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Ivor Eyes Inquaart

Ivor Eyes Inquaart

Member Since 31 Jan 2018
Offline Last Active Jun 24 2018 09:55 AM
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The Collective

Welcome to the Collective; an organization dedicated to the advancement of galactic society. Through various means, resources, and individuals we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that our so...

  • Members: 47
  • Created: 20-August 17
Kur's Dozen

  ≡ KUR'S DOZEN ≡   Join one of toughest mercenary companies around. Spots are limited, only the best.

  • Members: 12
  • Created: 03-March 18

“We are soldiers without borders. We are not pawns. We are free.” Exodus is a warrior's paradise; A place where men and women can fight without being manipulated by the major galactic powers. No on...

  • Members: 12
  • Created: 29-March 18