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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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#1772074 Sssuggestion: Ssspeciesss rank titlesss

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 09:13 AM

Cradossk Say Hsssssisssssssss!

#1772045 The Great Rank Title Question

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 08:31 AM


#1771926 Nibsani's Big Friend

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 01:43 AM





  • Intent: A personal flagship for Nibsani Australis
  • Image Source: Link Link
  • Canon Link: Battlecruiser
  • Restricted Missions: None
  • Primary Source: None



  • Classification: Battlecruiser
  • Length: 5000 meters
  • Width: 700 meters
  • Height: 600 meters
  • Armament Extreme
    Forward facing superheavy proton beam
  • DefensesExtreme
    Primary molecular shields
    Secondary particle deflector
    Layered ablative armor
  • Hangar None 
  • Maneuverability Rating Average
  • Speed Rating: Average
  • Hyperdrive ClassAverage: 2 


  • Large dorsal observation decks
  • Luxurious command bridge
  • Executive guest quarters
  • Crew quarters
  • Galley
  • Cargo Holds
  • Barracks
  • Armory
  • Dovin Basal anti-intruder defences
  • Artificial Gravity
  • Socketguard
  • Missile Deactivation Transmitter
  • Communication Wave De-scrambler
  • Encryption Module
  • Frequency Jammer
  • Holonet Transceiver
  • Hyperwave Transceiver
  • Life Support
  • Inertial Damper
  • Life Form Indicator
  • Aural Sensor
  • Com-scan
  • Hyperwave Signal Interceptor
  • Life Form Indicator
  • Long-range Sensors
  • Targeting Laser
  • Targeting Sensor
  • Tri-Tracker
  • Wide-range Sensor
  • Anti-ion Emission Tracer
  • De-Ionizer


  • MBE-1
  • HIMS
  • Missile Deactivation Transmitters


  • MBE-1 provides access to jam resistant comms and sensor network
  • Devastating long range damage potential
  • Resistant to boarding and slicing attempts


  • No starfighter complement or point defences
  • Elegant and ostentatious design is vulnerable to damage to the dorsal transparisteel sections if shields are breached


Described by the head of MandalArms R&D as both "A pleasure barge with a gun attached" and "Another of that chakaar Kaine's kriffing shabla vanity projects".

Despite the unrest in the upper echelons of MandalArms, this project was treated with the professionalism and attention to detail, as well as production quality the galaxy had come to expect from Mandalore.

With an elegant Alusteel hull, and significant dorsal transparisteel windows, her upper hull is definitely the structural weakpoint. A thick Mandalorian steel frame braces the vessel, with dallorian alloy and agrinium in significant quantities around the massive proton beam cannon. Most of the vessel's lower decks are taken up by the ship's only offensive armament, as well as the massive capacitance banks, sturm dowel overload chambers, and power reactors.

Built sleek and long, this elegant, almost needle shaped vessel packs a powerful punch, and retains some degree of agility, while maintaining excellent shields for protection. Able to make Nibsani feel both safe and powerful while in relative comfort, this vessel is a suitable gift of affection from General Kaine himself to a young lady he very much wants to make happy.

#1771549 Attack on Ukio

Posted by Kaine Australis on 19 April 2018 - 11:10 AM

Adron Malvern



#1771460 Fighting Tournament - Round1 - Kaine vs Rex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 19 April 2018 - 08:44 AM

The crowd, the noise, the smells, they all faded; as the familiar lull of combat washed over the General. There was no more arena, no more stands, no more sky. Just Kaine, Rex, the weapons in their hands, and the space between them. The old general was focused on the fight now, to the exclusion of all else. He was going to need every trick in his book to prevail here. No time for talk.

Rex darted right, then swung his staff. Kaine had to be careful, Rex had the reach advantage, and he was younger and faster to boot. Not good. And he was coming at Kaine's offhand side. Worse.

Kaine's left hand with the hooked crossguard blade came up and met the Staff, beskar met songsteel, and knocked the follow up strike off course. As he threw the block, Kaine twisted his body to the left and slashed with Kad'Kyramud in his right hand, a tip slash, he didn't want to amputate Rex's legs, downward from right across Rex's lower legs.

