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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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#1955090 Ironclad Declaration of War | TSE Invasion of Pantora (OOC)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Today, 07:59 AM


Veiere Arenais

#1955083 Ironclad Declaration of War | TSE Invasion of Pantora (OOC)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Today, 07:47 AM

Veiere Arenais



#1955073 Ironclad Declaration of War | TSE Invasion of Pantora (OOC)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Today, 07:21 AM

Veiere Arenais It's only fair to let people know you're coming. Family reunion sounds good. Space or ground?

#1955070 Ironclad Declaration of War | TSE Invasion of Pantora (OOC)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Today, 07:12 AM

Veiere Arenais




Never know who you might run into in the Outer Rim. ;)

#1955034 The Wisdom Botanical (Kaine Zambrano)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Today, 03:33 AM

Aboard the Never Again

Kaine had been waiting for hours. He'd paced up and down the suite. Sat down and read datapads. Stared out the windows. He'd tried music. He'd even tried sleeping, though he'd given that up for a fool's errand when it became clear that sleep would not come.

The beep of the comm relieved the monotony of waiting. Ambrose's gruff voice. Kaine's body flooded with relief. Yasha was going to live. The fire of that revelation burned away the hours of worry and trepidation. The Australis Alor came to his feet.

::We'll be ready.:: The response was short and sweet, acknowledgement was all that was necessary. He had preparations to make.


Kaine walked across the suite and to the intercom panel. Touching a key, he commed first to the main barracks. A captain answered.

::This is Australis. I want a full honour guard to the flag hangar. Put on your sunday best, Captain.:: Then he contacted the bridge.

::Captain, I want the flag hangar and command level suites cleared of all personnel. There will be a marine honour guard in the flag hangar, but other than that, I don't want a single being, not so much as a droid in evidence. Kill the surveillance feeds too. I'll let you know when to lift the lockdown.::

The orders had immediate effect. Personnel were cleared from the surrounding areas, ostensibly for security and safety. Most assumed it was a drill. Those who knew better knew not to inquire. They'd find out after the fact. The path between the flag hangar and Mand'alor's private suites was emptied. Other than the requisite honour guard, who knew how to keep their mouths shut, there were to be no witnesses for the Mand'alor's return, nor the manner of the return, and especially not the being who was bringing her home safe.

Kaine, with some reluctance, clipped his helmet to his belt instead of putting it on. It was one of the ways he could express thanks to a being he'd spent many years fighting against. To a Mandalorian, it expressed trust. He wasn't sure if Darth Carnifex would recognize the gesture, or if he would care if he did, but for Yasha, he'd express gratitude to the king of hell himself and eat osik a hundred times over if that was what it took to preserve her life. He sent Doc Allard a message to meet him and Yasha in the flag hangar, then got ready to leave.

The Australis Alor walked the deserted corridors of the Dreadnaught until he reached the flag hangar. To his approval, the marine Captain had assembled four full platoons of naval marines, armour polished, weapons at parade rest. They formed up either side of the main entrance. Kaine was aware that his own black and green 'gam hadn't recieived parade-level polish and attention in some time. Oh well, too late now. Kaine walked between the ranks of naval troopers, nodding to the Captain in approval, and took up position a small distance beyond their ranks, awaiting the arrival of their guest. Doc Allard joined him a few moments later. Kaine smiled.

Looks like they've managed to help her. The Emperor will be arriving soon.

Allard's face blanched. The Emperor's coming here?

Kaine nodded. He is. 


Yasha Cadera

#1954867 The Domain of Fire(Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Ord Cantrell)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 11:07 AM

Aboard the Never Again

Kaine was about to respond with a compliment on Yasha's acrobatics when a boom reverberated through the entire vessel, and everything rocked, just slightly. He frowned.

Come on boys, come sit with us now.

He pulled Girak-Kaine and Magnus down to the floor, close at hand. The ship was going into battle, and against Yuuzhan Vong. It was killing him not to comm the bridge and interfere, but he held firm. This was family time, and he wasn't going to let the Vongese intrude on that.

