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Sidon Eshe

Sidon Eshe

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#1736263 I'm just excited for my first day of superhero school!

Posted by Sidon Eshe on Yesterday, 10:12 AM

Heart back at ya, pal.

#1736248 The Village of Sacrifice | Open

Posted by Sidon Eshe on Yesterday, 09:41 AM



The Crossfire roared overhead, circling widely around the small village of Sharkhburz. The powerful engines growled, the pilot expertly sliding the craft through the sky, repulsors flaring to maintain an even bearing, circling left. The port side hatch was opened, a heavily armored individual standing comfortably behind a large heavy Verpine shatter gun, the mighty weapon mag-locked to the ship floor panel on a tripod. Scanning the destruction and chaos below, Sidon Eshe gave a shake of his helmet, his HUD zeroing in on the foggy landscape and the frozen individuals of the village itself; he noted two sinister looking humanoids whom were confronting one another, by the look of it, one with a lightsaber but both were certainly not Jedi.


"Looks like reports were accurate, Fett," Sidon said through his comm, addressing the other individual who had arrived on planet with him. "Locals said there was a Sith that kept raiding them... now it looks like two are here. One for each of us, eh?"


Judging from the scene below, those affected by the freezing fog - that fact given away by the frozen bodies and crystallized environment - there weren't going to be many surviving this battle between the Forcers. And while that was unfortunate, Sidon had to admit that made things easier; a lot easier. Slamming the belt magazine of the heavy shatter gun home, loaded with highly effective armor piercing rounds, the Bounty Hunter called out as he started firing on the two Sith below - the shatter gun roaring to life with a steadily increasing speed, as the gatling barrel spat deadly rounds at incredibly high speed.


"Keep moving the ship, Vena," Sidon shouted, despite the comm picking up his words easily enough. "We don't want to close in just yet."


Throughout the ship, several Ysalamiri had been placed, each small creature housed on a nutrient tree so as to be comfortable; and the benefit was plainly obvious, as the ship itself was projecting a Force-neutral bubble in a large radius, larger than its own size, stopping direct attacks from the Sith below. Which was a good thing, as Sidon didn't feel like being ripped out of the ship with the Force, or choked from range.


"Cover fire up, Fett!"


Sidon was excited. Not only was he working alongside a fellow Hunter he respected, he also had the opportunity to prove the Guild were worthwhile working with, as well as collecting some Sith lightsabers for bounty; not to mention he had some new toys that he really wanted to try out, designed solely to deal with Forcers...


Koda Fett

#1736169 Looking for Mentor

Posted by Sidon Eshe on Yesterday, 06:07 AM

Mira Talus


Sure we'll be able to sort out mentors and trainees once the recruitment is done, and we have some members join and show up. For now, perhaps we can organize team contracts for NPCs, just to get a feel for things. I might even ask around to see if anyone wants to NPC an acquisition for a team, so there's a real player behind the actions.


I'll talk to some people.

#1736150 Into The Nightmare Lands

Posted by Sidon Eshe on Yesterday, 05:46 AM

The slicer sent a bundle of information through to Sidon's helmet, and he was just about to prepare to read through the carefully prepared dot points, when the fight kicked up a notch. While the Hunter wasn't Force sensitive, he could easily see Jairdain using it; the way the creature suddenly stumbled, the wave of pressure, the dust and ash that was kicked up into the air. But before Sidon had a chance to move in, the pair were struggling, the mighty claws of the Voranticus held at bay by - seemingly - an invisible shield of some sort. Running forward, Sidon raised the rifle, finger on the trigger, and watched as the dueling enemies fell backward, the lightsaber Jairdain had revealed flailing through the air, taking one of the creature's arms with it...


And just like that, they were gone.


Sidon slowed to a walk, then stood at the spot where the Forcer and the Voranticus had disappeared. There was no trace, just an absence of what should have been. Carefully, the Hunter prodded the area with his boot, rifle aimed down, half expecting an angry beast to lurch out of the dirt to grab for him, but nothing happened. It was solid, decaying ground. With a frown, Sidon walked over to the twitching arm of the creature, seeing the deactivated lightsaber handle beside it.


<"Sidon, are you okay?"> Came a concerned young male's voice over the comm, Cip the slicer. <"Those V-Vor-Voranticus aren't something to m-mess around with.">


"Yeah, I'm good, Cip," Sidon replied, reaching down and grasping the smooth lightsaber in hand. "I... have no idea what just happened, and judging by the situation I'd say our Jed-- Forcer is dead."


