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Lera DeVana

Lera DeVana

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Lera DeVana

04 March 2018 - 10:11 PM


Lera DeVana

 Basic Information:

  • Name - Lera Ciari DeVana
  • Aliases - Lady DeVana
  • Titles -
  • Lady of House DeVana
  • Queen of Naboo
  • Gender - Female
  • Species - Humanoid
  • Planet of Birth - Naboo
  • Age - 25
  • Height - 178 centimeters  
  • Weight - 77 kilograms
  • Languages -
  • Galactic Basic
  • Huttese
  • Durese
  • Bothese
  • Eye Color - Sea Blue
  • Hair Color - Chestnut
  • Complexion - Sunkissed
  • Force Sensitive - No

Strengths Weaknesses:

  • Lera has the ability to speak many different languages
  • She has a way with words, easing public appearances and speeches
  • Lera has a gentle heart, showing kindness and care for the people she hold dearest
  • Lera has a knack for negotiating with people, whether trying to get out of a situation or trying to get something she wants
  • Holding powerful positions puts a lot of stress on Lera, she manages but takes a toll on her mental health
  • Lera is demanding of herself, which adds to the stress she takes on a regular basis
  • With so much work to do, Lera doesn't go out much, limiting her social interactions 

Physical Appearance


Lera has long lashes that frame sea blue eyes, though when her pupils grow big, it can seem more of a misty grey or steely blue. With natural rosy cheeks and a slightly defined jawbone it would seem Lera was the perfect lady. She has light, thin lips that she always covers with bright red lipstick. She has a natural sun kissed skin color. Long brown, straight hair that stops at a point just before her waist. A tall, skinny figure that is average in terms of height and weight. To complete the image she's meant to express, she commonly wears silk gowns with intricate designs, beautiful accessories, and many beautiful headdresses. 




There's a lot to say about Lera, but most know that above all else she's responsible and honorable. Of course she's also resourceful, methodical and gentle, but in a way they're lesser traits compared to her honorable ways.
Her responsibility though, this is what she's most popular for. Oftentimes people will count on this and her kindness especially when they need comforting or support. 

 Personal Ship


Baudo-class star yacht


Though used for smuggling (example including the Pulsar Skate, a modified version) sometimes, Lera DeVana uses this ship only for luxury or getting places fairly fast. She always makes sure she has one or two starfighters nearby due to the lack of weapons and defense systems built into the yacht. Not interested as much in speed or attack, Lera decided this would fit her needs perfectly.








Lera grew up in the city of Kaadara, a beautiful place very near to the coast. She was born to a noble family, leading House DeVana. She was very well educated, learning to speak many different languages and also learning politics. Lera had no interest in becoming a politician, and was hoping to lead a life as a doctor. She had an amazing family life, until her mother and father caught Drakñahr Syndrome when she was 16. It left her devastated, and being the only child of her parents, she was left to rule House DeVana alone. She thrived as the house's leader, all thanks to the help of her great speaking abilities and kind, gentle nature. With a starting political career, Lera couldn't imagine what she could be capable of in the future...