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Karlie Lynn Destat

Karlie Lynn Destat

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16 August 2018 - 10:58 AM



Location: In the village by the lake

WearingCasual red shirt and jeans

Interacting: open to anyone....hello...anyone.

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"Karlie, are you hurt?" The voice of the ship's AI comp asked.


It had no doubt been analyzing, scanning Karlie who was still in the running shower. She was sitting on the floor, water cascading over her as she buried her head in her knees, tightly wrapping her arms around it. She was trembling despite the warm water showering down on her.

Her ship's comp did not alter the current environment, like shutting off the water. It actually understood that in the sitting fetal position Karlie was in, was quite a stable state for her to be in.


"I don't believe your skin abrasions are the cause of your distress, Karlie. Your mental state of being when you entered was one of deep thoughts. Is something bothering you that I can assist you with?"  


The comp had picked up the traces of  urea, dissolved ions, and variants of organic compounds, that were picked up in the drain reclaimer on the floor that Karlie was huddled on...

The girl was definitely distressed. Naturally the AI had access to Karlie's wrist crono also.

The very same crono that monitored her for any allergens. The crono had only reported elevated life signs that confirmed Karlie's distress...no poisons or allergic reactions.


"I am here, Karlie. I wish to help you." The comp then said, after letting a minute more go by.

It was monitoring Karlie's life signs and could not pick up any elevated signs that she was injured inside or out, other than for some skin abrasions. But Karlie was still huddled and slightly trembling.


"I prepared an optimal calculated jump we can take out of this system and return you home, Karlie. Do you wish for me to take off for home, Karlie?" It asked, still monitoring her and giving another moment to pass.

It then fired up the engines...it's near quiet hum did however stir Karlie to slightly raise her head. Her eyes cautiously looked about the shower stall.


"Karlie, I cannot define the cause of your state. I am concerned and we will be returning home.

I will send a message to your father." It said, following it's own protocol.


"N..no..." Karlie uttered.

"No, don't do that."


"I'm holding. What is that you do not wish for me to commence?"


Karlie let out a slight whimper.


"I don't understand. Please define for me your request for me to hold."


No answer, just Karlie breathing a bit more normal...relaxing her grip on her shins.



Karlie, I have no recourse but to follow my protocol. I will take you home."


"Sigh...no. Don't message dad. Just...just give me a few more minutes....please." Karlie pleaded, looking up at what she believed her AI was monitoring from. But in reality, the AI had many input angles, aside from life reading monitors on Karlie. The ship..the AI was designed to look after her.



Karlie, I'm here with you."






"I'm fine...don't need to be spied on." 

A few hours had passed and Karlie was pretty much her own self again, now laying on her cockpit bed, looking up at the starry night sky of Krant.


"Of course, Karlie" her comp replied, despite the fact that she was always watching... diligently always recording her. And Karlie knew that too. But as human nature went, the comp understood that Karlie needed to say that for peace of mind. The AI did not correct her. It understood better. 


There had been no further intrusion by what she wholeheartedly believed was her mother's ghost again that had somehow transcended through to her despite her lack of personal midicloreans. 

Karlie was trying to figure out if it had been her imagination running wild. And again the question as to why here..why now if it had been so possible.

It could only point to the fact that what was said about Krant and the Lost souls had to have some real merit. But why then had it come so..so abruptly, then gone?


"Replay that sequence again...from me starting the shower.." Karlie had went over the scene several times already and always the same...nothing had been picked up audibly whatsoever but her own scream.


"And there was no trace of halucinagens in my system?...you sure?..Nothing whatsoever?" Karlie just couldn't put her finger on it, but whatever she had experienced by the lake and then in her shower just hadn't repeated itself again. Not for several hours. And it was now 2 past the midnight hour.


"As the analysis report indicates, you did have elevated amonia, keto, aldehyde compounds indicative of drinking alc-"



So I was drinking some beer before! But I wasn't drinking on my way here nor before I entered the shower." Karlie waved her hand to swipe that analysis off the holo imagery above her. If she could, she'd delete that report, as it also indicated how it had been gotten. Karlie had peed herself sitting , trembling in the shower stall. Her comp had analysed what went into the recycling drain.


"Perhaps you should attempt to sleep, Karlie. Upon awakening, you are quite clear minded and more apt to finding out the answers that you seek." The AI offered a suggestion.