Rex Taff

#1771390 Single Blue Twi'lek

Posted by Kaine Australis on 19 April 2018 - 06:19 AM

Kaine's ship was just coming into view by the time Nibsani mentioned mischief. He got the distinct feeling Caz was going to like this spunky young thing as much as he did. At least he hoped it wasn't just his hopes overriding his good sense. They'd find out soon enough, however. Kaine let go of Nibsani's arm as they approached the ship, though he did let his hand glide down to give her hand what he hoped was a reassuring squeeze before letting go.


Mischief is sort of encouraged where we come from. Forget what you've heard, you're about to enter a whole other world.

The sleek and relatively new Mandalorian transport sat unattended and unmolested on its landing pad where it had been left. Detecting no signs of tampering, Kaine popped the hatch and helped Nibsani into the small freighter-like craft. Inside there was a small galley, couches, and a two-person cockpit. Kaine made his way to the pilot's seat, and began powering up.

This ship is just a basic model, we wanted to get in and out of Nar Shaddaa unannounced. Mandalorian designs tend to attract all sorts of attention. No weapons on this one, but she goes like a rocket. We should probably strap in.


Kaine engaged his safety belt, and then ensured Nibsani was safely secured.

Next stop, Myrkr.

Kaine engaged the startup sequence, which closed the hatch and began charging the repulsorlifts and sublight thrusters. After only a minute or so, the indicators began going green, and Kaine fed power to the drives, and burned for space, leaving the Smuggler's Moon well behind them in a trail of exhaust...


#1771385 Fighting Tournament - Round1 - Kaine vs Rex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 19 April 2018 - 05:54 AM

Ah Rexy. Kaine really liked the smart and capable Chiss vod. He was certainly not on Kaine's list of people to fight by choice. That weapon of his was as formidable as Rex's mind. Dangerous combination.Kaine watched Rexy flourish his staff and grinned across as his comments.


I'm ready. What say we make this to first blood? Kaine's voice boomed out. The mics and holocams would pick it up easily.


A handful of meters separated them. Kaine looked around a little theatrically at the crowd, then ripped the detachable crossguard off his Kad'Kyramud, giving him an extra weapon in his left hand. It brought another cheer from the crowd, and Kaine took that as his signal to advance. He began sidestepping to his right, slowly but surely inching closer to his opponent as he moved around him, sword held in his right hand, hooked blade in his left. 


Ready when you are. 


Watching for an opening, Kaine was circling Rex like a hungry Karkarodon...

Rex Taff

#1771376 Attack on Ukio! [ME Vs GE]

Posted by Kaine Australis on 19 April 2018 - 05:24 AM


Ukio System


Location : Hopefully far enough outside the Ukio system to remain undetected by things inside the Ukio system.


Mandalore was rebuilt, and her people were coming home. The thing with people, even Mandos, was that they occasionally needed to eat. When your planet was burnt to a crisp, it tended to cause food shortages. Imports kept famine at bay, but they weren't a permanent solution. In typical Mandalorian style, when they needed something they couldn't make themselves, and couldn't or wouldn't buy, they nicked it.

Ukio was one of the breadbaskets of the galaxy, covered in agriculture. A few stones' throw from the Mandalore Sector, it was a tempting target. And so, the Mandalorians, led by Skosk Fett and Kaine Australis, had come to take by force.

With no Admiral Ozzel's in the ME fleet, the Mandalorian force came out of lightspeed well short of the Ukio system, a few light hours out, from where the Ukio primary star appeared just another star in the sky full of them, somewhat brighter than the others. Into the black of what was essentially deep space, came first Kaine's contingent.

Kaine's flagship exited hyperspace first, followed by a Concordia-class carrier. Then a pair of Pygmy-class coordinators came out alongside, accompanied by four Dxun-class Cruisers. In front of this fleet, a dozen Missile Corvettes provided escort.

On the bridge of his flagship, Kaine looked out over the task force who had been briefed as to the operational plan, and watched as a single squadron launched, ready to jump into the Ukio system and have a look what was waiting for the Mando'ade.


