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#1790607 Dark Zone | CIS Dominion of Melida/Daan (R,50)

Posted by Srina Talon on Today, 05:28 AM



Location: Dark Zone- From Railway to Transport Ship

Wearing: This




It wasn’t so much that Srina innately knew the way through the Dark Zone because of some overpowering intellect or additional information others hadn’t been privy to. No, not even close. These streets were deteriorated shambles of what they had once been. The holo-maps that she had gone over a dozen times didn’t really help when nothing looked like it should. What the pale Echani knew, more than anything, was what the Vicelord felt like on the other side of their Force Bond. She could not follow the now obsolete information she had been provided, but, even blind—she would be able to find Darth Metus. She didn’t move instinctively toward an exit. She moved toward him.


“Not at all, Ms. Yumi.”, Srina responded to the dark-haired woman, not realizing, that her statement about ‘Midnight Exigent’ was likely rhetorical. It was the final solution. The disease had proven formidable. The whole of Melida/Daan would be at risk if they did nothing. Losing one city was better than losing them all. Better than losing an entire planet.


She remained near to Kurenai Yumi for practical and personal reasons. One, because the seemingly young Trinitas Obsidian had told her to, two, because she had seen Kurenai fight before, and three, because she could recognize a warrior spirit. The brunette Scherezade deWinter had come a long way from her days of rampant Vicelord stabbing, but a growing maturity and penchant for violence, did not automatically equate to skill. Srina had met Nine Lives briefly, however, she had yet to meet the ginger-haired bot previously. As much as she wished things were different there wasn’t the time to be anything but practical. This was a warzone. Not, a social hour.


The slender woman seemed a little dazed after using the Force to blow back the infected. As much as she tried to stand tall, to ignore what was happening, there was a haziness to her that seemed out of place. Her iron will was all that allowed her to push past her limits, to push through the pain, and keep going. Sheer stubbornness. Were she stronger she would have reached for Noatyr Moldmerr to seal his injury but then she really would have been dead weight.  


Nine Lives was in one piece, mostly, and Srina was at least relieved to see that her attack had processed in time. Clearly exhausted, she still continued on, hacking away at any of the creatures that were left. Srina felt concern when she dropped, but realized, it was only to catch her breath. There was something different about Nine Lives and Kurenai Yumi. She couldn’t place it, not exactly, but she could even feel it in the Force. Different. The white-haired woman did not know how to put it to words.


Kurenai mentioned the telekinetic attack she had unleashed and the quiet woman gave pale, cheerless smile from behind her helmet. It might not be seen because of the shadows. “I’m sure you do Ms. Yumi. I can’t take full credit, however.”, she breathed, trying to hide the tiredness in her tone behind a guise of keeping her voice down to avoid drawing anymore of the infected. Not so long ago, the Sith Apprentice hadn’t had the finesse to move a dinner plate without breaking it, but times had changed. Mind-melding with the Vicelord on Tatooine had spoon-fed her training in such a way that it made everything difficult about the Force simplistic. It required the appropriate amount of emotion, logic, and execution.


Her dark-haired guardian asked if she was all right and it took a moment for Srina to respond. Words were getting harder to create and her head felt lighter and lighter. “As much as I can be. It shouldn’t be far—“


Speaking of the research station the aforementioned Scherezade had disappeared. Srina felt her eyebrow twitch. Why did the deWinter child always run off on her own? Her heart was in the right place, usually, but if she wasn’t careful it was likely to become lunch for the infected. Before she could try and search the Force for the youngest of them the presence of Darth Metus came hurtling forward. He was moving fast, blindingly so, with half of the Confederacy in tow it seemed. “Master…”, she greeted, extremely gladden to see him, but at the same time very dismayed.


Srina had warned him not to come here. He was the head of the Confederacy. He was more important than any of them. Why didn’t he listen? Her agitation with his actions immediately softened when he reached for her despite the distance created by their enviro-suits. His words echoed in her ears and her head tucked down a little as another wave of exhaustion swept through her. The pain medication was taking its toll. “You cannot protect me always.”


‘Thank you for trying.’


Then, he asked about @Riggs. Her stomach sank. If what she felt did not echo the truth to the Vicelord—the brave words from Noatyr Moldmerr would. He was sweet. In her opinion, with a flair akin to Scherezade, but, both had their hearts in the right place. She remained silent for a long moment as the news sunk in and she reached for his arm, taking hold of it to steady him, despite the armor he would likely tack on. No matter what happened, no matter who died, they could not afford to linger or the sacrifice would mean nothing. If they didn’t get the data back to the Fortressa…All of this was for naught. “He speaks true. Riggs…He did not completely turn. He still had the presence of mind to make the choice and we could not deny a dying man trying to stand tall. It was honorable.”


Poor, sad, pitiful words. 


The medical team flooded them and began to quickly triage the wounded. They could only do quick patch jobs because of the short timetable but it would be enough to stabilize anyone until they could be treated in proper bacta-tanks. Everyone would have been escorted out of the railway sooner than later so that the exfil could be completed. The data pads that Scherezade deWinter had collected would likely be turned over to the scientists on the Fortressa that knew the access codes.


