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Karlie Lynn Destat

Karlie Lynn Destat

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#1824205 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 10 July 2018 - 02:20 PM

Location:  Initial docking/landing on the station

Objective: Seek out any evidence of bio/chem weapons 

Equipment: Bio suit

Interacting:  A rather odd, but peculiar younger girl. Interesting subject to say the least...

Post: 4




"Hmm..." She furled a brow behind her helmet. Karlie hadn't expected the girl to put it down actually. It was not something she would have done at the girl's age. Then again, Karlie had been more under the influence of her sith mother than the alcohol she used to consume at the time. But still, Karlie would have not thought of the next moment but the one present...would have downed the bottle. But nevertheless the girl did put her bottle down and was coherent enough to still want the suit to be on the right way. This was for the most part, quite entertaining for Karlie. maybe die to the fact that she had blindly skipped over her wild teen years. Again, under the influence of her sith mother whom had been secretively tailoring Karlie to be her apprentice. (But that story will slowly unfold through time...)


"Ok...just got to unzip that left sleeve from your right...arm.." Yep, the suit had somehow got twisted midway after the girl had managed to get her legs into it. Somehow or other, she had inadvertently grappled (yes, grappled; as Scherezade had missed grabbing the right entry sleeve altogether) the opposite sleeve to draw her arm into.


"Seriously....it's actually twisted around-

No, no...don't you turn around...." Karlie was tugging at one sleeve while the poor girl was working her other arm and trying to turn in her suit.


"Uhm, wait...no...


Ok...just -

No.... wow...like, how did you manage to zip that like-"  No wonder such a failsafe type suit...failed to fit the poor girl.

"Sigh...It's stuck.

No, no, wait... hold still a second..." So it went on a bit, as Karlie tugged on one end and her new play thing tugged on the other...unwittingly.


"Seriously.... come on, just hold your breath for a second, while I'll pull on-


OK, yes!..." She had finally gotten the girl's arm free. Upon a quick examination, it seemed the suit's integrity had held up. It was without say that it was well made. These enviro suits had to be, for they were more than the standard open space... uhm, space suits?

Yes, these enviro suits were designed to be quite flexible and rugged, as they were to withstand more than just the vacuum of space. They had to hold up to that and harsh corrosive environments too. 

...and they were quite stylish many of them, for something designed to be so robust. Well, take a look at the one Karlie sported. It certainly was form fitting and she had some form... or so she was certain of it. 


Finally getting that twisted jigsaw suit puzzled out, it zipped up quite nicely on the girl. And yes, it had taken some time, as the young girl was quite fidgety in her altered state, but the enviro suit finally looked like it could have been sprayed on, it fit so good. 

It was during some of the girl's now forgotten conversations during the suit struggle, that she had revealed her name to Karlie. It was Scherezade deWinter .


"Hmm...you don't say...."  It was quite a unique and sophisticated sounding name. Karlie quite liked it. Well, it beat other names she had come across. Then again, Karlie hadn't gone out much in her early teen years and everything of late seemed to be a new experience as far as catching up on what had passed over her like a fog.


"Lol...you what?..." Now this was hilarious.

"You want to pack these where?...like where do you think you could hide them?" Karlie chuckled, standing back a step ot two. Looking over the slim fit of the suit, where in damnation did the girl think she could stuff her hardware into? Ok, maybe the knife could attach to her waist...or...or, maybe her leg?


"Gah!..." Karlie had to give up.

"Why hide them? Like, this floating mausoleum hasn't been in operation since...uhm...Oh I don't know...a good long time! If anything are roaming about this place other than those invited, it's ghosts...lol" Naturally she didn't believe in ghost. Well, she had never seen or experienced a ghost or apparition. Seen a lot of holograms that scared the piss out of her, for sure...but that was just Karlie after being freed of the midis and her mother's clutch on her spirit. Before that, she had been fearless and knew no bounds. Now she was just experiencing what she should have experienced as a teen years ago.


"Seriously.... what did you expect to find here..." Karlie took to pointing at the items on the bench. ".... that you've brought ...what ever that big gun is...? 

#1819237 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 02 July 2018 - 11:01 AM

Location:  Initial docking/landing on the station

Objective: Seek out any evidence of bio/chem weapons 

Equipment: Bio suit

Post: 3




"Ah...I see the problem..." She said, stepping over to the girl.


Her eyes first caught the fur and the small cache of weapons haphazardly sprawled on the bench. Obviously the girl's belongings... along with the container of what Karlie could only guess as being some sort of alcohol, rising up to the girl's lips. The strange markings and label on the bottle were foreign to her. 


The girl had brought knives too? Like...what would anyone do with knives? She could see the projectile weapon... a blaster of some kind; but to bring blades on an ancient relic of a station? 

Yep...the girl was drunk.


Wait a second... How old was this girl anyway?... 


