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Karlie Lynn Destat

Karlie Lynn Destat

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#1858310 Why don't Most Starships Use More Automated Systems

Posted by Kaine Australis on 11 September 2018 - 11:40 AM


#1857815 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 10 September 2018 - 01:50 PM

“A mother’s betrayal?” Scherezade asked, looking up.


She’d once again been read to get up and get out, but the Karlie had more words to say and suddenly the subject of mothers was brought up.


It wasn’t a topic she’d discussed with… Well, with anyone. Not in depth, anyway. Her former adoptive sister had known that Scherezade’s mother was gone or missing, and the man she still loved knew it too. But other than a few words about who and what her mother was, a handful of short stories she’d told Gerwald…


No, she was lying to herself. She had told him. Him, and no one else. Not that it mattered anymore.


Her former-adoptive sister had claimed that her own mother had abandoned her. But Scherezade had found the woman; had confronted her. Had begged her to come back with her to Ryloth. Tacitus’ goons had their guns on her and she had still begged… But nothing came of it. The woman claimed she hadn’t abandoned her, but she hadn’t come with Scherezade either. It was a mess of a story.


“I don’t know what that’s like,” she finally whispered, eyes almost glued to the floor, “I haven’t seen my mother since I was a baby. But I had someone who adopted me as a sister half a year ago. And she betrayed me.”



Karlie Lynn Destat

#1856106 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 06 September 2018 - 11:18 AM

Karlie’s discomfort was clear to Scherezade. She felt a pang of guilt over putting her in that situation, doing that to her when she probably didn’t have any ill intentions yet. But everyone had them towards her eventually anyway, so why not just prep in advance?


She was about to do exactly as Karlie suggested, get up and leave, take the liquor with her, never been seen again. But then Karlie spoke about not having a friend and the damned AI had to respond and Scherezade could feel the pain in her chest hurting not just for herself anymore. She stayed put on the bed, her body almost frozen.


The shared pain didn’t last long though, not when Karlie mentioned mead. Another one of those things that Scherezade only had with… With someone who had used her and then tossed her away like trash a moment after she’d given him her heart.  Breathing hurt suddenly, and she took the flask from Karlie, drinking deeply from it.


“Friends are dangerous,” she said quietly, looking at the floor, “they make you feel safe and then they break you.”


Karlie Lynn Destat

#1853487 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 01 September 2018 - 01:29 PM

Scherezade said nothing as Karlie began to fumble around, only her green eyes following every movement of the blonde, the glow of them alongside the semi squint showing how unhappy she was. Was it because of the bump to her head? Was it because of life? Who knew? It was probably everything together.


Only once did she pause, looking at the cabin around her. It was… So different from her own ship. It was clean, to start with. Hers hadn’t been since… Since the day she’d almost been murdered by that Jedi.


She half growled when the compress was pressed against her, and she waved Karlie away. Scherezade did not like being touched. She could press it on her own, as long as her personal space was kept safe. Sure, Karlie had touched her earlier, but that was sort of mandatory since she was helping her with the suit. Now was different. Now there was no suit to keep in mind.


“Of course I keep it locked,” she almost snapped, “No one’s allowed to see the inside of it. It’s… It’s private.”


She moved her head away when Karlie tried to look into her eyes. Definitely, uncomfortable.


“I’d rather have liquor,” came the answer to the water offer.


And then Scherezade sighed. She knew she was being hard. How else could one be when… When everyone who’d ever gotten close had betrayed her and broken her. Her walls were tall and made of the hardest metals known in the ‘verse. And of course, now that she was broken, now that she was a shell of the girl she used to be, now people were suddenly interested. No one had cared when she was happy and smiling and free.


“Look, what do you want from me?” she asked the woman, her stare pointed and sharp. If she knew what Karlie wanted now, it’d be easier to get it over with, before Karlie hurt Scherezade just like everybody else.



Karlie Lynn Destat

#1853001 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 31 August 2018 - 10:13 AM

The extent of Scherezade being passed out cold was… Limited. She’d been passed out when Karlie returned, but she woke up immediately as Karlie started talking, opting to keep her eyes shut for the moment. She needed another bottle, and she didn’t feel like moving in order to get it.


When Karlie decided to sling her over her shoulder, Scherezade definitely knew that she was keeping her eyes shut. She had to know where this was going. If Karlie had any ill intent, she’d just meet her knives. If not… She was going to wait and see.


Yes, she locked the door to her ship. No one was allowed in there. Not since that horrible night. No one was allowed to see the walls of the hangar area, covered in all her memories from the Darkness, written in her own blood. No one was allowed to see the empty bottles that rolled back and forth on the ship. No one was allowed to see… The room she had shared with Gerwald. The room that he had used before that, where she’d written their good memories on the wall. The inside of her ship was off limits to everyone.


And no. Karlie didn’t have to worry about her vomiting in her ship, unless she tried to force feed her. She hoped she wouldn’t.


And then she hit her head.


When she landed on the bed, her eyes were open, glaring at Karlie.


“That hurt.”



Karlie Lynn Destat

#1851806 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 28 August 2018 - 03:34 PM

There was nothing for Scherezade to do but wait while Karlie went inside. But that was how it always happened, wasn’t it? She was left behind and everyone went on without her. It didn’t matter if it was a few hours, or a few days. A week had been enough to destroy what semblance she had of a life. A minute had been enough to deliver the final blow that had broken her beyond repair. And what was left? A shell of a girl that had once wanted to devour the galaxy with her crazy ideas, now incapable of even putting a stupid suit on to go get artifacts that would help her with her financial situation. Even her bacta was running out.


She wanted to get up. So sorely wanted to just rise, to leave, to get out of this place and go float somewhere. But it was as she had said; where was there for her to go? Two planets that she had loved were forever closed to her, and everywhere else sucked. All that was left was to go randomly from place to place and hope that maybe someday somehow she would be able to find another planet that could even have a sliver of resemblance to the home-feeling she’d had from either Ryloth or Coruscant.


And Endelaan…


Her eyes would never see Endelaan again. Not with adult eyes. The memories she had of the place, the memories of warm sunlight, of family, of her parents… Those would be the last memories she’d ever have of her ancestral home planet. Endelaan was not a kind place to the weak, and she was even less than that now.


Scherezade just sighed, leaning her head against the wall, and took another gulp from her bottle. There was nothing to do now but wait, and stare into the shadows.



Karlie Lynn Destat

#1848086 [Echoes of Eternity] The Bones of Zakuul [PM to join]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 20 August 2018 - 01:02 PM

All this way to go nowhere? Scherezade looked at Karlie. Why was this such a strange thing to say? It wasn't as if she had a home. She'd never had one. As soon as she got her hands on her ship, she was always living in it, and just changing location every... Three days. At most. She hadn't ever been good at just sitting still, not until she'd broken, and even then...

All she could do was nod when she was asked if that was her name, and shrug when the pronunciation was mentioned. Karlie was pronouncing it right. A lot of people didn't. She was done fighting people about it though. As long as they didn't call her by her grandmother's name, it didn't really matter anymore. Nothing mattered anymore.

While Karlie was procrastinating, Scherezade just drank from her bottle again. Normally, she'd have walked away much sooner than this, but the blonde hadn't hit any painful buttons within her just yet, and she seemed to want something, though Scherezade couldn't even begin to guess what it could be. For now though, she'd remain. She could always walk a crooked line back to her ship later.

And then Karlie mumbled. Stumbled with her words. And Scherezade was left just looking at her with wide eyes.

"I don't have any friends anymore either," she said, her voice just above a whisper. She used to. She had two. One was an adoptive sister, the other was a man she loved with everything her heart could. And now those two were together and she was the one paying the price for their joy.

"I can wait," she said with a nod after a long and awkward silence. To show that she had no intention of vanishing, Scherezade just. Sat down on the ground again, and drank from her bottle again. No one was waiting for her anywhere anyway.



Karlie Lynn Destat

#1847443 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Srina Talon on 19 August 2018 - 06:16 AM



Location: Beside Lake Aleng

Wearing: XXXX

Tag: Lirka Ka | Caid Centurion




The snowy head of the Exarch tilted when Lirka laughed at her use of an honorific. It had become a habit. So many in the galaxy grew offended if not afforded the proper respect. She had been presented to Sith Lords of the most devilish magnitude, the Grand Master of the Silver Jedi, a self-proclaimed God King, and so many Queens that she had lost count. Srina would refer to them however they wished, however, she would never prostrate herself before them. Srina Talon bowed to no one.


“My mistake, Lirka, I meant no disrespect. Looks can be deceiving. ”


The Sephi seemed to be in higher spirits than some of them. Perhaps it was liquid courage in her veins but Srina almost envied it. She felt just as hollow as the ghosts that paraded the lake. Her focus pulled back to the Sith that had poured himself from the depths of the lake. The smile that he gave, even partial, was not invisible to Echani eyes. They missed nothing. It was in that vein that she thought her attempt at pleasantries had succeeded.


Apparently not. The bright-eyed male went on to explain exactly why the spirits would fail in possessing his form and the wintry woman could only laugh softly. It was bare, refined, yet touched with the faintest edge of a melody. “I assure you that I was speaking in jest. A joke, if you will.”


It didn’t seem to matter because the dark-skinned man was already moving along. Her head tilted as silver eyes followed the Sith carefully. A swirl of dark, a twist of red, and it was as if he had never existed at all. Interesting. Srina sighed gently as she tapped the gem on her Holo-Comm to wake up Oracle. Her friendly AI always loved a good mystery. “Please investigate the man that was just here. If he is part of the Confederacy, and he seems to be, I would like his personnel file.”


<<Certainly, Srina.>>


Oracle was an intuitive piece of technology. Ever changing, ever learning, and ever adapting. She knew that Srina loathed being referred to by any title just as well as she knew that the Vicelord loved to call her his Dread Queen. With that in mind, she got to work. She was always watching passively in the interest of keeping the Exarch safe but it would take time to search their databases with little more than a face. In this dim light, voice recognition might the best route.


While awaiting the identity of the mysterious stranger she turned her full attention back to Lirka. Her accent was changed. Different. “How are you enjoying the Festival of the Lost? Have you visited with your past yet?”


That seemed unlikely. The only thing Srina could say for certain that Lirka had fully visited was alcohol vendors.



#1846853 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on 18 August 2018 - 02:28 AM

Maple tried to smile, as she didn't want to bring Alwine Lechner into her depression.

A question Alwine had asked finally filtered through to the bounty hunter, about how since the Confederacy was full of Dark Force Users whether that violated the shadow's precepts.

"It does violate the precepts. You're right about that...though given how often I've seen Jedi rub elbows with some of 'em...either way I haven't been one in years. I quit...because it would have destroyed me if I had stayed. But I still had friends. And that monster is killing them. She will pay for every evil...just like you intend for your mother. All of it.

Maple had not missed how fish-out-of-water Alwine was. The little wolf was eager, fresh faced. Obviously intelligent. But she needed more knowledge and experience. Maple was perhaps seeing too much of herself...but she didn't care.