Srina remained close to Darth Metus, both waiting on the ramp of the starship for everyone to board, as well as waiting for other stragglers such as Karlie Lynn Destat. They couldn't leave anyone behind. She shouldn’t be far, and, they had cleared a path. Her lips pressed thin. There wasn’t much time left. The sounds of multiple running feet caught her attention and her eyes turned in the appropriate direction. Life and death. “Six o’clock, Obsidian.”, she spoke to one of the Knights that had come down with Darth Metus. He pulled out his blaster and aimed appropriately. Her hand pressed to her side, her teeth ground together when she realized that the flaxen-haired woman had a pet zombie with her. “What are you doing with that? Shoot it in the head and get on the ship. We need to leave. Now.”  


Why would she take one of the infected? The whole idea was to keep it contained. Not, to bring the virus off world. 





Erin Tenel, Darth Rixas, Darkhold, Tobias Dib, Hadashah Vi'dreya, Anastasia Vi'dreya, S.Y.N., Rhaegar Nemesis Dib

#1789350 Dark Zone | CIS Dominion of Melida/Daan (R,50)

Posted by Darth Metus on 20 May 2018 - 12:01 PM


The awareness brushed against his mind.

The flare of the alabaster one’s might was enough that their Bond, for the faintest of moments, flickered with strength. He could feel the weariness in her bones. He could feel the dull agony which wreaked her body. He could feel that Srina Talon was alive - and she was close. Having delivered his message of condemnation to the capital city, the Sith now returned his focus to the task that had brought him into the Hellmouth: locating his apprentice. A renewed haste now characterized his movements as the Vicelord led the advance north. He practically sprinted through the final corridor, vaulted over the turnstile, and leapt up the stairs three at a time.

Finally, he saw light. Ruined bodies littered the ground before the Sith’s team - as if they had been liquified by an unseen form of ordnance. His sulfuric gaze danced from body to body before he saw them rushing forward - some wearing hazard suits, others not. But even in the specialized suit that obscured her features, the Sith could pluck his apprentice out from a crowd of ten thousand. With every step forward, he felt her presence all the more. I’ve found you. whispered through their Bond.

Before he could so much as advance closer to the survivors, the personnel which accompanied him rushed into action. With the threat of Midnight Exigent looming, the team wasted no time in securing their comrades. Nine Lives, Srina Talon, Kurenai Yumi, Noatyr Moldmerr would immediately find themselves in allied hands. They would offer to support them the rest of the way to Headquarters and see to their immediate evacuation. Even Karlie Lynn Destat would find her comm being pinged as a trio went off to retrieve her personally.

Similarly, a pair of would find the bold Scherezade deWinter. Together, they would quickly bring her above ground as quickly as possible before breaking into the contents of the Datapad.

There would too much data to synthesize a cure in the field, but with time, there was hope that this nightmare would never happen again.

As the team brought the Survivors closer, Darth Metus gingerly brushed his arm against the Echani’s. ”Everytime we’re apart, one of us ends up bedridden for a week. Next time, I’m not letting you out of my sight.” Though his tone said he was joking, the concern in his eyes might have been an indication that he wasn’t. But, she was safe. And as far as he could tell, she was free from infection. On a whim, the Sith looked about and did a quick head count. Some were faces he knew, like the Dominus of the Pathfinders. Others were new. But one face was missing.

”Where’s Riggs? Did he lag behind?”


#1787358 Dark Zone | CIS Dominion of Melida/Daan (R,50)

Posted by Darth Metus on 16 May 2018 - 11:53 PM


The threat of fire was dispatched quickly.

It had been far too long since the brothers stood together on the battlefield. In truth, Darth Metus could not remember the last time he had witnessed the brutality of Darth Rixas. Yet, as the horde began its advance, the elder sibling was in awe - if only for a split second. With the savagery of a wild Bes'uliik did the younger pulverize the flamebearer. And with a thunderous boom did the carcass explode into flame upon impact with the station's floor. The light drew the Infected's attention, for just a moment.

And in that moment, the Sith continued to fire.

Beside him, the Hapan beauty Erin Tenel demonstrated just how much she had grown. By blade, shield, and lightning, she put down the disfigured beasts as they came. But. Her presence was not eternal. Whether it was to get a better position or to see further ahead, the Hapan bounded away from the side of her Mentor. And there would be no protest from the Sith in this regard - for he trusted her not to get herself killed.


The sole, thunderous word boomed against the corrupted forms before him. They were an obstacle: a delay in seeing to the recovery of his Apprentice. This would not stand any longer, for every second wasted meant more time that Srina Talon had to endure the plague. At once, the Sith set his focus upon the Mother-tongue. Lyrics hummed dangerously through his mind, silently benting the Force to his whim.

