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Karlie Lynn Destat

Karlie Lynn Destat

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Viral Hemorrhage

13 January 2019 - 08:28 PM

In lunar-like distant orbit around the system Castage, the remote station RD-IV  silently operates in the silence of space and at a safe distance from the planet.

Inside is where the most extensive research on identifying and analyzing the galaxy's most dangerous bio-engineered organic/viral pathogens is conducted. The facility is designed to handle compounds and pathogens too dangerous for any systems to chance housing their research planet side.

Currently leading the facility as head researcher is Science Director Karlie Lynn Destat, an operative in the IBI, an executive investigating branch of the Castan government on system Castagne.






Nine months later, following the Melida/Dan incident....




"Another private message from the Viceroyalty, Liz?" Karlie asked her assigned assistant.


"It wouldn't be private if I should answer that, Karlie." The bio-tech assistant returned to her research station near Karlie.


"My lab, my privileges...supposed to be my assistant."


"My hearing's fine. But so you know, nothing substantial has come out of this exercise. They've gotten impatient. Don't be surprised if they pull the plug on you and reassign this research ...elsewhere."


"It's my research, they can't do that."


"The virus was deployed on a CIS system. It's within their jurisdiction."


Karlie didn't reply, she just tightened her lips. No doubt she was angry that in a matter of time, this research would slip through her fingers.


"Listen...I don't know how much more time the'll give us before the'll pull the plug on this. But I stepped up on your behalf and convinced them that you're not stone walling them."



Me, stonewalling them?..What the frak for?!!"





4 long work cycles later...


"There...you see it?..." Karlie expanded on the 3D projected hologram of the live virus. It had been extracted from the host 'Janis', a former colleague of her's whom had been part of the landing party on Melida/Dan when the outbreak of the same virus took place.


"Uhm...what exactly am I seeing besides the virus injecting it's nucleic acid inside the host cell?

I've studied it's lysogenic cycle over a thousand times, maybe more..." Her lab assistant Liz replied, as in reality both she and Karlie had lost count months ago. Not that they needed to count or personally keep track of every single virus test which they ran through it's lysogenic cycle reproducing. Their lab computer detailed every single replication on the molecular level.

And each virus was the second generation, close to what could be the original. Their samples were fresh, extracted directly from a live zombie..Janis; Karlie's original fellow scientist whom contracted the airborne virus on Melida/Dan.


"It's internal proteins... look there....they've been triggered to scramble then reassemble in a systematic collective cycle once the virus injects it's RNA which then triggers the organelles to start it's replication. Look here..the proteins momentarily twitch within that .007 of that second."


"Yea, I had picked that up too...but what of it? The chain remains intact before and after..it's just a twitch...like you said, Karlie."


"Yes, but why? There's no reason for it to do so.


Unless it momentarily flashes it's true base chain...it's default structure, Liz. 

It's like it has been trained to disguise it's original protein chain...or at least tries to reassemble it's true chain for that split microsecond...like when a key goes through the tumblers. It insets properly, but the key-ways must go through a tumbler cycle for the key to engage the lock... winding up in the same position before the cycle." Karlie replayed the viral attack on the clean cell. Sure enough it seemed it's protein chain wanted to change, then not..like it twitched. It were for just a millisecond but it was there.

Karlie then randomly accessed the previous file recordings of the countless viral cycles they had been arduously studying the past months and sure enough, the same micro twitch. 


"We need to freeze that event.

Lets initialize an absolute zero flash for the next new samples. I don't see why our computer can't fire that flash during that split second twitch. We should get lucky enough to freeze that cycle so we can analyse the chain code."


Two weeks later the two researchers finally were able to freeze that split microsecond in absolute zero.

The protein chain was without a doubt something by which the lab comp brought up as already existing in it's records. The protein in it's original untrained state clearly matched that of a common virus on the outskirts of CIS territory. 

"Finally, we've got the key as to where it was engineered!" Karlie was so excited! 

