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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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#1918141 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 25 February 2019 - 07:56 AM

Many thanks to Darth Metus Srina Talon and the CIS Staff
Spencer Jacobs Darth Tacitus Derek Dib Allya Vi'Dreya Cardinal Vi'dreya Elessar Talon Caesar Kenway Scherezade deWinter and anyone else I didn't get a chance to RP with this time, thanks for your efforts.

#1918119 Bandomeer Asteroid Concern

Posted by Kaine Australis on 25 February 2019 - 04:29 AM


The Bandomeer Asteroid Concern


  • Intent: To create a new RP location and boost the ionite supply to the Mandalorian Empire
  • ‚ÄčImage Credit: Link1 - Link2 - Link3
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: MandalBioEng

YVsbq6g.jpgThe Asteroid Fields of Bandomeer


  • Mine Name: Bandomeer Asteroid Concern
  • Material: Ionite
  • Location: Bandomeer
  • Affiliation: Mandalorian Empire
  • Size: Massive
  • Accessibility: Freely accessible through the public station, mining zones are restricted and dangerous.
  • Description: A pair of large rocky asteroids, one a well appointed asteroid base, with habitation and commercial enclaves as well as administration and transport hubs. The other is a specially designed industrial zone like no other. It is comprised primarily of organisms specifically designed and grown to purpose, allowing for the mining and transport of ionite without interference with standard technology.


BAC Complex - A steel and transparisteel clad asteroid base, housing the mine's administration, infrastructure, and oversight. Security is based here, as well as the other mechanisms required to maintain an operation of this magnitude. The mine's staff live and work in this complex, as it is far too dangerous to proceed into the fields with standard technology.
The Organoplex - An asteroid, hollowed out for purpose, containing an MBE Yammosk-analog that acts as a central controller for the mining operations. Here are where biots are regrown as replacements, and where biomass of damaged or dying biots is reabsorbed where necessary.

The Fields - Marked out by organophosphorous warning markers, the asteroid fields around Bandomeer are lit and clearly visible to space traffic, of which there is very little. Long known as an area to avoid, the fields are efficiently zoned, mined, and cleared by the organic creatures that carry out BAC's asteroid mining works.



The Organoplex


Medium - Private security contracted to the mineworks itself provide both their own police force and handle perimiter security for the mining complex. The infrastructure is monitored by perimiter sensors and a holocam network. All security is located on the main BAC asteroid.
First concieved of after the events that saw Yasha Cadera become Mand'alor, such an ambitious project took time to come to fruition. Mandalore's terraforming project came first in priority and funding. 

The world was rejuvenated, for the most part, and this allowed other projects offworld to begin recieving funding that up to then had been dedicated to environmental renewal. A key strategic resource was beskar, conveniently located on the homeworld. After that, ionite was among the most valuable natural resources in Mandalorian space, and the highly secured Bandomeer system was reinforced.

Existing mining efforts had always existed on Bandomeer. Difficult and dangerous to mine, the miners always took heavy profits from their endeavours, when not being forced to toil for this or that imperial power. BAC took a new approach, utilizing entirely organic biots for the mining effort, removing entirely the risk of electronic interference. Likewise, the previously untapped riches of the system's asteroids were now open to plunder. Thus the Mandalorian efforts left the surface miners to eke out their own existence, while they took the lion's share, able to safely mine the system's asteroid riches.

A large rocky asteroid was cleared of ionite the old fashioned way, and converted for use as a headquarters, and habitation station. Over time, this station grew into the main commercial port for the BAC operation.

A second asteroid nearby was also cleared of ionite, and it was here that MandalBioEng went to work. A large yammosk-analog was installed within the asteroid which became known as the organoplex, as organisms large and small took up residence, each designed and grown for purpose. All were controlled from the central creature, which kept in telepathic contact with all.

