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Caz Australis

Caz Australis

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#1854337 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Caz Australis on 03 September 2018 - 08:54 AM

Caz laughed and waved as the child dragged Kaine off into the crowd of well dressed attendants.As luck would have it, a waiter droid was passing with a tray of drinks that Caz helped herself to.She was used to entertaining herself at these events as her husband was often off talking to the crowd about Mandalorian politics or business.  


Caz quickly found an empty table and sat down at it, perfectly content with people watching.It was one of her favorite things to do at things like this.She would often make up stories about the people she watched, or she would observe the people her husband would engage to gauge their personalities and intentions.It was something she had always done.  


She smiled as she soon realized how entertaining the crowd would be tonight. 



Kaine Australis 






#1853855 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Caz Australis on 02 September 2018 - 10:23 AM

Caz patted the top of her head again to make sure her hair was in place.She normally wore it loose but tonight it was in a deep magenta chignon that offset her black sheath dress.Formal dances were events that made her uneasy at times, being surrounded by a lot of unknown energies, but she prepared herself with the right crystals and oils to combat that.She stood in the doorway and scanned the crowd looking for her husband.He had come earlier than her, as she had been detained by work.She hadn't seen him in days and was anxious to spend time with him.She caught a glimpse of him and took a moment to appreciate how handsome he looked in his uniform.She watched as Adara looked up at him with stars in her eyes.He looked like a giant next to her, her hands only big enough to hold a few of his fingers.  


For all of Kaine's warmongering and louder than life antics, when it came to the children, his heart softened.He loved them all as if they were his own (as many of their children were adopted), and never made anyone of them feel slighted because they didn't get his attention.His capability to love unconditionally was something she adored about him and always would.  


Caz smiled and moved gracefully through the crowd until she was next to them.  


"Good evening you two.Kain'ika I do believe you have the prettiest date in the room tonight, don't you think so?"  Caz reached up and planted a kiss on her husband's cheek, and then bent down to kiss Adara on the forehead.  "You look just lovely cyar'ika.What a beautiful dress.Are you having fun?"


Kaine Australis

#1824556 Ni Kar'tayli darasuum gar

Posted by Caz Australis on 11 July 2018 - 05:51 AM

Caz sat on a pillow in a secluded room.Today their union of two would become a union of three.Unorthodox for sure.Many people could not understand why it was necessary, but Caz had ceased to care about the opinions of others ages ago. 


Love is love is love.  


She closed her eyes and felt the breath of the universe slowly spread from her crown to her root.She calmed her brain and her heart.  


She was fortunate enough to watch Kaine and Nibsani fall in love.It was truly a beautiful thing.Caz loved Nibsani as well.She welcomed her new partner with an open heart and open arms.


Soon she and Kaine would tell the masses attending the wedding of their story, the one where a beautiful but frightened blue angel entered their lives and changed it for the better.Caz could only hope that they would understand... but more importantly FEEL the beauty in this union.


Caz stood up and fixed her simple white dress.Folds of light fabric flowed from her body as she walked, barefoot, out the door to find her husband and their new wife.


Kaine Australis @Nibsani 

#1787182 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 16 May 2018 - 06:13 PM

And stay like that, they did,until the first shadows of the morning peeked around the edges of the curtained window by their bed.Caz curled into the crook of Kaine's arm and ran her finger along his collar bone.  


"The children will be up soon my love.And Nibsani as well.I have my first healing session with her this morning.She will need you after.She will need your affection and shoulder to cry on.She's holding quite a bit of turmoil.She hasn't known much kindness, has she?"


Caz pulled the blankets up over them."But enough of that.I want a little more of you to myself before I have to share."She pulled his face to hers and kissed him tenderly, not leaving room for him to question just exactly what she meant. 


Kaine AustralisNibsani

#1786440 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 15 May 2018 - 05:00 PM

Caz accepted the kiss and returned it affectionately.His admition of his feelings for Nibsani didn't upset her.Quite the contrary.She learned long ago that love knew no bounds and that putting restrictions on it would only cause heartache and distress.She pulled away from him and put her hand on his cheek.


