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Scherezade deWinter

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#1964632 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 11:01 AM



Location: In the agri-fields, a dozen miles or so out of the capital city, hoping to make it towards the hospital soon!

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor

Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives| Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Allies, Friends

Enemies:MCU-Mandalorians and their buddies

Specific Tags Marek Starchaser Vytal Noctura Adenn Kyramud Adron Malvern Kaden Farr Xobos Yakieer Voph Vhei Wasp Naudir | +Feel free to join!

Post: Six




"You can keep the skies cle-" she was trying to respond to Marek Starchaser with a grin. It was a battle zone. They were severely outnumbered from all directions. Bullets had been flying in the air to all directions. Their odds of getting alive were so low that they were so high and through the roof! It was more than enough to make the Sithling want to laugh with freedom and joy and dance in the rain. However, a giant shadow made sure they would not be – the SSD that was overhead, casting a shadow that might or might have been gigantic enough to cover all the dozen miles between the capital city and their little space.


Scherezade gulped. She had not been the one on Eshan, but her body had. Her muscles remembered. Her memories, they were granted a copy by her sister Madalena, who had been there during that day, when a giant ship decided to split and fall down in pieces on those who'd been fighting on the ground. Her body tensed though, despite her holdings hands out. Her muscles wanted to scream and run away as quickly as they could carry her, as far away from the shadow as possible [Voph 's SSD, post 114].


Hands touched. Scherezade only blinked, and she could already feel the differences. The tension in her body changed, switching from panic at the sight of the SSD's shadow, to the tension one had before proper combat. She looked to her Battle Melt companions, unsure of which of them it was that had granted her this boon, but thankful nonetheless.


She inhaled deeply, noting now the scent of the upcoming cloaked Mando soldiers [the Deathtroopers of Krieg sent by Vhei Wasp Naudir]. Or maybe they weren't Mando soldiers but just employed by Mandalorians. Who knew? Who cared? Another group that had made the fatal mistake of coming too close. A group that had made the mistake to come within eavesdropping distance, which put them in direct radius of the Blood Hound's abilities. Her battle mates, Marek Starchaser and Vytal Noctura, thanks to the Battle Meld, would know that they were there before they de-cloaked, even if they could not directly scent the blood.  


Vytal Noctura was already working, her palm against the ground as the earth around them began to move. Scherezade looked at the soldiers as the Dathomiri's abilities began to take effect, the ground around them beginning to shake and quake, and fall violently beyond the small radius that surrounded the three Confederates. Scherezade's eyes flew immediately to the Deathtroopers that were closest to them. She could scent and count a dozen of them. Immediately, her Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets were out. She wasted no time; aided by the Force to enhance her speed, she sent two bullets at each of them, aiming one for the chest and one for the groin. Unless they had a magical way to move faster than bullets or something that protected them from her bullets' acid, any hit ought to cause armor melt, and potentially beyond that to skin and muscle and bone.


But there was no time to focus solely on them. The ones who had shown up earlier, yet had remained further away [the Chulan sent by Adenn Kyramud], were still there. The ground was quaking with them as well, but Scherezade did not wait to see if any would fall. She had to take the chance now; rising over the earthly barrier that was now positively crumbling into dust, she latched to each of them that she could hold on with the Force.


Scherezade was a Blood Hound. The blood, especially those of warm blooded creatures, called out to her. There were terrifying things that she could do if shegot her hands on a single drop, but she didn't want a single or even a dozen drops now. There was something much more important that she wanted. Trusting her battle mates cover her in case of need, as the three of them were now connected thanks to the Battle Meditation, the Blood Hound launched the Force forward, calling to the blood inside the Chulan's veins. Unless they had a way to block the Force or put distance between them and her, or find another way to stop what she was doing, they would find bloody welts beginning to form upon their skin before the blood shot out, emptying the insides of their body but leaving the deepest of bruises through which the blood would literally spray out. It was a shame though that at best, Scherezade could only do that to the two dozen of them that she was scenting, the remaining six, unless they came closer, staying outside of her notice.


But it might not be enough. Battle Meld or not, she was still just one. Vytal Noctura was doing the earth shattering thing, and Marek Starchaser was controing the lightning and the storms.


Maybe… Maybe, if they got lucky, they would get out of there in one piece.




Summary of Actions

#1964544 A Rogues Tale

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 02:52 AM

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: Nothing, for a change.

Tags: Rene Salomon


Miakar? Scherezade blinked, searching her mind through all the languages she knew, trying to figure out if she'd heard that word before. But no, nothing came up. A name then? Did she look like someone from his past who'd held on to that name? Didn't matter – she'd correct him after he finished that shower. Normally, Scherezade wasn't really shy and had no issues opening curtains on people while they cleaned themselves up if she had pressing questions to ask, but somehow now didn't seem like the time.


As Rene entered the shower, the Crow flicked her commlink up, ordering a huge cart full of food to the spa's entrance. The heat of the equipment didn't reach there, the climate instead controlled by a wonderful air conditioner that ensured it was nice and borderline cold. Alongside the cart, she also had one of the lesser known droid types bring her an infopad from the Ministry… Something that she would most definitely be destroying later on.


In the time that he took, she'd had enough time to chomp a few cheese cubes down as she worked, the cart of food having arrived and carrying various meats, breads, and cheeses, her fingers gliding over the holokeyboard with speed. Scherezade was by no means a slicer; that was something best left to others. But she usually carried more than enough tech to give slicers access to what she needed, and anyone with two functioning brain cells could operate a search engine. Those things were very intuitive these days.


When Rene came out of the bathroom dressed in that black robe, Scherezade barely spared him a glance, her eyes glued to the holoscreen.


"Rene Salomon," she said, letting the syllables roll off her tongue, "Human. Well, I smelled that. 23 years old, blah blah blah stuff that's not interesting about your family and history… Executed for treason and crimes against the Confederacy. The editor is going to curse you out when they need to change that because you're still alive. Sold some of our secrets? You seriously suck. The only thing worse was if you were a Mandalorian on top of all of that."


Waving her hand, Scherezade closed all the screens and things that were showing, and looked at the man.


"Aaaaaaaand you managed to keep the fact that you're a Force User well hidden. They'd have collared you with a Force blocker if they'd known. How'd you keep that a secret, mister-I-am-human-but-have-purple-eyes?" she said, her glowing green eyes blinking with amusement. "Oh! Sit. Eat. Bonapetite!"

#1964478 Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 10:53 PM

Taeli Raaf All good! I needed a few days too. SO STOKED LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!!!

#1964471 Invasion of Pantora - TSE Victorious!

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 10:39 PM

Congrats! :D

#1964143 Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 04:21 AM



Location: Landing on Obroa-Skai, headed for Celebratus Archive

Objective: Pass time until we get there

Allies: CIC & friends [OOM-002-HONEYCOMB OOM-003-CUPCAKE OOM-001-JELLYBEAN Prime Haastal Verd Theodore Royce-Clarke]

Enemies: UCM [Mig Gred Skorvek Fiore de Noir Taeli Raaf Gilad-Abim Cardinam ]

Post: Three




She could see the planetary shield as her little pod made its way from the Titanic to the ground. Had it been her first war, that would have given her cause to worry and initiate an attempt to stop the pod mid-air. Thankfully, this was far from the Blood Hound's first game of war, and the faint color that now covered the world did nothing to stir her fears. The Confederacy was nothing if not one of the most technologically advanced large governments in the 'verse, and her own company was involved in more than one of its special R&D projects. The pod moved gracefully through, avoiding many of the shots fired at those that were coming in from the Titanic. Scherezade could see some pods exploding when they could not evade on time and she stared calmly, knowing there would not even be corpses left to bury once their remains burned upon atmospheric entrance without the pod's protection.


Her pod, made it to the planet, just as she had expected it would. Scherezade was a Warrior and often danced on the fine line between the living and the dead, but she had a feeling deep inside of her that today would not be the day she died. Not in the sky, anyway. On the ground… Might be an entirely different story.


Once the pod opened and she could exit, Scherezade paused and inhaled deeply. Obroa-skai… She had never been there before, yet now that she was here… It smelled lovely. There were so many planets she landed on for which even the residents were not aware as to how much they stank. But this place… Its frozen desserts and  its mountains, it was almost perfect. Her mother's side of the family, they would have loved it as much as she currently was, would have worked to preserve the endless o information that could be found on it. A library world with a few med-centers, it was almost everything they had stood for prior to the Gulag. Only strength and power was lacking. Her father's side… They would have probably have zero qualms about razing it to the ground, burning it as they had many worlds that had been lost to history, not even a trail of their memory remaining because of some of the things both sides had done together.