Under normal circumstances, Karlie would have agreed. Only that before she went through with the Sebrix-9 project and eradication of her midicloreans, her mother's ghost always seemed to haunt her in her dreams. It had been a good five years now that she had been free of those nightmares. Karlie was afraid to go to sleep, for fear of dreaming her mother again. or worst....have her mother's spirit enter her dreams like it once did.


But she would have to sleep sooner or later...after all she were human.


"Hmm.... that's the trick. I'm more afraid of what I'll find out in my sleep....Yawn..."


In Topic: Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

15 August 2018 - 05:55 PM



Location: In the village by the lake

WearingCasual red shirt and jeans

Interacting: open to anyone....hello...anyone.

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"Good God, no freak'n frak'n way!..." Karlie flung the stine in the direction she thought the voice emanated from, at the same time she started to scramble away. 

Of course in her state of panic, as her feet were way ahead of her rational state of being, which at this time was immediately shot to hell, she slipped and went down midway on the path and grass.


"Gah!..." She caught herself before she went face down on the grass, scrapping her hand and forearm. But her feet still ahead of her kept to the flight line, causing her to somewhat scramble for a meter or two on all fours before she got herself more upright in a sprinter's run....which of course needed a slight vectoring lest she lost her balance and skidded down the adajent ditch to the left of the foot path surrounding the lake.


"Karlie, don't yield to the lies. You are my daughter..." She heard her mother's voice in the faint distance but so close to her still. It was like a whisper in her ear. It was weak, but clear enough for her to recognize that very same voice she had fought for so long in her dreams so many years ago.

Her buttoks slid down the ditch, getting grass and dirt up her lower back. Karlie for a moment didn't know in what direction to go..back up or just run down the center of the ditch.


"Hey...you Ok little lady?..." A man's voice called from above. karlie's face seemed to be in an hysteria panic as she looked to her right, her left and then up at the man. 

In other words, she looked like someone whom had seen a ghost...only it was a voice of her deceased mother that she had heard.


"Calm down...it happens..." The man spoke, trying to keep his distance enough not to spook her any more than she was. 

"You know you're by Lake Aleng, right?... the lore?....it surprises a lot of folk... "


"Pant, pant....it's real?...Oh my God...pant, pant... it can't be real..." She let her back rest against the incline taking a moment to catch her breath. How the frak could it happen here? It had been over 5 years since she last heard that voice. Statistically it was impossible...why this lake?..why this system?...why now?!...she was trying to rationalize.


"It's real enough for many folk. " He replied, standing his distance.


"You...you didn't hear anything?"She asked between breaths, as she looked over her cuts and scrapes. 


"No...no one but those who are visited do... Here, take my hand..I'll help you back up" he slowly took a few steps closer to her from his standpoint above her. She was only a meter down and could easily scale the embankment. It was after all a drainage ditch that kept the mud from the rains washing into the lake...and helped prevent erosion, keeping the path fairly graded.


Karlie slowly got up on her feet, brushing the dirt off her buttock, pulling her shirt back down.She was definitely a bit scrapped up...hand, forearm..lower back. nevertheless she reached for the man's hand and was easily pulled up.


"Not my business, so I won't ask.Kyle, by the way.." he said, releasing her hand.

"You should maybe get those cuts cleaned up... they don't look too bad...I'm sure you're worst for wear.."


"Uhm...yea...yea, just got spooked s'all..." Karlie looked over to the lake..the few on lookers who had stopped by who had seen her freak the hell out.

They asked if she were alright. Karlie nodded, more apprehensive of what she had experienced with the voice than being embarrassed. Her heart rate was still over the top and she could hear it pounding in her head like a mallot.She went ahead and checked her pulse. Yea, way up. 

"Whew...wow.." Karlie huffed trying to get back her composure


"Yea, don't sweat it...a few folk react that way. I'm guessing this is your first visit." the mantook a few steps back, to give her some breathing room to recover.


"Huh?..Oh, yea...

Yes, first time here...." She nodded, looking at her scrapped hand. Good lord had that been real or her imagination? Karlie dared question herself. But so far no mother's voice rang in her ear. Just her pulse.


"You going to be Ok?... maybe whatever you heard passed. They say it comes and goes.." He shrugged his shoulder. He couldn't explain as to why or how it happened to begin with with some folk. But it did and that was all he knew.


"Yea...I'm Ok.Think I best be getting back..." Karlie replied, looking once more over the lake. By now those whom had stopped kept on their way.


"Alright then...just keep on the path and watch where you step...

hehe..and don't run. It's not that far back to the center of the village.Just know that no one has ever been jumped by any spirits or ghosts."


