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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

Member Since 28 Jan 2018
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In Topic: ME/CSA Training Wargame OOC Signup

Yesterday, 12:10 PM

Garon Priest Nah, come join us on Team 2!

In Topic: Sssuggestion: Ssspeciesss rank titlesss

Yesterday, 09:13 AM

Cradossk Say Hsssssisssssssss!

In Topic: The Great Rank Title Question

Yesterday, 08:31 AM


In Topic: MandalArms FK "Howl" Rounds

Yesterday, 07:11 AM

Lily Kuhn No worries, i have replaced the weaknesses.

In Topic: Consider Unbanning Lightsaber/Blaster Hybrids

Yesterday, 01:33 AM

Speaking as someone who submitted a capital-class disruptor weapon, and has seen the prevalence of infantry-grade disruptors, I can't see that the lightsaber rifle should be banned, except that it was a unique weapon; as were solar ionization weapons, which are also rather prevalent on Chaos.