Scherezade was her parents' daughter, through and through. She had her mother's looks, her father's personality issues, and a blood lust that could have shamed the both of them. While her presence had been requested after that speech she had given at the summit, her personal reasons were two-fold; she wanted the information this planet had to offer. All of it. And once it was within her grasp, she wanted to destroy as much of it as she could.


Turning to see who else had made it safely planet-side, the Blood Hound counted five battalions of B1 droids that had survived. Technically, she wasn't a B1 commander, so she had no clue how many had actually been deployed, but five battalions seemed like a nice number. Opening her holomap, she confirmed that her target was within reach – the Celebratus Archive. Another pod landed nearby, and Scherezade gave @Hastaal Verd a knowing nod and smile.


"Friends, Confederates!" Scherezade spoke loudly over the comm, her voice booming deep and fierce with the aid of the Force, "We make way for the Celebratus Archive! Destroy anything in your path! Burn their homes, ruin their vehicles! Let those who try to leave go in peace, but KILL all those who oppose you! But do not harm the Celebratus Archive – not until we have what we want from it. And then, burn it, and throw any Mandalorian you can find on this planet onto the pyre!"


She turned around. Only two miles separated between their landing zone and the Celebratus Archive. Glancing at her information again, Scherezade couldn't really understand why so many had chosen for some reason to hit the space port; who cared about the space port?! It was almost like people were badly briefed or didn't care about briefs at all. Not a first time. Those who were there were more than welcome to remain there as she and her people, most of them wonderful B1 droids with genders and personalities, went for the Celebratus Archive. 




Unless someone slows me down, intending on reaching the Celebratus Archive in the next post, would love any opposition there! ♥

#1964127 A Rogues Tale

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 01:56 AM

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: Nothing, for a change.

Tags: Rene Salomon










What is it good for?


Absolutely nothing.


Well that was not technically true. Scherezade loved wars and war time.  It was on the field of battle that her patchwork of traumas did not even whisper in the back of her mind, that all her worries and paranoias were gone. When she fought, her very blood sang without music and without words, a sensation that both filled and engulfed her. But other people did not. Other people mourned the lost lives, the collateral damage. They wept for the destruction and shed tears over peace that was nothing more than a cleverly crafted yet incredibly cheap lie.


Truthfully speaking, Scherezade did not have the time for such people. But even more truthfully speaking, she didn't get to choose – her six months of probation were not yet up, and today of all days, she was tasked with stupid messenger duties. Run from this place to that place to deliver this letter and that letter. Why? She had no clue; it wasn't as though the great Confederacy had run out of droids that were built to do exactly that. Perhaps, she considered, it was time for her to buy an actual droid for that sort of thing. The one she had, who lived on her ship, took care of her business, Whimsy. He didn't have the time for such foolish errands. And neither did she.


And still she did it. "Here you go," she said without a smile to the big fat politician who was sitting at the balcony overlooking the fight in the arena. She was pretty much ready to turn on her heel and get the heck out of there; there were three more of these stupid things to deliver, and each of them was on another end of Golbah City. But something annoying, also known as the Force, brushed against her face.


Scherezade slapped herself, trying to get it off, but the damned stupid feeling continued to itch at her until she at last turned to face the arena. She hated that stupid arena. It was a few months ago that she had come clean regarding her hacking into some Confederate datafiles. By rights, she was supposed to have been shoved into that arena. Instead, the first order had been to chop her head off. The order, however, had never been fulfilled, which was part of why she was standing there that day, cursing out the harsh sun, wishing she was on her ship where climate control was a thing.


Someone was fighting. Naturally, or there wouldn't have been an audience gathered to look at it. Scherezade beheld the Tukata, not seeming overly impressed. "Ever seen such a massive beast, girlie?" the stupid political called from behind her. She merely shrugged. "I've seen bigger," was the only answer she deemed worthy enough of replying with.  Her tone had made it clear that he did not want to make any more suggestions at her, and since it appeared to be working, she let it go.


The fight… It wasn't that interesting to her. She'd seen such fights numerous times in the arena; the poor prisoner would look like he had a chance, he and the beasts would dance a little, and then he would be brutally taken apart by the beast. That was how it always went. Yet when she tried to look away, to turn around, again came that annoying scratching on her face by the Force. Scherezade groaned.


Some dancing occurred, and she just waited for the prisoner to die so she could grab her things and leave. The sun was ever rising higher and higher into the sky, beating down on the audience. The air conditioning provided in the arena did not suffice to battle the heat, not when the sunrays were so violent. In the mornings, sure, and in the evenings and nights too, but midday… Midday was a nightmare, usually.


