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#1869150 Second Chances and First Impressions

Posted by Umai on 07 October 2018 - 11:45 PM



I spat blood.


The sithspawn standing in front of me only laughed; a deep, rumbling chuckle as crimson blood splashed across his face. He had been human once, I think, altered by dark, corrupted magic that manifested physically in the form of wicked black spikes and horns protruding from his forehead, shoulders, and down his back. His eyes glowed with orange fire, the veins beneath his skin black and pulsing gently as the dark side coursed through him.


He lifted a hand, wiping the blood I'd spat at him off his face with a wicked grin. I was held up against a wall, pinned with his other arm holding both my wrists against the wall behind me. Struggle as I might, (and I did) he was far stronger than me physically, his unnaturally long arms able to easily hold me in place from just far enough away that I couldn't land a kick to his groin. Not that I suspect it would have made much of a difference... I just wanted to kick him in the groin.


"Well well, little thing... are are becoming just like your mother, aren't you?" He grinned wickedly, his entire face seeming to split in half to reveal rows of deadly sharp teeth.


My stomach dropped. My heart froze in my chest, like an icicle had dropped directly into my core. For that moment there was nothing; a stillness that seemed infinite as I processed what he'd said. I had been angry before, but now, I was livid.


"Don't you DARE talk about my mother!" I hissed, my hands growing warm as magic began to swirl around my fingertips, despite being unable to move.


This seemed to give the creature pause. It was only for a moment, just a second before he quickly buried whatever thought he'd had under another devilish sneer. But it was too late, I'd seen it. I knew, he hadn't expected me to be able to summon my magic


Whatever affect I'd had, he swiftly shoved aside, his impossibly long tongue sliding out of his mouth to lash at my cheek. I shuddered, trying desperately to rid my mind of the awful stench of decay that accompanied the move to demoralise me.


"Mmmm" He sneered, "He's right... you are becoming very powerful indeed, little witch."


Another shiver racked my shoulders as I fought back the wave of emotions that threatened to overcome me. That's what he wanted. He wanted me to give in to that rush of rage, of fear and remorse, all the things that made the dark side stronger. I bit my lip, so hard I tasted fresh blood. My cheek still stung from where the creature had struck me. I had been so foolish, lured so easily into this cave by the promise of answers. Mother would be disappointed.


Not that it would matter, if this creature ended up dragging me away to... wherever it was from.



Faeroth Uraan

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#1868458 Tome of Dathomir

Posted by Umai on 06 October 2018 - 03:10 AM






  • Intent:  To create the Grimoire of Umai’s mother, Eliariah.

  • Image Source: DarkForestWorkshop on Etsy [x]

  • Canon Link:  Not Applicable.

  • Primary Source: Repurposed Canon Articles., Force Crystal [x.]



  • Name: The Tome of Dathomir

  • Manufacturer: Eliariah

  • Affiliation: Umai

  • Modularity: Not Applicable

  • Production: Unique

  • Material: Force-Imbued Vellum-Paper, Boiled and Tanned Leather, Pigmented Ink, Force Crystals



  • Classification: Artifact - Grimoire

  • Size: Small (3.5 by 5 inches)

  • Weight: Light



  • Foreword: A Letter From Eliariah to her beloved Daughter

  • Introduction: The Book of Law; The Daughters and Law of Allya

  • Chapter One: Conjuration

    • Darkshear; Weapon Summoning

    • Force Barrier

  • Chapter Two: Illusion

    • Alter Image

  • Chapter Three: Alteration

    • Spell of Interpretation

    • Mindspeech

  • Chapter Four: Destruction

    • Force Whirlwind; Spell of the Storm

    • Force Blast and Burst

  • Chapter Five: Restoration

    • Revitalize

    • Force Healing

  • Chapter Six: Mysticism

    • Art of the Small

  • Chapter Seven: Enchanting

    • Force Weapon

  • Chapter Eight: Thaumaturgy



  • Endless Scripture: More than just an account of Eliariah’s knowledge, the Tome of Dathomir is enchanted to always have, in addition to its existing records, a blank page whenever such is required. Additionally, the small feather quill tucked into the pocket behind the front cover always seems to have just enough ink within it for the user.

