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Karlie Lynn Destat

Karlie Lynn Destat

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#1770980 Castan LCX-L3

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 18 April 2018 - 02:00 PM














  • Intent: Personal star-cruiser for @Karlie Lynn Destat to be used in role plays.
  • Image Source:  image 1   image 2   image 3
  • Canon Link:   N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source:N/A


  • Manufacturer: Aegis Coorporation
  • Model:v   Castan LCX-L3 (L3 for light Armament
  • Affiliation:   @Karlie Lynn Destat  Faction Name: Confederacy of Independent Systems  Unique in design as it were made for diplomatic missions, rather than a fighter.
  • Production:  Unique

  • Material:Composition of various metals. Interior frame structure is durasteel. Exterior is combination of ferrocarbon enhanced durasteel and cortosis infused durasteel, and durraglass (canopy). Interior living quarters are standard composites and lightweight alloys.
  • Classification: This version is more a small star-cruiser than a fighter.
  • Length: 30 meters
  • Width: 15 meters wing tip to wing tip
  • Height: 7 meters, total height of radial-rear stabilizer
  • Armament Low  
  • DefensesModerate 
  • Squadron Count: Very Low  
  • Maneuverability Rating:   High
  • Speed Rating:   Very High
  • Hyperdrive Class0.3


  • Luxury cabin for 2, with 4 smaller 6-square meter size cabins, mid-ship.
  • Small galley and refresher behind cabin.
  • Canopy can darken and lighten.
  • Aperture type wall can be activated between canopy and cabin when seats are retracted.
  • 4 laser cannons in forward wing tips as pictured (limited use, see weakness).
  • 4 x2 person escape pods located under and over the forward canard panels as pictured (top panels pictured). 
  • Shield generator helps protect craft from moderate fire. (limit on shield, see weakness)


  • Long range communications
  • Complete full HUD display
  • Long range sensor array


  • Made for fast jumps and getaways.
  • Not a fighter, but has strafe capabilities on ground personnel and light armored vehicles/transports.
  • High atmospheric maneuverability due to its large radial rear stabilizer.
  •  Aerodynamics and construction enables the LCX-L3 to easily exceed mach-10 in atmophere.


  • Speed sacrifices armament. When pushed, all armaments and shield power is reverted to drives. 
  • In atmospheric flight,armaments shut down at mach-4 to provide max generated power to drives.
  • In atmospheric flight, shields drop out at mach-10 to further divert generator power to drives.
  • Single shield generator, no redundancy
  • Shield generator always shuts down following hyper-drive engagement.
  • Canopy is weakest point of the ship, if shields fail and is hit.
  • Only one refresher. (Sorry girlfriends, but capt always gets first dibs on the vanity)

Description: The CastanLCX-L3 was designed for @Karlie Lynn Destat as both a personal transport and a diplomatic vessel. It's armament capabilities are not meant for warfare or fighter to fighter engagements, but as a supplement to help clear ground of hostiles before landing to pick up VIP.

 It's concept is flight over fight...a perfect vessel for diplomatic missions requiring immediate response time.It's armament capabilities are not meant for warfare or fighter to fighter engagements, but as a supplement to help clear ground of hostiles before landing to pick up VIP.

The SCX-L3 is optimally designed for two, but can easily accommodate 4 additional personnel insmall crew size cabins of about 6 square meters each, mid-ship. Also, main cabin has two large beds that can sleep 2 in each, if situations require. In short, it can sleep 8 comfortably, despite it is luxury optimized for two. Space is quite limited in its fuselage, due to hyper-drive, sub-light and atmospheric engine ion converters. 

#1770188 Give MF a recall grace period when changing FOs

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 17 April 2018 - 02:06 PM

Most excellent question Logen Brunner , as I'm currently in such a thread, supporting GAdominion of Alderaan.

My faction CIS will get no credit for it under present circumstances I believe.But in that GA dominion thread, I am representing CIS. Also a few of CIS members are doing the same.


So I support your question to the staff, Mr Brunner.  

#1768974 Hope (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Alderaan Hex)

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 15 April 2018 - 03:14 PM

The despair on the Alderaani refugees in the camps were shadowed by the looks of disappointment toward her, for she not only bared the Castan family crest of House Destat, but that of the CIS on her white flight jump suit..


