiris Keys, the initial usurper of the former government during the Winter Revolution who was in charge of the coup. These two organizations watch people's movements on a daily basis, deploying thousands of cameras and automated surveillance drones, watching people constantly to make sure they're no up to any misdeeds or criminal conduct. NEO also crackdown on crime, as is evidenced by the constant raids in The Works along with political assassinations. This 'encourages' all citizens to act uniformly and in line with the government's policies.


  • Military: 
    • NEO is, by most standards, the 'actual' military force. NEO forces are numerous enough to keep a whole planet in line, and then some. NEO forces are the most highly skilled soldiers on the plant, engaging in brutal training regimes when they reach the right age, and all of them, are clones. They were so highly skilled that during the Winter Revolution, they had initiated a coup of the government. This government was, keyword, was more of a corporate-control and very corrupted democratic-based electoral system. In it's place, NEO and NEMO established a electoral, military-centric dictatorship...from which the military command of the time would always be guaranteed a place in the government, through a new constitutional clause which was drafted by NEO forces.
    • The navy has a notable size equating in 100 kilometers. Any other information regarding the Navy is unknown. Though, it is suspected it's strength is equal to that of any standard galactic-based 100 kilometer sized fleet. A planetary shield surrounds the planet of Nyeon, keeping all people's within the planet through access of a shield gate.
    • The actual 'military' of Nyeon, if you could call it that, is headed by Joseph Jocely. The military force of Nyeon is made up entirely of clones, so no moral issues come up with the time comes for "exact precision in all duties, no matter how morally corrupt they may seem in the moment of authorization and duty," as said by Director Kaliban Keys. Their are over fifteen million clone soldiers on Nyeon. However, of these fifteen million soldiers, most are not used for military purposes until time demands they be used. A large majority of the military force is stationed throughout military bases in the major cities of Nyeon along with being tasked to guard any and all government facilities, specifically those in the tropical equator, or Troctor Section.Military forces are only deployed if their is an issue of upmost importance such as the defense of the government from major and hostile political threat, a threat that could come from either the inside or outside.
    • The Government of Nyeon is an entirely separate story, they have, what most would deem, a clone army. They use vast facilities for cloning purposes and their armies are made up of theoretically perfect soldiers which have been created through manipulation of the human genome for the best possible traits possible. Nyeon has multiple sects of armies, each one widely different than the next. The Enforcers are a large organization of, what most would deem police officers, though with military-grade equipment. The Enforcers are the only sect of the military that are not compromised entirely of clones. Head of Security, Norman Oxen, is in charge of the Enforcers sect of the military and he handles all internal security affairs along with all the issues and affairs that come with being in charge of all law enforcement on Nyeon. The Enforcers alone number in the millions, if not billion, though exact numbers are hard to pinpoint.
    • Nyeon's military force is a complicated matter to say the least. It also depends upon what one defines as a planet's 'Military Force.' Each super-corporation on Nyeon has a private army of some sort, whether it be one made up of organics, outside mercenaries, or cold machines which were designed solely for war. The largest super-corporations, Totasku Industries and Mimbasa Incorporated have the largest private armies, but even then they're not that large, ranging in at ten thousand total for each. However, they are starting to incorporate outside mercenary forces and legions comprised of machines of war, so things could change.
  • Technology: 
    • ​Technology on Nyeon is more advanced than the galactic standard of the galaxy. Specifically, Nyeon has far more advanced cybernetics, robotics and drugs than the rest of the galaxy, specifically due to the millions of scientist, both native and abducted, who work hour upon hour in labs and doing research to better the life of those living on Nyeon.