  • A Mother’s Wisdom: The Tome of Dathomir contains just what its name would imply; Dathomirian witch magic. Eliariah was a highly accomplished witch, all of her spells and incantations are contained with the enchanted pages - along with countless personal entries.

  • Maternal Illumination: Imbued within the very bindings of the Tome of Dathomir, was a fragment of Eliariah’s very essence; stored within the blood-bound Force crystals that affixed the stretched-hide cover and the reinforced spine. These shimmering crystals allowed Eliariah’s memory to live on; attaining that coveted state of immortality, whilst acting as a Guardian to both her beloved Daughter and the Tome.

  • Bound to Blood: Through the use of Force Crystals and Arcane magicks known only to the Witches of Dathomir, the tome of Eliariah was eternally bound to those of her bloodline. It was an heirloom to any and all that would succeed her legacy, and through her mastery of the Force - Eliariah ensured that her epoch would carry on. To those who weren't related by blood, the Grimoire would be nothing but a swirling mess of conflicting ideas and entries. Essentially, rendering the tome as nothing more than a worthless venture in the eyes of prospective profiteers.



  • Tis but a Tome: While the Tome of Dathomir was an elegant Opus of Eliariah's design, it was nothing more than a leather-bound collection of her teachings - imbued with a fraction of her essence. Unlike the crystalline lattices of Jedi and Sith Holocrons, these enclosed pages held no booby traps - just the words of a Mother to her beloved Daughter.

  • A Broken Connection: As all of existence was infused with the mystical energies of the Force, the Tome of Dathomir found itself suffering from the same "negation" effects brought about by the insidious Ysalamari. While not true negation by any definition of the word, the Myrkr-born reptiles projected bubble suppressed a Force-Wielder's ability to exert their will over the fabric of reality. Therefore, should this Grimoire find itself within that bioelectric blister - it would be rendered inert, and incapable of anything more than being an oversized paperweight.

  • That Which Was Lost: Being devoid of modern technology, this leather grimoire contains no homing beacon, or indeed any such mechanism. If stolen, lost, or even simply misplaced, there is no way to easily recover it. If it were to be stolen and hidden away, it won’t call out to its rightful owner or broadcast its hiding place.




“My dearest darling daughter,


My heart breaks at the thought that the force shall rob us of all the times a mother and child should have together. I won’t see you grow up into the powerful, beautiful woman I know you can be. Whatever path you choose, know that I am proud of you, not matter what.


Nothing I can do will make up for not being there to see you grow. However, this tome, I hope, will begin to provide some small solace in the lonely hours ahead. It is among my greatest regrets that I can not raise you myself on Dathomir, your true home. As such, I have channeled as much of my knowledge as I can into this book. As long as you carry it, you will carry me with you, dear child.


Study this tome with all your heart, sweet daughter. Learn the ways of our people. I have included spells and incantations that will guide and protect you as you grow into the embodiment of Dathomir. In addition to the spells I’ve bestowed upon you, you will find in here details of the heirlooms I wish for to have. Alas, dear child, I can not give them to you, but you are blood of my blood, and I know you will find and find them as you step into your destiny.


It hurts that I will not be able to provide for you, dearest child. At least, not in the traditional sense. Along with my artefacts, I can at least give you a chance to add your own magic to this tome.It is not much, but you will always find a blank page between the covers of this book, and the quill within will never run out of ink. It’s not much, not nearly what you deserve, my child, but it is what I am able to give.


Protect this book, guard it and its secrets, keep it close. As long as it endures, so do I with you, my child. One day you will be an heiress to Dathomir itself, and take revenge on the one who kept us apart.”


#1860942 Whose Post is it, Anyway? [The Family, Open to Join]

Posted by Umai on 16 September 2018 - 08:33 PM


An improvisation night, who would have thought?


The Donna had come as something of a surprise. You'd think that after the experience I'd last had with a crime lord, I would have been hesitant to hitch my wagon with hers. However, it ended up being quite to the contrary. She offered power, which of course piqued my interest, but also protection from my enemies. All I had to do was jump when she said jump.


So jump I did.


I'll admit, this was hardly what I had expected to be doing when I signed up. Not that I was complaining, this had sounded like fun. I'm quite sure I'll be asked to prove myself in the near future. I ought to enjoy this blissful time while I can. The desk before me was lovely, rich mahogany wood. Sitting atop it were several cards, most written on, but a few blank with a pen resting beside them. I'd peeked at a few, and chuckled. Behind me was a screen large enough to be read from the back of the restaurant, which I understood would display whatever I read out from the card.


A few people had approached already, enjoying some fine food or fine drinks. While I had noticed my employer didn't drink, she appeared to have quite the collection. The music volume dropped a little as attention drifted towards me. With a grin, I drew in a breath,


"Welcome to the first Laughing Dragon Improvisation night!" I began, "I'm looking forward to this, let's get right into it."


I tilted the first card towards me, taking a moment to stifle a chuckle,


"What can you say to Sith, but not to Jedi?"


Oh this was going to be fun.



#1860332 A Witch and a Sith walk into the Forest of Averlorn. (PM to join)

Posted by Umai on 15 September 2018 - 11:22 PM

The two Sith had good advice.


The first, addressed my doubts. I cringed a little. Had they been so obvious? Am I really so easy to read? That was a dumb question. I know I am. There are boasts I can make, but being able to keep my thoughts to myself is not among them. But yes, I shook my head of my own insecurities. He was right. I wasn't just operating on my own strength, I had my mother's blood in my veins, along with the Dathomiri magic at my fingertips. That was why Mythos had brought me here in the first place. 


Lord Ajihad was right also. Head low, eyes open. I glanced up enough to meet his gaze and give him a solemn nod. I was not only indicating that I would do as he suggested, but also that I agreed with him... this place had invaded my very soul with a sticky, black unpleasantness. Denying such would be foolish. I drew in a breath and continued, following the path that apparently only I could see. Of course the doubts still swam around in my mind. What if I was leading the three Sith lords around in circles, or worse... a trap?


My attention drifted to Mythos, the one Sith that had apparently not weight in. His attention seemed to be... elsewhere.


I wondered why for just a split-second before he knelt down, aiming at something.


After that, it all seemed to happen at once. Something barrelled towards us. A tree? Some kind of arboreal creature? It was moving too quick to tell for sure. Mythos fired at it. I dropped to the ground. Immediately, I began reciting a spell to place a barrier around us. I had to make it large enough to cover us all, so it would likely not withstand too many hits, if any, but it was better than nothing.


"What the feth is that?!"




MythosLord AjihadKrest

#1856655 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 07 September 2018 - 05:45 PM

I sensed his disappointment.


Never had I felt particularly robbed or jilted by the fact that I hadn’t been raised among other witches. In fact, sometimes I’d felt quite proud of myself—of how far I’d come—despite my guardian trying his best to keep my past hidden from me.


You can take the witch away from Dathomir, but you can’t take the Dathomiri out of the witch, it seems.


But now, for the first time, I regretted that a little. The doubts came rushing back. I'm not a real witch, am I? I wasn't raised among them, I don't know all their customs and rituals. At the exotic man’s suggestion, my eyes flicked back up to his.


“Show you the pages of a tome filled with magic reserved solely for a daughter of Dathomir?” I asked, “betray the secrets of my mother’s way of life, potentially drawing the wrath of the guardians of such secrets?”


The words were ones that would often precede a sharp ‘no’, outlining precisely why such would be a bad idea and why I wouldn’t do it. However, my tone, rather than being indignant or offended, held a sense of allure,


“that sounds like a positively dangerous idea.” I continued, my fingers lightly trailing up his neck to rest at the base of his skull,


“… I love dangerous.”





