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Ivor Eyes Inquaart

Ivor Eyes Inquaart

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In Topic: A Hela Good Time (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Hela (AE22)

08 May 2018 - 10:24 AM

Pain. Horrible, unending pain. Ivor's mind was lost in sea of agony, and a fog of burning, searing heat in his gut. The disruptor blast had done for him, he could feel that for sure. Cursing the Mandalorian's luck, Ivor could barely keep his eyes open in what he knew had to be his last moments. The Umbaran infiltrator had been mostly invisible, so it had to have been cursed luck.

Reeling in shock, the tall Umbaran fell to the floor, smoke rising from the massive hole in his midsection. His stealth systems had all failed, and he very visibly sank to the deck, which was mercifully still, for a moment.



Ivor used what strength he had left to raise an accusing arm and point at the Mandalorian holding his beloved Ripper.

That's.... my.... gun.... you......... kriffing........... Mand...a.....lorian.

His failing armor systems translated his last words into basic in the same emotionless droid voice it always used.


It was somehow fitting, his end. Ivor cursed, Ivor hated, and Ivor very much died. Lifeless, his body sank to the deck, unmoving, smoke still rising from the body. Around him the ship rocked and rumbled, very much in its death throes. The Captain and crew, even Kur and the Dozen were forgotten, as, just near the bridge of the doomed Lady Edith; Ivor Inquaart, known as Eyes, breathed out his last. Soon, the pirate, his crew, and his flagship would follow.

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In Topic: A Hela Good Time (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Hela (AE22)

05 May 2018 - 11:03 AM

Ivor, on the bridge, was beginning to realise this ship and her captain were not long for this world. He'd seen some promise in the crew and their equipment, but the Mandalorians played rough, and this wasn't going to be a tick mark in the win column. The Dozen would be okay, they weren't paid enough to go down with the ship.


To hell with this. Ivor said to no one in particular.

The lanky Umbaran, moving silently, made his way across to the internal sensors. He immediately located the rogue Mandalorian infesting the Lady Edith. Noting that the Captain hadn't marked his absence, Ivor left the bridge and headed aft, moving to a spot just short of the bridge access corridor where he'd have a clean shot at the Mando who he presumed was coming to the bridge as the logical point of his incursion. Arming his stealth systems and drawing his Ripper, Eyes awaited his prey, even as the big ship bucked and rocked around him.

No, this ship wasn't going to last much longer, and there was a buckethead between Eyes and escape...

Kaine Australis

In Topic: A Hela Good Time (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Hela (AE22)

18 April 2018 - 11:14 AM

Hela System, Aboard the Lady Edith
Objective : 1

Engaging : Yasha Mantis Kaine Australis Gerarich Thanor Rory Baccus Quoron Mantis


To put it mildly, the Lady Edith was being roughly handled. Seventeen kilometers long, and well armored and shielded as she was, the series of assaults had caused her significant difficulties.

As the ship rocked, Ivor only kept his feet thanks to his being sealed to the deck by his boots. Most of the bridge crew were strapped in. The Captain wasn't, and he sprawled on the deck, as the litany of woe was read out by the now worried and anxious crew.



Ivor gave that one a nod, at least one of the crew was some form of professional.


Looking was what Eyes did best. He didn't like what he saw. The Edith's bow was blackened, shattered, and trailing twisted wreckage, crew, and vented atmosphere. That strange looking ship had unleashed an almighty wallop, and totally ripped away the bow shields, and a chunk of the Viscount-class's bow too.

Ivor opened a tight-beam transmission to Kur, the Dozen's leader, down on Hela itself. Speaking in his muttered Umbaran, he relied on his translation system to convert his words to something the Gen'dai in charge could understand.

::Boss, we're not going to last much longer against whatever these damned Mandos just hit us with. Some assistance would be nice.::

He cut off the comm and, seeing the Captain was slow to his feet, walked over and pulled the man up.


Tell them to go for that big ship. We've got to kill it before it hits us again or we're dead.

