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In Topic: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? (Order of the Nighthawk)

14 March 2018 - 11:09 AM

Maybe it was the brandy. Maybe it was impulse. Maybe it was ignorance. Maybe a bit of everything! Tan went quiet for a moment, lowering her head and having her arms crossed over her chest. One familiar with the meanings of the silent lekku movements would clearly notice that she felt uncomfortable. She felt compassion for the young togruta. Even if they were of different species, they had some similarities other than being females and one could not mistake Ashedas reaction for something other than pure regret.


From the arms crossed position that she was in she glanced up on Tula. Feeling sorry for her too that had taken offence by Ashedas rather tactless comment. Glancing over to Asheda, then up to Tristram who was standing there like a friggin' giant, then back at Asheda again. Seeing Tristram stand like that brought some unpleasant memories back from her own past, though Tristram wasn't violent or anything... Tan opened up her arms, deciding she had to do something and also didn't want to look enclosed.


''Hey! Big guy? I'm sure she didn't mean it! C'mon, sit down. Sit back down...'' she exclaimed. Standing just beside her, from her sitting position she reached for Tristrams belt and tugged him backwards to put some emphasis on what she meant.


At some time frictions and conflicts would apear in every group of persons, whether the people in the group had been friends for a lifetime or not. But there was no need to start this out with a conflict, she thought.


''She said sorry...'' Not wanting to choose sides, Tan just pointed out the fact why she defended the togruta. Further more, maybe Tristram was unaware of his own size compared to hers right there and then. She had to check with Tula later how come she took a great deal of seriousness in Ashedas meant to be joke.


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In Topic: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? (Order of the Nighthawk)

13 March 2018 - 05:36 PM

It was rather funny seeing Tula and Tristram interact with each other. The impression Tan had got and the picture she had built up of him, pointed to him being radically different than many men from her past.


She turned her attention to the togruta. A fair answer, she guessed and gave Asheda a quiet nod. Glad she didn't take offence by the question. For being so young, Asheda seemed like a balanced girl with quite alot of experience. Slight surprise caught her when she saw the glass being levitated over to Tula. So she was a force user? That would explain it!


Tristram didn't had time to answer her questions before things went icy again, this time inside. She glanced at Tristram when he stood up and rushed away to the pantry. Looking back at Asheda and mimed ''Smooth.''. The moment called for another sip, a 'sip' that resulted in an empty glass. Not quite the time to ask Tristram bring the bottle of brandy with him. The tips of Tan's lekkus started to nervously curl a little when he came back in a more stern mood.


''Hey... We don't wanna freeze in here too, right?''

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12 March 2018 - 05:35 PM

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In Topic: Highly Explosive

12 March 2018 - 05:29 AM

As people came and went from the bar she looked at the man standing up. Clearly making a decision to skip the entertainment that, according to him, was about to happen. Tan glanced over to the green twi'lek, pondering about the hooded mans certain assertion. She didn't recognize him and usually the smuggler business was fairly safe, if not being in debt to some hutt or other crimelord or organisation which she knew she wasn't. Not right now, that is.


Looking back at 'mr. Mystery', smiling slightly. ''How kind of you to think about me! I can take care of myself. Thanks for the warning, though... And thanks for the company! What are your plans now then?'' Asking the man, couldn't hide her curiousity.


Starting to get hot in here, she gave the barman a nod. ''You got Ebla beer at this place? I can take one if you have!''  Feeling that she needed something chilled and refreshing rather than a warming brandy.


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In Topic: Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? (Order of the Nighthawk)

11 March 2018 - 07:04 PM

''Glad you found something you liked! Cheers!'' she exclaimed to Tula when she settled down beside her husband. Also giving Tula a look telling her she didn't need to worry about the whistle, atleast not from Tan's side. Tristram was a handsome man. Sure! But even if Tan were looking for a relationship, which were still a sensitive matter, she wasn't sure if it would work with him. Certainly not if he realy enjoyed climates like that on Ilum! 


The man could drink, though! Seeing him empty the glass of whiskey in two giant gulps. ''Well, I'm impressed you could bring those droids over here! Capable ones to. Where'd you get them?'' she said taking another sip of her brandy, feeling it's burning sweet sensation down her throat. Warming her up from from the inside and out.


''Sounds good to me. Me and 'Balex' could get things up and running pretty quick as soon as your construction droids are done.'' Truth was that they were a damn good team when it came to reparation and installation. Working together for a couple of years had made the trio good companions. One of the reasons that Tan didn't saw any need to expand the crew of the 'Ryvius'. She was curious though what kind of missions that laid ahead of her in this Order. Contributing to the Orders causes could be good for the smuggling business as well, why she didn't cut any lines within her network of contacts.


Contemplating for a moment, taking another sip of the amber beverage. ''Any word from the others?''


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