He remembered what his mother, Petra, had taught him so long ago. That the rumble of power within the clouds was not something to be feared. That the flashes of light were something to embrace. The Storm was something to be channeled, but never controlled. Beckoned. Summoned. Directed. But never tamed. In this moment, these lessons came alive as energy began to thunder within. The Storm built, billowing and strengthening, until sparks of white began to dance upon the surface of his skin.

And in their wake, agony. Burnt flesh. Such was the price of wielding a Storm.

He broke into a sprint and leapt.

His fists collided with the broken, grimy tiles of the subway. Thunder boomed as the white bolts exploded out from his body. As quickly as a natural lightning strike, the impact sought out the Infected and burned them away. Every drop of moisture within their bodies evaporated in the blink of an eye. What remained were husks. Burnt. Charred. Motionless. In the wake of the impact, Darth Metus shakily returned to his feet.

Much like his sibling, the energy itself to pull off such a tactic was not what made things difficult. It was the agony one had to endure after the fact. Though safe from infection underneath his armor, his flesh...ached. His arms and legs now felt as if a razor had been taken to them. A burning sensation persisted long after he had sucked in a steadying breath. But he did not have the luxury of medical attention just yet. They had to keep moving. They had to find the Downed Team - He had to find Srina.

"Let's go." he said, pushing himself forward.

He did not know how many he had slain or how long the break would last. The Team would be foolish not to seize the opportunity to move unobstructed. Now, as two troopers took point and led the way forward, the Vicelord tapped into the comm channels - hoping for some good news. What he found, instead, was something...alarming. Something that was being transmitted by a unit...designation: S.Y.N. The report and intelligence that the droid was amassing was continuously being uploaded to the Confederacy's field network.

And every shred of data led to a budding hypothesis. The Plague was transmitted by nearly every means known to man. Transformation was swift and brutal. There was next to no chance of survival once infected. The Cure...the Cure was a hypothesis. Maybe the research teams found something that would make this nightmare end, but the intel was bleak. There was another way. A much more brutal way. A way that was intended for Imperial regimes, not infected populations.

"Darth Rixas ," he began, addressing his sibling as they moved together in the corridor. "Get a message to Headquarters from me. Have every engine spun up and ready for evac in the next thirty minutes."

He then reached out to the leadership - to the Young and the Old who had come together to end this nightmare. The Sith wasted no time in explaining what the Droid had found...and expressing his own thoughts that it was a long shot that a cure resided in the hands of the downed research team. What he then suggested was the Nuclear Option. Defoliation as a means of burning away the Plague to an atomic level. Defoliation as a method of leaving the capital city intact while addressing the Dark Zone as a whole. It was a brutal suggestion. Thousands would die.

But they were already dead.

By the time their conversation concluded, the Vicelord's group began to ascend the stairs at the end of the subway station. Unbeknowest to them, they were only a stone's throw away from Srina Talon and her group that had been fighting for survival. Though they would not hear the fate of the capital city, they would hear the announcement that would come blaring over the Confederate channel. Exclusively.

"Attention all personnel, Protocol: Midnight Exigent has been initiated. In T-Minus Thirty Minutes, Defoliation will commence. Please make your way south for immediate extraction. Message will repeat."

Going south would bring both teams together at the mouth of the subway.

Thirty minutes on the clock.

Thirty minutes until Oblivion.


Scherezade deWinter, Nine Lives, Riggs, Erin Tenel, Darth Rixas, Darkhold, Tobias Dib, Hadashah Vi'dreya, Anastasia Vi'dreya, S.Y.N., Noatyr Moldmerr, Rhaegar Nemesis Dib, Kurenai Yumi, Karlie Lynn Destat

#1786834 Golbah City | Capital of the Confederacy

Posted by Eternal Muse on 16 May 2018 - 07:46 AM




The City is a Symbol.

When the Confederacy of Independent Systems returned to prominence, it made a promise to all its member worlds. It would not rule them, it was no Empire, but would instead work alongside them. Golbah City was the physical incarnation of this promise. As the capital city of the Confederacy, it is a sprawling Metropolis located in the midst of the Geonosian wastes. But all care was taken not to disturb the natives who called this world home. The tunnels and caverns of the Hives were let untouched by its construction. The City co-exists with its surroundings, not as an invader, but as a friend.

Now, as the sun made its daily ascent, a new day began within the City. With her skyline complete, Golbah had new places to explore, new people to meet, and new stories to pen!



This is a static, location thread for the Confederacy. All members are welcome and encouraged to meet one another in this informal setting! If you are not apart of the faction and would like to meet us, feel free to join!

#1785552 Dark Zone | CIS Dominion of Melida/Daan (R,50)

Posted by Srina Talon on 14 May 2018 - 09:40 AM



Location: Dark Zone Crash Site - Headed toward the larger group 

Wearing: This




“Get the kark out of my suit Nysana Talon.”, Srina ground out through clenched teeth as her eyes narrowed. The AI in the quarantine gear had begun to sputter and the small woman had mistakenly attributed it to damage from the crash. Wrong. The second she heard the uncouth, brainless taunts from her sister, she knew exactly what the younger Talon had done. It would not be the first time that Tellu had managed to find her way into something she shouldn’t have access to. “You don’t know what’s going on down here. Dropship crashed. Loss of life confirmed.”


