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#1926569 What Games are Played [PM if interested]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 08:20 AM





The Confederacy of Independent Systems was a body that never slept. With the amount of territory there influence covered, there was never a situation in which a large portion of the planets within it chose to rest at the same time. With great power comes great responsibility, and the Confederacy invested in massive amounts of personnel and technology to ensure they kept that responsibility up. It was hardly a perfect system; planets and populations could not claim they lived in a utopia. But it was a system that ensured the mantra of many was upheld – We Can Do Better. And step by step, better the Confederacy did.


It was as such that tonight's event was planned. A great ball, to which many of the lesser known Viceroyals were invited to, closer to older borders within Confederate Space. Each and every single planet within the cloud had a Viceroy, someone to act as the liason between the planet and the Confederacy, whose sole job was to ensure that the planet continued to operate and be efficient as per its own subjective standards. Rarely did the Confederacy interfere directly, unless the lives of populations were in danger, or on the rare occasion that danger loomed from the outside.


The goal of the ball was to bring these lesser known Viceroys together. For although they all operated mostly alone, gathering only when the time came to cast macro-level votes regarding the overall direction of the Confederacy, the rest of the times, many were left to their own devices, and many of them remained virtually unknown to all but those who dealt with Viceroyalty staffing matters. So here they all were, dressed as the latest high-class fashion dictated, all behaving perfectly well, as one would expect from politicians.


But not all that shone was gold. Internal strife did not wish for the evening to go as planned, did not wish for the evening to be peaceful and social.  Servants within the hall had been bribed, bribed to give certain drinks and foodstuff to some of the Viceroyals. Other servants had been bribed to make sure certain doors within the palace were locked, and others were not.


It had taken efforts of both the Knights Obsidian and a few unnamed people to discover that. Immediately, entire portions of the servant staff had been fired, yet as none of the knew where the exact orders had come from, had not known they were culprits to an event that could lead to the death of hundreds, it had not been possible to track those responsible merely from speaking with them. And knowing that the plot had not been undone, and that cancelling the ball was not truly an option that would keep hearts and minds rested – the Confederacy had to do something.


It was as such that both Obsidian Knight Alkor Centaris and Pathfinder Scherezade deWinter [story wise still believed to be Madalena Antares] were chosen.


Their mission statement was a simple one. Mingle. Discover. Stop the plot. Bring those responsible for justice back to the Citadel on Geonosis. For the event they had both been dressed entirely incognito; they would be posing as part of the staff, and had schedules to follow, as food and drink servants, as ushers, and then as clean-up crew. And above all, the two had been tasked with ensuring the peace was kept.

#1926554 Draemidus Prime

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 06:08 AM

Tathra Khaeus Under review

#1926538 Of Fallen Stars | The Confederacy

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 05:01 AM

Location: Fountains

Wearing: Dress

Wielding: 5 Czerka knives [concealed under the dress]

Tags: Feel free to join!



For months, Madalena Antares had walked among the Confederacy, with neither her nor others save Daisy knowing who's body that really was. In those months she'd worn the tightest and slinkiest of clothes, causing more than one pair of eyes to jump out of their sockets. Now that Scherezade was back in her own body though, it hadn't matter that most of Madalena's wardrobe had been picked by her; she was uncomfortable wearing those skin tight dresses, some of which outright blocked the airways because of how sharply they pinched at the waist.


Which was why she'd chosen the most modest of the dresses in the closet. It was still tight, but not overly so, and while some skin was showing, it still felt somewhat protective, somewhat safe. Thankfully, she still had some of her knives with her. Madalena had taken good care of all of her weapons, even those she had not known why they were important, such as Scherezade's mother's lightwhip. And with the knives carefully concealed below her dress, there was some comfort that Scherezade could cling to.


She had every intention of coming clean soon. She'd almost marched straight to the Citadel once she'd healed from the process, but something had held her back. Well, not something. She knew exactly what.