"Alwine...I know your brothers got your back and ultimately you have your own path you must walk...but I was wondering all the same...would you like to go to Tattooine with me? I have materials related to Alchemy to get you at least familiarized with the concept. A lot of it is old notes from a defunct Jedi Faction much like the one I was part of. But some of it might prove enlightening. Plus, the place is pretty dangerous. Good place to learn how to shoot and hide...I mean, if you're interested...good field experience. Plus I ride around in The Sexiest Ship Ever Built. Its fast. No weapons, but its heavily shielded and equipped with stealth technology. Truth is...that messed with me just now. And I don't wanna go to that place without at least someone to talk to. Four of my top twenty nastiest assignments occured there and I got a lotta bad memories. I won't be mad if you say no."

#1846811 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Srina Talon on 18 August 2018 - 12:12 AM



Location: Beside Lake Aleng

Wearing: XXXX

Tag: Lirka KaCaid Centurion




Srina spent quite some time with the ghosts of her family. It was bittersweet to see them again. They didn’t appear as they had in her nightmares. Bloody, misshapen, and cold. They were warm for such ghostly spirits. Beautiful. Part of her was saddened that she had yet to see Nysana, however, part of her was glad. She couldn’t imagine that this would make her sister feel any better. She was just barely managing to breath without them. The rest…The rest was still a work in progress.


The flaxen-haired woman continued to read to her niece from the quirky book of prose in a hushed tone. She didn’t want to bother the rest of the people paying the respects by the lakeside but it seemed to please Iuuna. Srina would do anything for her. If only she hadn’t of left Eshan. If only she had stood her ground. If she had defied the will of her Father—they might be alive.


But how many more wouldn’t be?  


She paused when she felt eyes boring holes into the back of her body. At first, considering she sensed no ill intent, she ignored it. If someone wished to speak to her the easiest way to do was to actually come forward and hold a conversation. Nothing would be gained by hiding on the sidelines like the galaxies most dangerous wallflower. It didn’t matter that this was a time for reflection. Duty demanded that she not be moved by the spirits in the lake. At least, not outwardly.  


The silvery Echani stood slowly, her form endlessly graceful, despite the waves of powder blue shimmersilk that slid over dewy grass. Her kind generally appeared ethereal, otherworldly, and just plain altered. The setting didn’t help. Someone that she did not know approached openly. Keen sight picked up his unnatural eyes before she saw him fully. They were bright in the evening, like some great ebony saber cat. Darkness lingered near him. Sith. Of course. The gaze from behind, upon inspection, belonged to Lirka Ka. The Sephi had been an adept partner in dealing with thugs on Kalinda and Srina had not forgotten it.


“Lady Ka…”, she greeted, her dulcet and refined voice little more than a whisper. The breeze stole her words away, guided by the Force, and the dark-haired female would hear her clearly. As if she were speaking right beside her.


Winter gray eyes focused on the Sith Lord that came from the depths of the lake like some sort of shadowed sea monster. He was broad shouldered, with a chiseled jaw, and more than towered over her. In fact, both Lirka, and this stranger dwarfed her in size. Srina had long ago gotten used to it. There were plenty that liked to try and press their luck or force her into a power struggle because of her appearance. One by one, they learned better.  


The man spoke her name and she nodded her head. Exarch Talon. How she loathed it, but, at least he hadn’t called her the Dread Queen. That was worse. So much worse. She’d fought the notion of being noble or high born ever since she’d stepped foot on Geonosis. She was a warrior, much like Lirka, and many others in the Confederacy. She was closer to being a Mandalorian than she was a true politician. Echani were every bit as aggressive, every bit as vicious, only, they were better at hiding it. It was the perfect blend of aristocracy and violence. “I do not know your face.”


She could have brought up her Holo-Comm and forced the identification but she was curious. He knew of her, as so many seemed to, but she did not know him. One of the Knights? Perhaps a Viceroy?


Her mercurial gaze flickered.  


“You should be careful about swimming through lakes full of spirits. You might find yourself possessed.”  

#1842851 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on 10 August 2018 - 01:32 AM

Arrived to Krant in: The Silent Erika (http://starwarsrp.ne...ype-327-nubian/)

Wearing: Biker Leathers.

Armed with: Uri's cane (http://starwarsrp.ne...4421-uris-cane/)

Objective: Mostly One, partly Two.

Nearby: Alwine Lechner, Daxton Bane, Srina Talon.

The Silent Erika descended through Krant's atmosphere, transmitting friendly ID codes to all relevant Confederacy Vessels.

The black 327 Nubian, asserted by both its current and prior owner to be the sexiest ship ever built, settled on a small landing pad in the city itself, and the mad occupant powered down the vessel, after making a number of extensive checks to make sure the new upgrades were not affecting power to other systems. She'd jammed enough tech into her home to turn it into as much of a Fortress as possible, but the old girl could only handle so much load at once.

She hadn't been paid a visit to by her...'guest' in a while. But she was counting the days until the wretched creature showed up in her head again.

But Maple was here to talk to a different spirit.

She had heard the rumors of Lake Aleng. Never had a chance to visit before now. She was making the time, because that encounter with The Amalgam had come out of nowhere. And if the woman was to someday, as she claimed, become The Mind-Binder, Maple needed some intel on just who it was she was dealing with. But searching for The Amalgam physically after Felacat had turned up nothing. But she had learned much more than she had ever wanted to, regardless.

The Amalgam was a ghost, for the most part. Maple could not find her Foe's actual base of operations.

But The Amalgam had certainly had more of a record than any search for the Mind-Binder had ever turned up. She'd been a long time player, it was clear...specialized in deep cover infiltration, had a trail of assassinations linked indirectly to her. A fanatic. But highly skilled. Save for deep cover infiltration (As well as an unusual preference for Laser weaponry, of all things) her known acts read a great deal like many of Uri Udinia's nastier missions. Or Uri's missions read a great deal like The Amalgam's.