And then against all odds…


Green glowing eyes stared as the man used the Force to send the beast sprawling backwards. The spear moved then, not by any muscle, but again with the Force. Now, the Sithling was interested Tukata were designed by SIth of days of old to withstand – and eat – Force Users. This man, even with the Force, alone, and after a too long battle in the sun, had managed to defeat one of them. Color her impressed. She'd been certain she was one of the few who could actually pull stunts like that off.


What happened when you defeated the beast sent to execute you? Scherezade wasn't sure. Surely, if protocol of old was followed, the same way this entire silly arena was super old fashioned, that meant he'd go free? But no. There were rifles aimed at him. They were not going to let him go anywhere – signed for death meant he was going to die and they were not going to let him do anything about that even he'd just won.


"STOP!" Scherezade's voice boomed over the entire arena, its depth and volume aided by the Force. The scratching of her face had released her entirely. She was operating entirely on her own now, without the Force pushing her into it, but returning to serving her, as it should.


Wasting no time, the Blood Hound jumped over the balcony, landing perfectly in the sand, one knee bent and almost touching the ground. She rose, giving a hair flip to send it behind her back. There was no fear in her as some of the rifles were now aimed at herself, and she offered the goons holding them a deep growl that sounded both human and not at the same time.


"What is the meaning of this? This man has won the beast, fair and square." she said, her distance from them ever becoming smaller until she outright stood between the man and soldiers.


"Execution is execution," one of the said.


"I see," Scherezade responded, and then grabbed a small datapad from her pocket, flashing it in front of them in a way that would keep the man from seeing it. "As you goons can clearly see, I outrank you all. I say this man lives. Take it up with your superior and if any of them have something to say they can take it up with me, Rhaina Tira, or Knight Commander Madalena Antares."


Krak. She hated posturing and name dropping. But she knew her own name would not be enough, not for this; not when so much of who or what she was and what she did for the Confederacy was so much above the goons' pay grade. Grudgingly, they put their weapons down, and Scherezade looked around, smiling in relief as she realized the arena wasn't as full as it could have been. Mid-day fights weren't very popular unless the prisoner was, and she was fairly certain this dude wasn't well known.


"Come with me," she said as she turned her head to the dude, "Unless you want them to shoot anyway. In that case you're more than welcome to remain here."


As quickly as she believed he could walk, she led the both of them out through the guard exit, passing by a few more dozen of them, then an elevator up – below, in the caverns, was where they kept the ones for execution. But sometimes the arena held professional fighters or other sort of performers on the sands, and those people got luxury spa and baths accesses. Scherezade, while never being invited to them in any official capacity, knew about all of them.


"You smell like poodoo," she commented as she pushed a door open for him, "Get in and get cleaned up. After that I start enjoying the fact you more or less owe me your life. By the way, you're not a vegetarian, right? I'm going to order us some food while you get cleaned up."

#1963906 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 15 July 2019 - 09:21 AM



Location: In the agri-fields, a dozen miles or so out of the capital city, hoping to make it towards the hospital soon!

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor

Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives| Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Allies, Friends

Enemies:MCU-Mandalorians and their buddies

Specific Tags: Marek Starchaser | Vytal Noctura | Adenn Kyramud | Adron Malvern | Kaden Farr | Xobos Yakieer | +Feel free to join!

Post: Five




Insult her by being less than what they were. Scherezade listened, and then nodded, deciding to adopt that description. It fit like a glove to the situation, and by the constant stream of information that was being delivered directly to her ear, every passing second showed time and time again how true that single sentence was.


Yet when her new friend called for Dathomir, Scherezade made no response. She had not yet told Vytal of the deal she had made with the Mother of Clans, the deal that would end with Dathomir being completely and utterly destroyed along with the lives of the witches upon it, all by Scherezade's hand. Certainly, there were years at best before Scherezade would have to fulfil her end of the deal; so far the Cavataio matriarch had disappeared, leaving Scherezade with neither or her brother. But she had a feeling, deep down in her gut, that it was only a matter of time before she destroyed Dathomir, as well as many other planets.


And still, the smile was etched on her face as the Witch began to do her thing, the ground breaking and spewing. It took afew moments before Scherezade realized the accompanying storm did not belong to Vytal's deeds – no, that had a different source, a different scent, and – there! Marek Starchaser. He smelled familiar though she could not place a location inside her memories. "That would depend," she smiled, teasin' him, already knowing the answer, "are you here to kill tuna cans, or save 'em?"