Karlie made no effort in avoiding eye contact with the people in the camp as she followed Sargent Trask. She came to the queen alone, leaving behind her Colonel by the two Castan fighterswhile the remaining bulk of her squadron were circling above. Already they had most likely succeeded in shooting down or scattering the bogies she had seen on her scope away from the camps. She could only attest to the fighter's return and flying by in a victory formation.


"Miss Destat...our majesty, Queen Organa... " She were introduced to a rather striking lady in what were not lavish royal clothes. But rather of a bit unorthodox , especially of a Queen of Alderaan.

Karlie bowed, before her, as her escort were dismissed.



"Your Grace..." Karlie had first acknowledged the queen.

"...Queen Faith Organa....your kind hospitality is undeserving of my person." She said, relaying her father's will upon the queen whom he had forfeit his given word to. Her father Tarssin had not spoken on behalf of the Confederacy, but had implied that Catagne would answer the need of Alderaan by way of him rallying support within the Confederacy. This latter had come to the attention of the CIS too late. As thus, no military aid and support had arrived in time to lessen the suffering of Alderaan's two largest cities...the primary targets of the sith.


"I come here before you-" She was then suddenly interrupted by one of her squad leaders relaying a cut in message.

She put her hand on her ear piece, understanding that more bogies were picked up coming toward their encampment. They were not friendlies and already FWC fighters were engaging them. But long range showed two more waves coming.

Karlie looked up to the queen a second, before replying.

"Engage all incoming bogies." She ordered.


Then..." Colonel Erlick, assist all friendlies...resume command of our group!" 


"Good call, Destat...i'm on it!" Her grounded Colonel standing by their two fighters replied.


"..ahem...excuse me your Grace" Karlie said of the interruption, before closing the channel and turning her attention back to the queen.


"...again, my father 's deepest regrets for failing on his en-devour to strengthen our ties to Alderaan.

If your Grace permits, Castan Navy Capital ship Tecknor, on behalf of the CIS requests three more squadrons come planet side to help with the current pest eradication." She had to ask, for her not doing so, was disrespectful. Alderaan was not under CIS domination, and under Castan rules of engagement, permission was needed by the ruling government to them to send military aid and have their fighters engage.


Karlie was to take no liberties. What the queen of Alderaan wished, under discretion of Karlie to keep within established rules of engagements, she were to provide Alderaan with.

It was understood by Karlie that this was not so much a means of restoring good diplomatic relations which had failed on Castan's part to convince CIS to come to immediate aid, but to provide what they could to restore the system back to full Alderaani control. Time for politics would come at a later time. 

#1767265 Hope (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Alderaan Hex)

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 12 April 2018 - 11:24 AM

"Understood...thank you, your grace." She motioned her aid to cutthe signal, before leaning back on her chair in thought.


"That went well." One of the officers across from her broke silence.


"Too well.." Karlie replied.

"It's not what I expected to hear..."


"Miss Lynn?... aren't we here to help or..."


"We're here to amend, Lieutenant. " Karlie remained in thought for another moment.

"I didn't expect her to-

...be so easy." Karlie was taken back as to the Alderaani queen's acceptance of their aid. Karlie knew they failed the Queen of Alderaan, as they had failed their promise of alliance with the FWC. Despite her father's efforts in bringing the CIS's attention to what had been taking place, the Confederacy had debated it too long a time to have arrived here to prevent as much damage the sith did before they retreated.

karlie understood her father and she knew he didn't want to mend relations based on the FWC and Alderaan being in a desperate situation for any kind of help. Yes, Alderaan needed that help from anyone friendly to them. But it felt like it was out of desperation now and not because they called on their friends.Karlie, along with her father didn't wish to corner the queen in making amends with them. They failed this system and their neighbors in general.

Still...it was a noble gesture to wipe the slate clean. Karlie had never met such a queen...so honorable as such.


"Full squadron Erlick." She rolled her eyes.

"Have them ready on the line." She got up, not looking at the smirk Colonel Erlik had. he was the one adamant about having more fighters escorting Karlie down planet side.