"Sigh..." Karlie gestured like she were rubbing her chin, as she stood looking over Scherezade deWinter . Although she were rubbing lower portion of her helmet face, more of habit and symbolic than anything. Difficult it was to even scratch her head if she had opted for that, being that she was in a sort of ziplock enviro-suit. Karlie was tryingto evaluate how the suit got looking the way it did as it was totally misaligned...at least the seals were.

"...I'd say more than a couple of buttons or zippers you're missing..." What was she going to do...let the poor girl enter through the sealed door in a compromised suit? The girl had totally misaligned what had been designed as a fool proof enviro-suit seals!


"First...and if you don't mind... you're going to have to drink that all up or put it down before we fix you up in that ziplock bag.." She chuckled, as it was now apparent that this was indeed a young woman....or girl. Karlie was putting her at 5 years younger, maybe- .....Oh never mind. The girl was just a tad younger Karlie reasoned, before going off guessing into the possible teens, and left it at that.


The girl had misaligned the zip-seals on what was by all means, a simple and effective enviro pressure suit...nothing fancy. Karlie herself could have doned it on even in a drunken state. And believe it or not, she had been trained to do it in such an altered state.

Ok, truth be told, maybe not with alcohol..but definitely in an oxygen deprived atmosphere, laden with excessive C02, almost giving the same drunken state of mind.Then again, Karlie did have the same training as the Castan marines that her state (system) had as far as elite armed forces. 


"OK...seriously... finish off that rocket fuel or put it down, if you want me to help you zip you up in that suit properly." Karlie had been there and done that...what this girl was at the moment. She knew no matter what she said or tried to do to swade her in giving up the bottle wasn't going to sink in. Besides, the girl was already three sheets into the wind. Finishing that bottle or not, she had a feeling this girl wasn't going anywhere fast. But if she was, then being safely zipped up in her own body bag..maybe she'd not succumb to whatever lay beyond the sealed doors to the inside of the station. 


Everyone had been advised to wear hermetic suits as no one really knew for certain what kind of environment could be stabilized in this old relic of a station. 

#1816323 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 27 June 2018 - 03:13 PM

Location:  Initial docking/landing on the station

Objective: Seek out any evidence of bio/chem weapons 

Equipment: Bio suit

Post: 2




The clearances and approach vectors were confirmed by the current authorities whom had secured the station's perimeter. The jump from Castagne to Druckenwell had for the better part gone uneventful. Karlie had dropped out of hyperspace in her private starship the LCX-3 . A personal designed craft that slipped through hyper-space at a relatively fast .03 


"Affirmative....I'm flying solo... is that a problem?" She curtly replied to the question as if she had come alone.

She certainly did, as she wasn't here for the so called treasure hunt. Like what kind of tech a thousand years old be good for, except possibly in a museum, or some loathing sith lord's personal collection? yes, she still wasn't too keen on force users, especially the sithy kind. And yes, it was a personal reason.


It wasn't a problem at all, her arriving alone. What possibly had been in question was did she know of the risks? This wasn't a vacation resort, she was informed.


"No?..??...No?!!" She suddenly replied shockingly...

"Oh my...what is a girl to do?...who's going to do my hair?" She mimicked the part they had most likely assumed, seeing her ship emerge from hyperspace. yes, it was a luxury ship, but what was she going to arrive in?..the same piece of junk transport they loaned her from Melida/Daan?


"Listen boys...I've got authorization from Castagne's Cabinetry...following an invite of my system from a Lord admiral..or the lord of Admirals...what's his name... " Lord, did she have to pull up that record?

Ah yes, there it was..." Ahem... an open invite from aDarth Tacitus..." her eyes made a circle. "...to come on some treasure hunt on the newly discovered station-" Karlie suddenly cut out in mid-sentence.

"What the...

"Say, I'm picking up a star-destroyer of sort....Mandolorean design. You boys on it?" She then brought up the image of the battleship up in her craft's HUD.


Yes, they were on it...they knew about it and along with other crafts that Karlie too was picking up.


"Hmm...Ok, well am I good to go or what?" She then asked, dropping her little blonde skit.


"Yes, you heard me... can I enter the station? I'm transmitting you boys my credentials...IBI." She wasted no small talk as she sent over her ship's registry and ID with the CIS.


"Well good for you... usually those who hear of the IBI are in for quite an audit. " She replied to their lack of knowledge of her Castan executive branch.


But yes, they gave her a green light to approach and land inside the station. There was a suggested dock entrance they transmitted to her and she followed through.

"10-4...thank you fellas. Have a good day...night....whatever..." She then closed off the comm and headed her ship inside.





The Castan LCX-3 slipped right in one of the landing bays of the old station. To her surprise the interior was relatively...clean. Well, being in a vacuum all those centuries didn't quite accumulate any dust.

"Hmm...not too shaby...for a relic station..." She said looking out/around her full duraglass cockpit.


In no time, she got suited up, as per the criteria and recommendation of Darth Tacitus and with her field pack slung over her shoulder, Karlie exited her ship...

"Shoot..." She then suddenly realized there were quite a few exits or doors to choose from. "No floor plan...no map anywhere around here?"