For all intents and purposes, they were in the same line of work. But Uri's skill in the Force was laughable. The Amalgam's was not. Maple had little chance at close range. She could match the vile shapeshifter blow for blow at melee combat--barely-perhaps even outgun her-but the Dark Side was The Amalgam's insurance against true victory. Maple knew it had been a combination of overconfidence on The Amalgam's part as well as the will of the Force that she had managed to escape. In either case, the power had clearly gone to the shapeshifter's head years ago: She taunted. She was sloppy. Had their positions been reversed, Maple would have put her down as quickly as possible and not wasted time being mysterious by securing her prisoner and leaving. But given the obvious skill, the purple-eyed woman's arrogance was perhaps deserved.

Maple stared at the mark on her right palm...the mark of a black, jagged crescent. It had marked her, as Doashim had. There had been no sign of its presence since. She slipped a black leather glove over it, clad in her biker gear, and took her sabercane with her. Go armed, but lightly.

She sweapt her long, brown hair from a face that had been in a perpetual frown ever since Felacat. Blinking wet, piercing green eyes darting around in perpetual delusions that happened between the ticks of a second, but felt completely real to her when they did. She thought of getting a drink first, but she needed to be sober. She desperately wanted a drink. She thought about finding food, but that would also distract her.

Maple took out a stick of strawberry flavored bubblegum. She started to chew, letting the taste distract her. She wanted brownies. Gum would do, for now, then brownies, then food, then more brownies, then a dance off with Zombie Anakin Skywalker, then a drink.

But first she needed to reach the Lake itself.

Krant was a lovely looking world. Quaint. Its cobblestone streets reminded her of her childhood home.

She could not remember her mother's face. Sometimes she hated The Order for that. But what's done is done. Some of these Sensitives, they spend years carrying on a feud with Jedi, over petty things, and they never get past it. Like killing a person who believes a certain things solves all their problems, resolves all the doubt eating away at them. All the Loss. Jedi Hunting was for some no different than someone in the civilian world getting a fancy luxury sport speeder with an engine that should not be street legal: It was all to deal with a mid-life crisis.

The festivities were in full swing, Krantian beer enjoyed in large mugs. The chewing gum had already lost its flavor. She spat it out, mouth salivating at the scent of cooked fish. She wanted a beer. Would have settled for a wine cooler. Grape flavored. Maybe Lemon. Did they make Lemon wine coolers. They made murderous death droids, super death masers and more alchemized stuff than she could shake one of her sticks at. They had to be making lemon wine coolers somewhere in this karked up galaxy.

As she traveled through the village, giving a few side glances to the village women (And getting a few in turn.) Maple took note of all the bauble's and trinkets on sale. She enjoyed ivory pieces. She took more note of a red crystal up for prominent display on one stand. It was tended to by an old woman in villagers robes. She had lots of wrinkles and laugh lines, her ashen hair in a ponytail. Her grey eyes focused on Maple.

"We have many wares and trinkets if you are interested." She croaked.

"Is it true, old woman? Do the spirits actually rise on this day?" Maple asked, her alderaani accent coming through.

"Oh yes. I've been witniss to the phenomenon my entire life. Its...how I let go of my husband. He passed last year. Damn Terentatek living in the woods guarding some older-than-chit tomb. Ended up having to send our bravest villager into the woods with an alchemized sword to kill whatever was in there. Poor man still doesn't speak of it." she said with a sigh. "Everybody always thinks those dungeon crawler tabletops are soooo fun until you actually end up living out a scenario just like them."

"Well, Krant was home to a lotta whackos in the past, not unusual for an evil tomb to pop up once in a while."

"Yes, but you'd think it was all the bastards did, given how many we've run into over the years and demolished. Poor Harold Starfree three villages over ate it last year when his house collapsed into a sink hole and the damned Lich in the sarcophagus he'd built his house over without realizing it broke loose."

The old woman paused thoughtfully, rubbing her chin. "Did some amusing things to all those human organs it stole, though. Surprisingly classy approach to its dark rituals, too. Had to kill it with fire, admittedly, but damn was it a gentleman."

"I know the type." Maple replied, thinking of Darth Maranon. Still trapped and impotent in that trinket Sawa had given her. Heh.

"So this crystal you got..."

"Found it in the tomb the animal that killed my husband was guarding. We clear out the treasures, make sure none of its cursed or anything--one guy spontaneously liquified last year when he put on the wrong ring. Ugh. Went through eight mops cleaning him off the floor. Eight."

Maple examined the crystal. She recognized it. Knew Sawa might want it.

It was a Quixoni. Rare. Very rare. An import, obviously.

Maple slapped eight thousand credits on the table.

"That oughta help with local emergencies..."

The woman took her credits, handing her the crystal.

"Tomb robbin'. Never stops paying..." the old woman joked.

Maple chuckled a bit herself. She'd made some of her best money robbing Maranon's tomb of its valuables.

"Just remember...haul ain't worth your life."

"Nobody knows that better than the People of The Lake..." The old woman responded. "Thank you for your business."

Maple pocketed the crystal and walked away to the lake. To her surprise, she saw Alwine Lechner, gave her a simple nod as she passed by, waiting for the spirits. She saw Daxton Bane, who'd been on the same assignment to Stewjon and waved at her fellow Mandragora before settling a respectable distance away, waiting for the festivities to start.