The medium sized drones are the size of starfighters, and they moved about the asteroid fields like shepherds, utilizing dovin basals to redirect chunks of ionite-rich rock towards the huge corvette sized organisms, which hung in space like great balloons, and had long thick tentacles with hardened ball-like tips. These swung together, crushing the rock ever smaller. Dovin basals were used to move the dust-like material together as the large creatures moved on, and it was then that the smallest creatures went to work. As numerous as ants in a hive, and near as industrious, they divert streams of ionite or refuse to the requisite areas of the mining zone. The refuse dust is either discarded into waste zones, or diverted directly into the molecular furnaces of the HQ station when required to replenish resources.

The incredibly efficient system has access to quantities of ionite far in excess of what was previously thought possible, as the asteroid fields have long been considered too risky to mine. Much of the excess ionite mined is stockpiled by the Mandalorian Empire, with the true scale of the operation kept quiet, so as not to depress the price of the commodity on the galactic stage.

Appearing to the outside as a fairly normal mining operation, it is not until one gets close enough to see the living creatures in action that one realises this is a mining operation like no other.

#1918117 Weaknesses and TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS

Posted by Kaine Australis on 25 February 2019 - 04:27 AM

Allya Vi'Dreya

From Starship Templates


For technical statistics start with all values at Average for a Mass-Produced vessel. For every increase either:

Reduce the Production Value
Reduce another statistic (e.g. increase speed, decrease defensive rating)
Provide balance with genuine weaknesses


So yes, i think you could add a genuine weakness and gain a value. I have done this myself in the past.

#1917771 New Board Admin

Posted by Kaine Australis on 24 February 2019 - 03:34 AM

Jairus Starvald

Congratulations and well done! Well deserved.

Now, about those Hypergates....

#1917747 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 24 February 2019 - 01:04 AM

Post : 10
Tags : Darth Metus Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs Elessar TalonTathra Khaeus Scherezade deWinter Allya Vi'Dreya
Engaging : Derek Dib
Allies : Valdus Bral Mig Gred Azure Djitred Fedrig Cynthia Solus + ME Mandos
Objective : End this delightful dance

Clan Australis fought on alongside the forces that had come to relieve the belegeuared Echani defenders of their homeworld against the onslaught that had been brought to the planet by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Led by a Dark Lord of the Sith, no less, they had come with fire and sword. They'd assaulted the planetary capital, and in trying to drive the Mandalorians out, the battle that ensued had wrecked the place.


Fighters continued to duel above the area, and assault speeders supported the remaining ground forces, who continued to fight on against the Confederacy's droids and other forces, utilizing support fire from the skybuddy drones where needed. Kaine Australis, though, was about to be put out of this fight.

Kaine had an instant of satisfaction as his blade bit through weapon and then armour and then soldier, but it was perilously short-lived. First he felt the Force surge from his opponent, then the overwhelming danger sense from the weapon he held.

Oh shab, no. The shabla Isotope-5 power cell. This was going to hurt.

Releasing the magclamp, Kaine pulled the weapon free of Derek Dib, and threw it with everything he had towards the remaining enemy; Lucian.

The blast that followed was enough to level the nearby walls. It hit Kaine like a thunder hammer, sending him off skyward. Like a ragdoll, he hit several spires and tips of ruined building facades on his way. The pain was immense, his senses were shot, and he was totally helpless to save himself, his systems having been temporarily shocked by the nearby detonation of the weapon's power cell. Random attempts to blink command the repulsor boots into halting his headlong tumble only made it worse. HUDs could have a downside when they or the user or both malfunctioned.

He flew rather a long way, bouncing several more times, before finally clearing a boggy swamp, and landing near one of the Australis-controlled field hospitals set up for evacuation of the civilians. Several Mandalorians raced over to aid the smoking, concussed Alor.

Kaine managed to croak from under the buy'ce. Help.

They helped, carrying him to a transport, which lifted off with fighter escort to the waiting hospital in orbit above. Clan Australis had some of the finest medtechs available, and they were well versed in patching up their Alor.



For Kaine at least. The Mandalorian ground and air forces fought on, continuing to engage CIS targets that were clearly identified.