Girak-Kaine was looking up at the viewports, while Magnus was shouting that he wanted to see. Kaine did too, so, with an apologetic look to Yasha, he projected a repeater of one of the bridge external monitors up on the nearby wall, above the boys, so they could watch.

Outside, they could see Mandalorian fighters and Coralskippers, dozens of them. Streams of fire from the corvette escorts boxed in the skips that got too close to the Never Again, and blew them apart. Kaine saw then what the source of the booms were, crippled Coralskippers doing suicide runs on the dreadnaught. They were no match for the shields.

Large blasts arced out from the big ship, at targets too far away to see properly with the view they had, though flashes of fire from that direction told them there was something out there.

Kaine reminded himself his role was to be a father and teacher and protector. Today wasn't his battle to fight. He accepted it willingly, something he couldn't have done, even a few short years ago.

Reyn, Girak-Kaine and Magnus were all silent, transfixed by the sight of a battle that was as close as any of them had been. Reyn and Kaine had experienced more imminent danger together, of course, but nothing like the Battle of Ord Cantrell, much less seeing the Vongese, the old enemy, one their father spoke of in hushed tones, one their people had fought on Manda'yaim itself.

Kaine identified Vipers in among the skips, doing a goodly amount of damage. Mig's contributions to the vode couldn't be understated, he'd singlehandedly filled gaps in their strategy Kaine hadn't even known were there. Between him, Flash and Maddox, the Vongese in space were well in hand.

Surreptitiously, with the three children in the room transfixed and distracted, Kaine leaned in to Yasha's unprotected neck and kissed it playfully. His blue eyes shone with mirth. If they were to sit this battle out, they might as well enjoy it. Here with their boys watching the Mandalorians fight the Yuuzhan Vong, they had a few moments to themselves.


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#1954859 Ring around the Space Docks (Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Ringo Vinda)

Posted by Kaine Australis on Yesterday, 10:40 AM

Ringo Vinda System
Objective : II

The battle was on for young and old now. More pirate forces had joined the furball, and that was made clear to Kaine with the volume of laserfire criscrossing the sky. His Astromech screeched a warning as his rear shields went down.

I see it! Kaine yelled, over the whine of the engines. No more shields meant running was out of the question. Time to turn the tables on these chakaare. He trusted his wingmen to stay with him.

Kriff this. Kaine pulled back on the throttles and the stick at the same time, yanking the fighter around in a tight turn, then slamming the yoke back the other way. The pirates fell for the maneuever, and his targeting reticle went red. Kaine obliterated one, and then the other with quad-linked blasts. Then he slammed the throttle forwards, and dove back towards the furball.

::Nice shooting, Lead, but we got more company.:: Doublefist One called out the warning.

Headhunters had joined the enemy TIEs. ::Let's give them a welcome, then.:: Kaine replied, pulling his fighter around to meet the incoming squadron.


Their silhouette was similar enough to that of the X-wings that he had to take a little care when targeting them. The capital ships duked it out themselves now, he and his squadron had their hands full, though the support was welcome. Had it not been Kaine and his best pilots, they'd have been torn apart already. But these pilots were elite veterans, and the pilots of the pirate flotilla weren't on their level. Quietly, Kaine admitted to himself that if he hadn't had two such elite pilots covering his shebs, he wouldn't have lasted against these numbers either. But he did, and the pirates' overwhelming numbers continued to dwindle.

Kaine centered a Headhunter in his sights, and fired again, punching through the Z-95's thin shields, clipping one of the S-foils, and tearing off the cannon. But then the crippled fighter rolled out of his line of fire. Fine, i'll take you a piece at a time, he thought, intent on the kill.
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#1954636 Looking to make some acquaintances

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 June 2019 - 10:08 AM

Sentus Olan Have you got a moment to talk about our lord and saviour Mandalore? :)

#1954605 Dough or Doughnut; There Is No Try

Posted by Kaine Australis on 15 June 2019 - 05:11 AM

Kaine kept a silent vigil, grateful for Ambrose's presence. Silently, not trusting himself to speak yet, he nodded to his restraint of Yasha, and to the Doc's request for ten minutes to work. They both knew their business.

