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Finding a crowd within a crowd

22 February 2018 - 01:40 PM

For starters? Thank you for taking your time to take a look at this!


I'll get started.


To give an idea of what I'm looking for, I should start by explaining what I'm working with and presenting. Which is a mandalorian woman with no past or clan to speak of determined to make a difference for those who have been misplaced, mistreated or simply cannot find their way. Which is where I come to the concept of "The Clanless".


Short answer is: No, this is not a means of dismantling clans and giving way to a plethora of single named mandalorians.


What I'm looking for is the opportunity to write with other mandalorians who don't feel that they fully fit, or even feel outcast, from the clans they've been a part of. Bring together and give them a fighting chance to reestablish themselves in a new way or even with the clans that "left them behind".While she doesn't have much to fall back on in the way of leadership or voucher for her strength, she stands on the desire to do what's best for the people of Mandalore, other Mandalorians and others who have virtually nothing like herself.


I realize this idea won't be for everyone, I'm not expecting ideas or even participation in droves, but I do hope that some will be interested in writing with me and helping me explore her angle at the very least. She's just a lost girl looking for a place in a much bigger Mandalorian world.


That being said, she isn't against associating with other clans and helping them grow and recover if that is necessary. However, I don't believe she'd be interested in joining and taking on the name of a clan unless she absolutely felt that the change was the best for her.


Here's to what could come of this.



Parja-Kal The Clanless

13 February 2018 - 04:42 AM






NAME: Ordo? Australis? Ordinii? Fett? Munin? Mantis? Vizsla? I am none of these. I am Parja-Kal and I am Clanless.

FACTION: I am loyal to Mandalore, Mandalorians and those without clans, family or who have simply been displaced. I have no love for any Mand'alor. If that makes me a rebel, so be it.


RANK: I am a Mandalorian Warrior, nothing more needs to be said.


SPECIES: When you are Mandalorian nothing else need be recognized. But if you insist, I am a mostly human mutt.


AGE: Late twenties and still counting on more for experience.


SEX: I am a woman and there is nothing more I need to tell you on the subject.


HEIGHT: I stand at my tallest at five feet and nine inches.


WEIGHT: My arm and armor excluded I weigh roughly one hundred and thirty pounds. Nearer to one thirty five or forty with one of my bionic right arm modules.


EYES: I have vibrant green eyes that often reflect my emotions.


HAIR: Blonde hued brown hair, but you can see that just by looking at me.


SKIN: I have fair skin that is tanned from exposure.


FORCE SENSITIVE: I have been given the Mandalorian cure. I am Force Dead.







Unbreakable Drive: I was born with nothing. I was raised with nothing. Even still I refuse to roll over and accept that my lack of clan or family; The Empire has given me a calling and I will meet their expectations.

Force Dead: I have been given the cure, signification of my acceptance into the Empire and to free me from the Force. I am unburdened by the callings and fetters of the Force.

Survivalist Experience: I've lived my entire life as a survivor and there is no skill I pride more than my ability to survive in even the most hostile of environments.

Amnesiac: As I have no memory of my past, my family or the youth I experienced I am unburdened by the complex questions of where I came from or who I used to be. They do not matter.

Without a Family: I have no family. I was born without a family, raised without one and to this day have not found my place in a family. It is because of this that I have become cold towards others.

Clanless: While being clanless has made me feel unbound to the code of others within a clan, it has also displaced me in Mandalorian society. Without a clan I have only those vod to depend on who fight alongside me for the Empire.

Violent: Fighting nature on a daily basis has cursed me with a much deeper connection to the primal nature inside me. While I look, act and live civilized - on the battle field I am a beast with little regard for any but those closest to me.

Amnesia: I have no memory of my childhood or youth aside from that which I have been told by those who took me in.



Aside from the basics of my appearance, such as my height, weight and build, I have long brown hair that is often done up in braids, corn rows or combinations of various styles and a penchant for wearing clothes that provide as much movement as possible. While this is the case, I still wear Beskar plates over vital areas and have an arm that is made up completely of beskar and bionic components. Aside from all of that I am fond of wearing belts of ammunition across my chest, shoulders and waist giving me access to sustained combat efficiency at all times.


I recall nothing of my past before I was fifteen years old. Some say I was born into a clan of worth, others that I was a nobody. In truth all I know is that I came from nothing, raised myself from nothing and have spent several years of my life becoming a warrior to be reckoned with on the behalf of the Mandalorian Empire; of which I have since come to find in distaste.


Perhaps in time I will remember these things, but I cannot even recall when I lost my arm, it having been replaced, from others knowledge, not long before I lost my memories; and prresently I continue my fight to become stronger and to carry Mandalore into it's former glory. Ra's disappearance is troubling, his intentions far from complex, but I will carry on.


Mand'alor be damned.


Whatever presents itself as capable at the time.

Beskar plated bionic right arm/Synth skin covered bionic right arm prosthetic (combat vs casual), beskar half plate armor, a scatter gun, a vibrosword and a pair of heavy slug throwers.


None as of yet.


None as of yet.






None to speak of.