She sighed and picked one door. One most likely leading in, than out of the station.


The door swung open and to her surprise..


"You need help with that?" She had come upon another girl/woman...kind of a waif in her opinion. Poor thing was probably lost or separated from one of those treasure hunting groups. What else could she assume, as the girl was fumbling with ...everything on her suit. Unknowingly, Karlie had happened upon Scherezade deWinter.Naturally, Karlie had never meet the girl..not even aware that SD (that's short for Scherezade deWinter...too lazy to keep posting the full name) , had been on the same campaign as she on Melida/Daan. 

It just so happened that Karlie had entered as the poor girl was struggling with her hermetic suit. Apparently the girl had never been in an enviro/hermetic suit before...girl 

#1815659 You wake up next to them.

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 26 June 2018 - 02:31 PM


Not when I'm awake, mister! 

#1815543 Looking for battlegrounds

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 26 June 2018 - 11:08 AM

Sigh... got the word from Ayda's writer, Darth Tacitus . Actually I had little choice myself to tell you the truth. Being in the company of sith is not exactly my cup of tea.

But yea, my writer has inserted me in that thread, nevertheless.... *eyes make a circle*

#1814946 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 25 June 2018 - 03:10 PM

Location:  Emergency meeting with the Cabinet, Castagne

Objective: Station near Druckenwell

Equipment: Yet to be determined

Post: 1




"I could well guess what this could mean to us...." Her eyes made a circle, literally dropping her stylus on the desk, as she slumped back in her chair.


This meeting was not about another sith Viceroy seeking to upset the balance of power within the CIS. Or so the Cabinet head of Castagne, Karlie's father went to point it out to her. The Galaxy had changed. Castagne had to change. Change in its view of the sith...at least the sith who were Viceroys in the CIS. 


"Pft..." She let her opinion of them be known. 


Naturally her father curtly advised her to sit up, retrieve her stylus from the Admiral's space and discuss the matter objectively or excuse herself from the meeting.


Karlie reached for the stylus that had wound up near one of the Admirals across from her and sat up straight.

"My apology, Admiral Lands... " She said to him before taking a deep breath.

"You know my feelings for them. It's not just an opinion...its a fact, Viceroy." She replied to her father, eyes locking upon his. Well, for a moment at least....maybe less.Karlie couldn't stare him down by no means...ever. She not only loved him, but respected him. Same on her father's end.That look was something they shared... a reminder of who Karlie was and the length she went to stay as such.

The two Destats both experienced the treachery and the lengths by which a sith seeking power could do. And that had changed Karlie forever.



Yes, I wish to remain.Hard as it is, I'll keep an open mind...." She then said, succumbing to be objective than biased. Her word given, was as good as written.


The Cabinet meeting was about the rediscovery of what had once been the epitome of an ancient Empire...a sith Empire. Intelligence had reported that the ancient military station had been found in system Druckenwell... another system within CIS space. Soon following the report, and to the cabinetry surprise, the finding had been reported across the Viceroyalty. This alone had come by as a surprise for it had originated by @Darth Tacticus...head of the Admiralty of the CIS. 

Tarssin's argument was that if the rediscovery of the ancient station had been for selfish reasons, that it would not have been made public.


Karlie naturally hadn't bought into theopen house tactic, as she referred to it She simply had no trust, let alone ant liking for sith... be they Viceroys or trusted figureheads within the CIS. Karlie had preferred Castagne remain totally independent and not have been inducted into the folds of the CIS.  


"So this treasure hunt...this gathering of old tech and weaponry...what exactly does it have to do with me...or put simply the IBI? Why not have someone like @Iansade from the ICI go and make like a puppet on a sting?" She asked, to the suggestion that she be sent over with her team.


The reason given was that Castagne wasn't looking for ancient outdated weaponry or tech....but possibly something by which the sith were notoriously known to often deploy...disregarding ant moral codes. Bio-engineered pathogens, agents and chemicals.And who better to find these kind of weapons or cachets than her?


"Heh.... I see..." Karlie said, quite perked up. Now it all made sense. Castagne wasn't considering going on a treasure hunt, no. They were interested that if any ancient biological weapons were still on that station...that they had to be exposed...and eliminated. They needed a bio-engineer..karlie to go and see about finding them...if they existed.


"Then I'm your girl, gentlemen." 

#1813185 Beautiful Castagne | CIS Dominion of Hex [S-46]

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 22 June 2018 - 03:14 PM

Location: Main beach area

Objection: Play nice and meet/greet CIS invitees

Interacting: Srina Talon, if she don't force choke me after this one

Wearing: jeans,/open blouse over bikini 

Post: 3




Not by far wearing something by which couldn't do with a bit of roughhousing and paint, she nevertheless took just enough of a step backso as not to crowd the young woman. It were after all, the means of the girl cordially lettingher know so...right?

But Karlie's interest of the artwork on the children was the reason she took to approaching the women. And as it unfolded, she were not a hired artist...but indeed an off-worlder...a guest.


