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Donna Matthews

Donna Matthews

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Silver Rest (SJO)

14 January 2018 - 07:50 PM



Silver Rest

Jedi Temple Kashyyyk



Donna had missed the last social event by almost two weeks now. Her travels from Denon kept her away, I suppose. Now today the Jedi Master had returned and was anxious to finally explore the new Jedi Temple for herself. The perfect opportunity to see what new inventions and new commodities had been built in her absence.


She parked her Interceptor in the hanger and took a kit-kart over to the worker's cafeteria. A large white hall with soft green ferns and brilliant natural lighting. She adored what the builders had done with the place. The soft smells of a cooking afternoon hung in the air. She smiled and put herself in line for lunch. Studying the new menu with a nod of hungry delight. Pulling her fur shawl closer against her shoulders.


It was perfect.

The Sacred Jedi Texts

14 January 2018 - 01:27 AM

Spoiler Ban on Last Jedi just lifted today. Keep an eye out for new Disney canon items popping up. :D


Factory Sub for the Sacred Jedi Texts is rolling up right here. With Arcanus Sunstrider leading the charge.

Kashyyyk 85

12 January 2018 - 07:54 PM

The Sage River

It was a mountainous region. Covered by tall, tall trees and a jagged river canyon. Flocks of white avians flew over the river-side cabana, chirping and squawking as they went. Donna looked up and smiled. Another perfect day.

Donna stood upon a small motorized riverboat. An exotic Wookiee design. She leaned over the side and hurled a large drone into the water. Splash. The warm water was muddy and full of reeds. It would make the excavation even harder. Dark water made for poor visibility on the drone's cameras.

The Silver Jedi were looking for a crashed asteroid that landed in the river yesterday. They had to be getting close now. The standing radiation was spiking on the boats scope. Less than 60 meters now. Donna nodded to the riverboats Captain and the four other human crewmates. This dive would surely be the winning bet.

A perfect afternoon adventure.


12 January 2018 - 04:43 PM

New Jedi gal LF adventures on Kashyyyk. Reply below and we’ll plot.


02 December 2017 - 03:26 PM

Stuck watching the dog while she's in Mexico. Lulz. Anybody want to do something? :D