Giving it a few more moments, waiting to see if anything actually happened, Sidon eventually called it time. He had what he'd come for, and while the method wasn't ideal or clean, the Hunter was willing to concede that Jairdain had likely perished. After all, unarmed against that creature in some kind of tunnel system underground? No way she'd survive against those teeth and claws, with or without the Force. Another several minutes, and Sidon began walking away from the scene, disappointed that things had turned out how they did, but also thankful he hadn't made the mistake of attacking outright - presuming what Jairdain said was true, of course, and that she wasn't a Sith and had been forced to be one at one point in her life...


Sidon had heard weirder.


"I'm headed back. Got what I came for, and target has to be beast chow by now."



#1736113 The Hunter Gathering

Posted by Sidon Eshe on Yesterday, 02:39 AM

Sidon looked to Maple, inclining his helmeted head. She seemed perplexed, before she spoke. It passed.


"Officially, the ShadowNet is for all Bounty Hunters' Guild contract and bounty uses, providing up-to-date information on acquisitions, their potential contacts, places of residence or known hangouts, as well as lists of known property and possessions, such as off-world housing or starships. The operator can be communicated with at any time during the contract process, but said operator does prepare a case file with each accepted client's request, it's on the member to seek out additional information, should you require it..."


With a shrug, Sidon cleared his throat.


"Unofficially, who's to say some information can't be incorrectly placed? I mean, HoloNet data is a very intricate web, and sometimes information can be mislabeled... but what would I know, I'm no slicer."


Ember Rekali, Gilamar Skirata, Mira Talus, Amun, Zhorin Cenvax , Aova Nerys, Vash Qruslu, Koda Fett, Maple Harte, Kaine Australis

#1735935 The End Of The Galaxy

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 19 February 2018 - 07:24 PM

Sidon stood for a moment. He simply looked at the empty space, deep marks from the chair legs etched into the metallic floor. The card left by Jorus had landed nearby, to which the Hunter walked over and picked it up. He flipped it over in his fingers, checked it out, then slid it into his armor. Turning to the Slave, Sidon shook his helmeted head...

"Well, looks like you’re covered in snot, kid," The Hunter said simply, before he turned to the battle droid nearby. "And it’s always a pleasure, Cybele. But the next time you want meat delivered, consider a delivery service... we may have a sponsorship, but that doesn’t mean I’m property to use as a personal enforcer. The deal was clear; you create the tech, I use it and expand your brand. I don’t fetch at your whim."

With a grunt, Sidon walked out of the meeting area, heading back to his ship. He wondered where Jorus had ended up, and whether he would even survive the trip - on a chair no less. Smirking, the Hunter boarded the craft and was soon making for Nar Shaddaa...

Jorus Merrill The Slave

#1735903 The Hunter Gathering

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 19 February 2018 - 06:44 PM

Sidon looked to Vash, listening to the Gand’s question relating to ships and speeders. It was a good question, as most Hunters were known by their personal ships as well, quite often having their reputation preceding them.

“We currently have discussions ongoing with several companies that have ship manufacturing methods," Sidon said, nodding. "There are two currently, with Kryss Industries which is a new business looking to establish itself, and is very capable of supplying personal ships. The second is Kuat Drive Yards, who I imagine most of you know? Their owner has expressed interest in a few deals that will see Guild members fitted out with a suitable ship for hunting purposes, and will also be reinforcing our ship capacity as a Guild as a whole - one such discussion is a mobile command ship for the Guild, where members can dock and receive resupply and enjoy some downtime without having to trek back to Nar Shaddaa, if it’s further away."

Sidon nodded.

"Hopefully between those two options, as a basis, we will see potential for ships for members expand. As for speeders, that will likely come down to personal choice, but I have some contacts that can assist with those smaller craft. Let me know if you want some names after the meeting, Vash."

Looking back to the group, the Guild leader waited for any other questions...

Ember Rekali, Gilamar Skirata, Mira Talus, Amun, Zhorin Cenvax , Aova Nerys, Vash Qruslu, Koda Fett, Maple Harte, Kaine Australis

#1735451 The Hunter Gathering

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 18 February 2018 - 11:40 PM

Sidon listened to the questions, nodding. It was good the potential members were interested, wanting clarification on things. The first question was from Formorta, the individual's name being sent to Sidon from G3-A4 via the commlink in his helmet.


"A good question, Formorta. There are both public and Guild-specific postings, and every interested Hunter can put their name on the claim. Now, if someone wants to do it individually, that's the benefit of first come, first served, especially for public postings. However, we also have Guild-specific and private contracts, and those often have specific criteria to them - such as teams, or certain skill sets, and the like. So in those instances, the Guild will be open to specialists opting in, or approaching members we think are suited for the task. In this case, those private listings offer a lot of credits, so teaming up if required shouldn't cut into personal profits too heavily.


