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Veronika Fleischer

Veronika Fleischer

Member Since 14 Jan 2018
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About Me

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Faction: The Confederacy of Independent Systems
Rank: I’m a Goddess
Species: Human Goddess, see above
Sexuality: Mmmm... I like all kinds. What do you like? Tell me... boy.
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Height: 175 cm
Weight: Thinner than you
Eyes: Emerald green
Hair: Beautiful platinum blonde. Hair treatment and cut costs a mere 800 credits.
Skin: I’m the fairest of them all
Force Sensitivity: I belong to the elite. What do you think?
Hobbies: Spending money, dressing up, clubbing, drinking, gym


Diary Entry 157#
I am quite bored at times. All I do these days is work, shop, go to the gym and visit the clubs at night. Shopping is fun, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as fun as making a man do things for me.


Diary Entry 206#
I saw that hot hunk again. Yes, again. The same club that I had been going for the past two nights. Tall, dashing and muscular. I saw him dancing with another woman on the dance floor. So I went up and dance beside him. He instantly switched his attention to me. Why not? I’m famous, as you have already known by now.


Diary Entry 210#
That hunk was cute. Too cute. Truth be told, I was a little reluctant to end the relationship with him. However, he actually refused to compromise when I told him that he should be more attentive to me and worship the ground that I walked on. Now he is sleeping soundly underground.


Diary Entry 245#
I am starting to like this new way of creating art. You know the times when people moan in pain and scream for mercy? It’s so beautiful... and soon they will talk. I’m such a genius in making people speak up. I have to thank my tutor for that, even though he is gone long ago.


Diary Entry 389#
I have discovered a new brand of wine. From Alderaan, they said.


Diary Entry 402#
I saw someone who looked like me. It cannot be, I don't have a twin... No, that's not possible!!! NO!!!



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