  • Discovery
    • The planet of Nyeon, was discovered by accident. All it had been was a hyperlane accident, a few coordinates too high, a few coordinates too far to the left was all it took. Where colonists had been trying to colonize a world in one of the nearby systems, instead they found themselves somewhere that they hadn't expected. An unmarked system of sorts, their was no record of it on any starmaps, or if their had been, it had been erased for unknown reasons.Whatever the reasons for it being unmarked, the colonists were now trapped here. They had only enough coaxium to make the trip to one system, they hadn't been expecting any sort of detour. Though, they found themselves in an unknown place, one that they hadn't ever seen before. Sure, the colonists could've called for help with an emergency distress signal. However, that distress signal wouldn't be easily traced, their were no coordinates for the planet of Nyeon, and it's system of Nyon Pass. The only good thing that came out of this, was peace and quiet. The colonists didn't have to be worried with the corporation that had first sent them out to colonize a brave new world. Some colonists were of course, homesick and wanted to go home...though they knew doing so would prove disastrous for both themselves and their families. After all, disappearing with a few million credits worth of ships and then showing up years later with one ship in tow, wouldn't please anyone.

  • Unity
    • Over centuries the original colonists, which had numbered in the thousands..their size was now exponentially increased. War fighting and loss tore them apart from each other, it turned brother against brother, sister against sister, and wife against husband. They had then thus, become divided among themselves, forming up nations that held no mighty banner aloft their people's shoulders, nations that had no purpose, no dream. This was how it was, and had been, for countless centuries since the original colonists first landed. Sure, technology progressed at quite a steady rate, if not a faster rate than the rest of the galaxy...though not much happened with the new technology. Tall cities of metal and steel were built on evergreen plains that had trees bestowed upon them. These cities would last for maybe a century or two, or a few decades...and then be burned, or crumble. However, two cities remained among all of those that were destroyed. The first two cities of the colonists, after they had divided themselves into their respective affiliated groups. One, was Saligan...which became the City of Lights, because of all of the stars, millions of them, which could be seen from where Saligan had been built. The other, was Nykio which had become the Azure Jewel, because of the azure blue ocean that was up against it's back. These cities were the only two which hadn't been destroyed. They had become victims of war, been partly destroyed and ruined...though they were rebuilt after all of the strife and turmoil.
    • Eventually, the once voracious and disobedient nature of the descendants of the colonists was culled. A new nation was formed, one which had been built on the backs of freedom and liberty and of the right of every being to live according to their works and good will. It was a global nation, one that banded together and explored the stars once more, meeting new systems with new people in them. This nation, was built on the hands of countless people, people who gladly lifted up the burden of this nation, and made something....something new, something that was pure in a world once consumed full of turmoil and death and decay and war and disease. With this new nation, technological development increased exponentially, as did population. Millions of scientists labored. Though, this was when the true nature of this new nation began to shine through. Kidnappings and abductions, they would abduct profound and highly regarded scientists from nearby systems and from across the galaxy, stealing them away for their own nefarious purposes to increase their own selves.

  • Gulag Plague
    • The Gulag Plague came about quickly and without warning, quickly killing off a large portion of the heavily populated planet. The plague came swiftly and without mercy, greatly hindering and decimating the military force of Nyeon. Government personnel panicked, unsure of what to do in such a mass crisis where so many died in such a short span of time, they hadn't the idea of what to do to stop the needless death and spread of disease. This was thus when N.E.M.O was created. Yes, N.E.O. was around, though during this time, they were far weaker than they would be today. They didn't hold as much control as they do now, nor did they have as much financial support and military support as they do now in the present day. N.E.M.O took over all military control during this period in Nyeon history, they were given full jurisdiction by the government to use any and all means necessary to eradicate this 'Gulag Plague' from Nyeon and to purge any infected individuals by what ever means were most effective.
    • Thus, N.E.M.O did as they were instructed...and they did the job in the 'best' fashion possible. Burning. They had been given a very substantial amount of funds, larger than they had ever received before. They had been given weapons, military-grade ones with no warnings or limits. The only limit they were given? "Don't kill any innocents," that was the only rule they had been given. And they followed through with it...that is if one would consider infected civilians as not being innocent. If so, then they followed through with their orders perfectly. After all, the only conditions and actual 'orders' they had been given, were simple. "Listen, the job's simple. Keep it clean without any needless casualties, don't kill any innocents. I don't want to be impeached after all, we can't accept another incident like what happened in the Vorbatz Incident. Your job is simple, eradicate this 'Gulag Plague, or whatever the outsiders call it. Burn any dead bodies, round up the infected and bring them to field hospitals...under no circumstance are you to keep an infected individual with an uninfected individual. We mustn't let this infestation spread and destroy all that our ancestors have built, Reyes. I know you will do what is necessary," those were the exact words and orders from Democratically Elected President Jarvis Goodwil. N.E.M.O set to work, operating hazmat suits and gas masks and military grade equipment. They used small, backpack drones to scan each individual, if one was infected, the drone would give off an alarming beep. From that, N.E.M.O's work began. They would round up any infected individuals that tested positive for the Gulag Plague and deal with them, sending them to a secure underground area and beginning The Cleansing process. They did this day after day, no exceptions whatsoever, seven days a week, twenty-four seven.