"Well...you're being quite modest, as your handiwork begs to differ..." She were meaning the artistic aspect of the women. It was obviously superior to the woman she had come to assist.


Sure Karlie had doodled a bit in the media arts..but her forte, as she most often illustrated her research were done on graphic generators...3-D holographic pallets, quite often having then rendered as 3-D printed models. It had been well over a decade..perhaps more like two since she had touched real paint and brush. The moment took her back to her early childhood...the smell of water colors, like crayons always seem to provoke distant wonderful memories. And they were of a time when her mother were everything to her.

But that had been the idea...her mother's plan. The bond of early mother daughter remained, despite the revelation just a few years ago of the purpose of that manipulation. it scarred Karlie...near definitely. At least by way of her force connection. And that had been severed. And severed by Karlie no less to the point of extreme; the eradication of her midis.

But that were then and this moment existed in the now...and in the sun. Such thoughts of past tribulations Karlie put away. She was her own design now...free of the sith teachings and influence...free of her mother's design.


"Hmm....platinum white....Never would have thought-

Looks good though....got to try it.." She thought for a moment, as she brushed her eyes across the woman's features as she spoke. In not so fine tuned finesse, for Karlie was a bit handicapped in that aspect of her social development; due again to her have being under the sith manipulation of her mother, she were crudely but innocently eyeing the woman over...sizing her up, if one were to be a keen observer. But it were innocent, and not as intrusive as it could be construed. Karlie had after all, skipped that part in her teen development. She was in a way...catching up and at times seemed to behave/act like a young teen in such matters. 


"Oh..." To Karlie's surprise the woman wasn't certain herself of it's popularity abroad.

"Well, they are quite neat anda hit here..." She gave the woman an near awkward chuckle. Ok, so she may have been starring a bit too long at the woman, and consciously had to avert her eyes elsewhere for but a moment. 


But that awkwardness was quickly dissipated with a friendly invite to get painted herself. 

"Yea?.." She returned her attention back to Srina, this time being drawn directly into her dark-...no blueish silvery orbs?Again, she had to consciously blink, as the sunlight was maybe playing tricks on her.And speaking of sunlight...

"....Is she alright out in the sun like that?.." Karlie didn't want to intrude in actually asking her what she was thinking upon observing the primed canvas look of her skin. maybe she was from an ice laden world as she had seemed before standing like right on top of the woman. But wasn't she like not feeling the sun?Then again...SP400 sunblock? ...."No no...don't you dare ask.. that would be rude."


"Hmm, I don't know..." She looked over to the playful giggling children happily about in their colorful make ups. Her inner child was saying 'YES', but her reserve self, her conscious realization of acting her age was blocking her fun side.


"I mean...they are adorable on the children...." Karlie didn't need to assert the fact that the woman was not Castian but an off wolder. Even perhaps the Cabinetry invited guests from their new kinsmen the Confederacy. They were all one kindred spirit in a way..right?

Well, aside from her own faults and directives that had cost the lives of over forty of her team members a few months back,  


"Do adults- " Damn it, she had to ask.

"...ahem, you know... get painted up, normally too?". Aw shoot...what was she?.... 13, to ask something like that? 


She referenced a glance at the younglings who certainly were having a blast wearing the woman's art.

What should have been a damn it all and anyone who thinks otherwise a 'YES!.'But Karlie was not completely up to that level of confidence despite her wanting a design.Ok, well maybe socially she was up to the equivalent of say a 17 year old Castian. Lord, she had missed so much of what a teen girl experienced, on account of her mother. As intelligent as Karlie was, she was still too young as far as experiences were concerned.

#1811512 Beautiful Castagne | CIS Dominion of Hex [S-46]

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 19 June 2018 - 09:25 PM

Location: Main beach area

Objection: Play nice and meet/greet CIS invitees

Interacting: Rolling the dice here

Post: 2




"Ok....just letting you know I'm heading over to the main beach front."Karlie informed her father.

Her father, Viceroy Tarssin Destat, hadn't figured on Karlie to check in with him. It had been a simple request in hologram form for her to take 10 day leave from her research aboard the RD-IV lab orbiting Castagne. But as it may, Karlie had not played the entire message out and as soon as she got wind of the 10 day leave aspect of the message...

Yea, she bolted down like a hot meteor and wasted no time in soaking up the Summer rays on her beach front family estate.


But as it turned out and it took her father to finally locate Karlie...she had been given leave from her orbiting tin can for the sole reason to help establish relations with visiting CIS members that Castagne, or rather the High Cabinetry invited.

"Well, I don't know...you sounded pretty dry before. I thought you'd be mad at me...you know..." Sure, she could play the sweet daughter who's feelings were hurt by her father's reprimands. 


"I mean...well, I didn't play your message through and all. I just wanted some time off.... being cooped up there for two months, is like doing prison time..." Oh she were winging it and had to be careful of not over doing it.Still, he had not made any effort in approaching a fatherly apology.

