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Harley Fenstermacher

Harley Fenstermacher

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About Me

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"The galaxy is in such an ugly state, filled with violence left right, and centre, a never ending cycle of hate between silly people with even sillier ideologies. Not so nice place for some, me just another business opportunity".




Physical Information
Eye colour- Blue/silver
Skin colour- Pale/white
Hair colour- Silver/white


Relationship Status- Single
Sexuality- Bi, what ever floats
my boat

General Information
Name- Harley Fenstermachar at your service
-Widow Maker, what my name means in basic
-Senator of Na Haaska
Race- Hmmm silver hair, blue silver eyes, what do you think
Sex- Believe if or not male
Age- hmmmm lets go with 23 for now
Occupation- Arms trader, more specifically ground combat vehicles
Faction- Ha like I would take sides in war

Force- Yes I am force sensitive, don't really use it much though
Home world- I grew up on a ship, but Eshan probably counts too
Current residence- Company HQ on ---, but most of the time on a cargo ship


If you have not guessed yet I am an Echani, don't ask why I left home, long story not ready to talk about juuuuust yet, so you will have to be content with just knowing how I look. First things first, yes I look like a woman something that I got from my mother, typical Echani always looking like their parents mumbo jumbo.


My hair, typical white and silver colour, long reaching all the way down my back to that shapely little butt I have. Next eye colour, a nice silver blue once, but do not be fool, as it stands they may as well burn bright yellow like a Sith.


As for what I wear, well nice business suits are a go, typical business man attire and all slick cool and functional to boot. Before you ask yes I like skirts, why? the comfy and easy to wear, and unlike shorts don't chafe against certain... areas, though I do like jean as well.



Weaknesses -
Medicine: I kill people not save em, well my mechanize does
Mechanical stuff: I don't fix, that's what minions are for

Strengths +
Silver tongue: Persuasive as ever, what are my true motives
Smart: I could be a teacher with my skill, but no I ain't
Hacking: Give me a a bit and that bank account is open
Small Arms: I'm packing, in more ways then one


Personality Traits
Sadistic, on the tipping point, slight god complex, over protective of certain people or things, Flirty

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Lets start off with how I got to where I am in the business world, and boy is that a rather long story to tell so sit down and buckle the kark up, and lets get to it. My father was the start of this business, running a private shipping firm by himself, transporting anthing from one end of the galaxy to the next to make money, and when I say anything oh I mean it. Slaves, weapons, narcotics what ever people brought he transported making a small fortune for himself during his life time, living a rather luxury life style while at is, being almost as wealthy as a Na shadda Hutt Lord.


Now your probably wondering where did things go wrong for dear old daddy, well nothing, that was nothing to what everyone else thinks. Oh father had a good life, always doing what he wanted to do with the money rolling in, no time for his adorable little son ooh no, and mother lets just say she never wanted part of this business and left quite a while ago. As you could tell not a very nice childhood for me, lonely boring and myself actually doing more work then that old crow.


So one fatefully night, when everything was looking right as rain, little old me smothered him while in dream land, myself covering up the little crime with some well places booze puddle and a few bribes here and there. To most it looked as if father simply had to much to drink and wound up drowning in his own success, leaving me to inherit the company. Though unlike that man I had more ambitious ideas to pursue, not simple content with living it up with the wealth I already had.
HLCS is a weapons manufacturing company ran by yours truly that focuses on making ground combat vehicles for your modern warfare needs. Walkers, repulsion craft and even your good old tracked friends can be found with us, ready and awaiting a target to decimate.


Company HQ is located on Na Hasska, three warehouse size factories, each plant producing one type of vehicle, walkers, hover craft and tracked.
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