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Esis Nas

Esis Nas

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In Topic: Pets on the Promenade (GenPals Event and Exhibition)

24 March 2018 - 05:53 AM

A small, kind smile stretched the lips of the Je'daii Teacher as she saw Emmie pick up the menu. The Zelosian was sure that the whole concept of choosing was not very familiar to her, Esis wanted to change that. Everything in life is a choice. Sometimes there are always worse options than the current one, which is when people felt like they didn't really have the power to decide. But in the end, options could always be found, in one way or the other.


As a future Je'daii, it was important that Emmie learnt this. Nothing would be forced upon her by the members of the Order, she herself would have to find the will, the desire to follow down one of the many paths the Je'daii offered. She'd have to discern between what was for her and what she'd rather leave behind. Her past had robbed her of her freewill, it was time it was given back to her.


The quick reflexes of the Zelosian had her reacting immediately to the sound of Emmie's name over the PA. The announcement came as a surprise, albeit a very good one! Esis turned her gaze back to the child, a bright smile adorning her lips, reaching her eyes too. But she didn't find the same sentiment in Emmie. She seemed slightly worried, if her perception did not fail her.


"Sweetie, you've won a GenPal! We can go to Guest Services Desk at the ninth floor and you'll be able to pick a pet." She explained. This was very good news. A pet would help her built a sense of responsibility, confidence and affection. In truth, she was hoping to coax her into taking one of her liking home from the very beginning. "Would you like to go there right now, or after we eat? Either is okay, snowflake." The smile on her lips seemed to be unmovable today. 


Emberly Carrick

In Topic: Don't Tread On Me | The Je'daii Order

22 March 2018 - 02:46 PM

Esis could feel a brightness about the man they had encountered. Since he clearly wasn't a member of the Je'daii Order, her next best guess was that he was Jedi. She could have seek confirmation to this theory by reaching further into the man through the Force, yet her reasons for not doing such a thing were many. It was invasive and even if her gift resided in the skills related to Force sensing, the Zelosian often refrained from intruding unless there was a true need for it.


The man did not seem to be a threat nor to hold suspicious intentions, so Esis wouldn't justify the use of those abilities. He introduced himself as Ember Farseer, and proceeded to reveal his objective. Or at least, part of it. After so many years of practice and the natural empathetic skills she possessed, the green-eyed Journeyer could tell that there was more to his words than what he was letting on.


She would not press further on the matter despite her beliefs. As had previously been stated, the man did not seem to hold an ill will and this meant that truth would -sooner or later- unravel itself. The Zelosian was not the type of person to intercede in situations unless strong reasons bid her to do such a thing. Ember then offered to help them accomplish their mission, to which Esis responded with a friendly smile. 


There was no objection on her side to having the man tag along with them, one could never have too many skilled hands, specially when in tasks that were as time sensitive as this one was. Yet it was not her call to make, and she was interested in hearing the opinions of her fellow Je'daii. "I am Esis Nas. A pleasure to meet you, Ember." She introduced herself, offering an acknowledging nod too. Her gaze then drifted to Asha Hex and Jericho, the same strange feeling overtaking her -albeit more lightly- when her eyes feel upon the man. She couldn't shake the strange feeling of familiarity. 

In Topic: Pets on the Promenade (GenPals Event and Exhibition)

21 March 2018 - 06:38 AM

Esis lowered herself to pick Emmie up, knowing that now she would be able to catch a look of what awaited them from her new vantage point. Lots of people had gathered here today, which spoke very well of the popularity of the enterprises hosting the event. Esis could feel eyes linger on Emmie and herself occasionally. It was nothing noticeable or bothering, so the Je'daii did not give it more thought than the one it needed.


"You can call me just Esis if you'd like to, sweetie." She said, her caring gaze falling on Emmie's light colored eyes. The teacher wanted her to know that there was no need for formalities that it was okay to call her simply by her name if she wanted to. As a mentor, Esis felt equal to the children in every sense and only drew forward the authority the relationship between an apprentice and its teacher implied when absolutely necessary. The thought that she had never had to do such a thing gladdened her. Every relationship was better based on mutual respect and care than on fear or authority. 


A light chuckle escaped her lips as the girl's tummy made itself known. They had been travelling for a couple of hours and it was logical that hunger placed its characteristic pull on her. On both of them, really. Esis could do with some food too. The bright green eyes of the Steward glided to set their emerald gaze forward, ready to pin-point a place were the youngling and her could eat. "That is a good plan. I am quite hungry too!" Her smooth voice held happy and relaxed tones. 


Soon enough she found a nice place. It was nestled between two shops and from it wafted the enticing aroma of delicious food. The place was very beautiful and, if she was correct, the restaurant gave way to an ample terrace with tables. If they sat there, they would be able to admire the sky while still looking at the market and all the interesting things that went on within it. When they entered, a very polite man guided them to a table in said terrace and left the menus with them before walking away, giving them time to choose. 


