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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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#1902671 The Battle for the Chiss Homeworld

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 01:22 PM






#1902604 Homecoming

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 09:12 AM

It was a happy occasion, but there was an unspoken subtext among Mandalorians, and many rough beings of a certain type. One insult could be laughed off as a misstep or verbal jousting. Two meant there was some sort of issue to be resolved, almost inevitably with violence. Kaine wasn't his younger self, where he might have jumped the table and cracked his tihaar bottle over the offending head to kick off a good old cantina brawl, but he was no less intrigued and excited by the subtle challenge.

I tell you what, ad'ika. Kaine threw the diminutive in there deliberately. Finish your drink, and we'll see how youth and cheek go against fat and old, eh? Kaine winked and nodded towards the door. They could take this outside once the drinks were finished, and give the rest of the vode a little show into the bargain. Kaine met Yasha's eyes, and didn't see complete disapproval. She understood.

Though i'd pay good money to see this fellow see if he can't pull your arms off. Kaine marveled at the size of the new Mando'ad, Valdus Bral

Wayii, they grow them big where you're from, eh? Welcome, ner vod.

Kaine nodded to an empty bench seat, which he judged might be able to accomodate the large warrior's bulk.


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#1902541 The Battle for the Chiss Homeworld

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 03:35 AM

I've decided the terms are unreasonable, and the CA won't be pursuing the skirmish. There is absolutely nothing to gain by acquiring a single planet/hex, and then being unable to do anything as the Jen'ari simply expand around us. Thanks to Kaine Australis for offering to be the middleman, but the Jen'ari demands are too one-sided to be of any benefit other than to themselves. Additionally, I'm more interested in seeing a story driven resolution alongside the Sith Empire, dealing with the aftermath of civil war, should the Csilla hex be lost by the Jen'ari following judging.


Chiss Ascendancy - Thorne

Jen'ari Empire - Darth Vyrassu

#1902518 A New Junction [Mandalorian Empire dominion of Feriae Junction]

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 01:12 AM

I posted this over my previous post, because rum. ;) Sorry for the confusion.


Location : Junction
Objective : Get Back Here!
Engaging : Amun

Kaine's reactions were enough to save him from harm, though the Assassin made good his escape from the rooftop. Even if he hadn't sensed the danger, a blind Mandalorian could see the threat of a thrown item. 

The Australis Alor rocketed into the air on his repulsors, in hot pursuit. The thermal detonator bloomed behind him in a rosy sphere of blinding light that carved out a hole in the roof of the building they'd been atop only moments before.

The Assassin was fast. Damned fast. Agile too, Kaine was glad to have the advantage of flight as he tracked the Kyuzo's flight through the streets. Unfortunately for the assassin, Kaine was also a Force user, and could keep a sense of his target. He flew high, letting the assassin expend energy in a fruitless evasion.

Let him think his speed and disguises made him safe.

Kaine kept to the heights, and avoided line of sight to the assassin where possible, though he kept close in case the fellow disappeared below ground and he had to go down and follow.

He commed the others.

::I've got the target. Let me handle this. Secure the area, get the Mand'alor and the Alor seen to.::

Run, chakaar. Kaine thought. Run as fast as you can. I'm coming for you.

The chase was on, like some video game about assassins, Kaine kept out of sight but within range of his target, awaiting the opportune moment to strike.

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#1902164 The Beast of Borleias (refit)

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 January 2019 - 09:58 AM



  • Intent: A command ship for the Mandalorian navy
  • Image Source: Link - Link
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: The Beast of Borleias (pls archive)


  • Manufacturer: MandalArms
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: The Mandalorian Empire (Kaine Australis)
  • ProductionUnique 
  • Material: Turadium, Dallorian Alloy, Doonium, Kyber Crystals, Agrinium, Circuitry






  • Multiple advanced comms and sensor systems make the vessel very resistant to jamming
  • Heavily armed and well protected
  • Axial proton beam has massive damage potential at full charge
  • Large crew and troop complement make boarding difficult