People looked at her differently. Sure, they thought she was Madalena, did not know she was Scherezade. But the way they looked… Scherezade had never experienced that before. There were no mocking looks, no giggles behind her back. People looked at her with respect. Or at bare minimum, a small amount of appreciation. No one seemed to roll their eyes and give off the impression that they would be happier if she wasn't there. A bunch of people even smiled at her, and not in a condescending way.


Scherezade had done her best to emulate Madalena's warm smiles, respond to them and not let it know that her body was hers again, that it was her. These were stolen moments, she knew. All this would end the day she walked into the Vicelord's office and told him what she had done, how she had found the way into the Confederate database and changed things around to support what she had put in place, gave him the small chip that would turn almost everything back to as it used to be with the small exception of keeping her home planet and pebble centuries still concealed.


And then there was the whole matter of Cardinal. And while she already knew how she was going to fix things with him, her stomach still turned around and made her want to vomit when she thought about it. He was not going to be happy. He could, potentially, try to kill her once a little thing was completed.


Scherezade knew she was on very borrowed time.


But she just wanted a little bit of it, just to continue experience this entire new treatment, which she knew would end the moment she opened her mouth to tell the truth. Just a tiny bit more…

#1926217 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 02:28 PM



Objective: Become One with the Crowd

Location: Capital Building

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives  | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: Alkor Centaris Sankt Yora Kaden Farr Ephraim Shakti Sweet Xobos Yakieer Priesse Brinari


Enemies: Alexandra Feanor, probably.

Post: One


OOC Note: This is Scherezade, but she appears as Madalena Antares anywhere data-relevant (Pathfinder Madalena Antares).




Looking around, the glow of her green eyes befell Kaden Farr. He'd been standing there with her and Obsidian Knight Centaris, but she hadn't actually focused on him at any point. Frowning, the Pathfinder (was she still a Pathfinder at all?) frowned, trying to understand what it was about him that made something within her glance with uncomfortable curiosity. Part of her wanted to offer him to grab a drink after the mission was over so she could ask questions, another part of her wanted to get away. Come to think of it, most parts of her wanted to entirely get away. Those who looked at her and thought they knew her would believe they were looking at Pathfinder Antares. Scherezade sighed and shook her head. That was probably the source of her discomfort. Just a tiny while longer…


But it was another who caught her attention first. Ephraim, a man she was sure she had never seen before, not with her own eyes or that of a woman whom she was attempting rightfully bring back. Now that she was looking at him, she knew him exactly for what he was, and her mouth gaped open. There was nothing she could do but stare. "How…" she whispered, not understanding. If she had been anything but a Blood Hound, she would have passed on the family resemblance as being a coincidence. But she could scent him through the Force, and she knew exactly what he was, for he was a child who shared both parents with her. And yet she did not know who he was. How was it that he even existed? There had been no other children save her and her twin brother, but the man standing there, clear as day, flesh and blood, he was her brother.


But no. She had a mission. She was here for a reason. Everyone else believed that it was Pathfinder Madalena Antares standing there, and from all Scherezade knew, Madalena would not let something like this interfere with the orders and the plans. It did mean though that a small adjustment was made. Until this was over, Ephraim would be remaining close to her, or otherwise she would be remaining close to him. She would tail him if that was what it took, but the very second this headache was over with, there would be grabbing by the ear and pulling into the nearest corridor to ask a lot of questions.


Seeing the arrival of Priesse Brinari, she offered the woman a nod, only now realizing she had almost entirely ignored the redheaded Shakti Sweet, and gave her the same nod as well. Looking at @Xobox Yakieer, Scherezade couldn't help but smile. Her scent put her ever so slightly off as well, but there was something about her that made her want to go and talk to her.