"You know...I've eyes in back of my head, Erlick-. ..." She paused at the doorway, not looking back.

"Huh hmm...that's better..." She then exited. The conference room emptied out and many followed her as they were mainly squadron officers.



* * * * * * * * 


A Castan squadron entered Alderaani airspace and were making their way near Alderaa's Universaty as requested.


"Boggies up on 3..." came over her comm.

"Not friendlies..."


"I see them..." She confirmed the chatter, momentarily staying in formation.

"Boogies are hot!... 17 clicks..."


" Red Wing, engage!" She called out, as she banked her own fighter taking along the other half of her compliment.

"Meet us up as soon as you clear the skies."


"Roger that lipstick.. 

Ok fellas, lets show these flies who owns these skies..."


"...grrr....flyboys...She grunted under her breath as she lead the rest of her squad down through Alderaa and straight on to the University coordinates she were given.


Karlie and another fighter landed in the clearing which was nothing more than bulldozed rubble of what she could guess was one of the university buildings.The rest of the remaining fighters stayed up, keeping patrol of the skies, in case more enemy fighters decided to show themselves. As Karlie jumped out of her fighter, she looked up at the rumble of her other fighters..Red Wing and his two wing-men/women...one of red Wings's team member was a woman ace. 

They did a fly over, letting Karlie know they had done their job.


"Erlick...stay with the crafts." She ordered him, as she tossed her helmet in the cockpit of her fighter. She was in her white fighter jumpsuit.

"I'm a Colonel-"

"Yes, and that's why you're staying..." She held up her index for him to shut it as she walked away.


- - - 


"You must be Sargent Trask..." She extended out her hand, when the man stopped in front of her.


"Miss Destat..." He seemed to welcome her with a smile as he acknowledged her.

"Could have used you people like 4 days ago."


"Sigh.... Ahem...I believe Queen Faith Organa is waiting for me?"


"Yes, of course...follow me."

#1766709 Hope (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Alderaan Hex)

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 11 April 2018 - 11:26 AM

Location:   System Alderaan space

Representing:Castagne system, CIS




The CIS had it's eye on Alderaan since the outbreak of news reached it's borders...namely Castagne.


Karlie was under the orders of her father Tarssin, whom were Viceroy of the system Castagne that were part of the CIS, the neighboring territories of the FWC. This mission was not officially sanctioned yet from the Confederacy, but from Castagne itself. It were to establish the damage and only to engage if there were no other alternatives. It was her father's hope that one day the two neighboring factions couldbecome stronger Allies. As of this day, what little responce from the CIS had saddly come too late.


Here she was now aboard the Tecknor..not as commander, but as an adviser. Her, an advisory...her first such mission.

And it were her first foreign campaign within the Castan fleet. Unlike her previous missions which were of clandestine nature, this mission gave her authority over SQ-7 a squadron on board one of the Castan's fleet destroyers...The Tecknor.


"Miss Lynn, we're coming up on system Alderaan." A comm from the bridge alerted her.


"Very good... patch me with a comm link to Aldera upon emergence. I'll send a hail from here." She replied, taking a moment from the tactical team meeting she was finalizing.


"...two escorts and that's my final say. I've had enough extensive training to fly on my own." She jutted up her index to quiet the Lieutenant's objection. he had been adamant on providing at the very least a 6 fighter escort to hers.


But Karlie was here on Alderaan on behalf of Castagne. She was following her own set of protocols. ..respect for the authority on this system, for the CIS did little to scramble to the fight on the initial reports of the invasion of the sith into FWC space. 

Most of all the so called friendlies were now just here to help with the clean up and suicide garrisons left behind,upon the sith Fleet's withdrawal. It was not the time to play Calvary, when all it was was a clean up. Her father had felt the CIS had failed the FWC. As thus, he sent his daughter to see if anything could be done to amend and maybe strengthen their ties. 


The Tecknor dropped out of hyperspace 160 million miles from Alderaan. immediately the Commander had sent out a hail to the system indicating they were here to assist and asked for permission to approach the system. That request was well met and the Tecknor took just a mere few minutes at sub-light to reach and establish high orbit around Alderaan.


"Miss Lynn, we have that patch.." 