HD=[x]/[X]'The Cleansing' or 'The Burning' as it was called by N.E.M.O operatives. Before this time, N.E.M.O had barely even been heard of by the public. However, after the Gulag Plague and subsequent Funga-Gulag Outbreak, it was hard to keep information secret about the militarized, sometimes morally-broken organization. Public opinion wavered quickly once N.E.M.O began their 'cleansing' practices...eventually the government officially cut funding to N.E.M.O and shut it down...at least until the Winter Revolution


  • During this time period, seasonal conditions went from bad to terrible what with over-pollution and everything. Winters would drag on for months, with constant snowfall. To add to it, anarchy would break out in the streets. Instead of the normal enforcers who would go out and deal with these things, N.E.M.O operatives would go out an deal with these things. These operatives became known as, 'Cleansers' or 'Burners,' along with various other slang-based names and insult-strewn names. These 'Cleaners' become more, how do you say, vile over time with all the power that they had.What made it worse, was that these were actual people, not clones. Although, these people were cybernetically enhanced, but they were people, or at least had been before they committed these heinous acts.
  • Riots broke out in the streets, the military proved ineffective while N.E.M.O operatives grew mad with the power of fire and money, though they still did hold true to their goal given to them by President Jarvis Goodwil. Though, the way they went about achieving said goal, was more...heinous, more...morally corrupt and unstable. Clashes would occasionally happen between the Cleansers and rioters, and from this, rioters would get weapons and use said weapons to try and stop the Cleaners. Though, the situation would only deteriorate from there, especially once Marshall Juarez Vivian was assassinated in a public rally. Juarez Vivian was...the brother of Reyes Vivian, the Director of N.E.M.O. Reyes ordered a crackdown on crime, with no remorse. It was too late for President Goodwil to stop it. Though, luckily he had told some scientists two years earlier to begin working on a cure once the Gulag Plague first showed it's self on Nyeon.


[X] "I want every last one of those rioters who were there at my brother's rally rounded up," Reyes spoke with the calm demeanor of a old man who knew his time was up, unlike him. "After that," captain Versailles questioned. "Execute them, we cannot tolerate such utter lawlessness on Nyeon, oh and captain? Once you get the man who killed my brother, bring him to me." After the assassination of Marshall Juarez Vivian, the crackdown of crime and rioters reached the extreme. With Reyes Vivian now taking full charge of N.E.M.O after being lax in it's direction during the Gulag Plague incident, the population had reached a breaking point. The rioters who had been present at Marshall Juarez Vivian had been rounded up and...[end of data-segment]


