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Maple Harte

Maple Harte

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Golden Eye

15 August 2018 - 01:57 AM

Intent: To upgrade Maple's starting ranged weapon to its former glory.

Image Source: Pinterest.

Canon Link: (Please link the canon link if applicable canon item.)

Primary Source: (Please link and cite the sources which you are modifying for your use in your submission.)


Manufacturer: Uri Udinia (Maple Harte)

Affiliation: Maple Harte

Model: M1 Carbine Night Sniper Rifle.

Modularity: No

Production: Unique

Material: Durasteel, blaster components, specialized electronics.


Classification: Prototype DMR.

Size: Average

Weight: Average

Ammunition Type: Power Cell.

Ammunition Capacity: Twenty Five Shots.

Reload Speed: Average.

Effective Range: Average.

Rate of Fire: High (Semi Automatic, First setting)
Extreme (Secondary setting)

Stopping Power: Average

Recoil: Very Low.


Prototype "Light Maser" technology derived from Charrics.

Prototype Force Detection Lamp fixed to scope.

Anti-Personnel Motion Sensor

High to extreme rate of fire.

Scope comes with Night, Thermal, and rangefinder tech.



Its rainin' purple:

You cannot hide forever, Luke...:

No deflection:

Low Recoil:



Only adequate power:

Average range:




This DMR served as Uri Udinia's primary ranged weapon throughout her entire tenure with The Marksmen, and was in fact the very rifle that she used that got her noticed by them to begin with. Originally an off the shelf hunting carbine, Uri slowly and steadily modified it over the years, only to remove most of its original upgrades when she left after her final mission on Mimban. But having come out of retirement, she has once again turned to the one weapon she trusts more than her sticks and cane. Encorporating self developed tech derived from masers, Maple's DMR fires a type of golden hued "Weak Maser"--the bolt has only the strength of an average rifle but but impacts with slightly more kinetic force and disappates against lightsaber energy, preventing it from being deflected back at Maple. It possesses astonishing accuracy and very low recoil. In addition, a prototype force detection lamp derived from notes found in the archives of The Resistors of Darkness enables her to spot anyone using the Force to hide themselves. When wielded correctly, and keeping in mind that its a mid range weapon at best, this is the weapon of choice when it comes to the Former Assassin's preference in the ranged category.

Siva Joyuese

05 August 2018 - 01:03 AM

Intent: To provide a recurring character that previously appeared only in two short cameos for Maple Harte's stories as a friend and ally as well as provide more insight into Maple's history.

‚ÄčImage Credit:

Rabemar @ Deviantart

Role: Siva's role in Maple's stories is mainly as a combat ally, provider of intelligence and close friend and sort-of love interest.

Links: [Provide links to any relevant threads, characters, companies, locations, equipment, etc here.]


Age: 33

Force Sensitivity: No.

Species: Twi'lek. (Green skinned)

Appearance: A green skinned, muscular yet curvy Twi'lek, often clad in skin tight combat suits or otherwise black clothing that is often revealing.


Name: Siva Joyuese (Siva'Joyuese)

Loyalties: Maple Harte, any anti-Imperial factions.

Wealth: Fairly well off due to bounty hunting, but she prefers to engage in the trade that made her thousands for sport and of course, more money.

Notable Possessions: Twin Blasters, black combat suit of fiber armor, duraplast and dyed in Norris root extract. Defender-Class Light Corvette known as The Loner's Quiver. Single shot grenade launcher. Rocket launcher. Med Kits. Bacta grenades.

Skills: Highly skilled at dual wielding blaster pistols and slugthrower pistols, flying her vessel, demolitions, tracking people, and hand to hand. Astonishing Speed and Reflexes. Considerable physical strength. Combat Surgeon and Intel gatherer.

Personality: Coy, flirting, seductive, and friendly in a way that hides a keen, calculating intelligence, Siva is otherwise very level headed and goal oriented, a rock of stability when things get bad. When she shows up, she is efficient and fast, prefering to attack boldly and is very aggressive in combat. Has maintained an on-again, off-again relationship with Harte for years that has never truly ended and is Maple's oldest ally from before she left the Order.


