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Maple Harte

Maple Harte

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In Topic: Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Today, 02:28 AM

Maple tried to smile, as she didn't want to bring Alwine Lechner into her depression.

A question Alwine had asked finally filtered through to the bounty hunter, about how since the Confederacy was full of Dark Force Users whether that violated the shadow's precepts.

"It does violate the precepts. You're right about that...though given how often I've seen Jedi rub elbows with some of 'em...either way I haven't been one in years. I quit...because it would have destroyed me if I had stayed. But I still had friends. And that monster is killing them. She will pay for every evil...just like you intend for your mother. All of it.

Maple had not missed how fish-out-of-water Alwine was. The little wolf was eager, fresh faced. Obviously intelligent. But she needed more knowledge and experience. Maple was perhaps seeing too much of herself...but she didn't care.

"Alwine...I know your brothers got your back and ultimately you have your own path you must walk...but I was wondering all the same...would you like to go to Tattooine with me? I have materials related to Alchemy to get you at least familiarized with the concept. A lot of it is old notes from a defunct Jedi Faction much like the one I was part of. But some of it might prove enlightening. Plus, the place is pretty dangerous. Good place to learn how to shoot and hide...I mean, if you're interested...good field experience. Plus I ride around in The Sexiest Ship Ever Built. Its fast. No weapons, but its heavily shielded and equipped with stealth technology. Truth is...that messed with me just now. And I don't wanna go to that place without at least someone to talk to. Four of my top twenty nastiest assignments occured there and I got a lotta bad memories. I won't be mad if you say no."

In Topic: Maple Blosoms

14 August 2018 - 06:21 PM

Maple's attack was blocked and the raven haired vampire quickly followed through with a jab from her practice spear which Maple barely managed to parry with a one handed staff spin, but the attack from her left was too strong to block, so Maple made a hard lean backward, her hand raised to her lips as though taking a drink as she let the side blow pass over her-and then let her staff catch Yumi's weapon anyway, dragging and flinging Harte to the side, though she let herself veflung, using the momentum to help transition into a torso-axial flip that put her on Yumi's left. Maple advanced, stumbling and swaying, but the staff never stopped being manuevered around her as she advanced on Kurenai Yumi, deciding to go for a two-pronged approach whipping the staff around her constantly as she got to within striking range, having built up momentum to attack Yumi for a wide swing from the right, in an attempt to knock the stick out of Yumi's hand with the sheer built up kinetic force she had generated getting in range. But Yumi could react easily enough to block it, and the angle Maple had struck from had been deliberately awkward as to throw off Yumi's obvious Echani training. But it was still amazing with that earlier blow. Maple knew Kurenai was holding back, and that in a real battle she was not nearly so restrained. She attacked with everything in battle, as Maple could attest first hand.

If Kurenai blocked the blow, Maple would try darting to her left for a sweep attack at her angles. If Kurenai parried though, and followed through with a very fast attack, Maple's only chance was to block and hope she was not knocked off her feet, for if she was Kurenai could press the assault and possibly beat her easily.

But it all remained to be seen what she did. The skill disparity between the two was obvious and significant, just like it was with Matsu and Sawa. And Maple was no longer the best of the best in any case.

Still...didn't mean she could not put up a good fight...

In Topic: Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

14 August 2018 - 04:31 PM

"Well, not spirits of the dead, per se--though we do interact with such beings often enough. Admittedly I am quite new at it myself. But its spirits who are born and formed from the residual energies of nature that Ryloth and Dathomiran traditions gain their patronage from. In the Mandragora, the three main spirits are Lylek, Jart and Doashim. These are not spirits that were originally mortals. Pacts can be made with them, granting one boons. You are correct on a surface level...almost anything can be destroyed, but once you get into the spiritual realm? Its a sort of 'fabric of reality' thing. Now, granted, the spirit you wish to destroy is the remnants of a mortal, and therefore not anywhere in the same category of power as the Patron Spirits...it would still require a massive amount of power to destroy or even injure, power you simply do not have with you. A ghost is immune to fang and claw. Lightning can disperse them...temporarily...but they always reform. And it has one more advantage, despite its weakness...it can hide in the infinite, ever changing reaches of the spirit realm, so deep, perhaps, even a ritual could not compel it before you..." she explained. How to destroy a spirit, really, truly destroy it with ease was a huge question. Maple got the feeling it had never really been extensively investigated by both sides as an insurance policy against total, irreversible destruction of the self for all time. Had to be limits to the feud somewhere between Sith and Jedi.