Yet before he could answer, Scherezade raised her hand, motioning for him to remain silent. Her nostrils flared ever so slightly as she caught the scent upon the wind. Damnit! She had been so focused on the beautiful destruction caused by Vytal and the awkward flirting with the other man that she had nearly completely missed the scent. Scherezade was a blood hound, and blood called to her. As long as she was not severed from the Force, she could smell species and bloodlines from a distance.


And she knew they were not alone. The scent was unfamiliar to her – whichever species it was that was coming closer and closer, they were not ones she had come across before. How many? Time slowed down as Scherezade's heart began to beat faster. She knew the warning signs. Something was coming.


"Duck!" she screamed at her companions as she crouched down on a knee, calling the very earth in front of them to rise as fast as she could, putting a barrier between them and the incoming shots. It was eerily quiet – Scherezade did not know the weapons, but the earthly barrier she had raised was coming loose very fast, and there was little she could do beyond keep strengthening it, praying to the Force that it would be enough as she erected layer after layer of earth and rocks and ground up, shuffling her teammates back and behind her more than once, the half crescent shape of protection growing around them, though it was beginning to develop some serious case of Swiss cheese holes.


She was focused on their scent now – she knew of the close ones to them now, around the dozen, and another dozen further away. Was she right? Should she take a larger margin of error? A few of the bullets did make it through – thankfully, caught by her boots. She knew her shins were going to be bruised to the Netherworld and back if she woke up tomorrow, but for the moment, it didn't matter.


Flipping open her comm, Scherezade sent a quick message to Adron Malvern. "We're three, got flanked by about two dozen unidentified sentient creatures with very quiet weapons. Might surrender just to see what happens." The message from Kaden Farr came in not a heart beat later and she sighed. They were Force User, all three of them – but they couldn't be everywhere at once. About a dozen miles stood between them and Kaden's unit, which meant…


They were going to have to do it fast, but safely. Which meant that pulling the blood of these creatures out of their skin would not work. Not when there were about two dozen of them and she could barely hear their weapons. "Kaden, we got about two dozen enemies on us," she whispered back through her comm, "start making bets with the rest of your unit. Soon as we can wiggle free of them, we're coming."


Looking to her battle mates, the Sithling shrugged. "If we surrender, do you think they'd give us a ride to the hospital?" she asked genuinely. That would save them a lot of time. And once they joined Kaden and whoever else would bet here by then… Their odds of survival would increase by a lot. It was a potentially very stupidly deadly plan. Scherezade wished she'd had more battle experience with both of her new best friends for life, something they could silently communicate to make plans and…


"Dathomir," Scherezade whispered, looking to her favorite new witch now, "that stunt you pulled with the earth… Think you can cause an earthquake beneath their feet? At least a dozen of these goons are close by, but the bigger of a radius you can give me, the better. I can't scent anyone to our behind – not that it means there's no one there."


Looking to the other guy, she nodded, "Storm boy," she grinned, "once I release this wall… Can you direct your storm to hit them?" With that, she reached one hand to him, and another to the Witch, "Battle-Meld," she explained, "this will bond us for a time. My strengths will be yours and yours will be mine. You will be able to pick up where many of our enemies are by the mere presence of their blood, even if your eyes cannot see them."


The Force rose around her. She was ready to kill them all.


And then run towards the hospital, Force-willing.

#1963877 Tyrant Tower

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 15 July 2019 - 04:29 AM

Natalie LaForte Approved :)

#1963865 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab [ OOC ]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 15 July 2019 - 03:04 AM

Valdus Bral Yup, thank you! :)

#1963838 You'll Shoot Your Eye Out

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 15 July 2019 - 12:06 AM

Wearing: Outfit | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 3 Czerka knives | 1 Nastirci Combat Knives  | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Tag: Kaden Farr



It was another hot day on Haseria. Scherezade had just started making her way back from Daisy's house, having visited her friend and attempting to get her to train with the Force. She loathed Daisy's fear of it. Like it or not, her best girl friend was a Force User, and if she didn't learn to control the Force, it would be a matter of time before it controlled her. Not to mention, others would be so easily be able to use as well. It was for her own protection. And Scherezade… She was frantic about it. There were so few people in her life; her need to protect each and every one of them, even at her personal cost, was too great for her to be able to ignore, even during the times she dearly wanted to.  


