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Tobias Dracks

Tobias Dracks

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Tobias only chuckled a little as the Grandmaster of the Jedi Enclave, Alexandra Feanor, stated that all his funding and intelligence gathering was a waist as he could have just asked. There were a ton of hidden secrets that many of the Jedi kept close to their chest, however, Republic SIS was good at their work. 


He opened his desk and brought out two things, one was a data-tablet that he placed on the desk. The other was a bottle of Naboo Royal Scotch that he left there sitting. "One thing we were able to get out was that you and Master Halle rather enjoy your liquor, and many Republic Specialist say drinking staves off hunger." He pulled out two glasses to go with them.


The Vice Chancellor was not a dumb man. Cold, Calculated, and Decisive was the only words he knew when dealing with the world he grew up in. He was the generation that grew up with the hard and rugged lifestyle that was life after the plague had rolled through. And one of the startling finds from the file was something he would like to take a shot at and learn more.


Pouring a glass for the both of them he leaned back, "I think it would be fair that if I ask a question, you can ask one of me," He nodded while taking a sip. His eyes avoided the master for a second as he emptied his mind and put up his natural defenses against the mind modifications a Force User could do. When he was confident of his ability his yellow pupils locked onto the Jedi Master, "Some of our Records indicate you were part of the previous Republic, served with the Jedi Order of old before the collapse," He paused for a second and then leaned forward, "The Order of old were very strong advocates that often jumped the gun and not only got a lot of soldiers killed, but caused trillions of deaths on civilians and planets alike, my biggest concern is that this new Enclave will do the same and pray on the fears that are culminating in the Core Worlds."


He only picked up his drink again, "What are your plans for the Jedi Enclave Alex Feanor," He lifted the drink up to his lips then paused, "You dont mind me calling you that do you?" With the answer he took another sip of his scotch on the rocks.

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13 October 2018 - 05:28 PM

Tobias figured this would happen with meeting the individual that was there with them currently. These Inner Worlds always had a power play to get at at some point in the meeting. Tobias would not let that slide as they were rather important to the Republic for both strategic and militaristic reasons.


He only bowed his head to the Primarch Iedolas, "Apologies for our greetings your Radiance, it would seem that your aid did not properly inform us of the cultural difference before this meeting was agreed on." Recovering from his head bow he took a seat as well. "The positive relations between Kaikielius and the New Republic is very important to us and I hope it can be reciprocated."


Hearing Senator Harley Fenstermacher state she did not know a lot about the planet was interesting, the planet was difficult to miss on many star maps. It was very important to the Core Worlds none the less however, and they very much knew that. "Senator Fenstemacher, Kikiekius is a very important planet among other things, not only is it very rich economically, but it is also important strategically, both its placement and reliability has made it very rich since the fall of the One Sith years ago, not only is it the only way to get to Coruscant from the Deep Core, it also has a strong economy relying of a constant flow of credits, though I am unfamiliar with how your planet was able to gain its wealth in the years," He looked at the Primarch, "Transporting Carbanite and strong trade ties don't make a strong economic power in a few short years, I must say that your majesty must be a great leader indeed."

In Topic: New Republic vs John Doe [New Republic Dom of Brentaal IV Hex]

13 October 2018 - 04:57 PM

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Tobias was not really interested in the small details of this little stunt on the Brentaalian's side. In his mind, he saw that the Brentaal Houses were at fault for the whole mess as it was. Pretty allowed to do as they will for all their time under the yoke of other nations, they used their money to have politicians look the other way. Now with the Sith and other Nations offering the ideals of restoring order and prevention of suffering. The Merchant Houses have forced some of the population into going against their wills.


However, after looking at the large house of elderly men and young aristocratic, he realized they really did not feel the effects of the long standing wars outside their star system. This planet and their people were too valuable to be wasted on an attack of little gain.


Seeing the the evidence placed before him he realized that they had sent their Representative without knowing this could happen. No one had really known Ambassador Taldor Connors very well, he was chosen by the Provisional Government to oversee relations with the planet. However, to see the man killed in such a relentless way was truly mortifying. He stepped up to the Houses Rep, "Vice Chancellor Tobias Drakes, the senate has asked us here to really take oversight of the criminal activity, Senator Fenstermacher will act as the Republic Judge while a man of your choosing will act as the Brentaal Judge, I will only be here to oversee the investigation and be the Prosecutor under the laws of the New Republic," He paused, "We have already sent Investigators to search for evidence of the bombing, after they return with a culprit we will prosecute them and after this mess is sorted out, the Brentaal House will select a representative to sent to the Senate in due haste."


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In Topic: Stage One - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle over Commenor.

13 October 2018 - 04:31 PM

Objective: Secure space around Commenor

Location: Orbital above the Capital blocked by the First Order


The Vice Minister received the response of the Rear Admiral, the New Republic Space Forces were securing the left flank of the Sith Defense Fleets and nearly cutting off the ability to leave their direction. The 4th Sector Fleet was still in a secured position in the orbit of the planets moon. Things were going the way of the New Republic and their mission.


It was at this time that he received the communications ordered by the Alliance Remnant Forces. It seemed an Admiral Mazik Stazi did not like that the New Republic was pushing the Order out of the fight. Before responding or even getting a transmission from the FO Fleet, he slammed his hand on the hand rail in front of him, then pointed to a near by Communications officer, "Inform Rear Admiral George to place his fleet between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance Armada, we are here to liberate the Commenorian People, not allow the damn karks a revenge trip."


The female officer nodded, "Understood sir."


As she relayed the message Admiral Baxton turned to the Vice Chancellor, "Is it wise to get between the Alliance and the First Order-" As he was talking he was cut off by a bridge officer playing the First Orders response.


Tobia nodded, "Enemies of the Future are not the Enemies of the Present, remember that Admiral." Tobias radioed the Alliance Fleet and made sure they were aware of his stance. "Admiral Stazi, by order of the New Republic Vice Chancellor you will stand down your intentions with the First Order and prevent the Sith Center from retreating or surrounding the Silver and Commenorian Fleets, they will be standing down and will receive the protection of the New Republic."


Waving the Coms to be closed, he turned to the man with the First Order Officer, Manfreid von Donitz, on the other line. "Captain Manfreid von Dönitz, you are protected by New Republic Defense Rules of Conflict Section 32B-5A, Firing on our vessels or any ships in the Sector will resulting in your Neutral Stance and result with our Fleet engaging your forces, as part of the Evacuation policy we will demand that only First Order Citizens transmit their Passports while those willing to leave be given First Order Refugee Status before leaving the atmosphere of the planet, we have received reports of Commenorian Citizens being Smuggled off planet and fleeing Commenorian Law, Please Transmit this data to the provided encrypted channel for review and approval by Commenorian Officials," he paused with that part of the transmission sent, "We will be sending an Invasion ships to the surface, should your troops shoot at our vessels, we will not hesitate to attack in return."


The man tapped his foot on the durasteel floor and looked at the Fleet Com, "Inform the Silvers and Commenorian that their is a small whole in the Siths Left Flank, ignore the First Order ships and get our men to the Surface." He paused to let that message be sent, "Also get Marshal Drox to get the Invasion Army on the Ground to take back the planet."


It was not an easy request, but Republic boots on the Ground First meant they could secure many objectives.





- Republic 1st Fleet is placed between the First Order and Alliance in Exile Forces

- A gap is forced between the First Order and Sith Orders Fleets

- New Republic Ground Forces are sent thought the small gap


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12 October 2018 - 05:49 PM