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Duke Kyle DeVoe

Duke Kyle DeVoe

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NAME: Duke Kyle DeVoe


IMMEDIATE FAMILY: Wife..... Duchess Sansa (age 51)
Children.....Russo (age 30), Lilith (age 28) and Marina (age 26)
Father/Mother.... Former Duke Onan (age 83) and deceased wife, Grace (died age 96)
FACTION: FWC Free World Coalition


RANK: Duke of Alderaan's Northern Mountain Providence.




AGE: 57


SEX: Male


HEIGHT: 5' 10 inches 178 centimeters


WEIGHT: 182 lb 82.5 kilograms


EYES: Dark brown


HAIR: Dark Brown


SKIN: Caucasion







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Posted Image Duchess Sansa DeVoe






  • Strong family man
  • Strong leader
  • loved by his people
  • Non Force User
  • No body armor
Thick dark brown hair and beard, for mountain dwelling. Stern features, but eyes disclose he is a compassionate man. Speaks with a certain accent derived from old Alderaan's former Aeiden Providence dialect. Home schooling at a young age, is taught this ancient and traditionalist dialect. All customs from old Alderaan had been revived through the centuries.


Duke Kyle DeVoe stepped up as Head of House DeVoe and of the Aeiden Providence on Alderaan when his father Duke Onan DeVoe retired.

The ealy retirement of former Duke Onan DeVoe was due to his wife's failing health. Dutches Grace DeVoe who was 23 years senior to Duke Onan DeVoe died 10 years after the succession at the age of 96. Duke Onan DeVoe was 73 when his wife died.


Duke Kyle DeVoe has been Head of Household for 10 years now. His wife is Dutches Sasha DeVoe, formerly Countess Sasha Marre from the lower coastal Providences on Alderaan. Her blonde hair and complexion carried over to her two daughters, Vivian and Marina DeVoe.


No personal star-ship other than the family star-ships, that do not exceed 100 meters. Currently, his daughter Marina DeVoe operates a personal small class corvette transport ship, the Mariner IV. It's length is 50 meters.
House DeVoe has various smaller crafts such as speeder sedans with full enclosed canopies for cold weather operation. Largest sedan seats 12 down to the smaller personal speeders that seat two.
No kills






Currently Duke Kyle DeVoe up to this point has been referred by the writer Marina DeVoe in RPs.

This character (written also by same writer) has been brought to role playing status to support FWC Free World Coalition faction and story lines that involve his daughter Marina DeVoe.


Factory approvals:


House DeVoe


Aeiden Mountain Range (Providence)











Most of Alderaan's Northern planetary defenses lie within the Aeiden Mountain range, where defenses are strategically placed so that any one or two fleet angle attacks on the Northern Hemisphere will not expose all planetary defenses to be targeted at once.


Posted Image
Northern Planetary Defenses as maintained by House DeVoe. Red line represents max envelope of defense from the Aeiden Mountain range defense outposts. Aeiden Providence is outlined. The Aeiden Mountain Range is within the Providence.


7 Defensive outposts are outlined below.
Each outpost is strategically and abjectly located in relation to other outpost to efficiently envelope the Northern hemisphere.


Combined defensive firepower is listed below.


37 .......AX-108 surface defense blaster cannons


21 .....W-165 turbolasers


12 .....DBY 827 heavy turbolasers


1 ....Planetary Ion cannon



Posted Image
N-9 RAD station is code named to prevent accessing exact coordinates of defense base.
image source: http://babiy.cgsocie...ry-base-1173934



Posted Image
De-D3 Arlo is another strategically coded location.



Posted Image
437-A is another strategically coded location.
image source: https://artofjokinen...t-art-436867398



Posted Image
SP-10 is another strategically coded location
image source: https://i.pinimg.com...1ec3e581c74.jpg


Posted Image
Hark-S is another strategically coded location.
image source: https://javoraj.devi...-base-510602463



Posted Image
JS-GT is another strategically coded location



Posted Image
LO1213 is another strategically coded location. It maintains the main Northern Ion Heavy Cannon.
image source: http://www.pcgamesha...sode-7-1129879/

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