Weapon of Choice: Single or dual wielded blaster pistols, revolver slug throwers and hand to hand combat, with grenades and rockets as a last resort. Skilled with det charges.

Combat Function: Primary method of attack is quickly advancing, dual wielding her pistols to down enemies at short to medium ranges, even using the pistols as weapons at very close ranges, in addition to using K'tara, K'Thiri, and Echani in her fighting style, combined with her exceptional speed, reflexes and strength, only choosing to resort to grenades if she herself is not enough to put them down. Is a fully trained combat surgeon if left in a support role.


Pistol Sorcery: Siva is a beast with pistols. She has engaged multiple squads of heavily armed mercenaries and come out on top, using her natural strength and agility to dodge return fire WHILE returning fire, maintaining constant mobility in both close and medium engagement distances. Also adept at gun tricks. With slugthrowers she has demonstrated an astonishing ability to ricochet slugs off surfaces, with an uncannily high chance of it hitting what she actually wants to hit. Even Maple, who is very familiar with slug throwers, cannot replicate this feat...though it is a very temperamental skill, largely dependant on environmental circumstances, the type of round, and the type of gun. Her best rate of success is with revolvers, though even then it can be very hit and miss. Still, even if the bullet misses, the fact that Siva has a better than average chance of hitting someone from around a sharp corner if using slugs, or her uncanny accuracy while shoot-dodging, puts Siva's skill with such weapons as almost approaching the supernatural.

Bruiser: If forced to engage at close range without pistols, Siva is an efficient targeter of joints and bodily weakpoints, using a fast, no-nonsense approach with a self developed martial art consisting of mostly K'tara, with some acrobatic elements of K'Thiri and some Echani techniques.

Det Specialist: Siva is skilled at using Grenades, Grenade Launchers, Rocket Launchers, and Det Charges, though she prefers to resort to these only as a last resort.

Surgeon: Due to her past as a GA Triage Surgeon, Siva has a solid chance of saving a heavily injured persons life if she gets to them early enough.

Pilot: Siva's Light Corvette, the The Loner's Quiver, is the ship she is best at piloting, though she can comfortably use airspeeders.

Recon: Siva often has her ear to the ground for any rumor, and is adept at tracking people and gathering intelligence through surveillance.


Glass Cannon: Despite her above average physical strength, Siva keeps mobile for a reason, Her armor will stop a few bolts of rifle strength but if injured, its likely to leave her with few recourses except retreat or die.

Electricity: Siva has a low pain tolerance for electricity. Even a small amount is enough to floor her with agony.

Ordinary: While Siva's skills are impressive, she is not Force Sensitive, and has little recourse against their attacks if cornered by one save slug throwers or grenades.

Lack of long range capability: Siva's fighting style centers on close to medium range engagements. If confronted with a long range challenge there is very little she can do except try and close the distance. She lacks skill at rifles except for grenade launchers.

Aggressive style can be used against her: Because Siva's style relies so much on overt force, it is possible to draw her into a trap or use stealth to defeat her.

Really only comfy with two: While no slouch at using a single pistol, her fighting style is slowed and suffers considerably without an extra pistol. Also, If Siva had her way, she'd just use her pistols every time, and while able to use det charges and grenades and a significant threat in hand to hand, much of the threat she poses vanishes without her twin pistols.

Sticks out like a sore thumb: Siva has no ear for stealth, and is incredibly clumsy at hiding. This is why she is so good at fighting--the enemy always knows where she is.

Vulnerable to mental attacks: Years of trauma from caring for screaming, dying soldiers on the battlefield have left her more vulnerable to psychic attacks. While she is capable of resisting or powering through an attack depending on its strength, the attack still gets through somewhat on every occasion. Siva has never been able to mitigate this weakness, and its a good way to incapacitate her if one is good at them.


Morpho Pistols: Twin, scope less SE-14 Light Repeating Blaster Pistols. Siva's weapons of choice.