  • Extremely slow at sublight speeds
  • Very sluggish to turn and maneuver or re-orient
  • Main weapon requires charge time during which it cannot fire
  • Damage to main reactor will cause almost certain destruction due to massive power requirements

One of MandalArms' most ambitious designs to date, the personal New Republic flagship of Kaine Australis was based on a previous design for the Mandalorian Empire, but more powerful, and even more ambtious in size and scope. Named for his homeworld, Kaine wanted to ensure the vessel bearing the world's name was a formidable and strong bastion for the forces of good. Following Kaine's return to Mandalorian space, he brought the immense flagship with him, and had it refitted with the latest technology for service with the Mandalorian Empire's navy.
The extreme size of the vessel allows for extensive crew facilities even when taking into account that a majority of the superstructure is devoted to power generation, propulsion and the main armament. With such a large crew that it could be considered a colony in itself, the ship is actually a design successor to the Orbital Garrison, and the Dutchman's Bane sharing both the axial proton beam cannon, and the significant population. 

This vessel, with its more advanced internal systems and upgraded firepower, is much more powerful, and has a far more streamlined internal design. With the "north" pole of the sphere containing the main command bridge, while the south pole is the emitter aperture for the proton beam, the rest of the huge vessel is a skeletal-like structure of massive power conduits and reactor complexes. 

Outside these conduits are the living quarters, armories, barracks, and recreational sections for the ship's complement. Hangars and maintenance bays are located on the outer hull, around the equatorial trench-like section which also contains the sublight engines. Such a massive vessel requires a massive hyperdrive, and the ship was built around not only the colossal cannon, but the colossal drive systems and power generation.

Located in a heavily radiation shielded section deep in the core of the vessel is the armored battle bridge. From here, so long as connections are not severed, a commander can survive the destruction of the ostentatious main bridge in relative safety. Located near the reactors however, he will be relatively incinerated should they suffer damage; such a high powered system is immeasurably unwelcoming to external damage.

The outer hull is heavy Doonium plating, with decent shields to protect against external attack. The internal workings are mostly Turadium, with Agrinium shielding around the reactors and conduits, as well as the massive capacitance banks, sheeted in heat-resistant Dallorian Alloy.

The weapons systems are the most powerful and devastating available in the MandalArms arsenal to date. Each "quarter" of the sphere mounts a Fuzz Ray or Advanced Gravitic Cannon, giving the vessel a heavy punch along eight separate vectors. Batteries of heavy megamasers augment the vessel's ranged punch. The hull is dotted with less powerful but still formidable plasma and particle beam turrets capable of engaging enemy capital ships, and more numerous and smaller point defense and railgun weapons, better suited to deal with fighters and bombers.


The Beast's fangs are very very large and thus this colossal sphere of doom is a beast to her enemies, and those who would stand against freedom, a rampaging titan for the forces of Mandalore.

#1902155 Infernal Crusade: Salute You (ME Rescue of Slaves on Ciutric IV)

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 January 2019 - 09:36 AM

Ciutric IV

Interesting plan, Kaine mused, but he kept that to himself, and grunted his assent, no need to waste words. They all knew their jobs. The Night Witches slipped past, heading off into the city. Able to pose holographically as anything they pleased, they didn't need help getting past the guards. The supply entrance was their way in, so that was where they needed to be.

A bunch of Mandalorians would have a tougher time, and tougher still as a posse. It was time to split up. Kaine undid a belt pouch and pulled out a flask.

Kad forgive me. He said, then splashed some of the precious tihaar on his arms and chest. Then, flask in hand, affecting a stagger, and a winding course, he made for the Arena. 


Once he was in the open, the guards that looked his way looked him over for a moment or two, then went back to ignoring him, having classified a drunk Mandalorian about his own business not worthy of their time. For all intents and purposes, he was invisible, just another spectator late to the arena, and due to his boozing.