Were these, any of these, normal thoughts to have during a mission such as this? Scherezade wasn't entirely certain anymore. It had been so long… Madalena had walked around in her body for over eight months, and she had been the conscious one during those missions, building into them, gaining the trust of her battlemates. Scherezade hardly knew these people, though a few faces sometimes popped up from memories given to her by Madalena. It was… A confusing mess, to be honest. Madalena's last words before Scherezade hadembarked to go to NR space was don't feth this up or so help me the Force I will strangle you in your sleep. And stay away from Cardinal Vi'dreya.


Sighing, Scherezade listened in through the commdevice inside her ear. She heard the speech given by Anton Delane and shrugged, not feeling a need to say anything, and then turned to listen to Alkor Centaris. "Would be easier if we just grabbed people in charge and scanned their minds," she shrugged with an innocent grin, hoping the comment would go over well.


But then things changed.


It wasn't as much that Centaris reported that they had, but the speech she was hearing now, the one given by Alexandra Feanor. Scherezade's mouth formed a perfect O and then she frowned.


"What the krak is wrong with that woman?" she asked as the speech continued on endlessly, "why are they letting someone who was clearly dropped multiple times on her head as a baby be in any sort of charge?" Declassifying documents for the wide public? Giving public access to R&D data? "So like what, is she completely incompetent, or is that a badly devised trap?" she asked, looking at her teammates. She almost asked if they could place a slug between her eyes.




Oh, behave.

#1926135 Blood in the Water [CIS Dominion of Bestine IV]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 08:03 AM



Location: Beach

Wearing: Bathing Suit

Tags: Korvus Starfire + Feel free to join!


Not to be worried about that? Madalena laughed. Of course she was worried; having never built a single sand castle before, for all she knew the kidlet could put her in his back pocket with his amazing castle skills. It wasn't much that she minded it being ugly, but more of it being ugly while placing it by the pretty castle that he had already built.


But then he explained how he went about it. Picture if she had a castle? That bit would be easy; if Madalena was to imagine anything of that kind, the so called castle would be the Forbidden Temple in the stories she and her brother had made up; an ancient, terrifying thing, full of power and might, that his a core and a kernel of love on the inside.


And it came with an offer; he'd teacher, she'd show him.


"Well," she chewed on her thoughts, "the thing is, my paintings are on the inside of my ship, because I paint on the walls there. So if you wanted to come see them, it'd have to be with the permission of whoever is watching out for you, and they'll have to come as well. That's the only way I'll agree to this."


He might not know it, but instilling safety in children was always important – Madalena had zero intentions of making Korvus' guardians worry about anything.


"So if you're good with that – we got a deal!"

#1926130 The Winter Long [Knights Obsidian + invite]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 06:56 AM

Tags: Fawn Alzi Kurenai Yumi Nine Lives Ithiel Vi'Dreya Asher Mossa A'Runda Darth Tacitus Taramaz Laurs Kasca Fen Rhaellor Krest Savrek Monn Peen-Too


Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Hidden Wrist Blades | Knight Obsidian Sword | 4 Glitter Bullets



She had dived between the statues, trying to find the source of the voice. If only she had her Blood Hound abilities with her in this realm, she would've easily been able to track him down. In this freezing cold though, it was much more challenging.


Thankfully, the owner of the voice asked another question. This time Madalena felt she was hot on the trail, moving between the icy statues of children, spinning this way and that, until at last she came across him.


"You're not a child!" were the first words that came from her mouth as she took another step towards him, "what are you? Are you of this place?"

#1925935 Blood in the Water [CIS Dominion of Bestine IV]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 23 March 2019 - 03:58 PM



Location: Beach

Wearing: Bathing Suit

Tags: Korvus Starfire + Feel free to join!


Madalena nodded when the child said her name to make sure he'd heard it right, and then nodded again with a smile as he repeated his own. "Thanks Korvus," she said warmly, and held her hand out to shake it. She remembered that as a child, she'd always feel so grown up whenever she got to shake hands with other adults, it was almost like an acceptance ceremony. It had been so… Naïve, and innocent, in a lovely way.


