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Tobias Dracks

Tobias Dracks

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#1884569 The Cambria Incident (New Republic Dominion of Cambria)

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 23 November 2018 - 04:08 PM

Location: Outside Chamber
Objective: 1 - Make sure the senate does not screw it up
Allies: Harley Fenstermacher Senator Bobb Hork Alexander Sannes Hannah
-- He took a bite out of the biscut and was pleased at the texture and flavor, he looked at Senator Fenstermacher, "Complement to the chef,"
-- Move onward as he finished the snack he was pleased to hear what was being said, "These people were not very affected by the fall of the GA from what I have heard, being one of the few Agro Worlds in this Sector of space they were not a military target and the garrison here abandoned post to return home or join the Exiles, a few even joined our ranks." He looked for a place to sit and could not find a place so he continued to stand. "The Republic cant offer much that these people do not already have, unless there is something we have missed?"
-- He leaned against the wall to relax his tired legs, "What would the people of the planet thing of the Republic giving the planet Monopoly Rights to our Foreign Aid Supplies, with events like Commenor and Corillia recently happening, they would be in high demand for as long as the Republic expands, there is also the possibility to Subsidize the Farmland?"

#1884563 Second Senate Session

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 23 November 2018 - 03:53 PM

-- Tobias stood from his position, he had received the message from the chancellor. Tapping his staff on the ground twice, he waited for the attention of the Senators attention. "The Floor recognized the Chancellor of the New Republic who wishes to speak on behalf of the People Elected Majority."
-- The Chancellor stood and placed his hands on the edge of the railing before him, leaning on it to scan those in the chambers. "Senators and fellow cabinet members, the creation of this new Bill will not only strengthen the Economic running of our corporation and capitalistic views for the near future, this will strengthen our domestic growth in all sectors," He paused, "However, we can not turn a blind eye to the possibility of these companies growing larger then the government, as such I support senator Hork in their views, I propose a stronger amendment of creation of Small Business Loans in hopes of countering the strength of our corporations, help build small companies become independent and create a base of competition for our capitalist nature to truly thrive."
-- The chancellor nodded and sat back down. The Vice Chancellor stood, "The floor seems to be completed with the debate of this proposal, the voting will now commence and we will break for the time being to speak privately, the council chamber will return to close voting in three hours, the chamber will adjourn for a small break."
Arkania ---------- Senator Corin Zanith
Balmorra -------- Senator Harley Fenstermacher
Carida ----------- Senator Alexander Sannes

Neimoidia ------ Senator Klipu Khefi [Hawk]

Humbarine ----- Senator Ella Nova
Kuat --------------Senator Sankt Yora

Tesforam ------- Senator Sun Te [Hawk]

Hok -------------- Senator Whaor Zus [Dove]

Nak Shimor ---- Senator Veste Lilfus [Dove]

Shulstine V ---- Senator Hespera
Brentaal IV ----- Senator Ordon Trozky
Rendili ---------- Senator Bobb Hork

Recopia -------- Senator Dunblin Hysk [Hawk]

Sarapin --------- Senator Vyog Tomtor [Dove]


#1880757 The Cambria Incident (New Republic Dominion of Cambria)

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 12 November 2018 - 06:47 PM

Location: Outside Chamber

Objective: 1 - Make sure the senate does not screw it up

Allies: Harley Fenstermacher Senator Bobb Hork Alexander Sannes 


-- Tobias walked through the halls of the building, it was interesting to see this planet as not many records were kept of the planet. It seemed relatively developed and a main source of food goods for the Core Worlds with the onset of the blockade to the outer rim. The planet was becoming something the Republic desperately needed. He was only here as an observer and give the full weight of the Republic onto this matter. Ration Protest were happening in the new planets that joined the Republic, the Sith left nothing for the planets they raided and now it was slowly becoming the Republics fault.


-- He walked into the room with his arm cast and a sling to prevent the man from moving it too much. A recent sparing incident was the public announcement, but he was just flying in from the battle of Corellia and a shelling was too close. That was his story that was not in the public light.


-- The man walked to he fellow Senators and grabbed a biscuit from the tray, "Ah, I love a good biscuit before a diplomatic agreement." He chuckled a little as he looked at the rest of them there, "Afternoon Senators, any news on what the government here is asking in return for joining the Republic?"

