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Airi Tobec

Airi Tobec

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#1721538 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Airi Tobec on 31 January 2018 - 02:55 AM

Location: Dagobah Atmosphere

Allies: Nuuc LaptGalactic Alliance

Enemies: The Major | First Order

Objective: Probe First Order ships and protect ground assets


"Get your squad behind it and target missile systems. Those will be a bigger threat to your fighters than its turbolasers," her captain had said, catching the pilot's attention.


"Got it covered, boss," Airi said as she twirled recklessly over the canopies in her MRF-1, pulling up so that she could assume the frontmost position of her squad as they formed around her. "Caz, Rex, break formation and head for the rear, you're on missile systems detail. Luca, they'll be your cover. Make it quick and make it count. The rest of you will follow me and keep their attention up front."


"You're a woman after my own heart, Airi," Rex chuckled in delight as she and Caz broke off from her flanks. Luca broke a moment later, swerving his bomber above and behind them.


"Yeah, yeah..." Airi muttered in return. "Who wants to take pot shots at the ground troops while we wait?" Her starfighter's nose dipped down just barely so as to not break formation as opened fire for a few seconds on First Order troops, watching the ripple she had created with the rest of the fighters in her squad around her as they followed suit. It may not have hit anything, but it was still fun.

#1706957 Airi Tobec

Posted by Airi Tobec on 12 January 2018 - 05:12 PM






Name: Airi Tobec

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Species: Twi'lek

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 49kg

Skin Color: Blue

Eye Color: Pink

Force Sensitive: Nope!


Faction: Galactic Alliance

Rank: N/A

Homeworld: Ryloth

Sexuality: Lesbian (Homoflexible)

Relationship Status: None here



While Airi might not be the smoothest talker or the biggest walker, she does tend to have a certain positive and bubbly disposition that isn't easily ignored. No matter what it is she's doing, you can more than likely guarantee that she's not letting it get to her all that much, that is if she's not simply enjoying it. Skilled as a pilot, what she enjoys most is her freedom in open space.



Airi spent the first part of her teenage years having the best time she could and living life to its fullest. This often meant partying with friends or getting into trouble, although she never truly had any intentions of taking it further than that. Trouble doesn't always care about intentions, however, and her carelessness would result in her and her close friends becoming enslaved by the Sith Empire. There, she would be transported to several different planets where she would eventually learn to dance, serve, and please.


Her will proved to be difficult to break, but her master was also just as careless as she was. In an attempt to escape, she was caught and, instead of being punished, she was told that he had grown tired with her and, to her surprise, was allowed to leave as she wished. Instead of the grand escape she had been planning for months, she simply walked out in confusion and struggled to grasp what to do with her life.


She was only ever taught to dance and serve, and so she fled the Sith Empire on a stolen shuttle and looked for work in cantinas across the Outer Rim, fleeing in her shuttle every time trouble arose. After stealing yet another shuttle after her previous stolen goods had run its course, she quickly learned the ins and outs of flying under pressure. She never felt free until she had out-maneuvered pursuers, which she did time and time again.


It wasn't until a couple of years later that she would be noticed by the crew of the Salvation, made up of former slaves fighting to end slavery across the galaxy. It was better than dancing for strangers, and so she accepted a place on board and traded in her used shuttle for a real ship, a starfighter, one that she would get the hang of quickly. Not only would she adapt, but she would thrive under this new setting, taking pride in what she did for the first time in her life.



Positive: Airi's had her fair share of hardships, but this hasn't changed who she is as a person. A strong resolve can be a result of either a strong mind or a simple mind, but Airi doesn't worry too much on which one she has.


Ace Pilot: Through her experience flying heaps of junk (and later her formal pilot training), Airi has developed into one of the best pilots the Salvation has to offer.


Dancer: There are probably some practical benefits to knowing how to dance, right? At the very least, nobody can say that Airi isn't limber.



Immature: Airi never truly had a chance to grow up, given her background as a slave mixed with her inability to let things truly affect her. On top of this, she also never received formal education, leaving her with a narrow view of the world even as a pilot. She acts like an adult, but occasionally this immaturity can rear its ugly head for all to see.


Inconsistent: Even though she may be good at what she does, that can fluctuate wildly. Sometimes, Airi is just having a bad day and this can seriously impact her performance as a pilot.


Indecisive: Simply can't make up her mind on a lot of choices, even simple ones. She's never had any truly strong convictions one way or another in her life, and even slavers themselves confuse her given her history with her own master.