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#1883465 Naughty or Nice?

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 04:27 PM

Muad Dib ooh ooh ooh I wanna thread! I wanna thread! Pick meeee!!!

#1883393 The Continuation of a Line

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 01:21 PM



Eve nodded. So the Prince was not angry with her; that was good. Not all people could keep their wits about them when presented with such information. Lesser men would have lashed out at her for being the messenger, held her responsible for not having more to offer. She did not know this Prince, nor had she known his parents. Telling him anything had been a risk on her part.


"It is not the Ancient One's job to maintain control," she explained, "the role is mostly ceremonial. Her failure was in her role as a Raven, but she cannot fully be blamed for this. She was in stasis and we believed her to be with your mother, where she belonged. And still, all was quiet by the time she returned. We were relieved when she left to find your sister, for it gave her something to do. She is restless, and I believe it is because your mother is not around, and she does not see her role as the Ancient One as one worth having.


The role of the Ancient One goes to the oldest woman on Endelaan. The one that comes after Verberri, at present, is a woman by the name of Debrah. She has been resting much these past few years but I remember hearing her speeches as a child. She wished for Endelaan to break through its secrecy, to cease waiting for the Royal Family to return. She spent some time imprisoned after trying to steal a ship that could take her off-planet. While the role of the Ancient One is mostly ceremonial… It gives sway over the masses. Sway that I wish Verberri would learn how to seize. She is not a bad woman... But unless she learns, her time will soon be up, and she will be useless on the occasion that your mother does return."

#1883273 Operation Infinity | CIS Dominion of Cularin (T, 41)

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 05:07 AM


Location: Camp

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Honey Boo Prototype Combat Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Hidden Wrist Blades | Knight Obsidian Sword | 4 Glitter Bullets

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Attn: Tmoxin Temi


There was something on her ship? Oh no. Madalena did not know who this woman was. She was not about to take the baby version of herself with her on some stranger's ship.


"Fine," she murmured, and stood up. One of her knives unceremoniously slid into her hand, and a moment later, she was standing there without her pants on, having cut them off. It was a really good thing that she'd worn underwear that day. With her legs now bare, the endless knives that were strapped them could easily be seen.


"I have better things to do than wait around for some man," she said to the woman a she crouched down and began to tie the pants around the baby version of herself. Well… A leather diaper could work, right? "And I don't have a job to do. No one sent me any instructions."


Picking the baby up in her arms, the baby gurgled, and Madalena looked at the shorter redhead. "What are the instructions?"

#1883269 The Continuation of a Line

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 04:31 AM



The prince was quick to get to the point. Eve nodded, and the two began to walk towards the forests. She remained quiet at first, allowing a minute or few to pass before she began to speak, wishing to be further away from the temple. The forest of Endelaan were lush and green, but above all, they provided privacy that was sorely needed, especially when discussing such… sensitive matters.


"You know now that there are missing vials," she said, her voice rich and deep, not matching her youthful appearance in any way, "though I admit that there are more missing than I initially thought. Not all were taken by the same person, or even the same group."


Endelaan had developed vastly while the Royal Family had been gone. Eve herself was fairy young, and she had not done any of those weird and strange things that permitted some people to live through the centuries. But there was plenty that she knew, courtesy of many of her observations as well as some of her gifts as well as training.


"The vials were discovered some forty years ago," she continued as the two resumed to walk deeper into the woods, "if anyone knew of them between their creations and then, I know not of it. But the Endelaan of today is not the Endelaan that your parents knew. With the increase in population, came an increase in number of different opinions. There have been groups that sought to move forward from having a royal family at all, groups that have sought to destroy our temples, and groups that sought to stop the wait for the return of your parents. And there were more than one of each of those groups. The political state of Endelaan is… Complex, and until the King and Queen return or others take their place, will continue to become even more so."


Eve sighed.


"These differences in political views have not passed over those who work or reside within the Forbidden Temple. The former leader of the Council of Seers herself tried to steer towards using the vials. Their existence is far from secret, even if it is not truly common knowledge.


I have heard rumors that the use of the vials was stopped… When they produced a child that could not control the Force."

#1883262 The Continuation of a Line

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 03:49 AM


Eve was standing quietly in a clearing not too far behind the Forbidden Temple. She had been at the banquet held for the return of the Prince, or at least its start. Every word spoken between the Prince and the Ancient One had been heard by her, but not only by her; there were others there in the hall, and all ears were very sharp, not to mention the amount of people she could outright taste using the Force to hear better. It was almost like a zoo in there, though she doubted either the Prince or the Ancient One knew just how much.