Monarch Pistols: Twin Mandalorian Heavy Blasters

Caterpillars: Twin, 45. Revolvers with nineteen inch barrels. Also the guns that provide her the best chance of hitting someone with ricochets. Single action.

Marksman's End: Single shot breach load grenade rifle with wood furniture.


Combat Suit: Fiber armor dyed in Norris Root extract and with duraplast insert on torso, shin, and Forearms.


The Loner's Quiver: A stock Defender Class Light Corvette that Siva has piloted for years. Also her home.


Siva Joyuese was once a Galactic Alliance Combat Surgeon who was forced out of the military after it came to light she had stolen an experimental medicine in a desperate attempt to save the life of her sister, who was slowly dying from Bone Cancer. Avoiding prison time only due to her prior exceptional record, Siva took up Bounty Hunting to pay the bills and care for her dying sister, who she had cared for ever since they had both grown up Orphans on Coruscant, barely staying out of the Slave trade. In the course of bounty-hunting, her skill at recon was proven invaluable when she tracked down, engaged, and defeated an Imperial war criminal in his undersea stronghold on Manaan. So much so she was occasionally hired by the Marksmen to gather intel on locations and targets for them, and it was at this point she became associated with a particularly cold blooded example of one of the Marksmen...Uri Udinia, who she assisted on multiple assignments. Though fairly formal with the Twi'lek at first, Siva's sense of humor eventually cracked Uri's shell, and being around her caused Udinia to question her own loss of humanity being a Marksman, and as they grew closer, Uri started to rediscover her humanity, and Siva, who had grown attracted to Uri, eventually seduced the Jedi Shadow, for a time even secretly living together, and set in motion a domino effect that culminated in Uri Udinia's final mission on Mimban, which led to Uri faking her death, though Siva was not fooled, and spent a while tracking her down, even providing the very intelligence that caused Maple to come out of retirement to hunt for The Mind-Binder. Siva, although her feelings for Uri, now called Maple, have not lessened, she does not know about Maple's schizophrenia, and it is that can of worms that has always prevented Maple from going further in their relationship beyond the occasional fling, but Siva is nonetheless Maple's steadfast ally, and the two would risk life and limb to save the other, and Siva would at least try to visit terrible vengeance on any perpetrator involved in Harte's potential demise.


14 July 2018 - 01:31 AM

Delete this.

Book of The Five Phases

13 July 2018 - 03:51 AM

Intent: To create a personal witchcraft book with a deep connection to Maple that also advances her story. She will locate it after a thread I am doing.


Image Source:

Wikimedia Commons

Canon Link: N/A

Primary Source: N/A


Name: Book of The Five Phases

Manufacturer: Unknown Dark Side Witch

Affiliation: Maple Harte

Modularity: No

Production: Unique.

Material: Thin sheets of preserved Terentatek Flesh treated to be resistant to fire. The Cover is made of thick terentatek leather, also treated the same.


Classification: Grimoire.

Size: Large

Weight: Heavy


Extensive, detailed knowledge of Spells unique to this one book, both empowering and empowered by a spirit similar to those worshipped by The Mandragora.

Alchemization knowledge in regards to light armor crafting.

Strange, hard to understand text written in a stream of consciousness like manner

Detailed knowledge of a unique version of Lightfoil Construction.

Knowledge of Unique Force Powers granted by connection with the Book's patron spirit.

Enchantments that compel one to who the book is bound to preserve it at all costs.

Strange, gnostic philosophy written in a stream of consciousness like manner. Strongly Chthonic in nature.


