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Esis Nas

Esis Nas

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Let Him Run Wild

19 March 2018 - 09:01 AM


Jungles of Dxun.



Dxun was a place of deadly beauty. The Demon Moon of Onderon, as many had come to know it, was ready to surprise its visitors with a lethal wander behind every tree, hiding underneath every bush. People had come to avoid it, the dangers had grown to big to justify the visit. After all, there were but very few willing to risk laying down their lives to one of the alpha-predators of the moon in exchange for a glimpse of the dense jungles.


Esis Nas was among those crazy few. She remembered very well her first visit to the moon, the research she had been leading at the time would be immensely benefited by the samples present only in this life-threatening maze. She only knew one person who might have agreed to accompany her, yet his injuries kept him from doing so. And so she had ventured into this wonderfully terrible place all on her own. The Force was her guide, and there was no place a Zelosian felt more at home than deep within the cover of lush vegetation. It was simply a matter of avoiding the darker areas -so that her emerald eyes were not blinded by the lack of light- taking the samples she needed and leaving the wild maze.


She had not expected to find far more than the samples she needed. When she felt it, him, Esis had for the first time in her life doubted the alerts of that special sensing ability she held. It could not be, no lone person, so young in age, could survive on their own within this place. Yet the logic of her thoughts was proved wrong, for that day she met the hunter child of Dxun: Graal .


Thanks to reasons that escaped her, the boy grew up nestled within the Demon Moon, incorporated to its environment, creatures and way of life. She was probably the first humanoid that had crossed his path, and the Steward of Padawan Kesh could not have been more glad this happened. The chances of Graal ever encountering a humanoid were minimal, not in this place, in the labyrinth of trees and predators. And it was already a miracle he had made it this far on his own. Esis was deeply moved and impressed by the boy's feats.


She befriended him, knowing it would be no good trying to force him from what, in truth, was his home. The Je'daii taught him her language, at least what she could of it, and discovered he was also attuned to the great living Force. This explained much, why his chances of survival -as low as they were- had managed to see themselves victorious, and so the wild boy of Dxun thrived in this hostile place. 


Esis could not tear him from his home, but she could not forget the boy either. Ever since that day, the Zelosian returned to Dxun as often as she could, not yet sharing the discovery of Graal with other members of the Order. She kept an eye on the boy, used her time with him to heal the wounds he got and continue his lessons, hoping one day he would agree to come with her, so he could learn how to be a part of society and continue to better understand the gift within him, the Force. Yet she also thought the decision should be personal, and would respect him if he had already chosen this as his life, his path.


Today, Esis was once more visiting the boy. The Gossamer had been landed into a hidden natural platform of a mountain, one she could access with only slight difficulty, but that would keep the vessel protected from the creatures of the Demon Moon. Soon after, the Zelosian was walking the jungles of Dxun, her mind open, alert to all the vibrating life presences of the jungle. It was something beautiful to her, the net of life here. Esis knew Graal must have seen the starship descending into the jungle, and had a feeling he would find her before she had a chance to reach the 'meeting point' they had established.

Happiness comes in Saltwater | The Je'daii Order

14 March 2018 - 04:02 PM


Southern Coast, Ceto.


After a few weeks of intense training and the arrival of a large contingent of new younglings, rescued by Jyn Lorr and Arekk Daesharacor from Kaas City, the teachers and mentors at Padawan Kesh decided to gift the children with a day of relaxation and fun. With everything organized and an invitation to join them extended to all members of the Order, a group of Je'daii parted from the Silent Academy, taking the children to visit the southern beaches of Ceto.


The sun shone brightly and the breeze provided a comfortable relief from the heat of the tropical planet, decorating the day with a perfect atmosphere for the little ones to enjoy until the light of day disappeared behind the ocean. White sands and smooth waves received the younglings, as though the beach had been waiting for their arrival.


They had a day of building sandcastles, riding waves and soaking up the sun ahead of them. The children would be visiting different neighboring islands throughout the day, moving from one to the next in an ancient-styled ship, always under the watchful eyes of the Je'daii. Joy was buzzing among the group of younglings. After all, happiness was said to come in saltwater. 




The transports halted to a stop and the excited voices of children took over the atmosphere. A full smile drew itself onto the lips of Esis, who -having been one of the mentors to support the idea- was to accompany the younglings during their trip to the beach. Esis stood up from her sit, turning to look at the rows of smiley faces that had not yet left theirs. 