"No?.. well that's good to know." She replied, trying to find relief in that knowledge.


"Ok...well take care."


"I'm sorry, what was your name again?" It was understandable that she had not recalled his name, being in the stste that she was.


"Kyle. Kyle Durston... local rescuer of damsels in distress..." He made light of the situation.


"Karlie...and thanks.." She managed a smile.

"Well, best I get a move on and get cleaned up." She nodded, giving herself one quick brush. No doubt she would have to get back to her ship and get herself fixed up again, if she even had an inkling of returning to the festival. The sun was setting below the horizon and dusk was revealing all of the village's festive lights and decorations that certainly did away with the eeriness of what the festival seemed to be representing. 


Karlie had parted her way and was passing the vendor again whom she had the pleasure of sampling his stock.

"Oh my goodness...you Ok?" he said as she was passing by.


"Oh...yea..just slipped on a path and into a ditch..s'all." She replied, kind of hiding her scratched elbow.


" Sorry to hear that... how about one on the house...seeing you've been one of my prettier customers." He offered as he reached for a stein.


"Uhmm...no. No more beer thanks." Karlie replied. Well, she was however parched as she had chucked the last pint by the lake, in her fright. Stress often makes one thirsty.

She nevertheless stopped a moment before turning to walk over to the vendor.

"You wouldn't by chance have a glass of water?... like, clean drinking water..?"


"Hahaha... Clean water is what we have a lot around here. Lots of it..." he then motioned with his eyes toward where the lake was.

 "It's all fresh water...the lake is feed by underground springs...all of it. That ditch you slipped in...we try to keep rain water from washing from the road to the lake...

Hell, my stouts are made from the lake water. It gets purified..cleanest water anyone can drink." He then turned about to pick up a pitcher of iced water and poured Karlie a full glass.


"Here...take a little taste of it...it's so pure, it's sweet." he presented her with a cold glass of crystal clear water.


Karlie naturally did what she had done when she first sampled thebeer, sip it and feel it on her lips and then tongue. It was indeed pure and yes..sweet somehow...naturally sweet.


"Thanks..." She said taking a decent sip, before reaching for some credits.


"No, no no...take it with you..glass and all. My treat...on the house, remember?"


"Yea...thank you.... " Karlie smiled and continued on her way...taking another sip. Yes, she was feeling better..her heart beat back to normal and damn..it was good tasting water. No wonder the beers were so good, she realized.


Karlie wasted no time trekking back to her ship, which was parked away from the rest of the visitors vessels. As she walked, she poured a little of the water in her bruised hand washing off what little dirt was on her scapes. Then she did the same with her forearm and elbow. The cuts and crapes weren't deep at all..just cuts and scrapes really. Nothing which some bacta ointment would't heal overnight.

She reached her ship and as she neared it, the vessel came to life on its own. It did have an AI nav comp after all.

The ramp lowered down and she readily went inside, with the ship sealing itself once more.


"Kat fight?" her comp asked as she headed to the refresher.

Karlie wasn't in the mood and the comp picked it up.


"Want to talk?...or should I mind the ship?"


Again Karlie didn't answer, taking her shirt off and readying the shower.

She tested the water...

"Hmm... not as crystal clear.." She commented to herself, before looking over to the glass of water from the vendor she had brought inside. Well, she might as well drink it up as it wasn't going to get any fresher. And down she finished the glass of pure lake water.

Putting the empty glass down, she slipped out of her jeans and delicates to enter her shower. 


"My...I had perky boobs like that...you certainly take after me..." her mother voice sounded out, as Karlie closed the shower door behind her.


"EEeeek!" Karlie screamed.

Screamed like the woman in a horror flick who was taking a shower when a psycho mother entered with a knife.




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15 August 2018 - 07:03 AM



Location: In the village by the lake

WearingCasual red shirt and jeans

Interacting: open to anyone

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"Gasp...huh?" Karlie's heart raced. Was her mind playing tricks on her...was someone else playing around with her? 

She heard her name just now, didn't she? She wasn't sure. Wasn't sure if it were of man or woman...it had been so faint. And had it even come from the lake?

No, maybe not. maybe it was her imagination. 

She had been looking at the ornate lamps dotting the path on west bank of the lake, that had just come on. Solar, no doubt. Maybe the lamps cycling on had thrown her off?...some were still coming on, but no sound were coming off them.Karlie paused, when all of the lamps finally came on listening... ears perked up, picking up every minute sound near her like the lapping of the gentle waves near the water's edge. It was as gentle as can be. 