Yes, finally after months of arduous study, with molecular disassembly and reassembling they had gotten their first glimpse of the pathogen's possible origin, it's point of creation. Sure, they knew exactly how it went about replicating and as to why it chose only humanoids, but unlocking as to where it came from was the mystery. In doing so, they could then ultimately discover whom had created it, as it was by all standards; bio-engineered.


" Wow..talk about finding a needle in a metal scrap heap! This little devil has certainly been engineered to keep it's original protein chain in its new trained heinous order. We're looking at possibly the first programmable virus. FRAK, this thing can be anything you want it to be, from the common cold to-..to...frak, this and more!" She had to step back a moment from the projected hologram of the live virus frozen in time in the absolute chamber. Her heart was beating a kilometer a minute, she was both excited and frightened.  


"It explains now how easily it is transmittable...like that of an influenza." She was able to catch her breath, moving closer to the hologram. She virtually turned the holo-virus over in it's projected state getting a better view of the frozen protein chain that had twitched for amicro second to reveal it's true original protein structure. They had captured that obscure instant flicker and it revealed everything about it which they were missing before.


"And see...it's retained the spectral refraction signature of that very same star system."


It had been a breakthrough and one by which should have completed the research. Karlie at that point had completed her assignment as per IBI doctrines. It was just a simple matter of finalizing the report and send it back to IBI headquarters.

But no.

No, Karlie was a kind of perfectionist. In her scope of thinking, this was only the beginning of the investigation. What should have been turned in to headquarters for them to analyse and determine the next step as to take in bringing the culprits to justice, Karlie made the decision to discover that on her own.


She was determined to find the source, the lab, the men...the scum who had engineered this virus. And too, she was kind of fascinated by this new technology that she could uncover. Imagine that; a programmable virus. It meant that it could be disguised as a harmless common virus then at the proper time...devastation.

But she weren't looking to acquire this knowledge in order to replicate this technology for creating biological weaponry. No.

Such tech could be used for good...to fight other devastating diseases as the virus could be programmed like bots to attack only the diseased cells, stopping the disease in its tracks.

This was one aspect as to her decision not to finalize the research. The other was bagging the culprits herself. Well, at least identifying the culprits. Then of course she would call in the Castan Marines to deal with them and have those butchers be brought to justice.


...or so was Karlie's argument to Liz as to why she were not going to report their findings yet to the Viceroyalty.




Vera Mina Darth Metus Srina Talon

B.O.B.1 Battle Droids

03 October 2018 - 02:24 PM










  • Intent: To acquire a cache (10,000 units)of ancient battle droids to fight on behalf of Karlie Lynn Destat.
  • Image Source: Image 1 Image 2
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: Battle droid


  • Manufacturer: Unknown, as they were acquired in a CIS open rp Echoes of Eternity post #28, 30, 40(see Description )
  • Affiliation: CIS
  • Model:  BOB-1 Battle droid
  • Production: Semi-Unique 
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Material: Durasteel, droid components, crome plating (hey, don't look at me, it's how I found them. Well OK, it's what caught my eye and decided to acquire them, OK!)


  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 115kg
  • Height: 2m
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: Thermal detonators, standard power Blaster pistol 
  • Misc. Equipment: N/A


  • Thermal detonators
  • Blaster pistol



  • The droid has good aim both with its grenades and its blaster.
  • Hard wired obedience upon activation, even on to destruction. 


  • Not as agile as most battle droids, as it were salvaged from an abandoned station near Druckenwell and are dated thousands of years old..
  • No shielding. One..two good hits and they go off line.
  • Limited power reserves; 300 hour full operational power cells once activated. Unit must return to a supported charging station to be reactivated. 



It started out as an inspection for bio-weapons on a recently found old orbiting station near the system Druckenwell in CIS territory. Under the invite of Darth Tacitus to all of interested CIS allies to explore and go on a treasure hunt of said station, which incidentally dated back to the old Eternal Empire under the rule of  Valkorion; Karlie happened up the cache of tens of thousands of battle droids stored in the weapons hold of the station.

Old as they may be, she discovered that on the whole, most of these droids still held about 17% of their stored power cells. 

making this short; Karlie returned to the station and transported her find and claim off the station. The invite to the station had been as a treasure hunt for the CIS and this is what she found.