Julian Imani


#1856274 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 06 September 2018 - 05:39 PM

No one is waiting


Well… wasn’t that a development. On the one hand, I was still blushing. This was as much a dance of wit as it was of form and I felt as if I was losing my touch. My mind drifted back to William the Bloody… to what he’d taken. Had that… changed me? Turned me into this? There were some sects of witchcraft where the girls weren’t permitted to lose their virtue, was this why?


I was pulled from my thoughts by Julian leaning in close, nudging me to hold up my end of the bargain. There seemed to be a hunger to him, to his tone. Not the lustful hunger of men, but a desire for knowledge. The secrets of the Dathomiri witches were jealously guarded, it was little surprise to find someone with an appetite for them.


My hand moved to my hip, where mother’s tome usually sat clipped to my belt. However, it was not there. I knew it wasn’t, of course. It had been a conscious decision on my part not to have it anywhere near the Sith gathering. Still, my fingers brushed my bare hip where it usually was.


“I wasn’t raised among the witches” I confessed, before turning my eyes up to meet his, “I haven’t a familiar…




The pause was deliberate. He wanted to be a tease? That’s fine, so could I.


“My mother left me a tome; concentrated Dathomiri spells and magic, more or less on tap.”


That was a dangerous secret indeed.





Julian Imani

#1855745 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 05 September 2018 - 05:32 PM

As we danced, he raised his hands. My response to twirl was almost reflexive.


No one must ever know how much I actually enjoy dancing.


However, Jul, while not quite as skilled at the art as I was, knew exactly what he was doing. A slight mistake, I lost my balance and fell against his chest, into his arms with a soft gasp. He caught me, those big, leather clad arms around my form as I gazed up at him. When my look of surprise noticed his smirk, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself.


“Oh, yes.” I replied with mock ignorance to his move, “lucky for me you were here to catch me.”


The intensity of his reaction to my words actually caught me off guard. All of a sudden, I found him leaning in, a fiery hunger in his eyes. I knew he hungered for the knowledge I’d teased him with, but still, butterflies sprang to life in my stomach as that gaze bore into me.


“Secret for secret?” came my reply, a reminder of our bargain from earlier, “is there… anyone waiting for you? A lover, perhaps?”


Instantly I dropped my gaze and blushed. Yeah, real subtle, Umai.



Julian Imani

#1855251 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 04 September 2018 - 05:29 PM

We danced


In the garden of the Emperor’s estate, to the sound of the music as it was carried on the breeze. Our bodies moved in time, pressed together, arms around one another. This should have been a simple, romantic moment, right? A handsome man, a relatively pretty girl, swaying to the music amid the bouquet of the garden.


But the circumstances made our dance so much more than that.


I had noticed Julian, for all his easy confidence, appeared to not be the strongest dancer. I could have lost myself to the music regardless. My uncle hadn’t been the most capable either, yet he’d still taught me, standing on his feet, giggling as I learned to move with the music.


His voice brought me back from… it wasn’t quite a trance, but he brought me back regardless. I blushed at the rustling bushes, realising sort of for the first time that we weren’t the only two here.


“One day you’ll have to show me your style, Jul.” I replied softly, turning my gaze back to him.


At his question, I shrugged slightly,


“Secret for secret…” I began, subtly asking him to share his own as well, “… many things. Remembering where I learned to dance, wondering what your… style is… deciding whether or not to try and meet the emperor or simply take to the skies and flee this gathering of Sith altogether.”


Of course, ‘taking to the skies’ was not a thing most girls could do, but I wanted to see how he reacted to the statement.




Julian Imani

#1854706 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 03 September 2018 - 05:50 PM

I noticed Julian's attention rift to the garden. 


It was lovely; plants and trees and air and freshness and life. If I was totally honest, it was not something I'd expected to find at a Sith event. The propaganda was effective, that was certain. Were I not so wholly focused on the man at my side, I might have taken the time to enjoy this luxurious oasis myself. 


He leaned down to pay special attention to a few of the plants. Intrigued, I knelt down beside him, being careful to keep my gown out of the dirt as best I could. Ugh, were I alone in such a garden I could have dispensed with it all together.


