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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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#1826412 Fight with blood, fight with steel, die with honour, never kneel.

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 July 2018 - 04:25 AM

Ba'gedet'ye Reclamation Facility - Currently Orbiting Myrkr

The Warmaster's Goran


The Facility's rounds of the Mandalorian Empire had brought it to the Myrkr system. Battle debris and wreckage from the past conflicts here were slowly but surely reclaimed by the gargantuan facility as it swept around the planet's orbit, taking in solid materials and breaking them down.

Inside the facility, deep in its bowels, was the Warmaster's Forge. A small crew was on duty with Kaine, and his visitors, as they took in the fabrication facilities, hard at work.



Kaine led the small party along to where he'd set up a display of Laminamium sheeting, connected to its ingot replacement technologies. On a table sat his Cherub III heavy pistol. Kaine picked it up, and loaded it.

You can see here the Laminamium sheeting. Watch this.

Without hesitation, Kaine fired six shots, emptying the chamber, and blasted six neat holes in the sheet. Immediately, the metal began to self-repair, and very quickly, the sheet was whole again.

Kaine grinned. 

Nice eh?

The idea here is to create an armour set that can repair itself on the battlefield. This would give a senior commander a full extra layer of protection. Or be suitable for a larger being to wear as their primary armour set. It's not going to be small.

Who wants in?

#1826388 Caedyn's Personal Shield

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 July 2018 - 03:40 AM

Lily Kuhn There's a shield projector inside the physical shield; it can be used once, for 5 seconds before the power cell is exhausted.

Also swapped image on caedyn's request, source updated.

#1826358 Dances with Wookiees [Mandalorian Empire raid on Kashyyyk] (Open to ME and SJ...

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 July 2018 - 03:06 AM


Kashyyyk Space

Engaging : @Erreeembuhr Varindar Asyt

The two Tihaar-class cruisers came on, slowly, firing missiles towards the enemy capital vessel (Shadowclaw). The Ori'Buir took damage to her aft quarter, rocking the ship and heavily depleting her shields. Grimly, they continued on.

The boarding squids came on much much faster. One was hit by enemy fire, taking moderate shield damage, but continued on towards Shadowclaw. Rather than instantly trying to board, the Squids instead ranged across the hull, using their tentacles to scrape and sweep the hull as clean of droids as they could. The infantry-class weapons weren't a threat, not to the vessels, so they concentrated on avoiding the capital ship's weapons, and where they could, used their claws and talons and plasma cutters to deprive Shadowclaw of its external weaponry.

They'd board, once they'd made things a little more to their liking. They had defences, and speed and agility until they latched onto the bigger ship. They'd use it.

Kashyyyk Ground


Approaching the Silver Rest

Engaging : Jessica Med-Beq

The Forge Titan struggled to make it clear of the forest and ground debris in any quick sort of fashion. It wasn't the most agile of vehicles, nor was it fast, and it had to use its turbolasers and grenades more than once to clear stubborn obstacles from its path.


Finally, it managed to get clear enough for a reasonably straight line approach up an incline towards the Silver Rest, and this is where it made it's approach.


Kaine ordered full power, and the Forge Titan went to its still slow, maximum speed. Speakers on the outside began to blare the Mandalorian's chosen battle cry, which echoed through the forests of Kashyyyk, well audible for kilometers around.

In the command cockpit, the sensor operator called to Kaine.

We've got incoming!

Kaine was unflappable. The defences had been well tested, though this was their first battlefield operation, he was very confident in their protective abilities.

Shields to full, brace for impact. Scan for launch sites and prepare to return fire.

The crew got to work shunting power to the double shields, and coordinating with the other Mandalorian assets in the battlespace, scanning for the location of the enemy artillery. It came in even before the impacts.

The AT-99 rocked with the impacts of the enemy ordnance, but the shields held, and held well.

Kaine nodded. Our turn.

Let them know we care.

On Kaine's order, the Titan's concussion missile launchers blasted out their response. A volley of concussion missiles were targeted on the launch sites of the heavy artillery. Two missiles from each launcher; twenty missiles in all. A suitable response, the Warmaster thought.