Alwine Lechner then asked how Maple had trapped the Sith Lady.

"I got lucky is how, to be honest. It had a choice between entering its own jewelry, or entering the stomach of the vampire feeding on its corpse. It was an evil Lich...sort of a super-zombie that uses magic, very annoying and deadly. Was trying to drain the life from an entire planet, so it was a bastard in addition to all its other unpleasant qualities. Spotting a floating, snarling corpse ain't gonna be hard, trust me on that..." Maple chuckled. "But a spirit...especially if they are powerful, can look like anything. They could appear in your dreams. Or be a simple voice. Standard fair is a ghost in a blue tinge. Thats usually when the spirit would prefer to communicate directly. As for getting the items to at least hurt them, you need to learn alchemy, or be pals with someone who does, or, as I said earlier, just rip it off from your local evil tomb if you're hardcore. Or a Jedi tomb if mischievous AND hardcore."

When Alwine asked what a Jedi Shadow was, Maple gazed across the lake, her green eyes spotting Caid Centurion. Swimming. In the Lake of The Dead.

Ten creds says he gets a hunger for brains she thought to herself for a second before answering.

"A Jedi Shadow is a Jedi Knight trained to hunt and kill Dark Force Users, preferably before they become a large scale threat. They use stealth tactics most of the time. That's how I reached your cell."

Maple didn't mention the part where that one guard had gotten her cell door open and had been a second away from shooting Lechner in the head before the tranq round had gotten him. Alwine didn't need more nightmares.

"Shadows operate in small groups or solo. They are trained to fight methodically and with cunning. They are often the closest to The Dark Side due to the methods they rely on..."

Maple's hands clenched into fists as she continued staring out into the lake, the wind rustling her long, chocolate colored hair, her verdant eyes lost in the frustrations and disillusionment of the past.

"It is a brutal, soul crushing profession that will rob you of your best years, to say nothing of your mental youth." she said softly, seeing the faces of all those targets. That insane republic colonel she had murdered with a machete while camouflaged in mud after sailing down a river in the jungles of Felucia. That media mogul who tried to start a war, dying from the giant drill she had rammed into him. That First Order operative that had a cover as a billionaire trying to use a concealed Geonosian laser super weapon to destroy a field of mines, killed by tossing him head first into an engine turbine. The aurodium merchant who tried to devalue Correlia's economy by raiding one of its bullion storehouses and trying to irradiate the bullion supply, killed when she had ejected him into an airlock. That was the only death she smiled at, because he had put her on a table and tried to cut her in half with an industrial laser. Screw that guy. The other deaths disturbed her however.

When Alwine suggested Maple might have hurt The Amalgam's friends or loved ones, this caused Maple to shake her head, as well as elaborate on her earlier answer.

"That woman has never had friends or loved ones. I saw her eyes. The Job is all that matters to that creep. I'd stake my career on it...what's left of it, anyway...She could have found out about me, but the last time she was seen was decades ago. Her species is long lived, can look like damn near anyone. She could look like you, if she wanted...but for the life of me I cannot figure out what made her resurface. I know what she wants...she wants to turn me, assist her in becoming this...creature I was warned many years ago I was destined to be a slave to. It does not explain in the slightest why I was chosen. Or why this hatred she has for me is so personal. And it IS personal, Miss Lechner. I KNOW I have done nothing to anger this creature. I never even heard of her until Felacat. But that anger, like I wronged her or something is still there...she claims my eyes were the first thing she saw when she 'woke up'. I have no idea what means. Wake up from cryo sleep? Coma? Hyperspace accident?" Maple questioned. "She mentioned she had been in a 'Sleeping Death'...but I have never heard of that term. Is it like a coma? So many unanswered questions is why I need to talk to Kadmus--"

Alwine then stepped back, seeing a green glow from the lake. Maple went closer.

