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Sidon Eshe

Sidon Eshe

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#1755626 Hook, line and sinker

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 23 March 2018 - 11:13 PM

Sidon narrowed his eyes, peering at Jack's location behind the desk, from the confines of his helmet.


"I'll tell you what," The Hunter said, as he stepped closer, moving to one side of the room. "That information you stole... I suspect that's worth something. You have the data copy with you? I might consider the offer if you include it. But I want the only copy, no duplicates laying around."


Whether the acquisition knew much about Sidon remained to be seen, but fortunately there was always the shady business practices of some Bounty Hunters to fall back on, especially those that were open to negotiation when it came to bounties; and while Sidon wasn't one of those, perhaps Jack didn't know that. And it wasn't as though the Hunter was lying, as he would certainly think about the offer, but ultimately there wouldn't be a deal change... which was good for Sidon's client, but bad for Jack.


"I don't have all day, and my trigger finger is getting itchy," Sidon said, prompting, as he moved closer along the wall, angling for sight around the desk. "Oh, and before you think about lying to me, consider that I have all kinds of wonderful sensors and life scanners in this helmet... so someone showing those traits is pretty obvious."


Daxton Bane

#1742101 Change The SSD/Flagship Requirement

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 01 March 2018 - 09:26 PM

Just seems to me like a race that has different starting times. Whereas if everyone knows they have the month for the set doms, then everyone knows and the times are set.

Just seems easier, simpler and cleaner to keep monthly dom times.

There's also many options to prepare before a specific month arrives - perhaps even establishing RP or connecting threads for a more interesting or intricate tale.

#1742095 Change The SSD/Flagship Requirement

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 01 March 2018 - 09:12 PM

Seems to me to be an ease of judging decision. Far simpler to keep within a monthly timeframe for dom judging, than it is to check calenders and determine if threads started or ended mid months.

We also need to keep judges in mind. They can't be spending a bunch of time chasing down multiple start and finish dates. Far easier to keep monthly times.

Besides, if the focus of a faction is to get an SSD, then that faction will get it done, regardless of timeframe semantics.

#1739444 Future of Justice

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 25 February 2018 - 06:20 AM

"Confirmed, KDY Freight Port," Vena responded, checking the systems as the information came through. "Shouldn't take long."


"Alright, I'll prep for boarding the ship yard," Sidon said simply, going to turn and walk out, but he was stopped by the blond pilot's voice.


"Oh, and it's called an orbital array, just so you know," She said simply, eyes never leaving the forward viewports. A smirk crossed her mouth a moment later, however. "Try not to look stupid to the President of the company, now..."


Sidon huffed, glancing down at the pilot through his helmet. He considered a retort but decided not to bother. With a mock salute with two fingers to his helmet, the Hunter walked toward the ship ramp. True to Vena's word, the Vorantikus arrived at the designated landing area rapidly, weaving past considerably slower barges and freighters, the pilot ensuring to leave ample room in case of sudden momentum change. No one wanted a ship-to-ship crash, not with such expensive factories and supplies scattered throughout the area - albeit in a very organized manner.


A small jolt went through the ship, as the tractor beam latched on. Waiting at the top of the ramp, Sidon reached down and checked the single hand cannon on his right thigh, secured inside the holster. Usually the Hunter had an array of weaponry and inventory, allowing him to adapt to most combat situations; but today he was going light, armed only with the shatter gun. Granted he wore his full compliment of combat armor, but that was expected, Sidon never appeared without it. He wondered whether the security on the ship ya-- orbital array -- would try to have him check it and hand it over... tough luck if they did.


<"Have you disarmed?"> Vena said over the inter-comm.


"Mostly," Sidon said simply. "Taking the hand cannon."


<"If you have to...">


"I do."


The ship touched down with a thug of landing struts. The ramp lowered. Walking down, Sidon ducked his head to avoid banging it on the bulkhead above, as the ramp was still lowering by the time he reached the bottom. Stepping out of the beskar-covered ship, the Hunter looked around, taking in the scene and the sentients present...


