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An Tiarna Dubh

An Tiarna Dubh

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About Me

Displaced despot desperately attempting to cling to some semblance of former glory. Bear with me as this is a work in progress. In my case the work never ends yet I begin afresh in this here and now.


Ard Ri, Ogalaigh na Ironaidheanna ~ High King, Warriors of the Ironfists


Complicated individual; sorted history.


The man stands oh, let's say 6'1" weighs 225lbs. Has some very peculiar physical characteristics, foremost among these are his arms. He has an 86" reach & fists that are 15" around. An attribute of this character, the warp spasm is a unnatural characteristic of bizarre origin. Cutting to the case the man is a freak


Head cropped save four thin braids on right side.... Ugly, ugly man, at least in the opinion of this writer but forget my ten cents; Big Ugly has quite the sorted romantic history. I cried, I wept; it became part of me... Anyways, fathered an outrageous percentage of the known universe. And if we cut down the weighty number of words that may and indeed have been used to describe him, with the exclusion of obscenities, outrageous is fitting.


Equivalent Force powers as a Sith Lord. Force powers & weapons training are very so similar that they are almost impossible to distinguish, if not for the fact that he expresses and defends his beliefs so thunderously. Foremost, the character's perspective of the Force defies being classified under any myopic category. This would seem to lead us into an either or dichotomy. In fact as I see it this adds to the development of An Tiarna. That said he is indeed capable of deplorable ghastly acts: the man is no Jedi. In sharp contrast he is prone to acts of kindness which seem so uncharacteristic they appear to defy logic, and are often believed to be insincere. The personal conflict makes for good story. On account of his personality many mistake An Tiarna for a Mando, which he is not. Hence he has been with some reservation have been branded as Sith for some time and I use the label with some reservations.


Weapons..... the dude is loaded


Very basic but trust me this fella is all that and a bag of chips.


A lesser know aspect of An Tiarna is his great love of learning and respect for antiquity. He truly is a scholarly individual, which is a little known part of his character by those who miss this attribute and see nothing but a brute.


This passion for learning consumes a considerable amount of his energy and time.


A richer outline of the character can be found in the jedi vs sith wiki.



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