All of the noises going on in the distance seemed to be getting louder and louder. Even from within the safety of her helmet, the screams rang in her ears, and she could only imagine that the scent of decay was utterly unbearable. She was glad for the helmet. “Did Darth Metus leave his ship? Has he gone planetside?”


She prayed that the younger Echani would respond negatively. For the first time, she would likely hope for an ‘I don’t know’ for a possible reply. However, the young woman could feel him. In the pit of her stomach, she knew that he had defied their agreement and was likely, knee deep in death, and plague. Srina sighed heavily, taking a moment to breathe, and to adjustment her emotional state.


Cold as ice was how she had been described. Ice, she would be.


Not a moment too soon, a young man with shorn ginger hair ran into her, and the small woman paused. He looked familiar but she had not met him personally. She did not know his name. The Sith Apprentice wished that her sister had not high jacked her AI so that she actually speak to the entity that had current access to the entire Confederate docket. His clothing, and the fact that he wasn’t one of the crawling, screaming plague victims clued her in. Not to mention the people that moved with him.


“Srina Talon.”, she greeted breathlessly, the pain in her side staggering, even from the small brisk walk. Silver eyes flickered toward both @Noatry Moldmerr and the incoming Kurenai Yumi. Flesh and blood faces were a welcome sight. “Thank you. There was…Nothing where I landed. The damage was substantial. Anyone else is that section was either killed on impact or succumbed to infection from contamination.”


Kurenai came closer and Srina felt a small sense of relief. They’d been on a few missions together, not typically on the same task, but the Echani warrior always read field reports. Kurenai was efficient and rarely seemed to have a moment where something left her off-kilter. The walking dead would not make her aim any less true or her blade any less sharp. “I’ll live. My comms are shot, unfortunately..”, she offered, trying not to grimace at the thought of trying to Force Jump, but the white-haired woman could not really see any other option. It was going to hurt. Alot


On the ground, they were merely sitting ducks. Walking dinner plates full of food.


“I think I can make the jumps. My suit has been trying to mitigate the damage. I’m afraid of trying to drain anything here to heal. There’s too much death and not enough life. I don’t want to latch onto someone from the Confederacy or a survivor by accident.”


Noatyr Moldmerr offered to carry her, a sweet gesture in all this chaos, when he was already injured himself. She unintentionally rewarded the offer with a flicker of a smile. It was something Srina rarely did, and considering their situation, entirely involuntary. It mostly just felt ironic. Despite her pride, as by the gods, she loathed being carried, she found herself nodding her head. She didn’t want to slow them down. “If I can’t do it I’ll let you know. But, I’ll try, so you can save your strength.”


They might need to fight their way to the lost research team they had been assigned to find and they may need his every faculty if they had any hope of surviving. Srina found herself concerned on many levels. It seemed that most of them weren’t following the complete containment protocol. Granted, they weren’t a hundred percent sure on transmission, but Srina still observed caution. Any wound open to the air ran the risk of becoming an entry point for the virus.


In the distance, she heard a gun go off, heard the screaming grow louder, and she heard a distant mental call. Scherezade deWinter? The pale woman was gladdened that the ward of the Nightmother had survived. She was a pain in the fething arse but there was something about her that made her stick like glue.


Silver eyes flickered when she saw Nine Lives, a rather interesting woman she had met in a training facility on Geonosis, and she noted with satisfaction that she dispatched the infected like a well-oiled machine. Both Kurenai and Nine Lives were skilled in that respect.


There was also another presence. New. Or had it always been there? Srina couldn’t tell. The Force felt distorted here. She didn’t want to believe it, didn’t know what to think, but it felt like the terrorist that had plagued the Confederacy for months. By the time they made it to Scherezade though, she didn’t see anyone else, only an ailing @Riggs. The infection in him was clear. Srina’s jaw went tight, as she remembered the story of the brother of Darth Metus, lost to the bite of the rakghoul.


Beautiful mirrored eyes flicked behind her helmet.


“Riggs—You are dying. The infection takes hold quickly. ”


They would need to put him down before long. Everyone else was at risk as he remained. Remembering the plan that Kurenai had put forth, to take to the rooftops, she turned to her HUD to check the map. She also noticed another group a ways off. She couldn't tell how they were fairing but she did know that Karlie Lynn Destat was among them.“Kurenai suggested we go high. I agree. Most of the infected seem to be on the streets. The last location of the research team was a few blocks away. We need their notes, data cores, and any of their work or this trip was for nothing.”


We need everything they had. Without it, there is no hope.”     




Rhaegar Nemesis DibNine Lives

#1784936 Castan SCX-3

Posted by Alric Kuhn on 13 May 2018 - 09:23 AM

Karlie Lynn Destat


Cool then I think this is ready.


Also please in the future make sure to mention your factory judge in replies. You can do so by pressing "@mention" beneath their tags or writing @Factoryjudgenamehere.

