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Kaine Australis

Kaine Australis

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The Battle for the Chiss Homeworld

Yesterday, 03:35 AM

I've decided the terms are unreasonable, and the CA won't be pursuing the skirmish. There is absolutely nothing to gain by acquiring a single planet/hex, and then being unable to do anything as the Jen'ari simply expand around us. Thanks to Kaine Australis for offering to be the middleman, but the Jen'ari demands are too one-sided to be of any benefit other than to themselves. Additionally, I'm more interested in seeing a story driven resolution alongside the Sith Empire, dealing with the aftermath of civil war, should the Csilla hex be lost by the Jen'ari following judging.


Chiss Ascendancy - Thorne

Jen'ari Empire - Darth Vyrassu

The Beast of Borleias (refit)

15 January 2019 - 09:58 AM



  • Intent: A command ship for the Mandalorian navy
  • Image Source: Link - Link
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: The Beast of Borleias (pls archive)


  • Manufacturer: MandalArms
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: The Mandalorian Empire (Kaine Australis)
  • ProductionUnique 
  • Material: Turadium, Dallorian Alloy, Doonium, Kyber Crystals, Agrinium, Circuitry






  • Multiple advanced comms and sensor systems make the vessel very resistant to jamming
  • Heavily armed and well protected
  • Axial proton beam has massive damage potential at full charge
  • Large crew and troop complement make boarding difficult


  • Extremely slow at sublight speeds
  • Very sluggish to turn and maneuver or re-orient
  • Main weapon requires charge time during which it cannot fire
  • Damage to main reactor will cause almost certain destruction due to massive power requirements

One of MandalArms' most ambitious designs to date, the personal New Republic flagship of Kaine Australis was based on a previous design for the Mandalorian Empire, but more powerful, and even more ambtious in size and scope. Named for his homeworld, Kaine wanted to ensure the vessel bearing the world's name was a formidable and strong bastion for the forces of good. Following Kaine's return to Mandalorian space, he brought the immense flagship with him, and had it refitted with the latest technology for service with the Mandalorian Empire's navy.
The extreme size of the vessel allows for extensive crew facilities even when taking into account that a majority of the superstructure is devoted to power generation, propulsion and the main armament. With such a large crew that it could be considered a colony in itself, the ship is actually a design successor to the Orbital Garrison, and the Dutchman's Bane sharing both the axial proton beam cannon, and the significant population. 

This vessel, with its more advanced internal systems and upgraded firepower, is much more powerful, and has a far more streamlined internal design. With the "north" pole of the sphere containing the main command bridge, while the south pole is the emitter aperture for the proton beam, the rest of the huge vessel is a skeletal-like structure of massive power conduits and reactor complexes. 

Outside these conduits are the living quarters, armories, barracks, and recreational sections for the ship's complement. Hangars and maintenance bays are located on the outer hull, around the equatorial trench-like section which also contains the sublight engines. Such a massive vessel requires a massive hyperdrive, and the ship was built around not only the colossal cannon, but the colossal drive systems and power generation.

Located in a heavily radiation shielded section deep in the core of the vessel is the armored battle bridge. From here, so long as connections are not severed, a commander can survive the destruction of the ostentatious main bridge in relative safety. Located near the reactors however, he will be relatively incinerated should they suffer damage; such a high powered system is immeasurably unwelcoming to external damage.

The outer hull is heavy Doonium plating, with decent shields to protect against external attack. The internal workings are mostly Turadium, with Agrinium shielding around the reactors and conduits, as well as the massive capacitance banks, sheeted in heat-resistant Dallorian Alloy.

The weapons systems are the most powerful and devastating available in the MandalArms arsenal to date. Each "quarter" of the sphere mounts a Fuzz Ray or Advanced Gravitic Cannon, giving the vessel a heavy punch along eight separate vectors. Batteries of heavy megamasers augment the vessel's ranged punch. The hull is dotted with less powerful but still formidable plasma and particle beam turrets capable of engaging enemy capital ships, and more numerous and smaller point defense and railgun weapons, better suited to deal with fighters and bombers.


The Beast's fangs are very very large and thus this colossal sphere of doom is a beast to her enemies, and those who would stand against freedom, a rampaging titan for the forces of Mandalore.


14 January 2019 - 08:47 AM

Sundari City, Noon
Side street, out of the way Cantina


"Korkus's" was the name on the handpainted wooden sign outside the medium-sized cantina in a medium-decent section of the capital city of Mandalore. Times had been good, but the owner was tight with his credits even in the good times, and the place was about half full. As he got closer, Kaine saw that some wit had scratched "Abandon all hope ye who enter". He chuckled, doubting that Korkus, whoever he was, had even noticed.

He pushed his way through the shabby half-doors and into the main room, walking to the bar. A couple of vode made room for him at the bar. Kaine nodded appreciatively. 