"Sidon Eshe, Bounty Hunters' Guild representative," He said simply, his voice filtered through the helmet. One man in particular stood out, to which Sidon was inclined to think he was the man he sought. "Here to meet President Troste."


Ferron Troste

#1739348 Ship as Minor Faction: Any Interest?

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 25 February 2018 - 12:20 AM



If you ever have problems on your city-ship, let us know. We can find troublemakers for you, keep the collateral down, and be discreet.

#1739328 Future of Justice

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 24 February 2018 - 11:35 PM

Above Kuat Drive Yards




With a flash of light, the Vorantikus reverted from hyperspace, appearing above the expansive construction known as the Kuat Drive Yards. Because of the nature of the trip, namely a proposed business meeting with some new executive of the KDY company, Sidon had decided to use the more generalist ship he owned. There was no real reason to bring the Crossfire, simply because he wasn't chasing anyone - or anything - down, so he traveled in the beskar-hulled personal craft instead. At the controls, a young blond human female piloted the craft expertly. Her hands moved across the panels, adjusting and making corrections, her movements instinctual and well-practiced.


"This is the Vorantikus, contacting KDY control for Sidon Eshe," Vena said, speaking clearly into the comm. "We are here for a scheduled meeting with President Troste."


From behind, walking out of his personal chambers, the fully armored form of Sidon emerged. Helmet locking into place, the Hunter walked toward the front cockpit. The newer ship layout had been simple enough to get used to, but unlike the Crossfire, this ship had the personal quarters further away. Not that walking was an issue, it just made getting to the cockpit in a snap a little harder, if still doable. Nonetheless, when Sidon reached the brand new cockpit, the ship still having that new smell as Vena said, he couldn't help but raise eyebrows beneath the helmet...


"Wow, I'd heard how impressive this ship yard was, but..." Looking through the front viewports, Sidon's eyes scanned the ginormous metallic construction that surrounded an entire planet. It was beyond impressive, causing him to wonder at how much foot space it had. "That is one big factory. No wonder they protect it so heavily."


"A lot of credits flow here," Vena commented, shrugging. She flicked a switch. "More than enough to seek out a job with us."




The pair quietened down when the comm activated, control responding - hopefully with directions, so the small craft wasn't lost amid the masses of traffic and hangar bays...


Ferron Troste

#1739299 Bounty Template/Forum Suggestion

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 24 February 2018 - 10:58 PM

Hello factory gurus,


I just wanted to put some ideas out there for possible adjustments (relatively mild) for bounties.



Suggestion 1:


As you may have noticed, most bounties are placed in the Bounty Board, which is completely fine and the BHG have no issues in that regard. What we would like to be considered, though, is if we might be able to propose a tweak to the Bounty template, so that it looks like this:


Bounty Hunting Template



Name of Bounty: (Who is being hunted?)

Name of Contractor: (What character or organization is placing the bounty IC?)

Bounty Price:  (See above explanation.)

Exclusivity: (Is this contract for a specific Guild? Name them; if not, N/A)

Condition: (Dead or alive, trophy or proof required, must look like an accident, etc.)

Additional Info: (Whatever might be relevant info to help the bounty hunters achieve their goal.)


The benefit of the highlighted adjustment would be for any faction or group that specializes in bounties, not just the BHG specifically. And with the option of N/A, that means it's just a couple of seconds to put in a single field that could help raise public awareness and use of a very niche group of factions (which will never be major, realistically). So the hope is us minor factions can get a little step up, to increase our presence and options.


Suggestion 2:


If that's not possible, a more direct suggestion for the BHG would be: Would it be possible to have a Bounty Hunters' Guild ad pinned in the main bounty board? That way, if people want to use the BHG exclusively for a contract, they can reply in that thread.


Hopefully these suggestions are viable, with small impact on how things operate. Like I mentioned, I don't want to disrupt how things run, just seek a way to help along some niche groups.

Thank you for the consideration.

#1738631 Ronan Xilo

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 24 February 2018 - 12:20 AM

Darth Ronan Tristram Senan Darth Aegis


Third-ed. Your weaknesses on this character are mostly irrelevant to any form of combat RP, and are easily dismissible if you don't want to recognize them. Already, just from one thread and combat scenario, I feel you've vastly overstepped what some Force powers are capable of...


