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#1846853 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on Today, 02:28 AM

Maple tried to smile, as she didn't want to bring Alwine Lechner into her depression.

A question Alwine had asked finally filtered through to the bounty hunter, about how since the Confederacy was full of Dark Force Users whether that violated the shadow's precepts.

"It does violate the precepts. You're right about that...though given how often I've seen Jedi rub elbows with some of 'em...either way I haven't been one in years. I quit...because it would have destroyed me if I had stayed. But I still had friends. And that monster is killing them. She will pay for every evil...just like you intend for your mother. All of it.

Maple had not missed how fish-out-of-water Alwine was. The little wolf was eager, fresh faced. Obviously intelligent. But she needed more knowledge and experience. Maple was perhaps seeing too much of herself...but she didn't care.

"Alwine...I know your brothers got your back and ultimately you have your own path you must walk...but I was wondering all the same...would you like to go to Tattooine with me? I have materials related to Alchemy to get you at least familiarized with the concept. A lot of it is old notes from a defunct Jedi Faction much like the one I was part of. But some of it might prove enlightening. Plus, the place is pretty dangerous. Good place to learn how to shoot and hide...I mean, if you're interested...good field experience. Plus I ride around in The Sexiest Ship Ever Built. Its fast. No weapons, but its heavily shielded and equipped with stealth technology. Truth is...that messed with me just now. And I don't wanna go to that place without at least someone to talk to. Four of my top twenty nastiest assignments occured there and I got a lotta bad memories. I won't be mad if you say no."

#1845421 Golden Eye

Posted by Maple Harte on 15 August 2018 - 01:57 AM

Intent: To upgrade Maple's starting ranged weapon to its former glory.

Image Source: Pinterest.

Canon Link: (Please link the canon link if applicable canon item.)

Primary Source: (Please link and cite the sources which you are modifying for your use in your submission.)


Manufacturer: Uri Udinia (Maple Harte)

Affiliation: Maple Harte

Model: M1 Carbine Night Sniper Rifle.

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Durasteel, blaster components, specialized electronics.


Classification: Prototype DMR.

Size: Average

Weight: Average

Ammunition Type: Power Cell.

Ammunition Capacity: Twenty Five Shots.

Reload Speed: Average.

Effective Range: Average.

Rate of Fire: High (Semi Automatic, First setting)
Extreme (Secondary setting)

Stopping Power: Average

Recoil: Very Low.


Prototype "Light Maser" technology derived from Charrics.

Prototype Force Detection Lamp fixed to scope.

Anti-Personnel Motion Sensor

High to extreme rate of fire.

Scope comes with Night, Thermal, and rangefinder tech.



Its rainin' purple:

You cannot hide forever, Luke...:

No deflection:

Low Recoil:



Only adequate power:

Average range:




This DMR served as Uri Udinia's primary ranged weapon throughout her entire tenure with The Marksmen, and was in fact the very rifle that she used that got her noticed by them to begin with. Originally an off the shelf hunting carbine, Uri slowly and steadily modified it over the years, only to remove most of its original upgrades when she left after her final mission on Mimban. But having come out of retirement, she has once again turned to the one weapon she trusts more than her sticks and cane. Encorporating self developed tech derived from masers, Maple's DMR fires a type of golden hued "Weak Maser"--the bolt has only the strength of an average rifle but but impacts with slightly more kinetic force and disappates against lightsaber energy, preventing it from being deflected back at Maple. It possesses astonishing accuracy and very low recoil. In addition, a prototype force detection lamp derived from notes found in the archives of The Resistors of Darkness enables her to spot anyone using the Force to hide themselves. When wielded correctly, and keeping in mind that its a mid range weapon at best, this is the weapon of choice when it comes to the Former Assassin's preference in the ranged category.

#1845152 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on 14 August 2018 - 04:31 PM

"Well, not spirits of the dead, per se--though we do interact with such beings often enough. Admittedly I am quite new at it myself. But its spirits who are born and formed from the residual energies of nature that Ryloth and Dathomiran traditions gain their patronage from. In the Mandragora, the three main spirits are Lylek, Jart and Doashim. These are not spirits that were originally mortals. Pacts can be made with them, granting one boons. You are correct on a surface level...almost anything can be destroyed, but once you get into the spiritual realm? Its a sort of 'fabric of reality' thing. Now, granted, the spirit you wish to destroy is the remnants of a mortal, and therefore not anywhere in the same category of power as the Patron Spirits...it would still require a massive amount of power to destroy or even injure, power you simply do not have with you. A ghost is immune to fang and claw. Lightning can disperse them...temporarily...but they always reform. And it has one more advantage, despite its weakness...it can hide in the infinite, ever changing reaches of the spirit realm, so deep, perhaps, even a ritual could not compel it before you..." she explained. How to destroy a spirit, really, truly destroy it with ease was a huge question. Maple got the feeling it had never really been extensively investigated by both sides as an insurance policy against total, irreversible destruction of the self for all time. Had to be limits to the feud somewhere between Sith and Jedi.

Alwine Lechner then asked how Maple had trapped the Sith Lady.

"I got lucky is how, to be honest. It had a choice between entering its own jewelry, or entering the stomach of the vampire feeding on its corpse. It was an evil Lich...sort of a super-zombie that uses magic, very annoying and deadly. Was trying to drain the life from an entire planet, so it was a bastard in addition to all its other unpleasant qualities. Spotting a floating, snarling corpse ain't gonna be hard, trust me on that..." Maple chuckled. "But a spirit...especially if they are powerful, can look like anything. They could appear in your dreams. Or be a simple voice. Standard fair is a ghost in a blue tinge. Thats usually when the spirit would prefer to communicate directly. As for getting the items to at least hurt them, you need to learn alchemy, or be pals with someone who does, or, as I said earlier, just rip it off from your local evil tomb if you're hardcore. Or a Jedi tomb if mischievous AND hardcore."

When Alwine asked what a Jedi Shadow was, Maple gazed across the lake, her green eyes spotting Caid Centurion. Swimming. In the Lake of The Dead.

Ten creds says he gets a hunger for brains she thought to herself for a second before answering.

"A Jedi Shadow is a Jedi Knight trained to hunt and kill Dark Force Users, preferably before they become a large scale threat. They use stealth tactics most of the time. That's how I reached your cell."

Maple didn't mention the part where that one guard had gotten her cell door open and had been a second away from shooting Lechner in the head before the tranq round had gotten him. Alwine didn't need more nightmares.

"Shadows operate in small groups or solo. They are trained to fight methodically and with cunning. They are often the closest to The Dark Side due to the methods they rely on..."

Maple's hands clenched into fists as she continued staring out into the lake, the wind rustling her long, chocolate colored hair, her verdant eyes lost in the frustrations and disillusionment of the past.

"It is a brutal, soul crushing profession that will rob you of your best years, to say nothing of your mental youth." she said softly, seeing the faces of all those targets. That insane republic colonel she had murdered with a machete while camouflaged in mud after sailing down a river in the jungles of Felucia. That media mogul who tried to start a war, dying from the giant drill she had rammed into him. That First Order operative that had a cover as a billionaire trying to use a concealed Geonosian laser super weapon to destroy a field of mines, killed by tossing him head first into an engine turbine. The aurodium merchant who tried to devalue Correlia's economy by raiding one of its bullion storehouses and trying to irradiate the bullion supply, killed when she had ejected him into an airlock. That was the only death she smiled at, because he had put her on a table and tried to cut her in half with an industrial laser. Screw that guy. The other deaths disturbed her however.

When Alwine suggested Maple might have hurt The Amalgam's friends or loved ones, this caused Maple to shake her head, as well as elaborate on her earlier answer.

"That woman has never had friends or loved ones. I saw her eyes. The Job is all that matters to that creep. I'd stake my career on it...what's left of it, anyway...She could have found out about me, but the last time she was seen was decades ago. Her species is long lived, can look like damn near anyone. She could look like you, if she wanted...but for the life of me I cannot figure out what made her resurface. I know what she wants...she wants to turn me, assist her in becoming this...creature I was warned many years ago I was destined to be a slave to. It does not explain in the slightest why I was chosen. Or why this hatred she has for me is so personal. And it IS personal, Miss Lechner. I KNOW I have done nothing to anger this creature. I never even heard of her until Felacat. But that anger, like I wronged her or something is still there...she claims my eyes were the first thing she saw when she 'woke up'. I have no idea what means. Wake up from cryo sleep? Coma? Hyperspace accident?" Maple questioned. "She mentioned she had been in a 'Sleeping Death'...but I have never heard of that term. Is it like a coma? So many unanswered questions is why I need to talk to Kadmus--"

Alwine then stepped back, seeing a green glow from the lake. Maple went closer.

"Speak of the Devil..." she trailed.

A water logged man with a smoking hole in the middle of his head emerged from the water, clad in black robes, floating above it, hands clenched in fists to his side as his boots dangled inches above the water. He was young looking, like Maple, his black hair floppy and not going past his ears. Slate gray eyes with bloodshot whites stared at Maple in recognition. His fair skin now had a corpse pallor, and he was dripping wet.

He hovered silently over the water a few seconds, hands placed firmly close to his hips and clenched into fists, legs pressed firmly together, toes pointed straight down.

"...and he shall appear..." Kadmus Riath spoke, his Coruscant accent coming through.

"Kadmus! Buddy!" Maple called out to the ghost, overwhelmed at seeing him, struggling not to cry because she was so happy.

"It is good to see you again, Uri...though admittedly not under the most pleasant circumstances..." Kadmus said with a solemn nod of acknowledgement.

"Alwine? This is Kadmus Riath. Kadmus? Alwine Lechner."

Kadmus nodded to the Lupine. "My congratulations on your recent emancipation from Stewjon, Miss Lechner. It took me a while to gather the strength to manifest, but I heard some of your conversation with Udinia on my way here. Uri is a great ally to have in one's corner...even if you do have to pull her ass out of the fire once in a while..." the spirit joked.