#1880682 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 12 November 2018 - 04:33 PM

Location: Spaceport Entrance 
Objective: 1 (Secure Spaceport)
Allies: Sith Imperials - Belphaegor, Braith Achlys, Jorryn Fordyce | Te Veman - Magnus Vizsla, Meshla Munin, Ravik Munin | Reverance
Enemies: Corellian Freedom Fighters - Myk Venture, Vincent Nyax | Republic Forces - Alexandra Feanor, Alex StormWolf, Vulpesen, Amari Deechi
-- Tobias looked on as the building fell to the ground with the overwhelming power of gravity at its back. No explosion could have caused this ball of worry and Adrenalin as the Vice Chancellor saw no flames that often accompanied them. Experience told him that this was the cause of the Force Users. He had his back turned at the beginning of this little stunt and only saw a glimpse of Force Users duking it out. This was when he got the call.
-- "Vice Chancellor, Command has requested you leave the field of battle," The voice was from one of the drop ships that were now coming in to take the wounded, "Imperial Forces are being mopped up but the the Senate demands you be taken away from possible harm."
-- The man only scowled at the fallen building that was now separating his forces from helping out the Jedi. He looked to his body guards, "Master StormWolf, continue to help the forces to the conflict with the space port, I am needed at the Command Center to oversee the rest of the planets invasion."
-- He turned to get on the Republic Dropship, then back to the Commander that Vulpesen had sent him thinking the man was the king himself. "Take command of Republic Forces here and get that damn Spaceport, I wanted the damn thing yesterday."
-- His Dropship took off to take the Vice Chancellor to the Command Center closer to the cities capital. From there he would oversee the rest of the battle and eventual take over of the planet from the Imperialist. He hated leaving the battle, but he also fallowed the orders of the Senate and he was a public figure, though a fight with a Sith could be fun.


#1878861 Novaius Dracks [Tobias Dracks]

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 06 November 2018 - 08:41 PM

-- He listened and it seemed that the Senator was making a play for the Oversight Committee. He only entertained the thought in his mind and played it out. While he sat there in quite for a second he nodded.


-- Tobias started, "From the looks of it the votes you need to get on the Committee would be from Arkania, he leads the Hawk Party and since you opposed his bill he would not agree to vote for your candidacy," He pulled out a Data-Pad and wrote something out. "That damn Machine Breather has been pestering me to get the Pharmaceutical Privacy Policy Passed since he took office, probably because Adasca BioMechanical is pushing for some new Patent I am sure, however, you support the approval of this bill and the Hawks will fall into line."


-- He wrote the last of the Email out and continued to talk on, "From what I know of the Room I am sure the Senator of Kuat and the new Senator from Rendili will be your committee members, though with out much Kuat is lobbying they will get the chair seat, but I am still unsure how it could all work out."


-- The man finished up the email and looked at the Senator, "I told him to get his house in order and support the only nations that could buy the drugs from his planet, though I am sure he will be upset now Hawk will be sitting on the Committee but I will give him a seat in the Foreign Affairs Committee next session."


Ella Nova

#1878817 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 06 November 2018 - 06:45 PM

Location: Spaceport Entrance 
Objective: 1 (Secure Spaceport)

Allies: Vincent Nyax | Julius Sedaire | The Elder Kashi | Aubrey King


-- Tobias continued to fight those that were attempting to hold their position, and he used brute force to clear them out. It was when Alex StormWolf that he let out a deep chuckly, the boy was entertaining to say the lease, "Come now Master StormWolf, you think-" He took a shot at one of the Sith peaking their head out for a shot. "You think I would take glory from you and your brothers, never!"


-- He continued to push up with the help of his Marines and those that fought with him, they continued to push the entrance as best as they could. He looked into the sky as Dropships started to decent to his rear. "Cover Me." He pulled back as the rest of his men continued to push on. The symbol and the ships were a dead give away for who was coming into saving the VC, looked like Vulpesen and his people were here to save his lovely skin from certain death.