The medical science was so far beyond Kaine he didn't even try to follow what was going on. He trusted Allard, and that was enough. He left the professionals to their work, there to support his love. She wasn't in a good way. Armour was out of the question. Kad, how was he going to sell that to Yasha.

He decided he wasn't going to open the matter up for discussion. Hard? The diplomacy was nothing compared to standing here helpless while medical professionals strove to keep the woman he loved alive and healthy. He couldn't help directly, but he could save her from herself.

Once Yasha was as stabilized as Doc Allard and his team could make her, Kaine took things in hand. Reaching one hand under Yasha's neck and one under her knees, he lifted her from the medical bed.

Kay can come to your suite. She'll live seeing you out of armour. His voice brooked no argument. Ambrose got the door, Allard began collecting the things he'd bring with him, and both followed Kaine and Yasha across the hallway. He settled her down gently onto the bed, and then pulled the covers up to her neck.

No armour. He whispered, leaning down to kiss her forehead.

Kaine turned to Ambrose, ever vigilant shadow that he was. Kay can see her here. Her associates can wait outside, or back on the station. Ambrose nodded. Neither of them were comfortable with making a spectacle of the Mand'alor's condition.


Then he turned to the message on his private comm; from Aditya. Opening the line, he responded.

::Yasha is as well as can be expected, and resting. Kay can see her in her private suite when she's ready. Just Kay.:: That got the message across, Aditya would understand the need for discretion.


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#1954439 Voska's Staff Blaster

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 June 2019 - 08:55 AM






  • Classification: Sonic Disruptor Rifle
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: Power Cell (Magazine)
  • Ammunition Capacity: 25
  • Reload SpeedLow 
  • Effective Range: Extreme
  • Rate of FireAverage
  • Stopping Power: Very High
  • RecoilHigh


  • Directed sonic damage can be set to cause loud nonlethal deterring sonic blasts, to stun, or to cause fatal levels of damage with full disruptor mode
  • Dedicated magazine integrates the power cells and Tibanna gas
  • Modular design allows for the weapon to convert between staff and rifle


  • Onboard e-systems allow for seamless link with HUD
  • Powerful and accurate sonic disruptor
  • Outer shell is resistant to lightsabers


  • Heavy recoil makes accurate rapid fire difficult
  • Vulnerable at the barrel, any damage or blockage will disable the weapon


Built as a personal next generation of blaster weapon, the weapon
 combines high power with modular design for an accurate, deadly rifle, and a formidable staff melee weapon that can go up against lightsabers. Designed by Kaine Australis to mimic the pulse-phase blaster in design, to the specifications of Voska Naudir, this is an elegant and deadly weapon.

Dallorian alloy which is naturally resistant to heat was used in the internal components for preventing overheating. To reduce barrel degradation, the weapon makes use of ferrocarbon, which is strong and corrosion resistant, hadrium due to its high melting point and lack of malleability, and denscris, which also has a high melting point. The outer carapace of the weapon is Ferrocarbon/Cortosis weave, allowing the weapon to resist lightsabers in melee combat.

Able to fire twenty five full power sonic disruption blasts per magazine with a reasonable rate of fire, it is a deadly weapon from long range.

#1954431 The Battle of H'ratth

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 June 2019 - 08:02 AM

Location : The Academy
Kit : Beskargam (wristrocket, carbonite projector, whipcord, toxic (nonlethal) darts), 2 pistols (one blaster, one slugthrower), beskad + thermal detonators (3) and seismic charges (2)

Objective : Transform, and roll out!
Allies : Attack force
Enemies : Defenders
Engaging : Jyoti Nooran Charlie Nooran Allyson Locke Yuroic Xeraic Celeste Rigel



It took more than a few moments for the Mandalorian to pick his way through the rubble and smoke to the outside, and then get across to the crate containing the loot. He found it intact, and unlocked it with his forearm's datapad. Inside, he spent several moments rummaging through the supplies for some toys, some of which he secreted in pouches on his belt, some he stowed upon the speeder bike he'd selected.