#1746538 Suggestion: Remove Civilian Ship Size Limits

Posted by Itash Mecetti on 08 March 2018 - 05:07 AM



Following closely to Valiens Nantaris's suggestion. T1-3 get doubled as do minor factions. From T4+ I doubled the meterage per field for stations and added the previous field's value to the next one for ships. Tier 6 and Major Factions do not have a stipulation.




This one was a bit more tricky, but in the end I decided to simply follow the previous table. I did add production numbers for the first three tiers and minor factions, but left them out for T4+ because those companies are large enough and have been expanded enough that it doesn't really matter anymore. Tier 6 and Major Factions remain unbound in this proposal.

#1782097 Dark Zone | CIS Dominion of Melida/Daan (R,50)

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 08 May 2018 - 08:08 AM



Location: Crash site
Wearing: Boots, Cape,

Wielding: 12 Czerka Knives, 6 Glitter Bullets
Objective: Do we need to kill Riggs?

Tags: Kurenai Yumi Noatyr MoldmerrRiggs Srina Talon Nine Lives
Post: 3




"We have someone who's alive and not here with us," she replied to the blue haired woman, "whether he's actually down, or infected, or just taking a smoke break, if something we need to figure out, and if he's about to turn monster, two have better odds than one at putting him or her down." Not to mention that if she were in need of a human or near human shield... Well, Scherezade didn't have too much regret about needing to off CISers from time to time. She just made sure she had a good reason to so that it wouldn't bite her back in the tush later.

And then came Nine Lives. Scherezade was definitely staring at the giant of a woman that was gliding on air towards them. There was ways to make an entrance, and then there was that way to make an entrance. Scherezade was definitely taking notes as her mouth stretched and she grinned from ear to ear.

"Whoever they are," she said, giving away that she hadn't actually put too much effort into reading the files beyond viruses, danger, bad, "we can kill them. But we can't unkill those of we lose, so I suggest we make a move now. Anyone who's not dead, come with me. Everyone who's dead, move yourself to the dead pile." Sometimes humour lightened the load. She hoped the people near here were the kind of people who could appreciate it.

She turned around and started marching towards @Rigg 's direction. Her boots made crunchy sounds against the crusty earth, and she kept looking around as she walked, searching for signs of immediate danger. Frak, she hated this place. Gerwald Lechner had tried to talk her out of coming, which, of course, had meant that she was even more intent on coming at all. In hindsight, she would've preferred to stay back on Ryloth with him, but pheh. You don't always get what you want, especially when you work hard to go against what it exactly it is that you want.

It took less than two minutes to reach Riggs. Her gun was already in her hands, one bullet of Glitter Bullets in place and ready. Her eyes stared at him, trying to assess whether he was infected or still safe. But even after a few moments, she had no clue.

With a careless shrug, her arm came up, the barrel pointing between his eyes.

"Someone tell me he's not infected or I'm putting a slug in him," she said, and there was no softness in her voice this time.

#1778121 There's no place like Home | CIS Dominion of Orcus (T, 53)

Posted by Eternal Spark on 01 May 2018 - 01:38 AM


Here we began our tale on Orcus… of blood and chaos.

Long ago, a small unsuspecting planet lived quietly in their ways before its future was forever
altered by a wicked Witch of Ryloth. Her arrival marked the dusk of their development and brought forth a new religion un-sanctioned by the spirits of the Mandragora. In this religion, the Wicked WItch called herself a goddess.

With her death, her religion continued and the civilization known as Orcani continued in their old ways of blood and chaos. Savage people with very little steps forward and plenty of steps backward. Centuries passed, their planet remained safe from the influences of the outsiders for the most part, heavily influenced by their Shamani.

Their ways of chaos and blood would worsen at the arrival of the Wicked Witch’s descendant who instead of bringing back their goddess into the land of living smashed her bones, breaking her tether to the mortal realm. Riddled with confusion and misunderstanding, the savages grew mad and angry, beginning their own destruction. Two years past these events, the people are bloodthirsty and hungry for death. Their numbers are decreasing, the wildlife had grown agitated by the behavior of their humans and become even more violent than before and the Jungle Rancors, confused by their human companions grow disobedient and brutal as if they no longer recognize their own people.

Lylek, Doashim and Jart, the three spirits. had always been aware of the corrupt religion created on Orcus but until now, their children weren’t strong enough to teach the wayward children the truth. The spirits thus spoke to their Nightmother and she had passed along the message to the Shamans and chosen of Mandragora before alerting the Confederacy.

Now, they were ready. It is now that this madness must end.




#1770616 Libby's Sig Shop

Posted by Asha Hex on 18 April 2018 - 01:44 AM

Hello there, lovelies,


I've recently been thoroughly enjoying making signatures (examples below) and figured I'd offer to do some for others who may want one.


While I don't require specific art to work with, I will ask that you provide the quote and the type of artwork you're wanting, eg: something involving water, or a specific type of creature, etc.


Post below with a quote and theme and I'll see what I can do!