#1842334 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Srina Talon on 09 August 2018 - 03:14 AM



Location: Beside Lake Aleng

Wearing: XXXX




The diminutive Exarch of the Confederacy was present when required. As always. She dropped ever meeting, every mission, and returned to Geonosis or Ryloth for her orders when summoned by the Vicelord. He wished her to make an appearance at the Festival of the Lost on a planet that he had long since coveted. Krant was beautiful in its own way. Simple, with a vast history, that didn’t seem to tarnish the people but rather enriched their lives. She moved through the quiet fishing community commanding a gentle respect with an easy grace.  


It wasn’t hard to play the role that was demanded of her. Not usually. She thought logically over all things and tended to speak pragmatically. Most, unless unhinged, appreciated it.


She greeted whom she needed to greet. She smiled at whom she needed to smile at. She did everything she could to ensure that her Master hadn’t wasted his efforts in spending his own credits on this acquisition. The clothing she wore was very plain. No armor, to her chagrin, but an unadorned blue shimmersilk shift. It swept the ground easily and hung from her slender form with strings of pearls that interlaced across her bare back. It was in homage to both Lake Aleng and the small fishing village that depended on it.


Hair of palest moonlight rolled over her shoulders in unbraided waves. That was it. No jewelry, or silver, aside from the rings that her Master insisted upon and her Holo-Comm. She had even left her lightsaber behind in the Ferocity. If she needed it among all these Confederates and Force-Users there were much larger issues at hand. The CIS Navy had already secured the area around the planet. What else was there? Save to meet the people? Learn?


This was a peaceful place. At least, during the Festival of the Lost, she surmised. Eventually, she took leave of the festivities in Alengside to visit Lake Aleng. The villagers had whispered all sorts of things about spirits and closure that she found herself curious. It was one of her weaknesses, to be truthful, but she could hardly help herself. The notions or Spirits rising through the veil to communicate was worth study. She wanted to see it.


Yet, she did not. The Echani had lost many. What if the legends were true? Not just a trick of the light?


As such, she had taken a seat by the edge of Lake Aleng with her knees drawn up to her chest. Blue fabric pooled about her form like water while a paperbound book rest face down among the folds. Silver eyes were closed with feathery lashes dusting pale cheeks. She was certain that she needed to know.


Srina simply didn’t know if she wanted to see.    

#1843657 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on 11 August 2018 - 07:17 PM

Maple did not miss the ingrained reflex--she'd been trained to notice such things--the way she folded her hands behind her back. Stewjon was a cruel place, Maple thought. It was cruel to its very bones, and Alwine Lechner had had it far worse than some crap stay at a misogynistic jail.

But it was the answer she gave that made Maple's blood run cold in horror, though she did not show it. This poor woman had snapped from mistreatment and commited an act of such irreversible gravity Maple wasn't even sure what the consequences to her soul would be.

Maple would never know what it was like to have a mother. Ursula Sandraven had been a mentor, not a Mother, per se--Training Maple, then known as Uri, had been her primary concern. Friendship was a second place sort of thing, though even Maple would admit Ursula had been at least that much, once.

"My condolences on the death of your...innocence...I won't question your reasons. I saw what was going on down there. I'm so sorry things reached a point for you that such an action was your only means of getting anything resembling closure." Maple said with all sincerity. It was not an insult or condemnation. That had been what had happened when she took the life of the one who had brought her into this world. Any hope of retaining innocence was lost. The mother had likely brought it on herself, given Alwine's tone, but what a horrid price for being a bad mother. And what an even more horrid burden for Alwine to shoulder. But it had been her choice. And the choice of her brothers, it seemed. One Maple had no doubt would make them all wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, staring at their hands and seeing only the blood someday. It happened to Maple often enough, certainly.

It was hate that brought her here, and hate that kept her rooted. It was a hatred that risked burning her out, if Alwine wasn't careful. But when she stated her objective, Maple knew Alwine's rookie-ness was showing itself.

"I'm not so certain a ghost can be killed, Alwine. Not truly. Ghosts are energy like anything else. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Dispersed...redirected...but destroyed? You would not be the first to try, certainly...A spirit can be imprisoned to suffer though...I trapped the Spirit of a Sith Lady that tried to put the moves on me once. Nasty bunch, never go into their tombs without a plan if you stumble onto one. Most cases its just best to back away and bombard the site from orbit...I mean, if you're badass and everything, than of course rob everything in it, including all their evil Sith Lord ice cream in their evil Sith fridge. (Maple said this because one of her fellow Shadows had once found just that. The Sith Lords were an insane and decadent cult, through and through.) But if you're not badass, just walk away when you spot one. It usually ends with non-badasses getting torn apart or liquified or driven violently insane, or all three at once. But there are ways to hurt them...you just need the proper equipment. Medallions, scrolls, amulets, achemized weapons, all of this will work. But you'd need a hell of a lot of personal power to destroy a spirit, I think. I'm just speaking from experience, so sorry if I'm bearing bad news."

Maple didn't offer an opinion whether her mother actually deserved such a fate. That was Alwine's business. The woman had such a hold on her, even in death. Maple wondered if Alwine realized that, on some level. But it was for Alwine to come to that understanding, should she ever manage to fight through the hate long enough.

"I know what its like to be driven by hatred...first time I picked my restraints in a Sith prison camp the first person who died was the camp director via toilet swirly..." she admitted to the Lupine, quietly, her gaze running across the lake as she said it, green eyes blinking. Skip. She was an imperial soldier, trying to hunt down Alwine, who was a Jedi Master in this delusion. Skip. Back to normal.

"Oh, I could tell you some stories, certainly...as for who I'm here for, that'd be Kadmus Riath. He was an old buddy of mine back when I was a Jedi Shadow. Saved my ass more than once..."

Maple's gaze turned steely as she gazed upon the lake again.