"Basically, any credits you feel you may lose on public postings by grouping up, can be offset by the private contracts being a member will net you."


Turning to the second individual who asked, Sidon nodded.


"Correct, Maple. When a public bounty is posted, it will still be first come, first served. However, if multiple Guild members both want the same contract, you are encouraged to consider teaming up. It's not a necessity, but the benefit should speak for itself," Sidon shrugged, chuckling. "Obviously the drawback is a lesser contract payout that's split between the team, but the hope is that we will get to a point that bounties are basically mutually exclusive to the Guild... at which point, the majority of that credit flow will be coming at all of us. It's just until that change starts happening, we need to suck it up and think long term gains.


"The reality is we'll never have all of the contracts exclusively, because not everyone will be a member, but if we have most of them... well, that's a lot to gain, regardless of teamwork splits. The bigger the rancor, the bigger the hide, and the more goes around to everyone in the Guild."


The Guild leader waited for more questions...


Ember Rekali, Gilamar Skirata, Mira Talus, Amun, Zhorin Cenvax , Aova Nerys, Vash Qruslu, Koda Fett, Maple Harte, Kaine Australis

#1734860 Blast-Proof Bounty Hunter's Case

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 18 February 2018 - 03:18 AM

Iona Immarya


Since there isn't definitive information on the manifesto, I figured vague was the better option. I'm happy to look at adding specifics if you prefer, but had really just planned on using the Death Watch wookieepedia entries as a basis for any future developments should it be required. I imagine a lot of the information would be about specific weapons from members, Death Watch armor specs, but also their ideals, combat methods, and brief summaries of historic individuals, or events, etc.


I guess my thoughts on it were that the only real information you couldn't obtain via HoloNet, or archives, would be armor specs. Everything else, historic wise, should be re-searchable in some form.

#1734439 The Hunter Gathering

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 17 February 2018 - 01:28 PM

OOC: We're going to press on to keep interest, those who haven't arrived, just continue as though you were present prior to things starting now.


The Hunters arrived, each moving to areas on the floor, following the expected rules, save one. Sidon wasn't surprised, really, as he knew from reputation that Koda Fett had his own method of doing things. The others, they earned a little more of the Guild leader's respect, proving they knew this was a neutral place and those standards were maintained. As G3-A4, the greeting droid, closed the doors and stood diligently beside the weapons, Sidon cleared his throat and stepped forward, face concealed within his helmet.

"I would like to thank each of you for coming to this gathering," The new Guild leader began, giving a nod and looking across the numerous individuals present. "As you may know, the Bounty Hunters' Guild has gone through some changes. My name is Sidon Eshe, and I have the honor of acting as new Guild leader. I am aware some of you are interested in becoming members, and the Guild appreciates that. Some are on the line, prepared to go either direction, and others are here likely due to curiosity... and the appearance fee."

Pointing to G3-A4, Sidon's voice carried across the hall.

"Gee-Three has already processed payment, so each of you is ten-thousand credits richer," Looking to some of the Hunters, including a Gand of all species, Sidon saw a lot of potential. "What I plan to do today, is to discuss new protocols within the Guild, as well as some new services we offer, so let's begin.

"In the past, the Guild members were required to maintain and upgrade their own gear, with no support. As of now, this has changed, and there is a Guild armory. From this armory, every member can claim weapons and armor, and use it until such time as they are able to afford better equipment. Additionally, to help you save more credits, there is only a fifty-percent repair fee on damaged items."

"I've been speaking with individuals able to manufacture weapons and gear for this purpose," Looking to the Mandalorian in black and green armor, Kaine Australis, Sidon nodded. "So they can expect a lot of work and credits for their time."

Walking to his left, Sidon motioned to the hall itself, to the members arrayed throughout.

"In the past, the Guild always acted in a very individualized manner. And that is still the case, if you choose. However, as of now, we are also encouraging pairs and groups to form, so that you can take larger and more paying contracts. Additionally, all members will now have live, immediate access to our ShadowNet information base, which is operated by a professional capable of providing as much information as you need, when you need it... so no more going in blind, and realizing your acquisition has a pet rancor."

"Thank you for coming, may you be with the Mist always on your travels." Looking to the Gand, Sidon reached out and patted his shoulder, before moving on.

"The newest development we've acquired, however, is corporate sponsorship. Now, I know sponsorship sounds like an ugly word, but the benefits allow for every Guild member to be afforded free wares, free weapons, free armor and even free ships, as well as medical benefits," Sidon looked to Koda Fett, suspecting he had a very high cost of services. "In return, if you sign on with that sponsor, you agree to use their gear, their guns, and provide a real-world demonstration for them. Additionally, some of them even pay outright for most costs, and only ask a small fraction of your contract bounty. So in essence, you're getting paid more - and paying less - to do your job, with the best gear."