  • Funga-gulag Outbreak
    • Months prior to the outbreak of the gulag plague on Nyeon internationally, their were reports of an unknown disease being discovered in a few select people, the first five who died a week after being diagnosed. President Goodwil has issued a command to a select few N.E.O. operatives to get a citizen that harbored the gulag plague and to bring it back to the testing facilities. Thus, they did as they were asked, with extreme prejudice. Three N.E.O. operatives had been sent, and all returned on a quarantine airship...all of them had been infected. Efforts were made to try and find a cure for the disease. For two long, and grueling years the scientists studied this 'Gulag Plague' and began to try and combat it with a cure. They used fungal spores and bacteria of a now extinct flora, they used these fungal spores in conjunction with various antibodies and high-end medicines to eventually make a cure. The first few tests proved the two years were worth it, despite how badly conditions had deteriorated in two years. Within a week, the gulag plague appeared to have been wiped from a person's whole entire system. However, their wasn't a long-term cure. In fact, this 'cure' the scientist made, only proved more dangerous and fatal than anyone could've ever predicted. A good-will and good intention effort instead, proved disastrous and a waste of two years. This became known as the 'Funga-Gulag' outbreak, one of which mutated people who received it due to the parasitic and mind-controlling like fungus used in the curing process. These people would obtain fungal like features in response and would try to spread there disease through cannibalism, in public no doubt. They eventually become more beast than man as fungal prosthesis grew on them, enveloping their face and body...making it look other-worldly and alien. They eventually, didn't even resemble being of any normal human or alien race, all that remained of their past selves was their bipedal form with two arms, everything else had been warped to the extreme and the ugly by this new virus.


[x]- "What the hell happened," lead scientist Dorban Cantuo questioned with a vicious glaze in his eyes like he were on the verge of insanity. "I..I don't know, one minute the test subject was fine, the next he was cannibalizing the uncured test subject," scientist Rodrick responded hauntingly as the images played themselves repeatably in a loop, like a veil over his sleep-deprived eyes. "Damn, and the public, what of them. We issued the cure out a week ago, any other reports like the one you saw," Dorban questioned frantically, anxiety taking hold of his mind, turning him hot and clammy to the touch. "Incidents within the last week...they, their's been over twelve dozen incidents within the last week." The holo-comn rung hauntingly during that moment of franticness and anxiety. Dorban knew it was for him, he picked up the comn cautiously with sweat dripping down his measly pale chin, and he answered. "Cantou, this is President Goodwil...just what the hell did you karking do?"  


  • The disease spread to thousands within days, and then millions in a few weeks time. And then a billion. This, whatever this was that those scientists had cooked up in their lab, was not going to stop. It took a few weeks for the government to actually do something about this issue. Their forces scrambled as all government personnel were transported to a large bunker in the Troctor Sector. The government was at a loss at what to do, they hadn't been expecting anything of this sort to ever have happened, and now that it did happen, they still didn't believe it. Some of them refused to believe it, though all they were doing was denying the truth and allowing countless people to be infected by the second and die. The people were still 'alive' though they had been changed and warped by this Funga-gulag cure turned infection, though their bodies were no longer their own, their minds were gone...replaced by an cannibalistic desire to feed. Eventually, the government was able to actually respond to what was happening.
  • They tried to send out the death squad-esque NEO organization operatives to try and deal with this issue, feeling that they were up to the task due to their overall 'super-commando' style training. For a time, these operatives worked quite effectively, culling dozens of infected individuals, or Fungal's, as they came to be called. They used a combination of different tactics, ranging from snipers, to explosives, to chemical explosives, and even acid bombings. All of these worked, though a few eventually...stopped working. A few Fungal's had, somehow, survived the chemical explosions and survived the toxic chemical gas and thus adapted to it due to the strain of a few select lizard genomes, which allowed the survivors to in a sense, adapt to the chemicals used against them, effectively making them useless against a few Fungal's, though not all. Countless NEO operatives were killed, and the operation to use NEO operatives was counted a massive failure by the government, and an idiotic move by the government as well.
  • Eventually, NEMO came in along with most of the scattered military forces to try and deal with the issue of the Fungals. They brought with them weapons which spat out burning napalm flames, large armored machines which fired explosive shells, and much more to try and deal with this unknown and deadly threat that was the Fungals, the result of what had been good will to the people, for the people, all things considered. Military checkpoints were set up on street corners, some of which became overrun in the end, even with rotary gun emplacements and machine gun emplacements. Thousands of NEMO personnel and military personnel were slaughtered within the next year as they slowly scraped away at the large mass which was the Funglas. Eventually, the military was allowed to bring in bombers and assault aircraft, fire-bombing both streets and buildings alike. Sometimes, citizens would be caught in the cross-fire, though the military told themselves it was for the survival of their people. If a few people had to be killed to save billions, why not go for it? At least, that was the thinking of the military.
  • In time, over the course of two years, the Fungals were eradicated and their corpses either burned or sent down to the lowest underground levels, and then locked up under heavy electronic blast doors, to prevent anything, if anything was still alive, from getting in or, in the more likely scenario, getting out and starting havoc and mass death once more.