-- He walked up to the man ignoring the blaster fire that was still heading his way. His Armor and the assistance of the Force Users made it nearly impossible to land a killing shot on the Chancellor. He walked up to the landing ships and waited for the leader of their people to come up front as the rest took up position to continue the push. "Greetings Vulpesen, I appreciate the help here, Radio Operator was killed in the opening combat, whats the update of the battl-"


-- His works were interrupted by the explosion of fighters in the air by the Forces under Amari Deechi. He turned back to the Leader of the Zorren, "I am gonna guess the Silvers are enjoying themselves, lets move our attack onto the Main Entrance and join up with the rest of the Republic Forces, I am sure the Silvers wouldn't mind."


Republic Military:

#1878809 Novaius Dracks [Tobias Dracks]

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 06 November 2018 - 06:17 PM

-- He accepted the seat from Senator Ella Nova and looked a here as she explained her situation. The bill was not of his choice, it was an attempt of the Hawks to force their position in Senate as the Majority Party. The Bill was not something new, the Military had done this since the inception of the Republic Remnant, but the Hawks would take pride in their ability to pass the law. He cared very little for the Bill, as it was up to the Military Chiefs to decide where the military went in the end. 


-- Tobias picked up the water and took a sip before setting it back down. He continued to listen to her and nodded before tapping the table. "The Bill does show the galaxy that we are willing to protect our close allies that was effected by the attacks of the Imperials," He leaned back in his seat, "However, this statement along with our recent outburst against the Sith during the Liberation of Commenor defiantly shows the Republic as picking one side over the other, and we only wait to hear what the Imperials respond with."


-- He slowly nodded twice before blinking slowly, "I do not blame you for voting the way you did, at the end of the day you have to face your constituents so it may sometimes go against your personal beliefs, as one who does not have a vote over the Republic I can only steer the opinions of my colleges for the betterment of the Republic, and I only hope that this Bill shows other nations to join the cause."

#1878320 Novaius Dracks [Tobias Dracks]

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 04 November 2018 - 11:11 PM

-- Tobias was just about the doors of the Senate Chambers when he received a communicant from his Data-Tablet. Thinking to himself he lifted his hand to stop his Senate Guard Escort. It was probably Admiral Charr wanting to discuss some of his more radical changes to the Republic Navy. He was a close ally to the Jedi and it made him somewhat uncomfortable with having so many strong Pro-Jedi within his military forces. The Provisional Government Representatives agreed with him, it was too bad all of them were voted out of office and replaced with those that seemed more in line with Pro-Jedi views. At least from his view point.


-- Lifting up the Tablet and opening his emails he was rather surprised to see it was from Senator Ella Nova . Someone he considered very close to the Jedi Cause, and in the recent vote someone who held the view points of the Doves. Reading it he was interested by her comments, he had lost all his allies in the Senate at the moment, he could really only trust the Senator of Balmorra and of the Capital. They both were Remnant Loyalist and served the Republic since the Hutt Campaign. He finished it and nodded, and sent a response to the women. 



-- He looked to his Senate Guardsman, "Gentlemen, we will be making a detour, I will be meeting with Senator Ella Nova, please inform command of my change of schedule."


-- The men nodded and they started to head in the direction of the office of the Senator. Walking along he thought to himself, the War Oversight Committee did need to be chosen sooner rather then later. Support of the War Hero of Commenor and the current Figure Head for the Republic Remnant would grant a seat as such. The only thing he could think of was why someone who opposed the bill was wanting to sit on the committee. He did not care for it too much, Generals Halle, Commandant Corek, and Admiral Charr would do whatever they liked in his mind, so long as it did not drag the name of the Republic through the dirt. They were all capable men, yet they would have to realize that the Senate was a body they needed to listen to. Maybe having someone that opposed the bill would be a good balance for those more War driven to finally be reigned in.


-- By the time he came to this conclusion he was at the door of the Senator, he knocked. "Senator, its Tobias Dracks," He walked in as the door opened and waved off his guards to stand at the door. "I was pleased to get your message, that incident with your planet and those Sith was in bad taste and I hoped we could speak, how are you?"

#1878306 Republic / Jen'ari alliance OOC bread

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 04 November 2018 - 10:37 PM

Ella Nova


-- Tobias has already left the Thread and informed them that if they could prove their usefulness then an alliance could be talked about. For my part it has concluded. The Leader of the Sith has also left to decided if he can get that information or call the Republic an Enemy. OOC or IC have not been informed on what will be happening. Sorry if that was not clear.

