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#1731405 Once, there was a time, where He could have changed...

Posted by CG-4287 on 12 February 2018 - 05:21 PM

It was done in a instant.


His only chance to not look like a coward- his chance to save- his chance to redeem was thrown away by the girl that blocked it, when she blocked it his anger continued to build, he wanted to scream, he wanted to kill, but there was nothing a Clone could do against a force user. 


CG-4287 had most of what he needed to defend himself against a average non-force user, Martial Arts, Marksmanship, but against the force? There was nothing the Clone could do, Other then tuck his tail between his legs and hide- no- but the clone didn't want to do that, what would his troopers think?


What would his ARC Squadron think?


Before CG-4287 could shoot another bolt, he suddenly felt something overwhelm him, he was being lifted off the ground, and in the sole second he was flying across the bar hitting against a dura-steel wall, his body ached already, being thrashed around- it was too much for the clone.


The clone slid down the wall some of his armor pieces falling off of him, his blaster fell out of his hand as he cradled himself- the pain of being thrown was bad enough. 


CG-4287 slowly stood up holding his side, he grabbed his pistol once more keeping at his side before sliding down the wall to rest there for a few minutes


He was going to watch the whole thing.


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#1727959 Once, there was a time, where He could have changed...

Posted by CG-4287 on 07 February 2018 - 05:08 PM

The Clone who hadn't been expecting anything was easily plucked off the ground, Venture struggled in and out of consciousness, he clutched at his throat as a stool behind him fell down, groups of the bar looked at to intervene, but no one did, his air-supply was being cut off, Venture couldn't last any longer, though he had his eyes located on the man who was force-choking him.


"You... You are interrupting that which I would gladly Annihilate an entire system for..." The man said as The Clone stared into his eyes only to find black pupils.


A sudden emotion struck the clone, Fear, he hadn't felt it since the battle of Jabiim, Fear struck the former ARC's mind as he struggled in the grasp of fear clutching at him.


"If you ever interrupt my Daughter again...I will kill you where you sit. And if you should ever think to sit where my SON should be seated...I will utterly annihilate not only you, but everyone you know." The man said.


The Clone watched as people die all around the bar, he looked as each one screamed before dying, Innocent people, Something started to bubble up inside the Clone, years after years of orders, death, everything came to the Clones mind he could think of, he was let go, some items rumbled around him as his anger was released, he glared at the man who had stared to kill all the innocent people within the bar.


He put his head down not sure of what to do, and right then and there, the Clone's mental state shattered into pieces. 


A look of a pure murderer and anger flashed inside of the clone, his anger continued to pulse and throb like a bomb, "You dirty god damn SCUM!" The clone would yell malice dripping from the sentence, un-holstering his DC-17 hand blaster in a instant and firing at the mans shoulder in pure anger, multiple blaster bolts were fired at the man if anyone were to block one would hit atleast, hopefully the blaster bolts would hit the man directly in the shoulder, but with power like the man had just shown- who would know what would happen?




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