"Kain'ika.It's ok.Don't feel guilty for having feelings for another.There's room for her here in your heart and our lives, if you both so wish.I am not so full of myself that I think that I am your end all be all.I love you unconditionally and fully.So much that I don't mind sharing you with another.Who would complain about more love?Now I am not saying that this will be smooth sailing, cyar'ika.There will be some adjustments to be made, and conversations to be had.But for now, I am giving you my blessing to see where it leads with her.I will open my home to her, I will help heal her and I will try to build a friendship.Let's see where it all ends up, shall we?"


Caz smiled at her husband, knowing it wasn't what he expected her to say... or maybe it was.Caz had been with Kaine a long time and was confident in her place in his life.She had no worries about his feelings for her.  


She stood up and took his hand."But for tonight my love, I think I would like to welcome you home... properly."


Kaine Australis @Nibsani 

#1784812 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 13 May 2018 - 06:57 AM

Dinner was lovely.Cook always represented in the kitchen, and the Australis Clan never went hungry.Caz spent the entirity of dinner asking Nibsani about her life, sensing the turmoil the girl had inside of her.It would be a heavy task to start the healing of her, but Caz could also feel how important she was to Kaine.She loved her husband, and loved seeing him happy, so she didn't mind taking it on.  


After dinner Caz showed Nibsani the rest of their home, and finally showed her to the room that one of the house help had gotten ready for her."You should be quite comfortable here.Everything you need is just a button away here on your nightstand.One of the house staff will assist you day or night.... and don't worry, they are well compensated.All of our house staff are employed, not owned.I didn't want you to worry about that.At any rate, if you need Kaine or I, please don't hesitate to call us... no matter what time it is.But please, get some sleep tonight.Get comfortable.Tomorrow we will have our first healing session."Caz touched Nibsani on the shoulder and smiled at her."I am happy you have come to join us."


Caz left the girl to explore her chambers.She shut the door quietly behind her and headed a few doors down to her own room where she found her husband waiting, smoking a cigar and having another drink.She smiled at the sight of him.He traveled so much that she really cherished the time she had with him when he was home.She walked over to where he was sitting and settled on the floor on a pillow by his feet.She rested her chin on his knee and looked up at him.  


"I am so happy to have you home my love.The girl was a surprise though.I'm guessing you weren't sure how to explain her?You do realize you have feelings for her, don't you?"Caz was never one to beat around a subject."Or maybe you don't realize it.... but it's written all over the both of your faces.Something happened when you met her... and it's beautiful my love.It's been some time since we've had to have this talk.Tell me how it happened."



Kaine Australis @Nibsani 

#1783585 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 10 May 2018 - 08:30 PM

"Well first, Nibsani, if this is going to work, I need you to refrain from calling me ma'am.Caz works just fine.I would be honored if you let me work on you.I am confident that I can heal you... but understand that it's going to be intense at times, but in the end, it will be beautiful.Much like you."


Caz patted Nibsani's knee and leaned back on her husband who had pulled up a chair behind her. " My love, cook has dinner ready, and I think you should eat before you have another drink, or I will be tucking you into bed myself.After dinner we can show Nibsani her room and then you and I have a few things to discuss that have come up while you were gone.Does that sound good?"


Caz stood and reached her hand out to Nibsani.  "Come, love.Wait until you taste what cook has made.I swear he's magic in the kitchen!" 


Kaine Australis @Nibsani 

#1780567 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 05 May 2018 - 06:50 AM

Caz was in the cross hairs of Kaine and Nibsani's emotions.Warmth and adoration radiated from Kaine.He hadn't even realized that he had feelings for this girl.She shook her head slightly.She was always the one that knew Kaine's heart before him.She would pull him into private later and point it out to him, but for now, she was worried about the girl.Caz could feel Nibsani's discomfort as she walked to the bar to get a refill.She moved close to her, and could feel the tension rise the closer she got to the girl. She gently placed her hand on Nibs back between her shoulder blades. 


