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Karlie Lynn Destat

Karlie Lynn Destat

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In Topic: Hope (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Alderaan Hex)

20 April 2018 - 11:31 AM

Location: Back on board the Castan SD Technor

Objective: Provide air support to Alderaan and ally forces




"Affirmative...one escort fighter to transport..." She replied to the Tecknor's Commander.


Karlie was on board the Tecknor again and strategically coordinating Castan's aid to Alderaan by way of air support and humanitarian supplies.

Normally all that would be in the hands of the ship's commander. Only that this was more than an ally coming to the aid of a system that had come under a sith attack. The CIS had failed to arrive in time to avert the damage done on the civilian populations andit's major cities. This was now more of a diplomatic mission to right their wrong, than to help with the defenses. The main battle group of sith ships had already left the system. What remained were more suicide squads and pockets of sith soldier platoons. Their main objective was to impede ally help to Alderaan. But those pockets of sith suicide squads were spread out and like rats, had to be lured and flushed out. 


"Commence sequential launches..." The Commander instructed his crew.


"Agent Lynn, should we send a few more squadrons down?"



If anything, recall Red Wing squadron and have them come in to cycle out Taff Squadron." Karlie replied, monitoring the lack of engagements since she boarded the Tecknor.


"Seems for the moment the air has thinned over Aldera. 

We should have come flexing our might a week ago, Commander. Us buzzing the skies is futile, as there aren't enough engagements for your boys and girls down there. The two squadrons we just sent down following Red Wing is quite sufficient." she replied, not wanting to over do the display of assistance. Karlie wasn't one to show off. At this time, the skies were pretty much clear over the camps and Aldera. 


"Agent Lynn...of the other planetary sectors still under conflict?" The ship's commander asked.


"They are doing fine...pretty well actually. It's their court, Commander.

But do send them a message that we are prepared to assist them if they wish us to.

Besides, it's no longer a conflict, but a mop job..." She replied.

Of course the likely chance of the other allied forces and even that of the Viceroy Derek Dib inviting them on their hunt was slim. the pickings were slim, as she could pick up on their long range tactical sensor arrays.


"Agent Lynn... supply transports are on their way.." Another officer informed her.





Karlie looked over to the Holo monitors and could see one of the first transports clearing the SD Tecknor and heading planet side...a fighter escorting it close behind.


"Good...keep them cycling...all the transports. And tag an already committed fighter not engaged to escort a transport ship."


"Why not launch more fighters?" She was asked.


"Daisy chain the ones already out there. If there is any signs of more hostile, then launch as required. We aren't here to perform an air show. 

We fraked up in coming when they needed us most. With what transports we are to escort down and support...there are enough wings flapping out there already." She replied.


Sure enough, the other allies were doing well, and at this point Karlie could only see about doing what she came here to do and that was to assist without putting on a horse and pony show.

There were enough friendly forces down planet side and in orbit that were getting the job done. They didn't need to crowd each other.

In Topic: Castan LCX-L3

20 April 2018 - 06:05 AM

Gah!:o.... truth be told...and keep this between us; *whispers*I skipped heavy weapons class at the academy.:(

Yea, I know....bad girl. 


*looks over her ship*   Ok, well that explains a few things as to why I have trouble with landings and take offs, not to mention can't get it past mach-2 in the atmosphere.


Thanks, I'll make the changes.

And I owe you...seriously. :)

In Topic: Give MF a recall grace period when changing FOs

17 April 2018 - 02:06 PM

Most excellent question Logen Brunner , as I'm currently in such a thread, supporting GAdominion of Alderaan.

My faction CIS will get no credit for it under present circumstances I believe.But in that GA dominion thread, I am representing CIS. Also a few of CIS members are doing the same.


So I support your question to the staff, Mr Brunner.  

In Topic: Hope (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Alderaan Hex)

16 April 2018 - 11:02 AM

"Of course, your grace. " She replied giving the queen a respectful bow.


It was presented and it was said. The queen's reply were more than satisfactory, as her father had hoped. 

This queen was unlike anyone she had the privilage of encountering. Queen Faith Organa gave her the impression that she was more than a monarch, that she was one of the people here. Hence her getting right down and dirty alongside her people. This was one queen she could respect...as her father most likely did. Although she knew her father had wanted her to see for herself..meet the queen. Karlie now understood as to why she were sent here by her father. It was unlike him , not doing this himself. She hid her satisfactory smile, thinking as to how her father got her here and for what reason. this was for both Alderaan and herself. Her father was priming her.


"I shall do my best, Queen Organa.." She then said before she turned. 

This was not the time to continue to converse. Karlie had not averted her eyes from the queen, as it would have been disrespectful. But in doing so, Karlie did pick up on the queen's averted attention. Seemed something or someone had caught her attention. It were then that Karlie bid her leave.


Upon turning to leave, she was then able to come to the attention of Viceroy Dib?..?? 

karlie was certainly taken back a moment, inadvertently raising a brow...much like her father did. Something she had picked up as a little girl..mimicking her father's expressions at times.

"Viceroy Dib..." She managed to say, giving him a slight nod of acknowledgement as she passed him.


Shoot, what else could she say, she thought as she kept walking toward her craft.

It were about 3 meters before she stopped a moment.

But then she continued without turning, as the man was with the queen and she had never met the man herself. Just knew of him from the Bureau's files. She was after all an operative in the IBI, an executive branch of the Castan government.