Potent Magical Knowledge: The knowledge of spells in this book are impressive, and tell the owner how to perform both offensive and Stealth related spells, potent alchemy techniques based off shadow and lunar phases, lightsaber related knowledge, and poisons

Brain Demon's Wisdom (Section 1, Spells)


Brain Demon's Aura (Defensive)

Brain Demon's Sheath (Defensive)

Brain Demon's Aegis (Defensive)

Spell of Shadowport (Transport)

Spell of Shadow-Slow (Defensive)

Spell of Shadow Shield (Defensive)

Summon Unholy Spirit (Offensive)

Spell of Psyonic Push (Offensive)

Spell of Psyonic Flame (Offensive)

Brain Demons Smithing (Section 2, Alchemy applied to armor)

Shadow Hex (Defensive)

Lunar Hex (Offensive)

Stength Hex (Offensive)

Perception Hex (Defensive)

Aural Hex (Defensive)

Brain Demon's Treachery (Section 3, Lightsaber Knowledge)

Double Blades Lightsabers

Brain Demon's Niman

Brain Demon's Juyo

Brain Demon's Craftmanship (Section 4)

Force Suppression

Memory Rub

Force Illusion

Force Insanity

Force Fear

Force Empathy


Force Bonds.


Tear Knowledge.

Force Persuasion.

How To Commune with the Unholy Spirit through a fire ritual

Brain Demon's Venom (Section 5)

This section deals with an extensive knowledge of lethal natural and artificial toxins, including Sith Poison.

Fire-Proof: The Book is treated with a special resin that has rendered it near totally fire proof.

Empowering: Every use of the book Strengthens the Brain Demon, warping and altering its nature to the point it will be able to manifest in the real world eventually for some unknown purpose....

Stealth Enchantments: The book has been enchanted so that it cannot be sensed through the Force by any save its owner.


Decipherable: The information could be presumably be copied in a more direct and to the point matter to another text.

Welcome to the Family: Presumably, should any one wish it, they could also use this book to make a pact with The Brain Demon, and gain the..."benefits"...all it requires is a sacrifice of blood, spilt on the cover to summon it for pact making.


Alchemically disadvantaged: With few exceptions, its alchemical techniques are highly specific and situational, and do not grant the protections of standard Alchemy.

One at a time: In addition to the above weakness, only one enchantment can be applied to an entire set of armor at a time.

Stacking: Depending on how frequently Maple uses the spells of the book, she will be rendered unable to use standard Force Powers for forty eight hours...per use of each spell.

I'll be watching you: Every use of every spell, every enchantment strengthens Maple's connection to the Brain Demon, enabling it to have control over more of the darkest parts of her mind and making it harder to resist carrying out its commands.

Nagging desire: The book is enchanted so that whoever it is bound to always has a small, easily resisted, but ever present temptation to use the book's knowledge.

Chthonic Speech: The book's strange, stream of consciousness-type prose communicates all of its information, with few exceptions, in a Gnostic-sort of prose about the Dark Side that is very difficult to follow, and will also cause severe Nightmare's about the Brain Demon after each reading, breaking down the adept's will.

Void Vulnerable: Entering a Force Void area will erase every image and scrap of writing on every page for forty eight hours. Maple will be unable to perform any of its spells or powers for the same length.

Heavy: The enchantments left the book very heavy.

Doorstopper: Don't try and bring this book to read anywhere but somewhere sturdy, safe, and secure. Its large, thick, and easily noticed.

Can't spit it out: The enchantments bind whoever is bound to the book to protect its existence at all cost. This includes preventing Maple from telling anyone who could help.

Not indestructible: Despite its enchantments it is ultimately almost as vulnerable as any other book.


The book of blood licks the mind and draws it into a shadow'd bosom

---Opening Line of The Book Of The Five Phases

The Book of The Five Phases is one of the Lost Works of the Mandragora. And for good reason. Unlike Spirits such as Lylek, Jart, and Doashim, The Patron Spirit of this Grimoire, known as the Brain Demon, is the result of an ambitious former Nightsister turned Mandragora's attempts to ascend to a higher plane of existence and take her place among the spirits. Submitting herself to a strange lake of unholy black fire, she was consumed and twisted into the Brain Demon, an invasive, jealous monstrosity capable of haunting the sleep of its chosen, granting twisted powers and strange, night and lunar related magics in exchange for it being tethered to a person's soul. The Spirits, horrified at the blasphemous act, immediately proscribed the Brain Demon and its cult of corrupted witches from Ryloth. The Cult was hunted down and killed save for a single straggler, who went on to start the line of Masters and apprentices who eventually ended up teaching The Amalgam.

