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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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#1902592 Antebellum | CIS Dominion of Iktotch (U, 38)

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 08:09 AM

H E R O ‘ S



Wearing: Obsidian type Strike Armor | Honey Boo Prototype Combat Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Hidden Wrist Blades

Location: Walking around, guard duty

Tags: Darth Tacitus Veronika Fleischer Srina Talon



So he was going to pay for it. Good. It was a first step in paying back for what he'd tried to do. That whole attempting to turn into a civilized person for the moment didn't fool the Sithling for a moment. He could be the Emperor of anything he wanted to be, but he was not her Emperor, which was probably a good thing, since Madalena wasn't above organizing civil wars when the situation demanded it. There was that one time, on… Never-mind, not for now.


The four of them moved inside after some more exchange of words. It was as though the edge was removed from the Knight Obsidian's shoulders almost instantly. Bars were social places, she was a social person. For all intents and purposes, even if she was a stranger to this place, it was not a stranger to her. Almost like being at home, except the floors on her ship were cleaner than this and she didn't have to pretend to use slightly more muscle work to raise her foot after it was almost permanently glued to the floor.


"I sincerely hope that this someone you all once knew wasn't someone that was randomly grabbed like that on the regular," she said with a shrug to the Exarch, "otherwise it makes perfect sense that no one's seen her in at least half a year. I know I wouldn't stick around a place where such behavior is common and accepted and my standards are pretty low."


Seated at the table, Madalena wasted no time in sniffing out the drinks. Noticing alcohol was not part of her blood hound abilities, but the woman knew what she liked. Most of these drinks… Were not.


As Veronika ordered something that would be shared, Madalena realized the exarch's question had gone unanswered. "There is a wonderful appetizer in most places like this, Srina," she grinned from ear to ear as she looked at her table partners, the grabby Emperor included, "it's called Bantha Wings. Not made of bantha. Not entirely sure it's even real meat. But it's one of the best things you'll ever have; it's shaped like wonderfully fried wings and served in a thick sauce of cream and chili. Spicy, sweet, crunchy… Can't ask for much more than that when its taste buds you want to satisfy and aren't just after nutritional fulfillment."


Leaning back in the high chair, another grin came from the woman, and she signaled for the bartender to bring the biggest pile of wings they had.


"Other than that, I think I'll have a tall glass of cream with ice cubes," she said, "not planning on liquor if I might be called back for another guarding round."

#1902196 Enter The Maekrix

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 15 January 2019 - 12:40 PM

"Who?" Madalen asked as Josh mentioned Aryn Teth. The name did not sound familiar to her; she was pretty sure she'd never come across or seen a man by that name. Not that she knew, anyway. From her corner in the hot tub, she took a look at Josh. A good look. But nope, no one she remembered seeing looked anything like him.


"And yes, it was worth the injury," she beamed, "we were dealing with rabid droids that almost collapsed the entire production of the Confederacy. They turned around and started killing every organic, regardless of rank or belonging. I did the atmo-dip to get the anti-virus planet-side because it wasn't enough to run it from the SSD."


Which reminded her. She had to check if there was a nice bonus waiting for her in her account when she got back to Geonosis.


"Maybe put HK in a mankini instead of a butler outfit," she grinned wickedly to the rest.


Josh DragonsFlame Asaraa Vaashe Riamah

#1902179 Big Bassa Boom! [SJO Mission/Private]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 15 January 2019 - 11:34 AM

"Whossa good boy?!" Madalena asked mid-hug before turnig to scratch the adorable dragon under a chin, "whossa good draggo?" she asked in a baby voice, full of ooh's and ahh's, petting the top of his head as well. Her fingers ran along the beautiful wings as she continued to coo' and ooh' all around and about him. He was gorgeous! And beautiful. And magnificent. It was all too easy to see how excited she was about being so close to him.


It was hardly the first time the SIthling was around a dragon. For some odd reason, the Confederacy was full of them, and she had experienced with anything from chicken-sized dragons to dragons that were bigger than buildings. Like most animals, she loved them all nonetheless, even the one that tried to eat her and ended up turning into a huge stack of steaks.


Either way, she was definetly not part of the conversation right now. The dragon had her full attention.


"Whossa a good draggo?! Yes you are!" she squealed, "yussssssssss you are!"



Josh DragonsFlame Riamah

#1902176 To Those I Trust Most

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 15 January 2019 - 11:34 AM

It was hard to keep bouncing all the way to wherever it was they were going. At one point Madalena started dancing around with Jason, swapping her usual hip-based movements to something much simple that the three year old could mimic, singing silly children's songs while they were at it. Only half an ear was listening in case Josh and Ra were saying anything, but most of her attention was entirely on Jason. Josh and Jason might have been "only" friends, but they were as close as family could be, even if there was no blood relation. Madalena never spent time with them out of duty; every moment with them was a moment chosen and cherished, but it was simpler to show it around Jason. Probably because he was still so young.


When they arrived, Madalena, slightly out of breath, smiled and downed a bottle of water before they left the ship. They were still on Naboo, though she had no clue where. It didn't matter though; she trusted Josh, and in case he decided to poodoo over things, she was pretty certain in her abilities to find her way back to the dockyard.