When the offer to build sand castles came, there was little the Sithling could do to hide her surprise at it. "Me?" she asked, "are you sure? I've never done it before. What if what I make ends up ugly?"

#1925806 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 23 March 2019 - 07:10 AM



Objective: Become One with the Crowd

Location: Capital Building

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives  | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Allies: Alkor Centaris Sankt Yora + CIS

Enemies: TBD

Post: One




The Blood Hound was standing next to the other member of the Knights Obsidian (Alkor Centaris), glowing green eyes looking at their surroundings, but giving away nothing.


People around them were speaking, and she was doing her best to keep up. There was very little that the SIthling actually knew, having spent the last days trying to catch up with everything. Another had spent time, being next to her mind, telling her of things, informing her. It had not been easy. In her situation, there had been no option of giving or sharing the memories, which would have made the transaction quicker. And still, there were people to be avoided until then, peple who would not understand, people who had to be explained carefully.


But this.


The Sithling frowned. Like quite a few of the people who had come with her, she would have preferred to simply come in guns blazing, leave the streets running with blood. A reason was not needed. Yet she had made a choice several times; a choice to be part of the Confederacy, and as long as she was with them, she had signed up to listening to the orders. And the orders were clear.


And still, an investigation? How could the Blood Hound help with that? She was a weapon, a Warrior, trained both in this realm and in two others to take life, not to save it. She didn't know the first thing about investigating. Interrogation, sure, that was easy. Punch someone and make them bleed until they were ready to tell you what you wanted. But investigations… A whole different world.


It would be one of the rare times that other Knights Obsidians saw her as following within the group and not leading it.


Such a strange feeling.


"No putting the pointy end of our weapons into Republicans," she nodded, repeating the instructions. They knew that. Sure. Her fingers weren't wrapping around the hilt of one of her knives. Not at all.


"But what are we supposed to do?" she asked, turning to Centaris, "Ships were beheaded in space. Why does anyone think we can find clues here?"

#1925498 Blood in the Water [CIS Dominion of Bestine IV]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 22 March 2019 - 06:34 AM



Location: Beach

Wearing: Bathing Suit

Tags: Korvus Starfire + Feel free to join!


As the child smiled, so did she, widely and genuinely. Madalena loved seeing children smile. When he thanked her, she nodded, her eyes still on the beautiful sand castle. He needed more time? How much time did one need? She couldn't remember ever trying to build castles. Would she be any good at it if she'd tried?


"I'm sorry," she said quietly as the kid said his parents were killed, and now to a seat besides him, ever so careful not to accidentally send a kick of sand towards the castle and destroy parts of it.


Building sand castles as a way to cope? The Sithling blinked. She did her own paintings when she wanted to cope with hard things, but she could hardly invite a little child over without his guardian if she wanted to show it to him.


It was only when he asked his name that she was cut from her thoughts, and she shook her head, letting a small laugh out.


"I'm Madalena Antares," she introduced herself, "my parents were killed too. But I paint instead of build sand castles. How much time do you have left?"


#1925290 Pandora's Box

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 21 March 2019 - 01:31 PM

Katrine had cast a spell? That was news to Scherezade, who just froze. So Katrine had cast a spell to remove her emotions about Scherezade and that was fine, but anything Scherezade did was not fine. There had been three people involved in that entire mess, but somehow, Scherezade was the only one that was paying the true price. Katrine had cast a spell to not feel it. Was that after or before she'd spoken to Josh? Katrine didn't just not care – she wanted not to care, but whereas Scherezade was judged for everything, Katrine got another free pass.


Was Scherezade jealous of Katrine? Yes. Immensely. It was unfair. It was unfair that everything she did got forgiven by someone else, but every tiny thing Scherezade did wasn't cared for, didn't matter, didn't count. Gerwald would protect Katrine after she cast a spell to be numb about it but he had no qualms yelling and guilting Scherezade over things. Why?!