The 12 fighters streaked away from their carrier and each jumped away on individual vectors, taking them into the Ukio system, at various points around the target world, from where they could scout out the enemy...



Kaine Australis

#1771364 Planet Protectorate Mandate

Posted by Kaine Australis on 19 April 2018 - 04:40 AM

Valiens Nantaris Let's not be hasty, certain people might have to do actual work!

#1771333 A Hela Good Time (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Hela (AE22)

Posted by Kaine Australis on 19 April 2018 - 02:34 AM

Objective 1
Location : Hela System

Engaging : Ivor Eyes Inquaart

Aboard the XC-1 cruiser, Kaine saw his attack succeed, and then Rory and Yasha's attacks rocked the big ship. Kaine's ship, however, didn't emerge unscathed. Turbolaser and Ion fire bracketed the cruiser even as she banked away from her attack, and the damage was done. Kaine's bridge crew reported the malaise.

Main weapon is offline. Cloak is not reponsive.

Kriff it! Kaine swore. He'd planned on taking more than one shot. In a moment, he threw the plan out the window.

Kaine stood and looked to the XO.

You're in command. Call back the remaining attack cruisers to escort you back to the fleet.

The XO came over and stood by the command chair. His face wasn't happy.

You're not.

Kaine nodded, and headed for the door.

I am.

The General exited the bridge, and went straight to the nearest escape pod. He got in, primed it, and launched himself towards the hole where the Lady Edith's hangar had been.


Turbolaser fire streaked out past him, but the pod made it, just. Kaine got it up against a surviving bulkhead and cut himself a hole with the thruster, before blowing himself out of the pod and through the hole, into the Edith.


Magnetising his boots, Kaine stood in a hallway, with the rush of air cut going past him about to be cut off by emergency bulkheads coming down at either end of the hall. The general broke into a sprint, and slid under one just before it closed. He was inside. He'd made it.


Kaine's here!

Now to find Rory. Outside, the three remaining Galidraan-class ships broke off their attack on the Edith's stern, and formed up around the damaged XC-1, shepherding the vessel back towards Auriana's fleet, and safety.


Yasha Mantis Gerarich Thanor Quoron Mantis Ivor Eyes Inquaart

#1770809 Fighting Tournament - Round1 - Kaine vs Rex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 18 April 2018 - 09:29 AM

Kaine saw the draw for the fights and swore. His own aliit vod; Rex. No slouch a fighter, and a lot smarter than Kaine. This wasn't going to be an easy task, no not at all. Kaine had really wanted the huge Fett, or the Sith. Oh well, he thought, a fight's a fight.

The General, clad in only a simple black outfit of pants and a sleeveless leather vest, his sword in his right hand, strode out of the tunnel and into the arena.


No helmet, and simple black combat boots. No tech, no distractions. No entrance music. Just a mando'ad and his blade.

A cheer went up from the large black and green clad Australis contingent in the stands, and was generally joined in with. A noted exception was a section of Mando'ade who roundly booed and jeered. Kaine looked over to see for an insignia; Fetts. Kaine gave the Fett contingent a one fingered salute, to raucuous laughter and jeers from the rest of the crowd, redoubling the abuse from the erstwhile Vhett mando'ade.

Kaine extended Kad'Kyramud's blade and waited for Rexy to make his entrance.


Rex Taff

#1770786 Fighting Tournament - The Arena (ME welcome. PM for invite.)

Posted by Kaine Australis on 18 April 2018 - 08:46 AM




The giant arena was packed to the rafters. Spectators from all over Mandalore and all over the galaxy flocked to watch the fighting spectacle that was about to begin. This first round battle would be one for the ages.

Viewing stands ringed the large arena floor. Hanging from above were massive vidscreens and holo displays showing the fights from every possible angle, thanks to holocams and drone cams. Other screens displayed the tournament rules and the matchups.