"CIS Castan vessel Tecknor to High Council on Aldera...this is Karlie Lynn Destat, on behalf of Castagne, representing CIS... request permission for a small group to land on Palace ground." She relayed her message.


It soon returned to inform her to directly ask the queen, who was currently herself evaluating the damage.


"Queen Organa, your grace...this is Karlie Lynn Destat..requesting permission to land 3 small fighter class crafts on palace ground.

I'm representing on behalf of my father Viceroy Tarssin Destat, Castagne's deepest regrets for failing your system." She then said, drawing murmurs in the background , which she immediately raised her hand to quiet them.


Yes, they failed the FWC and Alderaan. They had not come here fast enough. ..nor aided many of the systems during the rebellion crisis. Not many foreign systems who failed to show face, ever admitted their wrong. Karlie was here to correct that and hope to establish a more secure bond between the two factions.

it were a long shot, but Castagne had from the beginning, brought up the fact that the CIS could not turn a blind eye to their neighbors. Her father Tarssin Destat had brought it forth on the CIS High Council meeting of Viceroys. 

Tarssin Destat knew they failed their neighbors. He would send his daughter to speak directly and represent Castagne.


There was a momentary moment of silence.

"My fa..." Karlie couldn't let that silence become a permanent void between the two systems.

"I wish to meet with Your Grace and apologize in person. I am prepared to meet any demands you have for our failure to act, Queen Faith Organa."

#1746875 Checking List

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 08 March 2018 - 06:18 PM

Welcome to Chaos, Zyin Frost .

Anyone is welcome into this community if they are here to make friends and role play. Check out our forums and jump right into open role plays. have fun. :)

#1746656 You wake up next to them.

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 08 March 2018 - 11:41 AM

I could have woken up to a Hutt in a nice metal bikini, but noooooo...

#1730883 Please welcome our new RPJs!

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 11 February 2018 - 10:25 PM

I'm just here for the post count... :P





#1719613 How rude of me

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 28 January 2018 - 09:21 PM

Hello and welcome to Chaos.:)

#1719601 Hello Everyone!

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 28 January 2018 - 09:15 PM

Hello and welcome to Chaos.:)

#1717118 Pick-up line game

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 25 January 2018 - 10:12 PM

Honestly speaking; you had the perfect line down at the avatar thread.

#1717107 Rate the Avatar above you.

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 25 January 2018 - 09:59 PM

That post belongs in the pick-up line thread.


~cracks a smile~

9/10 for effort.


Thank you, but this is something I just quickly put together until I decide where to place her. Needed something to post with and I've always used Alisha Cuthbert since her inception on other boards. I'll change the ava soon anyway, or modify it, if I get one that's in focus more. But like I said, it was a quickie. 

#1715814 *boops everyone on the nose*

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 24 January 2018 - 07:37 AM

Scherezade deWinter 


No, I don't use discord...only PMs and private email, which I'll PM you with.

And yes, PM me the link to Descension. 

I too took a sabbatical for nearly two years i think and just started writing here again back in Dec. Was so easy to get back into character and have had fun ever since. Now it'll be a blast if we do something here, as our characters were too set to really cross. 


I'll check out your current faction (Confederacy)on here, and see if we can do something. Currently Marina is in FWC (The Free World Coalition) and this one is still up in the air. Like I said I would wish for Karlie to get back in some kind of bureau. 

So happy I finally raninto you again.:)

#1715465 *boops everyone on the nose*

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 23 January 2018 - 07:29 PM

 Oh.... my.... GOD!

No way! No frakn' way!Shery! :D


Do you know how long I've searched to find out what the heck happened to you? Everywhere! Well, when the new craftshop was still somewhat viable. Descension just like disappeared a long time ago with you! Asked a lot of writers as to what happened to you. Didn't get any real answers.

Well, except here. I mean..here you are!


Wow...you've been MIAfor so long I forgot how long exactly. Anyway, this is my sub account of Marina DeVoe. I know you remember her too, from CoH. 

I've not yet converted this chary's bio on over to here yet. But soon. and I'm keeping her almost the same and as an Imp.


Now don't you go dissapearing on me again...hear?Scherezade deWinter:)