"Nibsani, there's nothing to fear here.You are safe, and by the look on my husband's face every time he looks at you, well liked as well.Please don't fret , and also, don't be afraid to say what you are feeling."  Caz pulled up a bar stool and sat facing Nibsani."I am going to guess that my husband hasn't said much to you about me.I am an empath and a healer.Whatever it is that is in you right now, I can feel it, and I am here to tell you, you can relax. And also, if you will let me, I will help you heal whatever it is that is bothering you." 


Caz let her hand drop and smiled at Kaine.Love for this man welled up in her chest, as it often did.She smiled back at Nibsani."You are in a good place my friend, trust me on that.Now, if this handsome husband of mine will fill our drinks, that would be a wonderful thing."



Kaine Australis@Nibsani 

#1779702 Absolute happiness

Posted by Caz Australis on 03 May 2018 - 02:49 PM

Love is infinite, why limit yourself? It's not a matter of not being satisfied... it's not having the expectation that one person can fulfill your every need.



xoxox Nibsani and Kaine Australis 

#1777819 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 30 April 2018 - 03:26 PM

Caz raised her glass back at Nibsani."To new friends!"She took a sip of the whiskey and enjoyed the heat of it as it went down her throat. 


"Nibsani, you are our guest, so you are absolutely not a burden here and you need not lift a finger.We have a full staff we hired to take care of all of that.You must relax and enjoy our homestead. Kain'ika has made it a paradise of sorts for sure.It's meant to be enjoyed by all of our guests!"


Caz tilted her head and looked at the Twi'lek.It suddently registered to her that Nibsani was used to serving others, and likely not by choice.It would explain her surge of anxious energy when Kaine would go close to her.  


"Nibsani, you can relax, my friend.You are here to do as you please.We have no expectation of you here other than to be happy."


 Kaine Australis@Nibsani 

#1774753 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 25 April 2018 - 04:59 AM

Caz's smile spread across her face as she watched them walk away to the study.Damn fools... why are they not just letting this happen? Instead both of them were fighting it.She could understand Nibsani not understanding, but Kaine?This wasn't his first time around.He did this the last time too.Fought it tooth and nail, worried about Caz's reaction to it all.  


There was nothing negative in Caz's mind or heart about what she was witnessing.She knew from experience to not fight the natural progression in a person... or between people.She was never one to deny what her heart felt.Nor did she expect the people she loved to do it either.  


The way Caz saw it, her love for Kain'ika, the kids, her family... it flowed in abundant, infinite amounts.She saw no reason to restrict that flow to just one person.The more love in her house, the better.  


She shook her head with a smile, checked in at the kitchen and then found her way to the study.She entered quietly and was once again hit in the chest with those warm feelings from her husband.  


"Dinner will be ready shortly.Kain'ika would you pour me a whiskey please.Nibsani, surely you will be staying for awhile, yes?I feel like you could use a 'get away' to rest and relax."


Kaine Australis Nibsani

#1773721 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 23 April 2018 - 05:18 AM

Caz smiled and put her hand on his shoulder.She did not feel uneasy with the energy between the two of them.They didn't even know what Caz could see.She did not feel jealousy or competition.She just felt warm and happy that her husband was feeling those same things.She chuckled inwardly.He had no idea.At least, if he did, he wasn't admitting it to himself.In all the years they had been together, Caz had only felt him feel this way one other time.It was a wonderful time in their life, only ending because of circumstance beyond their control. 


"I am so happy he could help you, Nibsani.He's got a big heart, that's for sure.Again, welcome to our home.I am going to assume you will be staying for a bit? I will have one of our staff ready a room for you.Are you hungry? I can have the cook put something together.He's just finished cleaning up from the children's dinner, but I was waiting for Kaine.I'd love for you to join us for a meal."