Now, let's get up there.


The Forge Titan continued grimly on, stomping inexorably towards the Silver Rest, blasting its battle cry for all to hear.


Soon they'd be in range to bring their primary and secondary armaments to bear on the Jedi base itself, and then, then they would have some real fun...











#1825933 Cast Down Your Crowns (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Vena Hex AB27)

Posted by Kaine Australis on 13 July 2018 - 01:45 PM

Vena Palace, Antechamber
Objective 1: Save the Baroness of Vena. Root out Usurpers. 
Kaine had been silent since they'd entered. His HUD gave him an excellent view of the room and the surroundings, with the penetrating radar giving him the ability to track targets outside of the room they were in. Nothing was flagging as hostile. That was good. It meant the quarry wasn't close to the Baroness. Not time to relax, of course, the hunt was on; but he wasn't here to hunt. His job was to back up the Mand'alor, reassure the Baroness, and get these dikutla Venans to see which way the shabla wind was blowing.

Being the being he was, the Warmaster defaulted to the teacher's approach. Of course, being a Mandalorian, the lesson included a primer on the application of violence to solve problems. First though, business. Yasha was Mand'alor today, not Yash'ika, and there was an air of businesslike formality to their interactions they both defaulted to, especially in front of aruetiise.

Kaine first answered the Mand'alor's question.

Nothing in range, Mand'alor. We're safe here for now.

Then his helmeted visage, clad in beskar'gam, festooned with the tools of his violent trade, fell upon the Venans.

Age doesn't matter, and neither does the will of the poor people, when it comes down to it. To rule, you need force. Force is violence, and the will to use it. Unless those villagers are going to pick up rifles and protect their ruler, they don't enter into the equation. Age also doesn't matter, as any ruler, young or old, will have advisors and councilors, or it doesn't matter how much force they can project, they're doomed.

Now, you can use this force, small F, one of two ways, as a general rule. 
You can project strength, visibly show your ability to be violent, and always act as if you have the will and courage to use violence to enforce your rule.

Or, you can sit back, and wait until you're forced to use violence on a large scale to maintain your grip on power.

He spread his hands to take in the room, the frightened Venans, and the very visibly armed and armoured Mando'ade.

Once we've put this unrest back to bed, we'll talk about how you can keep it there.

Kaine turned back to the Mand'alor, the lesson over.

How do you want to handle this?

#1825916 Starship Troopers: A Mandalorian Story (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Colla...

Posted by Kaine Australis on 13 July 2018 - 12:55 PM

Colla IV - Atmosphere


Kaine was having a ball. Three kills, and the Jacks had made short work of the towers. Over the squadron comm he freed them up to carry on eradicating any enemies that made themselves known on the ground. The pilots had earned some playtime, and didn't need him holding them in reserve any longer, now that it was clear the Mandalorian Empire was going to be victorious here very shortly.


Jack three through eight acknowledged him with comm clicks, and the six fighters spread out in pairs. Their weapons made short work of any Colicoid forces silly enough to cross their paths, crisscrossing the skies, firing down with plasma railguns.


Meanwhile, the Warmaster in his Fury-X, Jack Two still on his wing, was rocketing towards Ayhia Katar's last position. On his radar he spotted the three pursuers, but there was still no sign of his vod's fighter.

::Australis to Katar, make yourself known, you've got incoming bogeys.::


Mentally, Kaine counted to five, and heard no response.

Kriff it, i'm helping. Not leaving this to chance.

::Stand by.::

Couldn't chance this to missiles, might risk hitting a friendly.

Kaine pushed the throttles all the way to the redline.


This was a job for guns at knifefighting range. He'd see what these droid pieces of osik thought of a healthy dose of plasma. Probably the same their fellows had. Not much.

Grinning still, he brought his fighter ever closer, and stitched four shots across the first of the Tri-fighters, exploding it.

That's one.