I'd seriously reconsider some actual weaknesses that are combat specific and aren't contradictory:


+Ronan is an avid practitioner of Form IV, since it requires that users rely on a mix of speed, strength, and focus, which are his strong fields. He tends to find more aggressive, powerful techniques to be more effective, and so is more attracted to such forms. He has mastered Form VII He is very skilled in it and has defeated many opponents with it.


- Tends to stay away from hand to hand combat due to him not excelling far within it. Usually in a fight he might produce one good hand to hand combat move and then he'd repeat it- which could be easily seen through


For example - which is it? Is he really skilled, or not?


Please understand, this isn't to get at you, or attack you; this is purely to assist you in giving some realism to your character, which is currently skewed toward being too powerful.

#1738623 The Village of Sacrifice | Open

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 23 February 2018 - 11:59 PM

Sidon couldn't believe the capabilities of one of the Sith. Not only was he completely blocking heavy, continuous fire from a gatling shatter gun - which was spewing out three-hundred rounds a minute, but he was also maintaining divided attention between three active opponents, not including those nearby. It was nigh-unbelievable at the sheer scope of power that individual had, especially given his point of simply turning around and walking away, that invisible shield of his blocking everything as he did so.


"Frak that," The Hunter muttered, reloading the belt magazine of the gatling shatter gun, which was shooting solid projectiles with armor piercing capability. "Vena, bring the ships turrets to bear. Aim on that Sith leaving the fight, fire everything - we're bringing him down."


The Crossfire kept low above the village, repulsors roaring as it maintained height. The automated turrets came online, the pilot - Vena - inputting the target, the Sith Lord leaving the area nonchalantly (Darth Ronan), as the slicer droid inside the ship began operating the weapon systems through a port inside the cockpit. With a smirk, Sidon opened up again on the Sith Lord, putting every ounce of power the gatling shatter gun had to the effort, with the addition of the ship turrets also opening fire, large red blasts of energy capable of ripping holes through ship hulls lancing out.


Seeing the others gathered together, Sidon spoke through his comm to Vena.


"Can you scan for frequencies being used in the area? I want to talk to those sentients below."


"Roger that, Captain."


As she piloted the ship, Vena's hand moved over the communication panel. She scanned for active commlink frequencies in the area, which there weren't many, and before long confirmed she had an open line to those in the area - but whether they heard or allowed such a communication to come through remained to be seen.


"This is Bounty Hunter Sidon Eshe," He said, even as he kept firing at the Sith Lord, exploding the area around him with shatter gun and turret fire. If he was still blocking this barrage, Sidon would seriously consider reassessing how the Force worked. "We have no beef with you, only the Sith. There's an open bounty on all Sith lightsabers, and we're just here to collect... you're welcome to join, or stay out of the way. But either way, we don't intend to harm non-Sith."


Lord Combattere, Rex Taff, Kurenai Yumi, Darth Aegis, Koda Fett, Darth Ronan

#1736991 The Hunter Gathering

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 21 February 2018 - 10:20 AM

Sidon turned his attention to the tall humanoid that spoke up, all muscle and bravado and mouth. Clearly the kid figured he was a big-shot, either that or he liked to pretend he didn't care, and wanted to present a persona to those around. In his time, Sidon had lost the need for personas, they weren't worth the effort of maintaining, and most people knew when someone was acting the part. People like this kid didn't fool anyone, not least of which the Guild leader. As a result, Sidon remained still, hands on hips, simply letting the youth get whatever he needed to get out, in order to establish some kind of perceived status within the sentients gathered...


While he spoke, G3-A4 sent through the information for Sidon to check out.


"Jaster, is it?" Sidon asked, inclining his helmet. He spoke normally, same tone, not a single thing different from his mannerisms prior. "I'm glad you're showing some interest and really want to press on with the show. Hopefully it's substance, not bravado. That said, I do have a lot of contracts from various clients that are willing to secure exclusive rights to this Guild, in exchange for large sums of credits... but what I don't have is a list for sentients who aren't Guild members. That's information for behind the curtain, and only signing up gets you there."


