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Melanie Yoo

Melanie Yoo

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In Topic: All Aboard! - The SJO Dom of the Ceraluen Hex

13 March 2018 - 11:36 AM

Objective: Expansion
Location: Port Lucia – Government Building
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Nearing the front of the line, Melanie shifted impatiently. Waiting was just the worst. She could hear the cool tone of the assistant addressing the man in front of her, and it made her heart skip a beat. Her hands wanted to be busy, so she opened up the folder and scanned the front page. Luna Corporation’s bid had been composed very neatly indeed. Melanie re-read the proposed scope of the project for probably the hundredth time. She’d read it so many times that she probably knew it by heart. Next, there was a breakdown of materials, time and labor, and of course, cost.


Included on the next page was a full schedule and timeline for project completion. She’d be lying if she didn’t at least acknowledge that it would be difficult, but she had faith in her teams and contractors. All in all, she had a fairly reliable group of people assembled.


“Next,” Called the woman behind the desk.


Jumping slightly, Melanie rushed forward, her assistant shuffling along behind her. Throwing on a smile, she greeted the secretary with a nod and presented their bid. Although her contact information was included, she produced a pristine business card and handed it over to the woman, just to be safe.


“Thank you. We will be reviewing your bid within in the next couple of days.”


With that, the assistant’s eyes shifted to the person standing just behind Melanie. So that was it.


Stepping off to the side, Melanie eyed her folder on the desk. It was out of her hands now… literally.

In Topic: All Aboard! - The SJO Dom of the Ceraluen Hex

12 March 2018 - 12:35 PM

Objective: Expansion
Location: Port Lucia – Government Building
Post count: 5


With fresh cup of caf and her assistant back at her side, Melanie continued on towards the government building. As they neared, her heart started to pound. There was quite a lot riding on the outcome of this proposal. Even if they did not secure all of the new ports, a contract to complete one would be quite a boon to Luna Corporation. It would be an unmistakable confirmation that they were indeed moving in the right direction.


‘Don’t mess this up, Yoo.’ The words of Sebastian Choi, Kingdom’s former CEO, rang in her head.


Of course, she had been aware that Kingdom had been the pride and joy of the Choi family patriarch. Now that his vision was now hers, Melanie vowed not to let them down. There were also a great many anxious employees waiting to know if their jobs were secure. Despite having provided ample reassurance, Melanie knew that the success of this project would play a large part in the number of former Kingdom employees that they could keep on. It was a risk, but it was a good one… at least, she hoped so.


Stepping inside, the two women stood in awe for a moment.


Making their way to the designated offices, they would be met with a queue of hopeful designers and contractors. The secretary behind the desk seemed to have her hands quite full at the moment. Taking her place at the end of the line, she drew the proposal from her bag.


Curiously, it was like standing there with heart in hand.

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11 March 2018 - 11:29 AM


All Aboard![SJO Dominion of Ceraluen]

In Topic: All Aboard! - The SJO Dom of the Ceraluen Hex

11 March 2018 - 11:23 AM

Objective: Expansion
Location: Port Lucia
Post: 2


Outside in the space port, Melanie could immediately see the issues that the local government had detailed.  In a word, Port Lucia was… crowded. However, Melanie could already see that this place was quite the trade hub. And more than that, Ceraluen was quite pretty. In the distance, she could see the rippling waters of the ocean.


After a quick look at her chronometer, Melanie glanced over at her assistant. “We’re a bit early, aren’t we?” She asked, brows lofting. “Could you run and grab me a caf? I’ll be right here.”


As her assistant nodded and moved through the crowd, Melanie settled off to the side of the walk. With hand cradling her chin in thought, she squinted at the bustling port. There were improvements that could be made here. Blinking, she silently reminded herself not to make plans before their bid was accepted.


Pulling out her data pad, she opened up a concept art file that had been prepared for today. Kingdom group had a number of skilled artists and architects, staff members that Melanie had been more than happy to bring into the fold at Luna Corporation. Holding her data pad up, she imagined how this concept art would come to life. The abundance of windows would ensure that travelers could enjoy the splendor of Ceraluen, and it would create quite a clean aesthetic.


The thought alone was enough to bring a hopeful smile to her face.

In Topic: All Aboard! - The SJO Dom of the Ceraluen Hex

10 March 2018 - 01:50 PM

Objective: Expansion
Location: Port Lucia
Post: 1


A sleek crescent-class transport descended upon Ceraluen.


Inside the comfortable passenger cabin sat Melanie Yoo, the CEO of Luna Corporation. It wasn’t a terribly long journey from Kiribi, so she had taken the chance to spend her travel time immersed in work. After the recent acquisition of the prestigious Kingdom Group of Seoul, Luna Industries had seen a big boost in business. It hadn’t been easy to persuade Kingdom’s leadership to sell, but they had faced hardships operating in imperial space. But it was an unfortunate situation that had changed for the better.


Instead of keeping Kingdom intact as a subsidiary, Melanie had moved to re-hire the staff members that they wished to keep under the Luna Corp name, and relocate them to Kiribi. Now, not only did they deal in commercial real estate, they had the ability to develop properties before sale or even manage them, if they so wished. With a number of talented designers on board, they were now moving into urban design and development.


It was a big step, but Melanie felt that they were ready to take on a big project.


Coming here to Ceraluen would hopefully be their first successful attempt. In terms of man power and hours, planning and developing a few space ports was something they could handle. Melanie was sure of it. As her transport set down at Port Lucia, she began to gather her things. Dressed in an outfit of black, she slid a printed coat over top to complete her ensemble. Grabbing her tote bag, she loaded it with her datapad and a copy of their bid that was enclosed in a neat folder.


Followed by her assistant, the CEO moved down the ramp and out into the space port.