She was a stunning creature.Caz could see why Kaine had feelings for this girl already.She was wild, untamed, and from what Caz could feel, really needed someone to show her she was worth their time.She could feel that maybe this girl had not been treated kindly by others, and that her experience was that most people wanted something from her.  


"I want you to make yourself at home.Our home is open to whomever needs it.Please don't be afraid to ask for what you need.Also, I should warn you, that Kaine has a habit of bringing home children and adopting them... so we have quite a crew here.They are all sleeping now, but they will be up early tomorrow and you will definitely hear them.But please, let us go get comfortable in the study and have a drink while we wait for dinner to finish."  


She alerted the kitchen to add a setting and took Kaine's hand, kissing him on the cheek."I'm happy you are home cya'rika.I've missed you.Show Nibsani the study, and I will be right behind you."

#1773145 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 22 April 2018 - 06:45 AM

Caz heard his voice and a smile spread across her face.He was home again.When they married one thing they promised each other was that they would always come home to each other. She walked out of their family room to the foyer quietly.She heard him explaining their homestead to his friend.She leaned against the archway leading out of the room and watched him.Her chest filled with warmth.She tipped her head to get a better look at the girl.A blue twi'lek.Beautiful with a sweetness that she tried to hide.Rough around the edges.She could feel some anxiety rolling off the girl, nervousness.  



... but Kaine.His energy was different this time.This girl was not a child he brought home to adopt.It was different.She put her hand over her heart and breathed slowly.He didn't know what he was feeling yet.And clearly the girl didn't either.Once again, Caz's empath abilities had her ahead of the curve before everyone else. 


"Su cuy'gar ner kar'taylir darasuum."  Caz stood and started to walk to them."Who is your beautiful friend? I'm Caz.Welcome to the Australis homestead." 



Nibsani Kaine Australis 

#1772929 Caz Australis

Posted by Caz Australis on 21 April 2018 - 08:40 PM

Caz Australis 







NAME: Caz Australis

FACTION: Clan Australis


RANK: Healer, Queen Mother of Clan Australis


AGE: 43

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5'10

WEIGHT: 200 lbs

EYES: blue

HAIR: Magenta

SKIN: Fair with freckles






Force Empathy

Force Healing

Force Bubble



Force Empathy 

Kaine Australis 

Tim Tams 




Caz is a tall curvaceous woman.She has shoulder length magenta hair and blue eyes.Her skin is very fair with a spattering of freckles and a left arm sleeve of tattoos. Her right nostril is pierced as well as her ears multiple times.  She favors bare feet and flowing dresses when she's not forced to wear her armor and buy'ce. She often has crystals in her pockets and wears a chunk of amethyst on a chain around her neck.



Caz grew up in a very typical Mandalorian household.Her parents were very active in their clan and from a young age she knew she was a healer.She would bring home injured stray animals and nurse them back to health on a regular basis.When she was a young adult she met Kaine Australis.They were married soon after they met.Never able to have her own children, she and Kaine have adopted many children that needed a family to come home to. 





#1772641 Falling again each day

Posted by Caz Australis on 21 April 2018 - 07:49 AM

Caz took a final look at the house and smiled in satisfaction.Kain'ika would be home any second and she was excited.He was bringing a new friend home to meet her.It had been awhile.Kaine was always bringing people to the homestead, but this time Caz could feel the marked difference in him as he explained to her about this girl. The upside to being married to an empath was that Kaine knew that Caz could feel the authenticity of the people around them... the downside was that Caz could feel her husband's energy better than anyone and she knew his feelings before he did sometimes.  



Caz heard her comlink go off, signalling her that her husband was close.She was nervous, and excited.One of the joys of her life was the happiness of her husband.She loved when he found the things and people that made him happy, and because of that, Caz embraced them too.She put Carni in his kennel and walked to window to watch for him.


Kaine Australis Nibsani