"...you know?" Still nothing from her father.


"Uhm..dad...you still there?"


Yes, he was still there and asked why she was still at the beach house. If she were truly sorry and had indeed made a err in missing the message in its entirety then she'd get her butt down to where some of the CIS guests were and make nice.

He was going to count on her.


"Yes... I know I pushed to study the virus live...

Yes, dad. You can count on me....

Ok...love you.

...Bey." The hologram closed off from his end...of course he gave her his love. But what was most important, his confidence in her.


"Sigh... he's so on to me..." She shook her head, knowing she had lost the abilityquite a while back in pulling the wool over her father as she used to do so well. Then again, she had been more like her mother then...a protege.

Karlie shook her head thinking of that dreaded spectre that had at one time rooted her twisted will in her head.

Sadly, her own mother had been found to be of sith...a little too late. By the time her mother were exposed, the woman had slowly and methodically started to influence Karlie through her teen years to follow her path. Unknown to young Karlie and her father, her sith mother were priming her to be her apprentice. 

Her mother was the epitome of pure evil...

But the sith mother was gone, had been gone for quite a few years now...along with Karlie's midi count. And the latter had been by Karlie's own hand...her atonement...her salvation.

But the girl had in many ways been robbed of developing normal adolescent social skills while she had been under the manipulation of her sith mother. In so many ways, Karlie was a bit handicapped in her social development. At 25, she were more like that of an 18 year old...just cresting into adulthood. But she didn't lack intelligence. In that avenue she were quite a prodigy...





It weren't that far a walk to the main beach from the small beach front estate she had opted to spend her vacation tanning. Only it turned out to not be a real vacation at all, as Karlie had first thought,but part of what the Cabinet had set up in welcoming their fellow countrymen. Castagne, under the directive of the Cabinet had proposed and been accepted as part of the CIS. This event called for hosting of their finest assets, the colorful beach lines, island resorts and what their capital city of Constantine had to offer. 


The beach house was not at all on a reclusive beach. There were no private or reclusive beachfront on Castagne per say. All the coastlines, including islands were open to all citizens and guests. In so many ways, Castans weren't hung up on social classes...not like most systems at least. The Destat's beach house, the one located just South of where one of the beach festivals were set up had no fences or private beach signs posted at all. Anyone could walk along the beach-line between ocean and estate. Private property, like the beach house or other establishments were always respected and common courtesy was a norm among Castans.


Karlie loved the beach and could for the most part have spent her entire so called vacation at the beach house and enjoy the adjacent amenities of the nearby main popular beach just a 20 minute walk away.And being a regular beach goer she dressed more casual and not so much to impress. Besides, her father had said it wasn't a formal event, but one which should make their new friends and neighbor, the CIS feel just as home as they did.As such, after showering off her lotion, Karlie put on a pair of comfy jeans...comfy to her at least and a light open shirt over a bikini top. naturally she had a bikini bottom under those blues. There were water rides and slides of many kinds on the main event beach. And the water park was one of her favorites since a little girl.  




Of course, no need to have styled her hair for she didn't expect it to stay dry. She simply towel dried it and had been good to go.


The event had started two days before. The same day she podded down from the station to the beach house...or in her case; splashed down a few meters past the break-line. Not something her dad had been too keen on doing, especially in using one of the station's emergency escape pods. But that was Karlie, still young, restless andrumbustious...with little lack of common fear or sensibility most times. And that was her father's concern, as he understood that as intelligent as she was, she still needed to catch up on what her mother had suppressed. 


"Oh...this is new.." Karlie said to herself as she neared the festival scenery. It was for the better part much like the water park layout just inland enough to be away from high tide. Only that it now seemed to encompass its way to the shoreline.


"Oh hey...how are you?..." She replied to one of the locals who flagged her down.

"What?... Oh yea,...fine too...thank you..." Karlie waved as she continued to approach the extension of the park.


There were certainly more than the usual amount of people...both young and old. many seemed her age...some younger...some, quite different. Seemed this was as much a new experience for Karlie as it were for the many few here that were not Castans. It were easy to see who most were and were not. Then again, quite difficult with most.


What caught her attention, then curiosity were the body arts....both facially and everything else. She had knowledge of the practice among many systems..in both permanent dyes and temporary. If it were her choice, she would most opt for temporary markings. 

"Hehe...Oh, and who are you today?.." She chuckled, asking a little boy with a stripped markings...obviously marked up by the few artists treating children with such fun body markings.

He was a tussler.

"Oh..and what is a tussler?.." She asked, not familiar with what the little boy had chosen to be marked as.

Well, for her information, a tussler was a predatory feline..a hunter of the great dark forest on a moon which Karlie again was not familiar with. Then again, there were literally thousands upon thousands of habitable star systems throughout their galaxy. It was mind blowing at the varied feline species,let alone the entire animal kindom.

"Oh, I see....Grrrrr..."  She played along and growled back at him, extending pretentious claws and curling her upper lip and nose. The little boy screamed in delight and ran back to his group of friends, who pretty much mimicked their own animal delights.