But there was no poodoo.




"Home?" she half whispered with a voice full of wonder, taking in the living room with her glowing eyes, looking around. There were… Pictures! On the walls! "The actual home?" she whispered excitedly again before taking a few more steps into the living room. "You guys live here?" Yes, yes, redundant question.


The mere act of showing it though… Madalena flung her arms around Josh, hugging him tightly, and pulled Jason in as well, one arm open to Ra if she was comfortable enough to join in.


Josh DragonsFlame Riamah

#1901874 Antebellum | CIS Dominion of Iktotch (U, 38)

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 03:32 PM

H E R O ‘ S



Wearing: Obsidian type Strike Armor | Honey Boo Prototype Combat Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | 2 Nastirci Combat Knives | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Hidden Wrist Blades

Location: Walking around, guard duty

Tags: Darth Tacitus Veronika Fleischer Srina Talon



Mandragora. Madalena had not met any of the Witches yet, or at least, not that she knew of. But the mere mention of it sent uncomfortable shivers down her spine. Everything inside her fought to take a step back and put distance between her and this woman the moment she identified herself as being a Witch, being part of the Pact of the Jart, and yet, there was no logical reason for that, and she knew it. The Sithling kept her face as neutral as it had been before, not wishing to make the woman – Veronika Fleischer – uncomfortable in any way. If there was something about the Mandragora that was making her uncomfortable, it was an issue she would have to resolve on her own before she lashed out at others with it.


She was just about to say something when strange and unfamiliar fingers curled around her arm. Madalena was turned around, and by the time that little turn ended, a knife was already in her hands, aimed at the stranger's throat. Sadly, she was not above being taken by surprise. Fortunately, she was not one who panicked and froze when these unwanted surprises happened.


"You will release me right krakking now," she growled, her voice dipping low.


Madalena often screamed, either of anger or joy. She was a loud person, most of the time. But it was when her voice dipped low both in octave and in volume, that danger was present. The deWinter cold anger that she did not know of yet possessed nonetheless was as part of her as the glow of her eyes. If the man did not release her, she would show him what his insides looked like.


The tension was tangible enough in the air that one could cut it with a butter knife.


The woman confirmed her true identity and Madalena nodded. "Madalena Antares. Not Scherezade," she said in the same low voice. The joke, this practice joke, was beyond old. She had been with the Knights Obsidian for over half a year now, and while no one expected everyone to know who she was, it was ridiculous that people still called her by a name that had never belonged to her, that never would, that belonged to someone who did not exist anywhere.


And then a voice that she did recognize, though she uttered a name that she did not.


"Exarch Talon," Madalena said as she took a step back, pulling her arm forcefully back with her, and giving the woman who was nearly at the top of the Confederate hierarchy a respectful nod.


"Yes, I suggest the male buys us a round," she said coldly as she agreed with Veronika, returning her glowing gaze to the man who had apprehended her for no reason, "it will be a good form of apology after grabbing a stranger like that for no reason."


Realizing her knife was still in her hand, Madalena tossed it into the air and let it spin a moment before it vanished beneath her armor again.

#1901776 My thoughts about "Biscuits"

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 12:07 PM

Noah Corek You sound surprised. You probably don't know me. Hi! I'm Scherezade :)

#1901774 The Biscuit Massacre [OOC]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 12:06 PM

Following this thread, you are hereby invited to part in:



This thread is open for anyone and everyone, regardless of which faction you're from and whether or not you're in a faction at all!



Tagging the people from the original thread:

Tefka sabrina Noah Corek Kaine Australis Koda Fett Veiere Arenais Lilicky Kor Vexen

#1901771 The Biscuit Massacre

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 12:02 PM




Aboard an unnamed space station, sizeable enough to house millions of visitors that have arrived from near and far, the Massacre was about to begin.


The Massacre, originally thought to be merely a myth or a legend, resurfaced a handful of days ago. What was it? A fight in which participants from all around the galaxy came together for the right to define what krak a BISCUIT is. Is it a cookie? Is it a Tim-Tam? Is it a cake? Wars that have killed entire star systems have been waged over less important matters.


Today, the Confederacy of Independent Systems has laid aside any notion of friends and enemies, and has opened the doors to this space station to any and all across the 'verse. If you exist, you are invited!


The Biscuit Massacre is a free for all battle in the arena. There are no limits on how many writers or characters from any faction (or no faction) can join. Last character left standing gets to define what a biscuit means according to Chaos lore.


Killing is not permitted. Anyone discovered to commit killer'ing will be removed from the fight and forfeit the right to decide for everyone else what a damned biscuit is.


Audiences are invited to participate. There are popcorn and other snack stands around, comfortable chairs, and you may interact with each other as well.


We only ask that you use the appropriate image at the top of your post:


#1901760 My thoughts about "Biscuits"

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 11:39 AM

Give me 15 minutes, I'm making a biscuit thread


Tefka sabrina Noah Corek Kaine Australis Koda Fett Veiere Arenais Lilicky Kor Vexen

#1901729 My Thoughts on the "Sith Civil War"

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 09:53 AM

Ella Nova You realize there are more than two options, right? Endless whinging and remaining silent are not all you can do. I gave you a suggestion earlier as to how to do that.