Flame Geist

11 July 2018 - 01:57 PM

Intent: To create a species with only one member to serve as the basis for a character I am creating.

Image Credit: Wikipedia.

Canon: No

Links: http://starwars.wiki...iki/Smoke_Demon











Name: Flame Geist

Designation: Sentient

Homeworld: Unknown.

Language: Basic

Average Lifespan: 3000 yrs

Estimated Population: Unique

Description: In its etherial state, it resembles a bright, ever twisting flame that can travel through air unimpeded. In its condensed state, it resembles a woman with fiery orange hair and a bronze skin tone.


Breathes: Type 1 normally, Type 2 temporarily, (one hour at most)

Average height of adults: 5'9

Average length of adults: N/A

Skin color: Bronze toned (varies)

Hair color: Fiery Orange (varies)

Distinctions: As etherial flame, the geist is virtually powerless save for the extreme heat it generates. After gaining enough strength to take a physical form, it becomes able to use force powers and weapons, due to the strange and forbidden enchantments used by its creators that gives it an artificial (if moderate) connection to the Force while in corporeal form and is highly resistant to certain energy and kinetic based attacks. Its touch can burn, especially if the person who is touched is a dark adept due to the strange alkahest enchantments that hold its corporeal shell together. It can create and control flames, and in its etherial state can travel down pipes if there is enough oxygen. It moves very slowly and deliberately in human form, and needs fire to heal its corporeal shell. It also regularly needs to absorb heat sources while corporeal. As it is inherently an entity of the Force, it has the ability to use certain force abilities, but not all of them, and never to a masters level It can alter its corporeal shell's appearance to another humanoid form by completely submerging in flame. It bears distinct vulnerabilities when confronted with a lack of atmosphere, as it cannot sustain its corporeal form without an atmosphere, and if in a vacuum, has only ten minutes to find a heat source or it will permanently discorporate. Sharpened ice will cause its corporeal form to rupture and severely injure it, making it necessary to find a heat source to consume to heal.
Water is especially a touchy subject. Large amounts will break down its corporeal form, though without a heavy concentration of water afterward, such as from a high pressure hose, water by itself, even heavy rainfall, will never be enough to kill it, though it will prevent it from creating a new body for as long as such conditions are present. It has an instinctual distaste and desire to kill Dark Siders.

Races: None


Electrical Resistance: Its corporeal and energy form is highly resistant to electrical attacks. Only the very strongest currents have a chance of breaking it down. It even has minor resistance to basic, pistol strength blasters but those can still damage it also. Standard blaster rifles and lightsabers can easily break down its shell.

Conditionally resistant to direct telekinetic damage: Because magic enchantment are what sustains its physical form, and also because it lacks a skeleton and internal organs, Force Pushes and Force Bursts will only knock it back, but do no real injuries., as the enchantments holding the shell provide a mild protection against basic telekinetic attacks. This changes once incorporeal. Sustained attacks like Force Choke will not harm it in its incoporeal form, but Force pushes will now disperse the flame somewhat, wounding it badly and forcing it to retreat. Force Choke however, will harm it in its corporeal state, and badly drain its ability to sustain its psychic shell. Crush will not only destroy its physical form, it will leave it unable to make a new one for two minutes after. Spear of Midnight Black will cause rapid breakdown of its corporeal form unless it can find a heat source. Waves will badly damage both its incorporeal and corporeal form, necessitating immediate heat sources to survive.

Highly Resistant to Pyrokinetic Control: Pyrokinetic specialists who think they have an advantage should think again. The Flame Geist, while still being composed of fire, cannot be directed or controlled in its etherial state unless facing a Pyrokineticist of extreme strength and willpower. It flat out can't be controlled by them while corporeal. And any flames generated by it also have the same problem attached to it.

Sorceries: It has a high aptitude for magic due to its lack of many core force abilities. It uses many flame based spells, which it learns even easier than others.