Annoyed that duty meant he couldn't and shouldn't sample the tihaar himself, Kaine focused on being drunk but not obnoxiously so, making his way into the ever thickening crowd, and into the Arena...


Now, to get somewhere he could be useful. He was just one Mandalorian in the eclectic collection of beings that made up the Arena's specators. There were guards, and observers, he saw, advantaged by his 360 degree vision and terrain-penetrating radar, along with various other sonic probes. He was beginning to build a picture of the layout of the Arena, which was instantly uplinked to the rest of the team.

::Nice place.:: Kaine muttered into the comm. ::Lot of goons though.::

Enemies : Darth Banshee The Prowler Bailey Tyesko 
Allies : Ambrose Cadera Kalmann Ordo Nicair Claden Mig Gred

#1902152 Homecoming

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 January 2019 - 09:07 AM

Kaine managed to greet Yasha with a kiss on the cheek and grab up some of the spicy food, which actually went well with the tihaar, before they were swamped in their friends. It happened from time to time, word spread that the pub was on, and everyone turned up. He supposed he shouldn't have expected to be able to hide here in the capital. Resigned to it being a ribald social occasion instead of a quiet drink, he gave way to Mandalorian inertia.

Chef did good, ner cyar'ika. Kaine smiled at Yasha, giving her a look that was half sympathy that she wouldn't get to partake in the inebriation, half jealousy that she got to stay out of the shenanigans.


He winked, then turned to began greeting those who had arrived to share in the occasion. He nodded politely to Tuulu, not speaking to the Gurlanin who he still suspected wished to eat him.

Mig, grab a seat ner vod. Plenty of room. The patrons of the bar had indeed made way, out of respect to Kaine, and then to Yasha herself, giving the tables nearby up to the growing gathering.


Shia, not quite. Kaine gave his comrade in arms a wink. It was such among those Mando'ade who had served together in battle. He waved her to the table.


And here's Beth! Kaine stood to give her a hug across the table. Good to see you. He leaned close and whispered. You might have to help Yasha with me later. And then leaned back and winked impishly, grinning from ear to ear in genuine happiness.


He was so happy, he let Darlyn pat him and took it with good humour and mirth instead of lifting the fellow from the ground and asking if he'd taken leave of his senses. Instead Kaine laughed and mumbled something about old fossils still having big teeth, slapping the cheeky lad on the back.

Kaine raised his bottle, returning the salute of Nicair, his vod that he spotted across the room, and was about to wave him over when Kal, the Mando'ad they'd spirited away from Ciutric's Slave Pits, wandered up. He didn't lack for brass, that was for sure. Part of Kaine wanted to cuff him around the ear, part to buy him a drink. He settled for sitting back in his chair and raising the fresh bottle that had materialised there.


You've gotta admit, it's better company than you were keeping when we pulled you out of that hole on Ciutric, ner vod. Kaine winked, this pup wasn't the only one that could be cheeky.

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#1902082 Playing With The Big Boys Now - TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex OOC

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 January 2019 - 02:05 AM

Good times. Sorry about the ending, but have to live to fight another day!



#1901703 Homecoming

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 January 2019 - 08:47 AM

Sundari City, Noon
Side street, out of the way Cantina


"Korkus's" was the name on the handpainted wooden sign outside the medium-sized cantina in a medium-decent section of the capital city of Mandalore. Times had been good, but the owner was tight with his credits even in the good times, and the place was about half full. As he got closer, Kaine saw that some wit had scratched "Abandon all hope ye who enter". He chuckled, doubting that Korkus, whoever he was, had even noticed.

He pushed his way through the shabby half-doors and into the main room, walking to the bar. A couple of vode made room for him at the bar. Kaine nodded appreciatively. 

No need for that, ner vod, just here to drink. The Mandos chuckled, and went back to minding their own business. Kaine was just here to drink, and they all understood the tone. The bartender overheard, and came over with a bottle of tihaar. Kaine exchanged it for a credstick, and the bartender's eyes widened at the amount.