His helmet's audio pickups picked up a shout from where he'd come. A male voice, shouting a challenge. Interesting.

Kaine clambered onto the speeder bike, and began pre-start checks. Modulating his voice so it carried back inside the Academy, he shouted back.

Come and get me, Jedi!


Then he kicked the heavy speeder bike to life, and roared out of the crate. Several seconds later, the thermal detonator he'd left behind detonated with a mighty blast, reducing the crate to ash. Kaine was long gone, racing away across H'ratth's surface, following the tunnel, the path of which was handily highlighted on his HUD.

He kept his eyes on the sky, watching for enemy fighters that might decide to take umbrage at the mandalorian out for a ride. Speed was all well and good, and the bike was fast, but it was no match for a starfighter. If they saw him, theyd come for the easy kill. He didn't plan on making it easy for them, and didn't wish to be surprised.


The bike ate up the distance appreciably, and brought him a fair way out. That was, until the shabla tunnel forked into two distinct directions. The lifesign detector wasn't going to do any good through that much dirt and rock. Kaine brought the bike to a halt. Coin toss. Fifty percent chance of being wrong. Not good enough.


Shabla Osik!


Cursing in Mando'a, he reached out with the only sense he had available to him, the Force.

They were down there, alright, he could sense that fairly easily, but where... There!
Frightened presences, probably the young inexperienced ones, he thought. Kicking the bike back into life, Kaine followed the underground Jedi the way they had gone. Maybe if he was fast enough, he'd get to the entrance first, and cut them off. They'd be sitting ducks in a tunnel.

Racing away in the direction of the Jedi's underground flight, Kaine's speeder bike rocketed across H'ratth, in hot pursuit. He wondered, as he dodged between trees, if the Jedi from the academy would be goaded into pursuit. He had to have found the two Kaine had felled earlier, and Jedi cared about their fellows, they had to. That might make things interesting if he worked out where Kaine was headed...


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#1954429 Dough or Doughnut; There Is No Try

Posted by Kaine Australis on 14 June 2019 - 07:38 AM

The Never Again - Medical Facility



Kaine tried not to let his disappointment show when Kay called for a recess. He kept his face stoic, his expression neutral. He'd known this wasn't going to be easy, and he'd done his damnedest to sort this mess out. Yasha needed him at his best, so that was what she'd get. Kad knew he wasn't made for diplomatic niceties.

He heard Yasha agree, and was about to object when he caught the message on his forearm display. He swallowed the outburst, and got to his feet, offering Yasha his arm, silently acquiescing.


He wouldn't look at Kay, or she'd read him like a book. What he really wanted to do was jam his helmet back on, but he was otherwise occupied, and settled on the best poker face he could manage. Grimly, he set his teeth and, letting Yasha rest on him, taking the weight of the armour, and doing as much as she'd let him of the work, to get them back to the ship. It wasn't too far.


Once aboard, the doctor soon had things in hand. Kaine stood still and silent among the frenzy of the medical team. Allard had already told Kaine his presence was helpful, so he would stay. Whatever it took.


Yasha was in pain, and not just from her arm. Her heart hurt. This was something he could fix, if it came down to it. Yasha couldn't act rashly. Her duty wouldn't allow it. He had no such compunctions about simply taking decisive action regardless of the consequences when he felt he was in the right. But right now his duty kept him from doing what he felt was needed. He was needed here.


Kaine let Yasha take his hand to her cheek. He wiped the first tear away with his thumb, but more flooded over it and doomed his efforts. Better to let it out, love, he thought.

You did everything you could, love. She's our family, but Kay's got a lot to process, ner cyar'ika. In thirty minutes, we'll invite her here.

He held up his hand, first to stay Allard's objection, then Yasha's.