Fighters may bring;

  • Suitable clothing; nothing stronger than standard leather
  • One or two melee weapons
  • A non-tech helmet

Fighters are prohibited from utilizing;

  • Ranged weapons
  • The Force
  • Armor
  • Any non-melee weapon technology




Security was airtight. Non Empire personnel were shuttled in from the outer system, and subject to rigourous search, scan and security measures. Mandalorians were everywhere, on the streets, in the stands, on the rooftops, and very visibly armed. Above the city, fighters flew combat patrols, firing off flares occasionally to the delight of crowds below.

In the stands, refreshments and food were available, to feed and quench the hungry and thirsty hordes of Manda'yaim who had come to watch this most ancient and honourable of martial contests. The fight cards were full, the fighters had arrived.

It was time for the games to begin!




9v7 Ayhia Katar vs Kurenai Yumi
10v15 Skosk Fett vs Darth Imperium
4v12 Strider Garon vs Rory Baccus
13v2 Ronen Jeric vs Coratanni Cartel
14v8Jada Raxis vs Tonka Fett
1v3 Kaine Australis vs Rex Taff
16v5 Sigrid Forsberg vs Loreena Arenais
6v11 Garrus Garon vs Anderit Rinaren

#1770774 Fighting Tournament - Round1 - Kaine vs Rex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 18 April 2018 - 08:32 AM


The giant arena was packed to the rafters. Spectators from all over Mandalore and all over the galaxy flocked to watch the fighting spectacle that was about to begin. This first round battle would be one for the ages.

Kaine Australis (1) versus Rex Taff (3)

Good luck and fight with honour.

#1770772 Fighting Tournament - Round1 - Ronen vs The Cartel

Posted by Kaine Australis on 18 April 2018 - 08:30 AM


The giant arena was packed to the rafters. Spectators from all over Mandalore and all over the galaxy flocked to watch the fighting spectacle that was about to begin. This first round battle would be one for the ages.

Ronen Jerec (13) versus Coratanni Cartel (2)

Good luck and fight with honour.

#1770753 Single Blue Twi'lek

Posted by Kaine Australis on 18 April 2018 - 07:22 AM

Mercifully, Kaine and Nibsani weren't delayed on their exit from the cantina. That was a nice bonus, thought Kaine, who'd been having visions of fifty armed goons lurking around every corner, as had been the case on several previous visits to Nar Shaddaa. Kaine heard the word bounty, and mentally shrugged. Everyone picked one up sooner or later.

A quick check on the Bounty Hunters Guild net showed Kaine everything he needed to know. Half a million credits, some quality holos, and a full description. Bad, but not to a Mando'ade.

Nice reward! Kaine chuckled. Don't worry. We'll handle this.

Kaine put his free hand to his buy'ce to indicate he was using comms, and contacted the two vode he'd left in the cantina.

::Carid, Australis, Kaine here.::

Kaine heard mutters and a muted laugh on the other end. He wasn't in the mood. Clearly they'd made some assumptions about his discreet exit with Nibsani on his arm and were amused.

::You two jokers, if you're not too busy with amateur comedy hour, trail us and if we've picked up any admirers, discourage them for us. Australis, our new friend has some unwanted local fame.::

Kaine's mention of the clan, and the choice of words told the other mandos the score. The term "our" new friend meant they were looking after one of their own. Had Kaine said "my" new friend, their assumptions earlier would have been correct. Still, Australis on the other end needed confirmation.

Our new friend, General? His voice wasn't mirthful anymore. Messing with some twi'lek dancer, that was one thing. Messing with Clan Australis. That wasn't something to be ignored or treated lightly. Kaine disabused them both of any doubts.

::She's with us. Get it done. I'll catch you both next visit. Kaine out.:: He cut the connection and turned towards Nibsani, still walking.

Ok, the boys are going to check for a tail, and make it go away if it's there. We're nearly to the ship. We can just burn for space and head to Mando territory. No bounty hunter is going there with bad intentions on a whim, so it's safe enough.

Not far now, up another stair, and two more blocks and we're at the landing pad.

Kaine continued to hold Nibsani's arm, firmly, but gently as they walked. He wanted to reassure her that he wasn't going to let bad things happen to her. Not here on Nar Shaddaa. Not kriffing again, if he had any say in the matter.