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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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In Topic: The Battle for the Chiss Homeworld

Yesterday, 01:22 PM






In Topic: The Battle for the Chiss Homeworld

Yesterday, 12:33 PM

Darth Vyrassu I've edited the OP.

In Topic: Homecoming

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

It was a happy occasion, but there was an unspoken subtext among Mandalorians, and many rough beings of a certain type. One insult could be laughed off as a misstep or verbal jousting. Two meant there was some sort of issue to be resolved, almost inevitably with violence. Kaine wasn't his younger self, where he might have jumped the table and cracked his tihaar bottle over the offending head to kick off a good old cantina brawl, but he was no less intrigued and excited by the subtle challenge.

I tell you what, ad'ika. Kaine threw the diminutive in there deliberately. Finish your drink, and we'll see how youth and cheek go against fat and old, eh? Kaine winked and nodded towards the door. They could take this outside once the drinks were finished, and give the rest of the vode a little show into the bargain. Kaine met Yasha's eyes, and didn't see complete disapproval. She understood.

Though i'd pay good money to see this fellow see if he can't pull your arms off. Kaine marveled at the size of the new Mando'ad, Valdus Bral

Wayii, they grow them big where you're from, eh? Welcome, ner vod.

Kaine nodded to an empty bench seat, which he judged might be able to accomodate the large warrior's bulk.


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In Topic: The Battle for the Chiss Homeworld

Yesterday, 05:25 AM

Scherezade deWinter Im just happy to play arbiter between TJE and CA to setup another storyline. :)

In Topic: A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Yesterday, 01:12 AM

I posted this over my previous post, because rum. ;) Sorry for the confusion.


Location : Junction
Objective : Get Back Here!
Engaging : Amun

Kaine's reactions were enough to save him from harm, though the Assassin made good his escape from the rooftop. Even if he hadn't sensed the danger, a blind Mandalorian could see the threat of a thrown item. 

The Australis Alor rocketed into the air on his repulsors, in hot pursuit. The thermal detonator bloomed behind him in a rosy sphere of blinding light that carved out a hole in the roof of the building they'd been atop only moments before.

The Assassin was fast. Damned fast. Agile too, Kaine was glad to have the advantage of flight as he tracked the Kyuzo's flight through the streets. Unfortunately for the assassin, Kaine was also a Force user, and could keep a sense of his target. He flew high, letting the assassin expend energy in a fruitless evasion.

Let him think his speed and disguises made him safe.

Kaine kept to the heights, and avoided line of sight to the assassin where possible, though he kept close in case the fellow disappeared below ground and he had to go down and follow.

He commed the others.

::I've got the target. Let me handle this. Secure the area, get the Mand'alor and the Alor seen to.::

Run, chakaar. Kaine thought. Run as fast as you can. I'm coming for you.

The chase was on, like some video game about assassins, Kaine kept out of sight but within range of his target, awaiting the opportune moment to strike.

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