"You're 'never' going to let that thing with the half cooked sausage go, are you?"

"Uri, that led to you being chased all over Jakku's desert by that strange, sweaty man wearing only a chef's apron and wielding a giant pair of scissors. I'll make fun of you over that until the stars burn out."

Uri rolled her eyes, though it did not hide how happy she was. "Kadmus...you know why you're here, right?"

"Lemme guess...shapeshifter, fair skinned, purple eyes, perfect figure? Can almost choke the air from her spiritual corruption?"


Kadmus sighed.

"I can only tell you so much, Maple. The other side restricts me from devulging secrets too important."

It was Maple's turn to sigh. "I was afraid of that."

"I can be only as direct as I am allowed to be. Sorry Uri. There's red tape and beauracracy of a sort even where I am. Can't get around it. But I will answer what I am able to." Kadmus assured her.

"Let's start with a name for the witch who popped you."

"Her real name is Leejun Forrwiirmeni. Started out in the streets with no one, and had to survive on her own through petty thieving and murder. Largely self educated--had to teach herself to read and write. Tried to go normal, took up art as a calling, was discovered to have very high potential in the Force by a Witch connected to the Demon haunting your sleep."

"That's better info than I've gotten in months. Where's her base of operations?"

"I'm sorry. I'm afraid I cannot answer that."

Maple paused, blowing some hair from her face.

"Known vehicles?"

"She's like you...has a taste for classics. Schutta chased me down in a vintage X-70B Phantom." Kadmus answered, his figure eerily still and unmoving as it hovered over the lake and over both Maple and Alwine. He clearly wasn't breathing.

"So she's Imperial?" Maple inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Only recently." Kadmus clarified. "But she has otherwise operated on her own for a long time. Extremely dangerous deep cover infiltration specialist, due to both her physiology and more...specialized methods."

"Such as?"

"I'm afraid I cannot be more specific, Uri."

Maple frowned, put her hands on her hips, paced about. The roar of festivities was close by. Across the distance, she saw strange, floating lamps of paper sailing over the sky.

"How'd you get on her trail. And how'd she sniff you out?"

Kadmus frowned. "I did not realize how weakened your connection to the Force had become. Uri...she's been hunting us all down. All the Marksmen. She killed Grisham, V'Droc, Torrence...did something worse to Lura. Bryan and Laersha are still in the running, though, So is Hadrian, Xavier, Angus--"

"--Stop..." Maple choked out almost falling to her knees, wishing her kneecaps would stop whispering to her about a trip to the dark black sea of her heart. Even now, she could never remain fully lucid for a full conversation.

"I'm sorry you had to learn it this way." Kadmus said gently, though his posture remained unchanging.

Maple looked back up at his corpse face.


Kadmus frowned, and his eyes looked away from her face and down at the water.

"Ursula is gone."

"How?" Maple whispered, tears streaming down her face.

Kadmus looked at her.

"Ursula is gone." he repeated.

Maple was hyperventilating from shock and rage. A rock next to her split in half and flung itself into the river.

"What the hell does she want with me? Why does she hate me?"

"She believes she is making you a better person. Preparing you for service as a powerful agent of the Dark, and transforming her into this 'Mind-Binder' you fear in the process...in her own twisted way she believes herself to be your benefactor. But as for why she hates you with such a passion...I cannot answer that."

"Where's she been the last twenty years? She had no activity matching her M.O. until eight months ago. Where was she before that?"

"I can't answer that. I'm sorry."

"What are her covers? Her fictions?"

"No permanent ones currently. Its actually extremely unusual that she is operating so openly. You're causing her to break her pattern significantly."

"Did I kill anyone she liked, like Alwine suggested?"

"Your instincts are on the mark to say The Amalgam has never had a friend, let alone a loved one. Miss Lechner here is a thousand percent more fortunate than that wretch by comparison..." Kadmus answered sadly.

"That almost sounds like pity, Riath..." Maple said as she wiped tears from her eyes.

Kadmus looked down at the water, bloodshot eyes tearing up.

"Death gives one...perspective. Perspective enough to make you wish for blindness...but perspective all the same..." he answered just as sadly. "Ursula left you a present on Tattooine, Uri. I can answer only one more question."

"Is The Amalgam destined to be The Mind-Binder?"

"Only a part...if you are so unfortunate as to be tricked into letting it happen, and letting such a dangerous creature become real. Though you may be able to mitigate your losses depending on what other ingredients you use."


"I'm sorry. I've answered all I can. The other side will not permit me to answer any further queries. The rest, I'm afraid, is very much up to you. Just...do it quickly...when you find the one that killed me...don't waste time making her suffer. Its beneath you."

Maple paused at this, then nodded. "Thanks, Kadmus...and goodbye. I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you. Or the others."

"You were in no condition to help us. You would have only gotten yourself captured." Kadmus reassured her. "You bear no blame for our deaths."

He drew a small smile. "Try not to piss off any more sweaty fat men in aprons, okay?" he asked gently.

Maple gave a weak smile. "I'll try, Kadmus."

Kadmus nodded, descending into the water silently, making no ripples amidst the roars of festival goers on the lakeshore.

Maple finished wiping her tears from her face, turning back to Alwine. "Well, at least I know more now than I did before."

#1844304 Dark Night

Posted by Maple Harte on 13 August 2018 - 02:26 AM

Maple watched as Sawa literally forced life back into the guy, then promise him all manner of torment. Yeah, she was one of the old schoolers alright.

Uncomfortably, she felt the Dark part of her react with a wild surge of lust as Sawa's emotions went crazy as she brought him back, then promised to do worse to her own servants if he died. Sucks to be that guy. Poor bastard. She didn't feel too sorry for him though. Trying to burn Sawa's face off. It was crass, and petty. Than she explained that Nine was one of her...regrets.

Sawa didn't seem the type too big on regrets, so Maple guessed this had been a pretty serious breach of whatever passed for her personal ethics.

Uri had breached the ethics of her own humanity, so Maple didn't have any ground to criticize. She heard burn-mouth scream.

"They seem awfully interested in her location..." Maple noted, pulling out her confiscated blaster pistol as the man outside shouted and men burst through the front entrance with guns, trying to advance only to be gutted. Maple followed Sawa, spotting the vast multitude of weapons defending the bar. True to Sawa's Sith Lordiness, the place was a haven for her and death trap for her enemies. She hadn't even noticed some of the hidden stuff, and she was trained to spot that sort of thing. Sawa could have schooled Ursula in treachery...though Ursula would have caught up quickly.

Maple shot one of the hunters about to stake an Anzat through her eye, spotting Sawa's assistant Jean, his hand through one of their chests, and she wanted to toss a ball into the bloody hand as a joke but protecting Miss Super-Sexy Sith Vampire Atrisian came first. Besides, this was practically a date. Gotta escort the date right? Put a bolt or two into her rivals pro bono?

Maple was kind of pissed the vampire hunters interrupted her evening. She'd been looking forward to a long evening of music, beautiful vampire strippers, and making out with Sawa. Instead, here she was, killing people like it was an average week as Uri. These vampire hunters deserved getting blasted.

She shot three more hunters, always trying to lighten the load for the others, some of whom gave her a thumbs up as their enemy fell. Sawa spoke on the intercom, trying to call a temporary truce. The violence the hunters had inflicted, while minimal, was none the less considerable. A number of those on both sides were now dead. Necessary to take a breather, Maple considered as she followed Sawa to one passage and she opened it, motioning for the old man who was their leader to come inside. Maple recognized the Leader...

"That's Patrick Keitel. 'Punchin' Patrick' they called him. Leader of the Saffron Dawn Vampire Hunting Guild of Corellia..." Maple whispered at Sawa as Patrick walked forward to the building. "He used to be big time, until he botched a vampire identification on assignment and unintentionally killed a Senator's son. Saffron Dawn got outlawed on Corellia the same day. He was practically a celebrity in his prime. He might be trying to recapture his prestige by finding your friend Ni-Ne and putting a stake through her...he is very dangerous. Don't let him get too close if you can help it. Insulated cybernetic implants that increase his strength to superhuman levels are one of the reasons. I know so much because when I was in the Marksmen we received 'stand by' orders to kill him that were never lifted. He was a notorious anti-republic figure."

'Stand by' in this context meant a bullet was reserved for someone at all times, but the action was not to be carried out without strict go-ahead.

"He's never let a vampire live in his entire career..." she whispered as he finally entered the building.

Patrick noticed Maple and his own brow raised.

"I guess rumors of The Golden Eye's death on Mimban were greatly exaggerated." He spoke gruffly.

"My reputation precedes me, it seems..." Maple noted cooly.

"This your occupation these days, playin 'Fang Toy'?"

"Her fangs are not toys." Maple countered.

Patrick chuckled, pulling out a cigar and lighting it.

"Where'd you dig up this murderess?" Patrick chuckled as he took a puff. "You realize you're next to The Golden Eye, right? But I'm getting off track...I wanna know what kind of Vampire you turned this 'Nine Lives' into. I wanna know everything, and maybe I decide not to have this place be subjected to starfighter missiles." He said to Sawa Ike.

#1843847 Tanlili

Posted by Maple Harte on 12 August 2018 - 02:11 AM

Arriving: Siva. (http://starwarsrp.ne...2-siva-joyuese/)

"We got bigger problems..." Maple breathed. "They're gonna plant charges and detonate this place's foundations. We...we have to...to...

Maple winced as she felt her dislocated arm. The other one was not doing too well, either...

"Matsu...Matsu, you ain't got time to heal me..." Maple spoke, the pain starting to catch up hard. It hurt so bad she could barely think. "You have to stop them...They'll definitely be in the lowest levels of this place...and...and...wait...what is that..."

Maple felt a familiar presence close by, getting closer by the second. Maple's heart swelled with relief when she realized who it was...

