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Scherezade deWinter

Scherezade deWinter

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The Winter Long [Knights Obsidian + invite]

Today, 04:32 AM




The Confederacy of Independent Systems has been a growing faction in the Southern parts of the Galaxy, bringing many planets who do not wish to be ruled and changed by an Empire, under its wing, ensuring their independence. The Confederacy has one major rule - thou shalt not take slaves. But now, it seems something potentially worse than slavery is happening.


Someone is stealing children, and all signs point to that someone being within the Confederacy.


The Knights Obsidian are tasked with the mission of finding out who has done it, why they have done it, and above all - save the children. The only thing that is known; a cult that has already acted against the Confederacy before is involved - the Aeshma.


The Archivists of the Knights Obsidian have discovered where the children were taken to; an alternate dimension in which the cold and the snow are bitter and harsh. But there are only three roads that can take a person to that dimension, and each road can only be traveled once.


If the Knights Obsidian cannot find the children in that dimension and bring them home before the protection that guides and shields them burns out, they cannot hope to escape, and they will fall prey to the Aeshma - in both body and soul.




While this mission is KO-centered, anyone else from the CIS may join!


Let's start with a round of meet'n'greet, and then dive into the mission!







The Sofitor

19 January 2019 - 11:00 AM






  • Item is attached to the body, clothes, or armor.
  • When clicked, item grants a complete shield for 3 seconds that will block any incoming Force attacks.
  • Activation by clicking.
  • Single use.


  • The three second shield that can be activated with the Sofitor will block any incoming Force attack, be it Darkside, Lightside, or Neutral.
  • Item is discreet, enemies not likely to catch a glimpse of it during combat.
  • Waterproof.


  • After usage, the Sofitor will crumble and turn to ashes.
  • The Sofitor protects only from direct Force Attacks, such as Force Surge, Force Lightning, mental attacks, and such. If a Force User uses telekinesis to throw a table at you, the Sofitor will not protect you against the incoming table.
  • The protection lasts for three seconds only. If the attack is longer than that or an attack did not arrive within this tiny time window, it will not matter; the Sofitor will crumble and turn to ashes.
  • Item can be used unintentionally, which will still count as the single use.
  • User remains open to another attack immediately after the Sofitor crumbles and turns to dust, no lingering effect.


The Sofitor was designed by the Knights Obsidian Archivists within the Confederacy of Independent Systems with the goal in mind to provide the Obsidian Knights with the ability to give themselves a form of SOS-type of protection that can be used in extreme or dire situations. As most of the Knights Obsidian prefer not to use shields in combats, an actual shield was out of the question, and thus the Archivists set out to find a more elegant and simple solution that would not interfere with the various fighting styles that could be found among the ranks of the Knights Obsidian.


After months or research and experiments, the Archivists came up with the Sofitor; a tiny device that resembled a cufflink, which could provide the ultimate protection against Force Attacks – but only for a very limited amount of time; three seconds, during which any incoming Force Attack would be felt as a breeze and its damage would be completely nullified.


Sadly, the Archivists could not improve the complicated algorithms and modules that went into the creation of the Sofitor to make it sufficiently stable for any longer than that. Attempts to make the Sofitor open a shield that would protect against the elements or any other forms of damage ended in failure. Another problem was the cost; each one raked several million credits from the CIS, which in turn caused their production to be severely limited.


While the Sofitor could protect against any Force Attacks for the three seconds window, it could not attack from other things that the Force Attacks could cause. For instance, it always worked when struck by Force Lightning, but when attempts were made to use Telekinesis to throw sharp objects at the shield, or even use Force Speed to attack it faster, the Sofitor crumbled and turned into dust.


Due to the limitations of the Sofitor as well as the extremely high cost of both researching and developing it as well as creating a final product out of it, the Sofitor Project is currently scrapped until further notice. The 7 Sofitors that exist were given to the Knights Obsidian who participated in the Unstill Waters mission on Jagomir.

Prisoner of War

19 January 2019 - 03:22 AM

Unnamed Government Building beneath the Citadel

Tags: Cay-Yo & Srina Talon




Madalena would have loved to say that she was covered in grime and dirt after the fighting on Copero. But the truth was, that aside for her ruined boot, she left the battlefield pretty clean, dragging behind her through the Force, a little guy (Cay-Yo) that had been fighting for the Jen'ari side.


She had bested him in combat, though it wasn't much of a combat; a lightsaber strike, missed knives, and then the Force Choke that had put her on top. If everything else had failed, she could've of course tried to sit on him, seeing how she was 6 feet of wonderful thickness and he was little over 100 grams condensed into 40 centimeters. But although she was a Sith, she was not unnecessarily cruel.


The way back to CIS space had been uneventful, the little guy caged and kept sedated through it all. The rest of the people had gone for another round of Cards Against the Confederacy for a bit before everyone retreated to rest on their own.


Of course, Madalena had informed both Vicelord Darth Metus and Exarch Srina Talon that she had secured the prisoner. Her suggestion had been swift and immediate – convert him to the Confederacy's side. There was a whole lot of information that they could get from him, and if that happened willingly, they could have a much easier time at the next instance that they picked their lightsabers up to go fight an Empire on the other side of the Galaxy.


Arriving on Geonosis, Madalena wasted no time in taking her prisoner down to beneath the Citadel, where prisoners of this kind were being held. She gently placed the little guy inside one of the detention blocks, along with some food which she hoped was suitable for his biology. His weapons were, of course, taken from him, and hung on the wall so he could view them. Force Shackles were placed on his hands in case he decided to do something stupid.


Madalena, washed and refreshed, and wearing her Obsidian Armor now, pulled up two chairs in front of the block, and sat on one of them. The other chair would be in place for when Srina Talon showed up. And all she had to do now, was wait; for Cay-Yo to wake up, and for Exarch Talon to arrive.

The Biscuit Massacre [OOC]

14 January 2019 - 12:06 PM

Following this thread, you are hereby invited to part in:



This thread is open for anyone and everyone, regardless of which faction you're from and whether or not you're in a faction at all!



Tagging the people from the original thread:

Tefka sabrina Noah Corek Kaine Australis Koda Fett Veiere Arenais Lilicky Kor Vexen

The Biscuit Massacre

14 January 2019 - 12:02 PM




Aboard an unnamed space station, sizeable enough to house millions of visitors that have arrived from near and far, the Massacre was about to begin.


The Massacre, originally thought to be merely a myth or a legend, resurfaced a handful of days ago. What was it? A fight in which participants from all around the galaxy came together for the right to define what krak a BISCUIT is. Is it a cookie? Is it a Tim-Tam? Is it a cake? Wars that have killed entire star systems have been waged over less important matters.


Today, the Confederacy of Independent Systems has laid aside any notion of friends and enemies, and has opened the doors to this space station to any and all across the 'verse. If you exist, you are invited!


The Biscuit Massacre is a free for all battle in the arena. There are no limits on how many writers or characters from any faction (or no faction) can join. Last character left standing gets to define what a biscuit means according to Chaos lore.


Killing is not permitted. Anyone discovered to commit killer'ing will be removed from the fight and forfeit the right to decide for everyone else what a damned biscuit is.


Audiences are invited to participate. There are popcorn and other snack stands around, comfortable chairs, and you may interact with each other as well.


We only ask that you use the appropriate image at the top of your post: