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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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#1882227 Stage Two - Ground OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 11:04 PM

Tathra Khaeus I know I said I didn't want to start bringing thrust/weight ratios into this but;

Taken from a basic ICBM in modern times;

3-4 minutes to reach an altitude of 150-200km


Kaine's lighter than an ICBM and I assume SW rocket thrusters are more advanced than those of our world.

I don't think it's unreasonable to assume a thruster would be able to fly an armoured dude 700m high in a short time.

#1882122 Stage Two - Ground OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 11:35 AM


#1882116 Stage Two - Ground OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 11:18 AM

Natalija Heresy! Tathra Khaeus is a lovable horned beast! In a horribly destructive and hard to kill way!

#1882109 Stage Two - Ground OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 10:51 AM

Tathra Khaeus I've been okay with hit calling on my guys, and ive not been calling hits. Whats the issue with my post? Let me know and i can change it up.

#1882094 Foundations and Crumbling Hillsides (Kaine Australis)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 09:45 AM

Out in the galaxy, ships moved about the stars at lightspeed and beyond. So it was here on Westralis for Kaine. He wanted this moment, this happy time to last forever. No war, no conflict, just family, friends, and good times. It was a little naive of him, but he was allowing himself the conceit. If you didn't make the most of such times, and treasure them, what good was all the struggle?

And fugging Strabo's got a flowerpot on his head.

Kaine mock glared at Flash.

I could have you arrested, Admiral. Importing strange potted items?

He grinned.

Take that off your head you fugging idiot, before somebody decides to use you as a pinata.

Strabo did, grinning. 


Kaine nodded his thanks. Drink up, and eat up.

And, make the most of the night, they all did. Yasha and Kaine drank and sang and feasted with their aliit; and much festivity and shenanigans was had. The children all stayed up well past their bedtimes, and finally crashed out to allow the adults to relax a little more and let their hair down.

Indeed they did. Things got progressively out of hand with such belligerence and alcohol and darkness. There were tests of strength and various other games. Eventually, a drunken raid, led by Yasha, but her henchmen Ambrose and Kaine, relegated to that role due to their inebriation, brought much of the house's furniture outside because "Yasha wants to be comfortable." a line oft and loudly repeated to anyone who attempted to stop the pilferage.

Comfortable chairs, couches, and to be honest, some random pieces that had no business being outside, had found their way around the campfire. Even a double bed had been hauled out, by several of the Jare'rami'kade, all thinking themselves the cleverest of pranksters. Bors, not helping at all, had carried a pillow out in each of his four hands. Everyone got comfortable, lazing on logs, chairs and couches, eating, drinking and having a good time.

Kaine's commandos, like a crew of schoolboys, kept nodding to Kaine and to the bed. Subtle, they were not.

Finally, as the night got very late, Kaine had given in, and led Yasha by the hand, over to the bed. In their defence, the boys at least let Yasha get comfortable before they played their prank.

Kaine, not quite set, almost fell off, as the hidden repulsorlift the pack of twits had rigged the bed with activated, and lifted the large comfortable bed, Kaine, and Yasha, a good hundred meters into the air. Kaine had hold of the bedhead, which was good, because he only had a knee on the bed, the rest of him dangled over open air.

Well, love, I think we're here for the night.

Yasha Cadera Stardust Australis Skirae


#1882072 Crossing A Line (NR Dominion of Hex W22 Redux)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 07:36 AM

Objective : Defend the station


They had come late to the party, but they had come with friends. A representative from MandalArms stood on the bridge of Time's Orphan with Kaine Australis, watching as the streaking stars went back to points, and the vessel emerged from hyperspace, its exit bringing it out of lightspeed within range of a small pirate fleet. A carrier and three heavy cruisers with escorts, Kaine saw. Well, he had them well outgunned.


Fangs out, Time's Orphan went forward, charging weapons. Behind her came her escorts, four rare and precious bio-destroyers from MandalArms, which immediately upon exiting hyperspace, cloaked and went off on random courses to avoid detection.


