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Tobias Dracks

Tobias Dracks

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In Topic: The Cambria Incident (New Republic Dominion of Cambria)

23 November 2018 - 04:08 PM

Location: Outside Chamber
Objective: 1 - Make sure the senate does not screw it up
Allies: Harley Fenstermacher Senator Bobb Hork Alexander Sannes Hannah
-- He took a bite out of the biscut and was pleased at the texture and flavor, he looked at Senator Fenstermacher, "Complement to the chef,"
-- Move onward as he finished the snack he was pleased to hear what was being said, "These people were not very affected by the fall of the GA from what I have heard, being one of the few Agro Worlds in this Sector of space they were not a military target and the garrison here abandoned post to return home or join the Exiles, a few even joined our ranks." He looked for a place to sit and could not find a place so he continued to stand. "The Republic cant offer much that these people do not already have, unless there is something we have missed?"
-- He leaned against the wall to relax his tired legs, "What would the people of the planet thing of the Republic giving the planet Monopoly Rights to our Foreign Aid Supplies, with events like Commenor and Corillia recently happening, they would be in high demand for as long as the Republic expands, there is also the possibility to Subsidize the Farmland?"

In Topic: Second Senate Session

23 November 2018 - 03:53 PM

-- Tobias stood from his position, he had received the message from the chancellor. Tapping his staff on the ground twice, he waited for the attention of the Senators attention. "The Floor recognized the Chancellor of the New Republic who wishes to speak on behalf of the People Elected Majority."
-- The Chancellor stood and placed his hands on the edge of the railing before him, leaning on it to scan those in the chambers. "Senators and fellow cabinet members, the creation of this new Bill will not only strengthen the Economic running of our corporation and capitalistic views for the near future, this will strengthen our domestic growth in all sectors," He paused, "However, we can not turn a blind eye to the possibility of these companies growing larger then the government, as such I support senator Hork in their views, I propose a stronger amendment of creation of Small Business Loans in hopes of countering the strength of our corporations, help build small companies become independent and create a base of competition for our capitalist nature to truly thrive."
-- The chancellor nodded and sat back down. The Vice Chancellor stood, "The floor seems to be completed with the debate of this proposal, the voting will now commence and we will break for the time being to speak privately, the council chamber will return to close voting in three hours, the chamber will adjourn for a small break."
Arkania ---------- Senator Corin Zanith
Balmorra -------- Senator Harley Fenstermacher
Carida ----------- Senator Alexander Sannes

Neimoidia ------ Senator Klipu Khefi [Hawk]

Humbarine ----- Senator Ella Nova
Kuat --------------Senator Sankt Yora

Tesforam ------- Senator Sun Te [Hawk]

Hok -------------- Senator Whaor Zus [Dove]

Nak Shimor ---- Senator Veste Lilfus [Dove]

Shulstine V ---- Senator Hespera
Brentaal IV ----- Senator Ordon Trozky
Rendili ---------- Senator Bobb Hork

Recopia -------- Senator Dunblin Hysk [Hawk]

Sarapin --------- Senator Vyog Tomtor [Dove]


In Topic: Common Leadership

23 November 2018 - 03:26 PM

-- He was not surprised by her account on the situation on Commenor before those of the rest of the galaxy. He knew they came first, and that was were his other proposition came in.


-- Tobias reached into his pouch again and brought out a Holo-Projector, setting it on the table he activated it and the projection of a large droid appeared. "This is an ancient design of a construction droid that has rebuild Coruscant for generations, the New Republic is ready to send one hundred units to Commenor in the next rotation period, it would be the first action of the Galactic Red Cross Organization and we may be able to speak with the Mandalorains to obtain their Terreforming Technology to get the ecosystem stabilized, and I have spoken with several companies and planetary governments that have agreed to re-open their corporations back on your planet within the month after security matters along the trade routes have been secured."


-- He leaned back again. "I had figured that your government would want to protect your planet first, so I was able to get all the dominos' in place for your government and people were well prepared for what is to come next." The plans were really worked out before he had even gotten to liberating the planet. He knew the planet would be freed on way or another, and the Republic had to jump at the chance of new allies. "All was done covertly, and when your government signs off, the Republic Government is prepared to state the Commenorian Resistance movement as the initiate the started the talks,"


-- The reptilian man sighed a little, "I had seen the holo-vids of the failed rebellion in Sith Space, some of our agents were able to show us the battle and failed retreat of Jaminere, I do not have the ability to help those in need without calling out the force of the other powers, your connections and new found allies will make those who would attack the Republic second guess threatening your majesty at this time and so long as I have office you will be supported by the Republic as well."


-- "Just know that before you speak to your council, that is all I ask."


Lady Kay

In Topic: Freedom within Borders

23 November 2018 - 02:58 PM

-- The secrecy was not something Tobias was new to, though his security detail was pretty animate about the threat of the unknown entities. He cared very little as it was, so long as the Chancellor was safe the Republic could continue without threats. The loss of a Vice Chancellor was irrelivent and he could be easily replaced. It was why he was chose the seat, easier to move around without being a threat to either party.


-- He looked at the king, the man going by the name of Vulpesen and the aid beside him. Tobias himself was alone, wearing a robe that was tight fitted with a belt and no area to hold a weapon or threat. Though they would have scanned him for such things before hand. Tobias was here for a reason, threat was not one of them. Rumor so this mans power was strong, even his training as a Force Hunter would be of no use here if he was here to kill. Assistance was his only role here.


-- He bowed his head slightly, "I thank your for meeting with me today, I understand you did not need to meet with those that occupy the borders of your hidden world without consulting you or your council, I sincerely apologies for that breach in understanding."


-- The man recovered from his bow and looked to the man, "Vice Chancellor of the New Republic, Tobias Dracks, It is a pleasure to meet you both, I hope we could come to a progressive understanding of one another and help further both of our worlds."

In Topic: Renovating with a Couch

23 November 2018 - 02:46 PM

-- He tossed the Data-Tablet onto the desk and had it slide to its final resting place next to other tablets. Nodding he accepted this, the Republic Senate would have to accept this.


-- "The Republic is built for new beginnings Alexandra, personally I do not care too much about a persons past," He looked at Alexandra Feanor sitting on the coach. He stood and walked over to her side and turned to face out the window looking out to the capital. "I do not want to rely on the Jedi to much, my mentor had told me that the Jedi way was not as a warrior but as a scholar and philanthropist, I wish to bring about an age of peace for the Republic and possibly the galaxy."


-- He did not even look at the women next to him, "I trust the Jedi," Then his eyes drifted to make contact with hers, "You a little less due to breaking and entering," He let out a little chuckle without smiling, looking back at the early dusk setting of the sun that the planet rotated around. "I am creating an outreach organization and was wondering if the Jedi would be interesting in helping get this project off the ground."


-- As if from thin air he pulled out another Data-Tablet and placed it on the couch, then started to walk back to his desk. "Its called the Galactic Red Cross Organization, giving the Republic a more active role in a galactic stage without government oversight thanks to our freedom of the Citizenry."