With a little elbow grease to spit shine them up (not by yours truly mind you, but by my system's maintenance personnel) and new powers cells...was able to acquire a fodder load of these toys for the CIS...mainly for me at a fraction of the cost of say a thousand new model battle droids.

Sure the're old. But they function and will be quite handy in keeping my foes busy as our main forces work on outflanking them.

Shoot...did I just post one of my battle tactics?...disregard the last sentence. 


The RP is Echoes of Eternity-Bones of Zakul and the find and play is on post #28, 30 and 40.



Ooh...almost forgot. You know what's neat about Bobby...er BOB-1 rather?

Every time I give them a command, they respond back with, 'By your Command' ..Now how awesome is that!?




30 May 2018 - 02:41 PM

RD-IV Research Station




RD-IV Research Mobil Station






  • Intent: To create a mobile Research/Development station for Karlie Lynn Destat
  • Image Source: RD-IV 
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A



  • Classification:Exploration
  • Length:240 meters
  • Width: 60 meters
  • Height:60meters
  • Armament  Low
  • Defenses High
  • Hangar Very Low
  • Maneuverability Rating Very Low
  • Speed Rating None
  • Hyperdrive Class None


  • Upper most deck (penthouse) are solely living quarters, also known as 'Safe in Place'. 
  • 2 year food and water supply in 'Safe in Place' decks.


  • State of the art biological containment labs for research and development.
  • Safe in place upper deck can be isolated from rest of space-lab and is self contained. 
  • 2 large reactor/generator/incinerators. 
  • 1 small reactor/generator for 'safe in place' living quarters (separate from main two reactors)
  • Bio scrubbers that burn/eradicate any and all organic vented lab exhaust.



  • Deep skin: Triple layered durasteel hull sandwiching high compression composites and ceramics, to protect biological agents and pathogens from escaping. It's containment system is priority.



  • A slug: It is not capable of interstellar travel, as it needs to be towed from one system to another. Retro-Drivesystem is designed solely to maintain/establish orbit. It can move away from orbit to open space but at ancient like slow speed.
  • Can't hit back: It is not intended to fight as it's armaments is for self defense against small pirate skiffs, and debris/meteors.
  • Can't pitch: Can't deploy any bio-chem weapons.


 The Castan Weapons Research and Development program includes research on chemical and biological weapons. It is not so much as developing biological weapons but rather to de-engineer such weapons. Aside from underground research and development facilities, Castagne has biological space research stations. One such station is the Castan RD-IV station. It is a self contained and robust research facility that can handle even the most aggressive and highly reactive pathogens, and chemicals that were engineered for the sole purpose of weaponization.

 The RD-IV is designed to be towed to a system only, and has no capability of leaving said system on its own. It's retro-drives are solely for the purpose of establishing and maintaining orbit, should it require for it to be stationed around a system or planet. Otherwise it can operate in open space. It's lack of sub-drives or any substantial propulsion system declassifies it as a vessel. It is specifically designed not to be used as a launching platform to deploy biological weapons. It's main purpose is to find, study, and de-engineer biological pathogens and viral/bacterial agents. It has the facilities to then engineer retroviruses and counter agents.

Castan SCX-3

09 May 2018 - 03:19 PM

Castan SCX-3









Castan SCX-3 starfighter





  • Intent:   To create a standard SD deployed short range fighter
  • Image Source:   CSX-3Image 1 SCX-3Image 2  
  • Canon Link:   N/A
  • Restricted Missions:N/A
  • Primary Source:   N/A


  • Manufacturer:  The Aegis Corporation 
  • Model:   SCX-3
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market 
  • ProductionMinor-Production. 

  • Material: Composite carbide/ceramic Durasteel Hull


  • Classification: Short Range Multipurpose Fighter
  • Length: 12 meters
  • Width: 12 meters full wing span
  • Height: 6 meters  
  • Armament:   Average 2 heavy supercharged (fast capacitor cycling) laser canons on wing tip that fire fore and aft, 2 laser canons undercarrige. Missile launchers.
  • Defenses:Average Carbide/ceramic Durasteel Hull, Extra shield power drawn from engines
  • Squadron CountAverage 12
  • Maneuverability Rating Average
  • Speed RatingModerate
  • Hyperdrive Class:Very Slow 10


  • Standard shields with redundancy backup from the 3 engines
  • Basic Sensors 
  • Basic Communication Device
  • 2x  K-57B sub-light thruster engines


  • 2 complimentary flash burst hyper booster engines that fire for a micro second as an evasive defensive system.