#1917719 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 23 February 2019 - 10:58 PM

Post : 9
Tags : Darth Metus Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs Elessar TalonTathra Khaeus Scherezade deWinter Allya Vi'Dreya
Engaging : Derek Dib
Allies : Valdus Bral Mig Gred Azure Djitred Fedrig Cynthia Solus + ME Mandos
Objective : Duel Derek Deftly

The Mandalorian reinforcements continued to arrive, balancing the air battle above the ruined and burning city. Fury-class fighters were joined by the droidbombers that arrived in numbers, making strikes on the Eclipse and other enemy corvette-sized dropships. Having expended their ordnance on enemy capital ships on their first runs, the Droidbombers added their assault laser cannons to the battle, while the ion cannons of the Fury-class fighters criss-crossed the sky.

The skybuddy drones kept up their fire where needed to support ground forces against enemy concentrations and strongpoints that still resisted. The Assault speeders supported the infantry with bursts from their cannon turrets. The battle raged across Eshan's sky, even as the surviving defenders and the Mandalorian ground forces fought on doggedly.


The two beings Kaine had engaged were no slouches. Already he was beginning to slow, the wounds he'd taken slowing his movements, his thoughts, and he knew that he couldn't go on forever. This had to end soon, or he'd be sleeping here on Eshan permanently. He fired his repulsor boots to get some altitude, but not quite fast enough.

Lucian's blasts hit home, melting the minirocket launcher, ruining it, though mercifully not detonating the magazine, which might have severed the forearm entirely. But the weapon was out of action, and Kaine had a blaster wound to his arm in addition to the fragments of grenade he was carrying.




Swearing as he flew up, Kaine's trajectory meant he approached Derek, but could utilize his 360 degree vision and AI-assisted targeting to fire behind him without turning. He fired twice, sending a pair of shots from the Cherub-III at Lucian. Kaine dropped at Derek, raising his chainblade Jaro'ciryc, in his left hand and striking downward at the head as he fell towards the enemy.

Come on then, fellow.


He'd get in close and finish this. The only way out, for Kaine, was through.



#1917338 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 23 February 2019 - 07:14 AM

Scherezade deWinter It was a lovely speech...

#1917303 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 23 February 2019 - 12:35 AM

Post : 8
Tags : Darth Metus Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs Elessar TalonTathra Khaeus Scherezade deWinter Allya Vi'Dreya
Engaging : Derek Dib
Allies : Valdus Bral Mig Gred Azure Djitred Fedrig + ME Mandos
Objective : Continue the dance

The shabla grenade hit Kaine a lot worse than it did Derek Dib. Fragments pinged off the plates, but some found armorweave and punched through, leaving Kaine bleeding in several places. He let the pain do its job, reminding him he was still alive to feel it, and to fight on. The enemy had split to come at him from two directions. Sensible. Still, he was far from unarmed, and he wasn't out of the fight just yet.

Cheeky chakaar. Kaine cursed the grenade user as he got up, having been thrown to the ground. 


Kaine levelled his left forearm at Lucian and let off a wristrocket, even as he aimed right with his Cherub-III and fired back at Derek, aiming for center mass once again.


Hiding's not going to save you.


No smartalec headshots, just wounding would do. Though he wished to be off to the palace, he knew taking out dangerous enemy targets helped the battle as much as his presence elsewhere would. Both surviving war forts had made landfall thanks to the heavy fighting in the sky above. They'd assist the final defence of the palace in holding off the Confederacy's murderous assault.

Units fought on, as battle took its toll on the Mandalorian and Echani forces defending Eshan from the invasion. Fighters flew above, dueling with Confederate fighters and droids. Drones continued in their support role, spending torpeodoes when needed, as the assault speeders used their point defence turrets to maximum effect. Their fierce resistance was about to be rewarded.


The first of Mandalore's heavy reinforcements came down in a wave, the droidbombers leading the charge. Their targets were the enemy ships now above the Palace. They were each carrying a pair of Baradium missiles. These were unleashed on the big ships, who would have little ability to maneuver so close to the surface.