"The woman I am tracking is a shapeshifter who shot him in the back of the head. I found his corpse on Geonosis. She's in the same line of work I used to be in...pure assassination. And she despises me on an extremely personal level for reasons I do not understand...reasons even she herself claims to have no answers for. We fought on Felacat, but I lost the trail. Now I'm here, because I have only been able to dig up so much. Kadmus must want payback for getting capped, at least, plus being dead, he HAS to know more now than he ever did alive. I'm hoping he knows her base of operations, maybe even an actual name besides that karking art-house designation she gave herself...'The Amalgam'. Just hearing her speak would make you wanna do some old-fashioned punching."

Maple knew this situation could only end with one or both her and The Amalgam dead: She'd shot Kadmus. That alone would have marked her for one of Maple's bullets.

But for being a threat to all her friends as long as she lived? Maple was gonna dig Uri out of the grave if it meant putting The Amalgam in hers.

And Uri had never really had anything better to do with her time than kill people like the Shapeshifter.

"She's been a pain in the ass for weeks now, appearing sporadically, harrassing me, just on the peripherals. She knows me...but I don't know her. And that is unacceptable. You make a lot of enemies in that profession. And she is the one enemy I have absolutely no context for how she even became aware of me...granted, you make enemies in this business if you live long enough...but most of the time you at least have the small blessing of knowing 'why' someone is your foe..."

Caid Centurion.

#1845152 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on 14 August 2018 - 04:31 PM

"Well, not spirits of the dead, per se--though we do interact with such beings often enough. Admittedly I am quite new at it myself. But its spirits who are born and formed from the residual energies of nature that Ryloth and Dathomiran traditions gain their patronage from. In the Mandragora, the three main spirits are Lylek, Jart and Doashim. These are not spirits that were originally mortals. Pacts can be made with them, granting one boons. You are correct on a surface level...almost anything can be destroyed, but once you get into the spiritual realm? Its a sort of 'fabric of reality' thing. Now, granted, the spirit you wish to destroy is the remnants of a mortal, and therefore not anywhere in the same category of power as the Patron Spirits...it would still require a massive amount of power to destroy or even injure, power you simply do not have with you. A ghost is immune to fang and claw. Lightning can disperse them...temporarily...but they always reform. And it has one more advantage, despite its weakness...it can hide in the infinite, ever changing reaches of the spirit realm, so deep, perhaps, even a ritual could not compel it before you..." she explained. How to destroy a spirit, really, truly destroy it with ease was a huge question. Maple got the feeling it had never really been extensively investigated by both sides as an insurance policy against total, irreversible destruction of the self for all time. Had to be limits to the feud somewhere between Sith and Jedi.

Alwine Lechner then asked how Maple had trapped the Sith Lady.

"I got lucky is how, to be honest. It had a choice between entering its own jewelry, or entering the stomach of the vampire feeding on its corpse. It was an evil Lich...sort of a super-zombie that uses magic, very annoying and deadly. Was trying to drain the life from an entire planet, so it was a bastard in addition to all its other unpleasant qualities. Spotting a floating, snarling corpse ain't gonna be hard, trust me on that..." Maple chuckled. "But a spirit...especially if they are powerful, can look like anything. They could appear in your dreams. Or be a simple voice. Standard fair is a ghost in a blue tinge. Thats usually when the spirit would prefer to communicate directly. As for getting the items to at least hurt them, you need to learn alchemy, or be pals with someone who does, or, as I said earlier, just rip it off from your local evil tomb if you're hardcore. Or a Jedi tomb if mischievous AND hardcore."

When Alwine asked what a Jedi Shadow was, Maple gazed across the lake, her green eyes spotting Caid Centurion. Swimming. In the Lake of The Dead.

Ten creds says he gets a hunger for brains she thought to herself for a second before answering.

"A Jedi Shadow is a Jedi Knight trained to hunt and kill Dark Force Users, preferably before they become a large scale threat. They use stealth tactics most of the time. That's how I reached your cell."

Maple didn't mention the part where that one guard had gotten her cell door open and had been a second away from shooting Lechner in the head before the tranq round had gotten him. Alwine didn't need more nightmares.

"Shadows operate in small groups or solo. They are trained to fight methodically and with cunning. They are often the closest to The Dark Side due to the methods they rely on..."

Maple's hands clenched into fists as she continued staring out into the lake, the wind rustling her long, chocolate colored hair, her verdant eyes lost in the frustrations and disillusionment of the past.

"It is a brutal, soul crushing profession that will rob you of your best years, to say nothing of your mental youth." she said softly, seeing the faces of all those targets. That insane republic colonel she had murdered with a machete while camouflaged in mud after sailing down a river in the jungles of Felucia. That media mogul who tried to start a war, dying from the giant drill she had rammed into him. That First Order operative that had a cover as a billionaire trying to use a concealed Geonosian laser super weapon to destroy a field of mines, killed by tossing him head first into an engine turbine. The aurodium merchant who tried to devalue Correlia's economy by raiding one of its bullion storehouses and trying to irradiate the bullion supply, killed when she had ejected him into an airlock. That was the only death she smiled at, because he had put her on a table and tried to cut her in half with an industrial laser. Screw that guy. The other deaths disturbed her however.

When Alwine suggested Maple might have hurt The Amalgam's friends or loved ones, this caused Maple to shake her head, as well as elaborate on her earlier answer.