Kaine nudged the pedals just a little, the maneuvering jets giving him the equivalent of a little rudder, and traversed his sights across a second Trifighter. It exploded as nicely as the first did, showering towards the ground in flaming pieces.

Two down.

Number three proved a little more effective, managing to juke and jink to avoid Kaine's targeting. He didn't risk firing until he had the shot; friendly fire with railguns was best avoided. Kaine cursed the bloody droid that wouldn't sit still.

Come on you cheeky shabuir, come on.

Then he heard the voice in his headset.

::Jack two has lock, firing.::

Before he could speak, plasma lanced out from his wingman's craft and intersected the third fighter. Kaine smiled.

::Outstanding, Jack Two. Outstanding. Get you a case of tihaar for that one.:: 

Jack Two's response was to hit his afterburner and throw a triple barrel roll past his kill. Kaine gunned his own fighter to follow, heading back towards the ground.

He commed Command for an update, and was about to speak when he saw the dropships falling away from the fleet. Good, time to pull their people out. They could negotiate the rest of the way from orbit. No sense risking their people until this situation was settled down.

Kaine brought his fighter back down in a descent towards their friends, he saw the rest of Jack Squadron also converging.

Time to finish off, and go home. It had been a good day's work.

Rex Taff Shia Kryze Salij-Nekt Yasha Mantis Vandra Zambrano Ayhia Katar Zelen


#1825838 Describe The Character Above You In One Word

Posted by Kaine Australis on 13 July 2018 - 09:25 AM




#1825748 Caedyn's Personal Shield

Posted by Kaine Australis on 13 July 2018 - 03:43 AM



  • Intent:  A personal shield for Caedyn Arenais
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link:  None
  • Primary Source: None



  • Classification: Buckler
  • Weight: Very Heavy
  • Resistances : 

- Blasters: Very High

- Kinetic: High

- Lightsabers: Very High

EMP/ION: None, Very High (shield)

ElementalVery High


  •  Extremely durable and ornate shield contains a power cell and shield generator for emergency use


  • Very resistant to most forms of physical and energy attack thanks to solid wintrium shield
  • Shield that can be generated protects user from harm


  • Extremely offensive to Klatooinians, the sight of Wintrium away from their home planet of Klatooine is a grevious offense, and will enrage them
  • Carrying the weight will tire even an experienced user
  • EMP will disable shield generator if hit while unactivated
  • Generated shield lasts only 5 seconds before requiring replacement of power cell
  • Replacement of power cell requires dismantling of the shield, cannot be done under duress

Hand forged in the Warmaster's Forge by the hand of Kaine Australis himself, using a load of pirated Wintrium stolen from Klatooine, this elegant heavy shield is a fitting gift for a Prince of Commenor.

Finished in fine aurodium, much heavier than even a beskar shield of similar size, though smaller than a full shield, more of a buckler, it is extremely durable and resistant to most forms of attack.

Concealed within the finery is a miniature power cell that enables a secondary droid singularity projector to function for a handful of seconds, five at the most, giving the wielder a get out of jail free card to use in the direst of circumstances.

There is the minor drawback that the sight of a Wintrium shield being waved around will certainly enrage any Klatooinians that happen by, especially the patriotic types.

Kaine thought it fitting that Caedyn have a unique and quality protective shield to see him through the galaxy's dangers, even if he had a quiet chuckle going about his forging, while musing about the first time the prince encounters a Klatooinian diplomat while in possession of the shield.

#1825269 Baba's Day In (Kaine)

Posted by Kaine Australis on 12 July 2018 - 10:53 AM

Kaine blinked. He'd let his eyes close for just a moment, nearly but not quite drifting back to sleep. Damn, but he was tired. He wasn't getting any younger, these late nights took it out of him some days.

He'd caught Beth's question and mumbled something, but totally missed what Adara had said.
He rubbed his eyes.

Sorry, Beth'ika, what was that about Mom?

His eyes went to Adara's now properly cut up pancakes.

Dara, thank your sister and eat up. You need full tummies for a big day!