Keep them coming. The young man nodded. Yes sir. Kaine walked across and found a corner table had been vacated. Some nods from the crowd told him that it was deliberate. He returned the nods, sighing. So much for anonymity. Still, they left him alone as he sat down, and took off his buy'ce to drink.

Go on, he thought, have a look at the new scar. It was a decent one, courtesy of Koda Fett's blaster, on Ossus. It had healed into a thick line from eyeline to behind the ear.

Kaine took up the tihaar and drank deeply, enjoying the burn. He didn't cough, though he wanted to. Not in front of the troops. A grin and a belch drew a few oya's, but the crowd left him alone, minding their own business. Kaine was here to drink, and drink he would.



#1901692 Biscuits, biscuits, biscuits

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 January 2019 - 08:16 AM

sabrina The armies of the Tim Tam legions will march over you.

#1901688 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 January 2019 - 07:55 AM

The Csilla System
Post : 15
Allies : Hrm
Enemies : TSE Darth Carnifex Erin Tenel Darth Hashira Vilaz Munin Aitir Kor'sa 
Vandra Zambrano Ahani Zambrano 
Objective : Endex
Engaging : 

Hollow. That best described how he felt at that moment.


A great golden armored hand grabbed him by the shoulder, and pulled him along. Kaine went, almost numb, as the shock and horror began to set in. Shouts and yells from the Mando'ade to retreat, to pull back to the ship fell on deaf ears, as the Alor was half-dragged by Leonidas and one of the other Legio Copad. They were a much diminished fighting force, but their time had run out.

Fire rained down from the sky, blasting the surface between the Mandalorian and their escape ship, and the Sith forces on Csilla's surface, as Dominus Astra hammered a barrage down to aid their retreat. Fleet elements tractored aboard some minor bits of debris from the Behemoth as the big ship did its work.




The Australis Alor took no joy in the destruction of enemy forces, as he once would have, no satisfaction. They had more than achieved their goals at Csilla, yet he felt the terrible weight of the unvarnished truth, as Ahani had showed it to him. He had sorely miscalculated the depths of Sith iniquity and malevolence. Badly so. He had made his entire family into a target, through his own actions. As a soldier, that cut to the deepest fears, and for Kaine, memories of what had happened to his family after he had been lost on Korriban. He hadn't been able to protect them.

The Mando'ade boarded the Scythe, which was able to quickly collect them from the frozen surface, and race away to space, covered by the small but formidable flotilla. They had been careful not to tangle directly with Sith forces, allowing their enemies to focus on the Jen'ari.


Kaine got aboard with the rest of the survivors. Far too many had given their lives for this. He looked around at the solemn, serious faces, and all he saw there was disapproval. Though that was far from the truth, Kaine in his melancholy saw only the negative that he expected to see.

He saw only the long, hard struggle to come, and for the first time, wondered if it truly was too powerful an enemy to overcome. For a being as confident as Kaine Australis, that was a depth to sink to, indeed. The scars of Csilla would not be physical ones, and they would not heal. The Mandalorians had won a small victory, to be sure.

But the price. The terrible, terrible price. That thought haunted the Australis Alor as the flotilla escaped to hyperspace. That was the signal for the rest of the fleet elements to clear out of Csilla space, making coreward, for their rendezvous, and long journey back to friendlier space.




Darth Vyrassu

OOC : Thanks for having me as part of this to everyone involved, it's been a lot of fun, look forward to next time.

#1901590 My thoughts about "Biscuits"

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 January 2019 - 06:18 AM



#1901587 My thoughts about "Biscuits"

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 January 2019 - 06:08 AM

sabrina FOOLS! BEHOLD!



You can use TimTams as a drinking straw. Uncultured doesn't even begin to cover it!

#1901584 My thoughts about "Biscuits"

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 January 2019 - 06:01 AM





#1901577 My thoughts about "Biscuits"

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 January 2019 - 05:36 AM

Veiere Arenais They are the pinnacle of the biscuit world. :)