Master of Flames: Fire is subject to its control. It can generate, control and sustain it easily through will power alone. It can even attempt to seize control of the flames generated by a lesser pyrokinetic.

Flame Mending: A species specific ability, caused and sustained by the strange enchantments used to sustain its corporeal shell. Flame mending means if its corporeal form suffers heavy damage, it can regenerate the damaged parts of its psychic shell by submerging it in flame.

High resistance to disease and poison: As it is composed of fire and psychic energy, Disease and Poison cannot affect it normally. But Sith alchemized poisons and disease, will cause it considerable pain, and disrupt its ability to call on any abiliies at all, leaving it easily dispatched.

Shapeshifter: It can customize its corporeal form to any humanoid appearance it desires, but to change the appearance after creation, it must fully submerge into flame for five minutes, and disrupting the process would injure it. The change is only skin deep and affects nothing once complete.


Cryo-Vulnerable: Naturally. Slug thrower rounds filled with cryonic fluid would badly disrupt its focus and ability to sustain its form. A chunk of sharp ice shoved deep enough would rupture its corporeal state, driving it back into a state of fire where it could easily be dealt with if one was prepared. Cryokinetic force Adepts are a deadly to it, especially if the adept in question is highly skilled.

Slugthrower vulnerability: Average Slug throwers tear through its psychic shell rapidly.

Etherial Helplessness: While in flame state it is relatively slow moving and beyond the heat it generates cannot attack or defend itself unless it gets creative with its own nature. As it takes a few minutes of concentration to create a new body, as well as requiring large amounts of flame to do so (though it should be noted it can create that easily if there is enough flammable material) this is the state where it is most vulnerable, and thus, the most easily dispatched

Void-vulnerable: Entering a Force Dead area traps it in its etherial form, severely exhausting it and rendering it unable to recover for an hour afterward.

Consumption: The hotter its flames become to overcome an opponent, the more it has to feed on a heat source immediately afterward, or its body will discorporate back into flame.

What health plan: Exposure to fire is the only way to repair its corporeal form. If a limb is lost or a wound too large, the corporeal body will break down on its own without flames. There is no other wayvto heal it, with or without a body.

Water: Heavy amounts of water on its corporeal form disrupt its ability to focus its powers, rendering it stiff and sluggish. Heavy amounts of steam will cause its body to break down in minutes and is lethal to its etherial form if it stays in a steamed area for more than a few minutes after discorporation. Even something as simple as a high pressure hose like the sort used by fire fighters is dangerous and deadly to it in the right circumstances. Even a garden hose would do heavy damage.

High vulnerability to Charrics: Maser weapons seem to be the only energy weapon that is truly deadly to it. Even a glancing blow will cause nearly in capacitating pain, if not discorporate it completely. A shot would react violently with its etherial state, causing near total exhaustion of its flames, and the next one would surely kill.

Discorporation means abandonment: Should its corporeal body be destroyed, it would be forced to leave behind any weapons or equipment it was carrying. Any clothing would also be destroyed in the process of the entity becoming pure fire once more or abandoned as well, leaving it unarmed and unequipped the next time it forms a body.

Requires special clothing: Due to its fiery nature, what clothing it wears must be fire proof in the extreme.

Resin Vulnerability: Exposure to a large, fist sized chunk of Nullification Resin via direct skin contact would instantly discorporate it, and draw its essence into the resin, where it would be trapped in a state of suspended animation until the chunk was shattered.

Vulnerable To Magic: As it is solely created through magic it bears a significant vulnerability to Nightsister magic and Sith Sorcery. The Sorcery technique Waves of Darkness will completely suppress its ability to create flame, While Bolt of Hatred can completely destroy its corporeal form, and render it unable to create a new one for ten minutes after, leaving it easily dispatched.

Force Power Limits: Beyond Core abilities like Sense, Phase, Flight, Telekinesis, Flame Mending and Pyrokinesis, it cannot access any other Force Powers and must rely on spells to compensate. And even then it will never master any core Force power, as its limits were set in as a safety measure through enchantment.