Looking to the other individuals, Sidon raised his voice slightly, speaking to everyone.


"I want to be clear, this is all about recruitment and what the Guild offers now compared to then is a vast leap in services," The Guild leader shrugged, his voice sounding as though he had a smile. "At the end of the day, all of this can be accessible to you... but, like I mentioned, membership is a requirement. You join, you get armory, vehicle and limited ShadowNet access. You stay, and pass the three month probation period, then you get unrestricted access to the Guild's services. Which includes full ShadowNet privileges.


"I hope that's clear and answers some lingering questions."


 Ember Rekali, Gilamar Skirata, Mira Talus, Amun, Zhorin Cenvax , Aova Nerys, Vash Qruslu, Koda Fett, Maple Harte, Kaine Australis, Jaster Vekarr

#1736982 Minch

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 21 February 2018 - 10:00 AM

Welcome to Chaos. Hope you enjoy your stay!


Out of curiosity, is this related to your Minch?

#1736979 A ship as a Faction?

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 21 February 2018 - 09:56 AM

Functionality wise, a faction would allow you a personal forum, to RP closed scenarios in if you wanted. However, those don't count toward some faction or submission goals, if they aren't on the public RP areas.

#1736263 I'm just excited for my first day of superhero school!

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 20 February 2018 - 10:12 AM

Heart back at ya, pal.

#1736248 The Village of Sacrifice | Open

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 20 February 2018 - 09:41 AM



The Crossfire roared overhead, circling widely around the small village of Sharkhburz. The powerful engines growled, the pilot expertly sliding the craft through the sky, repulsors flaring to maintain an even bearing, circling left. The port side hatch was opened, a heavily armored individual standing comfortably behind a large heavy Verpine shatter gun, the mighty weapon mag-locked to the ship floor panel on a tripod. Scanning the destruction and chaos below, Sidon Eshe gave a shake of his helmet, his HUD zeroing in on the foggy landscape and the frozen individuals of the village itself; he noted two sinister looking humanoids whom were confronting one another, by the look of it, one with a lightsaber but both were certainly not Jedi.


"Looks like reports were accurate, Fett," Sidon said through his comm, addressing the other individual who had arrived on planet with him. "Locals said there was a Sith that kept raiding them... now it looks like two are here. One for each of us, eh?"


Judging from the scene below, those affected by the freezing fog - that fact given away by the frozen bodies and crystallized environment - there weren't going to be many surviving this battle between the Forcers. And while that was unfortunate, Sidon had to admit that made things easier; a lot easier. Slamming the belt magazine of the heavy shatter gun home, loaded with highly effective armor piercing rounds, the Bounty Hunter called out as he started firing on the two Sith below - the shatter gun roaring to life with a steadily increasing speed, as the gatling barrel spat deadly rounds at incredibly high speed.


"Keep moving the ship, Vena," Sidon shouted, despite the comm picking up his words easily enough. "We don't want to close in just yet."


Throughout the ship, several Ysalamiri had been placed, each small creature housed on a nutrient tree so as to be comfortable; and the benefit was plainly obvious, as the ship itself was projecting a Force-neutral bubble in a large radius, larger than its own size, stopping direct attacks from the Sith below. Which was a good thing, as Sidon didn't feel like being ripped out of the ship with the Force, or choked from range.


"Cover fire up, Fett!"


Sidon was excited. Not only was he working alongside a fellow Hunter he respected, he also had the opportunity to prove the Guild were worthwhile working with, as well as collecting some Sith lightsabers for bounty; not to mention he had some new toys that he really wanted to try out, designed solely to deal with Forcers...


Koda Fett

#1736169 Looking for Mentor

Posted by Sidon Eshe on 20 February 2018 - 06:07 AM

Mira Talus


Sure we'll be able to sort out mentors and trainees once the recruitment is done, and we have some members join and show up. For now, perhaps we can organize team contracts for NPCs, just to get a feel for things. I might even ask around to see if anyone wants to NPC an acquisition for a team, so there's a real player behind the actions.


I'll talk to some people.