But before the thought could run away with me, the witch stood again, and I stood with him. At his answer, my eyebrows raised slightly in surprise. Right... here? I glanced around, you know what? Why not.


Reaching out one slender arm, I took his offered hand with a slight nod,


"Indeed," I replied, "better to show."




Julian Imani

#1854646 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 03 September 2018 - 04:48 PM

Sieze that want.


His words echoed in my mind as we walked through the garden. Easier said than done, but perhaps… I ought not to discount the steps I’d already begun to take towards it, and the ones I would further take.


A small but sudden gasp escaped my lips as suddenly I found myself whisked into a small, private alcove. The man, Jul, now pressed against my form, so intimately close that no secret nor motive could be hidden. My heart raced in my chest, mind spinning as my breath caught in my throat. Funny, isn’t it, how fear and arousal manifest in almost identical fashion?


He was close, so close as he spoke again, that exotic, intoxicating voice floating through the air. I felt my chin tilt upwards just a fraction, as if inviting him to kiss me. My own breaths were quick and shallow, my being seemed wholly trapped in this lingering place I didn’t want to leave.


In that moment I lingered with him, drawing in his strange, spice-filled bouquet. The gardens, the ball, the other sith, it all seemed to fall away in that moment, leaving the two of us as the last people in the galaxy.


However, it vanished as he once again pulled me away, continuing through the garden. At first, I enjoyed the hum of his deep baritone… until the notes whispered to me, those were my notes, the tune I’d been humming…


“Tell me, Jul,” I began, keeping my gaze forward as we walked, “do you dance?”




Julian Imani

#1854309 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 03 September 2018 - 07:01 AM

I walked with Jul, listening to his voice as if it were fine music. I became aware that I’d drifted off some, had he heard the soft humming before I’d managed to catch myself? I hoped not, that was… a very private tune. I wasn’t even sure if I knew why.


At his response I was pulled from my thoughts, raising an eyebrow at him. Everyone had their opinions on my decision. Indeed, even I had judged myself for them. But… What is life but a series of decisions?


“And… if I want more?”


I turned as I spoke, gazing up into those deep, endless eyes. Once, I’d have been content with myself, once—not even very long ago—I’d have been able to lie and say that was still the case. Not anymore.


Again, his hand stroked across my skin, the man himself appearing to savour either the touch, or my reaction to it.


“Discover… enjoy… move… on…” I repeated softly, almost idly as my hand turned over, my own fingers caressing the leathers.


Oh, there was so much to discover.


To the attendant, I flashed my own invite, so quickly that with a little luck, even the Witch beside me wouldn’t have noticed that it was merely a blank card. Bade entry, my hair tumbled over one shoulder as I nodded,


“I’d love to.” Came the simple reply. Simple, like a humble gate at the bottom of a garden path; so much could lie beyond.





Julian Imani


#1854073 A Witch and a Sith walk into the Forest of Averlorn. (PM to join)

Posted by Umai on 02 September 2018 - 07:04 PM

I was focusing so much that at first, I didn’t feel it.


But it soon seemed to come over me all of a sudden; the presence of someone else. When my attention began to drift towards it, the faint glowing trail seemed to soften, so I simply put it out of my mind and returned to the state I was in.


When I opened my eyes, I saw Krest, and only him. I flinched, eyes widening at suddenly having someone so close to me. My cheeks flushed, a gasp escaping my lips. As the start subsided, it gave way to a brief bout of anger as he shrugged and stepped aside. What had the point of that been? I glared at him, but the glare soon melted away and I dropped my gaze submissively. It would not be worth getting mad at a Sith lord, certainly not over something so trivial. Hells, I considered myself lucky none of them had turned on me yet. To hear my Uncle tell it, he’d have been surprised I hadn’t ended up dead or pregnant yet.


I couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought. I missed him.


Considering my state in the force right now, reaching out in all directions, I sense what felt a little like scepticism from Lord Ajihad. The moment I felt it, the doubts crept in. Was I actually doing this? Or was the trail I saw just a manifestation of some really wishful thinking? I was just a witch, among three accomplished Sith Lords… who was I to presume that my magic would actually get us through this blasted fog?