The groggy captain managed to relay those orders to the bridge crew, and Edith powered up, making straight for the Hell Wolf. Her fighter squadrons too, made a beeline for the huge capital ship, and the remaining firepower lanced out to respond to the hammering she'd suffered.

To the rear, another Galidraan-class ship had been destroyed, and the others had pulled back, content to hammer away at range at the Star Defender's rear, while it powered away at flank speed, right at the Mand'alor herself.

In Topic: A Hela Good Time (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Hela (AE22)

14 April 2018 - 10:46 AM



Location : Aboard the Lady Edith, Hela System
Objective : 1
Engaging : Kaine Australis Yasha Mantis Gerarich Thanor Quoron
Firing on : The Hell Wolf (Yasha Mantis)

On orders from her Captain, orders whispered as 'suggestions' by the otherwise silent masked Umbaran standing behind him, the Lady Edith turned to face the massed Mandalorian space forces. At her stern, the Mandalorian fast attack ships were beginning to pound away at the rear shields, though they wouldn't be a danger to the colossal Viscount-class for some time. Ivor was more concerned than Yellowbeard; as he now thought of the Edith's Captain, but not enough to change the plan.

The Lady Edith, pursued by the five Mandalorian cruisers, bored towards the main Mandalorian vessel, the Mand'alor's flagship, and prepared to open hostilities proper. Her rear weapons fired back at the Galidraan-class ships, who were proving agile and difficult for the Edith's gunners to hit.

Ivor himself was unconcerned as the Captain gave orders to launch the Edith's complement of uglies. A hodgepodge of mixed TIE, X-wing, Y-wing and B-wing craft, no two uglies were the same, and what they lacked in capabilities, they made up for in unorthodoxy and numbers.

Fully two hundred Uglies launched from the Edith and made for the Mandalorian fleet, as the Lady Edith's bow weapons came to bear on the Mandalorian flagship, turbolasers and ion cannons opening up at maximum range.

In Topic: A Hela Good Time (Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Hela (AE22)

19 March 2018 - 12:31 AM

Hela System

Objective 1 - Defeat the Pirate Lord (If you can!)

Ivor Inquaart's doubts about the wisdom of Kur accepting the Pirate's contract had been somewhat quashed when he'd first laid eyes on the Pirate's flagship. Not a Star Destroyer, but a Star Defender, seventeen thousand meters of durasteel and turbolasers. Tronskjegg's ship was named the Lady Edith, after a woman he claimed to have bedded, though Ivor thought it just as likely he'd named it after a tavern.



The Lady Edith

The Lady Edith exited hyperspace into the Hela system, in full view of the Prison transport the pirate had hoped would lure in the Mandalorians to his trap. Alongside her were several escort vessels, dwarfed by the massive flagship.


The bucketheads were in for a rude shock. Good, the arrogant swine deserved to be put in their place, and if it were by pirate scum and mercenaries, so much the better. Mandos always thought they were superior to other beings. Ivor found that contemptible; being so far superior to them himself, as he saw it.

The pirate lord, he was less impressed with. Captain Si Tronskjegg was a medium sized human, old, with a massive yellow beard; which is what all his crew referred to him as; Captain Yellowbeard. Ivor stood behind him, to his right, just close enough for the droid voice his translation program produced to be heard by the old Captain.

The Captain was, for all intents and purposes, a fool. Ivor didn't mean for this fool to get him killed, so he'd made suggestions that had quickly become orders as he'd found the Captain was happy to take the credit for Ivor's ideas. The tall Umbaran in his full armor stood silent, except to countermand orders or suggest them to Tronskjegg.

Outside the bridge viewport was the blasted planet of Hela, taking up much of the view. Between the planet and the Lady Edith hung the prison transport, full of Mandalorians; Tronskjegg's bait. On Hela, beyond was the gun; Tronskjegg's trap.


Prison Transport

The frigates ranged around the Edith as it turned toward the Mandalorian fleet that had just arrived...

Pirate Fleet

Viscount-class Star Defender
4x Interceptor IV Frigates