"That woman has never had friends or loved ones. I saw her eyes. The Job is all that matters to that creep. I'd stake my career on it...what's left of it, anyway...She could have found out about me, but the last time she was seen was decades ago. Her species is long lived, can look like damn near anyone. She could look like you, if she wanted...but for the life of me I cannot figure out what made her resurface. I know what she wants...she wants to turn me, assist her in becoming this...creature I was warned many years ago I was destined to be a slave to. It does not explain in the slightest why I was chosen. Or why this hatred she has for me is so personal. And it IS personal, Miss Lechner. I KNOW I have done nothing to anger this creature. I never even heard of her until Felacat. But that anger, like I wronged her or something is still there...she claims my eyes were the first thing she saw when she 'woke up'. I have no idea what means. Wake up from cryo sleep? Coma? Hyperspace accident?" Maple questioned. "She mentioned she had been in a 'Sleeping Death'...but I have never heard of that term. Is it like a coma? So many unanswered questions is why I need to talk to Kadmus--"

Alwine then stepped back, seeing a green glow from the lake. Maple went closer.

"Speak of the Devil..." she trailed.

A water logged man with a smoking hole in the middle of his head emerged from the water, clad in black robes, floating above it, hands clenched in fists to his side as his boots dangled inches above the water. He was young looking, like Maple, his black hair floppy and not going past his ears. Slate gray eyes with bloodshot whites stared at Maple in recognition. His fair skin now had a corpse pallor, and he was dripping wet.

He hovered silently over the water a few seconds, hands placed firmly close to his hips and clenched into fists, legs pressed firmly together, toes pointed straight down.

"...and he shall appear..." Kadmus Riath spoke, his Coruscant accent coming through.

"Kadmus! Buddy!" Maple called out to the ghost, overwhelmed at seeing him, struggling not to cry because she was so happy.

"It is good to see you again, Uri...though admittedly not under the most pleasant circumstances..." Kadmus said with a solemn nod of acknowledgement.

"Alwine? This is Kadmus Riath. Kadmus? Alwine Lechner."

Kadmus nodded to the Lupine. "My congratulations on your recent emancipation from Stewjon, Miss Lechner. It took me a while to gather the strength to manifest, but I heard some of your conversation with Udinia on my way here. Uri is a great ally to have in one's corner...even if you do have to pull her ass out of the fire once in a while..." the spirit joked.

"You're 'never' going to let that thing with the half cooked sausage go, are you?"

"Uri, that led to you being chased all over Jakku's desert by that strange, sweaty man wearing only a chef's apron and wielding a giant pair of scissors. I'll make fun of you over that until the stars burn out."

Uri rolled her eyes, though it did not hide how happy she was. "Kadmus...you know why you're here, right?"

"Lemme guess...shapeshifter, fair skinned, purple eyes, perfect figure? Can almost choke the air from her spiritual corruption?"


Kadmus sighed.

"I can only tell you so much, Maple. The other side restricts me from devulging secrets too important."

It was Maple's turn to sigh. "I was afraid of that."

"I can be only as direct as I am allowed to be. Sorry Uri. There's red tape and beauracracy of a sort even where I am. Can't get around it. But I will answer what I am able to." Kadmus assured her.

"Let's start with a name for the witch who popped you."

"Her real name is Leejun Forrwiirmeni. Started out in the streets with no one, and had to survive on her own through petty thieving and murder. Largely self educated--had to teach herself to read and write. Tried to go normal, took up art as a calling, was discovered to have very high potential in the Force by a Witch connected to the Demon haunting your sleep."

"That's better info than I've gotten in months. Where's her base of operations?"

"I'm sorry. I'm afraid I cannot answer that."

Maple paused, blowing some hair from her face.

"Known vehicles?"

"She's like you...has a taste for classics. Schutta chased me down in a vintage X-70B Phantom." Kadmus answered, his figure eerily still and unmoving as it hovered over the lake and over both Maple and Alwine. He clearly wasn't breathing.

"So she's Imperial?" Maple inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Only recently." Kadmus clarified. "But she has otherwise operated on her own for a long time. Extremely dangerous deep cover infiltration specialist, due to both her physiology and more...specialized methods."

"Such as?"

"I'm afraid I cannot be more specific, Uri."

Maple frowned, put her hands on her hips, paced about. The roar of festivities was close by. Across the distance, she saw strange, floating lamps of paper sailing over the sky.

"How'd you get on her trail. And how'd she sniff you out?"

Kadmus frowned. "I did not realize how weakened your connection to the Force had become. Uri...she's been hunting us all down. All the Marksmen. She killed Grisham, V'Droc, Torrence...did something worse to Lura. Bryan and Laersha are still in the running, though, So is Hadrian, Xavier, Angus--"

"--Stop..." Maple choked out almost falling to her knees, wishing her kneecaps would stop whispering to her about a trip to the dark black sea of her heart. Even now, she could never remain fully lucid for a full conversation.

"I'm sorry you had to learn it this way." Kadmus said gently, though his posture remained unchanging.

Maple looked back up at his corpse face.


Kadmus frowned, and his eyes looked away from her face and down at the water.

"Ursula is gone."

"How?" Maple whispered, tears streaming down her face.

Kadmus looked at her.

"Ursula is gone." he repeated.

Maple was hyperventilating from shock and rage. A rock next to her split in half and flung itself into the river.

"What the hell does she want with me? Why does she hate me?"

"She believes she is making you a better person. Preparing you for service as a powerful agent of the Dark, and transforming her into this 'Mind-Binder' you fear in the process...in her own twisted way she believes herself to be your benefactor. But as for why she hates you with such a passion...I cannot answer that."

"Where's she been the last twenty years? She had no activity matching her M.O. until eight months ago. Where was she before that?"

"I can't answer that. I'm sorry."

"What are her covers? Her fictions?"

"No permanent ones currently. Its actually extremely unusual that she is operating so openly. You're causing her to break her pattern significantly."