The assault continued, with more troops and vehicles to be deployed, as the Mandalorian logistics caught up with the surprise invasion of Eshan. Time was on Mandalore's side, and it looked like the Confederacy were already beginning to pull out. With captives, Kaine had no doubt.




#1916980 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 22 February 2019 - 12:49 AM

Post : 7
Tags : Darth Metus Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs Elessar TalonTathra Khaeus Scherezade deWinter 
Engaging : Derek Dib
Allies : Valdus Bral Mig Gred Azure Djitred Fedrig + ME Mandos
Objective : Dance with the Derek

The Mandalorian had little time to enjoy the brief satisfaction of taking out one of his three targets. They were no slouches, the return fire came back almost immediately, and very nearly took him out in turn. He rose slightly to avoid, keeping his boots out of the line of fire, but taking a pair of blaster hits to the chestplace that thumped him back a little, scorching the paint as they slightly melted the beskar plate. Good shots, he noted.

Identifying his current opponents as larger threats than he'd first thought, Kaine charged through the air, closing the distance, jinking to avoid the fire that came his way.


Above, one of the three war forts was overcome by the concentration of enemy fire, and disintegrated in the air, charring its cargo of Ysalamiri to so much falling debris. The rest of the Mandalorian fire from the drones and assault speeder followed the CIS formations as they advanced into the ruined city, picking out targets carefully to avoid deliberate civilian casualties. Above them, Fury-class fighters continued to battle with Confederate droids and starfighters.

Reloading his pistol, Kaine unleashed a sonic attack when he came within range, the sonar systems of his Beskar'gam blasting out directed sound energy at several hundred decibels at the remaining two riflemen.


Enough to kill unprotected humans if they were horribly unlucky, and enough to disorient and distract, he hoped. Just so they didn't blow him away while he reloaded and approached. Pistol in one hand, chainblade in the other, Australis came on, ready for war, closing the distance between them.

He charged at the surviving riflemen with his weapons raised, left hand chopping Jaro'ciryc at one's shoulder with chainblade teeth roaring, right hand firing the freshly reloaded Cherub-III pistol in a double tap to the center mass at Derek Dib.

Kaine had a plan; attack. Buy time for the reinforcements to arrive, and end this battle in victory for the Mandalorian Empire.


#1916720 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 21 February 2019 - 08:14 AM

Post : 6
Tags : Darth Metus Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs Elessar TalonTathra Khaeus Scherezade deWinter 
Engaging : Derek Dib
Allies : Valdus Bral Mig Gred Azure Djitred Fedrig + ME Mandos
Objective : Deal with the shabuirim, rescue the remaining Echani

Warning lights lit up Kaine's HUD as he approached the Palace ruins. An enemy tractor beam was locking onto him. The AI had noted it and recommended a course of action, though tired, and starting to wear down from his earlier exertions, Kaine was an instant too slow with his repulsor, and the beam caught him well enough to end his flight, introducing him to the ground at a reasonable speed, moving him out of the line of the beam, but curtailing his flight.


It wasn't a lot of fun. His head rang, and his bones ached with the impact, which he had no doubt left plenty of bruises.

The War Fort the Mandalorians had dropped in recieved even worse mistreatment. The battering of the enemy starfighters' ramming attack was more than enough, the additional turbolaser bombardment turned it and its cargo of Ysalamiri to ash, along with a decent chunk of the area, turbolasers being less than discriminate when fired from above to the ground. It seemed the Confederacy were selective when it came to what constituted mass destruction, at least to Kaine. From above, undaunted by the destruction of the first Bral, three more deployed in a wider area across the palace ruin zone, where the AI was predicting the enemy forces were converging on. It was as good a location as any on this world.

Mandalorian and Echani troopers resisted courageously against the CIS assault. Flesh and blood stood against the droid hordes with distinction. The assault speeders and torpedoes continued to pick out their targets precisely, firing their cannons and torpedoes on CIS targets only, avoiding the civilian safe zones that were being marked out by the ME forces on the ground. Whatever the Confederacy said about them, some of the Mandalorians were doing their part to help the locals. That wasn't Kaine's task, though he'd help where he could.