Karlie was just as delighted, as she got closer to the group of artists. Unbeknown to her, she were standing just over to the left of Srina Talon , who by the way seemed to be having a good time creating such animal art on the many children that were gathered. 

It was of no consequence that she wouldn't have known Srina, for when they had last met, both had been suited up in hermetic enviro suits. Not in Karlie's wildest dream could she have guessed that the previous commandeering Srina..the one that had almost put a blaster bolt through one of Karlie's research team member turned zombie was crouching below her, face painting a little girl.


"Who?..what?...me?..." She laughed, as another artist who had just completed a face paint on another boy asked if she wanted to get painted up. Ahhh...so that's what they were using...water paint, Karlie noted. Yes it was pretty neat, but she shook her head.

"No no....not right now. I just never..." No she never seen it done before...not on Castagne at least.

"...well, it is pretty nifty...fun too,I see...." She replied, wondering if that individual was Castan or...a guest?

Funny it didn't make a difference, as whomever it was, was enjoying themselves as much as the children.


"Oops...sorry..." Karlie then said as the young crystal blonde who had just finished applying a feline facial on the little girl stood up and bumped into Karlie. Apparently it were Karlie's err in not watching how close she were to the young woman. 

"Got distracted....

Just amazed at the artwork you make up artists are doing with the children... " She unknowingly were speaking with Srina. 


"Is this popular on many systems?" Karlie asked, for she assumed by the intricate handiwork, they (or at least the platinum blonde she had bumped into) couldn't be Castan.Her guess was either these artists were guest themselves or artists brought in off world, just for the event. Castans rarely marked their bodies, especially here along the coastline.It was really never seen.

Not that it was shunned or anything of the kind, for Karlie thought it nifty. Just that with such markings and the strong sunlight...one would be multi hued/tanned if such markings stayed on too long. 


But as far as the children were concerned, they actually enjoyed running around pretending to act out in fun, what they were painted to be. And being children, they eventually wound up in the surf, or down the many water slides of the park which this event had been made an extension of...naturally washing the water colors off. And by the loos of one or two some would come running back for new faces. 

#1811219 Snog/Marry/Avoid/Bang/Hang/Kill/Eat/Scare/Stalk/Spank/Fart On/Date

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 19 June 2018 - 10:44 AM

Even if she means to clean you up/shave and a haircut... and takes you shopping at a haberdashery, Logen Brunner ?


I'll consider hanging about then...to see how you fare. :P

#1810569 Snog/Marry/Avoid/Bang/Hang/Kill/Eat/Scare/Stalk/Spank/Fart On/Date

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 18 June 2018 - 03:06 PM

Hmm... I see that you're in the midst of some Amber Alert investigation suddenly gone haywire, Mr Dax Fyre .


Lets just start with hanging for the moment. Your performance in the said crisis could well determine the next level up...or down. :P 

#1810556 Beautiful Castagne | CIS Dominion of Hex [S-46]

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 18 June 2018 - 02:53 PM

Location: Family mini beach front estate

Objection: Fun in the sun...right?

Interacting: Hopefully with somebody

Post: 1



"Uh-huh... and the ante-room pressure is remaining within normal parameters?.." Karlie was checking up on the bio-weapon's research facility up in high orbit. 

This was after all too gorgeous a day to be bottled up in a tin can looking down on beautiful castagne...or more of the coastlines. Castagne had many numerous coastlines in it's warmer belts, along with thousands of isles..mostly all paradise islands. And one in particular had one of her family mini beach front estates that had begged her to come down off that bottled up tin can of a station and soak up the filtered rays of the sun.




The bio research lab which was one of several that Castagne..or rather the IBI (Internal Bureau of Investigation) had that not only used to develop bio/chem weapons but also to de-engineer natural and or -weapon based viruses. One such virus which had been strenuously acquired from Melida, was the pathogen that in all sense of description was a zombie like virus.

And the difficulty in acquiring it wasn't so much as finding it as it was getting it past CIS protocol that seeked to raze everything that had come into contamination, including the local populace of the infected cities and sites.


Ok, so Karlie had for the most part lost her entire research and escort team down there for the very same reason, a peculiar Viceroy Metus had called for euthanasia of the infected...

Long story short...besides her and a sole marine, the only other person (if one were to still label an animated corpse) Janis had unwittingly become infected during an eventful and tragic explosion of shuttle and crew upon first landing on Melida. 

Karlie somehow and it were not easy, convinced this Viceroy Darth Metus to take her co-research scientist turned zombie off Melida and back to Castagne. But managed Karlie did in securing her infected zombie Janis off Malida and into one of the IBI research stations.And it is without say that for weeks now aside from determining that it was indeed an engineered virus that had been unleashed on Melida, that they were close in developing a retro-virus for it.But hose weeks were pretty much gruesome, being cooped up up there encircling her blue marbled palnet. She had needed some fresh sea air and a good portion of it. 


