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My Thoughts about "Bananas"

14 January 2019 - 12:03 AM

Some of you reading this will probably think this is about apples. It's not. I'm over apples. This is just an honest critique. About bananas.


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This article is about sweet bananas. For the genus to which banana plants belong, see Musa (genus). For starchier bananas used in cooking, see Cooking banana. For other uses, see Banana (disambiguation).
Banana 250px-Banana_and_cross_section.jpg Peeled, whole, and cross section Scientific classification Kingdom: (unranked): (unranked): (unranked): Order: Family: Genus:
Fruits of four different banana cultivars

A banana is an edible fruit – botanically a berry[1][2] – produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa.[3] In some countries, bananas used for cooking may be called "plantains", distinguishing them from dessert bananas. The fruit is variable in size, color, and firmness, but is usually elongated and curved, with soft flesh rich in starch covered with a rind, which may be green, yellow, red, purple, or brown when ripe. The fruits grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant. Almost all modern edible seedless (parthenocarp) bananas come from two wild species – Musa acuminata and Musa balbisiana. The scientific names of most cultivated bananas are Musa acuminata, Musa balbisiana, and Musa × paradisiaca for the hybrid Musa acuminata × M. balbisiana, depending on their genomic constitution. The old scientific name Musa sapientum is no longer used.

Musa species are native to tropical Indomalaya and Australia, and are likely to have been first domesticated in Papua New Guinea.[4][5] They are grown in 135 countries,[6] primarily for their fruit, and to a lesser extent to make fiber, banana wine, and banana beer and as ornamental plants. The world's largest producers of bananas in 2016 were India and China, which together accounted for 28% of total production.

Worldwide, there is no sharp distinction between "bananas" and "plantains". Especially in the Americas and Europe, "banana" usually refers to soft, sweet, dessert bananas, particularly those of the Cavendish group, which are the main exports from banana-growing countries. By contrast, Musa cultivars with firmer, starchier fruit are called "plantains". In other regions, such as Southeast Asia, many more kinds of banana are grown and eaten, so the binary distinction is not useful and is not made in local languages.

The term "banana" is also used as the common name for the plants that produce the fruit.[3] This can extend to other members of the genus Musa, such as the scarlet banana (Musa coccinea), the pink banana (Musa velutina), and the Fe'i bananas. It can also refer to members of the genus Ensete, such as the snow banana (Ensete glaucum) and the economically important false banana (Ensete ventricosum). Both genera are in the banana family, Musaceae.

Vanilla Force Users

21 December 2018 - 07:09 AM

Story time.


Recently I was making a new character and decided she should be force sensitive. However, when it came to begin browsing for a faction and training I found myself at a loss for just where to put her. See. I came upon a stumbling block. That is: Star Wars is stupid. Just, it's pretty darn dumb, ya know. This whole "Force" thing. It's bugging me now. See. The Jedi religion itself is a utter joke about caustic emotional repression among laser swords practitioners and meanwhile the Sith religion is just downright comical for it's mustached villainy, orange glowing eyes, and prominent Nazi commands. Hell. The Force itself offers my new character no new God, no good council, and certainly no new purpose. It's utter existence being necessitated, I suppose. just so that space magic can actually exist.


So yeah. Crisis achieved. My character creation process literally just stopped dead in it's tracks because my inner character's voice spoke up and reminded me that she finds this whole genre's religious reality too moronic to even partake in. Leaving me wondering and gasping why such a strange event has never happened before in all my years of writing. And yet. I wondered. Puzzled really. Suppose rather than just simply stripe her of these force sensitivities and find some childish contentment in such a short-sited solution. Basking in happy blissfulness for her now, consequence free magical ignorance. Well. What if? What if I cast off these silly genre staples of Light vs Dark and simply tired to do something better?


Hurray and alas. Am I now just demanding of myself to create a whole new board religion to satisfy a little need for just a little less magical stupidity? Am I finally finding myself so happily and calmly joining the ranks of those crazy The Last Jedi fans who actually enjoyed it's humorously self destructive nature? Oh boy. Yep. Now you've done it Jay. Look what you've done. You've finally figured out that Star Wars is so stupid and inconsistent that you actually have to stop yourself and actually dumb down your characters to even participate with it creatively anymore. Man. I'll say. What's an amateur fan writer of force sensitive characters to do?




He'll ask the audience. Because ya'll are smarter than he. And have probably been fixing this silly problem for years now anyway. Lulz.


So yeah. Feedback and discussion time now. I'll start with a question. Q: When ya'll build a force using character? How do keep them from eventually succumbing to the shear stupidity and wild inconsistencies that are The Force, and it's canonical Jedi and Sith representations?

Holiday Leave - JSC

16 November 2018 - 08:27 PM

Gonna be away till January. Have fun ya'll. :D :P


Effects: Corsica Cinto


EDIT: early return. :P

Q: Where would you like to see more structure on Chaos?

08 November 2018 - 03:25 AM

Dear Chaos,


I'm Jay and I'm all about dat freedom. Freedom, freedom, freedom. Up with teachers, leaders, exemplars, and paragons. Down with bouncers, grammar nazis, and typewriter tyrants. And today, Chaos has more freedom than ever before. From Ranks, to companies, to starship ownership, The Factory, PvP, bios, guides and tutorials, faction staffing, and beyond. You can pretty much do, or be, whatever you want on Chaos. For awesome and for worse.


So today I'm going to ask a question that I haven't pondered in probably 10 years. Q: Where would you like to see more structure on Chaos? What, in your opinion as a writer, would be another fun experiment to try and why? Or, perhaps. Maybe you feel some freedoms we enjoy right now are too often abused or just aren't useful to the community at all?


Anyway. Thanks for reading and whatever you get up to, I hope you have an awesome day! :D :P

Timeskip Advice

21 October 2018 - 01:06 AM

I was plotting another story today and decided that the current Map and year setup doesn't quite fit what I'm working with. 852 ABY or whatever. So I started planning a timeskip and realized I'm not sure how that would work. Can't pick a year too close because we'll eventually get there and I can't fathom the map's and faction's of the future. Alas, pick a year too far and our current generation of characters will never have business there. Oh dear.


Then I remembered that there are already plenty of people on this site roleplaying fully grown grandchildren of their original 835 ABY characters. So I guess somebody figured out how to do it already. Lulz. So yeah. I'm looking for timeskip advice. Anybody got any good tips and tricks for roleplaying a few years down the road? :D