Enemy reinforcements were arriving as quickly as friendlies


Fury-class fighters from the Mandalorian fleet dueled in the air with enemy aircraft and spacecraft. Down here, their speed counted for less than their maneuverability, something few enemy craft could match. Above and across from his falling place, Kaine saw enemy soldiers engaging a beast he recognized from the assault on Commenor. Well now, this was a turn up. And the beast was fighting the Confederacy as well as the Mando'ade this time, so much the better. Things that distracted the enemy were a bonus.


Kaine got to his feet reasonably quickly considering the hit he'd taken, and after a quick check of his systems, rocketed back into the air from between two buildings that still stood nearby, heading for his target of opportunity, a fellow that looked and sounded like he was leading the assault in this area.


The Mandalorian sent a comm back to the friendlies holding out in the Palace ruins.


::Confirmed Azure. Clan Australis is inbound. Hold tight, we're coming in.::

Cherub pistol raised, Kaine approached his target on repulsor boots, and engaged once he had a clear shot, firing on Derek Dib and his fellows, going for center mass.

This was where the fight was, and Kaine would not shirk his duty to his people, or his Mand'alor, nor waste the element of surprise. He knew how distracting Tathra Khaeus could be.

#1916283 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 20 February 2019 - 08:22 AM

Tathra Khaeus


Maybe if i had a giphy.gif

#1916281 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 20 February 2019 - 08:14 AM

Post : 5
Tags : Darth Metus Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs Elessar TalonTathra Khaeus Scherezade deWinter 

Engaging : CIS Forces on the ground

Allies : Valdus Bral Mig Gred + ME Mandos

Objective : Skyfire and Resist



Well, this battle had gotten mighty interesting. Death was familiar, and Kaine felt it as one of the more powerful enemy Force users expired. One down, a hundred or so more to go, he thought, before throwing his mind back into action, back into battle. The grenades hadn't fired. Probably that shabla missile, he thought. Aborting his own attack run, Kaine copied a transmission from the AI. Friendlies at the palace, looking at being overrun.


Playtime could wait. Battle didn't wait. Kaine's remaining stash of grenades had been fried by the same errant missile that had aborted his attack on Srina, but his beskargam and other kit was designed for such mistreatment, and was unaffected. He was relieved to be free of Force assault for a brief moment, even that short burst of speed and agility had drained him more than he cared to admit to himself.


The CIS seemed in no hurry to retreat from the shattered city, and they'd provided more than ample targets for the Mandalorians. The troops had paid a heavy price in lives to fight their way to the ground, but they'd bought time for the units behind them to have a fighting chance. As Kaine flew, he marked ground targets with his HUD for the skybuddy and patrol drones deploying far above.


Each Skybuddy carried a magazine of specially designed proton torpedoes. Each torpedo was capable of splitting into many separate payloads. A proton torpedo was overkill for most ground targets; by splitting the incoming into a hundred fourty four separately targeted warheads, the missiles were utilized for maximum effect on the ground.


The assault speeders, unlike the drones, packed a pair of heavy autocannon turrets. These could have a frightening effect on even armoured and shielded targets, and they didn't spare the ammunition.

The Mandalorian flew onward towards the battle at the ruined palace, even as fire came down from the skies behind him. The area lit up as the assault speeders charged in, cannons blazing away at enemy missiles and targets alike, all directed precisely by AI coordination. Larger formations and targets of note were engaged with spam torpedo strikes, raining down like blue fire.


The CIS droids, troops and leaders would find themselves assaulted by blaster-toting infantry on the ground, and by speeder cannon and drone torpedo fire, giving the Australis Alor the opportunity to relieve the besieged palace ruins.

Kaine commed Valdus, who he saw was fighting a heroic stand against overwhelming odds.

::Ner vod this is Australis, i'm inbound to your position. Hang on, and give these chakaare hell!::


He added a short call on the Mandalorian Empire's frequency.

