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Caz Australis

Caz Australis

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#1769401 The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

Posted by Caz Australis on 16 April 2018 - 05:51 AM

Caz took her place next to her husband and moved in as he put his arm around her. "Rex it's nice to see you this day.I'm glad you are here." 


She looked at who she was surrounded by.They did have a motley crew.She smiled at the young blue twi'lek that seemed to be enamored by the ship and her new weapons.She was a lovely little thing.Caz could feel she was excited and in awe of what she was being brought into.She made a mental note to ask her husband about her later.For now she needed to be present.


She looked up at him and smiled.  "I'm proud of you Kain'ika.You've done well, cyar'ika." She remembered this man as the rogue she met and fell in love with so many years ago.She had watched him take that energy and direct it into building his clan.A clan she was proud of.He never hesitated to bring home those that needed a family and accept them unconditionally.She couldn't ask for anything more.  


She smiled as she watched the ships appear.It was a grand sight.She was excited for what was to come.



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#1768736 The Price of Freedom is Eternal Vigilance

Posted by Caz Australis on 15 April 2018 - 07:53 AM

Caz sat quietly, her eyes closed, her legs folded under her.She listened to her breath as she tuned out the sounds of the ship around her.No matter where they traveled she took some time to call on their blessings and keep them safe.She was eternally grateful that her husband accepted this part of her and made space for her to practice. She sat for a few more quiet moments and then opened her eyes, letting them focus on her husband.she stood and stretched her legs and arms.She needed to know what he needed from her, and wouldn't sit by idly while he went off onto Mykyr.As much as she was a healer, she was a protector too, and couldn't sit by and let him have all the fun.





"Kaine? Will we be much longer?How are you feeling about this? What can I do to help?" 

#1761769 Home is where the heart is

Posted by Caz Australis on 03 April 2018 - 07:54 AM

Caz stood and punched a few things into her comm.  "I'll have the kitchen staff get lunch started.... " Her voice trailed off as she heard a familiar sound outside the homestead.  


"Kain'ika... is that who I think it is?You didn't tell me he was coming home!"  She punched another message into her comm."I guess I better have them make more food."


Caz stood and smoothed her long skirt around her."At this rate, cyar'ika we are going to have to build a bigger homestead!" She patted her hip and called for the dog.  "Come with Momma, sweetness.Children, will you show Cass the dining room?Buir and I will be with you shortly."


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#1761764 Family is more than Blood (Clan Australis and friends) [others please PM to j...

Posted by Caz Australis on 03 April 2018 - 07:39 AM

Caz smiled at Rex and handed him his drink.


"My apologies my friend.We've had quite the influx of Australis' lately so keeping names straight has been a difficulty for me.But it's a pleasure to meet you.Please, enjoy yourself tonight.It's on us."


Caz turned to face her husband and tucked her head into his neck.  


"This is quite the party,my sweet. You've been quite busy building this clan.I had no idea when I married you I'd be Momma to so many!" she winked and giggled at him."Granted, we did it in an rather unorthodox manner... sort of missed out on the fun of making them ourselves."She stood up on the tip of her toes and planted a kiss on his lips.  "We can work on that later.Right now, I do believe I will have another drink."


Kaine Australis

#1759831 Family is more than Blood (Clan Australis and friends) [others please PM to j...

Posted by Caz Australis on 30 March 2018 - 02:06 PM

Caz was chatting to the barkeep when she heard her name.She turned to see a man in full armor standing next to her and Kaine.She pushed back into Kaine a little, probably subconciously, seeking some protection from her husband.She was never rude to people she didn't know, but she was always suspect of people she didn't know.


Caz pushed a strand of magenta hair out of her eye and smiled."I would be Caz Australis.And you are?"She didn't move out of her protective spot between Kaine and the bar. 


Her first impression is that he was a friendly man, just looking for introductions, but she knew from experience that her husband wasn't always the most endearing of Mandalorians.She however, was a gracious woman and motioned for the bartender to get the man a drink.


"Can I offer you a whiskey?"


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#1751801 Family is more than Blood (Clan Australis and friends) [others please PM to j...

Posted by Caz Australis on 17 March 2018 - 06:46 AM

Kaine Australis Cassiopeia Caranthyr @Gerarich Thanor



Caz was always slightly overwhelmed by decadence, and this place certainly had it.Caz held to Kaine's hand as he lead her to the bar.He was very handsome in his suit.She wore a simple black sheath and a necklace with a simple "A" pendant, her pink hair was piled on her head in that messy masterful way that she could sometimes manage when really paying attention. 


"Kain'ika, this is quite the place, my love.Thank you for taking us all out."She squeezed his hand as he pulled her in front of him and tucked her between him and the bar. He intuitively knew when Caz needed a little grounding, and placing her in that spot would help settle her down a little. 


Caz looked at the bartender and smiled.  "I will have a whiskey on the rocks please... you should probably just leave the bottle.It will for certain get finished in no time." The bartender nodded and left the bottle and two glasses for her and Kaine.  