  • Winter Revolution
    • Both the Gulag Plague and the Funga-gulag Outbreak devastated Nyeon, along with Nyeon's governmental infrastructure. The military has been severely weakened, however they still were quite powerful. Public moral and opinion was in an all time low throughout all of Nyeon, people were severely unhappy with the state of things in their government and the state of things in their cities. Crime was rampant, their were constant riots and protests, billions had been killed, and government corruption was at an all time high.Public opinion was unsavory, especially public approval of President Jarvis Goodwil. He had been in office for eight years, his second term, before both the Gulag Plague and Funga-gulag outbreak occurred. During these events, President Goodwil had initiated emergency powers to be used, allowing him to stay in office indefinitely until both crisis's died down. He had now been in office for sixteen years, eight of which were within the correct rule of law, and eight of which were from the use of the 'Emergency Powers' edict initiated in the Nyeon constitution. When he first became president, he enacted sweeping reforms which helped to improve the living conditions of the poor. However, seven years in he had fallen to greed and the immense power that came with being President of a whole entire planet. Ever since his seventh year, each and every action of his had been morally corrupt and despicable, each action was filled with the lusting for greed and political power. Seemed, the people were having enough of his 'good-intention' service.
    • It had been a cold night. The wind was laughing wickedly as if it were some wicked witch, meaning to curse all who heard her laugh. The laughing wind was pushed back as chants raised to the air. They were angry chants, pleading chants, sorrowful chants, chants that wanted a change in the way things were run. Their was over a million thousand protesters and rioters walking across the snow-trodden, asphalt streets. Some had posters in hand, some wore bandannas to keep hidden their identities, others wore masks. Some had ignited flares in hand, their piercing red light resounding outwards onto a dark field of marching protesters like a cinematic photograph depicting what some would see, as art. The people flooded the streets, gathering at the main capitol building in Saligan, in the large plaza in front of the building. They were yelling all types of rhetoric, some of which were throwing things. Other protesters destroyed government and private property, smashing windows and destroying vehicles. They were causing destruction on an already ruined city, a city that had sought to rebuild.
    • Soon, President Goodwil was awakened, and countless NEO operatives and military personnel who weren't protesting, answered the call of President Goodwil. They pushed back the protesters, armed in riot-gear. Some had guns on hand, others had riot batons on hand. They were trying to push back the charging people, though it proved a fruitless attempt. Rocks were thrown at the riot-gear armed people, some people tried to attack these Riot-gear people, though their attempts proved fruitless as they were pushed back and attacked in self defense. Then, their was a gunshot. Nobody knew who had fired the first shot...chaos erupted from the first gunshot. The gunshot had struck one of the riot-gear operatives, hitting them in the neck before they were dragged back by medics on the scene. From that, came a hail of gunshots that resounded through the night. It was a massacre. In the wake of these gunshots, lay dozens upon dozens of protesters and rioters alike who had fallen dead from the hail of gunfire. Violent fighting broke out in response to these gunshots, many died in response to the newly ignited fires of violence, the date was the eighteenth. The night was lost to chaos. And the next day, the headlines in the holo-newspapers made people get up in arms. The Winter Revolution, had begun.