She'd always felt Siva easily in the Force, despite the fact the Twi'lek had no sensitivity towards it herself. The woman had a warm but focused nature that made you know she was trustworthy. Siva had never disappointed anyone save her military superiors.

Uri Udinia had known Siva's sister only a short time before the Bone Cancer had finally ended her. The healer's had had to cut off all her pain receptors to give her relief in the final hours. That pain had made Siva steal an experimental medicine in a desperate attempt to save her. It had failed, and Siva's career as a Combat Surgeon was over after the theft was discovered. That was how she had ended up doing the odd recon job and intel gathering for the Marksman.

Maple had been trying to protect Siva, by faking her death after Mimban. But The Silent Erika's presence had let Siva know otherwise. Maple knew she probably should have used another vessel, but she could never discard The Silent Erika.

Plus, her schizophrenia had made Maple fear saddling Siva down with yet another sick woman to care for. Her madness had only gotten worse in that time. Eventually she would not be able to completely hide it, the doctor had told her, almost begging her to institutionalize herself. But if there was anything that Maple feared more than the Mind-Binder, it was wasting away in a mental hospital forever. It was no death for a warrior. She understood all too well why Mandalorians prefer dying in battle. Death by pills and adult diapers and creepy orderlies was worse.

It was times like this, barely conscious, in great pain, and preferring this to retirement, that Maple knew with an icy clarity in the snow of her mind that she would die in this business. It was better this way.

She finally heard rapid footsteps. When she saw Siva, for a moment, she felt the same as Uri had the first time she saw Siva Joyeuse.

The shade of her skin was an apple green. Her form, muscular and curvy, was hugged by a skintight black combat suit. Her face and lips were heart shaped, face symmetric and defined. Her eyes, a darker green than Maple's settled instantly on the bounty hunter as she marched in, pistols drawn. Se-14's with the scopes removed. She saw Maple, clearly injured, and her pistols swiveled to Matsu Ike.

"Siva! Siva, its cool, she's Jedi! Oh and hi! You look lovely today!" Maple called out without a hint of sarcasm in pain-laced words.

Siva holstered her blasters, pulling out a medical kit from her back pack as she ran over to Maple.

"Started your ass kicking early today, eh, Uri?" Siva joked, her underworks Coruscant accent tinging her words as she reached Maple and Matsu. She was slightly taller than the bounty hunter. By reflex over all the other injuries Siva had treated over the years, Maple gestured to her arm and Siva examined it.

"Simple dislocation. Gonna leave a nasty bruise..." Siva noted, popping the arm expertly back in place, making Maple grunt in severe pain before injecting her with a hypoinjector full of pain killer.

"How'd you know where I was?" Maple asked.

"I came to your old stomping grounds because I had my ear to the ground and heard the place had been sold out to the Kanzer. I'd hope to reach this citadel before they did, keep 'em from getting whatever they were trying to get. I see I was late...and you got started without me."

"They're gonna level Loste Citadel. They came looking for a lab in Ursula's chambers."

Siva blinked, dark green eyes widening.

"Since when did that snake find time to build a hidden lab?" Siva asked, glancing at its entrance. Siva's opinion of Ursula was even worse than Maple's. "Damn her. Even missing, she's still causing problems..."

Siva turned her eyes to Matsu, and an impressed unsubtle glance made her raise a brow.

"Can't fault your current taste in company though..." Siva joked in a seductive manner.

"Matsu Ike, meet Siva Joyuese. Siva Joyuese, meet Matsu Ike..." Maple replied, giving an explanatory wave of her hand.

"You're pals with the head of Sasori?" Siva asked in clear surprise. "And whats that armor you're wearing? Looks fancy...and it hugs you nice..." Siva added with a grin.

"Us former Shadows tend to get along..." Maple grunted. "And the armor was made by Matsu."

"Well what's our next move? We don't even know how many may be here. I think the lower levels might completely controlled by them...saw a lot of boot prints near that turbolift with the rattle your damned snake of a master always said she'd fix but never got around to..."

Maple turned to Matsu. "Take Siva down there with you. I'm too messed up still...I'll contact you by comlink once you're down there. Guide you through it. Siva can help too, she's been here before...questions?"

#1843657 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on 11 August 2018 - 07:17 PM

Maple did not miss the ingrained reflex--she'd been trained to notice such things--the way she folded her hands behind her back. Stewjon was a cruel place, Maple thought. It was cruel to its very bones, and Alwine Lechner had had it far worse than some crap stay at a misogynistic jail.

But it was the answer she gave that made Maple's blood run cold in horror, though she did not show it. This poor woman had snapped from mistreatment and commited an act of such irreversible gravity Maple wasn't even sure what the consequences to her soul would be.

Maple would never know what it was like to have a mother. Ursula Sandraven had been a mentor, not a Mother, per se--Training Maple, then known as Uri, had been her primary concern. Friendship was a second place sort of thing, though even Maple would admit Ursula had been at least that much, once.

"My condolences on the death of your...innocence...I won't question your reasons. I saw what was going on down there. I'm so sorry things reached a point for you that such an action was your only means of getting anything resembling closure." Maple said with all sincerity. It was not an insult or condemnation. That had been what had happened when she took the life of the one who had brought her into this world. Any hope of retaining innocence was lost. The mother had likely brought it on herself, given Alwine's tone, but what a horrid price for being a bad mother. And what an even more horrid burden for Alwine to shoulder. But it had been her choice. And the choice of her brothers, it seemed. One Maple had no doubt would make them all wake up in the middle of the night, sweating, staring at their hands and seeing only the blood someday. It happened to Maple often enough, certainly.

It was hate that brought her here, and hate that kept her rooted. It was a hatred that risked burning her out, if Alwine wasn't careful. But when she stated her objective, Maple knew Alwine's rookie-ness was showing itself.

"I'm not so certain a ghost can be killed, Alwine. Not truly. Ghosts are energy like anything else. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed. Dispersed...redirected...but destroyed? You would not be the first to try, certainly...A spirit can be imprisoned to suffer though...I trapped the Spirit of a Sith Lady that tried to put the moves on me once. Nasty bunch, never go into their tombs without a plan if you stumble onto one. Most cases its just best to back away and bombard the site from orbit...I mean, if you're badass and everything, than of course rob everything in it, including all their evil Sith Lord ice cream in their evil Sith fridge. (Maple said this because one of her fellow Shadows had once found just that. The Sith Lords were an insane and decadent cult, through and through.) But if you're not badass, just walk away when you spot one. It usually ends with non-badasses getting torn apart or liquified or driven violently insane, or all three at once. But there are ways to hurt them...you just need the proper equipment. Medallions, scrolls, amulets, achemized weapons, all of this will work. But you'd need a hell of a lot of personal power to destroy a spirit, I think. I'm just speaking from experience, so sorry if I'm bearing bad news."

Maple didn't offer an opinion whether her mother actually deserved such a fate. That was Alwine's business. The woman had such a hold on her, even in death. Maple wondered if Alwine realized that, on some level. But it was for Alwine to come to that understanding, should she ever manage to fight through the hate long enough.

"I know what its like to be driven by hatred...first time I picked my restraints in a Sith prison camp the first person who died was the camp director via toilet swirly..." she admitted to the Lupine, quietly, her gaze running across the lake as she said it, green eyes blinking. Skip. She was an imperial soldier, trying to hunt down Alwine, who was a Jedi Master in this delusion. Skip. Back to normal.

"Oh, I could tell you some stories, certainly...as for who I'm here for, that'd be Kadmus Riath. He was an old buddy of mine back when I was a Jedi Shadow. Saved my ass more than once..."

Maple's gaze turned steely as she gazed upon the lake again.

"The woman I am tracking is a shapeshifter who shot him in the back of the head. I found his corpse on Geonosis. She's in the same line of work I used to be in...pure assassination. And she despises me on an extremely personal level for reasons I do not understand...reasons even she herself claims to have no answers for. We fought on Felacat, but I lost the trail. Now I'm here, because I have only been able to dig up so much. Kadmus must want payback for getting capped, at least, plus being dead, he HAS to know more now than he ever did alive. I'm hoping he knows her base of operations, maybe even an actual name besides that karking art-house designation she gave herself...'The Amalgam'. Just hearing her speak would make you wanna do some old-fashioned punching."

Maple knew this situation could only end with one or both her and The Amalgam dead: She'd shot Kadmus. That alone would have marked her for one of Maple's bullets.

But for being a threat to all her friends as long as she lived? Maple was gonna dig Uri out of the grave if it meant putting The Amalgam in hers.

And Uri had never really had anything better to do with her time than kill people like the Shapeshifter.

"She's been a pain in the ass for weeks now, appearing sporadically, harrassing me, just on the peripherals. She knows me...but I don't know her. And that is unacceptable. You make a lot of enemies in that profession. And she is the one enemy I have absolutely no context for how she even became aware of me...granted, you make enemies in this business if you live long enough...but most of the time you at least have the small blessing of knowing 'why' someone is your foe..."

Caid Centurion.

#1843355 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on 11 August 2018 - 01:41 AM

Maple had been gazing on the lake, reminiscing of her past. At least, what she thought was her past.

Ursula was not dead. Maple knew that much...somehow. There would be no point calling on her. And even if she was dead, Maple probably still would not have called on her. While the animosity Maple held towards her former Jedi Master was not the same as the animosity Alwine Lechner had towards her own mother, even in death--it was not enough to make her slay the woman when next they met--it was also hot enough in its intensity that the former Shadow was not certain she would ever be able to forgive Mimban, or what it had done to her, carrying out that mission.

It had been Mimban, in a sense, that had finally killed Uri Udinia. More than the doubt, more than the hunt for The Mind-Binder, more than Siva's affection, even--Mimban's jungles had finished off Uri. Mimban's jungles had created Maple Harte, the assassin she had been buried in a snow of madness, not water.