"Okay, is everyone ready?" She asked, amusement quirking her features. She was sure the transport was vibrating with the enthusiasm of the young ones and knew that they would try to fly out of it and into the beach as soon as they could. It warmed her heart to see them all so cheerful and eager. "Everyone's got sunscreen on?" An vaguely frustrated, immediate 'yes' was her response. "Insect repellent?" Esis had made sure before they left that all of them had applied both things and was just building their anticipation while basking in their anxiousness.


Upon her second question -coupled with the entertained look on her face- the children realized their teacher was only playing around with them and the infantile crowd broke into many different expressions that basically demanded they be let out. 


Laughing, Esis opened the transports doors and exited, asking the children to keep a line behind her. It was certainly the most exhilarated queue she had ever seen in her life. She turned her head, seeing how more children exited from the other transports, guided by the respective mentor assigned to their group for the travel. In no time, younglings were spilling onto the white sands of the beach like wild creatures freed from captivity. The bright smile in Esis lips would not budge as she looked at them. Their cheerfulness was very contagious. 


Never where you think you left it.

14 March 2018 - 08:20 AM

Thyr, Thyton.

Silent Desert.

Qigong Kesh, ruins.







Approximately 20 years back...


Quick fingers finished lacing up the sand boots that covered her feet, adjusting them tightly against her sheen. Her upper body then raised, bright green eyes staring directly into a mirror to see a much younger face. Her features had not yet fully sharpened, there was still an innocence clinging on to her expression, the hopeful flame of youth behind her emerald eyes. Lachesis, a name she would hide in the years to come, was fifteen years old.


The young girl stood up, walking out of the small compartment she had been occupying and into the main lounge of the transport vehicle. It wasn't her first mission, but it was the very first in which she wasn't accompanied by her Master and as expected, slight nervousness swirled its way into Lachesis' chest. At least, she wasn't sent alone and would join another apprentice of Asha Seren in searching the amulets their mentor had requested them to retrieve.


Jericho was a couple of years older than her and Lachesis had known him for quite a long time now, albeit never personally. She knew they were very different, if not complete opposites, in their skill sets. He excelled at the physical and practical aspects of their training while her strengths resided in the sensory and mental fields. Asha had encouraged her to put her trust in him during the mission. After all, Jericho was the most experienced out of the two and the thought did bring certain comfort to the Zelosian Padawan.


Lachesis took a seat in one of the plasticast benches built into the walls of the transport. They would be arriving to the eastern entrance of the Silent Desert soon. The young girl had a large back-pack ready at her feet, holding many devices they would need but most importantly: water. Tython's desert was known to reach dangerous temperatures and even if they had the Force to aid them, water would be most definitely needed. 


Eyes closed, she took one deep breath, allowing the Force to flow through her, drawing calmness and focus from it. She knew Jericho would appear anytime now, the transport had stopped its movement and was readying itself to open its doors so that they both could begin their journey to the lost ruins of the ancient temple of Qigong Kesh.

Lachesis Nas | Je'daii Database

14 March 2018 - 07:01 AM

Lachesis Nas

Character Sheet ]


Master: Asha Seren

Je'daii Rank: Journeyer

Sub-Path: Padawan Kesh | Anil Kesh




Other Ranks: Steward of the Silent Academy

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Don't Tread on Me

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Happiness comes in Saltwater

The Eyktan

13 March 2018 - 09:40 AM


Adult Female Eyktan, aprox. 40 years old.



  • Intent: Sub the species native to Nordia, expand upon the lore of the Je'daii, create a race that can interact with PCs who visit Nordia and provide an alien species for writers to play should they wish to.
  • ​Image Credit: VentralHound.
  • Canon: N/a.
  • Links: 
  1. Nordia
  2. Aurum
  3. The Je'daii Order


  • Name: Eyktan.
  • Designation: Sentient.
  • Homeworld: Nor'oo (Nordia).
  • Language: Eveng (mother tongue), Galactic Standard Basic.
  • Average Lifespan: 120 years.
  • Estimated Population: Planetary.
  • Description: The Eyktan are a very striking species, not only because of their natural characteristics but also because very few have had the chance of meeting them in the galaxy. Towering over most species, with skins displaying bright colors, and with an imposing build, they certainly call to the attention of those around them, much to their chagrin. They have big, serpentine-like eyes and long, pointed ears. Eyktan also possess a long tail, approximately 1.5m long that ends in a spear-head shaped blue bone that the Eyktan often sharpen to use as a means of defense.They have six fingers and six toes.