Esis opened the menu and looked at Emmie before starting to read. "You can choose whatever you like, Emmie. Let me know if you need any help, okay?" Sometimes children came across plates they were curious about but didn't precisely know about them. She herself had been the type of kid that could ask a million questions about different offers, to end up choosing the same thing as always in the end. The memory painted a soft smile on her lips. Esis might not have grown up with the love of parents, but her childhood was a happy one and she'd always be grateful for it.


Emberly Carrick

In Topic: Let Him Run Wild

20 March 2018 - 07:05 PM

The darker earth tones of the robes she was currently wearing blended in quite well with the surroundings. Esis was often seen wearing the generic brown robes of a Je'daii, rather than the blue ones depicting a member of Padawan Kesh when outside of the Temple, brown was less likely to catch the eyes of bystanders and the Zelosian rarely was with the intention of getting such a thing. Normally, she would have relaxed and relished in the expanse of the life net that extended through the jungle. But Dxun was not Aurum, and most of the presences here, come of which tried to hide themselves, were too dangerous to afford lowering her guard.


Her pace reached a sudden stop when her ears caught the sound of something moving about her. A howl, a breaking branch, all around her. She reached out, unable to feel the presences and soon her mind had formulated a theory: Nighthunters. The creatures were native to these jungles, powerful beings who hunted in packs and cloaked themselves from the Force. Yet something didn't feel entirely right, she should have felt the danger, the threat they brought. With her heightened sensitivity to the Force, this alone was enough for her to pinpoint sources of danger, much like tracking a force signature. Yet today she seemed unable to do this.


Slight fear crept down her spine. Adopting a defensive posture, prepared to receive an attack, the Je'daii took in a short, soft breath. Esis had found herself in similar situations before, but not being able to feel the Force as vividly as she usually could was often enough to set the woman on edge. 


Sudden movement in the undergrowth caught her eye, and today the heightened speed and reflexes of her kin would have been her savior. If a sudden tug within her, the one she recognized so well as a pull from the Force, hadn't stop her from moving. The reassuring feeling flooded her, and soon enough a bright, relieved smile stretched her lips. @Graal .


Her hands stopped their quick trip to her lower back, where her lightsabers rested, to rest at her hips. She watched the boy with brow raised, a hybrid expression between relief, amusement and pride decorating her features. "Graal! You scared me!" Her smooth voice held its characteristic pleasant and friendly tone. "Very well done!" She complimented him. Now she understood why she was unable to track him. His Force signature had been hidden, and he posed no threat to her so none of the conventional, passive sensing methods would have alerted her of his presence.


It didn't take her long to notice the new, fresh wounds in the boy's skin, her face adopting a concentrated expression in response to them. "Yes, we are going to learn Force Magic today and I've also brought some things I'd like you to see," She began, gesturing towards the leather bag that rested tightly clasped to her back, "But first, we need to tend to those." It was clear she meant the wounds. Of course she would rather have him safe and away from the creatures and places that caused this wounds, but that was not her call to make. And she couldn't have the Hunter Child of Dxun running around with open gashes. 

In Topic: Back to Basics

20 March 2018 - 03:00 PM

Esis chuckled at his first comment, "Yeah, we are all very envious of them. I would have really appreciated that extra protection when I was a youngling." She said, the memories shining in her mind. Her lack of a talent for Force altering made all the physical part of learning quite hard for her. She could sense were hits were coming from faster than any other kid, but her body simply wouldn't react fast enough or her the powers she used to try and deviate them would often fail. That meant she took hits pretty often as an apprentice. She still remembered those days with happiness, some of her best memories were made as a youngling, most inspired by the wonderful woman that guided her.


She prepared the water, making sure it was at the correct temperature that would make all that delicious flavor of the petals fuse into it. Soon enough, she returned to towards them with everything ready and as she started to pour into the cups, each containing a tea bag, she couldn't help but admire the beautiful tea set Asha had brought. "These are very beautiful, Asha!" She said, a happy, honest smile on her lips. That brilliant smell, the one that so easily made a relaxing joy expand through her started filling the room as the water became infused with the glorious flavor of the blend.


Her green eyes returned to Sar'andor when he asked about the tea. That calm, modest and friendly look that usually held Esis' features made itself present. "It is made out of Lefay flowers. I created them, during my years as a scientist. They have many uses, a lot of which I'm sure I haven't yet discovered, but the tea is the best one up to now." A playful smile stretched her lips. "The flowers are force-sensitive and force-dependent, I've discovered that each part of them creates a different blend, with different effects when prepared correctly. This one here is made out of the petals of flowers grown imbued with neutral force energy, so it does not have any of the effects of the other blends, but the taste is just as wonderful." She explained. Lefay flowers were Esis' dear companions. She had a special room for them in the greenhouse here at the Silent Academy, and spent most of her free time there with them. They were delicate but fantastic things, and growing them had always helped her connect to the Force and keep her inner balance even better than meditation did.


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