Sonic Vulnerability: Sonic weapons disrupt its ability to use pyrokinesis and causes its corporeal form intense, nearly incapacitating pain, leaving it easily dispatched.

Dark Infusion: Objects like sith amulets, scrolls and books, if pressed to its shell, would cause it intense pain and leave it unable to use either the Force or pyrokinesis for a limited time after, about three minutes

Metals vulnerability: The Flame Geist, as a side effect of the enchantments used to create it, is uniquely vulnerable to specific, lightsaber resistant metals. For example, if Mandalorian Steel is used to impale it, it will undergo rapid and eventual total paralysis in a total of fifteen seconds. This is because of the specific combination of materials used to create Mandalorian Steel. While it is meant to mimic Bes'Kar, albeit weakly, The actual Bes'Kar does not have the same combination of materials that give Mandalorian Steel its paralytic effect. P hrik is far more deadly. As a metal, phrik reacts violently for some reason with its corporeal form, breaking it down rapidly to the point of discorporation...and continuing to break down its etherial form after contact. If it does not find a heat source within minutes after discorporation to heal itself, it will die...corporeal or not, as the effect after exposure carries on to both forms. However, If exposed to phrik while already etherial, there will be no reaction...the phrik must hit the corporeal form first to have the desired effect.


Diet: Flames, Heat, Atmosphere. Water is the closest to what would count as a poisonous substance to it.

Communication: Speaks Basic, Huttese, understands Mandoa, and the Sith Language, but cannot speak them

Technology level: Current Standard

Religion/Beliefs: This Singular entity favors light sided philosophy, but is not afraid of taking aggressive, proactive measures to protect others from the Dark Side, and has an instinctual distaste towards dark adepts. It tends to favor the Living Force, given its nature. It has a chip on its shoulder regarding the Jedi, but will tolerate their presence, if grudgingly.

General behavior:

It has a full range of emotions like any being, but as it was created as a weapon against the Dark Side, its not truly focused on things like forming a family, and its emotions in that respect are muted somewhat. What aggressive emotions it does possess are devoted towards fighting Dark Siders. It would not be against the idea of adopting a child, but its nature would make raising one a problem. As for lovers, it prefers casual non-physical flirting, at best, as it was ultimately meant to be (And still is) a weapon.

It can invent things, pilot vessels, use weapons and invent, the same as any other species. It also never sleeps, as its made of fire, but it prefers the daytime...Witch craft is a special hobby it prefers, and it likes archeology.


Created by ancient Alkahest Specialists known as The Resistors of Darkness, the Flame Geist was at once their greatest triumph and the source of considerable controversy within the Jedi Order. Made by using strange alkahest spells created in a fit of revelatory insanity by the lead specialist, the creation of this entity was a feat in of itself, as it involved capturing a dangerous Sith Alchemist and forcing him to summon a Sith Smoke Demon in an enchanted circle specially prepared for it, once there, the enchantments, (which are currently believed to be lost) bizarre in their very nature, were enacted, twisting and altering the very nature of the summoned spirit so fundamentally, its very alignment in the Force was changed from Dark to Light, and it was granted sentience and its ability to assume a hard, corporeal form was increased to the point it could pass for a humanoid. The first Dark Adept to die was the one who had summoned it. The Resistors used the Flame Geist as a living weapon, as its natural advantages against an average Dark Adept's bread and butter strategies, and even some of the strategies of certain Force Hunters, made it very difficult to defeat using conventional methods. However many Jedi of old were appalled at its origins and perceived that the well meaning sect of abomination hunters had overstepped their bounds and ordered the living weapon to be sealed away in a fist sized chunk of nullification resin and hidden. The Geist felt deeply betrayed, as it had done only what it had been created to do and no more, feeling it was unjustly punished by shortsighted people, suffering in silence in the enforced alumber of the resin. The Resistors were eventually destroyed from within by a traitor, so all knowledge of its location, hidden away in a dank cave, is just waiting to be rediscovered...