"Speak of the Devil..." she trailed.

A water logged man with a smoking hole in the middle of his head emerged from the water, clad in black robes, floating above it, hands clenched in fists to his side as his boots dangled inches above the water. He was young looking, like Maple, his black hair floppy and not going past his ears. Slate gray eyes with bloodshot whites stared at Maple in recognition. His fair skin now had a corpse pallor, and he was dripping wet.

He hovered silently over the water a few seconds, hands placed firmly close to his hips and clenched into fists, legs pressed firmly together, toes pointed straight down.

"...and he shall appear..." Kadmus Riath spoke, his Coruscant accent coming through.

"Kadmus! Buddy!" Maple called out to the ghost, overwhelmed at seeing him, struggling not to cry because she was so happy.

"It is good to see you again, Uri...though admittedly not under the most pleasant circumstances..." Kadmus said with a solemn nod of acknowledgement.

"Alwine? This is Kadmus Riath. Kadmus? Alwine Lechner."

Kadmus nodded to the Lupine. "My congratulations on your recent emancipation from Stewjon, Miss Lechner. It took me a while to gather the strength to manifest, but I heard some of your conversation with Udinia on my way here. Uri is a great ally to have in one's corner...even if you do have to pull her ass out of the fire once in a while..." the spirit joked.

"You're 'never' going to let that thing with the half cooked sausage go, are you?"

"Uri, that led to you being chased all over Jakku's desert by that strange, sweaty man wearing only a chef's apron and wielding a giant pair of scissors. I'll make fun of you over that until the stars burn out."

Uri rolled her eyes, though it did not hide how happy she was. "Kadmus...you know why you're here, right?"

"Lemme guess...shapeshifter, fair skinned, purple eyes, perfect figure? Can almost choke the air from her spiritual corruption?"


Kadmus sighed.

"I can only tell you so much, Maple. The other side restricts me from devulging secrets too important."

It was Maple's turn to sigh. "I was afraid of that."

"I can be only as direct as I am allowed to be. Sorry Uri. There's red tape and beauracracy of a sort even where I am. Can't get around it. But I will answer what I am able to." Kadmus assured her.

"Let's start with a name for the witch who popped you."

"Her real name is Leejun Forrwiirmeni. Started out in the streets with no one, and had to survive on her own through petty thieving and murder. Largely self educated--had to teach herself to read and write. Tried to go normal, took up art as a calling, was discovered to have very high potential in the Force by a Witch connected to the Demon haunting your sleep."

"That's better info than I've gotten in months. Where's her base of operations?"

"I'm sorry. I'm afraid I cannot answer that."

Maple paused, blowing some hair from her face.

"Known vehicles?"

"She's like you...has a taste for classics. Schutta chased me down in a vintage X-70B Phantom." Kadmus answered, his figure eerily still and unmoving as it hovered over the lake and over both Maple and Alwine. He clearly wasn't breathing.

"So she's Imperial?" Maple inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Only recently." Kadmus clarified. "But she has otherwise operated on her own for a long time. Extremely dangerous deep cover infiltration specialist, due to both her physiology and more...specialized methods."

"Such as?"

"I'm afraid I cannot be more specific, Uri."

Maple frowned, put her hands on her hips, paced about. The roar of festivities was close by. Across the distance, she saw strange, floating lamps of paper sailing over the sky.

"How'd you get on her trail. And how'd she sniff you out?"