No need for that, ner vod, just here to drink. The Mandos chuckled, and went back to minding their own business. Kaine was just here to drink, and they all understood the tone. The bartender overheard, and came over with a bottle of tihaar. Kaine exchanged it for a credstick, and the bartender's eyes widened at the amount.

Keep them coming. The young man nodded. Yes sir. Kaine walked across and found a corner table had been vacated. Some nods from the crowd told him that it was deliberate. He returned the nods, sighing. So much for anonymity. Still, they left him alone as he sat down, and took off his buy'ce to drink.

Go on, he thought, have a look at the new scar. It was a decent one, courtesy of Koda Fett's blaster, on Ossus. It had healed into a thick line from eyeline to behind the ear.

Kaine took up the tihaar and drank deeply, enjoying the burn. He didn't cough, though he wanted to. Not in front of the troops. A grin and a belch drew a few oya's, but the crowd left him alone, minding their own business. Kaine was here to drink, and drink he would.



MandalArms Ultimatrix

13 January 2019 - 01:07 PM


  • Intent: A hyper-advanced system for FTL travel
  • Image Source: Kaine (video from Movie : Event Horizon)
  • Canon Link: None
  • Primary Source: Hyperspace wormhole, Dovin basal


  • Manufacturer: MandalArms
  • Affiliation: MandalArmsClosed-Market
  • Model: MGD
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Limited (Unique ships only)
  • Material: Dallorian Alloy, Zal Alloy, Turadium, Circuitry, Dovin Basal


  • Multiple rotating magnetic containment fields


  • Capable of generation of a phenomenal amount of power
  • Capable of creating a temporary wormhole from one place in spacetime to another


  • Wormhole effect is indiscriminate, and will damage any nearby craft caught in its effect
  • Drive core is extremely dangerous, damage to the core will lead to the singularity consuming the vessel
  • Generating a wormhole requires significant build up time of several minutes before a vessel can transit
  • Only the vessel utilizing the Ultimatrix can transit the generated wormhole

Following the Battle of Csilla, where Kaine and other Mando'ade personally witnessed a Wormhole being created via the Force, Kaine was convinced, that if it could be done such by means of the Force, there was a scientific way to achieve the same effect.
With the success of the MBE biodrive, Mandalorian propulsion scientists continued their research into hyperspace/darkspace travel. A breakthrough came from their colleagues in power generation, who created a containment chamber capable of holding a singularity securely and indefinetly.

First designed as a power generator of incredible capacity, the propulsion teams soon realised they could harness this incredible power to create artificial wormholes capable of transporting vessels across space.

The drive moves the ship through space utilizing the power of an artificially created singularity, which is then bombarded by a focused energy beam, briefly boosting the intensity of the temporary singularity, a side effect of which produces a hyperspace wormhole.
The energy released is used to power the vessel's structural integrity field through the massive stresses of transit, holding the wormhole open and the ship together as it passes from point A to point B.
Designed for specialized use aboard vessels capable of mounting it, this drive is of a size suited to Cruisers and larger vessels. It is not without its dangers, if not properly aligned and the transition properly calculated, the vessel can and most likely will be destroyed.

Sundari-Class Battlecruiser

11 January 2019 - 03:45 AM




  • Manufacturer: MandalArms (Weapons) MandalBioEng (Defences)
  • Model: NR-A1
  • Affiliation: Mandalorian Empire
  • Production: Semi-Unique
  • Material: Durasteel, Transparisteel, Zal Alloy, Agrinium, Dallorian Alloy, MBE Dovin basals






  • Multiple advanced comms and sensor systems make the vessel resistant to jamming
  • Effective, hard hitting, long range weapons
  • Effective, hard hitting, short range weapons
  • Very effective at countering boarding attempts


  • Relatively slow compared to other ships of its class
  • No starfighter capacity
  • Huge power generation capacity risks catastrophic overload and explosion if heavily damaged
  • Only a very small percentage of firepower can be trained aft
  • MBE-1 can be jammed if identified by an enemy Gravitic Amplitude Modulator



Designed to pack massive firepower into a formidable package, MandalArms chief ship designers put all their efforts towards creating a vessel to the exacting specifications of General Kaine. Packed with both long range kinetic and energy weapons, few targets can withstand the ranged pounding this vessel is capable of inflicting.

With a thick Durasteel hull, she is capable of taking wicked punishment. Her advanced defensive systems make hurting this big beast no easy task, the hull being covered in bio-organic dovin basals capable of generating short duration short range singularities, while her plethora of weapons means anyone trying to do so will get hurt themselves. Kyber crystal focused turbolasers combine with kinetic and missile armaments to ensure this vessel has long and short ranged firepower to burn.

Her weapons systems and power systems are heavily shielded to prevent overloads during operation and resist overheating, utilizing materials such as Zal and Dallorian alloya, as well as Agrinium to keep the nasty radiation where it should stay.

The ship itself isn't a fast vessel, even for its size class, but is more than capable of involving itself in a battle long before it comes into close range, and is one of the most heavily armed classes of ship in the Mandalorian Navy to date.