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Caz Australis

Caz Australis

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In Topic: Soul as Clear as Crystal (Caz Australis)

25 December 2018 - 01:19 PM

As always, cook went above and beyond and made them the best dinner they had had in a long while.The dining room was filled with conversation, laughter and love from the triad.Caz sat back with her glass of whiskey and looked at her husband and wife and smiled broadly.Life was certainly good for the Clan these days.  


Soon after dinner was done, the three of them moved to the den where a fire was burning in the hearth.They settled on the huge overstuffed couch.Caz pulled Yasha's feet into her lap as Kaine put his arm around her.Caz began rubbing her feet gently and quietly sending healing energy through the woman's body, careful not to put pressure on spots that would interfere with her pregnancy. Caz could feel Yasha's body relax as she and Kaine held her.The Homestead was a safe haven for the warriors, and a place where Caz could heal and nurture them.  


Caz looked at the two of them and smiled. "Sometimes it hits me just how blessed we are.I cherish these moments because I never know when you two will be off again on another mission."She tilted her head and her brow furrowed.  "I do get to keep you here for awhile, yeah? Especially, Yash, with you expecting, you are going to have limit your badassary to a minimum my love." 

In Topic: Soul as Clear as Crystal (Caz Australis)

27 November 2018 - 08:31 PM

Caz looked up from her data pad, just finishing entering instructions for the night and looked at her two loves.Her heart swelled and she smiled, feeling tears prickling her eyes.She could get so overwhelmed by emotion so easily.It took her along time to accept this part of her.As a younger woman, she often worried she would be too much for her people... until she met Kaine, and more recently Yasha.  


"I love you both.And I love seeing you both in love.It makes my heart happy.Yasha, thank you for gifting me the chance to be a mother again.I am so looking forward to new babies in this house.The children will be absolutely thrilled!" 


Caz found a special bottle of whisky she'd been saving and poured drinks for her and Kaine, as she settled back on the stool next to them.She raised her glass to them."To our family, our love and a beautiful life well lived!" 

In Topic: Soul as Clear as Crystal (Caz Australis)

24 November 2018 - 08:59 AM

"More babies?" Caz's eyes lit up.Caz had reconciled long ago that she would never have her own biological children, so she set forth to love all of her adopted children with all of her heart.  "That's such exciting news! No wonder you are so tired Yash'ika! You know I'm going to dote even more on you now! We need to celebrate!" Caz pulled her loves closer to her and covered their faces with kisses. "I love you both so very much!I'm so glad you are home with me again." 


Caz's smile eclipsed her face.She loved having a big family and a house full of love like she did.She looked lovingly at Kaine.He had been so good to her, and continued to be.He treated her like a Queen and gave her the life she thrived in.


"Yash'ika, straight away we will start some healing sessions for you, and we will make sure those babies grow big and strong. Ohhh you two! I couldn't be happier!" 


Caz grabbed her data pad and started typing instructions for dinner to cook.All of Yasha's favorite foods, their best bottle of whiskey for her and Kaine and sparkling water for Yasha as well as lots of treats for the kids and the nanny. 


"We are going to have a great celebration!"

In Topic: Soul as Clear as Crystal (Caz Australis)

23 November 2018 - 05:09 PM

Caz relaxed into Yasha's embrace.Having her to share a life with made Caz very happy.Her presence helped Caz adjust to having Nibsani so far away.  


She closed her eyes and sighed as Yasha placed a kiss on her neck... the spot that Yasha knew always made her melt a little, and heard a familiar voice from the other room.She opened her eyes to see her beloved turn the corner into a gaggle of his children, greeting them all with smiles and laughter.Her heart surged at the sight of him.Her night was complete with most of her family under one roof.  


"Cyar'ika, you are sight for sore eyes!We've very much missed you!"  Caz slid her arm around Yasha and returned the embrace.She felt safe, loved and peaceful in the cacophony of children's squeals and laughter.She planted a kiss on Yasha's temple and extended her empty arm out for her husband to come join them.  


"Come, love, give us a hug and kiss.It's been ages!"

In Topic: Soul as Clear as Crystal (Caz Australis)

23 November 2018 - 08:23 AM

Caz slid her arm around Yasha and brushed Reyn's cheek with her hand."Sweetness, I know it's a hard job, and I know it weighs heavy on you every day.When you are here, you are safe, loved and honored.You are doing your best.Anyone can see that."Caz placed a kiss on the top of Yasha's head.  "I'm glad you are home, with us, safe and sound.I will take care of you.Before bed tonight we can meditate so you can let go of the energy you are holding."  


Caz knew her husband and Yasha have seen some horrific sights during battle.Caz was not a fighter.She had always used her energies to heal... especially those who she loved.  


"Cyar'ika, let's let the nanny tend to the children tonight," Caz leaned in and kissed Reyn on the nose, "and you and Kain'ika and I will have a nice dinner and relax by the fire in the family room.You no longer need to worry tonight.Rest your mind.I'll have Cook make your favorites.How does that sound?"Caz was in full nurture mode, and was determined to help her love relax and let got of the stress of her last mission.