She turned, watching Alwine approach her, expressing her gratitude. Maple nodded politely.

"A pleasure to see you up and about, Miss Lechner. I've been exactly where you've been, getting the crap kicked out of me. You actually pretty damn secured in that place, to tell the truth--those Stewjon karks didn't take chances--actually reminded me of some imperial prison camps I've spent an extended stay in. But where are my manners. You're welcome...and my name is Maple Harte. Bounty Hunter by trade, witch by circumstance, and Lunatic by birth. Also...fond of sweets. And badassery."

Maple had to admit she admired brazen escapes. She herself had once jumped off a crashing Star Destroyer to catch a falling Star Fighter (It was a TIE fighter, if anyone's curious). But Alwine turning into a wolf and then running past everyone, that...that was even better than the time she had evaded pursuers by hiding under a cardboard box. (Ursula had called bullchit when Maple had told her the story--"Holo-pics, or it didn't happen." had been her exact words.)

"So...who among the departed brings you to this useful anomaly in The Dark Side? I'm here to talk to a old friend for advice. I'm after the person I think killed him." she explained, noting a strong dangerous looking man radiating the Dark Side, close by.

Daxton Bane waved back and Maple made a mental note to join him after conversing with Alwine.

Caid Centurion

#1842851 Festival of the Lost | CIS Dominion of Krant (Y,44)

Posted by Maple Harte on 10 August 2018 - 01:32 AM

Arrived to Krant in: The Silent Erika (http://starwarsrp.ne...ype-327-nubian/)

Wearing: Biker Leathers.

Armed with: Uri's cane (http://starwarsrp.ne...4421-uris-cane/)

Objective: Mostly One, partly Two.

Nearby: Alwine Lechner, Daxton Bane, Srina Talon.

The Silent Erika descended through Krant's atmosphere, transmitting friendly ID codes to all relevant Confederacy Vessels.

The black 327 Nubian, asserted by both its current and prior owner to be the sexiest ship ever built, settled on a small landing pad in the city itself, and the mad occupant powered down the vessel, after making a number of extensive checks to make sure the new upgrades were not affecting power to other systems. She'd jammed enough tech into her home to turn it into as much of a Fortress as possible, but the old girl could only handle so much load at once.

She hadn't been paid a visit to by her...'guest' in a while. But she was counting the days until the wretched creature showed up in her head again.

But Maple was here to talk to a different spirit.

She had heard the rumors of Lake Aleng. Never had a chance to visit before now. She was making the time, because that encounter with The Amalgam had come out of nowhere. And if the woman was to someday, as she claimed, become The Mind-Binder, Maple needed some intel on just who it was she was dealing with. But searching for The Amalgam physically after Felacat had turned up nothing. But she had learned much more than she had ever wanted to, regardless.

The Amalgam was a ghost, for the most part. Maple could not find her Foe's actual base of operations.

But The Amalgam had certainly had more of a record than any search for the Mind-Binder had ever turned up. She'd been a long time player, it was clear...specialized in deep cover infiltration, had a trail of assassinations linked indirectly to her. A fanatic. But highly skilled. Save for deep cover infiltration (As well as an unusual preference for Laser weaponry, of all things) her known acts read a great deal like many of Uri Udinia's nastier missions. Or Uri's missions read a great deal like The Amalgam's.

For all intents and purposes, they were in the same line of work. But Uri's skill in the Force was laughable. The Amalgam's was not. Maple had little chance at close range. She could match the vile shapeshifter blow for blow at melee combat--barely-perhaps even outgun her-but the Dark Side was The Amalgam's insurance against true victory. Maple knew it had been a combination of overconfidence on The Amalgam's part as well as the will of the Force that she had managed to escape. In either case, the power had clearly gone to the shapeshifter's head years ago: She taunted. She was sloppy. Had their positions been reversed, Maple would have put her down as quickly as possible and not wasted time being mysterious by securing her prisoner and leaving. But given the obvious skill, the purple-eyed woman's arrogance was perhaps deserved.

Maple stared at the mark on her right palm...the mark of a black, jagged crescent. It had marked her, as Doashim had. There had been no sign of its presence since. She slipped a black leather glove over it, clad in her biker gear, and took her sabercane with her. Go armed, but lightly.

She sweapt her long, brown hair from a face that had been in a perpetual frown ever since Felacat. Blinking wet, piercing green eyes darting around in perpetual delusions that happened between the ticks of a second, but felt completely real to her when they did. She thought of getting a drink first, but she needed to be sober. She desperately wanted a drink. She thought about finding food, but that would also distract her.

Maple took out a stick of strawberry flavored bubblegum. She started to chew, letting the taste distract her. She wanted brownies. Gum would do, for now, then brownies, then food, then more brownies, then a dance off with Zombie Anakin Skywalker, then a drink.

But first she needed to reach the Lake itself.

Krant was a lovely looking world. Quaint. Its cobblestone streets reminded her of her childhood home.

She could not remember her mother's face. Sometimes she hated The Order for that. But what's done is done. Some of these Sensitives, they spend years carrying on a feud with Jedi, over petty things, and they never get past it. Like killing a person who believes a certain things solves all their problems, resolves all the doubt eating away at them. All the Loss. Jedi Hunting was for some no different than someone in the civilian world getting a fancy luxury sport speeder with an engine that should not be street legal: It was all to deal with a mid-life crisis.

The festivities were in full swing, Krantian beer enjoyed in large mugs. The chewing gum had already lost its flavor. She spat it out, mouth salivating at the scent of cooked fish. She wanted a beer. Would have settled for a wine cooler. Grape flavored. Maybe Lemon. Did they make Lemon wine coolers. They made murderous death droids, super death masers and more alchemized stuff than she could shake one of her sticks at. They had to be making lemon wine coolers somewhere in this karked up galaxy.

As she traveled through the village, giving a few side glances to the village women (And getting a few in turn.) Maple took note of all the bauble's and trinkets on sale. She enjoyed ivory pieces. She took more note of a red crystal up for prominent display on one stand. It was tended to by an old woman in villagers robes. She had lots of wrinkles and laugh lines, her ashen hair in a ponytail. Her grey eyes focused on Maple.

"We have many wares and trinkets if you are interested." She croaked.

"Is it true, old woman? Do the spirits actually rise on this day?" Maple asked, her alderaani accent coming through.

"Oh yes. I've been witniss to the phenomenon my entire life. Its...how I let go of my husband. He passed last year. Damn Terentatek living in the woods guarding some older-than-chit tomb. Ended up having to send our bravest villager into the woods with an alchemized sword to kill whatever was in there. Poor man still doesn't speak of it." she said with a sigh. "Everybody always thinks those dungeon crawler tabletops are soooo fun until you actually end up living out a scenario just like them."

"Well, Krant was home to a lotta whackos in the past, not unusual for an evil tomb to pop up once in a while."

"Yes, but you'd think it was all the bastards did, given how many we've run into over the years and demolished. Poor Harold Starfree three villages over ate it last year when his house collapsed into a sink hole and the damned Lich in the sarcophagus he'd built his house over without realizing it broke loose."

The old woman paused thoughtfully, rubbing her chin. "Did some amusing things to all those human organs it stole, though. Surprisingly classy approach to its dark rituals, too. Had to kill it with fire, admittedly, but damn was it a gentleman."

"I know the type." Maple replied, thinking of Darth Maranon. Still trapped and impotent in that trinket Sawa had given her. Heh.

"So this crystal you got..."

"Found it in the tomb the animal that killed my husband was guarding. We clear out the treasures, make sure none of its cursed or anything--one guy spontaneously liquified last year when he put on the wrong ring. Ugh. Went through eight mops cleaning him off the floor. Eight."

Maple examined the crystal. She recognized it. Knew Sawa might want it.

It was a Quixoni. Rare. Very rare. An import, obviously.

Maple slapped eight thousand credits on the table.

"That oughta help with local emergencies..."

The woman took her credits, handing her the crystal.

"Tomb robbin'. Never stops paying..." the old woman joked.

Maple chuckled a bit herself. She'd made some of her best money robbing Maranon's tomb of its valuables.

"Just remember...haul ain't worth your life."

"Nobody knows that better than the People of The Lake..." The old woman responded. "Thank you for your business."

Maple pocketed the crystal and walked away to the lake. To her surprise, she saw Alwine Lechner, gave her a simple nod as she passed by, waiting for the spirits. She saw Daxton Bane, who'd been on the same assignment to Stewjon and waved at her fellow Mandragora before settling a respectable distance away, waiting for the festivities to start.

#1839986 Siva Joyuese

Posted by Maple Harte on 05 August 2018 - 01:03 AM

Intent: To provide a recurring character that previously appeared only in two short cameos for Maple Harte's stories as a friend and ally as well as provide more insight into Maple's history.

‚ÄčImage Credit:

Rabemar @ Deviantart

Role: Siva's role in Maple's stories is mainly as a combat ally, provider of intelligence and close friend and sort-of love interest.

Links: [Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, equipment, etc here.]


Age: 33

Force Sensitivity: No.

Species: Twi'lek. (Green skinned)

Appearance: A green skinned, muscular yet curvy Twi'lek, often clad in skin tight combat suits or otherwise black clothing that is often revealing.


Name: Siva Joyuese (Siva'Joyuese)

Loyalties: Maple Harte, any anti-Imperial factions.

Wealth: Fairly well off due to bounty hunting, but she prefers to engage in the trade that made her thousands for sport and of course, more money.

Notable Possessions: Twin Blasters, black combat suit of fiber armor, duraplast and dyed in Norris root extract. Defender-Class Light Corvette known as The Loner's Quiver. Single shot grenade launcher. Rocket launcher. Med Kits. Bacta grenades.