We need to finish this, and it's better you're close to home. He was sure they'd find a way to save Kay from the fate that awaited her. One way or another, they couldn't stand by and do nothing while she got herself, and possibly the rest of her family, killed. He addressed both Yasha and the Doctor.


You've got half an hour, Doc, make the best of it. Once we're done here, you can rest, love. One more try.


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#1954224 MandalArms Larraq-Class Heavy Battle Cruiser

Posted by Kaine Australis on 13 June 2019 - 08:04 AM


The Shriek Hawk


  • Intent: A command ship for the Mandalorian navy
  • Image Source: Link
  • Canon Link: Shriek-hawk
  • Primary Source: None






  • Multiple advanced comms and sensor systems make the vessel very resistant to jamming
  • Heavily armed and well protected
  • Forward Wings provide a usable defensive screen to defend other fleet ships in combat


  • Extremely slow at sublight speeds
  • Very sluggish to turn and maneuver or re-orient
  • Vulnerable in the rear quarter with most of the defences forward

First devised by the scientists of Clan Dem'adas, the Shriek Hawk resembles its namesake, poised to strike. Named for a flying predator native to Mandalore itself, the vessel's design aesthetic imitates life, with large swept wings a primary feature.

The plans for the old Sundari-class dreadnaught were acquired by MandalArms, and updated to be compatible with MandalArms built armaments. The result was named the Larraq-Class, after a hero of the Mandalorian people, and defender of the Mandalore Sector. The first ship in the class is the Shriek Hawk herself.

The extreme size of the vessel allows for extensive crew facilities even when taking into account that a large percentage of the superstructure is devoted to power generation, propulsion and the defences and armaments. The Shriek Hawk boasts a large crew, to support both its own operations and that of its fighter and strike squadrons.

This vessel boasts advanced internal systems and upgraded firepower, generates much more power, and has a far more streamlined internal design than previous battlecruiser-class vessels. 

Outside the main power complex are the living quarters, armories, barracks, and recreational sections for the ship's complement. Hangars and maintenance bays are located on the outer hull which also contains the sublight engines. 

Located in a heavily radiation shielded section deep in the core of the vessel is the armored battle bridge. From here, so long as connections are not severed, a commander can survive the destruction of the outer hull in relative safety. Located near the reactors however, he will be incinerated should they suffer damage.

The outer hull is heavy Doonium plating, with decent shields to protect against external attack, and solid Glasteen viewports. The internal workings are mostly Turadium, honeycombed for maximum durability, and blast-doors to close off damaged sections, The crew are protected with Agrinium shielding around the reactors and conduits, as well as the massive capacitance banks, sheeted in heat-resistant Dallorian Alloy.

The weapons systems are the most powerful and devastating available in the MandalArms arsenal to date. The bow mounts two Fuzz Rays and Advanced Gravitic Cannons, giving the vessel a heavy punch along its heavily defended quarter. Batteries of heavy megamasers augment the vessel's ranged punch, with a dorsal and ventral Fuzz Ray and Gravitic Cannon for a devastating broadside option.
The hull is dotted with less powerful but still formidable plasma and particle beam turrets capable of engaging enemy capital ships, and more numerous and smaller point defense and railgun weapons, better suited to deal with fighters and bombers.

Her greatest advantage and innovation are the large swept forward wings. Heavily armoured and shielded, augmented with reflection arrays, they are
capable of diverting or absorbing colossal amounts of damage, able to shield smaller capital ships behind their protective wall, wearing the enemy down, as the Mandalorian fleet charges into battle.
Designed to lumber ahead of a friendly fleet into battle, allowing smaller ships to be shielded behind her enveloping wings of protection, and strike hard, the Larraq-Class vessel named Shriek Hawk, like its namesakes, does not kneel.

#1954214 Ring around the Space Docks (Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Ringo Vinda)

Posted by Kaine Australis on 13 June 2019 - 06:48 AM

Ringo Vinda System
Objective : II


The battle was on for young and old, as TIEs and X-wings clashed in a fast moving furball around the three pirate capital ships. Turbolasr fire from the pirates was a nuisance, but mostly an avoidable one, despite the gunners' attempts to box in the Mandalorian fighters.

