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Natalia Thawne

Natalia Thawne

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NAME: Subject 39
AGE: 23
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: One Point Seven Six Meters
WEIGHT: Fifty Eight Kilograms
EYES: Green
SKIN: White


Focus and Adaptable: The Subject 39 has retained all process of thought and capability as anticipated from the implanted traits from Subject 37. She manages to recall, memorize, and store information, and is able to quickly adapt to new scenarios and environments much like a changling. Tasks given to impersonate and demonstrate a broad spectrum of cultural habits and tendencies were all successful, to include a rapid comprehension of xenolinguistics.


Manipulative: Subject 39 is manipulative as she is provocative. Her psychological profile would deem her quite ambitious, arrogant, and cunning. She vacillates between a feeling of god-like omnipotence and a sense that she simply doesn't exist, which of course is intolerable for her. The Subject appears to be more then willing to lie, cheat, and physical threats in order to manipulate a situation into a favorable outcome, more so when put into direct competition for an established goal.


Emotional Imbalance: Unlike Subject 37, Subject 39 has shown an alarming rate of emotional retention. Even the most minute of perceived slights have resulted in calculated violence at a later date. Petty, vindictive, and operates primarily through seduction, and maintains an obsessive motivation to meet her goals.


Allergy: Unfortunately, during the alteration stages of her creation there were side effects from the Much like the progenitor of Subject 37, Subject 39 now exhibits an allergy to alcohol, much to her displeasure. Not for lack of trying, Subject 39 continues to attempt to overcome the flaw only to become increasingly paranoid, irrational, and delusional, especially when in the vicinity of Subject 37, similar to symptoms for Paranoid Schizophrenia.


Day 1
Doctor Nira, primary Geneticist and Caretaker.
The Genetic samples have been acquired, quite easily I was told, and experimentation will begin today.


The project is a large one, and we're all very excited. I've been told that notations must be kept to a minimum, and thus I will only log the greatest developments here. Beginning, the first gestation, and of course larger incidents within the development of the first few Subjects. There is an excitement in the air, and most everyone is eager to begin their work. This could mark something unique, something big for our organization and the Galaxy.


Day 32
The first subjects have been created, but they are...flawed. Subjects were terminated and project was begun again.


Day 64:
A new batch of Subjects was created, both flawless.


They are exact copies of the original, too exact. The project manager has decided that Subjects Thirteen and Fourteen would not be terminated but kept as control for further testing. I agreed with him and Fourteen and Thirteen were placed back into isolation with one another. Strangely, they did not seemed to enjoy each others company.


Day 132
Our instincts were right, Fourteen and Thirteen made for the perfect control group. So far we have created ten additional subjects, five for both. These subjects have been...remarkably different. Some have despised each other, some have loved each other, and still others just didn't care. It's fascinating watching them interact, even more so when it was with other people. Subject Twenty Three and Twenty Four were especially unique.


Both of them were aggressive beyond measure and unfortunately had to be quickly terminated.


Their first meeting was...interesting, but they were far too difficult to control. It was almost as though they had to act on every instinct, every impulse. It was uniquely intense to observe. I lament their passing.


Day 220


Subjects Fourteen and Thirteen have become manic.




Day 234
The project has reached its pinnacle.


Thirty Seven and Thirty Nine, Thirty Eight unfortunately did not make it through gestation.


Yet these two...These two are utter perfection. They work together well, though we've only introduced them once. Their was an immediate spark when they saw one another, a click that could only have been created through perfection of science. It was remarkable, watching them move together in tandem. They almost immediately went for the guard in the corner, not violently, but conversationally. Within moments they had him nearly convinced that they were supposed to be released. It was quite the sight. Unfortunately the project manager made me separate them after that.


Unfortunate, I would have loved to see them interact more.


Further testing will be done on an individual basis to see if the subjects are truly perfect as I suspect they are. For now, Subject 39 will be placed back into stasis while Subject 37 undergoes further testing.


I am eager to proceed.

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