Passing other Hunters now - Formorta, Aova and Maple - Sidon nodded. He was pleased to see such strong recruits, all of them.

"Finally, before I open the floor to questions, we have been working alongside major groups and factions in the galaxy to secure licensing. These licenses allow any Hunter, who has one, to operate within the legal merit of a contract with minimal hindrance from law enforcement or other forces," Sidon reached the place he had started, passing Koda and several other Hunters. "This allows us to take some more risk out of the job, not for the lack of challenge, but just to assist in avoiding those pesky baton twirlers from trying to establish their authority... plus, it allows us greater flexibility in hunting acquisitions without causing faction conflicts, because the licenses recognize any Hunter as a true neutral party.

"So what does that mean? More bounties, less friction and less chance to cause incidents between sectors."

Opening his arms, Sidon looked around. It was a tough sell, it always was, but Sidon hoped that some of the adjustments - like more opportunity to work together, free wares, and a more fully realized information network - would help sway some to agreeing to sign on.

"I think that covers a majority of it. If anyone has any questions, please feel free..."

Ember Rekali, Gilamar Skirata, Mira Talus, Amun, Zhorin Cenvax , Aova Nerys, Vash Qruslu, Koda Fett, Maple Harte, Kaine Australis

#1734323 The End Of The Galaxy

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 17 February 2018 - 09:14 AM

"It was eventful," Sidon nodded to the Battle Droid as it spoke using Cybele's voice, which had become more familiar since working with Jaeger Solutions and the AI for various contracts. "But here we are, as promised."


When the other pair began talking, the Bounty Hunter simply remained quiet. Now was the time for business, and he knew when to let the galaxy changers discuss things. So following their leads, Sidon kept to himself, watching the dancing crowds as they made their way to a personal area. Once inside, the Hunter stepped to his right and took a post beside the door; he kept his disruptor rifle handy, held loosely in both hands across his chest.


Without moving, Sidon listened and waited for things to begin...


Jorus Merrill, The Slave

#1734319 Blast-Proof Bounty Hunter's Case

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 17 February 2018 - 09:01 AM






  • Intent: To create a canon item from Star Wars for the Bounty Hunter Sidon Eshe as a personal item of value
  • Image Source: artstation.com [edited by Sidon Eshe]
  • Canon Link: [x] [x] [x]
  • Restricted Missions: Picking Up The Pieces
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Name: Boba Fett's Bounty Hunter Case
  • Manufacturer: Boba Fett, Bounty Hunters' Guild members
  • Affiliation: Boba Fett > Bounty Hunters' Guild > Sidon Eshe
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Duratseel, flimsiplast, leather, binding components


  • Classification: Archive Items
  • Size: Average (Case), Very Small/Small (Items within)
  • Weight: Average (Case), Very Light/Light (Items within)



The case includes:

  • The Bounty Hunter Code - bound volumes of Guild Handbook and manifesto of the Death Watch
  • The 48-page memoirs of Cradossk, former head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, with an inscription from the author to Boba Fett
  • A Kamino saberdart
  • Boba Fett's captain's license
  • Boba Fett's arms permit
  • Slave I's official operating license
  • An Imperial wanted poster for Han Solo
  • An inventory slip from the Rebel Alliance forces who discovered and seized Boba's property



  • Knowledge is Power: The information contained within the guides and books offers valuable lessons, especially considering the array of individuals who contributed to making notes for the purpose of educating Bounty Hunters. It allows those with access a lot of inside information, personal tactics, methods of Hunting and even some trade secrets few would know in this day and age (such as schematics for Mandalorian tech, some race/species weaknesses, how to hunt dangerous creatures, etc).
  • Piece of History: The items contained within could be worth a lot to someone who wants it enough.


  • Ancient Information: While the information is helpful regarding insights and tactics, the case and its contents are several centuries old, and as a result some of the schematics and information may be irrelevant with modernization in crafting or operating methods.
  • Delicate to Touch: Given the guides are flimsiplast, it stands to reason that time has aged them. While the case was secure and air-tight, there remains a great level of delicacy to reading the information within, to avoid damage.

