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Sidon Eshe

Sidon Eshe

Member Since 12 Feb 2018
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05 March 2018 - 10:14 AM

Anyone want to sign up for a trial of the team-hunt method?


I'm quite happy to create a scenario for up to 4 interested individuals, who can complete a dangerous mission against an NPC I'll handle - including enemies likewise NPC'd.


This will be considered an official bounty, and credits will be earned.


Any takers?

Sidon Eshe - Bounty Portfolio

25 February 2018 - 01:22 AM

Current Contract/s:

Completed Contract/s:

Bounty Template/Forum Suggestion

24 February 2018 - 10:58 PM

Hello factory gurus,


I just wanted to put some ideas out there for possible adjustments (relatively mild) for bounties.



Suggestion 1:


As you may have noticed, most bounties are placed in the Bounty Board, which is completely fine and the BHG have no issues in that regard. What we would like to be considered, though, is if we might be able to propose a tweak to the Bounty template, so that it looks like this:


Bounty Hunting Template



Name of Bounty: (Who is being hunted?)

Name of Contractor: (What character or organization is placing the bounty IC?)

Bounty Price:  (See above explanation.)

Exclusivity: (Is this contract for a specific Guild? Name them; if not, N/A)

Condition: (Dead or alive, trophy or proof required, must look like an accident, etc.)

Additional Info: (Whatever might be relevant info to help the bounty hunters achieve their goal.)


The benefit of the highlighted adjustment would be for any faction or group that specializes in bounties, not just the BHG specifically. And with the option of N/A, that means it's just a couple of seconds to put in a single field that could help raise public awareness and use of a very niche group of factions (which will never be major, realistically). So the hope is us minor factions can get a little step up, to increase our presence and options.


Suggestion 2:


If that's not possible, a more direct suggestion for the BHG would be: Would it be possible to have a Bounty Hunters' Guild ad pinned in the main bounty board? That way, if people want to use the BHG exclusively for a contract, they can reply in that thread.


Hopefully these suggestions are viable, with small impact on how things operate. Like I mentioned, I don't want to disrupt how things run, just seek a way to help along some niche groups.

Thank you for the consideration.

Sidon Eshe's Scarf

18 February 2018 - 10:40 PM



[Sidon with the scarf wrapped around his neck and across his torso]



  • Intent: To sub a piece of light armor for Sidon Eshe to use
  • Image Source: tieroom.co.uk
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Light Armor


  • Manufacturer: Unknown [trophy from a past bounty]
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Sidon Eshe
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: Armorweave, Shell Spider Silk


  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances 

- Blasters: Very High

- Kinetic: None

- Lightsabers: High

- Vibroblades: High

- Elements: Low

- Other: N/A



  • Light but durable scarf for upper body
  • Composed of armorweave and shell spider silk
  • Resistant to lightsabers
  • Able to deflect vibroblades and blaster bolts

This long, thin scarf is made of woven Armorweave and shell spider silk in tight knit layers. This allows the armor to remain relatively light weight and malleable while still maintaining a good amount of protective properties. Because of the weaves of the fabric, it has very strong resistances to specific damage, while also offering a basic protection against the elements.


Sidon Eshe gained the item as a trophy from a bounty in his early years as a Bounty Hunter. The acquisition (target) had been prepared against lightsaber wielding foes, and her armor did little to protect against the array of blaster weaponry Sidon utilized - save for the scarf of armorweave and shell spider silk, which proved very resistant. At the time, Sidon had need for any armor he could salvage, and took the item as his own, using it from that day on.

  • High resistance to blaster bolts and lightsabers
  • Able to deflect vibroblades
  • Some protection from the elements, as it is still a scarf


  • Item will fail after several lightsaber strikes, ruining it
  • Limited protection due to size, and can only be wrapped around specific body parts at any given time (such as neck or arm or fist)
  • It is not highly kinetic resistant

Picking Up The Pieces

17 February 2018 - 10:06 AM

The Outer Rim.

Nar Shaddaa,

Bounty Hunters' Guild HQ.




The Past


The place was a mess. There was no other way to say it. While the previous leaders had been well-versed in their trade, it appeared they lacked some basic organization. As it was, the Guild armory was overrun with all manner of things; weapons strewn about, armor thrown in corners, old flimsiplast reports and filing dumped wherever it had landed. Perhaps at one point there had been someone taking care of it, but with the armory's current state it was clear that individual had long since left.


Great. Just how I wanted to spend my afternoon.


Standing in full armor, Sidon Eshe sighed. Hands on hips, the Bounty Hunter looked over the large room, knowing that the sooner he got started the quicker it would be done. Reaching to his left, the new Guild leader picked up a stack of bounty claims, which needed filing. But before that could happen, Sidon had to determine the state of the filing system; especially since whomever had kept these records had been very old school by using physical copies. Maybe it had just been the method, and no one bothered to alter it? Or perhaps these - and the other stacks of claims - were in the process of being transferred to the HoloNet?


Either way, the armory couldn't afford so much space being used up. The files would have to be processed, converted to digital format, and the originals stored somewhere for safe keeping. Or perhaps simply destroying them once the transfer was done would be better. It didn't matter, the more Sidon thought about it, the less he was doing - so with a slow breath exhale, and arm fulls of claims and reports, the Bounty Hunter began sorting and arranging.


"Gee-Three," Sidon called, peering out of the office-turned-armory doorway at the droid without. "I need your help in here. It's worse than expected."


"Of course, Master Eshe, at once," The old droid wandered over, looking about with flickering optics. "Oh my..."


Sidon smirked inside the helmet, agreeing with the protocol droid. Handing it a stack of flimsiplast, the Guild leader pointed to the HoloNet terminal...


"Begin updating. I'm going to venture deeper into the armory."