#1901724 My Thoughts on the "Sith Civil War"

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 09:42 AM

Ella Nova I am a Codex Judge, not a Site Admin. Me nor my fellow CJ's can change the rules or decide to do something about things that do not occur within the codex. You can keep whinging all you want to, but even if I agreed with your way (and I don't), there is nothing I can do about it.


What me and several others have been trying to tell you - your way of making a fuss? Ineffective. It is considered madness to keep trying to do the same thing over and over gain and expect different results. Your way is not working, and will not work. A hundred and a thousand more irrelevant threads will not change the perceived situation. You're killing yourself on the wrong tree.

#1901720 My Thoughts on the "Sith Civil War"

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 09:15 AM

Ella Nova We can discuss and agree on the shouldn't until Kingdom come, it will not change the fact that metagaming is not against the rules on Chaos. You can view the rules right here.


You can, of course, make a suggestion for it on the appropriate forum. But going on a tangent and posting threads such as this specific one will not help the case.

#1901708 Oh, Hoylin | CIS Dominion of Hoylin [Hex X-39]

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 08:56 AM



Location: By the lake

Tags: Feel free to join!




By the lakes of Hoylin, Madalena Antares was standing, wearing very short khaki shorts that left her legs bare. Perhaps bare was an overstatement, as she did not give up being armored to the teeth as usual, only now the straps that went around and down her legs to hold over a dozen knives were in full view. The woman certainly didn't seem to mind, as a pleasant smile was plastered all over her face.


She had not expected to be out here today, expected to teach young ones something. Of course, she didn't mind. Madalena was great with children, and she was awesome at explaining and teachings things as well.


While waiting for potential pupils to show up before she found a sarlaac to shove them into, the curvaceous woman sat herself down on a rock, and began to sharpen her knives.


#1901704 My Thoughts on the "Sith Civil War"

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 14 January 2019 - 08:47 AM

Ella Nova You forget that metagaming is not against the rules. The only people to protest metagaming in the last half a year have been you and Vyrassu. Usually, the people who scream about it loudest, are the ones who do it themselves, repeatedly.


You are not judge, jury, and executioner, and your insistence on doing "shaming" is not doing anything to those you speak of, only potentially adding more warning points to yourself.


Sometimes, it's better to just let things go. If you have specific grievances with people (and their specific posts), you can take it up with the staff. Threads like these are not going to fix anything, especially when you appear to be in the minority about claiming things are wrong.

#1901240 The Devil's Lair | CIS Invasion of TJE's Copero Hex

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 13 January 2019 - 03:50 PM




Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Honey Boo Prototype Combat Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Hidden Wrist Blades | Knight Obsidian Sword | 4 Glitter Bullets
Location: Corpero City - Parliament Building
Tags: Darth Tacitus Kurenai Yumi Kyber Dianah Vi'Dreya Srina Talon Koda Fett Jaron Lesan Cardinal Vi'dreya +Any other Fallen
Allies: Confederate of Independent Systems and those who fight with them
Enemies: The Jen'ari Empire and those who fight for them | Cay-Yo
Post: Four




Okay, so the massacre didn't begin. Madalena was all being awesome and full of weapons flying around her and stuff, but it appeared that the Chiss who hadn't been slaughtered yet (by the Confederacy? By their own people? Who knew? She didn't) were… Retreating? Knives paused in the air as the Sithling looked around her confused. Sure, she liked massacre and carnage, but she wasn't going to chase people who were running away just to fulfill her need to be stabbity McStabby.


She wished in that moment that she had a holographic disguise with her. Turning into one of the Chiss and running with them seemed like a path that would've given her more options than she currently had. There was even a Force Power that would've provided her with the ability, but she didn't know how to do that whole Alter Image thing. So, essentially, all she had left to do was… Walk?


And then suddenly – something was in front of her.


No, not something. Someone. Madalena blinked and looked down, seeing the tiny person (Cay-Yo). Was person even the right word? Big emerald glowing eyes stared at the little dude as he tried to sass her, telling her to buzz off. Her knives froze around her, twirling just slightly so it looked as though they were looking at each other in the same confusion that she was feeling right there and then.


And then Madalena smiled.


"Oh my Force, you're adorable!" she squealed!


Why was Mr. Adorable going away? Oh, he wasn't really fast, that was a small mercy, and the Sithling caught up with him within a few steps, simply lifting him off the ground with her right hand as all her weapons retracted back to where they belonged, safe and away.


"What are you?!" She asked, bringing him close to her face (but not too close, not within kicking distance, she was excited, but not stupid) so she could take a better look, "you're lighter than the cheese I buy on the Geonosis Market every other Saturday!" Was he gonna let her poke his tummy? Was he? Was he?!


It was then that the windows exploded and blasters were shot. Madalena's Force Barrier lifted, protecting the little dude in her hand as well, and she began to walk towards the nearest cover, most of her attention on him as she half bounced with expectation for answers.




Picking Cay-Yo up was done with prior consent by the writer.