(I can also do roleplay breakers, useful for fade to black/to show the passing of time in a thread. For that just give me a colour and an idea for a symbol. Please be courteous and do not use the example signatures or post breakers, they're just there to give an idea of what I do)











Post Breakers:








#1771303 Expedition: Dragonflower | CIS Dominion of Hex (T, 43)

Posted by Eternal Muse on 19 April 2018 - 12:52 AM




The Dragonflower Nebula.

One of the more constant themes of the Galaxy is Discovery. No matter which powers seize dominance across the stars, one truly never knows if they truly control it all. From the ancient Republic to the archaic Empire - nations have risen to be composed of thousands of worlds. Thousands. But not all. Today, in the post-Darkness reality, the discovery of new worlds is almost commonplace. Some simply stumble upon these uncharted gems by pure happenstance. Others diligently seek them out in the name of colonization or gathering resources.

Today, the Confederacy fell into both categories. Fortune would have it that a deep space probe, intended on detecting the movements of adversaries, veered horrendously off course. It drifted far away from the Corellian Run, eventually ending up in the Doldur Sector many months later. When the feed was eventually investigated, the surveillance crews were shocked to discover the furthest thing from fleet movements or smuggling. They discovered a new world. Straightway, additional probes were launched to the uncharted sphere as to best ascertain what they had stumbled upon.

There were no signs of intelligent life nor native, sentient species - though the planet could certainly support them. In a word, temperate is what described this world, for it was mostly covered in water but featured countless lush biomes ripe for cultivation. Sprawling mountains, fertile valleys, and dense forests dotted the landscape as far as the sensors could see. This was an opportunity to gather resources and to lay down fresh roots for the Confederacy. Seemingly overnight, a gathering of eager volunteers banded together.

Scientists leapt at the chance to study a new frontier. Colonists, excited for a fresh start, joined the expedition as well. And, of course, the Confederacy dispatched armed personnel to defend them. Today, the bold congregation would brave the Dragonflower Nebula and touch down upon the new world. A cadre of freighters and light patrol craft formed a neat semi-circle beside a pristine lake - the perfect spot for a colony. Within a few minutes' walking distance north were the foothills leading up to a larger spire. To the south was the fertile valley whose river flowed into the great lake.

There was plenty to explore, a colony to establish, and a new world to call home!




#1767924 Hope (Galactic Alliance Dominion of Alderaan Hex)

Posted by Faith Organa on 13 April 2018 - 09:19 PM

Location: New Aldera



Her head nodded now out of habit. Her hands stretched out automatically, and each time she tried a smile and to find some words. Which words would work. Which would not. The faces of so many looking a relief in many ways. Look how many had survived, once the all clear had come they came from the shelters.


She lifted both hands a single finger touched her lips., "shhhhh" They were tired and scared that much had to be expected. "Not our best day, but not our worst either." She took an old mothers hand into her own, "We know there are losses whenever Sith come there are losses. It is our nature that makes us an affront to them. How could anyone love peace so much as the Alderaani. But they forget that we have teeth, we will remind them."


She had a plan and her spies would go willingly.


"But first...we must do the hard part. We must clear the rubble, bury our dead, and begin again." She stood up. 


"Mam, how is your family." Faith stopped someone asked about her family, "Theo and Laira are off world. I have no word on my mother, my cousin Claire or my brother Garith. But I am hopeful. Until they show me I should not be." She couldn't smile this time it was sad what she was thinking.


Then she saw Sgt Trask coming her way, "We have visitors and I must ask them for help." Now she smiled and began to walk towards Karlie Lynn Destat" Should she welcome here, or ask a question..


"Ms. Destat welcome to Alderaan"

#1751063 Angels and Demons

Posted by Ian Sade on 15 March 2018 - 02:42 PM

(con't ) Aromag 4 days earlier.




Finally after nearly an hour out in this blasted weather, he came to Shell District. 

It was anold waterfront borough that at one time was the prime marketplace for Aromag's abundant ocean catches.
Only now, remnants of a once thriving market remained in near ruins. The abandoned or what appeared to be abandoned warehouses, were now havens for the underworld.. the villainy and scum that made this world what it was this day.
This was Sasde’s destination. The stormy night, adding to the depressed state and despair that seemed to haunt these once thriving sections of the city, showed no sign of letting up.
It was here where the pre-arranged point of contact would take place. Sade was to meet up with what his own bureau called a free agent. 
Sade had another name for them; extortionists… double agents. 
Mercenary informants, who quite frequently changed sides on a heart-beat. No different from the Huts that plagued the Outer Rim. 

Sade got to the end of the last alleyway separating the district, and scanned the open square. He had to get to the other side and into the third alleyway under the old non-working holo-billboard.
But, there was a working streetlamp near to where he had to cross.
The crossway was too lit, for his comfort. 
He carefully scanned as far as he could see. Rain pelting his brow and the water dripped in his eyes.
Nothing stirred but the puddling rain. Otherwise it looked oddly quiet. Too quiet.
A trap?
Many would think so.
But his gut feeling told him to press on.

