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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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In Topic: The Infernal Child's Chocolate Adventure (Koda Fett)

Yesterday, 01:17 PM

There was pain, and it only got worse. Bones, blood and gore. It was almost beyond endurance. Almost. The whole leg was on fire. Adara Raxis now, was a distant memory with Irella Vizsla, Koda Fett and Abel Australis. Only the pain and the combat remained.

Vizsla had hold of him by the left wrist, which had the advantage of stopping Kaine from toppling to the ground. It had the disadvantage that Vizsla was wearing crushgaunts and his left wrist was in serious danger of going the way of his leg.

Crack went Ronan's helmet to his, and the Warmaster's head snapped back, smoke rising from his own buy'ce.


His visor was cracked, and the integrity indicator on the HUD went directly from green to red without stopping at yellow.


Kaine's hand spasmed with the additional shock and pain, and he dropped the sword, which clattered to the ground. That left Kaine's right arm momentarily free, and he angled that wrist at Ronan's shattered faceplate.


See you in hell, thought the Warmaster, through the agony.

He activated the wrist-mounted flame projector at point blank range. At this range, he'd burn himself. He didn't care. 

Ronan Vizsla


In Topic: The Infernal Child's Chocolate Adventure (Koda Fett)

Yesterday, 10:56 AM

Kad, but he was fast. Faster than Kaine would have been after taking that sort of impact, but he supposed he wasn't getting any younger. Combat was a young man's game this old man refused to give up just yet. Not when there were still battles to fight, and certainly not with his daughter's life at risk. Lethality was part of the game in combat, and at close range, it came fast.

Beskar met beskar with the ringing clash of the ages.


Kaine's eyes saw the danger, but with the threat to Adara Raxis, his personal wellbeing was far from the main concern. He saw the opportunity too, something that close proximity to an enemy brought. Everything else was forgotten now, Abel Australis, the others, Irella Vizsla, Koda Fett, and Aiya the nanny who was also a shabla Sith. Only the fight mattered.

Ronan's crushgaunt caught Kaine's knee, with Mandalorian precision, and shattered the joint with a crack.

The pain was intense, and his entire leg screamed with the mistreatment. It was going to slow him down, but it did not stop him from aiming his left wrist at Ronan's nearby face and blinking the activation. I can fight without a leg, Vizsla, if you can fight without a face, he thought, gritting his teeth at what he was sure had severed his bloody leg, something he was prepared to accept, if it got him to Adara and her to safety. For that, he would pay any price.

As his opponent struck, Kaine struck, firing the voxyn acid directly into Ronan's faceplate.


There was no room for mercy or restraint here. Kaine's only thought was for Adara. That kept him from passing out from the pain, though it wasn't going to let him walk around on a shattered knee.

Ronan Vizsla

In Topic: Of Uncommon Fear & Family (Kaine, Beth)

Yesterday, 09:48 AM

Where the hell had that come from? Wow, he thought to himself. Kaine was as shocked by the unthinking and relaxed way in which Yasha had kissed him as by the suddenness of it. He'd enjoyed it immensely, but he hadn't seen it coming. Thus, he most certainly did not see the punch to the gut coming, and it landed square, knocking the wind squarely from his lungs.

Defeated, and unable to respond effectively, Kaine's arms missed their grab for the escaping Mand'alor. Despite his momentary grimace, he couldn't wipe the grin from his face as he sat up alone in bed, listening to the squeals and laughter of the family in the next room.

He took a few moments to get his breath back, Yasha could hit hard, and he wasn't an Epicanthix. And, he admitted to himself, he wasn't getting any younger. It was coming close to the time where he'd need the assistance of medicine and science to remain at his peak. Kaine hated that about getting old, you had to keep cheating to keep up with the young.

Finally, he swung his legs over the side of the bed, got to his feet, and wandered out to the breakfast table to see what awaited.

It didn't matter to him, his family was there, the young children happy and safe. Beth, probably asleep as teenagers did in the morning, and like Yasha, happy and safe. That was all that mattered to Kaine.


He deepened his voice to a roar as he walked out into the hall facing the kitchen.


Yasha Mantis Beth Australis-Mantis

In Topic: New Life, New M.E

Yesterday, 08:30 AM

Kaine nodded. Here came the serious part, the Gai bal manda, that an Aliit Alor spoke when welcoming a new Mandalorian to their Clan.

Ni kyr'tayl gai sa'ad, Rulakh Kal're-Maj. He smiled. I know your name as my own. That was as legal as Mandalorian adoption got.

You're part of Clan Australis now, welcome to the family. You just inherited a whole bunch of brothers and sisters; vode, that you never knew you had.

There was a lot more to come, language, the resol'nare, the Clan itself, and meeting the beings that Rulakh would come to know as his battle brothers and battle sisters, Clan Australis welcomed its own. Mandalorians didn't care who you'd been or what you'd done, only that you'd chosen to become one of them. That counted a lot more.

Rulakh Kal're-Maj

In Topic: New Life, New M.E

Yesterday, 08:14 AM

Offering to hire people he didn't know from a bar of soap was one of the things Kaine Australis did best. Most people had a talent somewhere, hidden or otherwise, and the Mando'ade could always use talent. That hadn't changed in 800 years, unlike so much else.

I'll warn you, life after joining the Mandalorian Empire ain't easy. There's plenty of fighting to be done, and you won't have time to get bored. If you're really good, you'll attract the notice of a Mando female, and then you're really in for it. A man who can get the job done, earn credits and come home alive is worth his weight in aurodium.

He grinned, took his drink, and raised it.

Cheers. He sipped at the ale, nodded, finding it satisfactory in temperature and taste.

Think of it like a volunteer army. Find the role that suits you, we supply the equipment and any training and experience, and pay you to fill that role.

It wasn't a bad offer, most looked for a catch. There wasn't one, a being either accepted becoming a Mandalorian or they didn't. Either way, they had their uses to the Mandalorian Empire. But Kaine had a feeling about this one. He could fight, of that the Warmaster had no doubt. But would he fight for another's cause and coin?

Rulakh Kal're-Maj