  • Fast response targeting computer. 
  • Pulse code modulating comm, making it nearly impossible to jam.
  • Highly maneuverable in space and in atmosphere. 
  • Micro-burst complimentary engines. 




  • Short range fighter: Inefficient hyperdrive, taking 10 days to cross a Hex. It is dependent on it's carrier for long range deployment.
  • Short range comm: As it is not a long range fighter, it's comm is limited withing system range.
  • Too much of a good thing: It's hyper boost complimentary engines can only be fired every 60 seconds or they will overheat and rupture. And they consume a LOT of fuel, so they can theoretically be effective for an estimated 10 burst fires before the entire fighter is out of fuel.




 The Castan designed SCX-3 is primarily a carrier deployed fighter that is superior in both open space and planet side against fighter to fighter engagements. It has 2 fixed wings/foils connecting it's primary heavy laser canons, making it a very robust and stable lightweight fighter. It's 2 sub-light engines make it a fast deployed and responsive sub-light fighter. It's two ultra-busrst afterburner thrusters (lower sphere-like engines as pictured)give it a near hop jump in outrunning enemy missiles. The Castan SCX-3 is a short range fighter with 2 flash burst hyperboost complimentary engines. These booster engines can almost reach light speed, for a microsecond,but can't as it is just a quick booster for quick evasive maneuver to avoid a tracking missiles on it's tail. It basically just hops/jumps very short distances for a microsecond. Example: a burst will propel it enough away (but not out of a system) to avoid getting hit by an enemy missile if on board comp senses it.

The SCX-3 is one of the fastest carrier/land based fighter in the Castan forces.

Castan GS-1

09 May 2018 - 11:26 AM

Castan GS-1 






Castan GS-1 Gunship/Transport






  • Intent: To create planet side Gunship/Transport
  • Image Source:  GS-1
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: The Aegis Corporation 
  • Model: GS-1
  • Affiliation: Closed-Market 
  • ProductionLimited 

  • Material: Composite carbide/ceramic Durasteel Hull


  • Classification: Gunship/Transporter
  • Length: 50 meters
  • Width: 30 meters
  • Height: 15 meters  
  • ArmamentVery High  Multi Missile launcher ports, concealed. 4 turbo laser canons as pictured. Standard laser canons.
  • DefensesModerate Carbide/ceramic Durasteel Hull, Extra shield power drawn from engines
  • Squadron CountVery Low 4
  • Maneuverability Rating Average
  • Speed RatingAverage
  • Hyperdrive Class:  Very Slow 5


  • Standard shield generators 
  • Long range sensors 
  • Long range communications
  • 4x  K-57B sub-light thruster engines


  • Reactive armor ( can take some missile hits from ground batteries and other fighters)
  • Carbide/ceramic durasteel layered skin (can take some standard laser canon fire if shields weaken)




  • Fast response multi- targeting computer. 
  • Pulse code modulating comm, making it nearly impossible to jam.  
  • 40 troops plus 2 pilots




  • Slow hyperdrive:  Very slow, can take up to 5 days to cross a Hex
  • Roach motel:  Not designed for comfort or long missions. 
  • Lost in space: Not designed for engaging enemies in space. Designed for planet side troop support/transport




The Castan designed GS-1 is primarily a planet side gunship/Transport. It was designed to engage enemy ground targets with it's smart missile systems and turbo lasers. Designed to lay down strafe fire.It has heavy duty landing struts enabeling it to carry armored vehicles if not troops. It's 4 sub-light engines make it a fast deployed and responsive sub-light to planet gunship/transport. The GS-1 is the primary attack ground gunship/troop transporter at the moment in the Castan Naval arsenal.



Castan designed