Her ship, the Giggledust, wasn't too far away, though she'd had a feeling she could use the walk once she was done. There was no question about her love or devotion for Daisy, but sometimes Scherezade needed a bit of a walk or other forms to let some of it loose after their meetings. Daisy was sweeter than saccharine; she sometimes reminded her of the memories she had of her own mother. But nothing else in her life was as pure or as good. The walks… They helped her make the transition from what was in other instances almost like a cocoon or a dream, back to the reality of her life.


The thoughts in her mind were so crowded that she almost missed it. Almost. About halfway along the road, she felt him. Kaden Farr. Daisy's new squeeze, whom Scherezade had threatened. He was here now? On Haseria? That was quick. And, surprisingly – apparently Daisy's family hadn't gotten rid of him yet. Not that Scherezade had any proof that they were doing that to her men, but considering her friend's history... She was going to be super surprised if they weren't the cause for her bad love life. Was she hiding him, or did they genuinely like the Mandalore's ex husband? She didn't know. It was a little bit scary to think about it.


A moment later she began to hear it, the string of shots. Judging by the sounds, he wasn't as far as she'd initially thought, and Scherezade almost giggled as she covered herself in shadows. Haseria wasn't an easy planet for shadow hopping; the sun was harsh, which did cast strong shadows, but not enough of them to make her jumps easy or quick enough. Still, she did it, finding the right place to jump from and to. While she had mastered the ability months ago, she'd yet to learn how to cloak her presence; yet considering she often tended to peacock it around, it hardly seemed like something urgent to add to her list of skills.


She was hiding in a shadow when Kaden at last called out. He'd noticed her. But… that was strange. He did not know it was her? Scherezade had assumed he would be able to tell her apart by now, considering they more or less knew each other and… Well there was that whole business with Selene. Eleriya. Scherezade had yet to give her a name, though she'd been told she could. Not-mother didn't sound like a good one, even though at present it was the closest one she had inside her mind.


The field was open, but every now and then was a sparse tree. It was the nearest one that cast a shadow large enough for Scherezade to be able to walk out of, a small smile on her face. From the shadows she could see nothing. But now… Glowing green eyes looked at the firearms, the bottles, everything else. Practice or fun? She wasn't sure.


"Are you practicing on how to shoot Daisy's brothers when they finally come for you?" she asked with a grin.A joke. At least... She hoped he would get it was a joke. He knew about her brothers, right?

#1963557 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 July 2019 - 02:18 AM




Location: In the agri-fields, a dozen miles or so out of the capital city.

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor

Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives| Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Allies, Friends

Enemies:MCU-Mandalorians and their buddies

Specific Tags: Marek Starchaser | Vytal Noctura | +Feel free to join!

Post: Three






The flames licked and burned all around Scherezade as the trees burned so beautifully. She had finished setting the orchard on fire, and not a single tree within several acres had been spared. There had been no games of Force to cause this destruction, no clever tricks. Just a girl and her love for arson. A single torch, and the prices of apples on the planet would surely double in the upcoming seasons or few. She couldn't remember… Was Taanab the only agriculture world that served as a giant food source for the Mandalorians? If so, how would they like dem apples?! She ugly giggled a little bit and opened one of her holomaps, trying to decide what it was she wanted to destroy next.


Oooh! There was a plot of land a walking distance away where they grew crop for animal feed. Scherezade supposed this referred to things like the equivalent of corn and soy and hay and all of that. Food that you grew so that you could feed more food. Oh, she remembered the lovely boutique shop she'd once found on Coruscant, that sold special vitamin and mineral tablets for banthas that over the course of a few months made their meet more supple and was supposed to be healthy and all of that. Scherezade had regularly fed it to a few banthas on Naboo whenever she could, and then slaughtered one of them for food. The result was spectacular. It was almost enough to convince her she needed to add a Bantha farm to her assets, but it was hard enough to take proper care of Kaadus as it were. Not to mention the duck, the Loth Wolf, and the soon to be dragon, that she still had in her home, which was her tiny ship.


Scherezade stared to the sky. It was raining metal all around, as Confederates dropped from orbit in the metallic drop pods, some of them exploding like fireworks as they were either taken by the shields or hit by something that shot at them from further away than where Scherezade was standing. She couldn't say that she cared too much – her own sister had landed safely, and was with others on another part of the planet. Scherezade had taken a drop of her blood in advance so that she could find her in the event that she was taken or went missing. Sadly, there was nothing the Blood Hound could offer of herself in return, so they were going to have to somewhat play it by ear if the opposite happened. But she wasn't truly worried. If anything, becoming a POW would present her with an amazing opportunity to let loose on a government, a planet, and cause more collateral damage than she was permitted to in other instances. To be caught, that would be an adventure!