Skills: Highly skilled at dual wielding blaster pistols and slugthrower pistols, flying her vessel, demolitions, tracking people, and hand to hand. Astonishing Speed and Reflexes. Considerable physical strength. Combat Surgeon and Intel gatherer.

Personality: Coy, flirting, seductive, and friendly in a way that hides a keen, calculating intelligence, Siva is otherwise very level headed and goal oriented, a rock of stability when things get bad. When she shows up, she is efficient and fast, prefering to attack boldly and is very aggressive in combat. Has maintained an on-again, off-again relationship with Harte for years that has never truly ended and is Maple's oldest ally from before she left the Order.


Weapon of Choice: Single or dual wielded blaster pistols, revolver slug throwers and hand to hand combat, with grenades and rockets as a last resort. Skilled with det charges.

Combat Function: Primary method of attack is quickly advancing, dual wielding her pistols to down enemies at short to medium ranges, even using the pistols as weapons at very close ranges, in addition to using K'tara, K'Thiri, and Echani in her fighting style, combined with her exceptional speed, reflexes and strength, only choosing to resort to grenades if she herself is not enough to put them down. Is a fully trained combat surgeon if left in a support role.


Pistol Sorcery: Siva is a beast with pistols. She has engaged multiple squads of heavily armed mercenaries and come out on top, using her natural strength and agility to dodge return fire WHILE returning fire, maintaining constant mobility in both close and medium engagement distances. Also adept at gun tricks. With slugthrowers she has demonstrated an astonishing ability to ricochet slugs off surfaces, with an uncannily high chance of it hitting what she actually wants to hit. Even Maple, who is very familiar with slug throwers, cannot replicate this feat...though it is a very temperamental skill, largely dependant on environmental circumstances, the type of round, and the type of gun. Her best rate of success is with revolvers, though even then it can be very hit and miss. Still, even if the bullet misses, the fact that Siva has a better than average chance of hitting someone from around a sharp corner if using slugs, or her uncanny accuracy while shoot-dodging, puts Siva's skill with such weapons as almost approaching the supernatural.

Bruiser: If forced to engage at close range without pistols, Siva is an efficient targeter of joints and bodily weakpoints, using a fast, no-nonsense approach with a self developed martial art consisting of mostly K'tara, with some acrobatic elements of K'Thiri and some Echani techniques.

Det Specialist: Siva is skilled at using Grenades, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and Det Charges, though she prefers to resort to these only as a last resort.

Surgeon: Due to her past as a GA Triage Surgeon, Siva has a solid chance of saving a heavily injured persons life if she gets to them early enough.

Pilot: Siva's Light Corvette, the The Loner's Quiver, is the ship she is best at piloting, though she can comfortably use airspeeders.

Recon: Siva often has her ear to the ground for any rumor, and is adept at tracking people and gathering intelligence through surveillance.


Glass Cannon: Despite her above average physical strength, Siva keeps mobile for a reason, Her armor will stop a few bolts of rifle strength but if injured, its likely to leave her with few recourses except retreat or die.

Electricity: Siva has a low pain tolerance for electricity. Even a small amount is enough to floor her with agony.

Ordinary: While Siva's skills are impressive, she is not Force Sensitive, and has little recourse against their attacks if cornered by one save slug throwers or grenades.

Lack of long range capability: Siva's fighting style centers on close to medium range engagements. If confronted with a long range challenge there is very little she can do except try and close the distance. She lacks skill at rifles except for grenade launchers.

Aggressive style can be used against her: Because Siva's style relies so much on overt force, it is possible to draw her into a trap or use stealth to defeat her.

Really only comfy with two: While no slouch at using a single pistol, her fighting style is slowed and suffers considerably without an extra pistol. Also, If Siva had her way, she'd just use her pistols every time, and while able to use det charges and grenades and a significant threat in hand to hand, much of the threat she poses vanishes without her twin pistols.

Sticks out like a sore thumb: Siva has no ear for stealth, and is incredibly clumsy at hiding. This is why she is so good at fighting--the enemy always knows where she is.

Vulnerable to mental attacks: Years of trauma from caring for screaming, dying soldiers on the battlefield have left her more vulnerable to psychic attacks. While she is capable of resisting or powering through an attack depending on its strength, the attack still gets through somewhat on every occasion. Siva has never been able to mitigate this weakness, and its a good way to incapacitate her if one is good at them.


Morpho Pistols: Twin, scope less SE-14 Light Repeating Blaster Pistols. Siva's weapons of choice.

Monarch Pistols: Twin Mandalorian Heavy Blasters

Caterpillars: Twin, 45. Revolvers with nineteen inch barrels. Also the guns that provide her the best chance of hitting someone with ricochets. Single action.

Marksman's End: Single shot breach load grenade rifle with wood furniture.


Combat Suit: Fiber armor dyed in Norris Root extract and with duraplast insert on torso, shin, and Forearms.


The Loner's Quiver: A stock Defender Class Light Corvette that Siva has piloted for years. Also her home.


Siva Joyuese was once a Galactic Alliance Combat Surgeon who was forced out of the military after it came to light she had stolen an experimental medicine in a desperate attempt to save the life of her sister, who was slowly dying from Bone Cancer. Avoiding prison time only due to her prior exceptional record, Siva took up Bounty Hunting to pay the bills and care for her dying sister, who she had cared for ever since they had both grown up Orphans on Coruscant, barely staying out of the Slave trade. In the course of bounty-hunting, her skill at recon was proven invaluable when she tracked down, engaged, and defeated an Imperial war criminal in his undersea stronghold on Manaan. So much so she was occasionally hired by the Marksmen to gather intel on locations and targets for them, and it was at this point she became associated with a particularly cold blooded example of one of the Marksmen...Uri Udinia, who she assisted on multiple assignments. Though fairly formal with the Twi'lek at first, Siva's sense of humor eventually cracked Uri's shell, and being around her caused Udinia to question her own loss of humanity being a Marksman, and as they grew closer, Uri started to rediscover her humanity, and Siva, who had grown attracted to Uri, eventually seduced the Jedi Shadow, for a time even secretly living together, and set in motion a domino effect that culminated in Uri Udinia's final mission on Mimban, which led to Uri faking her death, though Siva was not fooled, and spent a while tracking her down, even providing the very intelligence that caused Maple to come out of retirement to hunt for The Mind-Binder. Siva, although her feelings for Uri, now called Maple, have not lessened, she does not know about Maple's schizophrenia, and it is that can of worms that has always prevented Maple from going further in their relationship beyond the occasional fling, but Siva is nonetheless Maple's steadfast ally, and the two would risk life and limb to save the other, and Siva would at least try to visit terrible vengeance on any perpetrator involved in Harte's potential demise.

#1831805 Dark Night

Posted by Maple Harte on 23 July 2018 - 03:01 AM

"Nothing...is...is that its name?" The hunter asked.

"We've done nothing to her. We don't even know where she is. We don't even know how many she may have made. We only knew so much about you from very ancient texts."

"Who is she talking about, Sawa?" Maple grunted inquisitively. And then in the midst of all the excitement Sawa's last name fully registered and Maple went numb.

I...her descendant seduced me into a shower...

This could be a really small galaxy, sometimes. Maple wondered if perhaps she was naturally drawn to the Ike bloodline for some reason.

"Your buddies willing to kill everyone to reach us?" Maple asked Sawa's captive.

"Lady, if it were in our power, we would have forced your surrender at the end of a turbolaser."

The building suddenly rocked.

"That'd be them right about now." The bleeding hunter chuckled. "Hope you freaks like pain. We'll force the survivors to breath silver in dust form. Matter of fact..."

She heard him bite down on something audibly, and Maple wrenched his face away from Sawa, forcing his mouth to the wall as he spread some sort of silver colored bile to the wall. The wall started burning and the man was dead in seconds, having burned out his own intestines.

"He was dedicated. Thats not good. It means his buddies are fanatical.

Maple looked at the burned wall.

"Modified silver nitrate compound. Nasty stuff. Well equipped. Scientific access."

Maple rose. Not only was she in a bar full of sexy vampires, (Really, she'd just plain lucked out on that one.) She was involved with the Ancestor of Matsu. This was some strange serendipity. It was also gonna make for some awkward as hell conversation later...

"So who's Nine Lives? Why is she named like a cat?" She asked Sawa Ike.


The Vampire Hunters prepared to shell the area around the bar again, Their Leader, Patrick, walked his ancient, grizzled self to a small, rocky hill where he knew he'd be heard over loudspeaker:

"Sawa Ike!" He shouted into the loudspeaker. "You come out to surrender right now! Right karking now, Sawa! Or we come in and get you!"

He gave the signal and a mortar strike hit the roof of the bar. Fifteen men armed with silver nitrate infused buckshot in their pump action shotguns burst through the front entrance, armed with wrist flame throwers and cryoban rifles they proceeded deeper into what was obviously a well defended facility. They savagely engaged a number of Anzat who attacked them.

As the first squad attacked, two other squads peppered the building with armor piercing rounds, not realizing that Sawa's assistant was flanking them in the dark, followed by several garhoon...

#1827964 Witch Trials | Knights Obsidian & Mandragora (CIS)

Posted by Maple Harte on 17 July 2018 - 12:54 AM

Maple's staff ends smashed into the face of a guard as she and the men with beards of doom bashed their way through those sent to stop them. She drunkenly spun her sticks as she advanced, her weak Force sense helping her avoid certain bullets, her sheer agility and reflexes helping her avoid the rest of them as her foot crashed into the face of a guard so hard she was sure she'd fractured his skull as she smashed her sticks into shoulders, ribs, and jaws. The suffering she had watched Alwine Lechner go through, as well as the other women, had caused something to snap inside of her.