She had excused herself shortly after sending the Prince the first message, though she had not separated herself from him. Invisible, she had been there as he and the Ancient One had walked into a room that was much less a secret and much less forgotten than the Ancient One had so firmly believed.


Twenty missing vials. She had thought there were less; but she also knew that even she did not know everything. With the return of the Prince, he would have to be informed. Eve would have informed his parents if they were the ones to be there, would have probably worked to ensure they knew much sooner than how it played out with the Prince, but an hour of a difference made… Well, almost no difference.


I await you behind the Forbidden Temple, my Prince, she sent him, join me and we will walk. There are many parts in the forests behind the Temple where we will be safe from prying eyes and ears, if you will trust me enough.

#1883252 The Continuation of a Line

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Today, 02:52 AM

The leader of the Ravens nodded as the orders were given. She would begin with sending actual Ravens, she thought. After that, the Sorceresses that were trained for such. She could not deny that her curiosity had been piqued and that she wished to know why they would be guarding a room that had stood empty for centuries, but it would be done without question nonetheless.


As the Captain of the King's own mentioned the Prince should take a guard with him, the woman looked at the prince, eyes narrowing. He had not needed a guard in all the years he had been alive, so why begin now? Still, she made no comment to that either other than ask a single question as her dark eyes held his gaze.


"What of the Princess?" she asked him, "the Circle of Seers pinned down the moment she returned. It has been eight months and she still has not returned home. We know that the Ancient One was with her for a while, but what of you? Is she well? When can we expect her back?"


Brayden Antares

#1883049 The Continuation of a Line

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 03:48 PM



She did not need her sight, and when the Price's emotions surged, she believed that she did not need the Force either. For a moment, she dared think like parents, like son¸ as the King and Queen had been so terrible at concealing their own emotions as well. But why? What had he seen, or realized, or thought, to bring this on? The mere thought that all vials were there never even once passed by her mind, not until…


Every feature on her face and body reveled the shock at the knowledge that twenty vials were missing. Twenty. Twenty was more than a miscount. Twenty was more than a mistake. Twenty was… It was a deliberate thing. Someone had discovered the room, someone had taken the vials. Perhaps more than a single person. More importantly, someone had known what the vials meant.


It was a good thing that despite the shock, the Ancient One still held her wits about her. There was no panic to be found of her features as she summoned the Captain of the King's Own, as well as the leader of the Ravens. Endelaan did not know how to operate without both a Warrior and a Sorceress. They would be there within moments.


And now, Endelaan had a problem. And that problem had to be solved. "They will be here momentarily," she said.


I told you it would not be a waste of time, the same voice of earlier pressed into Brayden's mind, but do not think this is where it ends… A set of guards will not undo what has already happened, and what is already in motion. I will tell you more when you are done.

#1882961 For The Nights I Can Still Remember

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 09:39 AM

"You still have a family, Josh," Madalena said, closing the distance between them so she could hug her best friend, "Jason is your son. He'll always be your family. And we're as good as family too even if we're not blood related. I know it's not the same like having a full classic family unit of husband-wife-2.4 children, but don't forget that you do have a family, and you do have people that love you, and that you love back."


Breaking the hug, she gave him a soft smile. "And even if you did have the full classic family unit of husband-wife-2.4 children, you'd still have to develop hobbies beyond that. You're a full 3D person, Josh, not some silly little caricature in a random butt story."


Josh DragonsFlame

#1882957 Operation Infinity | CIS Dominion of Cularin (T, 41)

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 09:32 AM


Location: Camp

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Honey Boo Prototype Combat Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Hidden Wrist Blades | Knight Obsidian Sword | 4 Glitter Bullets

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Attn: Tmoxin Temi


"Call her a creature again and I'll cut you from butthole to nostrils," Madalena replied as the woman addressed her. The baby in her arms gurgled happily despite the smell of the dirty diaper that only seemed to be growing worse with every passing moment.


Glancing around, the SIthling sighed. "It appears that there are a lot of children at the camp tonight," she noted out loud. It seemed as though almost every one there was paired with one. "Where's yours?" she asked the redhead, her own glowing eyes squinting ever so slightly.