Beginning to make her way towards the other area she wanted to set on fire, Scherezade halted in her steps as she realized presence she knew slightly better than many of those dropping in from the sky. The corners of her lips curled into a smile; the first time, it had been the woman's outer markings that had told Scherezade what she was, even if not fully. The second time, it had been the scent of her blood that had marked her as someone Scherezade had met, though there wasn't enough familiarity to immediately know who. And now, a third time… There she was.


"To call them enemies is to give them honor they do not deserve," Scherezade answered with a grin as one of the preciously few Dathomiris she didn't want to outright kill stood next to her. The curvaceous Sithling raised her arm, showing the comlink she wielded. "I've been listening to the battle of words. Those tuna cans are holstered up in a hospital, using sick people as human meat shields. If we shoot, we attacked a hospital, if we don't shoot, they get a severely false sense of superiority and think standing behind innocents somehow makes them better. That is the gist of our enemies – toothless lions, cowards, would make better to the 'verse at large if we harvested their organs and sold them, or used them as fertilizer. Maybe I'll put in a request to do just that after we clear their stink from this planet."


Motioning for Vytal to follow her, Scherezade's voice remained mostly bubbly and happy, the torch in her hand bouncing alongside with her. "There is also a blood feud between my family and them," she found herself saying before thinking about it. It had been… Over a year since she'd last confided that information to anyone, "Many of them do not remember, because it has been raging for so long. I wish there was true joy in taking them out as I already have taken some out a while ago… But no. These are not the same Mandalorians that have opened war against my grandmother and kidnapped one of her daughters. The centuries have weakened them, turned their hearts and wills soft. Killing them before the Gulag was part of the feud, part of our revenge. Killing them now… It is like putting down a sick dog. It's a mercy that must be done."


While she'd spoken, the two warriors, fighters, Force Users, had continued to walk, and they reached the plot of land Scherezade had been aiming for, the burning orchard far enough behind them. "This area is the start of where they grow food to feed cattle and such," she explained, and then turned to Vytal with gleaming eyes and a wicked smile, "wanna show me how much damage a Nightsister can wreak?"

#1963505 Rumble in the Jungle [CIS Dominion of Haarun Kal]

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Location: Jungle Clearing

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor

Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives| Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Tags: Elias Logain Vytal Noctura +Feel free to join!


Not friendship. Scherezade looked at the Dathomiri, the curiosity still open on her face. Elias came from the bushes then, saying her way was odd. She grinned at that. "I'm not hunting anymore, I know this woman!" she said gleefully, "Elias, this is Vytal, Vytal, Elias." Introductions were swiftly made, and her attention went back to the beast, who was now docile. If not animal friendship, what was it?


At the question of blood, the Blood Hound nodded enthusiastically. That wasn't just what she wanted – it was what she needed to get to the bottom of this. Being told she wasn't allowed to kill it was disappointed, but, ultimately, you could take blood from someone or something without doing the entire killing thing.


"It's daylight," she retorted as she walked to the beast, knife in hand, "cover me, I'm going to do my best to keep this thing calm while I nick it, but sometimes chit happens."


A hand coming up to touch the beast behind its head, Scherezade gave it smoothing pets, keeping the blade out of its sight. Without knowing anything about the beast's history, she wasn't certain whether or not the mere sight of the blade would set it off, and the last thing she needed now was a creature in panic.


"They say there is a curse in these jungles, on this planet," she explained as she continued to sooth the beast, "I can feel that there is something here, down to the very earth. I need the blood to make sure. A beautiful beast such as this… If there is a curse, it will be present in its blood, and I will know for certain."


Of course, there was no mention of any cure. No, that was way too soon. Not every curse had a cure, and while the blood would let her know if it was more than rumors, it would not immediately tell her how to fix it. Not unless she intended to individually remove it from every creature who had blood coursing through their bodies, but for a planet that size, it would take centuries and infinite amounts of power that she much preferred to invest elsewhere.


Biting her lip, Scherezade hoped it was enough as she brought her blade down, making a small cut on the creature's back. A few drops… That was all she needed.

#1963490 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab [ OOC ]

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Dezoti Nit and pick, the fields aren't listed as your personal assets either ;) Come play.