He checked his crono… 3 min to 11:00.
Sade wiped the wet surface of the wrist piece that another minute had ticked by. The rain, like time were relentless, as the magnitude of the rain suddenly picked up.But as bad as it had just gotten, it now did provide some better cover for him, as visibility was poor.
Time, and cover opportunity were optimal,it was now or never. If he missed his mark, he’d lose the contact and what he had come for.

Sade went for it. 
He jutted out of cover and across the square. 
A lighting flash lit the dark grey landscape, followed a second later by thunder. The rumble was almost a relief, for a split second, he had thought the flash was that of a blaster until the thunder told him othersise.
Making it across without incident, he gave a quick look back before disappearing into the new alleyway. 

He was almost there. Yet, he knew he could be in a real tangle should this not pan out.
This alleyway was rather narrow and he had to twice almost squeeze through it sideways to get through it at the end. This too seemed right and he knew his mind should stay focused forward, as no sentry could have made it through behind him fully armed.
he then came to another open area, but one that was behind the dilapidated buildings, slowing down, almost coming to a crawl, hugging, melding with the dark bricks of the buildings.
This was the place. He scanned the grounds a few times looking for any telltale signs of recent activity. It were impossible with all of the rainfall, but he still eyed everything over. It was clear...quiet even... say for the pelting rain.
Sade knew he’d have to be the one to go forth.
The man he’d have to meet wasn’t going to be standing there in the open just waiting for him.
Shaking the rain from his face he started his walk, out into the open.

“No sudden moves!...” Came a voice from his right.

Sade stopped and slowly turned his head toward the voice. It wasn't of a Castan sentry, as it would ring out a different warning...if he or anyone past curfew got a warning at all in this isolated court.
He could make out an outline of a figure in the shadows by the man's voice alone. All Sade could really see when his eyes were directed to that spot, was the flash suppressor jutting out of the dark shadows. 

“ Are you alone, Mr. Sade?...” The voice asked.

“ Did you want me to bring company along?...what do you think?" Sade replied, getting a better angle at his body's stance. it was full frontal to his.

“ Not the company you keep, no… Are you armed?” The man once more spoke to him.

“ I came as instructed...” Sade said as he showed his open palms bringing them up before him before slowly parting his jacket.

The rain was now soaking his clothes, but it was apparent he was not wearing a shoulder harness.
The figure stepped out of the shadows with the muzzle still pointed toward him.

Kyt Skant, an underworld parasite...

Sade didn't give him the bother to smile, as the man knew he didn't care much for his kind of scum.

One could say Kyt was a double agent of sort, if viewed from an intelligence agency point of view. An informant, a dealer of plagiarized information… Basically the scum of the spy business. Whomever paid him the most amount of credits would get the final deal closed.
The man was one Sade had expected to meet, but had not called out his name, in case this was indeed a setup.
Stehl had dealt with him on two other occasions. Both times were not to his liking, but however, they did indeed pay off, successfully.
That is, at 4 times the price it had originally been worth and agreed on.
But nevertheless, this guy sold valuable goods and information to the Empire… And whoever else had enough credits.

“ Upgraded to a 39, I see…” Noted Sade, as Kyt’s hand checked his person for weapons.

“ The 32 wasn’t as lethal, in the first round…” The man replied, without moving his eyes from Sade's.
“ OK, you’re good..." the man took a step back.

"Turn and walk toward the building with the open doorway…” Sade was instructed, as Kyt took to follow behind him…

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(con't ) Aromag 4 days earlier.



The smooth sound of the Sakal 39 finally sliding back into the man's concealed holster, took some of the edge off.


Still, the man was at his back and Sade couldn’t see nor sense his actual proximity to him with all the downpour.
Was he concerned? Yes, Sade was always concerned when an informant had him in his game... In his home field.
But Sade had been down this road many a times before, especially when it came to this man. It was all about the credits. The amount of credits the Confederacy was willing to pay to such lowlifes.
As long as the deal moved forward the credits did also.Whether this may have started as a set up or not; credits always certainly influenced the game changes. At least with these free agents.
Enough credits will buy you loyalty, for a time at least, until another bidder offered more…

" Up the steps..." Kyt instructed behind him, as they entered the buildings back entrance. 

The interior was dark and not lit at all, as Sade stepped into what seemed like a void. Giving his eyes a moment or two to acclimate, he proceeded forward slowly until he was able to make out the staircase.

“ How far up we going?” Sade then asked to break the silence.

This was more to have Kyt sound off his position to him rather than sparking up a conversation.
A click, followed by a small spot illuminator lit their ascension.
Sade gave Kyt a glance back, as the man now gestured for him to pick up the pace. 

“ To the top.” Was all he replied.

Most of the doors to this old condemned building were either partly failed open or missing. At least that's what Sade could make of it. Kyt had the light. It was obvious that coming to the only door closed would be their destination, as Kyt kept it his light on it. Sade headed for it when they came up to the last landing.
This was the only time Kyt came about and stood next to Sade. 
The man gave a look around then pressed his hand on the door.