::If anyone's still alive down there, get your shebs to whats left of the palace. If these scum want a fight, that's where it's going to happen. Non-combatants, get as many civvies out as you can. For Eshan. FOR MANDALORE!::

Autocannon reloaded, Kaine added bursts of fire into enemy ground positions as he rocketed overhead, keeping well clear of the nasty looking mess that had once been the ground and part of a city.

And these Confederacy people said they'd come to help the Echani.


Looking around at the devastation, all Kaine could think was that it was just one more reason to kick their stinking shebs'e all the way back to Geonosis. The War Fort dropping towards the Palace locale would help, and Kaine aimed to do his part. Mandalore wasn't going to shy away from a fight.



#1916280 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 20 February 2019 - 08:14 AM

Darth Metus Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs

Apologies guys, but it's been 48 hours again. Im going to move things on this time, as we're running short on days, and i'd like to be involved in the action.


Feel free to jump along and catch up, Kaine is headed to Valdus's location, where the action is.

#1915654 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 18 February 2019 - 08:10 AM

Post : 4
Engaging : Darth Metus Srina Talon Spencer Jacobs Elessar Talon
Tags : Valdus Bral Tathra Khaeus




War was always the same to an old soldier. The battlefields changed, the faces and the players shifted, but it was always a bloody mess, death flying all around, inches close. You got used to it after a while, and just got on with the job. For Kaine, life had been a long roundabout journey with many unexpected turns, but it always came down to fighting. He'd felt a moment of genuine fear as the all too familiar web spell began to catch him, but before it could reform and entangle him, he'd come free, and the Vicelord's attention had been distracted, giving him time to escape.

Charging, his own bullets came back at him, he felt the Force from Spencer Jacobs , but rather than expend energy that way, a hand came off the rifle's grip, and a palm-mounted repulsor blasted the rounds well away from him. The other hand shoved the rifle back to its magclamp and retrieved his blade, which came naturally to hand. Jaro'ciryc let out its roar, long and strong as the chainblade came to life, teeth rotating.


The Force was with Kaine, and it kept him moving, kept him alive, and, just, out of immediate danger.


Between the Living Force and the Clan's AI, he was well taken care of, even exposed as he was in the middle of an enemy army, surrounded by dangerous foes on all sides. Thankfully for this particular Mandalorian scoundrel, one of those enemies, who had narrowly missed ending his life more than once already this day, provided sanctuary from something neither his command of the Force, or his technology could protect him from; A shabla spaceship crashing into the city. All he saw of it was that it wasn't one of the Mandalorians' vessels. 



Then Kaine found himself encased within whatever protective spell Darth Metus had thrown up to protect Srina Talon. For just a moment the two stood together, just inches apart, shielded by the Vicelord from the conflagration outside.

Nothing personal, just business. He inclined his helmeted head with genuine regret.


The woman before him was no enemy of his, but she was on the wrong side of the battle, and a very very legitimate target, for she posed danger Kaine considered comparable to the Vicelord himself. Moments stretched as they stood, and the flame and thunder of the impact passed over them. All too soon, it was gone, and so Kaine had to be, if he didn't want to be buried on the spot.

He rocketed skyward, leaping away from the spot as the ward around them dissipated, having left a pair of fragmentation grenades on the ground as a gift. He detonated them both remotely, then dropped in to the attack, sword gripped in both hands, ready to cut the enemies of Mandalore to bloody pieces.


Mandalorians and Echani alike were coming down to the ground now here and there, distracting the enemy army from concentrating on the single Mandalorian in their midst, and that left the former Queen of Eshan, the Vicelord of the Confederacy, and the Exarch herself, to Kaine. The longer the battle went on, the more reinforcements the Mandalorians and Echani defending this world would have, and the Confederacy didn't have the supply lines to hold out forever. They were on borrowed time, though they might not know it yet. They'd learn.



#1915586 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Kaine Australis on 18 February 2019 - 12:44 AM

Darth Metus No worries, all good.