Good luck to the enemy tracking those, thought Kaine.


His vessel made the first move, not bothering with any cheeky comm messages.


Target their carrier first, if you would. Full barrage.


Targeting the Quasar-Fire carrier, the craft's hundred or so long range turbolasers angled out to fire, and unleashed a withering storm of fire towards the pirate carrier.

Kaine smiled, it was a very impressive ship, he'd been lucky enough to pick up at auction. He'd been looking forward to taking it for a test drive for some time.

Tilesa Seth National Extremist Jerek Zenduu Aithne Charr Edward Thane

#1882062 Shattered Empire

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 06:58 AM

The Mandalorians had boarded along with the rest of their comrades-in-arms. With them taking the lead, Kaine and his bucketheads were content to hang back, falling into the support role.


Where the teams' advance was stalled, the Mandalorians stepped up to clear a path with heavy firepower. Once, Kaine had used his own particle beam to cut apart a counter-boarding squad before it could fire on the friendlies. It was working well, and they'd progressed almost to the bridge in good time.

Spotting a sniper barrel angling around a corner, Kaine sighted in with his own weapon, and fired a penetrator through the internal bulkhead and through the sniper on the other side. The barrel fell to the ground.

Watch those corners! He shouted for emphasis, his squads backing up Harris's attack force.


This battle was going well, and the members of the attack force had made good time.

Kalic Daws Premier William Harris I  ES-06  WD-334  Deadeye  Jairdain  Sergeant Vickers

#1882059 Stage Two - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle On Commenor

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 06:44 AM

Location : Palace Gardens/Outskirts
Objective : More violence
Engaging : Tathra Khaeus
Allies : Lady Kay - Anyone helping
Enemies : Anyone not helping

-- The Ground --

The blast of the heavy tank was a match even for Tathra's might. So much the better, thought Kaine, and gave the order to unleash hell.

::All guns engage at will.::

The area around them was suddenly awash with heavy tank blasts, as Kaine's tank column engaged the Brutes on the ground and Tathra himself with everything they had. It was targeted fire, the AI saw to that, but it was still artillery-grade aimed over a very small area...

Danger close was what infantry called it. Kaine though, wasn't close. He'd gotten the alert from the AI about the Copad's difficulties with Kay's rescue.

Activating his thruster, Kaine shot skyward to the rescue.



------Rick's Gunship-----

The droid's sacrifice made the Copad legionaries' job easier. They rushed the Brute, tackling both him and the droid to the floor. Between them, they poured shots, punches and kicks into the beast at point blank range. Repeated sonic blasts to the eyes they hoped, would fell even such a formidable creature.

Their job was to protect Kay. Between the droid and the pair of them, they were a match for the remaining Brute inside the gunship.

GO! One of them yelled to Lady Kay pointing at the exit from the gunship.

They couldn't keep here safe here any longer, they were too exposed. And their Alor was coming.


Arriving in the nick of time, Kaine flew just outside the gunship, hand outstretched to Lady Kay His helmet amplified his voice over the rushing wind.


Your ride's here, your Highness!

He hoped she made it quick, the gunship wasn't safe anymore.

#1882056 Jedi Dueling Tournament! Australis V Brennus

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 06:32 AM

Jedi Praxeum Tournament
Round One
Post One


It was a strange feeling, to be entering a Jedi tournament as a genuine practitioner of the Light Side of the Force. He'd spent so much of his life as a soldier, that these ways were still new to him. Still, Kaine had an excellent teacher, and all the motivation in the galaxy. He'd taken the first steps on this path to save the life of his daughter and his love. Those steps, and Manu's training, had brought him to this point.

He'd shown his weapon to the adjudicators and after they'd confirmed it was at the training setting, he was allowed to carry it with him into the competition. Kaine had left his armour and the rest of his weapons behind on the ship, they weren't needed here today.

Dressed in simple black robes, with his own Lightsaber's hilt to hand, Kaine walked into the practice ring.