She had not come here to kill. She would keep that oath. But she was going to break these men. And break they did. Ribs, toes, noses, groins (Don't ask.), elbows, knees. It all shattered at the heavy sticks wielded by an angry Ex-Shadow. Her arms were a blur, the red metal of her staff ends, an experimental near-frictionless alloy uncovered on Katanos VII, was capable of slicing almost without effort through nearly any conventional metals and materials at max-settings. This was set to stun. Heavy stun. Jaws would still need to be wired shut, that is, if Gerwald Lechner and Varick Lechner weren't hell bent on avenging their sister by viciously tearing through anybody who'd been dumb enough in this pit to actually follow orders.

Maple pulled off an elaborate torso-axial flip to dodge the swipe of a vibrosword from a larger, heavier opponent. She didn't hesitate, jamming her split apart staff ends into him. He went down like he had been punched by a baby rancor. Maple smacked one of her weapons into the face of another, feeling his nose crunch under the balaclava. She felt Doashim from inside, egging her on, delighting in the combat. She still hadn't figured out how to pull off a twelve-hit combo. The ancients had been wise to hide such a secret, for the one who could pull off a twelve-hit combo would win at life. At least, thats what those cockroaches she'd been talking to five minutes ago had told her. The cockroaches knew secrets. Even the newborns. But they were all addicted to glitterstim. That was okay...Maple had swore she would never tell anyone.

The mobile beatings continued, Maple's sticks and feet crashing into, smashing the ribs of and knocking the teeth out of every guard that got between her and the jail's courtyard. The alarm klaxons sounded a long, deep drone as The three got to the courtyard. Maple had left a pile of badly wounded but still alive men in her wake. As Varick and Gerwald took off to do...something...Maple waved at Varick "WE SHOULD TOTALLY DO SOMETHING AWESOME SOMETIME!" She called out as he ran to where no doubt his sister had gone.

Maple sensed danger. It was a mass of life, but as her sense was weak, she could not exactly define the threat, so she went to moving very slowly, letting the stealth field kick in. A squad of muscle-bound giants in Stewjon swat uniforms, gold and black in color, burst through an entrance from this facility's administrative section, armed with shotguns, chainguns, and flamethrowers. The big dogs, huh? They had just missed Varick and Gerwald. As Maple stood still in the courtyard, invisible, she knew she was good but she wasn't that good. Those crap guards in the jail were pushovers who'd likely never done more than a few busts. Their reflexes had been slow from her perspective, Their aim, while excellent, had still been geared to fighting distant targets. Not highly mobile and aggressive opponents at melee range, worth Force training. It had been almost a foregone conclusion they would lose, especially considering they had not had to deal with just one Adept, but Three.

The same could not be said for this band of thirty men, some armed with mag-lock grenade launchers and...Rocket Launchers?!. She saw how they twitched as they moved, arms as thick as her waist, fists as big as her head. Hefting large weapons effortlessly. They moved quickly and silently into the Jail,. No way she would try taking those men by herself. One of them would get her. She might take three, but one of them would get her. They looked to be heading to Katrine Van-Derveld 's position.

"Katrine!" Maple hissed quietly, into her comlink. "You got thirty heavily armed men coming. Shotguns, chainguns, flamethrowers, grenade and rocket launchers. I can't take these guys by myself! I think they mean to level this place, with them in it, if it means killing you! Either pull something badass or get the hell out of there!"

#1827465 Tanlili

Posted by Maple Harte on 16 July 2018 - 01:35 AM

Maple moved in slowly, the stealth field on this magnificent but somewhat restrictive light-armor kicking in as she went invisible. She saw two more cultists, both female this time. They were both clad in a bright red bodysuit, the ancient symbol of Bogan emblazoned in a darker-than-dark ink, wielding black, double-bladed Vibroswords whose blades were shaped like cleavers, but had a relatively thinner profile. Kanzer Assassins.

She'd fought Kanzer Assassins on Chandrila once. They could spin like tops in battle. Their swords never stopped moving once combat began. They were swift, lethal opponents, even alone. And there were two.

"Do you know how we learned of this place?" one asked the other as they split up, searching the vast, lonely looking stone room.

"One of the priests mentioned that the information had been delivered by a woman with purple eyes..."

Maple stopped cold. Skip. The Mind-Binder chased her in the dark through the cornfield, black blood flowing from a smile it had cut into its face. Skip. Maple moved closer, the squirrels her feet were now composed of arguing about whether or not they should order delivery or simply go to a restuarant. She almost told them to shush, as they were very distracting, but then quickly remembered that they weren't real. She refocused and creapt closer, slowly, patiently...

"What did she get in exchange?"

"Don't know." answered the other cultist as she observed the photo Maple had been drawn to. "It is not our place to speculate. Our job is to find this lab, take its notes, and then get out after we plant the charges."

Maple, upon hearing this, swiftly ended stealth by connecting her staff and setting it to heavy stun.

The Assassins noticed her in an instant, and went into guard surrounding her. Maple stood there in a nuetral guard, waiting.

"One of the Assassins, a blond, muscular woman let out a chuckle.

"This must be the one who took care of the group we sent down here."

"Where is your base located?" Maple asked quietly, sternly, in a tone that had once belonged to Uri.

"And she thinks she's in a position to make demands..." chuckled the other, a brunette haired woman. "Who are you to make such demands of The Kanzer?" she wondered arrogantly, her skin pale and eyes yellow. She was not as muscled as her companion.

"Uri Udinia."

"Lies! The Golden Eye died on Mimban!" The Blond Kanzer snapped. "If you're Uri Udinia I'm Darth-karking-Vader."

"If you're Darth Vader, I gotta admit, you are lookin' fine as hell."

"Cute." the Brunette snapped. "But I don't think you'd like our idea of fun. Its a bit too bloody for you."

"Try me."

The blond shrugged. "As you wish."

She struck first with her cleaver like Vibrosword, using her obvious speed and power to try and overwhelm Maple in two quick diagonal swipes. The Brunette was far faster and reached Maple first, cleaver blades making a whoosh as they sped towards her knees. The staff shifted out of place to catch one blade, and Maple back-flipped out of the stronger woman's swipe to decapitate her. The Brunette reached her again first and Maple drunkenly dodged and weaved the rapid spins and stabs she executed in seconds, her staff parrying some of the blows but the blond was moving in fast, attacking as soon as she saw an opening to Maple's face. Maple barely managed to parry the extremely heavy blow from the blond which sent her to her needs, forcing her to roll out of the way as she hit the ground to avoid slices from both women that would have gutted her or gone through her skull. She heard the tip of one of the blond's swords barely miss her right ear as she twisted and executed an upward spin strike to her attackers face, which was just as quickly and viciously parried by the blonde, while the Brunette pulled a shallow series of fast moving frontal spins aimed at her left rib-cage. Their Echani training was showing. Likely worked in teams. The Brunette was the fly, buzzing in with razor slices, always moving too fast for a proper retaliation. The Blond was the hammer, bringing down her swings and spins with crushing strength, hoping to overwhelm while the Fly distracted. Personally, Maple didn't think The Hammer needed the Fly...the Fly sometimes moved too quickly, interfering with The Hammer's rhythm...in this one way, Maple had been fortunate up to this point...The Hammer could not fully employ the full capability of her offense. Maple had to decide quick about who to take out first. The Fly's strikes were like lightning, and Maple was forced to retreat backward, the slices from the Fly getting ever closer the Hammer nearly as fast, but compensating with raw strength that took all her might to parry. She could not keep this up much longer.

Maple chose The Fly. As the Fly's stab moved towards her chest like greased lightning. Maple suddenly shifted her stance to the left, keeping track of the Hammer, who had flanked her, and was attempting a downward impale, but she was two and a half seconds behind the Fly.

Maple parried the Fly's stab shifting it into the path of The Hammer's. Maple executed a mild Force pull on the Fly's head as the swords were met, slamming the Woman's face into Maple's knee, breaking her nose and knocking her cold. She backflipped out of The Hammer's sudden burst of aggression the spins and stabs of her cleaver-bladed double-sword sending sparks from the ground as the vibro-enhanced tips passed through stone floors, Maple barely staying out of their radius.

The Hammer suddenly executed a running spin forward, which transitioned into a hard spin-kick that caught Maple off-guard, and she barely managed to get her right arm up to cover her head from a kick that had the kinetic force of a metal club and which, if it had connected, would likely have instantly snapped Maple's neck. But because of her fast reflexes, the worst she suffered was a dislocated arm as that kinetic force sent her flying into the other wall opposite her, nearly dislocating her other arm as well. The ex-shadow rolled on the ground, the air knocked out of her lungs as The Hammer sprinted towards her, spinning her blades around her body, building up kinect force to rip through her.

Maple pulled her self up on sheer willpower as the blades watched, her eyes catching the exact rhythm of the Hammer's motions as the sword hilt was moved around her muscular frame. As the Blond moved her blade into the radius that would hit Maple's face the ex-shadow seized the hilt of the sword, and used it to aid her springboard off the ground with The Force, landing on the hilt for the briefest of moments and forcing it downward, using it as a spring board for her next back flip, her boot catching the Hammer's jaw, flinging her backward and knocking her out cold as Maple landed, catching the hilt of The Hammer's vibro-double-sword. She stood up...for a split second before collapsing to her knees.

"Class..." Maple breathed to the defeated pair.


She looked for Matsu Ike. "Uhh...Matsu? Think...I...used up all my badass--fuel."

#1825753 Book of The Five Phases

Posted by Maple Harte on 13 July 2018 - 03:51 AM

Intent: To create a personal witchcraft book with a deep connection to Maple that also advances her story. She will locate it after a thread I am doing.


Image Source:

Wikimedia Commons

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: N/A


Name: Book of The Five Phases

Manufacturer: Unknown Dark Side Witch

Affiliation: Maple Harte

Modularity: No

Production: Unique.

Material: Thin sheets of preserved Terentatek Flesh treated to be resistant to fire. The Cover is made of thick terentatek leather, also treated the same.


Classification: Grimoire.