It wasn’t so much a voice that brought my attention back to myself, but, of all things, a smell. I recognised it instantly, although I don’t know how. Mother’s perfume. It was the reminder I needed. Sith Lords were powerful, but the Sith hadn’t broken through this fog in the past.


A Dathomiri witch had.


I drew in a deep breath, letting it out slowly as I turned back to the fog. I could see it now, a trail, pinkish purple in nature, it was this misty trail that seemed to give off the subtle aroma of mother’s perfume, as if the woman herself was guiding me.


Turning back to the others, I spoke,


“I can see the path. We can follow it now, or make camp and pick it up in the morning.”








#1854061 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 02 September 2018 - 06:33 PM

We walked up towards the state, arm in arm, walking closer than two whom had just met ought to. 


I blushed at his touch, but also, at his attire. Not because it seemed so woefully understated for the event we were attending. On the contrary, in fact. There was a part of me, not an inconsiderable one, that felt silly all dolled up in a gown with my hair and makeup done. This was the mask I wore, a far cry from the practical clothes I was used to. That part of me wished I had my normal attire... although that part of me also wished I could just flee this ball and disappear into the woods.


Shadowman. I hadn't been expecting him to actually indulge me, to give me a straight answer--well, straight for Jul. So, he had a spirit bonded to him. Oh, I would have loved to know what it thought of me. But, he mentioned that it didn't like to be spoken about, and I respected the trust he'd extended so far. Another time, perhaps. He ran his finger along my wrist, a trail of goosebumps following in its wake as I felt a delightful shiver race down my spine.


Then came his next question.


It... caught me off-guard, and I stiffened a moment. I was tempted to give him the rehearsed half-answer that I told myself whenever the thoughts came crashing down. Perhaps I should have, but... how was I to expect to learn anything from him if I didn't extend the same courtesy?


"From? Or to?" I replied, answering his question with a question. "I'm running from... a man. A powerful one. A Crime Lord. Running to... another man, the one who dared slay a Dathomiri witch."


I swallowed, why was it so hard to say his name out loud? It wasn't like William would suddenly appear like some bogey man.


"And you, Jul?" I asked, "why do you run?"




Julian Imani

#1854034 Julian Imani

Posted by Umai on 02 September 2018 - 05:37 PM

Julian Imani




This is mine now <3

#1854029 The Emperor's Ball

Posted by Umai on 02 September 2018 - 05:34 PM

I could have stared into those deep brown eyes forever.


It wasn't simply that Julian was handsome. I had met handsome men before. Hells, it wasn't even that he was clever, for I'd met clever men before as well. For a moment, a pang of something shot through me at the memory. Shame? A little fear? I'd covered my tracks well, but William the Bloody was not the kind of man many successfully crossed... or escaped from. But that didn't matter now. I was free, and tonight was about me... and apparently, Julian.


His arm brushed across my stomach, the fabrics of his sleeve and my gown all that separated us in that moment. I accepted his offered arm, elegantly sliding my hand into the crook of his elbow. Now with my cloak hanging down my back the gown was on full display. Not supremely extravagant, quite the opposite in fact, but the slit from ankle to hip on one side was striking. Slutty? Maybe, but it would be a hell of a lot easy to run in something like this... if the need arose.


We walked side by side, hips touching as his hum provided a background ambience. Again, he soon spoke, that beautiful baritone and unusual accent like a fine wine. Not one, but two. I glanced at him, catching his eye as once again he leaned in close enough to make me shiver. He asked for a secret, promising one in return.


"Aye, a secret for a secret," I confirmed. Taken though I was, I wasn't about to let him weasel an answer out of me without ensuring I'd get one too, "Mother was a Dathomirian witch, my father was a Correllian businessman. However it was my mother's brother who raised me. As for you..." 


I Paused, raising an eyebrow as I made a show of looking him up and down,


"Who were you speaking to earlier? Other than me?"






Julian Imani