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Meelo Carr

Meelo Carr

Member Since 10 Jan 2018
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Meelo Carr

12 January 2018 - 05:07 PM

NAME: Meelo Carr


FACTION: Silver Jedi Order (pending)




SPECIES: Ithorian


AGE: 14


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 1.6 meters (~5 feet)


WEIGHT: 54 kg (~120 lbs.)


EYES: White/brown


HAIR: None


SKIN: Tan/brown









No notable strengths other than a general Force Sensitivity.




Young and entirely untrained in using the Force. Meelo has only recently seen any place beyond his neighborhood in one of Felucia's cities. 




A typical Ithorian adolescent. 



Despite growing up on Felucia, Meelo had never truly encountered the planet's jungles. He grew up with his family in the city of Jiaozi, rarely leaving the Ithorian neighborhood that his ancestors had first build centuries ago. Meelo's unremarkable upbringing has been dramatically interrupted by the recent departure of the Silver Jedi Order from the planet. The Carr family is currently planning to join a surge of refugees fleeing the planet and its new imminent masters -- The Sith Empire.

















((This is profile is exceptionally bare, but is only a temporary placeholder. Stay tuned!))

Hey all!

11 January 2018 - 11:03 AM

Hello hello hello.


This place looks incredible. Really excited to get started here and can't wait to meet everyone! There's obviously a lot happening here, so be patient with me as I wade in. 


Question! (And maybe this isn't the right place to ask this.) My character is an Ithorian. As I understand it, most of them live on Felucia and it looks like Felucia is having a rough time right now. Can anyway fill me in on what's happening there? I think I picked up on a little bit of it by reading the thread, but I want to give my character a believable starting point that actually fits in with the universe you guys have built.


Thank you, and like I said, really looking forward to meeting you guys!