She got a good distance away before she got back on her comm.


"Agent Lynn to Tecknor.... need ready and launch 3 additional squadron details."


"Affirmative AL... squadrons on the line and deploying....ETA in 7" She received a reply from the Tecknor's launch command.


"Have them coordinate with Colonel Erlick and with Alderaani air command...." She then said.

"...got that Erlick?" 

Her channel was open to both the capital ship Tecknor and her current squadron leader that was already planet side. 

"Confirmed." her colonel replied.


"Bridge...what's the status on other CIS ships in the sector?...we have Viceroy Derek Dib planet side...info?"


"Sending you the data now A L...." 

What followed as soon as Karlie withdrew her small holo-iwas the current data the Tecknor had on the USC's current battle group in the same system.

 Sovereign Class Star Destroyer  Nest Class Carrier Cruiser  2 Diamond-Class Carrier Mk:IIBlastoise Armored Escort Cruiser 


"Why haven't I been informed of this?" She gritted her teeth. How were a battle group not relayed to her? was she here vacationing or something?


"Commander Tass didn't receive orders from you to forward incoming friendlies, A L."


"Well, you're ordered now." She held back cussing, as she didn't like not being on top of things. Especially not getting a heads up of a battle group...friendly or not, she should have gotten a heads up the minute they emerged out of hyperspace.


"Affirmative A L, will inform the commander..."


Karlie looked over to where the viceroy and queen were conversing, before she climbed in her fighter. it was quite a distance, but she could make out the small entourage of staff and security. 

They...the viceroy and herself...along with other CIS systems should have come here a week ago. 

She pounded her canopy side, frustrated at their inability to head off the sith in all of what they had done here. It made the CIS look weak...made her system seem indifferent. This wasn't so and the rage in her wanted to so desperately lash out at the sith. But she had to show restraint..self control. 


"Agent Lynn to Tecknor... hold back one squadron for standby escort....the USC has brought enough firepower."


"Affirmative A L ... two squadrons to coordinate with ground forces, one on standby."



Ready all supply drop ships for launch and attach that squadron... one fighter to drop ship.I'll be heading back up to coordinate relief."

The canopy sealed around her, pressurizing her fighter, as she commenced her launch sequence.


In no time at all she was skyrocketing up through the stratosphere. She were heading back to the Tecknor to coordinate Castagne's addition to the relief efforts of getting down needed humanitarian aid. Her fighters on planet side were searching and engaging straggler sith suicide forces that were left behind.

In Topic: Hope (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Alderaan Hex)

15 April 2018 - 03:14 PM

The despair on the Alderaani refugees in the camps were shadowed by the looks of disappointment toward her, for she not only bared the Castan family crest of House Destat, but that of the CIS on her white flight jump suit..


Karlie made no effort in avoiding eye contact with the people in the camp as she followed Sargent Trask. She came to the queen alone, leaving behind her Colonel by the two Castan fighterswhile the remaining bulk of her squadron were circling above. Already they had most likely succeeded in shooting down or scattering the bogies she had seen on her scope away from the camps. She could only attest to the fighter's return and flying by in a victory formation.


"Miss Destat...our majesty, Queen Organa... " She were introduced to a rather striking lady in what were not lavish royal clothes. But rather of a bit unorthodox , especially of a Queen of Alderaan.

Karlie bowed, before her, as her escort were dismissed.



"Your Grace..." Karlie had first acknowledged the queen.

"...Queen Faith Organa....your kind hospitality is undeserving of my person." She said, relaying her father's will upon the queen whom he had forfeit his given word to. Her father Tarssin had not spoken on behalf of the Confederacy, but had implied that Catagne would answer the need of Alderaan by way of him rallying support within the Confederacy. This latter had come to the attention of the CIS too late. As thus, no military aid and support had arrived in time to lessen the suffering of Alderaan's two largest cities...the primary targets of the sith.


"I come here before you-" She was then suddenly interrupted by one of her squad leaders relaying a cut in message.

She put her hand on her ear piece, understanding that more bogies were picked up coming toward their encampment. They were not friendlies and already FWC fighters were engaging them. But long range showed two more waves coming.

Karlie looked up to the queen a second, before replying.

"Engage all incoming bogies." She ordered.


Then..." Colonel Erlick, assist all friendlies...resume command of our group!" 


"Good call, Destat...i'm on it!" Her grounded Colonel standing by their two fighters replied.


"..ahem...excuse me your Grace" Karlie said of the interruption, before closing the channel and turning her attention back to the queen.


"...again, my father 's deepest regrets for failing on his en-devour to strengthen our ties to Alderaan.

If your Grace permits, Castan Navy Capital ship Tecknor, on behalf of the CIS requests three more squadrons come planet side to help with the current pest eradication." She had to ask, for her not doing so, was disrespectful. Alderaan was not under CIS domination, and under Castan rules of engagement, permission was needed by the ruling government to them to send military aid and have their fighters engage.


Karlie was to take no liberties. What the queen of Alderaan wished, under discretion of Karlie to keep within established rules of engagements, she were to provide Alderaan with.

It was understood by Karlie that this was not so much a means of restoring good diplomatic relations which had failed on Castan's part to convince CIS to come to immediate aid, but to provide what they could to restore the system back to full Alderaani control. Time for politics would come at a later time.