Caz looked over her shoulder at him and smiled."You truly are something else, cyar'ika.I'm not sure what I would do without you."

#1751793 Home is where the heart is

Posted by Caz Australis on 17 March 2018 - 06:25 AM

"Oya" Caz said with a smile.Kaine's heart had no limit to love.He had this way about him.. he just knew when someone needed him and he opened his arms and clan to that person.Now Cassi was one of them.Their children's sister and teacher.She would be safe and cared for from this day forward.  


"Welcome to the Australis Clan, Cassi.We are very happy to have you in the family.Whatever you need, or want, we will do what we can to make sure you have it."


Caz moved over to Kaine and settled in the crook of his arm and offered up a kiss to his cheek."Kain'ika you continue to impress me.The space in your heart is immeasurable.You make me very happy."  


Kaine Australis Cassiopeia Caranthyr

#1749510 Home is where the heart is

Posted by Caz Australis on 12 March 2018 - 06:32 PM

Caz stood in the doorway and watched her husband with the children.A month ago, he was a boozing, carousing Mandalorian.But today, he was a father excited to share his stories and his life with virtual strangers.Her heart was big.She had been standing there awhile.Cassi seemed to relax.She was a natural and Caz knew that she would fit in nicely. 


Lam looked over and saw her."Momma Caz, come sit with us.Buir is telling us about family.You are our family now.You take care of us.We are safe now." Caz smiled at her and settled on a pillow on the floor.  


"Yes you are cyar'ika.What kind of Mandalorian would I be if I had left you where you were.Now you will grow big and strong and smart and happy.That's what being a Mandalorian is about, little one."

#1743055 Who gives a Stygium? [Clan Australis Adventure]

Posted by Caz Australis on 03 March 2018 - 07:24 AM

"I think we can wait on the brawl, can't we Liam.After all you are about to share a drink with a lady.You don't want to keep her waiting, do you?


Sid pulled a new bottle of whiskey from the cabinet and three glasses.She filled them all half way and pushed the to the men, ignorning Liam's boisterous offer to her husband to fight on the ship.


"I can assure you Liam, despite the fact that you have both aged, Kaine here has not lost his prowess in the ring or on the field.Maybe when we get back to our home, you'd come stay a night or two and you two can spar in our boxing gym?That way I have all my tools to heal you at my fingertips." 


Caz winked at him and smiled, teasing the man.The one thing she knew about the men that Kaine associated with, you had to handle them with sarcasm and booze and they would be the most charming and agreeable.  


Caz sipped her drink and looked at them both."So you were saying? What trouble are you about to get up to?"


Kaine Australis Liam Darkgear

#1741297 Home is where the heart is

Posted by Caz Australis on 28 February 2018 - 04:13 PM

Caz handed the dishcloth to Cook and smiled at the children.


"Your tutor is here, my loves! Now you all be on your best behavior.The older children will see her first.Then you little ones will have time with her after.Lov, you can go spend some time with buir and get your story.Maybe Lam and Garath would enjoy the story as well.Elenn and Bronte, finish and get cleaned up.You will meet her in the library.Lola... Hazel, I need you to get the where they need to be.  


Caz wiped her hands on a dishtowel and smoothed her hair down.She walked to where her husband was talking to you a lovely young lady.Caz reached out her hand.


"You must be Cassiopeia. I'm Caz.It's a pleasure to meet you."


Kaine Australis Cassiopeia Caranthyr

#1739602 Home is where the heart is

Posted by Caz Australis on 25 February 2018 - 01:18 PM

Caz looked up from the plate she was putting together to see her husband, ruffled from sleep, with their boy on his hip.Her heart swelled a little and she smiled at them both.It was a sight she had yearned to see since their beginning.He was a vagabond when they met.Boozing, thieving, carousing and causing trouble.But this man had a heart of gold and she knew that eventually, having children would settle him more.


Lov, sweetheart, were you bothering buir again?I told you it was breakfast first, buir after.I bet you told him the same Kain'ika. She started setting plates around the butcher block, tripping over their dog in the process.The kitchen was a cacophony of chatter from the kids, and the dog yelping and Kaine laughing and the nannies.... and Caz loved it all.  


Alright Australis' settle down now and get this food in your bodies, we have a full day ahead of us and I don't want to waste a minute of this good weather! 


Kaine Australis

#1739595 Who gives a Stygium? [Clan Australis Adventure]

Posted by Caz Australis on 25 February 2018 - 01:11 PM

"Kain'ika... you didn't mention you were leaving.Where are you off to and when should I get worried and how much have you packed to drink on the way?"

Oh Shab! Kaine fumbled with his comlink. He'd forgotten to let Caz know he was going exploring.


Ah, sorry cyar'ika. Yomaget, my chief egghead, needs some tech for a project I gave him, and he suggested I take a little trip to fetch it for him. Was just going to sort of pop out to Aeten II.

Hadn't planned on too much drinking, if only because there might be pirate scum, though I suppose we can drink on the trip home, now that you mention it.