Kadmus frowned. "I did not realize how weakened your connection to the Force had become. Uri...she's been hunting us all down. All the Marksmen. She killed Grisham, V'Droc, Torrence...did something worse to Lura. Bryan and Laersha are still in the running, though, So is Hadrian, Xavier, Angus--"

"--Stop..." Maple choked out almost falling to her knees, wishing her kneecaps would stop whispering to her about a trip to the dark black sea of her heart. Even now, she could never remain fully lucid for a full conversation.

"I'm sorry you had to learn it this way." Kadmus said gently, though his posture remained unchanging.

Maple looked back up at his corpse face.


Kadmus frowned, and his eyes looked away from her face and down at the water.

"Ursula is gone."

"How?" Maple whispered, tears streaming down her face.

Kadmus looked at her.

"Ursula is gone." he repeated.

Maple was hyperventilating from shock and rage. A rock next to her split in half and flung itself into the river.

"What the hell does she want with me? Why does she hate me?"

"She believes she is making you a better person. Preparing you for service as a powerful agent of the Dark, and transforming her into this 'Mind-Binder' you fear in the process...in her own twisted way she believes herself to be your benefactor. But as for why she hates you with such a passion...I cannot answer that."

"Where's she been the last twenty years? She had no activity matching her M.O. until eight months ago. Where was she before that?"

"I can't answer that. I'm sorry."

"What are her covers? Her fictions?"

"No permanent ones currently. Its actually extremely unusual that she is operating so openly. You're causing her to break her pattern significantly."

"Did I kill anyone she liked, like Alwine suggested?"

"Your instincts are on the mark to say The Amalgam has never had a friend, let alone a loved one. Miss Lechner here is a thousand percent more fortunate than that wretch by comparison..." Kadmus answered sadly.

"That almost sounds like pity, Riath..." Maple said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Kadmus looked down at the water, bloodshot eyes tearing up.

"Death gives one...perspective. Perspective enough to make you wish for blindness...but perspective all the same..." he answered just as sadly. "Ursula left you a present on Tattooine, Uri. I can answer only one more question."

"Is The Amalgam destined to be The Mind-Binder?"

"Only a part...if you are so unfortunate as to be tricked into letting it happen, and letting such a dangerous creature become real. Though you may be able to mitigate your losses depending on what other ingredients you use."


"I'm sorry. I've answered all I can. The other side will not permit me to answer any further queries. The rest, I'm afraid, is very much up to you. Just...do it quickly...when you find the one that killed me...don't waste time making her suffer. Its beneath you."

Maple paused at this, then nodded. "Thanks, Kadmus...and goodbye. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you. Or the others."

"You were in no condition to help us. You would have only gotten yourself captured." Kadmus reassured her. "You bear no blame for our deaths."

He drew a small smile. "Try not to piss off any more sweaty fat men in aprons, okay?" he asked gently.

Maple gave a weak smile. "I'll try, Kadmus."

Kadmus nodded, descending into the water silently, making no ripples amidst the roars of festival goers on the lakeshore.

Maple finished wiping her tears from her face, turning back to Alwine. "Well, at least I know more now than I did before."

In Topic: Dark Night

13 August 2018 - 02:26 AM

Maple watched as Sawa literally forced life back into the guy, then promise him all manner of torment. Yeah, she was one of the old schoolers alright.

Uncomfortably, she felt the Dark part of her react with a wild surge of lust as Sawa's emotions went crazy as she brought him back, then promised to do worse to her own servants if he died. Sucks to be that guy. Poor bastard. She didn't feel too sorry for him though. Trying to burn Sawa's face off. It was crass, and petty. Than she explained that Nine was one of her...regrets.

Sawa didn't seem the type too big on regrets, so Maple guessed this had been a pretty serious breach of whatever passed for her personal ethics.

Uri had breached the ethics of her own humanity, so Maple didn't have any ground to criticize. She heard burn-mouth scream.

