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Sidon Eshe

Sidon Eshe

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In Topic: Company Image Feedback

Today, 12:41 AM

Samsay Sohn

Sent you a PM, with a consideration for a logo.

In Topic: I'm just excited for my first day of superhero school!

Yesterday, 10:12 AM

Heart back at ya, pal.

In Topic: Can I use this?

Yesterday, 10:10 AM

Andorreth Vikar


Depends. The middle could either work as a cockpit or a small bridge, so you have options - fighter class, or freighter class, I'd say.

In Topic: The Village of Sacrifice | Open

Yesterday, 09:41 AM



The Crossfire roared overhead, circling widely around the small village of Sharkhburz. The powerful engines growled, the pilot expertly sliding the craft through the sky, repulsors flaring to maintain an even bearing, circling left. The port side hatch was opened, a heavily armored individual standing comfortably behind a large heavy Verpine shatter gun, the mighty weapon mag-locked to the ship floor panel on a tripod. Scanning the destruction and chaos below, Sidon Eshe gave a shake of his helmet, his HUD zeroing in on the foggy landscape and the frozen individuals of the village itself; he noted two sinister looking humanoids whom were confronting one another, by the look of it, one with a lightsaber but both were certainly not Jedi.


"Looks like reports were accurate, Fett," Sidon said through his comm, addressing the other individual who had arrived on planet with him. "Locals said there was a Sith that kept raiding them... now it looks like two are here. One for each of us, eh?"


Judging from the scene below, those affected by the freezing fog - that fact given away by the frozen bodies and crystallized environment - there weren't going to be many surviving this battle between the Forcers. And while that was unfortunate, Sidon had to admit that made things easier; a lot easier. Slamming the belt magazine of the heavy shatter gun home, loaded with highly effective armor piercing rounds, the Bounty Hunter called out as he started firing on the two Sith below - the shatter gun roaring to life with a steadily increasing speed, as the gatling barrel spat deadly rounds at incredibly high speed.


"Keep moving the ship, Vena," Sidon shouted, despite the comm picking up his words easily enough. "We don't want to close in just yet."


Throughout the ship, several Ysalamiri had been placed, each small creature housed on a nutrient tree so as to be comfortable; and the benefit was plainly obvious, as the ship itself was projecting a Force-neutral bubble in a large radius, larger than its own size, stopping direct attacks from the Sith below. Which was a good thing, as Sidon didn't feel like being ripped out of the ship with the Force, or choked from range.


"Cover fire up, Fett!"


Sidon was excited. Not only was he working alongside a fellow Hunter he respected, he also had the opportunity to prove the Guild were worthwhile working with, as well as collecting some Sith lightsabers for bounty; not to mention he had some new toys that he really wanted to try out, designed solely to deal with Forcers...


Koda Fett

In Topic: Star Wars Rebels: Jedi Night/DUME

Yesterday, 06:08 AM

Lannis Morcus


Ah. Sounds fitting, really. Sad indeed.