That I would rather be with the person that broke her heart even deeper than I did by being dishonest... He had said. "Then why?!" she asked, the tears forming in her eyes, "Why is it okay to you that I have to go through that? Why do others get passes, second and third and fourth chances, when I get nothing?


What have I done that is so terribly wrong that I could not be the choice? You've said you love me, you've said you care for me. How was I supposed to guess it was a temporary problem after the conversation we had on Geonosis?"


She could not hold the tears back as he looked at Gerwad's leaving form.


Gerwald and Katrine were going to build whatever future they had on the ashes of Scherezade's heart. And she knew that if she'd mention that, he would say the same would happen if he left Katrine for her. And yet somehow, the former was acceptable, the latter was not. And while Gerwald claimed that he was carrying it… How could he claim that when he got the love of…




He hadn't actually said he loved her, at any point during their conversation. Every time he mentioned it, it was about not breaking Katrine. That was the ruling thought. Other Lupines, sure, but there were more, and Scherezade would never expect him to not have Katrine in his life, despite everything, despite wanting it not to, she would not stand in that way.


And Katrine had cast a spell to feel numb over Scherezade reacting to her betrayal, so why couldn't Katrine perform an identical one over Gerwald leaving her?


Scherezade shook her head. Those were childish thoughts, she knew. But even if it reminded Gerwald when he was here or when he saw Madalena, his life, Katrine's life, neither were affected by it. Not truly. Neither of them got to claim the high ground for moving on. Not after all that had happened and how it had happened.


Everything inside of her wanted to just run to him. To do the Sith thing, as he'd said earlier, and take what she wanted. And what she wanted to just run to him, to throw her arms around his shoulders, to wrap her legs around his middle, and kiss him. Wasn't true love's kiss supposed to solve everything?


But if she did… That would be stopping him. Stopping him from going to Josh, stopping him from trying to get her out of there. Neither she nor Gerwald knew that by the time Gerwald would find Josh, the motion to bring her back would already be close to peaking. As things were, for all she knew, she could be stuck between the dimensions for centuries to come.


Which meant that once again, even though she did not want to, Scherzade was having to let Gerwald go.


And even though this time it was so that he could get her out of there, it was still not fair that she was the one to carry the burden.


"Please," she whispered as his form began to evaporate, "please… Just love me the way I love you."


And as the last words escaped her lips, the tiny black dot that had been in the sky that entire time began to swell and grow, and make its way back towards her. 


Gerwald Lechner

#1925274 Blood in the Water [CIS Dominion of Bestine IV]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 21 March 2019 - 11:04 AM



Location: Beach

Wearing: Bathing Suit

Tags: Korvus Starfire + Feel free to join!


Madalena had been entirely lost in her thoughts. As her fingers continued to doodle in the sand, her mind was away, trying to remember. There was something that was important about the beach, about the sky, about the water. But what? She knew she was supposed to know, and it felt as though there was a fish in the back of her mind, a fish that she could not grasp. Something important. Something she had forgotten.


The Sithling closed her eyes, trying to focus. She'd never been overly good at meditating; meditation usually ended up with her opening her eyes and feeling the need to do much more violence than before. But maybe, just maybe, if she could control herself enough now, if she could reach deep into her mind, to find a way to block… Was that a wall in there?


Her hand came up, wanting to touch it, even though it was merely mental and her skin would never brush against what made it. Yet someone had called her.


Hey miss.


Madalena opened her eyes, the memory of the wall vanishing entirely and almost immediately, and her gaze fell upon a child.


Immediately, a warm smile spread over her features. It was hardly a secret that the Sithling loved children and wanted one day to have a whole bunch of them. In the meantime, she mostly made due with babysitting her best friend's son as often as he'd let her.


