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Coruscant Guard Venture (WIP)

12 January 2018 - 05:33 PM

Coruscant Guard Roster File






Designated Name: CG 4287 COL Venture


Designated Rank: Colonel


Faction: GE.


Species: Jango Fett Clone


Age: 800 (Statis) Physical: 24


Sex: Male


Height: 1.83 Meters


Weight: 176 lbs


Eyes: Yellow


Hair: No Hair


Skin Color: White and or Pale






Psychological Assessment 

When given the amount of tests and work of a Coruscant Guard, CT-4287 or also known as Venture passed with flying colors, When accepted as a trial for Coruscant Guard he was proven to be better then all the other CG troopers, on his first day he had already caught a smuggler, When interrogated by many of other troopers CT-4287 didn't break into a sweat at all, Within the week after watching CT-4287 it proved for him to not stress in bad situations and such


Former Battalions







Armor Appearance(s)






  • CG-4287 has shown to be a great martial artist within take downs and other hand to hand combat forms, due to his Police Training within Coruscant Guard.
  • CG-4287 has shown to be a very intelligent trooper rather then the rest of his counterparts, he is very smart within the Police Division knowing from Police Codes to all laws he needs to know.
  • Decent Marksman, CG-4287 has shown to be a better marksman rather then his other CG counterparts due to him being in 212th before joining up with CG
  • Strong willed- after working with a lot of Jedi CG-4287 has built up a good will and mind against mind tricks and such


  • Due to some of his injuries in the Clone wars, he's not as fast as he use to be and such- though hes decent as some of his other partners say
  • His right arm tends to lock up sometimes do to some tendon damage so he has some cybernetics in that arm and people could disarm it with a EMP.
  • Fiercly Loyal to the Emperor, Shock were designed to be fiercely loyal to palpatine, even if it meant doing anything for the emperor as they were bred differently then the Normal Clones