Size: Large

Weight: Heavy


Extensive, detailed knowledge of Spells unique to this one book, both empowering and empowered by a spirit similar to those worshipped by The Mandragora.

Alchemization knowledge in regards to light armor crafting.

Strange, hard to understand text written in a stream of consciousness like manner

Detailed knowledge of a unique version of Lightfoil Construction.

Knowledge of Unique Force Powers granted by connection with the Book's patron spirit.

Enchantments that compel one to who the book is bound to preserve it at all costs.

Strange, gnostic philosophy written in a stream of consciousness like manner. Strongly Chthonic in nature.


Potent Magical Knowledge: The knowledge of spells in this book are impressive, and tell the owner how to perform both offensive and Stealth related spells, potent alchemy techniques based off shadow and lunar phases, lightsaber related knowledge, and poisons

Brain Demon's Wisdom (Section 1, Spells)


Brain Demon's Aura (Defensive)

Brain Demon's Sheath (Defensive)

Brain Demon's Aegis (Defensive)

Spell of Shadowport (Transport)

Spell of Shadow-Slow (Defensive)

Spell of Shadow Shield (Defensive)

Summon Unholy Spirit (Offensive)

Spell of Psyonic Push (Offensive)

Spell of Psyonic Flame (Offensive)

Brain Demons Smithing (Section 2, Alchemy applied to armor)

Shadow Hex (Defensive)

Lunar Hex (Offensive)

Stength Hex (Offensive)

Perception Hex (Defensive)

Aural Hex (Defensive)

Brain Demon's Treachery (Section 3, Lightsaber Knowledge)

Double Blades Lightsabers

Brain Demon's Niman

Brain Demon's Juyo

Brain Demon's Craftmanship (Section 4)

Force Suppression

Memory Rub

Force Illusion

Force Insanity

Force Fear

Force Empathy


Force Bonds.


Tear Knowledge.

Force Persuasion.

How To Commune with the Unholy Spirit through a fire ritual

Brain Demon's Venom (Section 5)

This section deals with an extensive knowledge of lethal natural and artificial toxins, including Sith Poison.

Fire-Proof: The Book is treated with a special resin that has rendered it near totally fire proof.

Empowering: Every use of the book Strengthens the Brain Demon, warping and altering its nature to the point it will be able to manifest in the real world eventually for some unknown purpose....

Stealth Enchantments: The book has been enchanted so that it cannot be sensed through the Force by any save its owner.


Decipherable: The information could be presumably be copied in a more direct and to the point matter to another text.

Welcome to the Family: Presumably, should any one wish it, they could also use this book to make a pact with The Brain Demon, and gain the..."benefits"...all it requires is a sacrifice of blood, spilt on the cover to summon it for pact making.


Alchemically disadvantaged: With few exceptions, its alchemical techniques are highly specific and situational, and do not grant the protections of standard Alchemy.

One at a time: In addition to the above weakness, only one enchantment can be applied to an entire set of armor at a time.

Stacking: Depending on how frequently Maple uses the spells of the book, she will be rendered unable to use standard Force Powers for forty eight hours...per use of each spell.

I'll be watching you: Every use of every spell, every enchantment strengthens Maple's connection to the Brain Demon, enabling it to have control over more of the darkest parts of her mind and making it harder to resist carrying out its commands.

Nagging desire: The book is enchanted so that whoever it is bound to always has a small, easily resisted, but ever present temptation to use the book's knowledge.

Chthonic Speech: The book's strange, stream of consciousness-type prose communicates all of its information, with few exceptions, in a Gnostic-sort of prose about the Dark Side that is very difficult to follow, and will also cause severe Nightmare's about the Brain Demon after each reading, breaking down the adept's will.

Void Vulnerable: Entering a Force Void area will erase every image and scrap of writing on every page for forty eight hours. Maple will be unable to perform any of its spells or powers for the same length.

Heavy: The enchantments left the book very heavy.

Doorstopper: Don't try and bring this book to read anywhere but somewhere sturdy, safe, and secure. Its large, thick, and easily noticed.

Can't spit it out: The enchantments bind whoever is bound to the book to protect its existence at all cost. This includes preventing Maple from telling anyone who could help.

Not indestructible: Despite its enchantments it is ultimately almost as vulnerable as any other book.


The book of blood licks the mind and draws it into a shadow'd bosom

---Opening Line of The Book Of The Five Phases

The Book of The Five Phases is one of the Lost Works of the Mandragora. And for good reason. Unlike Spirits such as Lylek, Jart, and Doashim, The Patron Spirit of this Grimoire, known as the Brain Demon, is the result of an ambitious former Nightsister turned Mandragora's attempts to ascend to a higher plane of existence and take her place among the spirits. Submitting herself to a strange lake of unholy black fire, she was consumed and twisted into the Brain Demon, an invasive, jealous monstrosity capable of haunting the sleep of its chosen, granting twisted powers and strange, night and lunar related magics in exchange for it being tethered to a person's soul. The Spirits, horrified at the blasphemous act, immediately proscribed the Brain Demon and its cult of corrupted witches from Ryloth. The Cult was hunted down and killed save for a single straggler, who went on to start the line of Masters and apprentices who eventually ended up teaching The Amalgam.

#1824492 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Maple Harte on 11 July 2018 - 01:38 AM

Maple slashed and hacked and slashed at the quick moving woman.

"What do you want with me?!?" Maple shrieked.

The Woman only smirked some more. Maple whipped her cane's bottom shoto towards the face, , only for the Woman to quickly parry it.

"How does it feel? The rage?" The Woman asked, guarding with both blades of her staff, the purple glow casting a violet pallor on her purple-eyed visage.

"Who are you?!"

"Oh, it must be so frustrating, not knowing." The woman mocked. "The urge to tear out your hair with questions must be incredible."

"What do you mean 'Not Yet'?"

The Woman chuckled cruelly. "I'm not a simpleton, Uri. Besides, it would take a month to explain why that question makes absolutely no sense."

"Try me." Maple snarled.

The Woman's smile dropped a bit.

"Fine. Seeing how this is our first proper reunion since..." The Woman trailed off with a knowing stare before letting out a soft chuckle.

"I'll be...generous...I will answer two free questions perfectly honestly..." she explained with a deadly, slithering softness to her voice that somehow made her completely repulsive in spite of her beauty.

Maple kept her distance from the woman. She looked ready to parry or block anything Maple threw at her. Athlete. Professional. Maple had never personally seen anyone twitch that fast in melee combat. Not without Force Speed. Reflexes probably bordered on superhuman. Defensive Niman specialist. And she wasn't even winded from the assault. Maple was weak in the force, it had been a long time since she had faced a real enemy duelist, plus, she was bordering on hysteria.

"Well? I'm waiting..." the woman chided.

"Who are you?" Maple choked out quietly.

The Woman smiled.

"I am an Evangelist, Uri. I bring the weak and deluded torment. And the ones who survive are the ones who grow stronger. I am here to prepare you for glory, Uri Udinia. But you must be broken first. Your hopes must be crushed. Your friends, your lovers, all you love must be made to crumble. You do not yet realize your importance." The Woman answered calmly, face the image of stoicism.

"You have one question left. Choose wisely."

Maple thought quickly. It was all a stall. She knew she was being toyed with. The...woman...was simply giving her a breather. Maple's hand that was gripping the cane dropped to the side. The Woman adjusted her gait very slightly in response, shifting to the left, staff hilt going for a more sharpened diagonal guard. An enemy star fighter crashed into the fields beyond them. Maple's stomach curdled in disgust and fear when she saw the woman shiver in pleasure, clearly having felt the death of the pilot on impact.

"Time's up Uri. Last question. Now."

"Why do you hate me?" Maple asked quietly. "This isn't about just getting me to do what you want. This is personal for you. The hatred I feel from you...its not the random hatred of the Dark Side. Its directed at me. Why?!"

Though the Woman's smirk never left her face, for just a second, Maple could have sworn her gait shifted a bit in surprise at the question.

"Would you believe me if I said didn't have a clue?" The Woman replied with seeming sincerity. "I know all about you, Uri...everything. And yet...I have no idea 'why' I know this. I just...'woke up' one day. And there you were in my head. With your pretty green eyes..." the Woman breathed. "Staring at me in the Sleeping Death...I have no idea where all my hatred towards you comes from. I normally wouldn't go to such lengths, even for one such as you. You think I don't know this is overkill?" the woman questioned with a snake like shift backward. "But I see you...and I feel this...unbridled fury. I know you're essential. Certainly not a coward. But I truly, honestly, have no idea why I hate you, none at all, Uri. And just to be generous I will reiterate: I'm not the Mind-Binder. Not Yet. And the answer is not as simple as you think. And just to be even more generous I will elaborate on that last part: I both will and won't be. And you will help me."

Maple's face twisted in fury. "Never." Maple spat in hatred.

The Woman took another step back through the ruins, the lights overhead from exploding starships getting more frequent.

"I would like to elaborate on my first answer, Uri."

"I'm all ears." Maple croaked dryly.

"You wanted a name. Fine. I will give you one. I am known as The Amalgam. I exist solely for the glory of the Dark Side. As you will, one day. And I am here because the Dark Side has brought you to my feet to learn and grow stronger."

"I'm not using anything that freak--"

Maple felt her larynx close and felt herself lifted into the air by the woman, whose eyes had turned sulphurous.

"You will not speak blasphemy against The Unholy Spirit in my presence." The Amalgam spoke, face contorting briefly in rage as she strangled Maple with The Force for another ten seconds before dropping her.

"Now...you learned new gifts. Show me..."

Something in Maple, the last switch of restraint leaving her mind. And horribly, the knowledge came to her.

"Unholy Spirit, pour fourth my hatred."

The fury and hurt twisted in her chest, forcing itself up her throat and blasting out of Maple's mouth has a bright purple fire that had no heat, but was fed by all her inner torment. The Woman made no attempt to dodge the purple flames, instead, embracing them, letting her whole body be engulfed, as well as the surrounding grass and stones around her.