Two days into her break, she was regaining her lost tan. And of course still being in direct contact with the station circling...somewhere up above.

" Ok..well, keep me in formed if there is another pressure drop in the ante-room, Frey. " She replied to her intern who was currently in charge of the facility while Karlie was tanning planet side on her upper patio.





"I've got another call coming through....shoot, it's from the Cabinetry. Got to go...don't frak anything up there..hear?" Karlie quickly disconnected from Frey and opened up the channel to the incoming call from Castagne's High Cabinetry...surprisingly, her father.

Whew..and for a moment there, she thought she may have done something which the Cabinetry was upset over...again.


"Hey dad...how's the weather there in Constantine?..." she jokingly chuckled, knowing quite well it was likely just as gorgeous as their private mini beach estate. Only that she was out here tanning and he was stuck inside the Cabinetry whitening. Her father rarely got a chance to enjoy Castagne's sunshine like he used to when she was younger. But he was High Cabinet Head and since their indoctrination into the CIS, he was hardly ever out of meetings and plannings in general. 


But her father wasn't making a social call, no. He asked as to why she had been missing for the past two days and nowhere yet involved with the hosting of their first invite of CIS members to their system.


"Uhm...yea, I know the event has already started...but what's it got to do with me?..??" She asked. Like, wasn't she on leave?..vacation?

Karlie after all had gotten the OK for her leave by the Council itself. It had even been signed off by her father no less...right?

Shoot... maybe she should have played out the entire hologram...


But no, she did not.


Karlie had been so ecstatic of finally receiving the OK to come back down planet side for what the hologram seemed to hint at 'Fun in the Sun', that she just simply took it for that, closed off the channel, didn't even pack and bolted..or rather, podded down planet side as fast as she could. Yes, she didn't even wait for a transport, opting to use one of the station's escape pods to re-enter Castagne's atmosphere. Like, there was only one planet below the station...so...


But as the hologram read...or as it played out if she would have allowed it to... it was for her to assist with the Cabinetry the event that the system was hosting to the CIS. Karlie, being the one whom had adamantly insisted on working on the virus from Melida was to present her findings to the CIS as far as what she had currently discovered concerning the pathogen that devastated Melida/Dann. And since her planet side escapade with the pod, hadn't reported herself in, never mind the research data. So what was her story, her father asked.


"Uhm...being self centered...?" She replied.

She were correct and what else?


"Being irresponsible again?..."


Correct again... he then asked what else?


"Getting my butt off the patio and heading to the Cabinet Hall?"


Half right. She was to get up off her ass and head on over to the event...and play hostess. PROPER hostess. 

And if members of the CIS wanted to see about her research efforts on the pathogen she was working to de-engineer, then so be it. They needed to find answers to the source of the virus that had been deployed on Malida.


"Yes, I know that..but until we fully unravel-" She was explaining before he cut her off.

Tarssin (her father) then reminded her that one of the Viceroy's very son had been subject to the pathogen down on Melida while trying to help the system. 


"Ok...so we all lost a lot of people there..." She didn't quite understand what was the big deal..one person. Like, she lost over 40 team members down there and that was in the first 10 minutes.


Tarssin who most likely was nearing a stroke level talking to his daughter went and pointed out that that Viceroy's son was Vicelord Darth Metus' son...key figure head if one were to put it bluntly of the CIS!


"Gasp...no way!.." Karlie couldn't believe it. She had met Metus just before the final countdown to euthanizing the City.But he had only told her in quite some powerful tone to get off the system...and that was just before he gave her authorization for her to bring her zombie ex-science researcher Janis with her. Before that, everyone had been on the bandwagon to put a good sized blaster bolt through her ex-scientist head..who unfortunately was a zombie.


So it was 'Yes way'..the son of the Vicelord had lost his life on account of the virus. And so far, Karlie had without a shadow of a doubt, broke it down enough to evidently show that it was engineered. It had been weaponized. Her research was very close in developing a retrovirus, besides a vaccine. So what the hell was she tanning her white ass on the patio, while she should be among the Castan personell hosting this event?!!


"I though..." No, it didn't matter what she had thought. She should have let the entire hologram play out. She had no excuse. And Tarssin didn't have to elaborate on it...she knew well enough.

"Ok, gotcha." Her word on getting his meaning without further ado.


"Yes dad, getting dressed right now and going to the event." She said, getting up off her towel as her dad closed the channel.


Well, so much for her personal take on fun in the sun... Karlie sucked it up and got herself under a shower head to ready herself in playing proper hostess...

#1807967 Used to be member returning to RolePlaying

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 14 June 2018 - 09:04 AM

Welcome back, Velero Faren


#1807966 Hello Star Wars

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 14 June 2018 - 09:04 AM

Welcome to CHAOS, Nixia Amabilia


#1791595 "taptaptap"

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 23 May 2018 - 11:25 AM

 Well, you picked a good faction to be part of, Rylan Kordel .