It parted open.
Immediately some sensor of sort initiated the interior lighting sequence, lighting it all up.
To Sade’s surprise, it was clean… Orderly. 

Both stepped inside.
With the door closing behind them, the informant went over to a counter. A small bar, in the end of what was a well furnished studio apartment. There were no windows or anything remotely suggesting there ever was. This was some sort of safe room...a hide-out, Sade determined. Clever, he thought...right smack in the middle of the local authority crackdown district.

"What's your poison these days?"

“ Correllian Rum.” Sade spoke up, casually making his way over for the drink.

Kyt looked up and smiled. 
“ Yea… That, I got here.” He said as he reached for the rum.

“You… know what I’m offering, Mr Sade?
That is, you must surely understand the importance of this package I’m offering?”
 He then said as he was pouring two shots.

“ You mean the new price?..” Sade responded, as he took hold of the lapels on his jacket and slightly shock his apparel. He was soaked to the bone it seemed.. 
Yes, it was always about the price. And as expected this was the renegotiating the original deal.
Sade then approached closer as the man held out his shot.
So, this Kyt Skant had indicated he had information on a Republican defector.
Possibly one that would remain in their seat and become a spy for the Empire.

“ Yes…" his laugh was that of a jackal. "...we do understand each other well, Mr Sade. 
The price...“
 Kyt then announced.
“it's gotten a new appraisal. The new going price has doubled… 
And that’s just maybe the down payment…”
 He was looking straight at Sade as he said this.


The ICI agent had not given him any reaction at all to his new price adjustment. But Sade was certainly listening, as he took the shot of rum down...

“ … Yea… What I got, is hot.
… Real hot!” 
Kyt continued, still looking at him for a reaction. 

Sade gave none…say for the empty shot glass he rested on the counter.

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“ I’m listening…” Sade replied, once more reaching for his drink. 

Skant had pourd him a second shot and was now slowly downing his own.
It was obvious this leach thought his prize was worth renegotiating the already outrageous price offered by his Bureau. The man was waiting for his reaction....knowing quite well, he currently held all the cards.
Sade still gave none. But this was getting old fast. He wasn't one to waste time. Especially more time than necessary in this neck of the old city.

“ Get to the point, Skant. 
Why would the Confederacy be willing to pay you any more credits than it has already been agreed on?
Now what and where, is this package, exactly? "
 Sade then asked
"…Not another Imperial agent looking to fatten his pockets for some tidbit information again? The operative defecting?” 

Skant almost exhaled the drink he had just gulped down in his excitement. 
“ Hahaha… No.
No, Mr Sade. It is not an operative at all.
It’s an administrator. A key director… One with great influence in the Confederacy…”
Skant said as he wiped his lip and eyed Sade, hungrily.he certainly was expecting a big fat check for what he had.

A few seconds ticked by…
“More to the meat of it. It’s a Senator, Mr. Sade.
One of your very own bloody Senators…”
He trailed off with a big jackpot smile, before downing the rest of his drink.

Sade’s eye brow shot up. A small trail of water ran down his face. If he wasn’t soaked from the rain, one would swear he was sweating.
“ A Senator you say?...” Sade couldn't hide the fact that this time it was certainly a big fish that may be on the end of this line.

"What exactly do you have on him that we may not already have?" Sade inquired.

After all, every senator and administrator had to go through stringent security checks. What could this slime have that they didn't know about?...a lover...mistress...? So what. The Bureau wasn't interested in a senator's vices. They weren't the moral police.


"He-he...yea....well take a gander..." Skant flipped a holo projector from his comm and there before Sade was a figure that was blocked out, but clearly speaking in some kind of chamber with what Sade recognized as Imperial Magistrates and Moffs. It appeared to be one of the Imperial senate Chambers. The voice of the blocked out figure was also masked, but coherent. Sade knew he'd wouldn't have gotten to see or know who the said traitor was, as the hologram had been edited.

But his hairs did break the surface tension of being wet and rose at the back of his neck, for the said traitor was divulging Confederacy intel...actual bonafide intel that Sade knew had compromised their security.


"Yea, that's right...that info you just heard is free, as now it looks like you'll need to revamp your naval fleet codes.

See, I can be generous. But your Senator isn't. He's worth much more than we have initially agreed...don't you think?...I mean...isn't he worth...a good man's fortune?"

He was certainly giving this informant the reaction he was expecting, for his eyes were glued to the hologram recording. And why not? To have the identity of this traitor was now number one priority. Sade at this point could even offer to give this turd ten times what he was even asking for. 

“ We can come to meet your terms… just how did you get a hold of this-…” He started to ask, but before he could finish his sentence, Skant cut him off.

“… No more small talk Mr Sade… 
Is the Confederacy willing to pay me for what my package is worth? 
Or do you want this senator of yours to give it all away, if he hasn't already?

Who's to say that the Empire hasn't already made plans to use that Senator's information in formulating an invasion?

Your fleets are vulnerable as we speak, Mr Sade.” Skant's voice cut deep into Sade's center.

The scum for once in his life, spoke truth.