Moving her focus to the sand castle he'd built, she let out a sound of appreciation, and then got up to take a closer look, ever so careful not to accidently kick sand towards the fort.


"This is some really good work, kidlet," she nodded enthusiastically, "you do this often?"

#1924801 Pandora's Box

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 19 March 2019 - 07:48 PM

She was not mistaken, but at this point there was no point in repeating it. As he spoke of Figaro Fortuna, her chest pinched inside itself. She wanted to be happy for him, happy that he'd found his roots, happy that he found his true origins. And yet, the way he said it, it felt like it was something no one who was not a Lupine would ever have access to. He'd told her not to read between the lines, and she was trying to, but… But she could not help but feel like he was once again trying to draw a line where she would never be permitted through.


And her project… He spoke of that as though he was looking down on it. She had figured out the key to save his species and he just… It was yet another thing that would be shrugged off. Unimportant. Like the time they had spent together, like what it had meant. She remained silent as he continued to speak, not allowing herself to say a single word.


And another thing she did not understand. He said that what he had done should have burned the paths, but then why did he keep mentioning time and time again that she was the one who did it? Was it because she still loved him? Was it because she did not want to kill him, despite the fact he knew he'd deserve it?


And yes, he had his choice… And that choice meant everything… Yet why did that mean that allowing her to break meant so little? Why was she supposed to care about something inside Katrine breaking when Katrine had never cared that Scherezade was the one who'd been betrayed and not had something inside her break, but had her everything break. Gerwald, at least, had tried to talk to her. Katrine had never bothered with that.


"Time matters less here than you think," she said quietly after he was done speaking, "you can be here for days, but when you go back, it'll be back to the moment you touched Madalena, or maybe a few seconds later at most."


Sighing, she raised her gaze to look at him.


"I am not asking you to break her. Why do you think I shattered simply because you didn't choose me? You said you thought I was stronger than that – and I was. But…" How. How could she-


Perhaps… "You told me that if you don't shift for a while, you go crazy." she sort of repeated what he'd said on Geonosis, hoping she'd gotten it right. "I don't know how much crazy that means. But if you've experienced it, I'm hoping you'd understand it, and I hope this is not just bare speculation on my part. I was in the Darkness for years before I came out. My mind, when I was out of there, when you delivered the blow to me. I was already crazy. My mind was not entirely mine. I was grasping at straws to try to reach you – not merely straws of words, but straws of everything. I was hoping that if you would just hug me, if you would speak to me the way you always had before, it would make some of the crazy go away.


But you know what happened. And all those months, from that moment until I finally cast the spell – my mind was not entirely there. Maybe, I don't know, maybe it was like you going crazy from not shifting but not being able to shift at all. A sort of strange place where you can see but you can't process, where the processing is entirely wrong.


So no. I am not asking you to break Katrine. Because to break up with someone and to break them, those are two different things. And with the wisdom of hindsight, even though that doesn't help us, I know there would've been ways for you to tell me, to let me know, without it being the final blow to what shreds of sanity I was still trying to cling to. Because since she seems to be getting free passes to everything, I know you won't do it while she's in craziness because of lack of shifting.


What I'm asking you, Gerwald, is to re-build with me. Is to give me another chance after I went crazy after tears of torture. Because I can repeat all the things I already said but I'm half sure you can already repeat them on your own by now. I can apologize for everything. I do. I'm sorry I'm truly sorry. But I can't apologize for loving you. I can't apologize for you being the vision in my heart in the few moments it gets worth of a break between fighting the Darkness.


And I feel… I feel like you're trying to fight it deliberately. By not willing to touch me. By not willing to hug me. By not willing to dance with me. By not even willing to let me show you. Maybe it's just wishful thinking. But it feels like despite you saying you're going to Josh, you're doing everything else you can to keep distancing yourself, like I'm some sort of a pox or a potential blight to you.