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I'm lawful good and I resent this :|

#1962921 Crown of Sorrow | CIS Invasion of UCM-held Tanaab

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Location: Apple orchard a dozen miles or so out of the capital city.

Wearing: Armor | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives  | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 TOTT-001 Arc Light Blaster | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets
Allies: Confederacy of Independent Systems, Allies, Friends
Enemies:MCU-Mandalorians and their buddies
Specific Tags: Taozi Fuyuan | +Feel free to join!
Post: Two




Many people would say that apple orchards were beautiful things. The sharp colors of the apples contrasted beautifully against the green leafs, apples of red and gold and greed sticking out like nature's candy above and between it all. It didn't smell like apples though; Scherezade was somewhat surprised to realize that apple orchards smelled… Like earth and soil, sure, maybe like something green, but not like the actual smell of apples. Not that it mattered too much;  she wasn't really a fan of anything sweet, and the looks she got that one time for choosing a bland apple that she'd added salt, pepper, garlic, and onion powder to, had made her decide to not get near apples again.


It hadn't taken her too long to get there. The Confederate drop pods were things of beauty, designed to pass through planetary shields. These days, she didn't even bother asking for the deets. Just a simple will this pass whatever shield they might put up with a yes and no.


And now there were two things in her hands. One, was a bottle of flame fluids. People were often surprised by how hard it as to set fields on fire, especially when the fields had their natural levels of humidity and weren't desert-dry. Desert-dry was easy to set on fire. Apple trees… Not so much. In her other hand, she was holding a torch. One of those good old fashioned torches that she could've easily wielded in a grade-C holofilm as an extra that was about to go set witches on fire. She wondered then, if any Witches would show up for the Mandalorians. It was widely known by now that the Mandalorians had given Dathomir to the Sith, their witches treated like little more than flesh for sale. The Sith might have respected the Witches, but the Mandalorians did not, going back on their word of safety and autonomy the first second it seemed convenient.


And to think that this was but the least worst of their offenses. Anyone who had been present at the Summit had seen just what atrocities the so called United Clans of Mandalore had done. This… This was gentle payment. Scherezade knew about many of the plans that would be unfolding, or trying to get unfolded, that day.It saddened her that it was not nearly half as deadly and violent as she had hoped for. There was hatred and racism that coursed through her body towards them, and it could not be quenched, not even after understanding that most of it had come from her grandmother when she flash burned the memories into Scherezade's mind. Hundreds of years of a blood feud, and Scherezade was barely a few weeks into not being a baby at the time. There had been no control. And now… There was control. Honed into a beautiful killing machine. For Scherezade was more than a blade and more than a weapon – she was a predator, and she left a trail of dead wherever she went.


She'd just been about to spray a tree and set it on fire, when her commlink beeped and the message came through. It took more than she cared to admit to not just burst into laughter.


"Tap tap… This thing on?" she asked as she maneuvered the device in her hands, clicking the button to send her own message back to the source [Taozi Fuyuan]. "Listen sweetheart," the Blood Hound sent back, not caring for position or titles, not even bothering to check if there was any information available on who it was that sent that message, "You must be blind in at least one eye if you think you've seen our work. You mention Copero and neglect to add that when we touched ground, the Chiss bodies were already piling there, not by Confederate hands, but by Jen'ari. You mention Eshan yet neglect to remind your listeners that the only reason it was wounded was because your people decided to do the orbital bombardment thing, and then throw ships at us from orbit. Also, where did you guys buy those giant butt worms that caused so much of the destruction? And weren't it you guys too that sent those torpedoes to hit whatever they could?


But you are very much right. We should not be calling you murderers, warmongers, or villains. Because that would imply you have a spine, that you have fangs, that you even exist in any capacity to do more than be taken down. I've heard some of you call yourselves lions. Perhaps lions with shaved manes, with your fangs removed. Now, you're more than welcome to evacuate the planet of your tainted presence just like you have already evacuated the civilians, or you can stay and see what happens yet again when you insist on battling us. We got better things to do than chase you as you run with your tail between your legs. But for any tuna can that insists on remaining… The Confederacy greets you."


Grinning, Scherezade sprayed from her can onto the nearest tree, and used her torch to set it on fire. It would take some time to properly burn the orchard. She had that time.


"By the way," she added to the comm, "here are my coordinates. You're welcome." With that, she made a kissy sound, and terminated the message on her end. Maybe they would send people she could fight. Maybe they would send missiles and ruin the fields themselves, saving her the trouble.


Either way, it was going to be a glorious day.