He checked the supplies for the transport on his forearm datapad, and saw they'd stocked the galley with a decent supply of drinkables. That would do.

If you're coming along, we'd better get our shebs into gear. He held the comlink away from his ear by reflex, then relaxed. Kaine's first wife Natasi, rest her, would have blasted his ear off if he'd used language like that to her.

His Caz was much more liberated about such things. Even after all these years, it took time to unlearn old habits long ingrained. Both of them were an excellent influence on him, making him a better father, better leader, better partner in life. 

Kaine made his way across MandalArms courtyard to where he'd parked the Clan Australis transport.

I'm outside. Meet you on the transport, love.

All that was left was for them to board, and rocket off into space, hyperspace for Aeten II and what awaited them there.

Caz got up and slid her boots on.She looked around the room for her buy'ce that she abhored wearing but understood the necessity of it when she went with Kaine.  


She clicked on her commlink to her husband.  "Give me a few moments to gather my gear, and I will meet you.I'm not sure where I left my helmet."


She opened the closet door and there it was under a few blankets.She grabbed it and shoved it into her bag and headed toward her husband.


Kaine Australis Liam Darkgear

#1738963 Home is where the heart is

Posted by Caz Australis on 24 February 2018 - 02:02 PM

It was early in the morning.Caz sat on her floor pillow in front of the huge window facing out to the backside of their house.The sun was just coming up and shining through on her.She closed her eyes and turned her face to it, absorbing the warmth it was giving to her.She inhaled slowly and deeply, the scent of orange and cinnamon wafted through the air.She stretched her arms over her head in salutations to the sun and smiled.She was grateful for the quiet that started her day.  


She and Kaine recently went from an empty house to parenting five orphans he rescued on a recent mission.Thankfully she had help.They hired two nanny's, Lola and Hazel, and a housekeeper, all three of which have made a huge difference.Caz is able to focus on helping the children adjust to a stable life.They aren't without their baggage from such a tumultuous start in life.But already in a few weeks she has seen them relax into routine and start to trust her and Kaine.  


Elenn was the most sensitive.She attached to Caz or "Momma Caz"immediately and very rarely leaves her side during the daylight hours.She is inquisitive and loving but also scared that she will be sold to slavers again.Both Caz and Kaine do what they can to reassure her she isn't going anywhere.  


Bronte just wants to be outside, running, wrestling with her "brothers".She is fearless and loves a good battle, isn't afraid of blood or injuries.Caz spends a lot of time healing her little impulsive body, and shaking her head.She will make a great warrior and was much like Kaine.


Garath was quiet but observant.He was always by Bronte's side, trying to keep the girl out of trouble.It was a tall order at times, and he often got frustrated trying to keep up with her.He loved Kaine and often would sit with him at night and ask him every question he could think of about Kaine's travels.


The twins, Lam and Lov,were four and into everything.They still struggled with trusting their new parents, but they had a bond with each other that was unbreakable.They spent a lot of time in the play room with the nannies coloring and playing with toys an chattering in their own language that none of the adults had translated yet. 


Caz was happy to have the houseful, even if it was an adjustment.She knew that they were safe and would grow up having the best that she and Kaine could give them.  


She stood and stretched, and hearing little feet running to the kitchen, headed in the same direction to get their day started.


Kaine Australis

#1736922 Amphibious Combat [Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Ploo]

Posted by Caz Australis on 21 February 2018 - 08:08 AM

A twinge of worry pinged at Caz's heart as she watched her husband rush off.She always worried when he went off to fight.There was no quarantee that he would come back.She murmured a little prayer to her guides to keep him safe and then walked back to the group of children she was sitting with earlier.  


"Hello loves,I have some good news.We are in the process of making sure everyone has a safe place to go home to, with us.How does that sound?"


The little one she had healed looked up at her with big eyes."Thank you Momma Caz.I could go with you?"Caz settled on the floor next to her and put her arm around her. "You sure can cyar'ika." Caz planted a kiss on the little girls forehead and pulled out her data pad.She started sending information home to get the house and the grounds ready for their guests.She hoped that Kaine wouldn't be detained for long and they would travel together, but she also knew that wasn't a likely expectation and wanted to be prepared regardless. 

#1736217 Amphibious Combat [Mandalorian Empire Dominion of Ploo]

Posted by Caz Australis on 20 February 2018 - 08:44 AM

Caz listened to her husband, all of the sudden feeling much more at peace with the situation.She knew not to doubt Kaine. He might be a bit rough around the edges, but he had a big heart and would do anything for his clan.  


"Yes, my love, I am."Caz had always wanted children, but was never able to have them herself.She and Kaine accepted the fact that they would never have biological children, but were always open to adopting.


"You know I would never turn my back on children that needed us, Kain'ika.I will start making plans for our return home.We will have to have rooms made up for them, and clothes and make sure the pantry is stocked for the extra mouths we are going to feed."


Caz smiled at the thought of having a full house of children to tend to.She stood on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek."Thank you Kain'ika.You've made me very happy."


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