But the smell… By the Force, the smell!


Crouching on the ground, Madalena moved swiftly to remove the clothes from the baby, as well as the dangerous biohazard that paraded as a full diaper. It took her entire water bottle to get the baby cleaned up to avoid baby crotch rot. And the baby, her eyes glowing much stronger than Madalena's eyes were, was madly giggling the entire time.


"I don't suppose you have a clean diaper at hand?" she asked, looking at the redhead again.

#1882951 To Those I Trust Most

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 09:03 AM

"Nah, he's a good Porg," Madalena said with a toothy grin. There was no way he was going to misbehave while Porgianna was around. As Queen of Porgs, it was within her rights to ensure as such.


Taking a sip from her drink, she gave Riamah a nod as she answered in as few words as possible. Obviously, Madalena was going to have to work a wee bit to make her a little warmer towards her. It'd happen though. She could get almost anyone to like her as long as she wasn't skinning them alive or something.


"Josh was my brother's best friend when we were all kids," she answered with another smile, "but over the years I sorta stole him so he'd be my best friend instead. He's as close to me as one can be without being blood related. Wouldn't trade him for the 'verse. So you better treat him well too or you'll have to deal with me on your hiney," the gleam in her eye left no place for confusion. It simply screamed I am on to the two of you and you can't deny it! Maybe she was going to have to work harder than initially thought in order to get Ra to warm up to her.


Josh DragonsFlame Riamah

#1882943 The Continuation of a Line

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 08:12 AM


"Absolutely not!" Verberri replied, the shock of such an idea much too easy to read on her eyeless face, "These vials, whether they would become children or not, are not the property of Edelaan. They belonged to your parents, and only they would decide what was to happen with them. And neither Diomedes nor Nessarose had ever expressed when, or if, they wanted them to be given life. That choice is theirs alone. Not yours, not your sister's, nor of anyone else on Endelaan."


The Ancient One sighed, leaning against one of the few bare spots on the wall. "What would cause you to ask such a thing?" she asked, her face motioning towards the Prince, "why think such preposterous thoughts?"

#1882936 The Continuation of a Line

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 07:22 AM


"Not yet," she replied with a shrug, "but the Great Web shows more than one path that includes you becoming the King of Endelaan. Perhaps one day, you will be. Perhaps, I shall die before it happens. And perhaps, you shall never be a King at all."


Another shrug, and she continued to walk, using her stick to test the floors out before she stepped on them. The woman certainly didn't need to do as such; she knew the safe paths of the Forbidden Temple better than she knew her own mind.


It was not long before a few turns were taken. Verberri knew of every guard that stood at some of the doors. She did not see a reason to have most of them there, yet she resumed to walk, taking another tur and few.


Eventually, she used her stick to kick a door open, motioning for the Prince to follow her into the room.


"This was your parents' room in the Temple," she explained as she shut the door behind him. The room was now bare, with nothing to decorate the walls or the floors, with no furniture that had been so full of weapons and clothes. "They never got to see the completion of the mansion they had intended for themselves and their children. But when the construction was completed, all their thigs from this room were moved there. The room is kept empty these days, and as you saw, no guards the door. For all intents and purposes, this is an empty and abandoned room."


 Walking gingerly to the other side of the room, Verberri lifted her stick and pressed it into the wall. The walls moved, a rumbling sound coming from them, and then part of the wall moved aside, revealing a short hidden hallway.


"To answer your previous question," she said as she walked in, "yes. Your parents did not mean to have you when they did. It was an unfortunate accident that caused your mother to feel compelled to do it, for without replacing her reproductive organs, she would never be able to carry a pregnancy again. I cannot tell you why she felt so strongly about it, for I myself never comprehended it. But the accident that caused that state had also caused all her eggs to be fertilized… And then she began to lose them.


It was her luck that the Sanguine Potestatem had a scientist. Endelaan at the time had no means by which to save any of her eggs, any of her potential children. He collected all those who could still develop life."


Verberri turned the lights on. On the opposite wall to them, shelves upon shelves were filled with endless vials, kept in perfect and pristine conditions.


"And thus, a potential four hundred or so siblings of yours maintained the possibility of one day becoming alive. Your parents squabbled over this, but as the right time for more children did not present itself prior to the Gulag, the squabbling became moot, and thus this room was kept safe. Aside for me, those who knew of it have not been among the living for centuries."