The few boats out there weren't powered, but moved by sail. And there wasn't much to be said about the summer breeze...it was barely felt. 


"Sigh..." A moment, then two went by before she checked her pulse.It was still a few beats above normal, but she was still working on leveling it off. Something so silly shouldn't have spooked her as such, she told herself shaking her head. And no one was about any where near her, where she could have overheard someone speaking. Despite she couldn't make out anyone close enough to her, Karlie still didn't rule out someone pranking her... or perhaps even her own imagination. She hadn't really put too much thought on the folk lore. But it didn't rule out her subconscious drifting off. 


Looking around her a few times, she opted to go back towards the more populated area...back maybe to the center of the village. After all, she was quite skeptical about this hocus pokus fodder anyway. She had been free of the haunts for five years already. She was her own person and her mother was stone cold dead...incinerated actually. No funeral pyre...just simply plasma burned her dead carcass. Karlie had been 12 when her mother met her physical demise. But for 8 years following her spirit had seemed to call her from the beyond. It wasn't till Karlie was 20 that she took matters into her own hand and totally disconnected herself from such spetre, as force ghosts. Since then..since the following of the Sebrix-9 project, she had not only become free of her mother's ghost, but of midicloreans altogether. Well, at least what she was able to host. Karlie still had to eat, drink and breathe. The midi were everywhere. Only now, her immune system kept her free of the virus. What she ingested with food and such could not survive long in her body. So for the most part, the most she could be infected with was what she ingested. And that too quickly were attacked by her own immune system. If one were to take a measurement of her midi count, it would vary by what and when she consumed anything. And the most she ever recorded was so minute, that even a small guppy had more live midi's than her.


Maybe she needed another beer...or something. Yes, she needed to stop her imagination from running away on her. She scientifically proved it was impossible to be influenced by what she knew and remembered to be the force. Sure, she missed it at times. But it had been a crutch andeasily an addiction. And it had been the means of her sith mother to posses her at the time. Again, Karlie found herself thinking about that vile woman who had given birth to her for the sole purpose of cheating death and aging. Oh how that witch had fooled everyone..including her father. And it was her father who had sent that witch to her after life. Unfortunately it were many years later that her influence through nightmares ceased. 


Her walk back was quite uneventful, aside from a few compliments and greetings from passerby's and festive groups. In all not everyone was hung up on having the dead visit them. She had a few conversations with whom she considered well educated individuals that were here annually to observe the festival. Sure, they had witnessed many who seemed to be hallucinating. But given the means of mind altering compounds and hard liquors at the festival...


"Hey you... " She got to the same vendor whom she had gotten her beer earlier.


Naturally he remembered her. And why wouldn't he? She had been one peculiar customer with quite a odd way of ordering a beer. He asked her if she needed to sample again.

"No, don't think so. looks to me you are still tapping the same keg anyhow..." And she was right, he laughed as he poured her a fine pint.


Again, she gave him more than enough to cover the glass stine. She was taking it on the go again. He laughed, nodding her oddity. But credits were credits and if the woman wanted to buy the stine along with the beer...so be it. Hell, he lost a lot of stines with individuals just walking off. The loss was kind of built into every pint. But if the woman was honest enough to rightly pay for it...he respected that. 


"Thanks..." She said, picking up the glass and looked around first before walking away. Her coming back was not per chance. It had been her intention. After all, she had sampled his beer and deemed them safe. Her sensitivity to foreign food and drink kept her as a regular to those establishment that she didn't get an allergic reaction to. Her wrist crono had the means of counteracting what could easily bring about anaphylaxis shock. That was the price she paid for being midiclorean free. The midi's had made just about any food groups from pretty much the entire galaxy palatable to everyone. But Karlie being midi free meant she was susceptible to allergic reactions to many foreign foods, as they were no longer compatible to her system. She had in a way turned back millions of years of her human evolution that had made humans compatible to countless systems, by way of adaptation to a symbiotic coexistence with the virus midiclorean.  


Karlie was back amid the more festive portion of the village, than the scattered soul searchers that were dotting pretty much the entire perimeter of the lake...well, at least this end of it. 

From what Karlie had seen, she hadn't seen much at all concerning the return of the lost or whom supposed to return. She figured if anything had any truth behind it, it were mostly what individuals brought with them...memories and emotional heightened hallucinations. Sure, she had come across one..two individuals and a family that were in a sort of an altered state of hysteria...talking to nothing but the light lapping of the lake's water against the banks.