#1878208 Senatorial Proposal Debated [NR Senate Thread]

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 04 November 2018 - 04:19 PM

-- The Vice Chancellor looked over the vote as each of the Senators looked through their decission on the Matter. It was going to be an iteresting vote as this would be the Republic first Vote within the New Republic Senate. It looked like they were planning to have this turn into a blow out. He only nodded as the last of the votes were counted and Representative were shown per their leaning. 


-- He tapped his staff and stood before the senate again. "The voting has been concluded and the polls have now been closed." He pulled up a larger Hologram that was placed in the center of the Chamber. The approval of the Bill had passed. "By a vote of four against and six in approval with the Amendment attached, Bill Alpha-32116 has passed into Republic Law, we will discuss the appointment of Chairman of the Military Oversight Committee and the two Committee Members at a later date to have our Senators meet and discuss the matter at hand." He paused to let that sit in, "Until the Committee has been decided it will continue to fall under the preview of the Provisional Government and the Chancellors War Ministry."


-- Letting the Senators chatter for a second as they spoke to their aids to set up meetings and catch up with allies. "This Senate will be adjourned to meet again in a month to discuss the Economic Reforms and Trade Resolution for the improvement of the Republics Rising Economic Power." He tapped his staff for a last time, "I thank the Senators for taking the time out of their day to discuss these matters, this session is now over."



-- Proposed Bill Alpha-32116 "Enchanced Security and Protection Bill" [Reject]

-- Proposed Amendment to Bill Alpha-32116 [Approve]


 - Current Chancellor - Munnu Fati

 - Current Vice Chancellor - Tobias Dracks

 - Current Chief Ministries Aid - Elinor Mundi


#1877940 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 03 November 2018 - 09:25 PM

Location: Heading towards the Starport
Objective: 1 - Move onto the Starport

Enemies: Reverance | Imperial Sith - Belphaegor Jorryn Fordyce | Te Veman - Ravik Munin Hana Munin Magnus Vizsla Meshla Munin

Equipment: ArmorSide ArmBlade


-- Kicking an enemy into a stand up stall as the vendors goods flew about like birds in flights he held the sharp vibroblade in one hand and this large Blaster Pistol in the other. The Imperial Soldier laying there had learned a good lesson in thinking he was just another politician. He quickly pressed on as he stuck the blade in the belly of another solder that got too close, the pistol was taking pot shots at the others. It was now becoming a street by street fight as he continued to claw his way to the Port. After all that was where the main push was going for and where he could regroup with the other forces.


-- His blood was rushing now, it was like no other high he could get being in a battlefield again. His eyes zipped from one enemy's dead body to another as he slashed and pulled the trigger. This was his second home, the fresh smell of burning flesh from laser fire and blood soaked rubble. The pinpoint eyes he already had were nearly invisible as he had complete focus on the environment around him. Chit it felt too good to let it go.


-- The visible earphone of the Comlink that allowed him to communicate with his protectors and high command was dangling from his armor. It was then that he finally stopped to look at was he was finally closing in on.


-- Imperial Space Port.


-- It was this time in the split second of a near laughable chuckle that the Vice Chancellor was struck in the chest by a Blaster Bolt from some long rifle near the Space Port. He shrugged it off as he brushed the scorch mark with his hand holding the blaster. Then pointing it at a distant window and pulling the trigger. The Reptilian knew he hit the target, so he continued to job on with the Republic Marines and Republic Knights that were catching up to him. He spotted something he did not figure to see here, something that he heard was the case, but never thought to see it.


-- Mandalorains.


-- Well this would be a rather fun experience, it had been some time since he had a good fight with Mandalorian. The only one who came to his mind was the Warmaster Kaine Australis. He slew any soldier that was stupid enough to get in his way, his blood was boiling now and nothing was getting in the way of his current objective. The Politician was in full soldier mode, he was getting tired of these pawns he has had to send to the afterlife. The Marines were knocking over anything they could use as cover and one squad was pushing a burnt out speeder as a portible firing posistion. He was closing in on the Space Port with his small force, not enough to overrun the building, but enough to cause some trouble. Hell, he was enough for that.