#1882921 The Continuation of a Line

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on Yesterday, 05:54 AM


"Do not let my appearance fool you for a moment, Brayden," the Ancient One said as she faced him, "I am older than both of your parents, and I was here the first time each of the arrived on Endelaan. I was part of the Council of Seers and in the background from the very first moment, and your mother pulled me out of the background with the death of Aeval." Had he said anything about being a Raven, the woman would have pointed out that Aeval had not been the first Raven either, but that was a moot argument. "You and your sister were babies. You could choose nothing. Yet what happened to you in those early years was a choice made by your parents, supported by me, by the council of seers, by everyone." She paused a moment, her lips moving without words coming out. Verberri sighed then. "It is a mistake that all those who were around when the choice was made, share."


For the rest, she let him speak. He could say all he wanted, and the people in the hall would eat it up like candy. That, Verberri realized, was another trait the boy shared with both of his parents. Did he know how different he was from his sister? How many of these gifts were not inherited by the both of them?


"You are not my King, Brayden Antares," she said quietly as he asked her to sit and claimed it was a simply yes or no, "answers do not always arrive in the shape you request them to. If you truly want your answer, you will rise your behind from that seat and follow me. We have given these mindless hens enough to gossip about as it is."


It was then that a telepathic message was pressed into the young man's mind. Do not kill her yet, Prince of Endelaan. It was a female voice, soft, almost seductive. It is true that none like her, yet the one who will come after her is much worse, as is the one who will come after her. Let her show you what she wills, and I will meet you in private when you separate. I assure you, your time shall not be wasted.

#1882729 Operation Infinity | CIS Dominion of Cularin (T, 41)

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 18 November 2018 - 03:37 PM


Location: Camp

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Honey Boo Prototype Combat Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Hidden Wrist Blades | Knight Obsidian Sword | 4 Glitter Bullets

Tags: Tmoxin Temi Bestion Darklighter Boo Heavenshield Srina Talon Alwine Lechner



Madalena was… Well, she was sitting. That was a start. She was also blinking, which meant that at least part of her basic functions actually functioned. The problem was, that nothing else seemed right. She'd arrived as per the orders after signing up, fully expecting to go blow people up, or stabbing them, or… Well, or anything. Really.


What she had not expected, was to be holding a baby.


And not just any baby, oh no, no no no. She was holding a baby girl, swabbed in multiple shades of pink, and glowing green eyes.


"Babies should not have glowing eyes," she murmured, "anyone ever tell you how creepy that is? Stop it!"


The baby in her hands giggled before burping milk on Maddy's face. Madalena groaned. She was usually great with kids. All kids. But this… This was eve more krakked up than other thigs that were krakked up.


"What am I supposed to do with you?" she asked, ad actually expected an answer. Why not? If things were so weird, maybe a baby answering wasn't the weirdest thing ever?


Baby-Maddy giggled again, and the smell that engulfed both her and Madalena let her know exactly what.


She was supposed to change her gorram diapers.


#1882157 Jurassic Kingdom - SJO Dom of the New Plympto Hex

Posted by Scherezade deWinter on 16 November 2018 - 02:36 PM

Objective: 1 - Find the Poachers

Wearing: Armor | Leather Pants | Honey Boo Prototype Combat Boots | The Forgemaster's Ring | Ring of Stasis
Wielding: 10 Czerka knives | Fire and Smoke (lightsabers) | Hidden Wrist Blades | Knight Obsidian Sword | 4 Glitter Bullets


Tags: Yuroic Xeraic Asaraa Vaashe Rachel Taff Riamah Josh DragonsFlame





Standing with everyone else, Madalena was a walking armory, covered both above and beneath her clothes in various knives, and that was before counting the other weapons that the woman carried upon her, including the twin lightsabers made for her by Josh little after her parents' death. She had to move a few things around to make sure she could join in on the SJO mission and was more than satisfied that it had worked; she was here, helping her best friend out.


All the faces around her were familiar, thanks to a mission that happened a little while ago. But more important than that they all knew each other was that they all knew that she was more than capable at driving land-side vehicles, unlike what evil poodoo headed Jedi Master DragonsFlame tried to convince them.


Grinning, the woman stretched her upper body up, releasing a satisfied knack from her spine.


"Let's go kill things!" she said with the biggest and sweetest grin she had to offer.