But for the most part, the festival was quite interesting. What kept her in check were the fact that just about every vendor and shop owner and staff..mostly locals she figured, weren't all that anxious to even go lake side. 


"Hmm... certainly make some good stout, that's for sure" She spoke to herself as she continued to walk toward one of the gazebos where a distinct melody were being performed. Walking over as she enjoyed the cold beer, it was nothing like she had even heard, no doubt of local origin, she figured.

It reminded her-... no. It evoked some long lost memory of a time long past. It was quite easy to let the melody wash over taking her to a time she had not recalled in a very long time. She was six..maybe younger and there were no dark feelings but one of a girl..Karlie running and laughing with her father and mother in tow. It was no doubt on one of Castagne's many paradise islands. Perhaps a vacation of sort, for she had no memory of schooling during that happy time. 


"...don't get too far ahead to get lost Karlie..."  she could recall her mother saying as she seemed to run ahead on the white sands. 

A smile graced Karlie's features as she took another good sip. Yes, funny how everything seemed so simple and clear back then. How had she forgotten what her mother at the time meant to her. Her mother was everything to her at that age..it was golden, she recalled, remembering quite clearly that beach..that sun and her parents walking along hand in hand. 


"Wow...yea...." Karlie clearly remembered how her father and mother were so..so close...so in love..


"I never stopped loving him...you.." her mother then said.


"Gasp!... cough, cough!..." Karlie spat out the ale in a sort of fit, that had gone down the wrong pipe. 

That was no memory that was her mother's voice she heard!




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14 August 2018 - 03:10 PM

Location:  Initial docking/landing on the station

Objective: Seek out any evidence of bio/chem weapons 

Equipment: Bio suit

Interacting:  A rather odd, but peculiar younger girl. Interesting subject to say the least...

Post: 9



"Really?...all this way to-...to go nowhere now?...ahem..." Karlie was surprised at the soft tone of voice in herself, asking Scherezade that.


Seriously? Why in God's name should she care?...or be so concerned. She didn't know this girl. And by the demeanor of the girl, it wouldn't be someone she should like think of making friends with. 

why look at the mess she was in...drunk...armed and ...and no where to go. Vagrant?


"Sigh... " Karlie took a step back, then trying to distract herself at looking around the hangar. 

Nope, it did little to keep her mouth closed.


"It's Scherezade, right?"  Of course it was. But Karlie was stalling. She just couldn't bring herself in just letting the poor girl just wander off into the void of space. And at the same time, just couldn't understand why she just couldn't say what she wanted to say.


"I mean...well, I don't know if I'm pronouncing it right. Not that it's a hard name to say...just...just a nice name. maybe too nice to mispronounce." Yes, Karlie was procrastinating. It was not often that she felt the need to make friends. She really had no friends. It had been quite difficult coming out of a veil, emerging as one self after her own mother had almost taken over her very body and soul. Karlie for the most part had to relearn who she was from the age of 12. And it wasn't till five years ago that she had fully been freed of her mother's force spirit.

 And that meant becoming detached from what had taken millions of years of evolution to accomplish...being free of midicloreans..and her connection to the force.


In essence, Karlie who was actually 25 physically was socially developed like someone in their teens. Although her IQ was what balanced irrationality with logical sense.

Still, she lacked friends and this girl...this girl was not unlike what she had been or was in a sense. Well, it was a feeling on Karlie's part anyway. Not a force feeling, as she had at most the midi count of a goldfish, but it was what humans once called intuition.


"You couldn't like...maybe ..you know, hold off in shooting off to the stars awhile?I mean...well, maybe we could finish off that-" Ok, well most of the bottle was finding it's content being emptied in the girl's wooden leg.


"Hmm... " Karlie did have some Whyren's Reserve in her ship. Why?..don't ask.

"Maybe we could open up and share another bottle after I get back. 


Sigh....I don't know..... Like, you need to be someplace quick?" Oh good lord, how it could be construed. 

For a moment after realizing how maybe she was coming off as, Karlie contemplated clearing it up a bit. But maybe in doing so, it would seem that she were covering up-


"Gah..." She was over thinking it.

"Look...you want to go..go. I don't get to meeting a lot of people my-" No, she was definitely older than the girl.


"I really don't have any friends, so you know. It's nice sometimes just to talk with people who aren't hung up on things...you know?" 

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13 August 2018 - 06:30 AM

Wonderful... @RoVlo *eyes make a circle*

Now I'll have to get out of this alt and fit back into the other. Damn, doesn't that girl eat?! She's like-

Uhm...never mind.:wacko: