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#1871245 New Republic vs John Doe [New Republic Dom of Brentaal IV Hex]

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 13 October 2018 - 04:57 PM

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Tobias was not really interested in the small details of this little stunt on the Brentaalian's side. In his mind, he saw that the Brentaal Houses were at fault for the whole mess as it was. Pretty allowed to do as they will for all their time under the yoke of other nations, they used their money to have politicians look the other way. Now with the Sith and other Nations offering the ideals of restoring order and prevention of suffering. The Merchant Houses have forced some of the population into going against their wills.


However, after looking at the large house of elderly men and young aristocratic, he realized they really did not feel the effects of the long standing wars outside their star system. This planet and their people were too valuable to be wasted on an attack of little gain.


Seeing the the evidence placed before him he realized that they had sent their Representative without knowing this could happen. No one had really known Ambassador Taldor Connors very well, he was chosen by the Provisional Government to oversee relations with the planet. However, to see the man killed in such a relentless way was truly mortifying. He stepped up to the Houses Rep, "Vice Chancellor Tobias Drakes, the senate has asked us here to really take oversight of the criminal activity, Senator Fenstermacher will act as the Republic Judge while a man of your choosing will act as the Brentaal Judge, I will only be here to oversee the investigation and be the Prosecutor under the laws of the New Republic," He paused, "We have already sent Investigators to search for evidence of the bombing, after they return with a culprit we will prosecute them and after this mess is sorted out, the Brentaal House will select a representative to sent to the Senate in due haste."


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#1871236 Stage One - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle over Commenor.

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 13 October 2018 - 04:31 PM

Objective: Secure space around Commenor

Location: Orbital above the Capital blocked by the First Order


The Vice Minister received the response of the Rear Admiral, the New Republic Space Forces were securing the left flank of the Sith Defense Fleets and nearly cutting off the ability to leave their direction. The 4th Sector Fleet was still in a secured position in the orbit of the planets moon. Things were going the way of the New Republic and their mission.


It was at this time that he received the communications ordered by the Alliance Remnant Forces. It seemed an Admiral Mazik Stazi did not like that the New Republic was pushing the Order out of the fight. Before responding or even getting a transmission from the FO Fleet, he slammed his hand on the hand rail in front of him, then pointed to a near by Communications officer, "Inform Rear Admiral George to place his fleet between the First Order and the Galactic Alliance Armada, we are here to liberate the Commenorian People, not allow the damn karks a revenge trip."


The female officer nodded, "Understood sir."


As she relayed the message Admiral Baxton turned to the Vice Chancellor, "Is it wise to get between the Alliance and the First Order-" As he was talking he was cut off by a bridge officer playing the First Orders response.


Tobia nodded, "Enemies of the Future are not the Enemies of the Present, remember that Admiral." Tobias radioed the Alliance Fleet and made sure they were aware of his stance. "Admiral Stazi, by order of the New Republic Vice Chancellor you will stand down your intentions with the First Order and prevent the Sith Center from retreating or surrounding the Silver and Commenorian Fleets, they will be standing down and will receive the protection of the New Republic."


Waving the Coms to be closed, he turned to the man with the First Order Officer, Manfreid von Donitz, on the other line. "Captain Manfreid von Dönitz, you are protected by New Republic Defense Rules of Conflict Section 32B-5A, Firing on our vessels or any ships in the Sector will resulting in your Neutral Stance and result with our Fleet engaging your forces, as part of the Evacuation policy we will demand that only First Order Citizens transmit their Passports while those willing to leave be given First Order Refugee Status before leaving the atmosphere of the planet, we have received reports of Commenorian Citizens being Smuggled off planet and fleeing Commenorian Law, Please Transmit this data to the provided encrypted channel for review and approval by Commenorian Officials," he paused with that part of the transmission sent, "We will be sending an Invasion ships to the surface, should your troops shoot at our vessels, we will not hesitate to attack in return."


The man tapped his foot on the durasteel floor and looked at the Fleet Com, "Inform the Silvers and Commenorian that their is a small whole in the Siths Left Flank, ignore the First Order ships and get our men to the Surface." He paused to let that message be sent, "Also get Marshal Drox to get the Invasion Army on the Ground to take back the planet."


It was not an easy request, but Republic boots on the Ground First meant they could secure many objectives.





- Republic 1st Fleet is placed between the First Order and Alliance in Exile Forces

- A gap is forced between the First Order and Sith Orders Fleets

- New Republic Ground Forces are sent thought the small gap


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#1870719 Stage One - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle over Commenor.

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 12 October 2018 - 01:04 AM

Location: Commenor System, Behind the Moon Brelor
Objective: Liberate Commenor, Secure Intel
Opponent: Sith Empire, First Order, Allies | Vanessa Vantai, Manfreid von Donitz


This looked like easy mission for him, but his opening moves were the acceptable losses. Both the Drop Ship Carriers and the Corvettes were lost to both the Defense Stations but as well as the Sith Fleet that was protecting the planet. He knew that inserting the Airborne Marines and land on the planet. So far it seemed that one of the fleets were attempting to Jam the communications channels of the system. However, the Republic Navy was well aware of this common ability and as such Tobias looked to a Droid Operator, "Relies the Thirteens, wide spread and keep one tagged with encrypted beacons."


At this point the fleets released the many NN-13 Droids that bypassed any jamming. When the last of the Droids were sent out, the operator looked back at the Vice Chancellor, "Orders have been completed sir."


Tobias then noticed that the First Order ships were also in orbit in of the planet. Were they really joining the conflict, however, it seemed their fleet did not make any active attacks towards the ships that entered the planets attack radius. It seemed that they just placed themselves over the capital. Ships and Dropships were sent out of the ships while the fleet just held in a defensive stance.


The Vice Chancellor looked to the commanding officer, "Admiral, send the first over to block the First Order, and open a channel along Secured Laser Line Communications towards the lead ship."


   Admiral Baxton looked at the Chancellor his hands placed behind his back and raised a brow, "Splitting the Fleet is ill advised sir, we should let the Alliance and the Commenorians deal with the enemy fleets and we can secure the system from fleeing ships."


Tobias only continues to look out the windows. "We are allies in the conflict, but from reports is that the Sith were the main cause of this take over, the First Order still holds an agreement with the Commenorian people, and as Commenor is not part of the Republic we can not make decisions for them, send the fleet with the following message."


The Admiral only bowed his head, he was a soldier and listening to the orders of the superior officer. "Send it Commander, inform Rear Admiral George to make contact with the First Order Fleet."


The reptilian being began to record his message to the leader of the First Order officer as well, "First Order Vessels, this is Vice Chancellor Tobias Dracks of the New Republic, we are here to liberate the people of Commenor at the request of their King and Queen, stand down your forces and evacuate your citizens, the New Republic Fleet moving in will secure your route where you and your people will leave the system, I repeat, Stand Down and Evacuate from this system, our fight is with the unlawful occupation of Commenor."


He figured they would not leave their allies to the innumerable force that just arrived so far from any reinforcements. But he wanted to at least say that they gave the garrison force the opportune to leave the system. It would be interesting to see where this would lead, but he held back the 4th Fleet that was still guarding one of the Moons of Commenor.



- 4th Fleet stay in defense of the Dawner I Station
- 1st Fleet moves into a Defensive Stance opposite of the First Order Fleet
- Message was sent to the First Order Fleet
- The New Republic Ground Army readies on the Space Station.

#1870655 State of the Union [Open to Invitation]

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 11 October 2018 - 09:25 PM

The two leaders of the Republic just stood there as Dr. Aes'ona Terrani and Cedric Grayson stepped away. They were left with the sentient droid Dak, however, not use to holding words back in the presence of a droid Tobias looked to the Chancellor.


"Munnu, can I ask why your talking to one of them?" He started, a curious look on his face as the reptilian crossed his arms. "Not that long ago her party destroyed everything you knew, killed nearly all the men under your command, seeing you composed is," He paused, "Well you Humans act difference so I am just curious."


The Chancellor took a glass of champagne from a servers tray, looking at the bar were the Doctor walked off to. "I do not judge an individual for the choices and actions of the greater, otherwise I would see you as a Waring Savage that only cares for conflict," He smiled as he took a sip of his drink, "Remember that our jobs are to continue the peace for as long as we can with War and Conflict being the last options."


He noticed that the Bartender was giving the Doctor a problem and looked to another man next to the bar and gave a wave of two fingers. A signal that the man understood and nodded to confirm he understood that.


"Chancellor, you know peace with the Order can not last forever, and many still hold grudges against them," Tobias looked over his shoulder towards Jyoti Nooran and Coren Starchaser, the back at the Chancellor, "Plus if the Jedi found out you have lenient opinions of the First Order we could loose their support for our move on the Core."


Munnu only had his eyes locked on the bar, "The Republic does not rely on a singular order Tobias, remember that, a Jedi can turn into a Sith just as fast as a Politician can turn corrupt, if we show intolerance for the citizens of the First Order then are we not just as bad as the nations we fight against," He lifted his drink to the backs of Doctor and the Master, "We have to remake the rules for another era of hate will not prevent the harm the galaxy has come to since the Plague washed through the galaxy."


Tobias only nodded and turned to see where he was looking and toasting, it seemed like he was right. If the Republic was to show hate towards a singular First Order citizen, then the propaganda machines of their enemy would give their citizens another reason to fear the Republic. And that was not the Republic they were selling to their people.




The Bartender working with Dr. Aes'ona Terrani and Cedric Grayson was interrupted when another member of the bar came up from behind him and shoved his elbow in the drink servers side. "Apologies ma'am, we accept all currency here," He forced the bartender to bow his head, "I must apologies for my employee as well, he is from Atrisia and has not learned his manners apparently, please forgive his blunder and have your drink on the house."


He placed the drink in front of her and bowed his head as well. Not accepting the money and shooing away the Server and took over the making of drinks for the rest of the night.

#1869974 Stage One - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle over Commenor.

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 10 October 2018 - 12:18 AM

Location: Commenor System, Behind the Moon Brelor

Objective: Liberate Commenor, Secure Intel

Opponent: Sith Empire, First Order, Allies

Allies: Commenor, Allies


Standing on the Bridge of a Dawner I Space Station, Crimson Hope, he observed the Commenorian Rebels appear in the system. It seemed they had arrived in time, and his fleet was only a jump away in Neimoidia. The preparation that had gone into this mission was massive, and the Republic would stand by their values and promises. They were here to liberate the oppressed people of Commenor from Tyrannical rulers that stole their freedom. He knew the Chancellor shared his opinions and would not stand for this blatant theft of another planets rights. 


The bridge of the space station was busy, and with a Class One Hyperspace Drive they were only able to get the large station into orbit above the moon. The Republic would use the station as a orbital platform to supply the ground troops, and the Vice Chancellor was also in charge of this whole operation. The space battle was the first of his problems and knew it would have to be finished with before the bulk of his soldiers could be sent in to assist the ground forces. However, he did have a plan for it all.


The Sith should have realized they were in system by now, so he looked to Admiral Baxton his assistant in the battle to come. "Admiral, order the fleet to jump in on the dark side of the moon, program Hyperspace Beacon," He paused as the Admiral relayed the orders. "Launch!"


The beacon was placed in the dark side of the moon and within seconds a two large groups of Republic Ships entered real space. They immediately launched Starfighters and a group of Partition-class Interdiction Frigate made a run for open space. Using programmed gravity wells they placed them behind the Orbital Guns where a group of Menagerie-Class Drop Pod Carrier entered real space and instantly launched their drop pods. They were now at the mercy of the orbital guns ans so were the frigates without proper protection, but they did their mission.


Tobias new this was a sacrifice, however, they had their mission to do. The 82nd had their mission now, and he was now to take on his. "Command 1st and 4th to enter a defensive stance around the station, do not need a Sith running our operation base right out the gate," He looked out the View Port, "Sent transponders to the Commenorians and let them know we are here."


This was a start to his moves to securing the Core Worlds.



- Military Station Drops into System
- 1st and 4th Republic Fleets enter System
- Drop Pod Cruisers launch Drop Pods onto planet
- Fleet protect the station and awaiting orders

#1869339 Stage One - Fleeting OOC: Freedom for the Common Man

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 08 October 2018 - 03:50 PM

 The New Republic has no Admirals at the moment, so I will be joining the space battle.

#1869330 Galactic Marine Armor

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 08 October 2018 - 03:44 PM

Intent: Create Armor for the Republic Galactic Marines
Image Source: [X]
Canon Link: Galactic Marines
Primary Source: N/A
Affiliation: Republic
Model: NRG-32B
Modularity: No
Production: Limited 
Material: DuraplastArmorweaveFlex-armor, Bodyglove, Electronics, EMP/Ion Resistant Materials, VT-Kinetic Impact GelAsheran Armorweave, and VT-Shark Skin
Classification: Multi-purpose Environmental Suite
Weight: 75 lbs (34 kg)
- Blasters/Plasma: Average
- Kinetic: High
- Lightsabers: High
- Other: Light

Special Features


  • Copper Faraday Cage: A mesh of conductive materials, that protects the armor's systems from electromagnetic radiation (e.g. EMP).

Audio/Video Systems:

  • Audio/Video Recorder: A device which records both audio, and video. Can store up to fifteen (15) hours of content.

  • Audio/Video Player: A device which displays the recorded audio, and video files.

  • Annunciator: A sound amplification device.

  • Broadband Antenna: A device which allows the user to pick up noises and sounds, on different broadband frequencies from far distances.

  • Sonic Dampeners: A device which limits the amount of sound that can reach the user's inner-ear.

Communication Systems:

  • Encrypted Comlink: A device that transfers voice signals from one location, to another.

Breathing Systems:

  • Environmental Filter: A device that removes harmful gases, such as poisons, and fumes from the air.

  • Oxygen Filtration System: A device that removes solid particles, such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air.

  • Oxygen Supply: A storage vessel that holds three (3) Hours of oxygen.

  • Re-breather: A breathing apparatus that adsorbs the carbon dioxide of the user's breath, to permit the re-breathing of unused oxygen.

Scanner/Sensor Systems:

  • Multi-Scanner: A multi-role scanner, which combines the functions of the following:

    • Combat Scanner: A sensor which employs targeting software, to increase the user's combat efficiency.

    • Life Form Scanner: A device that allows the user to detect living beings from a distance.

  • Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System: A sensor system which provides assistance in acquiring targets in conditions of poor visibility, and at long ranges.

  • Radar: An object detection system, that determines the range, angle, or velocity of objects.

  • Motion Scanner: A device that detects objects via movement, and displays them on the helmet's radar.

  • Sonar Mapper: A device that emits sonar pulses, to map an area through echolocation.

  • VT-FD Mask: A device that can track a Force User unless they are attempting to hide their ability.

Transponder Systems:

  • IFF Transponder: A transponder signal which broadcasts the user's affiliation.

Visor Systems:

  • Anti-flash Visor: A visor that protects the user's eyes from bright flashes, such as those emitted by flash bangs.

  • Heads-Up Display: A transparent display that presents data, without requiring the user to look away from their viewpoint.

  • Rangefinder: A device that zooms in on distant targets, and displays visual data of the target observed.

  • Vision Technologies: The visor may cycle through the following visions:

  • Standard Vision

    • Infrared Vision

    • Night Vision

    • Thermal Vision

    • Ultraviolet Vision


  •  Power-Pack: A small power-pack that supplies energy to the Armor's systems.

  •  Redundant Power-Pack: A small, redundant, power-pack that supplies energy to critical systems if the primary power-pack is damaged, or disabled.

  •  Faraday Cage: A mesh of conductive materials, that protects the armor's systems from electromagnetic radiation (e.g. EMP).

  •  Coolant System: An in-built system, designed to keep the user at a comfortable temperature, in high heat environments.

  •  Pressurization System: The armor can be pressurized, so as to aid the user in surviving the vacuum of space.

  •  VT|ATC-Jump Kit: A backpack that allows the user to move quicker then an average individual through the use of thrust.


Utility Belt:

  • VT-Disruption Cutter: A hand held device that can slowly cut through most material silently.

  • 2x Energy Sink: A component designed to adsorb blaster energy.

  • 2x Combat De-Ionizer: A device that counteracts the effects of ionic energy

  •  Ammunition Pocket: A pocket for storing additional clips of ammunition.

  •  Grenade Pocket: A pocket for storing additional grenades.

  •  Medpac: A small first-aid kit that contains limited-utility diagnosis equipment and other essential medicines for the treatment of wounds.

  •  Field Ration: A prepackaged meal, easily prepared and eaten.

  •  Multitool: A device that contains a variety of useful tools.

  •  VT-Moph Knife: A small knife that is capable of knocking out an opponent just by touching them, still can kill like a normal knife as well.



  • Copper Faraday Cage: A mesh of conductive materials, that protects the armor's systems from electromagnetic radiation (e.g. EMP).

  • Magno-grip Soles: A device that allows the user to magnetize themselves to surfaces which they were standing on.



  • Heavy Armor: Quite simply put this armor was designed to take a beating. Multiple layers of protective gear are tacked onto this.


  • Armor Gaps: In order to allow the wearer some maneuverability the armor has several gaps.
  • Back Plate: When one peels away the jet-pack and parachute located on the VT-Assault Armor one finds a vulnerable position. 
  • Fuel Pods: Located on the back of the armor tucked beneath the Jet-pack and chute are two fuel pods. These two small cylinders hold and refresh the fuel for the jet-pack.
Designed off the already used Republic Standard Armor, the Marine Variant is meant for those who are in the front line of battle. Used mostly for the Marine Corps, in both Space and Ground engagements it is very versatile. Built with the intentions of making a Marine less vulnerable to frontal attacks. This armor is also built to fend off of Force Users with some special features used to fend off Force Attacks. 
Created with many features to prevent the user from being injured, there are other utilities and features that give them an advantage in the field. Common in all Republic Armor, they are resistance to the Vacuum of Space as well to EMP's and some Ion waves. Special armor polymers and metals were used in the creation of the armor to special protect from many weapons and still be some what flexible. 

#1869270 New Republic in need of Fleeters

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 08 October 2018 - 11:46 AM



Join Today

#1869259 Introduction Thread

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 08 October 2018 - 10:48 AM

Hello, Kieran Orion


I hope we can get along and work together. Hope to read some good stories of the Jedi now :)

#1869169 State of the Union [Open to Invitation]

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 08 October 2018 - 12:54 AM

Tobias understood that Krest had his reservations about the conversation being held in such a public way. However, that was the way he wanted it, he wanted it to be clear the the Republic was helping Commenor. Let everyone question what the Republic was getting out of the deal.


  "Of course your majesty," He bowed his head, "I do not mean to offend with my offer, me and some of my military officials are going to Neimoidia to look over our Sector Fleets that are guarding our boarders, I would be happy if you and King Veiere Arenais could join us to speak out the future of our nations servival within the Core Worlds and beyond."


He bowed again, and left to join the Chancellor and the group around him. Dak, Dr. Aes'ona Terrani and Cedric Grayson were all around him and it seemed that they were conversation about something. Tobias placed his glass on a servers empty tray and walked up to them all. "Greeting and Good Health all, who do we have here Chancellor."


Munnu turned to greet Tobias, "Ahh, Tobias I was just talking about you," He placed a hand out to introduce them all, "You know Master Grayson of the Jedi Order, he has brought Doctor Aes'ona Terrani and a self aware droid named Dak," Looking towards the group he placed a hand out to Tobias, "This is Vice Chancellor Tobias Dracks," Looking back to Tobias he crossed his arm, "Doctor Terrani hails from the First Order and wishes to speak to us about politics, do you think you have the time Tobias."


Tobias offered a light yet deep singular chuckle, "I am a politician Chancellor, I am always up to talk about Politics," He looked to the Doctor, "What is it we could help you with Doctor?"

#1869165 Intergalactic Cultural Exchange

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 08 October 2018 - 12:40 AM

Tobias though injured and clearly in pain was unable to make the face of one that could feel pain. His deep groans however, were apparent of the administration of First Aid. He allowed Kaine Australis to clean and repair the damage that was done through the combat they had just gone through. 


Laughing a little, "I am merely a Representative of the People Master Kaine, I can promise that our soldiers are stronger then our senators that is for sure."


Another deep moan as the bacta patch was slapped on and he was helped up to meet the Warmaster in an honorable fashion.


"I was trained by Alor Jaster of Clan Awaud, I could not fight any other way then with honor intact," He pressed the bandage down to feel the pain and make sure no blood was leaking, "Now that we spoke the warriors language do you think we can have a tankard of Tihaar and speak of how we could help one another?"

#1869159 Crossing A Line (NR Dominion of Hex W22 Redux)

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 08 October 2018 - 12:24 AM

The senate seemed like they were on edge about this whole sector being brought into the protective shield of the Republic. It was of no real importants to the Vice Chancellor at the moment, he was more worried about securing the worlds like Alderaan, Corillia, or even Denon if they could. However, Senator Alexander Sannes of Carida was sure the this was a good test for their new Frontier Space Outpost to also increase the range of the Republic Navy.


The Reforming of the New Republic Navy was still in the works, the rank of Grand Admiral was still difficult to fill as none of the other Admirals would listen to a singular figure like they did the Chancellor. However, the man was one of a kind as he had alliances to all factions in the Core and was really just a lucky draw of choice. Finding someone like General Alyson Halle who could rally the many officers under a singular command. It did not help that much of the Republic was made up of mostly older model ships of which many still needed repair before being put in commission with a new crew. The new ships they had were small in number and without the help of planets like Mon Calla or Kuat it would be a slow roll out.


He only continued to follow the Senator, "Seems your project for expanding our borders thought these outpost is working out for the better, we could possibly get to Vortex sooner then expected, and create a wall for the Core Worlds of Republic Patrols."


He looked through the halls as he was followed by Senate Guards flanking him. Being a man of his rank required that any time leaving the capital would be accompanied by the elite protective detail.

#1869000 Reforming and Integrating

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 07 October 2018 - 03:00 PM

It was weird for Alex StormWolf to bring up the Commonwealth, the Republic SIS had found out that they very active in the area and a real threat, but still too far for major attack. Some terrorist attacks were done by them, but the news spun it off as an attack by Sith Sympathized Terrors, they were able to block any threats and angers with the near by system.


"Republic Strategic Intelligence Services has already got people looking into them," He picked up a cup of Caf on the table and took a sip, "They are an odd bunch in the Core Worlds, but we have enemies everywhere, Coruscant First, Lords of the Light, Children of the Sith, and even this Commonwealth faction, we need to focus on the inner threats before expanding our allies and then looking to take out our threats in the Core," Taking a breath and setting the Caf down on the table again, "The worlds from the Deep Core to the Inner Rim is filled with threats of all kinds and we must make sure the Senate can be united with the Jedi Order before defusing what could blow the legs out from under the Republic."


He knew that the problems of the galaxy, his master had taught him that hope is the only thing that will keep the balance in the galaxy. The Dark Age was started by the fall of the Galactic Alliance, and now the First Order and Sith Empire were dominant here. For the Republic to get back on their feet, they had to rely on one another and that meant building trust. Sending the Republic Knights was not a great move, but he knew the Grandmaster wanted the same dream as him. Bringing the Republic back to the glory it held in the Ancient Era.

#1868412 Reforming and Integrating

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 05 October 2018 - 11:32 PM

He could tell that the mission was going to be a difficult one for Alex StormWolf, however, the matter was out of his hands now. The Senate Majority still had reservations about this matter, rumors that some within the Enclave were working to threaten the Sith as well as the First Order. It was bad enough to have the Reps from the Alliance in Exile causing diplomatic problems for them, but some of their own citizens. Tobias even agreed it was too early to piss of the darker nations.


Tobias looked at the man, "The Grandmaster will understand, she knows the worries of the Core Worlds, but is it your previous teachings, and unwillingness to join a Religious Order that the Senate wishes you to investigate, the other Masters of the Republic Knights are previous Alliance Jedi as well as Dark Jedi, you were the only one that had an unbiased opinion of the Order and their teachings," He clasped his hands together tightly, "The Republic is not strong enough to take on any nation at this time, we have our own problems with terrorist activity in the Core Worlds to devote more personal to the Northern Border, if you feel that the Orders teachings are too radical that could drag us into war soon, the please report it to me before the Senate."

#1868411 Intergalactic Cultural Exchange

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 05 October 2018 - 11:25 PM

Tobias was ready should the attack on Kaine Australis not work, though he was surprised to see the man take such a hit and get back up. He only returned to a ready stance and waited for the man to give his response.


"My worry was not with the Queens Daughter, but now that I have conformation that she is within the Mandalorain Empire, as well as with you, it does allow me to feel safer about our intentions."


The reptilian man saw the strike coming in from the Mandalorain, and pushed his staff to extend toward Kaine. Seeing the blow coming time slowed for him, and his training had kicked in. Rotating the longer end of the stave up and circular to block the blade. The shorted part of the staff came within a quarter inch of the warriors groin area before Tobias assumption of strength was very wrong.


The full force of the Mandalorains blow struck true to the Vice Chancellors defensive block, however, the blow was so strong it knocked him hard. Throwing him nearly across the room and into a rack of bladed weapons. The clattering of metallic swords as it hit the Chancellor and the floor was very loud. Tobias no longer had a weapon in his hand and was laying as if he was in an armchair on the broken rack.


"You can count," He took a deep breath, "On the Republic when the Operation starts."


He reached towards his lower side back, and moaned painfully as he pulled a sharp blade our of his side. Looking to Kaine he held the blue blooded blade up to him, "I think the round is your Warmaster Australis."