"They seem awfully interested in her location..." Maple noted, pulling out her confiscated blaster pistol as the man outside shouted and men burst through the front entrance with guns, trying to advance only to be gutted. Maple followed Sawa, spotting the vast multitude of weapons defending the bar. True to Sawa's Sith Lordiness, the place was a haven for her and death trap for her enemies. She hadn't even noticed some of the hidden stuff, and she was trained to spot that sort of thing. Sawa could have schooled Ursula in treachery...though Ursula would have caught up quickly.

Maple shot one of the hunters about to stake an Anzat through her eye, spotting Sawa's assistant Jean, his hand through one of their chests, and she wanted to toss a ball into the bloody hand as a joke but protecting Miss Super-Sexy Sith Vampire Atrisian came first. Besides, this was practically a date. Gotta escort the date right? Put a bolt or two into her rivals pro bono?

Maple was kind of pissed the vampire hunters interrupted her evening. She'd been looking forward to a long evening of music, beautiful vampire strippers, and making out with Sawa. Instead, here she was, killing people like it was an average week as Uri. These vampire hunters deserved getting blasted.

She shot three more hunters, always trying to lighten the load for the others, some of whom gave her a thumbs up as their enemy fell. Sawa spoke on the intercom, trying to call a temporary truce. The violence the hunters had inflicted, while minimal, was none the less considerable. A number of those on both sides were now dead. Necessary to take a breather, Maple considered as she followed Sawa to one passage and she opened it, motioning for the old man who was their leader to come inside. Maple recognized the Leader...

"That's Patrick Keitel. 'Punchin' Patrick' they called him. Leader of the Saffron Dawn Vampire Hunting Guild of Corellia..." Maple whispered at Sawa as Patrick walked forward to the building. "He used to be big time, until he botched a vampire identification on assignment and unintentionally killed a Senator's son. Saffron Dawn got outlawed on Corellia the same day. He was practically a celebrity in his prime. He might be trying to recapture his prestige by finding your friend Ni-Ne and putting a stake through her...he is very dangerous. Don't let him get too close if you can help it. Insulated cybernetic implants that increase his strength to superhuman levels are one of the reasons. I know so much because when I was in the Marksmen we received 'stand by' orders to kill him that were never lifted. He was a notorious anti-republic figure."

'Stand by' in this context meant a bullet was reserved for someone at all times, but the action was not to be carried out without strict go-ahead.

"He's never let a vampire live in his entire career..." she whispered as he finally entered the building.

Patrick noticed Maple and his own brow raised.

"I guess rumors of The Golden Eye's death on Mimban were greatly exaggerated." He spoke gruffly.

"My reputation precedes me, it seems..." Maple noted cooly.

"This your occupation these days, playin 'Fang Toy'?"

"Her fangs are not toys." Maple countered.

Patrick chuckled, pulling out a cigar and lighting it.

"Where'd you dig up this murderess?" Patrick chuckled as he took a puff. "You realize you're next to The Golden Eye, right? But I'm getting off track...I wanna know what kind of Vampire you turned this 'Nine Lives' into. I wanna know everything, and maybe I decide not to have this place be subjected to starfighter missiles." He said to Sawa Ike.

In Topic: Tanlili

12 August 2018 - 02:11 AM

Arriving: Siva. (http://starwarsrp.ne...2-siva-joyuese/)

"We got bigger problems..." Maple breathed. "They're gonna plant charges and detonate this place's foundations. We...we have to...to...

Maple winced as she felt her dislocated arm. The other one was not doing too well, either...

"Matsu...Matsu, you ain't got time to heal me..." Maple spoke, the pain starting to catch up hard. It hurt so bad she could barely think. "You have to stop them...They'll definitely be in the lowest levels of this place...and...and...wait...what is that..."

Maple felt a familiar presence close by, getting closer by the second. Maple's heart swelled with relief when she realized who it was...

She'd always felt Siva easily in the Force, despite the fact the Twi'lek had no sensitivity towards it herself. The woman had a warm but focused nature that made you know she was trustworthy. Siva had never disappointed anyone save her military superiors.