Welcome to CHAOS then!:D

#1790886 Dark Zone | CIS Dominion of Melida/Daan (R,50)

Posted by Karlie Lynn Destat on 22 May 2018 - 02:58 PM


Objective: Playing Devil's Advocate 

Gear and personnel: Me, Lance (my marine),and what used to be my team mate Janis.. 

Enviro suit: EVS-1

Post: 9






"Whoa..whoa....chill out a minute....it's contained! " Karlie put out her free hand gesturing for Srina's armed escort to hold their fire.


"You too jarhead....stand down..." She then relayed her order to lance, her marine.


"Not going to be a showdown, Agent Lynn..." he had already laid hands off his weapon before Karlie spoke, leaving it dangling inits harness


"Yea..thanks corporal..." She uttered of his lack of support of her plight. 


"Ok..now hold it...give me a minute here. I know what you people have gone through...I've managed to get some messages coming through the past block..." She tapped her comm, realizing the previous explosion had somewhat damaged it, at least it's range. Which explained why she had lost contact with her marine when he first opened fire on the encroaching zombies near the arena.


"This virus has gone pandemic and I understand the reason to flash the affected grounds (her version of nuclear defoliation), but all we-

..or you rather, are only going to achieve is evacuating the survivors and your wounded. You...we here have lost many of our own and to simply flash it isn't going to solve anything bita momentary window of false security." She were talking fast, as it was apparent they were running out of time. No one wanted to waste a minute debating what was already been enacted. And karlie knew this and wasn't going to puts around.


"There's a high probability that this was engineered. Nothing of this nature occurs naturally and spontaneous. there would have been earlier signs of something of this nature mutating on its own.." She looked over to her crono a second.


"Fodder!..." Time seemed to suddenly take off like a missile.

"Look, this was my team mate...a fellow research scientist. Its an area of expertise that-" Ok, well it didn't do much for zombie Janis, her expertise.


" I need her...need her intact and need to risk it. I have her complete genome and physical records down to the cells! I need her to reverse engineer this pathogen...

Come on..please. I can take her to Castagne's weapons and research facility. If anyone has indeed engineered anything of this sort, it would be someone like me....."Oh, maybe that was a wrong thing to point out.



I mean...no, I didn't do this one. I'm just saying that-

.....shoot, Ok, I could engineer such a virus. But I didn't!

I mean....I won't...ever...no!." Oh boy, would they understand that she was currently under the gun persay and trying her best to speak as much as she could to present her point in the time allotted?


" Sigh...

I need this specimen so that I can unlock its secret. 

This virus is currently in its peak stage within this specimen. It will not progress further. It's sole purpose is to consume fresh untainted blood and flesh, and in the process, as you experienced; it exponentially spreads. 

To just evacuate and chalk up your comrades losses without a gain has made this whole operation fruitless...their deaths pointless, as we could once more meet the same threat elsewhere in our systems. 

Do we then continue to retreat, pull back and flash every system this virus is deployed on?"Karlie pleaded her initial argument, hoping to at least have someone with foresight and authorization to consider her facts.


It was at the moment a seemingly lost case, for she knew no one here actually knew her qualifications on the matter. She was indeed an investigator...an agent for the Castan Internal Bureau of Investigation (IBI). But those titles meant little to anyone not tied into the Castan weapons research database as it certainly served the CIS, secretly. Bio-engineering wasn't something the CIS wanted to broadcast galactic wide.


Time was also not on Karlie's side and she was despairing as each word and second seemed to tick by at hyperspeed. maybe she was blurting out too much for anyone to fully comprehend...but what other choice did she have if she only had a minute to try and convince them to keep the head on her zombie intact?


"Please...if anything.. put us on a remote shuttle and suspend me and my specimen in a controlled orbit. Let me at least have a chance at presenting my case. With what you may have collected and with this base specimen...this threat could be neutralized...made null. Otherwise, we're still subject to the same scenarios in any of our other systems if this pathogen was engineered and deployed....please?" It were without a doubt she was quite convinced she were capable of unlocking something about this horrid and devastating pathogen. Karlie's only concern was that if this pathogen's secrets weren't unlocked, that Melida was just the tip of the iceberg. For the CIS to flash infected grounds and pull out of the system, it would indicate that whomever had engineered this pathogen would know it was a success. With that, then the CIS would have to expect more such attacks on their territories and systems.


"It's what I do best.... I'm a researcher... this is my field... bio-weapons..." Ok, not the best shoe forward, as no one liked to hear bio-weapons. But being one didn't mean developing bio-weapons for deployment. It also meant developing counter measures...reverse engineering such weapons, much like reverse engineering new hard tech. 

The only difference was one was mechanical/electronic and hers was biological.


Her marine of course was as quiet as a temple mouse. He wasn't about to do anything that would cause a showdown, despite his role was to be backing Karlie up. His hands were way clear of his weapon. They were all allies here...on the same front. Karlie could be a bit forward at times, but he could not do anything to escalate what seemed already a volatile situation.  







Srina Talon