And it feels… It feels like out of the three of us, I'm the only one who has to carry the weight of what happened, cursed to carry that boulder up the hill, for ever daring to hope that you could love me the way that I still love you."


Gerwald Lechner

#1924784 The Dawning

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 19 March 2019 - 06:32 PM

Cardinal Vi'dreya



Before there were drinks, there was food. Madalena had not realized just how hungry she was as she made her way to the bar, coming to a complete halt because a waiter passed her by, carrying a plate of cheeses. The Pathfinder quickly grabbed a few, popping them into her mouth and quickly swallowing, silently thankful that it was just cheese and none of that icky bread stuff that everyone else seemed to oh so love.


When someone called her Her Grace, the Queen of Eshan, Madalena had an olive inside her mouth. In truth, she did not need to turn around to see who it was in order to know. She knew his voice almost intimately. She knew the feel of him through the Force. And she knew that among her thousands of smiles, she had a few that were for him and him alone, and even should anything ever turn sour, no one else would ever receive them.


Madalena swallowed her olive and turned around, one of those smiles appearing on her face as it brightened almost instantly, mirroring Cardinal's own smile.


When his arms came for her, she returned the embrace, her body pressed against his, the fabric that was between them annoyingly reminding her of things that had almost happened. A moment ago, she'd been perfectly happy to be there. Now? She was much happier about it.


"A moment," she asked of him as he offered a drink. Her hands came up to wrap around him again, and she leaned in for a kiss.


"Okay, now we can go have a drink."

#1924758 Smart Meetings [CIS Dominion of Tynna | T, 37 ]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 19 March 2019 - 04:45 PM


Location: Trynna Government Building Center Thing

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Pathfinder Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis | Sofitor
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives  | Copero's Wail | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Combat Gauntlets | Knight Obsidian Sword | 2 Dissuader K-30 Pistols with Glitter Bullets

Tags: Srina Talon Ryndrae Talon Karlie Lynn Destat





Her path had led her to the government building. Madalena shrugged as she double checked that this was where she was supposed to go. Why she had to get actually inside was beyond her; there were more than enough droids for that, and since there wasn't any actual danger anyone was foreseeing, it seemed more like busywork.


Still, it was part of the job, so the Sithling shrugged and went in. The inside was at least temperature controlled, and soon enough she felt more normal, less hot. There were a bunch of people coming and going, and frankly, she recognized very few of them.


Eventually though, after taking a turn, her eyes fell on three people (Srina Talon Ryndrae Talon Karlie Lynn Destat). Only one of them she recognized – the Exarch. The man was a stranger to her, and while the girl who no longer existed would have recognized the blonde, Madalena was not her, and thus had no clue who she was.


Nodding to the group, she leaned against the wall.

#1924746 The Dawning

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 19 March 2019 - 03:54 PM

War. War was fun. It was a statement that would probably make the most serious of politicians who had gathered there today openly roll their eyes, but Madalena did not care much about that. She'd almost lost Cardinal during the liberation of Eshan, but it was an almost, and as anyone knew, almosts didn't count, which meant that she could continue to enjoy it. War offered her the opportunity to put the pointy end of her weapons inside other people, no consequences.


Sadly though, these last two wars that she had been a part of had not given her that opportunity. She had fought no one on Copero, instead taking a prisoner of war who later made the right choice and switched sides. On Eshan, she had fought for her life, but not actual enemies; unnatural disasters were more the thing over there.


But now… Now she was coming to celebrate with the Confederacy and its allies, and she was about to show up as the Former Queen of Eshan. It was a joke, really; she hadn't been the actual queen of anything at any point, yet painting it that way as a response to the little speech she had given over the most open of frequencies she could find was funny to her, and she had every intention of keeping the title in its Former sense, at least for a little while.


As she arrived at the White Waters Resort, Madalena looked around, a pleasant smile on her face. For a change, she welcomed the party, and she wanted to just have a few drinks and relax.