"Psyonic Fire. The gift spell of your patron, The Brain Demon." came the Woman's voice from the center of the flames. "You're immune to your own flames...and I am far beyond your ability to affect..."

What stepped out of the flames made Uri step back in raw, numb terror.

The Woman was not a woman any longer. The black hair had vanished on the head, which had altered its shape, becoming spherical. Eyes, nose, and ears had vanished, replaced by a single, large, lamprey-like maw with multiple teeth. Maple was sprinting away, screaming hysterically when she saw a purple glow start to emit from its throat. She ran and ran to the Scarlet Phantom, and was almost to the ramp when she was hoisted up in the air by a Force choke from The Amalgam, who wagged a finger at her, her...it's Lamprey mouth growing ever more teeth.

"Unholy Spirit, pour fourth my hatred." The creature gloated.

Maple shrieked as the Lamprey mouth shuddered and she was bathed in what seemed to be despair. Horrifying, burning despair...

#1823266 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Maple Harte on 08 July 2018 - 09:10 PM

Arrived in: Scarlet Phantom (http://starwarsrp.ne...e-nubian-yacht/)

Wearing: Sasori Light Armor (Black Color) (http://starwarsrp.ne...orers-bodysuit/)

Armed with: Uri's Cane (http://starwarsrp.ne...4421-uris-cane/)

Wild Space Outback Rifle (http://starwarsrp.ne...-outback-rifle/)


She was back here, in the twisted, mottled chamber. It was back. It was back.

She saw the pit in the middle of the muscled, bloody colored chamber, swirling with a bright purple fire. There were three tunnels this time. She'd have five minutes. Most of the time she did, anyway.

She was clad in a tattered white dress, and was already on the verge of a panic attack.

The tunnels to the rest of this hell was relatively close by. She'd have to be quiet. She creapt, back against fleshy walls, eyes keeping for any sign of the creature in that would emerge from the flames. Her eyes were glued to the swirling purple fire as she went as quietly as she could. She was numb with fear, could feel her heart thudding in the ears as she got ever closer to it. Too loud a noise and it would emerge early. Sometimes it would emerge early anyway.

She was just a few meters away from one of the fleshy tunnel entrance when she saw a lavender, emaciated hand with overly long, spindly fingers shoot ot of the fire and she broke into a run, not daring to look behind her. She heard it in her head. Heard it in her ears too as she raced down the twisty passage full of angles and geometries where there should not be, the ground heating up.


Maple hid behind a pillar of bone, refusing to wimper even as a thick, disgusting black ooze bled from the ceiling and on her face. She heard it, but did not see it from her vantage point. But it was skittering down the corridors, looking for her.


Maple creapt along the fleshy tunnel, quiet as a mouse. More of the ceiling began to bleed black ooze that had no smell, but made her shiver every time it touched her skin.


Her eyes darted behind her. She saw only shadows behind her and could not tell what might be concealing itself within.

A skittering sound from a tunnel to her right forced her into a passage to her left where she shivered as she saw nothing but a row of coffins. The smell of rotting flesh entered her nostrils and she hid behind one of them as she heard the skittering sound enter the chamber itself.

The skittering sound traveled a bit further. Maple shifted silently, moving her head out as far as she dared.

She could not see it. She shifted, creapt to another hiding spot and waited, hearing the skittering sound move on the ceiling. Maple, trembling looked up, saw a flicker of lavender skin in the shadows above.

Maple creapt a little further along the coffin rows, trying to stay ahead of it.


More ooze dripped on her as she creapt into another passage but this one was longer and split off into three directions.

She heard the skittering sound from behind and creapt quickly into the left tunnel. It was nothing but a pool of gore. Hiding in it was preferable to it catching her. She waded in, forcing her nausea aside and waded past a floating, dirty pile of rotting meat. She could not tell what it had once been.

She held her breath and submerged inthe blood, but even then she could hear it. She felt a severed finger float past her ankle, felt something squishy and slick under her feet. It skittered directly above her.


All of Maple's training didn't let her flinch as she heard something heavy disturb the surface of the pool. Then it went silent.

A large splash, sent her jumping out of the pool screaming as she fled down the dark, fleshy tunnel of unnatural geometry.

ThereyouarelovelyUri Its voice was a deathly hiss as she heard the skittering sound chase her. She dared not look behind her.


Maple started screaming uncontrollably as she ran through a now pitch black tunnel, black ooze now bleeding everywhere, ice cold to the touch. The sound grew closer.


"DOASHIM!" Maple screamed in desperation.


Maple leapt as pat of the floor collapsed ahead. She barely made it to the other side.

IOFFERYOUTHEULTIMATEGIFTIOFFERTHEDARKNESSANDITSSECRETSANDITSBLOODANDIWILLNOTLETTHOSEMAGICALLYDESTITUTEWITCHESKEEPYOUYOUAREMINE it roared in her head, making her knees almost buckle in terror as she ran, ice cold to her very bones, covered in the black, chilling sludge. She couldn't stop screaming at this point, completely incoherent with fear.

A skittering ahead of her made her stumble, slip, hit her head on a fleshy, muscled floor. She saw it crawl over her on the ceilin, an emaciated, faceless Togrutan woman, covered in ritual scarification everywhere. Its head twisted three hundred and sixty degrees and the skin was stretched so tight she could see the skull underneath the face. She just kept screaming as it dropped, deliberately breaking its own limbs to twist backwards and land over her a shattered limb with broken, overly long fingers clamped over her and she went dead silent.


Maple was paralyzed in terror, smelling blood on withered, wrinkled skin. She could barely breath.


The black sludge tightened around her, drawing the quivering Maple up the wall and securing her there. The broken limbed creature rose, twisting and unsnapping its bones, curiously unadorned in the same sludge that now drenched everything else.

Onlythroughpainandsufferingwillyoubereforgedanew it said, grabbing her right hand, the same that bore the brand of Doashim.


Maple shrieked in pain as her right palm sizzled, a burning purple, glowing crescent carving itself into her palm.

She jerked as information was forced onto a mind nearly insane with fear.

The creature shivered, thrashed as its body mass filled out. The ribs look surrounded by a little more meat, fingers shrinking to normal lengths. It still looked Malnourished, but not to the point it was just skin hanging onto bones.


"I hate you." Maple said through the shiver.


Maple shivered as it touched her face.


Maple screamed as a finger punched through her cheek...

...and Maple was thrashing around in her bed shrieking. It was three hours before she stopped crying. The Mind-Binder had thrown down the gauntlet.

Later on...

The Scarlet Phantom exited out of hyperspace, Maple haggard and wide eyed with terror, clad in her black light armor. She would occasionally stare at the strange, jagged looking crescent cut deeply into her palm. It had said go to Felacat. It had not given directions. She didn't even know the CIS was here until the IFF painted them as friendlies. She transmitted her id as a CIS aligned Bounty Hunter to get through the blockade, she saw enemy fighters and in a fit of pique activated the turbolasers hidden on the front of the vessel. She plunged forward, firing red bolts into enemy starfighters, gunning the the engines to their maximum as she gave a war cry of pure rage, taking out all her frustration on anything inbetween her and that planet that looked like an enemy starfighter. The Scarlet Phantom was a red bullet darting towards an unfamiliar land, firing red, enraged streaks ahead of it as it swerved to avoid oncoming debris, but barely. This kind of speed with only "average" manuverability? One wouldn't feel it. That much could be said if slammed into large enough debris. A bunch of bright fireballs lit up ahead of the Blood Rocket before it finally cleared the wave of fighters. Her palm burned, getting hotter as she got closer to where she was supposed to be.

As she descended through the atmosphere, she tried to unscramble just what had been put in her head. The most she could dig up was some sort of spell. She wasn't sure what the witch's game was any longer. It had never done anything like this before.

She was gripping her old sabercane, trembling as she landed in what looked like a field of stone ruins, taking that rifle pistol just in case. Fear matted her hair to her scalp, her chest icy with adrenaline.

She sensed a pollution. That was the only proper way to describe it. Not a disturbance. Not a presence. A pollution. A pollution of the Dark Side.

Maple's sabercane flashed viridian shoto blades, one from the bottom of the cane, the other from the bottom of the handle.

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" Maple screamed, watching explosions in the sky overhead. Some crashing fighters had hit uncomfortably close.

"A great way to kick things off, isn't it?"

Maple turned around.

It was the purple-eyed woman, Her bodysuit a strange, off-white color. Her hair was very black and stopped at the neck, covering the ears and forehead messily. In her hand was a black, jeweled double-bladed lightsaber.

"Our first proper introduction. Underneath a slaughter. All that death...feels normal, doesn't it?" the woman asked with a rasp, her pale beauty marred by lacking a vital quality in the eyes.

"I'm only going to ask once..." Maple growled. "Are you The Mind-Binder?"

This earned her only a petty, cruel smile and a short answer.

"Not yet."

Maple charge with a roar, swinging her cane like a pickaxe at the purple eyed woman's face. A violet blade erupted from one end of her DBL and deflected it with a soresu-mimicking parry in the Niman Style. Maple wasn't surprised by the choice. Or by the harsh laughter that erupted from the Woman, who activated the other purple blade on her weapon as Maple twirled her cane in a deadly arc in front of her, the shaft raised in a vertical strike that she easily deflected and retreated through the stone ruins. Maple swiping at the woman's weapon arm, but she simply retreated further.

"Your madness is a gift. A gift to your whole family. It has a purpose. A glorious purpose..." the Purple-Eyed Woman hissed. "It need only embrace darkness to complete itself."

Maple screamed and made a thrust at the location of the Woman's heart. The Woman dodged it, back flipping with a feline grace away from the shoto from the cane's mane shaft, giving ground, and parrying and dodging as Maple attacked the Woman with renewed ferocity...