Admiral Maddox's warning was timely. Kaine echoed it to the squadron.

::Squadron, break off, fire in the hole!::

The X-wings rolled out and up and away, just in time, as green sheets of turbolaser fire from the Mandalorian fleet lanced out at the pirates, blowing the Star Galleon to pieces. 

::Whoa! That got em!:: That was Fist Three. Max Australis, squadron commader, was on top of it. 

::Cut the chatter Three. All wingpairs, engage, but keep clear of the firing lanes.:: The squadron went back to work. Kaine brought his own fighter around for a run at the Strike Cruiser. To his port and starboard were Fists One and Two. He flicked to their private channel.

::Two torpedoes, slaved to my targeting.:: He smiled in his cockpit. ::Let's give them a spitball.:: A fighter tactic as old as time, made famous by Rogue Squadron during the time of the Galactic Civil War, it provided a way for combined starfighters to punch at capital ships by combining multiple torpedo strikes.

Kaine's reticle turned red, and the tone went continuous, indicating target lock on the cruiser's bridge. He pulled both triggers, and sent a pair of blue-hued proton torpedoes streaking away, joined by a pair from each of his wingmen. Professionally, he didn't fall into the trap of watching the torps go in, but pulled up and away, ahead of the return barrage of fire from the cruiser.

The barrage didn't save the Strike Cruiser, as the six torpedoes detonated against her forward shields, knocking them down and scorching her bridge viewport, but to Kaine's disappointment, not breaching it. Still, the shields were out, and that meant the cruiser was vulnerable, a fact her captain no doubt realised, as the ship began to maneuver for a retreat, and the MC40 moved to cover her damaged cousin.

Then the TIEs were on them again, green fire splashed Kaine's shields and arced across his line of flight, as he jinked to avoid followup strikes.

OSIK! That was close.


This wasn't over just yet...


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#1954207 Dough or Doughnut; There Is No Try

Posted by Kaine Australis on 13 June 2019 - 06:21 AM

It was funny how the most unlikely of candidates were sometimes the best suited to certain tasks. Kaine Australis was not a man made for negotiating tables that didn't involve accepting unconditional surrenders. He was a fighter, something he had proven time and again to the people of Mandalore, and of Commenor too.

He stood, touching Yasha Cadera briefly on the back to reassure her, and turned to addressed his remarks to Kay Arenais . This might be the most important speech he ever gave. It would not pay to screw this up.


Highness. Kaine addressed her as Queen of Commenor, not Empress of Zakuul, but spoke earnestly and honestly. He could do no less for family.

You once put your own world, and the lives of their people, ahead of your own throne, and indeed, your own freedom, when you signed the peace treaty with the Sith, back during the Siege of Commenor. You did it to save them, just as i put my command and freedom on the line to help free them, some time later.

His eyes, moist with the earnest passion he poured into his words, bored into Kay's. Put down your crown, for the good of your people. You can't save them if you're dead, and that's exactly what you will be if you continue on this course.

He looked to Yasha, his love, still wounded from their fight on Orinda, and then back to Kay. It's not too late. We're family, let us help you.

Then he delivered the punchline. He'd been a military man all his life, and the correlation of forces arranged against Kay taking the throne of Zakuul were as insurmountable as he'd ever seen. And he'd fought in the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. Your cause is doomed before it begins. Let it end here. I won't stand by and watch you get yourself killed. Carnifex showed you mercy once. Only an idiot shows mercy twice, he didn't add. As a Queen, Kay well knew the truth of that.

He didn't have to like the truth to speak it. And he didn't care what others here thought of him for saying it. He was here to save Kay, to beg her, if that was what it took, to turn away before it was too late. He owed her, and he owed her daughter too much not to give it everything he had.

Kaine sat, having said all he could. If his words weren't enough, Kad help them all.


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