"Did I kill anyone she liked, like Alwine suggested?"

"Your instincts are on the mark to say The Amalgam has never had a friend, let alone a loved one. Miss Lechner here is a thousand percent more fortunate than that wretch by comparison..." Kadmus answered sadly.

"That almost sounds like pity, Riath..." Maple said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Kadmus looked down at the water, bloodshot eyes tearing up.

"Death gives one...perspective. Perspective enough to make you wish for blindness...but perspective all the same..." he answered just as sadly. "Ursula left you a present on Tattooine, Uri. I can answer only one more question."

"Is The Amalgam destined to be The Mind-Binder?"

"Only a part...if you are so unfortunate as to be tricked into letting it happen, and letting such a dangerous creature become real. Though you may be able to mitigate your losses depending on what other ingredients you use."


"I'm sorry. I've answered all I can. The other side will not permit me to answer any further queries. The rest, I'm afraid, is very much up to you. Just...do it quickly...when you find the one that killed me...don't waste time making her suffer. Its beneath you."

Maple paused at this, then nodded. "Thanks, Kadmus...and goodbye. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you. Or the others."

"You were in no condition to help us. You would have only gotten yourself captured." Kadmus reassured her. "You bear no blame for our deaths."

He drew a small smile. "Try not to piss off any more sweaty fat men in aprons, okay?" he asked gently.

Maple gave a weak smile. "I'll try, Kadmus."

Kadmus nodded, descending into the water silently, making no ripples amidst the roars of festival goers on the lakeshore.

Maple finished wiping her tears from her face, turning back to Alwine. "Well, at least I know more now than I did before."

#1845277 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Srina Talon on 14 August 2018 - 08:57 PM



Location: Beside Lake Aleng

Wearing: XXXX




Everyone that had come to Lake Aleng seemed to exist in their own little world. She could see figures in the distance. Men, women, a couple embracing. It was sad. They were all together here and yet Srina had never felt so far away. Darth Metus had stated that he planned to join her but she had yet to see the dread-locked Sith Lord. Perhaps the ale in town and caused him to lose track of time.


Her expression remained blank. Silver eyes were empty as they stared at the glassy surface of the water. Waiting. Just waiting. The wails of the living and the dead whispered on the wind and Srina was tempted to leave. This place was a hall of horror filled mirrors that reflected what they most needed to see. The things they had lost. The reasons they all fought as hard as they did.


Such deafening silence. Such emptiness.


Srina Talon had lost many. Yet two lingered. One in particular. The spirit that appeared before her eyes, slow, and sweet from the mists could not talk. She crawled. She laughed. She played. She had been stolen from the galaxy before she’d had the chance to bloom and grow into the wonderful woman Srina envisioned. Her niece, scarcely out of infancy, had been cut down in an act of cruelty. In the same stroke, her sister-in-law had been also lost her life.


Arms made of light and crystalized stars swept Iuuna Aeris Valkun up from where she made eyes at her Aunt. They begged her to come and play, to tell her a story, to sing, to take care of her as she once had. Srina had been there when Iuuna had been born. She didn’t think one way or the other about children but Iuuna had been special. From her first cry—to her first breath—Srina remembered it all. Her small fingers, dainty tones, and precious little bones.   


“It isn’t your fault.”


The voice that flowed belonged to Aela Valkun Talon. Srina closed her eyes against the purity of soul that spoke to her so easily. How could she? Why would Aela come to her? The white-haired woman could scarcely keep the beating of her heart from flooding her ears. Her skin seemed to grow paler in the dusk and gloom. Everything about her seemed to lose all color, all shine, when pain swept through her unbidden. This visiono of Aela seemed to forgive her but she never certain if Nysana Talon, her beloved Tellu, truly had. It wasn't something she could ask. It would only cause her pain. She was glad that Darth Metus had delayed. Glad that Aryn Teth had other matters to attend to.


They didn’t need to see. Didn’t need to know.


“I will avenge you. One day—I will.”


“Nysana needs you. Now, more than ever. Don’t let your hate consume you.”


Srina remained silent. The laugh of Iuuna broke her heart. It was high, light, and so full of joy that she nearly got up and left. Instead, she simply remained.


“Why don’t you read to her?”


Srina froze. It was something small that she had done with her niece. Partially in the interest of starting her education as early as possible, but partially, because she seemed to love it so. The white-haired Echani had often felt ill-equipped to handle a child. She was not fun. She could not cook. She couldn’t do any of the things that a caretaker should, save for changing, and for making sure that others did for her what could not. But—she could read to her.


The book she had was not a children’s story, not a news clipping, or anything so specific. Just a book of random prose that she had picked up in town. So few places bound books with paper anymore that she couldn’t help herself. Slender fingers found the thick binding in the silk beside her and she began to pick up from where she’d left off. It felt mechanical. At the same time it was the first normal thing that she had done in a long time…Srina had simply forgotten how.


“Now, the Star-Bell Sneetches had bellies with stars.

The Plain-Belly Sneetches had none upon thars.

Those stars weren’t so big.

They were really so small.

You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter at all.

But, because they had stars,

All the Star-Belly Sneetches

Would brag,

“We’re the best kind of Sneetch on the beaches.”

With their snoots in the air—“


Iuuna laughed again, gurgling, with her hands outstretched. Srina could only stare. It was such an innocent response that she couldn’t help but feel as if this lake were more than smoke and mirrors. Was it really the dead returned? The slip of a woman set the strange book down her lap and fought every instinct that told her to leave. This ruined her focus.


But, they deserved to know she mourned them. Even if it wasn’t really them. Her voice was smaller than it usually was when she finally did speak again.


“Le melin.”


I love you.