When Boba Fett first joined the Bounty Hunter's Guild, he noticed the lack of guidance the supposed 'Bounty Hunters' Guild Handbook' actually offered. Wanting to improve on what was there, with first-hand lessons from his father (Jango Fett), as well as his own experiences, the Bounty Hunter began adding notations throughout. He provided explanation and annotation, added tactics and methods he had developed over his famous career, and he expanded on what the Handbook had to offer. From his own personal collection, Boba had a similarly annotated manifesto of the Death Watch, which he bound together with his version of the Guild Handbook to create the ultimate guide to Bounty Hunting - he called it The Bounty Hunter Code.


Putting the items somewhere secure, in a blast-proof and sealed case no less, Boba sought to keep the items safe for his daughter. Boba left it with the Bounty Hunters' Guild, where various other members added to the notations and information contained within over time. Guild members such as Greedo, Bossk, Dengar, Aurra Sing, and Hondo Ohnaka, to name some. The manifesto of the Death Watch held accounts by Tor Vizsla and Jango Fett, expanding on philosophy of the group, their methods, their beliefs and combat tactics, and even information about their tech. Even later, an heirloom from Bossk from his father - a copy of Cradossk's memoir 'Making a Killing' - was added to the stash, complete with some annotated notes and personal experience on hunting creatures, especially Wookiees, throughout the autobiography.


After a time, and following his apparent death, the case was forgotten, until Boba returned and resumed his Hunting career - only to discover his daughter had died at the hands of Jacen Solo. With no heir to claim the Code, he decided to simply leave it as an item for the future Guild Leaders. With luck, it would offer lessons and educate them further in how to become the best Bounty Hunter they could be. Not requiring the personal effects contained within, Boba left the other items - such as ID cards, permits, wanted posters, etc - as he very rarely had cause to carry them, given his status. Plus, they weren't important to him, and had been intended for his deceased daughter, so they only dredged up memories rather forgotten.


Over time, the case became another piece of junk in the Guild armory, and it was largely untouched following Boba's passing. Several centuries later, when reorganizing and clearing the Guild, wanting to bring a little more organization to the faction, Sidon Eshe discovered it, opened the lock with one of Fett's old ID cards in the Guild archives, and was surprised to find the wealth of information within. From then on, he has spent time carefully studying the materials, taking great care to avoid damaging the old writings; and the knowledge and development he's gained from study have been invaluable...

#1734198 Updates: New members and more!

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 17 February 2018 - 12:34 AM







So this update, I want to alert members (new and old) to some of the updates that have taken place. Within, I'll offer a brief rundown of each new element to the Guild, and supply the appropriate links for ease of navigation. If we could all begin posting, getting active on the forums, we can give this go around a good shot at getting off the ground and making something of ourselves as a faction!


Also, I am in discussions with the staff to try and make some slight alterations to existing methods of bounty hunting, which hopefully are approved to make us more relevant and more visible in the niche profession we've chosen for our characters.


Without further delay, here's the rundown:


  • Bounty Postings: These have been overhauled, updated, and now provide the primary source of bounties for us as a faction. If you have someone interested in making a contract for your character, please direct them there so we can keep it on faction record.
  • Hunter-Team Assignments: This is one of the new features in the Guild. It will be NPC based, run by myself or other leaders, who will prompt specific teams for development and rewards in crafted contracts. Hopefully people can get involved and enjoy some rewards!
  • B23-1-14 Permits: Get your RP fluff here! Useful for Guild-specific contracts, such as Hunter-Teams.
  • License Office: This is a WIP, and soon I will be contacting Major Factions to confirm if they want to take part. This is mainly for RP fluff, so keep an eye out!
  • Corporate Sponsors: Do you want free gear and ships? Then look here. Check out the F.A.Q, check out what each sponsor offers, and sign up for a contract today. I'll update your status after you decide on a license for you.
  • OOC Resources: Be sure to check out pinned threads here. They offer some information, some more updates, and even some posting imagery (which will grow over time).
  • Ladder Rankings: This is a big one! As you complete contracts, whether PC or NPC, you will gain rankings. The higher you are, the more reward you get, even with plans for a prestigious Guild-specific ship that acts a timed reward for members to use - with free fuel, resources and an armory!

That concludes the Guild updates for now. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask here.


Looking forward to seeing members getting involved!


- Sidon

#1734132 Bryony Ferris

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 16 February 2018 - 10:49 PM

What are your plans, Bryony? Contact me sometime, if you want some sales options. I'm always interested in the populace of Nar Shaddaa.

#1734117 How is My Role-Playing?

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 16 February 2018 - 10:16 PM

As someone who's RP'd with Alm (as Excidium) I can say I enjoy your writing. It has scene description, internal thought and character interaction; all a good blend to ensure you recognize other's prompts, internalize them and push the thread on with your own prompts.


I'm looking forward to posting with Farah, and am interested in seeing the difference between characters I've interacted with on the one character.