-- He stood in the middle of the street as he pushed the activation button on a grenade and tossed it towards the Port. It exploded and caused a few Imps to go flying. Some of his Force Users finally caught up to him and started to deflect Blaster Bolts. "Chancellor, you are in too much danger here, we mu-"


-- Tobias lifted up his blade in a stop hand singal, then looked at the one speaking to him, "We are here to liberate this planet, if hiding saves them all, then I will do it, otherwise we attack that place.... Now."


-- The Group of Fighters started to make another push for the Starport.


New Republic Troopers:

#1877365 Stage Two - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle On Commenor

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 02 November 2018 - 04:43 PM

Location: Commenorian College


-- Tobias stood over the Holo-Table with the battle of the Capital on the main table. Hew as holding another Projector of the control of the planet, Republic and Commenorian Rebels were getting the control of the last Space Ports on the planet. There were also reports of Silver Commandos and Advisers being spotted with Rebels across the planet. Per agreement, the Republic was here as a Support Unit, assist Rebel Fighters and maintain the fighting to only Military and Police Forces. Civilian Fighters were not needed any more and threat of Hardened Loyalist to the Sith Imperals would cause unneeded Civilian Casualties. Supplies were also being transported from the space station in orbit, and he could only imagine the Senate Reaction to the amount of Credits being funneled into this Operation.


-- A Trooper from the outside of the Command Tent entered, "Sir's, a large shock wave is approaching the capital grounds, it could cause chaos to our units in the field."


-- Tobias only sighed, of course it was going too easy. How did the Republic Forces not notice it before, well better to take care of it. "Colonel, units in the field can deal with the cut in communication, be sure they keep civilian threats to a minimum and ground shuttles and get the Air Force to evacuate Fighters of the area." He then turned to his Republic Knights that were with him, "Lets go, your all with me."


-- The Vice Chancellor walked outside and felt the shock of the large Capital Ship hitting the ground far in the distance. They only had a few seconds before the Capital would be hit. He looked to the Master of the Knights. Nodding the Leader stepped up, "Come on knights, secure the College Grounds." The group of eight Force Using Soldiers ran to the four corners of the base and knelt on the floor. He did not know what was going on, but he looked as the visible shock wave of the craft hitting the ground was sliced through and went around the base. The ground did not shake and he waited for it to be over.


-- Soon the Knights fell from their knees and were tired out from using a large amount of the Force they had in reserved. He only nodded at the Master of the two units and yelled out. "Major, I want a check with civilian structors and have the Station send in Base Doctors, its going to get busy around here."


-- He was not wrong for right after he said that he ran up with a radio strapped to his back. "Sir, the main Medical Facilities in the city was hit hard by the shock wave, they are requesting medical assistance for those that are backed up at the hospital." He handed the Radio Mic over to the Vice Chancellor.


-- Tobias took it as he continued to direct the officers of the camp. "Chasin General if I remember, we are sending Shuttles to pick up the critical wounded, take on the immediate help and direct the other to the College, we will treat them here." He handed the mic back to the Radio Operator to deal with the rest of that. He grabbed someone who looked like a pilot, "Trooper, radio Shuttle Group Alpha-Six-Six and those returning to the Station for secondary pick up, redirect them to the Hospital," He tapped the back of that trooper as he ran off, he then stepped in front of a moving Trooper Transport, the driver poked his head out, "Off load your troopers, your unit is to pick up civilians at the hospital." He got out of the way as the Republic Troopers got off the APC and started to jog into files for their officers. The then jogged over to a radio operator, "Inform all stand by units to start search and rescue operation."


-- He turned to the Chancellor, "Sir, should we request Silver to redirect Medical Emergencies to the College?"


-- He nodded, "Do it"



Veiere ArenaisEffie Duanna Coren Starchaser Tom Taff Kaine Australis Amari Deechi Caedyn Arenais Rick Kaloo Asaraa Vaashe Darlyn Excron Silfe Sosuri Drystan Marakos Baron Morcus Alkor Centaris Kyrel Ren Konstantin Makarev Kyli DT-6767 Primat Ren Luther Ando Tathra Khaeus



#1877088 The Battle for Corellia (New Republic Dominion of Hex U30)

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 01 November 2018 - 04:07 PM

Planet: Corellia

Location: Some Cantina Called Bovo's

Objective: 1 - Capture the Space Port

Allies: Pro-Republic Grounders

Enemies: Imperials and Allies

Equipment: Armor, Side Arm, Blade


-- A Imperial Trooper stood at the entrance of the Cantina where a sharp blade entered his body and exited his back. Once the trooper stopped moving the blade was pulled out and the individual fell to the ground. On top of the now still body stood a Reptilian male wearing a modified armor for his species. He was firing his Side Arm that was blowing away the Imperial Troopers that attempted to storm his position. He was not having any of that today, he had already been pushed back farther then he would have liked today. He took a few steps forward and fired his side arm. Seeing one of the Imperials lunge at him with the butt of their rifle, he dodged the attempt and brought his blade across his body and sliced at the mans back. Without looking he only continued on.


-- It took the appearance of his personal guard of Republic Knights to appear to block him from the fray. "Vice Chancellor, you cant be in the open like this, we must get you inside."


-- Tobias growled under his breath and looked the Knight in the T-Visor of his helmet. Letting out a final huff of aggressive air from his lungs he turned to walk back to the bar. Blaster Bolts continued to attempt to land on his body, but by luck and the help of the Force Users he made it inside without being hit. Along the Floor there were Republic Marines that lay on the Floor, wounded from the already intense fighting. He walked over to the only working radio in his possession and dropped his massive body and armor on a box that creaked in pain from the pressure.


-- He was sent here to oversee the fighting, supposedly far away from the fighting to really see any combat. Damn good Republic Intelligence was at this point, the whole planet was a warzone. Imperial owned everything, and anything they did not, they pushed hard. He was not even planet side when weapons fire struck his Dropship and they were forced to land in Imperial Occupied Housing Block. Republic Marines were the only support he could receive, but they got shot up every block they moved to secure the Vice Chancellor. The Marines Captain was killed, and the Lieutenant left in charge of a Company of men was fresh out of the Academy. Now he was back in charge of a Military Unit that lost over half their number to death or too injured to fight. Some even had to use Imperial Weapons to fight back due to limited ammo or weapons busted up in close quarters.


-- Republic Command stated that the Space Port was between them and Republic Lines, if he wanted to be saved he needed to make a dash for the Space Port. However, Tobias declined, he had too many injured to leave the Cantina until the Medics gave the OK to move them. Good thing he had a few Healers with the Knight that survived the crash, but overall it was not looking good.


-- The Politician now turned Soldier tapped the Coms Soldier with the side of his pistol. "Inform the Medic they got ten minutes, I am gonna get us some Medical Supplies."


-- The Trooper nodded and Tobias stood back up and walked to the entrance again. He was not done with his playtime, and he had a lot of anger to vent at the moment. There were a few Marines that set up make shift Baracades and the Republic Knight held the front lines to deflect bolts. He looked at the Marines and kicked ones boots. "Whats this Apes, you wanna live forever?!?"


-- The Vice Chancellor held up his blaster and pulled the trigger. In the distance a Trooper who was making an attempt to move between covers, well his head just vanished as the Politician continued to take pot shots at the enemy. The Republic Master of the group only sighed as the rest of the Marines pushed out of the Bar and attempted to take the rest of the street.

#1876654 Senatorial Proposal Debated [NR Senate Thread]

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 31 October 2018 - 12:32 PM

-- Tobias stood up at the railing this time, it had seemed that the senators were finished with debating the proposal. Personally he has lost a great deal of power after the elections. Those loyal to him were replaced by considered independent of the Doves or the Hawks. His Patriots Party that allowed him to force through his bill and laws that where in his favor and thus the betterment of the New Republic. These New Senators were interesting to say the least, it was also those that won reelection that where going to be a problem to whip into line. His job for the time being would to be to make allies with the Senators here to get his and the Chancellors agenda passed through.


-- He Tapped his staff on floor again with a loud double Bang. "The Senate Floor is now Closed for Debate," Pausing he looked at the Senators and waited for them to be seated and calmed, "We will now move on to the Vote of the Bill Alpha-32116 starting the Chancellor Munnu Fati, Elected Representative of the Populous Majority," He tapped his staff one more time, "Chancellor Fati, you have the floor."


-- The Chancellor stood again, walking up to the railing and leaned on it, "I have listened to the debates and counterpoint of the my fellow Representatives within these senate chambers, and I must proclaim that as the elected majority Representative that we have made promises of protecting and securing the worlds that were once protected by the Galactic Alliance, these worlds are still under the threat of monstrous internal and external problems," He paused to take his weight off the railing, "As such I Vote for the Approval of Alpha-32116, with the proposed amendment attached." He nodded to the Vice Chancellor and stepped back from the railing.


-- Tobias figured the Chancellor would approve this bill, reclaiming the Core Worlds was the top priority of the ex-military man. He nodded back, knowing that he did not have a vote here, he was just the mediator and senatorial whip. He looked out at the Senators, "The Floor is now open for congressional voting, please press the approval or rejection of the bill in the terminal before you and if one wishes they can make closing remarks before voting they can request the floor and speak on behalf of the people you represent."


-- Looking out at the Floor, he knew how the two political parties were to vote. It was the newly arrived Senators would vote that was interesting to him. Would they side with the War Hawks and Vote the approval of more military expansion within the Core Worlds. Or would they side with the Peace Doves and find a more diplomatic means of dealing with the external threats. It would be interesting to see how this would turn out. The Terminals before them would have the choices of the where the Senators wished to go.


-- Proposed Bill Alpha-32116 "Enchanced Security and Protection Bill"

-- Proposed Amendment to Bill Alpha-32116


 - Current Chancellor - Munnu Fati

 - Current Vice Chancellor - Tobias Dracks

 - Current Chief Ministries Aid - Elinor Mundi


#1874874 Stage Two - Freedom for the Common Man: Battle On Commenor

Posted by Tobias Dracks on 25 October 2018 - 07:48 PM

Location: Dropship heading to the planets surface

Enemies: Sith/FO Pukes; Luther Ando Tathra Khaeus Xevek Rakama Kyrel Ren HK-42


-- The bay doors to his shuttle opened and the smell was the first to hit him over the ungodly sight he was greeted with. A mix of a sulfur and burnt earth gas felt like it warped the inner workings of his nose. Unable to properly handle the smell he lifted his sleeved arm to his nose and defended against the attack. The next thing he was greeted with when opening his eyes was the black smoke of a burnt building and continued blaster fire.


-- One of the Republic Troopers tapped into the Vice Chancellors Communication. "Sir, it is still to dangerous here, we should return to the station."


-- Tobias just waved him off with his free hand, closing his eyes and dropped his shielding arm. His stare more then a million miles away looking at every detail of the battle below. "No Lieutenant, its not safe anywhere in this galaxy." The yelling and fighting below only made the politician shake his head. "Get me to the command station at the college."


-- The shuttle went into a dive and Tobias continued to stand strong in the face of gravity taking over their decent. Being a Merc in his previous life, this was nothing out of the ordinary. The sight of the once blue and beautiful skies of this beautiful planet now having a black and red smoke angerly hovering in its place. Towers and buildings that housed the most peaceful people in the galaxy were now broken and shattered. He only hopped that their spirits were not the same and they were still a strong cohesive people that he meet some years before. The mass of the Shuttle shifted again as they were now coming into a landing at the college where before it even was stable the Vice Chancellor stepped off with ease.


-- "Vice Chancellor, what are you doing here, Colonel Drox is not expecting you and this i-" A Republic Officer had walked up to stop the politician. However, Tobias ignored the man and walked into the the Communications Tent. "Damn it."


-- Tobias tapped on the table next to one of the radio operators and grabbed his attention, "Give me Republic Command Communication Channel," The operator nodded and modified the terminal, once he was done the microphone was handed over. "Republic Troopers the Sith and First Order Fleets have retreated, increase suppression of occupation forces and get control of the city, Commenorian Regulars will have to clear outside the city so respond to request for aid, Protocol Initiative Eight is still in effect, minimal damage to civilian structures and shelters, no policing, we are here to get these peoples planet back, have uniformed enforcers stand down and secure zones that have been cleared by the army."


-- A wave of clicks over the communications came through with acceptance of the new orders. General Halle trained these troops well.


-- He had the operator switch the channel to Open Channel, "This is Vice Chancellor of the New Republic, Tobias Dracks, Resistance Allies have secured the Capital City of Commenor, Enemy Forces are to stand down and surrender to Allied Checkpoints and protected under Commenorian Law, I repeat, Allied Forces have secure Chasin City, and both First Order and Sith Fleets have evacuated and retreated from this sector of space, Surrender to fight another day troopers."