(X) -'The Winter Massacre' and 'Remember the Eighteenth' became the first key phrases of the Winter Revolution. The Winter Massacre had set up millions in arms against the government and led to the formation of dozens of revolutionary groups. During this time, the two prominent revolutionary groups formed that still remain active to this day. One of which is the 'Winter Revolutionaries,' which is a remnant of the original group. The other being the 'Badger Insurrection,' a remnant of the original group, the Badgers. These two groups were key to overthrowing the government, however both groups committed numerous war crimes in the name of the Revolution.

  • Within the coming weeks, fighting would break out between the military and countless revolutionary cells and groups. The urban warfare could go on for days at a time or weeks, just within a block alone due to the shear amount of cover alone. To make matters worse for the military, the rebels had raided a number of military compounds, taking countless POW's along with taking lots of military equipment such as tanks, helicopters, explosives, ammunition, and many other military vehicles. This led to increased fighting on all fronts and more deadly fighting. During this period, both sides committed numerous war crimes to try and get an advantage over the other. At first, the government committed none...though that was until the rebel chemical attack on refugee camp Bravo. Hostilities increased since the rebel attack on this refugee camp and the fighting grew more grim from this one event. Countless buildings were destroyed along with a few major cities, a few of these cities would never be rebuilt and would just be left to ruin, to be overgrown and retaken by nature and plant life.
  • Eventually, and with much deliberation, the government brought in the help of NEO and NEMO, granting them more funding. Although, a close eye was kept on NEMO, just so that they wouldn't try anything again like what they had previously done during the Gulag Plague. NEO proved more than capable of handling it's self and dealing with the rebels. Their spies infiltrated numerous rebel organizations and helped to decimate these rebel cells as they revealed their location to the military. The spies also were able to sabotage numerous amounts of rebel weapons and vehicles, effectively stopping them in their tracks. During this time, NEMO also went through with their operations. NEMO operatives were effectively able to kill off a good amount of rebels through fire bombings and countless raids, who were also backed up by NEO operatives and agents as well.
  • The Winter Insurrection and the Badger Resistance, both of which are the 'ancestors' of the Winter Revolutionaries and the Badger Insurrection respectively, were the two major resistance groups at the time. They caused mass mayhem within the military ranks along with NEO and NEMO, what with their political assassinations. Both of these rebel organizations raided and destroyed numerous military outposts and even assassinated numerous cabinet members of the President's staff. They caused the most destruction, and even blew up part of Saligan by blowing up a large power plant. This, in turn, decimated most of the government's military. Which, was when the coup happened. Days after the massive power plant explosion, both NEO and NEMO conducted a joint coup against the government, with the support of rebel forces from the Badger Resistance. The coup happened fast overnight with some resistance from the remaining military. Though, in the morning of that day, the President was now out of office, and as per the deal, him and all other government members were handed over to the Badger Resistance. In the government's place, both Colonel Razaban Keys of NEO and DirectorReyes Vivian of NEMO, took control. They established, in place of the corrupt government, a join run oligarchic. And, miraculously, the rebels were fine with it...well when the laws were put in place and the government declared a cease fire for negotiations. With this, the head of the Badger Insurrection, General Nykoli Badger joined the Oligarchic. Eventually, the Badger family left the resistance group. It had been seven years since the revolution first started and now, they would rebuild.


[X] - A picture now immortalized in memory as the end of the Winter Revolution. Badger Resistance members and Winter Insurrection members wave the revolutionary flag atop of a ruined building near the capital building after hearing news of a successful coup and the call for a cease-fire and negotiations.


  • Recovery & Present Day
    • ​The planet has recovered enormously since those turbulent times which were full of strife and death and torment and corruption. Government corruption, although still around and still a prevalent issue, is lower than it had been a century ago. Cities have been rebuilt, the population has boomed, and stability is at an all time high since the days of the Winter Revolution. Corporate corruption exists, and NEMO and NEO are as corrupt as ever, though things are happier, more peaceful on Nyeon. At least, for the most part. It had been over a hundred and fifty years since the Winter Revolution had ended, and things were looking up.