  • Breathes: Type I.
  • Average height of adults: 2.5-3m
  • Average length of adults: N/a.
  • Skin color: Varying shades of: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple. Normally a combination of different shades of the same color is presented. Individuals with two or more color are rare but not unheard of.
  • Hair color: Black, White, Brown or Hairless.
  • Distinctions: 

Eyktan, though humanoid in their appearance, are easily differentiated from them and in truth, do not share an origin with them. Their shapes have evolved to adapt them to the vast and often dangerous world they inhabit, and so they are beings of great physical strength and prowess. An Eyktan's anatomy is primarily based in an outstanding balance, combined with the agility, senses and reflexes that allow them to navigate the intricate and tall planes of their world. Almost nothing sentient lives on the floor of Nordia, and so the Eyktan have evolved to move freely in a terrain were high falls and irregularities are a constant danger, resulting in their truly needed prime physicality. ​


Eyktan do not present such an evident sexual dimorphism. Though the males and females are easily distinguished from each other because of their frames, there is no evident difference as far as height, weight and physical abilities goes, making them a very balanced species in this aspect. Since they are similar to mammals, Eyktan females are the one to carry their young. 


​Some parts of their bodies are covered in hard scales rather than in soft skin, such as their nose-ridge, necks, sides, forearms and inner thighs. They serve as protection, though scientist have noticed that it seems to be a receding trait in the species, since more ancient specimens used to possess a larger quantity of scales and the current members of the race lack the protection of these scales in equally vulnerable/vital places such as the abdomen and back. 


Eyktan possess a high metabolism, and though this certainly serves them favorably to keep their shapes in good form, it also means they need greater quantities of sustenance, enough to nurture beings of their size and caloric needs. They are completely omnivorous, though it has been noted that each race developed some form of preference for specific types of foods most available to them. They dislike and do not digest well most of the foreign food of the galaxy, specially processed products since they are not accustomed to them. 

  • Races: 

​Na'ring-Yktan: Na'ring-Yktan, literally meaning 'forest people', are the Eyktan who belong to the forest ekii. Their main weapons are bows and long, curved weapons known as okru. They are known to be the best Na'ring'arip ('forest surfers') in the Eyktan, since though all of them learn to navigate the difficult planes of their planet, the Na'ring-Yktan are the ones who do so most often. They prefer feeding from hunted prey and fruits.


Ayram-Yktan: 'Mountain people', the Ayram-Yktan are the Eyktan from the mountain tribes. They use their terrain to their favor when in battle and it is common to see them wield throwing knives, a boomerang like weapon called 'tsik and are the best at setting traps. Ayram-Yktan are also the most resilient of the races, since they live in the harsher, colder parts of Feyhoo's Wingspan, the great mountain-ridge of Nordia. They hunt avian game and also incorporate the mountain berries to their diet.


Txampay-Yktan: 'Sea people', the Txampay-Yktan inhabit the coast along Nor'oo's End, and are also known as the awkxlew, the 'cliff mongers'. The Txampay know how to climb better than the other races, withstand great winds better and are some of the strongest Eyktan. Their diet consists primarily of sea-foods.


Swotulu-Yktan: The 'river people', Swotulu Eyktan have made their eki's along the banks of Mymenos' Mirror, the Great River. They are fisher people, wield spears and have focused more deeply in intellectual and spiritual matters. Swotulu-Yktan have long-since been the best healers of the Eyktan species.

  • Strengths: 

Physical Prowess: Given the conditions they live in, Eyktan have developed truly wonderful bodies. They are strong, fast and agile, far more so than an average humanoid. 

Balance and Senses: The key to their ability to move in the high canopy of their forests is the perfectly balanced design of their physique and the keen senses that allow them to react quickly to sudden changes/occurrences.

Protective Scales: Some parts of their body (listed in Distinctions) are covered in hard scales that protect them from kinetic damage. The scales can also withstand stray blaster bolts though of course, any more direct or continued fire will damage them. (Average protection)

Attuned to Nor'oo: They have a very deep understanding of their surroundings and share a mental and physical connection to their planet, built with years and years of acclimatization and learning. 


  • Weaknesses: 

High Metabolism: They need a high caloric intake to fuel their large and strong bodies. Eyktan starve much faster than other species.

Reliant on Cardiac Health: Eyktan are known to have very powerful hearts, and that is because they absolutely need them. Eyktan require their heart to be healthy and strong so that it can keep their bodies well stored with the needed nutrients and oxygen found in their blood. Cardiac damage/diseases are very serious for an Eyktan, and often fatal.