Tummies was purely Kaine's turn of phrase. The old Mando'ad hadn't joined the dots himself on what all the second tummy talk was about. He emphasised big day a lot with the little ones, because to them, every day was a big day.

Beth Australis-Mantis Adara Raxis

#1825227 Dances with Wookiees [Mandalorian Empire raid on Kashyyyk] (Open to ME and SJ...

Posted by Kaine Australis on 12 July 2018 - 09:01 AM






The Boarding Squids managed to evacuate their troops from the Orbital Station, the XI Division having called for exfiltration after they'd seen the civilians trying to make an escape, so they were not taken for the ride of their nightmares when the station jumped away.


Now heavy again with their passengers, the boarding squids were free to choose a new target. The Shadowclaw. Moving separately so as not to be targeted in a single volley, they approached the Shadowclaw intending to board.

Meanwhile, under fire from the enemy, grimly determined to fight it out, the Tihaar cruisers also opened fire. A mix of conventional proton torpedoes and concussion missiles, as well as some gravitic and plasma torpedoes, slower but heavier made up the first volley.

Tihaar cruisers were all about missiles and torpedoes, and had a plethora of launchers and ammunition selections. They could fire more of the smaller more basic missiles, of course, but they were amply stocked with heavies and specials also. They weren't going to run dry soon.



Orbit and Ground

Star of Hesperidium died a fiery death against the planetary shields. The Ionic explosion of her engines was enough to weaken the shield, and combined with the Individual Field Disruptors each Mando'ad wore, the force managed to make it through, and underneath the shield. The "refugees" had made it to their destination, and now past the shields, were free to descend towards what awaited them.

Under the shield was where Chariot and Masterchef were also stuck. Both vessels fled in opposite directions, hoping to draw pursuit away from the landing force. They were civilian craft, and couldn't run fast, nor blast past the shield while it was up, so running was all they had.

Under the shield too, was the swarm of grutchins the Masterchef had dumped, and they did their best to make meals of any SJO fightercraft or dropships that came near them.

Well away from all this was the cargo Chariot had dropped off. It fared much less well.

The lumbering repulsor cradles the cargo containers and vehicles were deployed on were fat, slow, and not receptive to any kind of mistreatment. The explosion of a proton torpedo impacting on their structure caused them to give up the ghost; in short, they failed utterly, and what cargo was not destroyed by the detonation of the warheads' impact was very much wrecked by the impact of the fall out of the sky.


Tanks, shield vehicles and walkers all slammed one after another into trees, and the ground, thankfully well away from populated areas, that had been checked before the drop. Only one craft was fortunate enough to be hit low enough to the ground with a more sturdy cargo than the other containers. It still fell, its repulsor cradle obliterated; but the vehicle inside was intact, and functional.

Inside, Kaine Australis said a small prayer of thanks to Kad for delivering him to the ground relatively in one piece. Then he smiled, and powered up the vehicle. The skeleton crew of three other Mando'ade looked to their own tasks, as the Warmaster and the mighty AT-99 Forge Titan rose from its shattered container and, fully operational, began stomping its way towards the Silver Rest.



Here we come, boys and girls!


Comm units lit up as the other Mando'ade taking part in the raid on the Silver Jedi's headquarters began to check in. Most of the ground force was descending from Hesperidium. Kaine had led a skeleton crew. The droids were automated, the tanks and shield vehicles were not. They'd lost friends already today. Now it was time to make the sacrifice worth the price of admission. Now it was time for the Mandalorians to do what they'd come to do.









#1824622 Ni Kar'tayli darasuum gar

Posted by Kaine Australis on 11 July 2018 - 09:21 AM





Kaine heard Yasha come up behind him. The epicanthix beauty that led the Mandalorian people had an aura of power about her, she was hard to miss.

He smiled at her, and had time to speak briefly.

We wouldn't be here today without you. You're part of this aliit too.

Then he was accosted by a very small and very intense little girl, who was shouting the new word she'd invented.

"Baba! Baba!" Knowing it was fruitless to resist, Kaine picked her up and kissed her.

Who is this? He asked in mock confusion.

