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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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In Topic: Stage Two - Ground OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Yesterday, 11:04 PM

Tathra Khaeus I know I said I didn't want to start bringing thrust/weight ratios into this but;

Taken from a basic ICBM in modern times;

3-4 minutes to reach an altitude of 150-200km


Kaine's lighter than an ICBM and I assume SW rocket thrusters are more advanced than those of our world.

I don't think it's unreasonable to assume a thruster would be able to fly an armoured dude 700m high in a short time.

In Topic: Stage Two - Ground OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Yesterday, 11:35 AM


In Topic: Stage Two - Ground OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Yesterday, 11:18 AM

Natalija Heresy! Tathra Khaeus is a lovable horned beast! In a horribly destructive and hard to kill way!

In Topic: Stage Two - Ground OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Yesterday, 10:51 AM

Tathra Khaeus I've been okay with hit calling on my guys, and ive not been calling hits. Whats the issue with my post? Let me know and i can change it up.

In Topic: Foundations and Crumbling Hillsides (Kaine Australis)

Yesterday, 09:45 AM

Out in the galaxy, ships moved about the stars at lightspeed and beyond. So it was here on Westralis for Kaine. He wanted this moment, this happy time to last forever. No war, no conflict, just family, friends, and good times. It was a little naive of him, but he was allowing himself the conceit. If you didn't make the most of such times, and treasure them, what good was all the struggle?

And fugging Strabo's got a flowerpot on his head.

Kaine mock glared at Flash.

I could have you arrested, Admiral. Importing strange potted items?

He grinned.

Take that off your head you fugging idiot, before somebody decides to use you as a pinata.

Strabo did, grinning. 


Kaine nodded his thanks. Drink up, and eat up.

And, make the most of the night, they all did. Yasha and Kaine drank and sang and feasted with their aliit; and much festivity and shenanigans was had. The children all stayed up well past their bedtimes, and finally crashed out to allow the adults to relax a little more and let their hair down.

Indeed they did. Things got progressively out of hand with such belligerence and alcohol and darkness. There were tests of strength and various other games. Eventually, a drunken raid, led by Yasha, but her henchmen Ambrose and Kaine, relegated to that role due to their inebriation, brought much of the house's furniture outside because "Yasha wants to be comfortable." a line oft and loudly repeated to anyone who attempted to stop the pilferage.

Comfortable chairs, couches, and to be honest, some random pieces that had no business being outside, had found their way around the campfire. Even a double bed had been hauled out, by several of the Jare'rami'kade, all thinking themselves the cleverest of pranksters. Bors, not helping at all, had carried a pillow out in each of his four hands. Everyone got comfortable, lazing on logs, chairs and couches, eating, drinking and having a good time.

Kaine's commandos, like a crew of schoolboys, kept nodding to Kaine and to the bed. Subtle, they were not.

Finally, as the night got very late, Kaine had given in, and led Yasha by the hand, over to the bed. In their defence, the boys at least let Yasha get comfortable before they played their prank.

Kaine, not quite set, almost fell off, as the hidden repulsorlift the pack of twits had rigged the bed with activated, and lifted the large comfortable bed, Kaine, and Yasha, a good hundred meters into the air. Kaine had hold of the bedhead, which was good, because he only had a knee on the bed, the rest of him dangled over open air.

Well, love, I think we're here for the night.

Yasha Cadera Stardust Australis Skirae