Uri Udinia had known Siva's sister only a short time before the Bone Cancer had finally ended her. The healer's had had to cut off all her pain receptors to give her relief in the final hours. That pain had made Siva steal an experimental medicine in a desperate attempt to save her. It had failed, and Siva's career as a Combat Surgeon was over after the theft was discovered. That was how she had ended up doing the odd recon job and intel gathering for the Marksman.

Maple had been trying to protect Siva, by faking her death after Mimban. But The Silent Erika's presence had let Siva know otherwise. Maple knew she probably should have used another vessel, but she could never discard The Silent Erika.

Plus, her schizophrenia had made Maple fear saddling Siva down with yet another sick woman to care for. Her madness had only gotten worse in that time. Eventually she would not be able to completely hide it, the doctor had told her, almost begging her to institutionalize herself. But if there was anything that Maple feared more than the Mind-Binder, it was wasting away in a mental hospital forever. It was no death for a warrior. She understood all too well why Mandalorians prefer dying in battle. Death by pills and adult diapers and creepy orderlies was worse.

It was times like this, barely conscious, in great pain, and preferring this to retirement, that Maple knew with an icy clarity in the snow of her mind that she would die in this business. It was better this way.

She finally heard rapid footsteps. When she saw Siva, for a moment, she felt the same as Uri had the first time she saw Siva Joyeuse.

The shade of her skin was an apple green. Her form, muscular and curvy, was hugged by a skintight black combat suit. Her face and lips were heart shaped, face symmetric and defined. Her eyes, a darker green than Maple's settled instantly on the bounty hunter as she marched in, pistols drawn. Se-14's with the scopes removed. She saw Maple, clearly injured, and her pistols swiveled to Matsu Ike.

"Siva! Siva, its cool, she's Jedi! Oh and hi! You look lovely today!" Maple called out without a hint of sarcasm in pain-laced words.

Siva holstered her blasters, pulling out a medical kit from her back pack as she ran over to Maple.

"Started your ass kicking early today, eh, Uri?" Siva joked, her underworks Coruscant accent tinging her words as she reached Maple and Matsu. She was slightly taller than the bounty hunter. By reflex over all the other injuries Siva had treated over the years, Maple gestured to her arm and Siva examined it.

"Simple dislocation. Gonna leave a nasty bruise..." Siva noted, popping the arm expertly back in place, making Maple grunt in severe pain before injecting her with a hypoinjector full of pain killer.

"How'd you know where I was?" Maple asked.

"I came to your old stomping grounds because I had my ear to the ground and heard the place had been sold out to the Kanzer. I'd hope to reach this citadel before they did, keep 'em from getting whatever they were trying to get. I see I was late...and you got started without me."

"They're gonna level Loste Citadel. They came looking for a lab in Ursula's chambers."

Siva blinked, dark green eyes widening.

"Since when did that snake find time to build a hidden lab?" Siva asked, glancing at its entrance. Siva's opinion of Ursula was even worse than Maple's. "Damn her. Even missing, she's still causing problems..."

Siva turned her eyes to Matsu, and an impressed unsubtle glance made her raise a brow.

"Can't fault your current taste in company though..." Siva joked in a seductive manner.

"Matsu Ike, meet Siva Joyuese. Siva Joyuese, meet Matsu Ike..." Maple replied, giving an explanatory wave of her hand.

"You're pals with the head of Sasori?" Siva asked in clear surprise. "And whats that armor you're wearing? Looks fancy...and it hugs you nice..." Siva added with a grin.

"Us former Shadows tend to get along..." Maple grunted. "And the armor was made by Matsu."

"Well what's our next move? We don't even know how many may be here. I think the lower levels might completely controlled by them...saw a lot of boot prints near that turbolift with the rattle your damned snake of a master always said she'd fix but never got around to..."

Maple turned to Matsu. "Take Siva down there with you. I'm too messed up still...I'll contact you by comlink once you're down there. Guide you through it. Siva can help too, she's been here before...questions?"