Attuned to Nor'oo: Eyktan find it hard to leave Nor'oo and become agitated and unpredictable when outside their planet. They feel a need to be among their kin and their forests, this is the main reason why none of them have ever left Nordia up to date.

Prey and Danger Zones: Eyktan may be the only intelligent species, but they certainly are not the most dangerous one. There are animals that prey on the Eyktan and as if this wasn't enough, they live hundreds of meters above the ground. One mistake while navigating through the canopy and a long fall awaits them, their death at the bottom. Many Eyktan perish to their environment annually. 

Big Targets: Easily reaching heights of 3m and sporting shiny, colorful skins, Eyktan's are easy to see, easy to target, easy to shoot.

Keen Senses: A strength and a weakness, they find loud noises or foul smells extremely hard to cope with. They cause them physical pain.

Reluctant about Modernization: They have every opportunity available to them to learn from technology and still, they neglect it. The species is hell-bent on maintaining their ancient way of living.

Very low force-sensitive rate: Very, very few Eyktan are blessed with a true connection to the Force. They might now how to understand their surroundings and feel as if they have a spiritual connection to their world, but force-sensitivity is truly a rarely seen and very, very celebrated event in their species.

Thin ribcages: The Eyktan have slender frames to support an athletic body and this means many of their protective bone structures are thinner and more compact. It is easier to harm, break or even pierce the ribcage of an Eyktan than it is with other species and this again leaves them vulnerable to heart damage, which is a commonly lethal injury in them


  • Diet: Omnivorous. Their systems do not take well to highly processed foods due to lack of exposition to it. 

  • Communication: Verbal. Hisses, growls, chuffing.​

  • Technology level: Low. The Eyktan are very weary of technology and have rejected it for the most part. Since the arrival of the Je'daii, some of them have decided to acquaint themselves a bit about the modern technology of the galaxy and have learnt to use some of it such as blaster weapons, devices and -though in very, very few cases- pilot ships. Still, the race as a whole is still squeamish of it and even if surrounded by the technology brought to Nordia by the Je'daii, they have chosen to continue living their lives as their old customs dictate.

  • Religion/Beliefs: The Eyktan have long-since abandoned their ancient worship of war and chaos and have adopted the believes and codes of the Je'daii Order, whom befriended them upon arriving to their planet. The Eyktan are firm believers of the Bendu, the Balance of the Force, and despite not being force-sensitive (a very small number of their members are), they do their best to imitate what the Je'daii teach them and have since built their own way of maintaining the balance in their world, having grown much more respectful of everything that composes it.

  • General behaviour: Eyktan are tribal people who, with the help of the Je'daii who settled their planet, learnt to look upon their world and their community with respectful and loving eyes. Nowadays, the Eyktan are social and hard-working people, focused in maintaining the Balance in their planet and looking after it as a species. Quarrels are solved diplomatically and no conflict is allowed to escalate into a war. However, they are also very overprotective of their planet and weary of most strangers. They are very much afraid of losing all that they have worked hard to achieve, and so guard the safety of Nor'oo diligently. It must still be remembered that as a sentient species, Eyktan can display very different personalities from one another.



The Eyktan evolved in Nordia many thousands of years ago, becoming the first and only fully sentient species of their planet. Social beings, they lived together in tribes that could grow as large as a few hundred members which they called the Ekii. However, the Eyktan were ferocious and short-tempered people, who constantly jumped from war to war, always finding a reason for conflict with the rest of their kin.


Because of this, the Eyktan saw many generations pass and wither to war and battle, peace seeming like an impossible idea, or only achievable through more death and destruction. This all changed with the arrival of the first Je'daii settlers, an archaic branch of the Order who would settle the disputes of the Eyktan and teach them a better way. The natives took well to the new settlers, and found a truth in their teachings that they would make the effort of incorporating into their own culture.


The Eyktan became faithful believers in the Force and, most importantly, in the Balance. They tried to imitate the Je'daii in any way they could, given that true force-sensitivity was a miraculous rarity among their kin, and thus became a much more respectful and moderate species. 


Even after the sudden disappearance of the Je'daii from their planet, the Eytkan continue to uphold their teachings and pass on their story to their young. Many years and generations have passed since they last shared their planet with the Je'daii, but they still remember them dearly and await for their return, caring for the planet they helped to grow and develop into something better.