DAWA! The little girl smiled happily. Her Baba was silly.

Kaine gave Yasha a knowing look, and held out the little one for her mother to take. The little family shared a brief, chaste embrace; they were in public, but Kaine's eyes were full of love for his partner and his adopted daughter.

I'll see you both after the ceremony.

Letting Yasha take Adara away, reassuring the pang that always tinged his heart when they went away with knowledge they were not going far, the Warmaster turned to see not one but two beautiful women entering the room; almost in sync, like it was meant to be this way. This was a day to celebrate their love.

Kaine stood facing Caz and Nibsani across the big room. He smiled.

What a lucky shabuir you are, he thought to himself. Funny, he mused, he'd thought the same thing at different times on every wedding day he'd had. Well, you are. Don't kriff this up.


Here we go.

Kaine mused to himself, and kept on smiling.

Caz Australis Nibsani Yasha Mantis Lady Kay

#1824562 Starship Troopers: A Mandalorian Story (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Colla...

Posted by Kaine Australis on 11 July 2018 - 06:12 AM

Colla IV Airspace

The appearance of more air defense towers, coupled with the nasty surprise of enemy fightercraft shook the Jacks' formation, with several pilots drifting, having to dodge enemy fire, as happened when fighter battles devolved into a furball. Kaine was having none of that. Jack Five chimed in over the comm.

:: Getting some heat here boss!::

Kaine's voice was cool and calm. Fury-X was a nice little craft. Plenty to handle a few shabla droid fighters.

::Break and attack, take out those towers.::

Five wasn't buying.

::What about those fighters?::

Kaine put a note of amusement into his voice, instead of steel.

::You worry about those towers, i'll worry about the fighters.::

Putting action to his words, the Warmaster threw his fighter into a series of Fury loops, where he spun his craft, still travelling forwards, to fire back at pursuing enemies. Fury pilots trained for it, and the Fury-X was just as capable.


Fury-class performing a perfect "Fury Loop"


Kaine took out the pursuit with a hail of plasma railgun fire, and allowed himself a whoop.

::Jack lead, splash three! Score one for the good guys!::


The Jacks, meanwhile, descended on the towers. Jack Two stayed back to cover Kaine, while Jacks three through eight each selected a tower for chastisement. Six attacks, six kills, and the air defenses died flaming plasma death.

Then the comm lit up with multiple whoops and cheers. Kaine let it slide, they were having fun.

Rex Taff

#1824512 Dances With Wookiees - Kashyyyk Raid [ME vs SJO]

Posted by Kaine Australis on 11 July 2018 - 02:28 AM

Allyson Locke

Your Gif Kung-fu is strong. Love the X-wings!!!



#1824496 The Eyes of the Universe

Posted by Kaine Australis on 11 July 2018 - 01:57 AM

Kaine grinned. He liked jungle worlds just fine too. He'd been born on Borleias, spent his youth on Dxun, and lived most of his adult life on Myrkr.

We'll be back to peace soon enough.

Then he considered Tom's question carefully. It was an important subject, but luckily, a road he'd been down three times before now.

Honest and straightforward. Just say how you feel and tell them how much they mean to you. Hell, i don't have that much going for me, and i'm three from three.

He put a reassuring hand on Tom's shoulder.

Mykes loves you. Just be there for him, and let him know you always will be. It'll work out.

Their next stop after Commenor was about to come up. Kashyyyk. Wookiee homeworld. Nice.

Speaking of jungle worlds, we're off to see the planet forests.

Kaine smiled, and hit the hyperdrive taking them to the next destination.

Tom Taff

#1824443 Our Lady Peace

Posted by Kaine Australis on 10 July 2018 - 11:56 PM

Gir Quee No worries, all fixed.

#1824226 Dances With Wookiees - Kashyyyk Raid [ME vs SJO]

Posted by Kaine Australis on 10 July 2018 - 03:13 PM

Caedyn Arenais It's all good, we're just trying to be sneaky. Great job eh? :)

Im not as alone as I look, its just early days.