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NAME: Tan'yill or just 'Tan'


FACTION: I go with the flow...

RANK: Smuggler, former mechanic

SPECIES: Twi'lek (rutian)

AGE: 27

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5' 8''/1.73 m

WEIGHT: Slender/athletic

EYES: Hazel

SKIN: Blue

FORCE SENSITIVE: Non-force sensitive







[+] Astonishing mechanic. Growing up with her brother being a mechanic and within Corellias large ship industry. Formerly working as one, the things she can't fix is not worth fixing!
[+] Can stand her own in a fight quite well.

[+] Independent. Largely being raised by her brother and lessons learned from past mistakes, have made her fend for and rely on herself.

[-] Getting close to her is a challange. Going by a ''need-to-know'' basis to strangers, there is few organic lifeforms that she is open to and trust. One is her brother, and the other are... well, might it be you?

[-] A bottle of Corellian brandy could have a better impact on her... Even though she enjoys a good party, she's struggling with some bad habits from her youth, and too much of the good stuff sometimes make her edgy.

APPEARANCE: Being a blue hued rutian twi'lek she's among the more rare ones of her species, second only to the red lethan twi'lek.
She stands at 1.73 meters tall and has a slender, athletic body going well with some feminine curves in the right places.
Her two lekkus are tattooed in a sleek, dark blue pattern as is her cheeks, which tattoos runs below her cheekbones and down almost meeting with her naturally purple lips. Her hazel eyes shifting in an intense yellowish green color.
As a smuggler she prefers to keep her attire practical usually wearing a pair of mid-high black boots. These goes outside a black, slim pair of pants with pockets on the thighs, reinforced areas on the knees and pleated stretchy fabric on the inside legs to increase mobility. Often pairing this with a light colored top and her rugged brown jacket. A utility belt sits loosely around her hips, from it hangs some tools along with a KYD-21 blaster pistol at her right side and a vibroknife at her left.



BIOGRAPHY: Tan'yill, or simply 'Tan' in short, was born on Corellia and raised by her older brother due to an early loss of their parents.


Thanks to being born on Corellia she managed to avoid slavery, which if being born on Ryloth, the twi'leks native planet, is a constant risk. Although, that didn't left her without problems.

During her school years she grew an interest in music and was for a time drummer in a small band, a company that brought her both joy and trouble which later made her quit school. What kind of trouble? Well, let's just say the members did more than just jam, pushing her into some bad decisions and getting her involved in rather questionable aquaintanceships... The rest dwells inside her which few has an insight in.


After quitting school, her brother got her a job as a mechanic at the same shipyard as he worked on. Already familiar with the basics in speeders and atmospheric aircraft which she had learned from her brother earlier in life. She worked hard the following years at the shipyard and at the age of twentytwo she had made herself a reputation as one of the best mechanics in town.


Since childhood days Tan was intrigued with the thought of exploring the galaxy and did often hang around the spaceport, doing freelance mechanic jobs and making herself a network of contacts with smugglers, traders, pilots and alike. She soon befriended a Duro smuggler who offered her a job aboard his ship. Taking her talents for mechs with her, they became companions. Tan got a hooked on the smuggling business and when her friend and companion decided to retire, she got to take over the ship and his contacts.

She rarely rejects a job offer and has served both sides of the war, crimelords and others in the galaxys Underworld. Doing the job mostly as a lone-wolf with only her two droids as companions, not getting her nose too deep into her customers businesses.


VOICE SAMPLE: Sharon Stone (Catherine Tramell)





'Ryvius', a 22 meter long YV-929 armed freighter with yellow and black markings.


FA-4 pilot droid. Tan is a pretty good pilot herself but 'FA' steps in to assist her on longer journeys.

BLX general labor droid called 'Balex'.



I might have wished someone to be it...





Corellia: Tumbleweed Metropolis


Do you wanna build a snowman?