His blue eyes looked around, awaiting his opponent's arrival. And for once, the Force was with him. He stood an even two meters tall, wearing simple black boots, tunic and pants under the robes.

Mathilde Brennus

#1882016 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 03:30 AM

Location : Corellia Spaceport
Objective : Engage the enemy (1)
Allies: Alexandra Feanor Yasha Cadera + Others that dont attack us
Enemies:Braith Achlys Belphaegor Jorryn Fordyce + Anyone else who steps up.
Engaging : Reverance




This had not gone to plan. The incoming blasterfire, from Solus, reflected by the being across the way, was a warning to the old Mando.He ducked it, but to him It said, 'I can see you', and that meant the being was very dangerous indeed. Taking a closer look, Kaine saw what had to be Yuuzhan Vong biots. The being was no Vongese, and that meant Sith, or something like that, no Jetiise would mutilate themselves that way. Vong and Kaine had a special relationship. For him the entire situation had changed. He had a new target.

He moved with the smoothness and relaxed poise of a man who'd spent four decades in beskar'gam, fighting enemies all over the galaxy. The rifle at his shoulder was his finest creation, and it served him well. Kaine took his time with the shot as he stepped out of cover, aiming at Reverance, sighting in at the lower spine, between the kidneys.... there!

Erymanthian barked, as the neuranium penetrator shot away at supersonic speeds. The round would arrive before the report of the rifle. Not wasting time, Kaine was still moving, he advanced, flicking the ammo selector to the clip of RB-02 Salt Rounds, and the power selector all the way to subsonic, the better not to melt the barrel with what he had in mind. Then he flicked the shot selector to five round burst, pulled the trigger, and held on, as the rifle spat radioactive penetrators downrange in a spray of hell.

The comm was set to the Clan's frequency, Kaine called out for backup.

::We got any assets in theatre?::

Almost immediately, a sweet, melodic female voice came back.

::Oh buir, if I left these things to you, where would we be?::

High above, Cerani, flying a single airspeeder was the source of the transmission. It swooped down over the spaceport, decloaked, and dumped an entire spread of Firecracker mines over the area. They exploded in a bath of bright light and radiation designed to distract and flood sensors.


Knowing the blast was coming helped immensely, and Kaine took full advantage, sighting in on Reverance again, and giving him the full benefit of the second five round Salt burst.


Now, knowing that Cerani was covering from above, Kaine felt better about leaving Solus to cover Yasha and Alexandra while he engaged the Vong-Sith being. Yasha would understand, she was Mando'ad. You didn't walk away from fights like this when the opportunity presented itself.

Space Forces for Obj 2

#1882006 Looking for Faction

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 02:42 AM

Michal Straden The New Republic is growing and would welcome a new writer to the team. All sorts of types welcome, and plenty of opportunities for character development in a growing Major Faction.

#1881712 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 November 2018 - 12:39 PM

Location : Corellia Spaceport
Objective : This got interesting fast! (1)
Allies: Alexandra Feanor @Yasha Australis Cadera + Others that dont attack us
Enemies: Reverance Braith Achlys Belphaegor Jorryn Fordyce + Anyone else who steps up.

Almost as soon as he engaged his first target, things went to osik. A war droid shot overhead, raining blasterfire even as enemy fire pinged off its armor. Kaine heard Yasha's voice in his ear, and only his years of training kept him from freezing in surprise as a wave of enemy blasterbolts came his way and he ducked behind a ferrocrete corner.

He almost asked what the hell was going on, and what she was doing here, but the answers were right there in front of him. She was here to rescue someone. That made his job easier, the enemy would come to them. Kaine felt a little strange, not to fear for his beloved in the heat of battle; but Yasha was no damsel in distress. If anything, she probably worried about his aged shebs. No, she could more than take care of herself, and her friend. It was on him to take care of the rest.

::Nice to see you, cyar'ika. Su'cuy Solus!::


Kaine's hand came off his Erymanthian long enough to mime blowing the Mand'alor a kiss, before it snapped back up, tracking targets. He took up a position across from the war droid, hoping that its large heavy guns would draw enemy attention away from the one Mandalorian with a rifle snug behind a wall. Carefully, Kaine focused on minimizing his presence, hiding in the Force, shutting himself down.

This was an old trick. It didn't work so well for kill shots, most Force-sensitives would pick up something was wrong, even when the assassin was shut down, but if the attempt wasn't intended to be fatal, in the heat of battle, such things could be missed, even by experienced Jedi and Sith. And Kaine Australis had hunted both.

Maximising the available cover, the barrel of Kaine's weapon tracked the area across from Yasha and Alexandra. Anyone going after them, would have his full attention.

Fire poured in from all around, but Solus Rekr responded in kind, blowing away the Imperial forces that attempted, hopelessly to assail the war droid. Kaine kept himself to the odd shot, picking off soldiers that tried to draw a bead on the massive bes'uliik. He was after more dangerous game.

Space Forces for Obj 2

#1881655 Food for trash panda?

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 November 2018 - 08:48 AM

Bandit Six My pleasure. :)


#1881650 Food for trash panda?

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 November 2018 - 08:42 AM

Bandit Six




Welcome back trash panda!

#1881344 The Resol'nare

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 November 2018 - 10:02 AM



  • Intent:  A personal weapon system for Kaine Australis
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link:  None
  • Primary Source: None



  • Classification: Personal weapons system
  • Size:  Average
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Ammunition Type: Energy, Neutronium Pellets, Acid, Needles, CryoBan Cells
  • Ammunition Capacity: 30(90) (6 spheres, 5 shots per sphere, 3 reloads each)
  • Reload Speed: Very Slow 
  • Effective Range: Personal
  • Rate of Fire:  Very Slow
  • Stopping Power: Extreme
  • Recoil:  Extreme (Kinetic) None (Energy)


  • Inbuilt weapons systems on each sphere provide multiple attack types from multiple vectors when entire system is engaged; acid, sonic, poison needle, particle beam, cryonic or kinetic weaponry
  • Able to be controlled remotely via HUD or AI
  • Inbuilt repulsor arrays for rapid movement
  • Inbuilt simple evasion and targeting programs
  • Belt-based charging, re-arming and docking station


  • Able to cause serious damage from multiple angles of attack
  • Small, fast and agile, tough targets to hit
  • DION Fiber makes the spheres very resistant to EMP
  • Void Stone makes the spheres resistant to Force interference
  • Dura-Armor shell reflects blasterfire


  • Unable to fly if repulsors are damaged, rendering the sphere inoperative
  • Weapon has limited range, losing guidance beyond its operational zone
  • Damage to power system or battery may cause catastrophic explosion
  • Must return to belt charger dock to reload/recharge, cannot recharge if belt/docking port is damaged
  • Vulnerable to physical damage


Crafted by General Kaine Australis himself as a deadly accoutrement to his personal arsenal, the Six Rules, as he calls them, are six spheres, each externally identical, but with a different, deadly weapons system contained within. Hand-forged, with state of the art internal workings, these are one of the most effective weapons systems the Mandalorian Alor has ever devised.

The outer shell of each sphere is Dura-Armor, which reflects blasterfire. The shell has a DION fiber underlay to help resist EMP. Under this the circuitry links the repulsors to the power and sensor nodes. Each sphere contains a unique miniaturized and very powerful, for its size, weapons system.

1 - Education - Particle Beam
2 - Armour - Sonic Blast
3 - Self-Defence - Poison Needle

4 - Clan - Acid
5 - Language - Magnetic Accelerator

6 - Leader - CryoBan

Able to be controlled and targeted with a HUD, Kaine is able to guide the spheres as a group, individually, or relinquish control to his personal AI. If contact is broken or otherwise unavailable, the spheres are capable of functioning in a more limited independent capacity, though they are unable to coordinate their attacks in this basic mode.

Overall a most deadly and unique weapons system, effectively giving the Mandalorian warrior half a dozen more guns to point at his enemies, it is a worthy and powerful addition to Kaine's growing arsenal.